Vote by U.N. General Assembly Isolates Russia

A resolution on Ukraine rejecting Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula as illegal passed overwhelmingly.

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  1. "That assertion was disputed by Samantha Power, the United States ambassador, in the debate that preceded the vote. Coercion cannot be the means to self-determination, she argued."

    I would argue coercion can also not be the means of forcing a UN vote, Samantha Power. as suggested in this little clarification.
    What small states are going to have the cojones to stand up to US and EU will?
    "The resolution, proposed by Ukraine and backed by the United States and the European Union".

  2. Totally agree, and maybe off topic but coercion is the defacto standard in a democracy to get any changes, just look at gay marriage and legalising selling of weed. It might be acceptable to some but it is to most.

  3. "coercion can also not be the means of forcing a UN vote"

    The article says: "The resolution was regarded as an important pressure point on Russia by the United States and European Union, which had been lobbying intensely for its passage."

    Lobbying is not coercion -- here is a dictionary definition of "lobby" in the sense used in the article:

    "lobby : to conduct activities aimed at influencing public officials and especially members of a legislative body on legislation"

  4. "What small states are going to have the cojones to stand up to US and EU will?"

    Here are all 11 States that voted against the resolution:

    "As well as Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe voted against the resolution."

    UN Gen Assembly adopts resolution backing Ukraine's territorial integrity
    March 27, 2014

  5. And how many times has U.S. ally Israel ignored the same kind of resolutions, except in those cases Israel WAS named specifically? And how many times has the U.S. itself done the same thing?

  6. C'mon, New York Times, who voted no?

  7. That's what I want to know, too!

  8. Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, and Sudan voted against the resolution.

  9. Costa Rica has stood up to Russia. Putin is shaking in his boots. Is Costa Rica still covered by the Monroe Doctrine?

  10. Amazing, that this even made it before the United Nations; let alone passing. Considering how Russia is part of the Security Council. apparently, they can't veto the General Assembly.

    The UN would be more effective, if the will of the world came before the interests of China, the US, France, Great Britain, and Russia (the permanent members). Eliminating their veto power would be a first great step.

    Yes, today's vote is symbolic and that is about it. It is tantamount to telling a restive child to quiet down, while they are screaming, at a high class dining establishment.


    Russia, you did a bad thing, and the world is not happy with it. Please, oh, please do not do anything more to make us vote against you again. Pretty please. We'll give you candy if you pleae behave.

    In a few weeks, Russia will have taken Trans-Dneiper east to Russia, east and south of the old Ukraine border, before the Soviets game that area in 1954. And the UN, will send another plea, as well the US, and the EU. And, Putin knows it.

  11. But the vote was only 100 out of 193, a defeat for the US isolation policy.

  12. Mr. Metrowsky,

    do you think the u.s. would give up its veto power? if not, then why should be the others.


  13. So now Putin gives back Crimea and Obama goes back to reset, right?

  14. Nope, now Putin doesn't care what the U.N. says and will do what he feels is right for Russia and the surrounding Countries...he understands that the U.N. is a Farce and a puppet of the "West" and the E.U.
    You'll notice they didn't mention who voted against the Resolution....BRICS Nations will be fine without the U.S. and E.U. intervention policies.

  15. "The two-page text does not identify Russia by name, but describes the referendum as “having no validity” - that explains everything.

  16. In otherwords, the U.N. doesn't accept the People of Crimea's vote because the E.U., NATO, Obama, and the IMF want the Natural Resources Crimea I'm sure Samantha Powers didn't "Strong Arm" those Countries that voted against the annexation of Crimea into Russia with U.S. Aid funds being taken away from those Countries that voted against the Annexation, and the Crimean peoples wishes to return to Russia.

  17. But it only was supported by 100 out of 193 so hardly a victory for US and actually a rejection of the US position,

  18. In other words, 69 countries did NOT support Obama's "condemnation vote".

    Bush got more votes in support of the Iraq war.

    Obama is a disastrously weak and incompetent president and the world is suffering as a result.

  19. Give it a rest. Crimeans mother tongue is Russian.
    Can you find Crimea on a map independentcandor?
    Or are you just remembering better days. Financially wise?
    Some of us are tired of sending other peoples children into a conflict.
    There you go, you take on the Russian Army all by yourself.

  20. "In other words... Bush got more votes in support of the Iraq war.... Obama is a disastrously weak and incompetent president and the world is suffering as a result."

    You have got to be kidding me. Please tell me you're being satirical. The Iraq War is the very reason Obama is having such difficultly rallying international support. You seem to be suffering from political amnesia. Let me help you recall. The Iraq War was the biggest foreign policy/military debacle since Vietnam. It was predicated on the completely false premise that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and posed a global threat. Those WMDs were never found. However, the war still wasted trillions of tax payer dollars, sky rocketed our national debt and helped drive us and the world into the Great Recession. It also resulted in hundreds of thousands human casualties, which includes thousands of our own. Finally, the war evaporated all the international goodwill and trust America had at the beginning of Bush's administration.

    As a result of the Iraq War, America lacks the will, resources and international support to address any major international crisis. Obama inherited a country left in shambles and doesn't have a full deck to play with. If you want to cast any blame look no further than the previous Administration and the current neocons in the Republican party.

  21. Obama is a puppet of the Neocons and company. The Neocons want to hurt Russia and are looking for excuses as they did with Iraq.

  22. In a Hobbesian the determinations of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have no weight. Might is right "since you know as well as we do that right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. (Thucydides)." Obama was correct: Russia cannot match us. We've invaded so many countries now and muscle so many others Russia is a "regional power". They cannot match our 700 bases or the 1Trillion we spend on military empire. What does it matte what the U.N. says anymore? When the blow-back comes, we should not be surprised. Who will betray the betrayer?

  23. Israel gets lopsided general assembly votes all the time. Doesn't change a thing. US is trouble making. Crimea is Russian , get over it.

  24. Sorry that Crimea is not a protectorate of China.

    Ask a polish, an hungarian, a romanian, Ask more than two million cubans in exile,...ask, read..

    At least 95 % of the World population would like to be US citizens, instead of being russian, Venezuela, bolivian, etc.......etc

  25. Why all this hand wringing and ranting over a done deal? The Crimea was part of Russia, once again is part of Russia, and is going to stay that way. Is there anyone who seriously believes otherwise? Russia has the troops on the ground and the local support to say that is how it is going to be. In the REAL world what else matters?

  26. This vote "isolated" Russia? 69 did not support the resolution. That hardly sounds like isolation. And Russia is not even mentioned; that must really have the Russians isolated. Isolated seems to be the new buzz word; CNN also used it. A toothless resolution would be more apt.
    As long as Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council with veto power, the UN is not relevant.

  27. This resolution is an example of the US working within the international system.

  28. Funny, Pution doesn't seem to care what the UN or NATO have to say.

  29. This vote has little to do with an assessment of right and wrong. Rather, it mostly reflects the fact that nations worldwide fear separatism movements within their own borders.

  30. Not only that michjas, it could also show that the western clique still has some considerable economic clout compared to Russia as a world power. Something for President Putin to think about.

