Five Things to Ponder About the Mississippi Runoff

Chris McDaniel holds a modest lead in the polls over Senator Thad Cochran, but Mr. Cochran might have made progress in his bid for support among black voters.

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  1. Mr. Cochran's appeal for votes from people who aren't registered Republicans will likely not play well with registered Republicans.
    One must conclude that Mr. Cochran has resorted to a Hail Mary, and has about as likely a chance of success.

  2. Alexander B. : It'll probably play just about as well as McDaniel's shenanigans during the campaign played with Democrats.

    Don't think Mr. Cochran needs that Hail Mary - he's won the primary, and it is legit to have Dems vote as long as they didn't vote begore. So I understand from the commentators on TV. A new kind of togetherness: I don't object at all, and apparently it hoped him win.

  3. This is the second article today that's had problematic descriptions of Mississippi geography. In this piece, the African American vote is said to be concentrated in the Mississippi Delta and along the Mississippi.

    The Delta is along the Mississippi, not along the coast (as was suggested in this piece and in an earlier article today.) So

  4. "So" what?

  5. The dude is like 83 yrs old, Time to kick back on the porch with some iced tea

  6. Dude is like 76 years old. He still has a lot to give and I think kicking back on the porch with tea or whatever isn't quite his style. Fortunately, he has won as of a few minutes ago, so the point is moot. But I wouldn't be looking for him to find a cushy place to sit now that all the hooraw is over with. He'll be going back to work.

  7. I love the euphemism, "people who aren't registered Republicans," meaning in Mississippi, black voters. I agree that Cochrane's appeal to black voters likely to turn off many white voters in Mississippi. After all, it was the Democrats' support for civil rights that turned white people in Mississippi into Republicans.

  8. The first big step in turning around the ship of state...which is 2014 is this election.

    We need McDaniel to win in a big way.

  9. This is plain unilateral Republican primary. If you are Democrat or black (almost always Democrat), why bother go to the poll? I call that people power. Then, maybe Old Miss will come to its senses.

  10. Really? Do you live in Mississippi? I do. I'm white and I'm not a registered republican. I voted for Cochran today, so did a number of my white (and black) un registered friends.

  11. Man, oh man! If black voters put Cochran over the top there will be some serious teeth-gnashing going on down there. I can't even imagine where the debate on this will go. I have a feeling that the tea people will NOT be gracious losers. Hopefully the hammer won't fall on the blacks statewide. I can tell you from experience that there are some hardcore racist haters in that state. Many of them keep it under wraps, but a Cochran win could bring them out of the woodwork. Scary!