World Cup Players Are Using Hands More Than Ever (to Tweet)

This year’s tournament is notable for a widespread use of social media by athletes eager to issue confessions, explanations and interpretations after controversial incidents.

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  1. I guess this makes me a grumpy old guy, but these types of stories about social media always seem so self-referential. Half the time the social media angle is irrelevant, because it's just the platform that was used to disseminate information -- could have been email, handwritten letter, fax, spoken word, or what. The other half of the time there's a story about social media that is entirely self-perpetuating -- something happens on twitter, say, which a bunch of other people tweet about until there's enough twitter traffic to warrant reporting the whole thing to the rest of the world. But if you step back there's no substance to the thing. It's just people on twitter tweeting about whatever interests them. It's like reporting that thousands of people went to Citi Field yesterday and bought hot dogs. True, but also useless. A non-story doesn't become important simply because a lot of people are talking to each other about it, and stories about non-stories that lots of people are talking about get real old real fast.

  2. I agree - but sadly it does become important in the minds of the followers.

  3. Social media is here to stay.

    The world is full of idiots.

    It's a perfect match.

  4. Zinedine Zidane explained to French TV what happened, reluctantly, for it involved confirming that the insults uttered by Materazzi were directed to his mother and sister (worse still, I've been told that Materazzi knew Zidane's sister, perhaps intimately ; this information to take with precaution)...He didn't delve into the details for it was too humiliating to him and his family.
    Clearly he was shocked and during his interview, which, once again, looked extremely painful to him, everybody sided with him.
    Materazzi knew perfectly what nerve to touch to make him blow a fuse.
    I would have reacted the same, in any circumstance.

  5. What is wrong with World Cup level soccer players? They bite each other, they break each other's backs. Seriously???

  6. American athletes, like, say Mike Tyson, never bite their opponents, and athletes in other sports, such as Kevin Everritt, never suffer broken vertebra in collisions.

  7. The only one of those social media I use is YouTube. As to athletes - I love to watch them compete and even hear stories of personal triumphs - but I have absolutely no desire to "follow" there daily life. Call me conceited but I find plenty of interesting things to occupy my time. I'm not into celebrity worship.

  8. “If they can jump online, say something, and see it traverse the world in real time, it makes life that much easier,” said Peter Shankman, a social media consultant in New York.

    Makes life easier? How about it makes things risky? A company (like KLM) or an individual can spend years building a valuable brand and then tear it down in the few seconds it takes a 23 year old tweeting under their name.

  9. According to Brazilian mass and social media, the person who made the video at the hospital has been dismissed.

  10. It's quite unfortunate that certain players resort to unfair means by injuring the key players of opposition in order to make it weak,which is a highly unethical and highly deplorable act.This is mainly due to the fact that all teams depend upon a very few key players for winning the matches.

    Football or Soccer,unfortunately,has become a combination of wrestling,Kabaddi(Indian game) and Football combined. In addition,the referees overlook the fouls many times and also not only give sometimes wrong decisions but also give decisions in favour of the local team,thereby killing the true spirit of the game.

  11. This is not basketball. One player doesn't make all the difference on a well balanced team. Also hurt star players is nothing new. Don't you remember the 60's where the legendary Pele was kicked off the pitch by Portugal?

  12. That is not totally accurate. To give a couple of examples, Messi has had a finger (or a foot) in every game that Argentina has won, and Robben has certainly played a key role propelling the Netherlands to the semi-finals, with help from from Tim Krul -0 another single player with a decisive role. Neymar has not reached that kind of level yet, but he certainly creates spaces by attracting defenders and has scored and assisted in several games. But what is in question is how much violent game should the referees tolerate. Too much in the Colombia - Brasil match, and that goes for both sides. That he did not even show a card to Zuñiga is incomprehensible. That FIFA does not do anything after knowing the result of the foul, even worse. Particularly after riding the high horse in the case of Suarez's bite. No one seems to have noted that Suarez has prognathism (overbite), his incisors are always visible in any pictures of him. Looking at the replays is not clear if during a tussle with Chiellini Suarez tried to but Chiellini's head (the comentator's view), tried to bite him (Chiellini's view), or lost equilibrium and the bite was purely accidental (Suarez's view). By the way, I could not see bite marks in the immediate replays. But be what it may, Chiellini was not injured and continued to play. He will not be inactive during 2 months. And for that Suarez got a four month total suspension? Were is the proportion between the insult and the penalty?

  13. Agreed. See my other reply.

  14. We should be very proud of our U.S. team. They can hold their heads high and it makes me proud to be an American.

    I look forward to 2018 when they will be in the World Cup matches and I am sure they will not disappoint us once again.

  15. The velocity of play, the size of the field, the fragility of maintaining balance combine in such a way that hand-checking is risky and dangerous. Soccer is not basketball, where the pace may be rapid but players can keep both feet on the ground. This is not so likely on a soccer pitch.

  16. Prompted by the 1st part of the title I'm also negatively 9impressed by the amount of hand grabbing, pushing and outright arm wrestling by many of the players--and getting away with it. brazil may have had the most fouls called on them in the Columbia game but the Columbians had the best hands in the South. Maybe they should try out for the Olympic wrestling team. My son who played HS, collegiate, and club soccer (goal keeper) commented on how the game has changed since he stopped playing 20+ years ago (and not for the better).

  17. yes, but who cares? everyone on twitter and youtube already knows this, and for the rest: this article is just an advertisement to join twitter and youtube.

    there may be a story here about how soi-disant "social media" have become a mass fungal web of marketing, influence peddling and hype ... but really, the NY Times should report the story as a cold journalistic eye cast on marketing, influence peddling and hype ... not fall into the mud bath with the enthusiasm that invites every reader of the Times to plunge in, too.

    don't miss out on the important personal messages from your favorite sports stars! they're talking directly to you!

  18. Geez, Wondolowski's shot was not "unmissable" - it was a semi-difficult shot with the goalie closing in on him. Dempsey had a similar shot in the 2nd OT.