  31. Looks like the lines are drawn for WW3.

  32. Looks like the BRICS countries abstained (obviously Russia voted 'no'). This would have been relevant in the article. It looks like the largest emerging economies are not falling in line with the US and EU.

  33. abstained is a polite/diplomatic no without saying no.

  34. Alexander K. the BRICS countries obviously do not wish to loose valuable business with the west. At the same time, they do wish to interfere in the internal affairs of foreign countries. Something that the US have a propensity of doing.

  35. Does any enterprising researcher want to tabulate mentions by the NYT of GA votes that have gone against the US or its close allies? Add in how prominently such mentions, if any, were featured in print or online. Assess how such votes were contextualized -- as the voice of the species or as something else?

    It'd be instructive.

  36. Instead of your unsubstantiated innuendo, you should take 5 minutes and do the research yourself. Just type "general assembly vote" into the search box and let us know what you find. Suggesting bias without proving bias reveals YOUR bias, not that of the newspaper.

  37. With either 69 no votes or abstentions, this resolution is hardly a resounding rebuke of Russia. Why no rebukes for the neo-fascist coup in Ukraine last month? Why no rebuke of Tymoshenko, now runing for the Ukrainian presidency, when she declared her wish to reduce Russia to rubble? What about the pending NATO war games in the Ukraine requested by the current Ukrainian President? Time for sanity and veracity to enter into this escalating drama.

  38. You call an enemy of the KGB a fascist. It is like saying that a pit bull is not a dog.
    Putin and the assasins of the Zar and his family is one and the same.

    The corrupción and ineptitude of the actual government of Russia is notorious.

    The actual mafia governing Russia is an enemy of humanity; poor Syria.

  39. Joaquin, Putin IS NOT the KGB. The KGB was a part of
    the USSR, Soviet Union, born in 1917 as the result of a
    Bolshevik/Communist coup. Putin was unlucky to be
    born under that regime, he became a lawyer & worked in
    KGB Intelligence. In the 1980's, during the 2nd day of
    the Russian (Boris Yeltsin) overthrow of the USSR, Putin
    joined forces with Yeltsin, who eventually declared
    Putin to be his successor. After the ailing Yeltsin
    resigned, Putin won a first round vote of 53% in 2000.

  40. Buckeye, you mean, the "Acting" Ukrainian President?

  41. Did they have something like this when the US invaded and destroyed Iraq? According to Nuremberg rulings, invading a country that didn't attack you or anyone else isthe top Nuremberg war crime. Any condemnation of the destruction of Libya?

    Since the people of crimea voted 93% for joining with Russia, I'll wait until these other things are addressed before joining in the western war mongering against Russia, which has the second largest arsenal of nuclear weapons behind the US (the only country to use them), by the western leadership which should be considered a lunatic fringe.

  42. Irak violated Kuwait territorios. A notorious criminal like Sadadn could not stand still and attacked that country under the pretence that Irak hitoricaly did belong to Irak. Afterwards US troops left Kuwait. In the case of Irack annexation was never an issue.

  43. In 1994 Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for a pledge of respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and its borders. The respect and recognition of Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty by the UN community came in the form isolating Russia. For Ukraine’s self-determination it presented a small yet morale victory. Conversely, others will say that it is a meaningless resolution as Russia Psyche thrives on isolation and mistrust of the west. Also Putin may see the UN as a farce but then why doesn’t he cease to be a member?The situation in Ukraine and the vote by the UN is a condemnation of Russia actions and its misuse of the UN charter of self-determination; coupled with strong economic sanctions, Russia might see it is on the wrong side of history and that there is a true cost of annexing Crimea!

  44. "Western war mongering against Russia"

    What a fascinating description of current events! Obama just renounced using military force to resolve the Crimean situation, even as Russia is completing its conquest of the Crimea by evicting the Ukranian military out of their bases.

    "War mongering" must mean something different in your part of the world.

  45. from

    "Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, and Sudan voted against the resolution." All powerhouse democracies.

  46. Of course, you know that when the UN General Assembly votes against US trade sanctions against Cuba then year in and year out, there only 3 votes opposing the resolution. Also, you may notice : Bolivia,Cuba, DRPK Korea, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Syria, Sudan : all countries that were colonial possessions of the Powerhouse Democracies.

  47. The UN GA resolution helped to shed a bad light on Putin and boost Ukrainians' morale.
    Much depends on the development in Eastern Ukraine and other regions with an ethnic Russian minority. People there tend to be as docile as lambs and easily manipulated, due to the culture of submission under decades of authoritarian rule.
    If they insist on re-joining Russia and clash with the authorities of their countries of residence, Putin can always justify a military action or urge for their self-determination. Fomenting nationalism will be more likely his strategy of re-incorporating former territories into the Russian Federation.

  48. nonsense, the resolution only got support from less than 52% of UN members. Ukraine should be gutted but they probably don't want to know the facts.

  49. @David: "Ukraine should be gutted". Shame on you! Although I have nothing to do with New Zealand, I wouldn't want to see it "gutted" or invaded by Australia.
    I have nothing to do with Ukraine neither, but I had bad memories of Russian intrusions in Sweden.

  50. Are we on the right side of this Ukraine v. Russia conflict? Maybe we should have been on board with President Putin or at least not looked so stupid shouting about Russia but powerless to stop it.

    As reported in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a moderate German newspaper comparable to the NY Times, the former leader of Ukraine and now a presidential candidate, Julia Tymoshenko, said yesterday that she was going to shoot Vladimir Putin in the head. One of the country's other leaders, a founder of the neo-Mazi party Right Sector, Oleksander Muzychko, was shot dead on the night of March 24 after resisting arrest and shooting at police.

    A country like Ukraine (Russia's ancient capital was Kiev) can destabilize Europe. It is out of control and has been for years. It owes its so-called sovereignty to nuclear blackmail for refusing to give Russia back its nuclear war heads left behind by the USSR (1994 Budapest Accords). This is the US and Britain up to the old Anglo-Saxon policy of keeping Russia off balance and trying to undermine its influence to get more commerce in Asia. There are books written about this.

    Maybe Mr. Putin will take back the Eastern Ukraine, part of the Don basin and a core area of historic Russia (even before Peter the Great). We ought to accept Russia as a European power and respect its sphere of interest. We need them for many, many things, starting with cooperation on terrorism - where their cold-hearted efficiency can help the West.

  51. "Are we on the right side of this Ukraine v. Russia conflict?".......Is Ukraine a sovereign country?

  52. The problem with this, "Resolution" is it fails to name Russia as the culprit to, "Chaos". I believe the United Nations must and should, "Kick Russia out of the United Nations". Otherwise the U.N. is a, "Facilitator of chaos".
    When statesmanship in foreign policy grows teeth, then the Putin's of the world will act in accordance to the letter of the law.

  53. bush gave the u.n. inspection team 24/48 hrs. to leave Iraq before shock and awe.

    are the Iraqis better off today?

    by your reasoning, don't you think the u.s. should remove itself out of the u.n.?

  54. Well Globe Trotter not that reason but the US should have removed themselves from UN and the UN from the US many years ago.

