Liverpool Will Let Luis Suárez Go to Barcelona

The embattled Uruguayan player had requested a transfer, and a World Cup bite of an Italian opponent forced the Premier League club’s hand.

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  1. Suárez will keep in top form during the four months with an rigorous program of mastication.

  2. Has Suarez been tested for Rabies?

  3. Ramos and Pique must be allowed to wear arm guards and shoulder pads in the classicos. I say to Liverpool, better to be rid of him. Rebuild without him. Sooner or later Suarez will be an embarrassment to Barca. People like him and Tevez have no cure.

  4. I think the cure involved a ten-day run of latest generation antibiotics.

  5. Isn't it more appropriate that Suarez be transferred to the Transylvania Futbol League?

  6. I love biting humour.

  7. Eleven! Eleven bitty bites. Ha, ha, ha!

  8. Based on his occlusion, I'd say *overbiting* humor.

  9. Beyond me that a team of such tradition as Barcelona would go to the gutter to sign somebody of Suarez credentials . He will likely embarass the team . Good ridance World Cup and Liverpool .

  10. Have always dug Barca since visiting back in '85. Not anymore. Their 'More Than a Club' mantra rings pretty hollow today. Needs to be changed to 'We're Just Like Everybody Else!' Sad.

  11. I hear he's playing for Team Polident.

  12. yet another reason to root for real madrid

  13. One word: Pepe.

  14. or Atletico

  15. Liverpool is well rid of this violent and dishonest player, no matter how great his scoring ability, but it is surprising and disappointing that the great Barcelona would display such low standards as to seek his services

  16. Barca employed Hristo Stoichkov, you know, the one who ended a college kid's career with a vicious tackle. As Gordon Strachan recently said, "we don't have any morals in football."

    Perhaps people should stop clutching their pearls and realize these guys are flawed, just like all human beings.

    By the way, I've never seen Suarez try and end another player's career (as Roy Keane bragged about), nor have I seen his name in the headlines for brawling in a bar, having sex with a teammate's wife, etc. He's no boy scout, but he isn't the devil either.

  17. Taking your line of reasoning to it's logical conclusion, since all human beings are flawed, we should set no standards whatsoever. Ridiculous.

  18. I'm not suggesting there shouldn't be standards, nor that what Suarez has done with these biting incidents isn't wrong. It is, and he has been punished for it. What I'm suggesting is that people get off their high horse and get some perspective. There are plenty of players who consistently play a dangerous game, frequently injuring opponents (hello, Nigel De Jong!), and there is rarely talk of a ban.

    Also, ever notice how the players seem less bothered by Suarez than the armchair internet warriors? Perhaps it's because they know how dirty the game really is.

  19. Even though Suarez is a fabulously gifted footballer he's a man of suspect character and in need of psychological care. For him, perhaps this move makes even more sense as his wife's family moved from Uruguay to just outside Barcelona years ago. They are all very close. It should comfort him.

    Losing Alexis Sanchez is also a big blow. Arsenal will be a better team with him.
    I wish him well.

    So Barca begins the new season next month with a new coach in Luis Enrique and w/o Neymar, Sanchez and Suarez.
    Looks like Enrique will make quick use of Rafinha and Delofieu.
    Two new goalies in Ter Stegen and Bravo but NO Centerback signings. That's right NO Centerback signings.
    When will the Barca board ever learn?

  20. More Pique and Mascherano for your lot, eh? Do you think Bartra will finally get a chance to prove himself?
    When he was at Arsenal, Wenger always claimed that center half was Song's best position. why not give HIM a look there? On the other hand, Mats Hummels seems custom made for the Blaugrana...

  21. I don't get it, quite honestly. How is Barca going to use him? A real #9 I could understand, but Suarez isn't strong to be a real target man or tall or springy enough to intimidate in the air. Although he moves without the ball extremely well, he occupies the same general territory as Messi. Traffic jam.

  22. Suarez will hound defenders when they have the ball at their feet and win it back and create chances for himself and others. Few forwards are as aggressive when they don't have the ball as Suarez is. And it doesn't appear to me having a tall target man has been any concern to Barcelona. Good luck to any group of defenders who are going to try and stop Messi, Suarez, and Neymar.

  23. I think his name should be Luis Chewárez

  24. No no. Chewbarca.

  25. Suarez removes the chip off Chiellini's shoulder and gets a four-month timeout. Zuniga fractures an opponent's vertebra and doesn't even get a yellow card, while FIFA refuses to acknowledge pleas for punishment.

  26. I don't understand it, either, but it was striking how all the player-commentators on ESPN seemed to agree that the Zuniga foul was clumsy, but "just one of those unfortunate things." They saw no malicious intent in it and claimed Zuniga had his eyes on the ball the whole time.

    But in that case, why was he leaping so high when the ball was arriving to Neymar below waist level? All I can imagine by way of extenuation is that he didn't even see Neymar and was planning to trap the ball with his feet rather than his upper legs.

    The referee, however, had long since let the game get out of control with ugly challenges; he should have shown Brazil at least one or two yellow cards in the first half, and a yellow or red to Zuniga.

  27. @Peter: I'm not excusing it, but Colombia had Brazil on the ropes and Zuniga was desperate to keep the ball deep in the Brazilian end, which is where he challenged Neymar. I think he made a last ditch, desperate attempt to get to the ball and bollixed the attempt. I do NOT think he was intentionally trying to cripple, or even injure, Neymar. On the other hand, Suarez and biting...three times the charmless?