  55. The UN may not be perfect, but it has undoubtedly saved the world from a lot of conflict and suffering since its founding after the second World War. Let's hope that the pen can once more prevail over the sword, and American leadership can successfully contribute towards that end.

  56. This would have been laughable if it weren't so sad..

  57. Really the UN did not save Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Afghanistan from US bombs or stop the civil war in Syria, or the civil war in Lebanon - The UN is just as useless as the League of Nations.

  58. ask the Iraqi widows and orphans. ask the Libyans on the receiving end of nato cluster bombs and other munitions.

    would you set foot in afghanistan, iraq or libya today?

    u.n. is a western tool when it is convenient to do so.

  59. There are always far more votes in favor of resolutions supporting Palestine. The annexation of the Crimea is a done deal.

  60. My guess is that the US government put pressure on a lot of these countries to do this by threatening to stop foreign aid and/or some other form of threat or coercion.

  61. you gotta be kidding. you meant the u.s./west bought votes?

  62. The vote showed that less than 52% have voted against Russia (100 out of total of 193 members) and when you consider that some of the anti Russia votes have been made under pressure from US then the vote was a huge defeat for the US and Obama's aim of isolating Russia! In reality probably less than half the worlds nations care about Crimea rejoining Russia.

  63. Russia as one of five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council could care less what the General Assembly votes about anything. Russia also feels more moral and responsible than America, Israel, U.K., France, India, Pakistan, Germany, Japan, D.P.R.K., South Africa (apartheid), Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria,Turkey ,Iran , China and Thailand.

  64. Cool! Votes wisely applied.

  65. There is no mention in the United Nations vote that the action by the Obama Administration to isolate Russia inside a NATO collection of U.S. dominated puppets was the provocation for the return of Crimea to Russia. To read of the United Nations vote, one would think Russia had out of the blue aggressively taken over Crimea when actually it was only responding to the U.S. attempt to isolate it in a ring of U.S NATO partners. Mr. Obama decries Russia as "riding roughshod" over it's neighbor's border, but when he goes out of his way half way around the world to lead a NATO pack into "riding roughshod" into Russia's sphere of defensive influence, it would seem he might be tarring himself with the same brush.

  66. So, roughly 40% if the members of the General Assembly will not support a motion in support of the coup government in Kiev sponsored by the US.

    That is not a good sign for the US.

    Too bad the NYT did not give us link to the vote member by member vote tabulation.

  67. The NYT did provide a link to the member-by-member vote. It's in the 3rd paragraph. The 10 nations that sided with Russia were: Armenia, Bolivia, Belarus, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. The best measure of a man is who his friends are.

  68. Putin is all for self determination.
    Except for Russians, living in Russia.
    cf Alex Navalny, Pussy Riot, elected Governors, protestors in Moscow.

  69. Russians in Russia live their best time ever. Putin is their hero. The ones you mention are funded through your tax-money by your zionist controlled government. What you watch in american media is complete fiction, and the most disturbing is, that the propaganda you are fed is so grotesque that even a ten year old child would have dismissed it as rubbish in other parts of the world. The ignorance the average american has about the rest of the world is off the charts!!

  70. Sofia,
    Why aren't you living in the worker's paradise?
    Is it the shrinking population, declining birthrate or the shortening of life expectancy?

  71. Well, every country have their bad apples.

  72. All this anger against Russia is a BAD IDEA. Hawks are just trying to stir up the pot and create a new Cold War -- for no good reason. Big Boys, put away the war toys! The world has moved on from this type of thinking!

  73. And you say this with full knowledge that Russia initiated their actions by establishing a substantial line of heavily armed troops on the borders of Ukraine and Crimea.

    Otto von Bismarck, a far far greater diplomat than you and I could ever hope to be noted the following, "A conquering army on the border will not be stopped by eloquence.” I'm afraid this pinpoint observation still holds true.

  74. You, too, Wilson1ny are over-reacting. Every country protects its borders. The Ukraine happens to be contiguous with Russia, and Kiev only a few hundred miles from Moscow. NATO has been interfering in Ukraine. Visualize it. The USA has always stringently protected its borders: are you old enough to remember the Bay of Pigs in Cuba and the reaction of the USA? Realpolitik is real and needs to be respected not only for the big swaggering USA but for all countries, including Russia.

  75. I would have agreed with you a month ago.

  76. This move makes sense and it is a much better idea than sending more NATO troops towards Russian borders.

  77. The reporter here noted: "The most poignant argument came from Costa Rica. Small states have only the power of international law “to defend our sovereignty,”

    Interesting. A similar appeal is found in the Melian Dialogue – when the small neutral island of Melos had been invaded by the far more powerful Greeks. The Greeks replied, "The strong will do what they wish, the weak shall do what they must." This was in 417bc by the way. The outcome a few days later went pretty much as expected – the Greeks slaughtered most everyone on Melos.

  78. Melos is and was a greek island fraternal to Sparta. It was the Athenians that attacked it. Melians, Spartans, Athenians, all of them were Greeks. It's pretty pathetic to see people talking about historical facts without having any sense either of history or geography!!

  79. "A similar appeal is found in the Melian Dialogue ..."

    Ambassador Eduardo Ulibarri of Costa Rico appealed to *international law*. AFAICT, the Melians did not.[1] However, the Athenians say: "Of the gods we believe, and of men we know, that by a necessary law of their nature they rule wherever they can."[2]

    So there is a crucial contrast between the two examples.[3]

    [1] The Melian dialogue is from Thucydides:


    [3] A web search for "Melian dialogue international law" returns more informed discussions.

  80. Steve & Sofia – Thank you for your replies. I was speaking very broadly in my reference
    Sofia – of course you're correct. It was not my desire to lay out the entire Greek city-state-alliance landscape of 400bc. Sorry if you were offended.
    Steve there might not have been codified international law, but Melos was a neutral territory only vaguely tied to Sparta for something like 700 years. Moral turpitude was as close as they had to international law at the time and I found the reference in the story by Costa Rica similar in its current day plea.

  81. Global criticism is not that important. None of the countries voting for this previous would send troops to snatch Crimea back from Russia. So again it is a meaningless vote. It only means something to Ukraine and the US who can boast they are isolating Russia.

    However, no one is going to stop buyinr Russian gass and no one is going to support this vote with troops. Therefore it is one of those feel good moation like naming a Post Office, or declaring that today is X days ( for X supply your most lovable object - save the elephants etc.)

  82. JudyW: if you believe the vote is so unimportant and meaningless, absent a committal or ground forces and troops to expel the Russians or oppose further expansion (which is a position that heartily contrasts with every other post I've seen you submit on this issue), then why do you feel the need to comment and or criticize it. Why not simply ignore it.

  83. I remember when United Nations General Assembly had voted against Iraq's invasion, and the US didn't care.

  84. Actually, I don't believe the General Assembly ever voted on the issue. An authorization for the war did come up in the Security Council, but was tabled for fear it would fail. Kofi Annan did express the opinion that without the authorization the war was illegal, but there was no action.

  85. Good to know that Russia still has 11 friends in the world like by example North Korea, Syria and Zimbabwe. Countries that voted against: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe voted against the resolution.
    I cant believe that people here are saying that BRIC countries are joining with Russia,Countries like China abstained from the votes. So they DID NOT vote in Favour of Russias succession of Crimea. Actually no one of the BRIC countries did, except from Russia itself.
    And yes Russia toke this vote seriously. Because they lobbeyed a lot over the last days at the UN. With no success.

  86. Not precisely. The point is that Russia is not isolated. Only slightly over half (100 out of 193) countries supported the resolution. Lots is just afraid of sanctions from US-EU, so they do not vote or abstain. Only those who have nothing to lose voted against.

  87. The resolution was not a vote in support of the annexation. It was a vote opposing it, and 58 countries said "none of my business." A resolution opposing Israel's occupation of the West Bank would probably do as well.

  88. In 1994 Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for a pledge of respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and its borders. The respect and recognition of Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty by the UN community came in the form isolating Russia. For Ukraine’s self-determination it presented a small yet morale victory. Conversely, others will say that it is a meaningless resolution as Russia Psyche thrives on isolation and mis-trust of the west. Putin may see the UN as a farce but then why doesn’t he cease to be a member. The situation in Ukraine and the vote by the UN is a condemnation of Russia actions and its misuse of the UN charter of self-determination; coupled with strong economic sanctions, Russia might see it is on the wrong side of history and that there is a true cost of annexing Crimea!

  89. "The resolution garnered 100 votes in favor, 11 votes against, with 58 abstentions."..... If this is after intense lobbying by the US and EU with money as incentive, it pretty much mean most of the world is for Russia defending its interest or simply don't care about this storm-in-a-teacup. Ukraine is worst than a 3rd world country right now. It is as poor as one but it has two or three foreign masters unlike most 3rd world countries which only has one.

  90. "If this is after intense lobbying by the US and EU with money as incentive ..."

    Please quote the article where it says that money was an incentive.

  91. @Steve
    I am sure there are some IMF / World Bank loans that won't be forthcoming if those poor countries did not vote correctly.

  92. If self-determination is to be the criteria, perhaps the Russian president will permit the people of Chechnya to vote on their future, as well. The world should ask Mr. Putin if he's willing to do that..

  93. A referendum was already held in Chechnya, about 10 years ago. Read up a bit before posting, this is why there are no more fighting in Chechnya anymore.

  94. Mark Lobel, Chechnya did have a referendum on that and the case is settled. There has been no fighting since.

  95. Don't make me laugh. Only Obama can congratulate himself on this achievement. Since when the General Assembly decides anything? China abstained and that's a signal. We should probably ask the Chinese to send their marines to disarm the militants in Kiev and save the Ukrainian government from their wrath.

  96. China abstaining is a signal? Of what, other than China's own hypocrisy, pray tell?

  97. That Russia will not be alone in the Security Council. Can't you figure this one out? What a colorful name you have chosen!

  98. So much for Russia's isolation.

  99. It is starting again. The militants are now storming the Ukrainian legislature and demanding the resignation of the government and putting two of its members before a tribunal. It seems that this government is as good as dead.

  100. Our moment of truth comes when the U.S. Postal Service decides how your letter to a relative in Crimea is to be addressed—to Ukraine, or to Russia.

  101. Do not say this vote is meaningless. One of the major reasons why Russia pulled out of Afghanistan in the 1980s was because of the constants in the UN against their invasion. It took years but when over 90% of the countries voted against Russia, the new Russian leader decided to pull out.

  102. This ought to do it. There should be media reports of Russian laying down their weapons and leaving Crimea any moment now. Vladimir Putin will surely come to see the light after this stinging rebuke

  103. The Russian snake is coiling for a second strike in the eastern Ukraine while the world looks impotently on. Shouts of condemnation from the General Assembly will be much louder the second time around.

  104. And about as effective.

  105. Ahem, Albania and Slovenia were never "Soviet republics." The former was an independent communist state, whose leader Enver Hoxha broke with Khrushchev in the early 1960s and allied his country with Maoist China. The latter was a state within Yugoslavia, which was not part of the Warsaw Pact because of the split between Stalin and Tito.

  106. Thanks for pointing that out. The current version of the article says: "Several former socialist states, including Albania, Estonia and Slovenia, added their names as co-sponsors."

  107. Absolutely! It is amazing how an opnion leader like TNYT can make this kind of mistakes. It gives more material to doubt most of the geo-political references provided by an US newspaper.

    On the other hand, it's shocking for many interested readers to realice how misguided the US and the EU are to pursue this road. The only way to find a solution to this crisis is to have Russia at the negotiations' table, certainly not to exclude it. A big power like Russia will never apologize for having gone that road of annexation of Crimea. Even less if they have so much support from its own population. The west needs to listen less to the weapons' industry and their Defense ministers, and listen more carefully to lessons learned from the past. Cut short the damages, avoid the escalation, and find creative ways to get Russia back to the negotiations' table. If the west continues to pursue a win-loose situation, things will turn worse. How about put all the energies to look intensively for a win-win situation for both sides? The clock is ticking...

  108. Sorry Steve, that's wrong too. Estonia and Slovenia were never independent Communist states- they were components of Communist states. and I would argue that no European Communist state was ever socialist.

  109. "Several former Soviet republics, including Albania, Estonia and Slovenia, added their names as co-sponsors."

    Albania was a member of Comecon, but never a full Soviet republic.

  110. All Russian media channels are now broadcasting appeals to Putin to move Russian troops into eastern Ukraine.

  111. Not true. I am from Russia.

  112. True, not all.

  113. I would love to have written his version of events in Russia, but I have a bad English.

  114. absolutely amazing and pretty interesting to read,really very important issue to discuss,most debacle issue at the moment in the world,i discussed many times with my absolutely amazing wife Margaret Brennan CBS news,she handling issue as well as working with Secretary kerry so she know very well this issue as well as expert in foreign policy so know very well importance of this issue for US foreign policy and world.

    we discussed most people of united states think over Ukraine issue there is no any responsibility of US,but if we think as expert or adviser as world leader US has responsibility to take lead and unite world stand up against unnecessary Russian aggression and aware international community true intention and ambition behind Russian aggression.

    Margaret mentioned general assembly vote suggested world is against Russian aggression against violate international law and violate Ukraine territory called act of war,no country has right to use force to grab part of other country and bring referendum with out permission of UN,Ukraine its illegal,this is winning of people of US,US as well as international community and winning for me and my amazing hard working wife Margaret.

    Margaret mentioned US role is limited over Ukraine crisis not using force,world ready to punish Putin with tough sanction and bring back Russia on negotiation table.this is relax strategy with out worry,though we are hoping for peaceful solution and we are with people of Ukraine.

  115. Aside from the fact that Albania was incorrectly described as a "former Soviet republic" this is important and welcome news. Shame on India and South Africa though.

  116. Slovenia is also not a former Soviet republic.

  117. The US federal debt is over $17 Trillion. Our huge baby boomer generation is entering retirement with a $40 Trillion shortfall in Social Security and Medicare. Do we really want to let the military industrial complex start up another $19 Trillion Cold War?