  28. OK, so they traded Sanches and have lost Neymar until he heals; but Suarez? And at a time when they sorely need defenders??

  29. Agree. No need for forwards when the back line is a sieve.

  30. Errrm... this deal didn't just start happening post the disciplinary incident. Barca had initiated this many months ago as widely reported. He was want-away last Summer to of all places Arsenal, at least Barca makes some sense, especially with his wife's family in the area. He will never have the same support he got from the Kop and long-term he may regret this decision, they are certainly not short of attacking options at Barca. He won't be starring very game that is certain. He'll also return from the ban in October without having trained, so unlikely to see him on the field until possibly November and then the Christmas break.

  31. Why would a team that prides itself on being "more than a football club" and whose jersey has UNICEF's logo, why would they want such an unsportsmanlike player? I guess it's because he scores often, as he did for Liverpool last year. Also, because Barcelona did not win La Liga nor Champions' League and it is feeling that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are overtaking it. Still, the idea of a class act like Messi side by side with the vampire is nauseating. I hope that he gets psychological counseling before the season starts and that, if and when he bites another opponent, in no matter what competition, he is banned for life. Enough is enough.

  32. This will take a bite out of Liverpool's offense;-)

  33. He is chomping at the bit to start playing again.

  34. So this was the plan all along: create an international incident to force a trade to a team near your family, with a 4-month vacation thrown in?

  35. No, it wasn't the plan all along. There was no plan.

  36. Like everybody else, I really don't get this. side from his character issues (which are hard to overlook with that mes que un club thing) what they need are central defense and a manager who knows how to get the best out of this club.

    That said, Gunners did great picking up Sanchez -- did not see that coming. Atletico seems to have picked up Ochoa, so I guess Courtois is going back (not that Chelsea were ever going to let him go after last year). And if United do succeed in picking up James Rodriguez that will be quite the fight at the top of the PL. Which isn't likely, unfortunately, to include Liverpool.

  37. It was said the Italian brought it upon himself.

    In a fit of braggadocio which is now sorely regrets, he had been heard to challenge Suarez, "So, you wannna piece of me?"

  38. Is this how you say 'Bite me' in Uruguayan?

  39. one mouthguard seems cheaper and more accomodating

  40. I am very disappointed that a club such as Barcelona that proposes to be more than just a club would take on a player eith this heavy of bsggage. Mr. Suarez has never apologized for his many indescretions on the pitch, and even delights in them and taunts the opposition for getting away with simulated dives.

    Since my football pleasure is primarily derived from watching the English premier league, I sm happy to see him gone, his tslrnt is huge, his sportsmanship is nonexistant. I say good riddance, I hope Brendan Rogers has the good sense to stop defending Mr. Suarez, finally, and move on from this ugliness. Mr. Suarez will repeat his sins at some point again, and the defenders and enablers will come out, all because he scores goals.

  41. So disappointed with FC Barcelona. Letting Fabregas go and now bringing a likely sociopath to the team for an outrageous transfer fee.

  42. Not only Fabregas, if I am not mistaken Sanchez is going to Arsenal. Suárez is without doubts a very good player, but has from time to time black outs. to say it friendly. Among other they are biting stories or racial abuses.

  43. Ok...THIS explains exactly WHY he bit the other soccer player. Pathetic.

  44. So, it's a bite manipulation for money! Clever ploy.

  45. The bite made Suarez over $128 Million!

  46. $uarez can $pend four months vacation practicing his biting. When he returns he can bite another guy for even more Millions $$$$$$$$$!

  47. This makes so little sense for Barca. They paid a premium for Suarez, who is suspended for a quarter of their domestic league season and half of the CL group stage (can we PLEASE get Liverpool as the Pot 4 team in Barca's group), almost double the offer Arsenal made for Suarez before last season.
    In the meanwhile, they simply discarded Alexis Sanchez (as an Arsenal fan, thank you very much), and brought in Ivan Rakitic and discarded Cesc Fabregas. And Xavi is on the way out, and Iniesta has a lot of miles on the odometer. I'm still waiting to see who the center halves are. And didn't they also release Dani Alves? So other than Pique and Jordi Alba, half the back line is unsettled? And a goalkeeping competition (I *really* rate Ter Stegen; I was shocked he was left off Germany's side, he is WAY better than Zieler OR Weidenfeller).
    The question is, are Suarez, Messi and Neymar too similar types of players? Surely, Suarez did his best work for Liverpool working in space behind the back line of the opponents. That is hardly ever an option for Barca.

  48. Not that difficult to understand folks, Barcelona is desperate to find some scoring capability to an otherwise dead offense of late. Problem is, Barcelona's problem is the deterioration of that once fabulous midfield of Iniesta and Xavi, coupled with a poor defense and Suarez is not the answer for that.

    I wish Suarez would have picked RM instead.

  49. The Spaniards love their meat. He'll have lots to chew on.

  50. Note to self: 'unlike' Liverpool, 'like' Barcelona.

  51. Suarez had to leave england,the abuse he would have got at every away game would have been hideous,but it is a really brave move too sign him by barca.If a man whos loses his head and bites players..3 times...odds are he could do it again,and then what will the punishment be? Year ban? million pound is a lot of money too put on a bonfire

  52. On the one hand, I think he's irreplaceable in the short term, on the other hand, I guess they had to draw a line in the sand at some point. How many times can you defend someone for doing the same thing over and over again?

    They need to find an awesome striker and fast. Also, we need at least one new defender.