  118. Isolated? 92 countries either voted no, abstained, or did not vote, among whom were Iran and Israel.

  119. Major businesses in Germany (like Siemens AG) have publicly reaffirmed their commitment to investment in Russia and expressed regret at these unfortunate sanctions. There are 6200 German businesses in Russia. The French also have thousands operating there.

  120. The UN and the General Assembly is a worthless body when it condemns Israel or calls attention to the power and wealth stratification of the global economy, advocates the sovereign control of a country's resources by that country. or advocates something else Washington doesn't like. But when we can line up a majority of votes for our view of some issue like Crimea or condemning Russia, it is a splendid organization.

    Question: Is this setting up some US/EU direct or backdoor military entry into the Ukraine? Will Obama explain to Americans in a few months or perhaps weeks, in solemn terms, why we need to go to war to save the good, "freedom living" people of the Ukraine and it is the right thing to do because the UN voted on a vague resolution.

    It is as if U.S. foreign policy has become a cartoon for children circa 1930-1980. Cartoons have become more sophisticated and less moralistic; the same cannot be said for U.S. foreign policy.

  121. Why is the UN a worthless body? Israel is not a democracy ,you have to face that it bases it's legitimacy in the same manner as Iran, religion. Even US Rabbi's were aware that basing Israel on religious basis was a mistake & they did not support the Israeli constitution because of this when it was founded. Russia is a very big country & opens itself to many attacks from within on self determination. Should Saudi Arabia claim Chechnya to save Muslims? What would happen if all the non-Russian people of claim a desire to become independent & join or create their own homeland? And as to cartoons, maybe a problem is a lack of morals? An application of the golden rule would hurt the world? It could definitely hurt Russia with so many conquered peoples within what they call their borders. Et Tu Putin ?

  122. I beg to differ.

    1. the u.s. used u.n. to present to the world saddam Hussein's alleged wmd.

    2. the u.s. and its nato allies obtained no-fly-zone authorization on libya from the u.n.

    it looks quite useful to somebody.

  123. In a companion piece in the NYT, Congress voted overwhelmingly to appropriate $1 billion for support of the Ukraine. “This bill is a first step toward supporting the Ukrainians and our Central and Eastern European partners, and imposing truly significant costs on Moscow,” the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, said in a floor speech as his chamber considered its bill.

    Russia is off the hook for $15 billion, the US commits $1 billion in record time that will not go for repairing US infrastructure, childhood education, medical or space research, or various other desperately needed domestic initiatives and we have just showed Russia how we are punishing them. Truly significant costs for Russia, indeed. This would be funny if not so very sad.

  124. That's right. Now Russia has justification to wet on its creditor, good old Uncle Sam, that's you and me. Think about it next time you pop a tire or bend a wheel in a pot hole. The 6,200 German business active in Russia have no intention of complying with sanctions and Siemens AG has just made such an announcement. Will we boycott Europe too?

  125. If the US did not spend $5 billion of taxpayers money on the coup to overthrow Yushchenko, as the result of which the far right fractions got access to power, Crimea would still be Ukrainian. Putin would be a fool not to cease such a perfect opportunity. Thanks to the US/NATO machinations, Crimea just about fell into his lap.

    The return of Crimea to Russia was, really, an old sentiment of Russians, both living on the peninsula and in mainland. The western media totally failed to convey this fact when they kept promoting the US position that Crimeans voted "under the gun". In truth, the guns would be required only for Crimeans to vote against rejoining Russia.

    Now, all these sanctions and rhetoric only make the US/NATO look like very sore losers. That's how they are trying to reassert their influence and divert the world's attention from what has actually happened. As Putin said, they pushed too far and played "unprofessionally".

    Again, if it were not for these amateurs Crimea would still be Ukrainian. And now they blame Putin and seek to penalize Russia (and EU) for their own failures. Ridiculous!

  126. I keep seeing this statement "the US spent 5 billion dollars" on a coup in Ukraine. It's repeated in several responses to several news articles in the NYT now. I have asked before "Where is your evidence to support this statement". There has been no response as of yet.

  127. No wonder Israel did not vote. It is a thousand times as guilty as Russia of doing the same thing (annexing land), except the Palestinians have never had a vote on their own land which Israel has been slowly stealing, with a wink and a nod from the US and its UN veto, over almost 70 years!

  128. @Kershasp - First, what does this have to do with Crimea? Second, Russia and Poland have annexed a huge swath German land after Germany's defeat in WWII. After this a few millions of ethnic Germans living have been deported mostly to Western Germany, and this seems to be ok with everyone, including Germany. Jordan lost the West Bank, and Egypt lost Gaza after both countries have been defeated in at least two wars (1967 and 1973).

  129. it seems to me that, with respect to Crimea, the ends of the Russians were justifiable but the means were not. As for analogies to past U.S. actions or any prior conflict anywhere else, they do more to confuse than to enlighten.

  130. I think the analogies show that powerful countries don't respect International law. Look at the killing of inocent people by our drone program in anywhere we want.

  131. More than half the world population support russia and against WEST hegemony. It is simple. More than half the world do not agree with WESTERN aggression. West Murdered millions woman and children in iraq, afganistan and libiya and no one cry over those souls. Its pathetic world. There is no justice in the world. Its all about power. If there is no russia , you will be with more danger if you have nukes, WEST will be with new paradigm of Nuke first ask question later. That said every country must posesses dirty nukes and full fledged nukes to retaliate. That is one and only way to survive against EVIL WESTERN GOLIATH. I know all people who live in west think that their govt is good. Well not for long , once the cabal gain 100% power , everyone in the world will be treated same level as palestenians. There will be middle tier who will be full of traitors and puppets who will do the job for cabal and suppress the 95% world population with fear mongering , disease and famine. Its coming people. There is no escape for people in the WEST.

  132. Ukraine is a sovereign state, recognized by international law and the U.N. If Russia can forcibly take territory from Ukraine, any stronger state on earth can to the same to a weaker one. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia and Ukraine agreed in a treaty that Crimea would remain part of Ukraine and that Russia would be guaranteed the right to have a naval base in Crimea, as long as Ukraine agreed to destroy its nuclear weapons. This has nothing to do with "Western Hegemony". It has to do with a dictator intent on restoring the Russian Empire.

  133. @Alex thank you for fanning the flames of mistrust , hate and hitting the reset button on the cold war! To be sure we in the West are far from perfect and have done our share of misdeeds in the past; and we demand better from our elected leaders. We are tired of the Afghan war and want our brave young men and women; we are questioning the legal ramifications of drone strikes and its effects on our long term relationship in the areas of the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In short we are far from perfect but we are a nation that strives for the common good of all and respect the right of self-determination and sovereignty. It was a mistake to invade, Iraq but in that instance we did not annex one foot of land from them nor did we impose a referendum. I am sorry Alex that we do not live up to you expectations!

  134. Russia lost Ukraine in the illegitimate 1917 coup led by
    Bolshevik/Communists TROTSKY and LENIN until Boris
    Yeltsin re-took it in 1990. Prior to those 73 years of
    COMMUNISM, Russia had held not only Ukraine, but all
    of those neighbor states for 370 years (1547 to 1917).
    As I see it, it was the will of the Russian Crimean people
    with a 90%-plus vote, to take back what was illegally
    taken from Russia in the first place!!

  135. So they take a vote after the fact. The annexation is done. This is finished. All the rest is blather.

  136. Leaders in Ukraine will continue to provoke Russia to force russia to invade eastern ukraine and south ukraine. I believe russia may have to take over southern ukraine for the necessity of supporting crimea. Russia only looking for reason to convince themself that without taking down ukraine , security of russia is not guranteed. From my view point , its sinister attempt by WEST to attack russia using ukraine as NATO base. If i am putin i will not attack ukraine but undermine its economy with spies until people raise up against Western bankers austerity measures.

  137. By taking over Crimea Russia most probably saved thousands of lives by preventing a civil war there, which would certainly have started when Kiev nationalist government tried to assert its authority there against the will of local population. No one talks about that. Why? Did Russia have to wait until Ukraine turned into the second Yugoslavia and scores were murdered to intervene? There is still a possibility of that happening in Eastern Ukraine, if the Kiev regime continues its Russophobe policies of ignoring interests of substantial fraction of country's population. When shooting starts and people begin to die, Russia would most certainly not let a full-scale civil war break out in Ukraine and will put an end to it most resolutely. Everyone needs to understand that.

  138. Very scary comments from Alex and David. Seeking to justify aggression in the remainder of Ukraine before it has even occurred. And continuing to peddle the nonsense that Russian speaking Ukrainians are somehow in danger, in either Eastern Ukraine, Southern Ukraine, or Crimea. There is (and was) no evidence of this other than Kremlin propogandists repeating the same allegations ad nauseam. The OSCE has deployed observers in Ukraine. Their findings? There is no evidence of anit-russian or "Russo-phobic" activity. They have noted incidents of Russian provacateurs attempting to stir up trouble and provide Putin with rationalization for aggression. Sort of like the Glewietz incident that preceded Germany's invasion of Poland. Oh, and for the record, when the OSCE tried to send observers into Crimea to investigate the claims of Russian speaking Crimeans being at risk; they were denied entry by the "self-defence forces" (aka Russian army) who shot bullets over their heads.

  139. if Nato put their army in Ukraine , RUSSIA will not hesistate to attack them. Mark my word. It going to turn into world war III overnight if West is not careful. But from my view point WEST wants to start nuke war with russia.

  140. You're right. NATO/EU/US agitated in Ukraine for overthrow of the Russia-friendly Yanukovich government. And we Anglo-Saxons have been making trouble on Russia's borders for hundreds of years. If you have not already done so, you may want to read a book called "the Great Game" by Peter Hopkirk, well received in academic circles, about the British-Russian rivalry for influence and markets in Asia. As for Russia's official position on matters in its former Soviet Republics, see the last chapters of President Putin's autobiography, "First Person". Mr. Putin is writes clearly about the "near abroad" and the need for Russia to defend it from foreign influence. Now that the Red Army (that is their official name once again) can back up Russian claims with overwhelming force, we might want to listen. What a lot of readers here don't seem to understand when they talk about NATO supporting Ukraine - but you apparently do - is that NATO is not trained or equipped to fight a land war against Russia. I am old enough to have lived in Europe from the time of the Pershing missile crisis of 1976 until near the end of the USSR. Our troops do not train for operations in nuclear/chemical/biological battle and most of our combat and support vehicles are not sealed against such contamination. The Russians are, just as they were forty years ago. This is public knowledge that everyone seems to ignore.

  141. Relax, there will be no NATO troops in Ukraine, it would cost to much to the whole world. My feeling is that, given two more weeks, the issue will start fading from the papers.

  142. Quit your saber-rattling, Alex. In a non-nuclear war, Russia is no match for NATO and Putin knows that. So, in the unlikely circumstances you describe (i.e., NATO in Ukraine), the question would be, would Putin start a war that would have one of two possible outcomes: (1) Russia's military defeat or (2) nuclear war. Putin may be out of touch with reality in some respects, but he's not stupid.

  143. The UN vote has little value to anyone. The only value I see is putting countries into categories for future profiling. Putin is a predator that will take what he wants until there is a price that makes the prize cost more than it's worth. With Putin all countries should be eternally vigilant. Putin is cunning, ruthless, and intelligent with no regard for anything that stands in his way. Putin will not stop until he is no longer in power. The US and Europe should be planning a protracted effort to contain him on every front.

  144. It seems that the storm has temporarily subsided. Right Sector units have left the site in full order. It was obviously a demonstration of strength and a short across the bow. The important thing is that there were no government forces protecting the building of the legislature. There is an agreement with the militants to have a meeting tomorrow with the government where leaders of the militants will be present. The most likely subject of discussion will be the punishment of two members of the government. The militants accuse one member in the assassination of one of the militants and another in surrendering Crimea. They want to put them before the tribunal. I just do not see how the government can offer any resistance. These two members of the government should run for their life but the militants probably guard their residences. So, the drama/tragedy is to be continued tomorrow but for now it's calm before the storm.

  145. I'm surprised the UN didn't condemn Israel. Isn't that what they usually do?

  146. Why should Russia attack the Ukraine or the West? And what benefit is there for the russian people, to do so? I´m really not sure if this Krim is worth the diplomatical, and even more the economical price, the russian people have to pay now.

  147. The U.S. needs Russian assistance with Syria and Iran far more than Russia needs the U.S. for anything. And what are the Europeans going to do? Refuse to buy natural gas? Meanwhile Ukraine is an economic basket case which scores near the bottom of the Transparency International corruption index, considerably worse than corrupt Russia.

  148. "The U.S. needs Russian assistance with Syria and Iran far more than Russia needs the U.S. for anything".....A balanced view might suggest that Russia needs U.S. assistance with Syria and Iran. Russia has a bigger potential problem with Islamic terrorism (Chechnya, Dagistan) than the U.S. does.

  149. According to a piece by Ryan Grim at Huffington Post, Obama defended Iraq's invasion saying at least America 'sought' to get UN backing. Perhaps Putin made a mistake accepting Crimea referendum results before seeking approval from the UN.

  150. I don't see how you can deduce that Obama defended the invasion. He was simply stating the obvious, in discussing aspects of Russia's actions in Crimea. I vehemently opposed the Iraq war when most Americans didn't, but even I accept that Obama in this statement was only expressing a fact, which I agree with. The ultra, ultra left is guilty of the same misrepresentation, quoting out of context, and jumping to conclusions not based on fact or study as the ultra, ultra right does.

  151. Olga, Uziel is saying it tongue in cheek.

  152. The penchant for Obama and the EU to pontificate after the horse has already left the barn is hilarious and sad simultaneously.

  153. I am waiting for a BDS movement to call for an academic boycott of Russia. And of Egypt, too, for that matter, since it just sentenced 500+ people to death without trial.

  154. This UN theater which takes place periodically causes some loss of credibility on the part of this world body. That's a pity since this is the only organization that "represents" all the nations. In reality of course, it has been the political domain of the United States and its allies since its creation after WW2.
    It would be most useful if the rules and membership of the UN general assembly and the security council could be changed to increase its effectiveness. But this would mean states handing over certain sovereign rights to the UN body - which is highly unlikely!
    So it will probably continue to stumble along being only somewhat useful and providing high paid jobs!

  155. I am in total agreement with your first paragraph.

  156. Now america should to let another country in NATO be the spokesperson for this dilemma. Obama should make a speech that America will supply needed resources, but will follow the lead of Germany, or Italy, or England. We need to stop policing and let the other countries stand up.

  157. At the end of the day and all the talk the fact remains the Russians have Crimea and they intend to keep it. The world needs to move on, we have more important issues: grotesque overpopulation, widening poverty and misery due largely to overpopulation, pollution, climate change, nuclear proliferation, dwindling natural resources, illegal and legal mass immigration from poor to prosperous countries, de-industrialization of the West, crushing government, corporate and individual debt worldwide, and on and on. Many of these were deliberately caused by or at least aggravated by the Globalists (big banks/trans national corporations/ super rich) actions and policies around the world in the last fifty years. Antagonizing Russia is not going to keep the masses worldwide from waking up and turning against their tormentors as economic, environmental, social and other conditions continue to deteriorate.. Crimea and Ukraine are mere sideshows. Vladimir Putin realized after the overthrow in Kiev that the Globalists were coming after Russia as their next target/victim. He acted swiftly and forcefully and for this deserves the thanks and support of the Russian people. Russia wants to keep her independence and sovereignty and not become another slave nation of the One World/New World Order whose headquarters are in New York, Washington, and Brussels. The Globalists are fearful other nations may follow Russia's example. And they may. The New World Order may be seeing the beginning of its end.

  158. I think all the people blasting Obama for being "weak" should specify what it is he should do. Send in the troops, bomb the country? The GOP did that during the last decade and how did that work? During the cold war when Russia and the US had nuclear weapons pointed at each other of course the rhetoric much more strident and threatening. But isn't this really Europe's problem now? That said, Obama shouldn't try to make excuses for Iraq and trying to please everyone. The citizens of Crimea at least got to vote on whether they want to be part of Russia. We invaded a country that had done nothing to us with full military strength. The result was over 4000 American and 100,000 Iraqi deaths and a ruined economy.

  159. We should also remind the GOP that Obama has done more than Bush the Lesser did when Putin invaded Georgia in 2008.

    Did McCain make any comments against Bush's non-actions in 2008? No.

  160. Your point is well taken. Yet, certainly you must realize that the US and Russia still have thousands of nuclear warheads on alert and ready to be launched at each other.

  161. Anne, Obama's hands are tied but much of what tied them occurred earlier in his Presidency that convinced Putin that Obama was a weak President. In this situation he had no more bullets left. He had already removed the missile defense system. He had shown an over eagerness when telling the Russian President that he would be more flexible after the election. He had shown a fecklessness bordering on recklessness in Syria and letting Putin walk him out of there was another show of a weak an ineffective foreign policy. It was all those things that left Obama disarmed. He couldn't rally allies to him because he couldn't be trusted nor could he be believed. There is no teleprompter in foreign affairs.

  162. more people died in the egypt coup than in russi'a invasion. why didn't the us condemn the coup in egypt?

  163. Mubarak was thrown under the bus because he no longer served our purpose.

    apparently, the democratically elected representative of Egypt is not the one we want.

    now then, how can you condemn yourself?

  164. The major non US-European powers did not support this resolution by abstaining. A majority of the world population does not want to get involved in
    a European conflict that is far removed from their concerns.

    The US needs to take a more balanced approach and not overestimate it's
    own power and influence.

  165. I'm so sick of the hypocrisy of our politicians. After the US military incursions into Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Vietnam (among others) we really have no business getting all sanctimonious about respecting the territorial integrity of other nations.

  166. None of those countries had their borders redrawn. America owns no land in those countries. I am missing how you are seeing these as similar events.

  167. The US annexed none of the countries you mentioned here.

  168. The US was indeed on the wrong side of history in several of those cases. However, that does not mean the US should be on the wrong side of history with respect to Crimea.

    As someone who was born in a country formerly occupied by Imperial Japan with a ethnically Jewish wife, I guess I'm pleased the US - which had been a deeply racist and imperialist country - was willing to be hypocritical enough to oppose Japan and Germany during WWII.

  169. I have been following the comments published here to the news items and opinion articles on the subject of Russia's recent military aggressive actions in and near Ukraine. After a careful study, using electronic technology modeling made available to me by my friends who work in that industry, I am convinced that a significant number of the anonymously posted comments here are showing misleading authors' names (sounding American or "Anglo-Saxon") and false places of origin. I am convinced that a significant number of these posts in fact originate from Russian fifth column disinformation operatives located either in Russia or in some other country outside the US, despite the indicated US places of origin.

  170. I'm not sure you need any modeling to see that, it seems evident to me. Good for the New York Times, at least they are all paying for subscriptions.

  171. I think "fifth column disinformation operatives" may be too lofty a description. I think they are just Russian internet trolls.

    I don't about this "electronic technology" you are speaking of, but I've noticed that such folksy, Middle-American commentators with names such as "Bill M. from Memphis, TN" make some strangely un-idiomatic English grammar mistakes.

  172. Thank you for that Professor. Thats quite a political analysis. Tell us, was your degree in dentistry?

  173. All the pariah nations voted against the resolution.

    We should reduce trade with China, India and South Africa, all of which abstained from the vote.

  174. Thats right, annoy the people who are keeping the US afloat. Maybe China will call in their loans and that will be the end of American's already fading imperial notions.

  175. That's very Funny!

  176. Cassandra,

    china is not uncle sam's lackey.

    in reality, china probably doesn't want uncle sam done what it has done to china or any other countries.

  177. Always keep in mind that the US is the world's most powerful democracy and so we have the full right to condemn other countries not conforming to our ideas of democracy.

    PLUS, we have the great advantage that if we accidentally start a war anywhere in the world, it will simply not touch us! We will simply watch the happenings on the evening news, possibly Fox News, while enjoying our usual leisurely dinner. Towards the end of the news, it will show how the stocks of most of the defense-related companies have jumped significantly, making most of us happy about our 401ks.

  178. US is not that democratic and is ranked as 21st most democratic country out of only 25 democracies and is falling fast down to "flawed democracy" status

  179. 40% of the general assembly either abstained to vote voted against. Articles 'framed' in such ways makes my wonder whether the media (1) is controlled by government and/or lobby groups (2) catering to their readerships views (3) or a mix of both.
    The NY Times has given a disproportionate EU and US perspective of the events in the Ukraine. By no means am I advocating the Russian position, but many factors were completely left out by all western media reports- such as the leaked conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. Estonia is in a similar predicament as the Ukraine with a disproportionate number of Russians in certain regions. Therefore, they would be far from lending credence to Russia's positions. Nevertheless, Mr. Urmas stated: "The snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly hired by Maidan leaders.” This event led to the fleeing of the ex-leader of the Ukraine and gave credence to the opposition. If the allegations that the current leaders of Ukraine orchestrated the shooting are substantiated, it would validate Russia's assertions of a coup. The bias of omitting a report on credible information highlights the media bias. Also, omitted from western media was the European parliamentarians who observed the referendum in Crimean.

  180. I just looked at the article, and it breaks down the votes in the third paragraph. Perhaps the bias is not in the reporter, but the reader.

  181. I'm sick of Russia and its enablers putting forth the propaganda that fascists have taken over the Ukraine government. The pro-Russian leader who fled the country was a criminal who stole millions of dollars from the country for himself and his cronies. It's no different with Russian leaders.

  182. Shame on Evo Morales, Raúl Castro, Daniel Ortega and Nicolás Maduro who call themselves "anti-imperialists", but did not hesitate to vote NO on the UN resolution. Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay abstained. Is this their way to promote the peoples' right to self-determination?

  183. Interesting. Israel was in the company of Iran and Lebanon in abstaining from voting on the resolution. Hmm. What was Bibi thinking?

  184. Iran, Israel, and Lebanon did not make statements, but there are summaries for those who did in this press release:

    General Assembly Adopts Resolution Calling upon States Not To Recognize Changes in Status of Crimea Region
    27 March 2014

  185. If you were Putin, you would have to feel good about this vote. Only 100 out of 193 UN members voted for it, so the majority is pretty slim. For comparison, UN General Assembly voted 22 times to condemn US embargo against Cuba and to call for it to end - last time (in Oct 2013) the count was 188 out of 193 in favour.

  186. I´ve said it before and will keep saying it .
    Invite Russia to join NATO.
    It is an european country involved in all its history since before
    Napoleon, unlike a individualistic country who sees danger and
    unjustified paranoia everywhere.( or self provoked ).

  187. that's about the last thing the west would do. the u.s. neocon wants to isolate and weaken Russia so it can do as it please.

  188. There is nothing at all to crow about the vote by U.N. General Assembly Isolates Russia.

    Every country that voted for, against, have abstained or did not vote at all have compelling reasons least of all is the moral component.

    The present crisis drives home a point clearly. For future geopolitical stability and global prosperity, we need to build a culture of greater trust and understanding between all the entities.

    Obama has argued like lawyer true to legalistic system of America, where there is considerable skill in using, interpreting, and manipulating law. It is unnecessary to be right so long as within the extreme limits of law. The law is too cold and formal to have any beneficial effect on society except creating spiritual mediocrity, paralysing man’s nobility.

    This is a terrible price the society is paying for being in the vicious cyclic grip of materialism and spiritual vacuum.

  189. People fluent in Russian who can read their state media (and especially those who understand its Orwellian language) wouldn't have a shadow of doubt that the resolution is a big deal in Russia and a slap right in the face not on the wrist.

    But honestly, more important for me was this week's US national poll that shows 90% of Americans supporting sanctions against Russia and 50% convinced they are too weak and need tightening.

  190. the UN vote was less 52% in favour of US position on Crimes, hardly a resounding success!

  191. The time has come- is, in fact, long overdue- to change the U.N.'s charter by negating the veto power of the Security Council's permanent members. The longer the U.S. maintains that power in order to protect Israel's settlements policy the longer Russia and China can employ it to justify their own actions re: Crimea and Tibet, Syria and North Korea.

  192. Compare the priority this got compared to the US's much more dramatic isolation in the GA on its embargo of Cuba.

  193. Putin plans on returning the Soviet Union to its former "glory" one piece at a time.

  194. The vote by each nation was a reflection of their own prejudices, based on their own experiences. We have yet to have a universally accepted principles with regards to the right to self determination. The UN charter appears to give less credence to the will of the people.

  195. It's interesting that China abstained. Does that mean that they wouldn't object to a referendum in Taiwan to decide its fate?

  196. Here is a summary of China's statement:

    "Liu Jieyi ( China), emphasizing the importance of a balanced approach, said all parties should refrain from actions that could exacerbate the situation and work through diplomatic means to resolve the situation. United Nations actions should reflect consensus and be conducive to an easing of tensions as well as a political settlement. Expressing support for the Secretary-General’s mediation efforts, he said any attempt to push ahead with a General Assembly vote would only complicate the picture. China had always opposed intervention in the internal affairs of States, and respected the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. He called for the creation of an international coordination mechanism, involving all parties concerned, to examine proposals for a political settlement."

    General Assembly Adopts Resolution Calling upon States Not To Recognize Changes in Status of Crimea Region
    27 March 2014

  197. The UN is a worthless organization when it goes against our wishes?

    The US embargo against Cuba gets 188 votes!

    When the U S cut a section of Serbia and gave it to the Muslim Albanians, did the world condemn the Bush cabal for that?

  198. Have not heard of any UN General Assembly of Security Council уму to discuss, let alone to approve any US/NATO bombings of Serbia with thousands of killed innocent civilians or the annexation of Kosovo by Albanian terrorists.
    Have I missed something?

  199. So 40 % of countries did not embrace the idea to isolate Russia. If it is "Ultima ratio regum", Western-style, then Russia can relax.

  200. For the sake of the UN, it's too bad that Putin did not seek, along with elected officials of the Crimea, a "legal" election process that could have been approved and monitored by observers.

  201. Actually, the Russian authorities invited OSCE observers, who refused to monitor the elections as retaliation for not allowing OSCE military observers to enter Crimea. You can google it and find some more information on this if you are interested, but they did try...

  202. There were independent observers from 23 countries, the BBC dared to show one interview... Interestingly enough why we cannot hear from them

  203. U.N. resolutions have never deterred Russia in the past. Even before their current oil and gas wealth an impoverished and dysfunctional Soviet Union crushed dissent in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, not to mention maintaining an iron grip over East Germany and Poland. America, thanks to the GOP, Cheney, et al. and their stupid war in Iraq has less credibility than it needs to take any kind of high ground, moral or political. This President is doing the best he can despite the worse kind of chicken hawk chorus from the usual sources.

  204. The primary argument being made by the Russian apologists here is that a nation's past sins prevent that nation from ever condemning the sins of another nation. It makes no difference, for example, that the United States eventually elected a President who opposed the invasion of Iraq and removed all American troops. Sin lasts forever! Does this standard apply universally? If so, what about Russia's alliance with Hitler? The invasion of Finland, Poland, and the Baltic States? Stalin's deliberate starvation of Ukraine? The invasion of Afghanistan? The list is so long I have no more space here. How long do those sins last?

  205. The attacks against Obama on some points may have merit, the man is human after all. Most of them though stem from those on the right who see his Presidency as illegitimate. I am surprised that Bhengazi has not somehow been inserted into the discussion.

  206. It was not alliance of Russia with Hitler, it was alliance of the USSR with Hitler, Ukraine was part of it (USSR), and Stalin was the leader of the USSR ( being the representative from Georgia). And if you look more carefully at the historic situation on the continent at the time, maybe you will find the answer for it... The USSR was not the strongest economically and technically, recovering after revolutions, WW1, economic collapse, civil war, and hunger... The country (USSR) was only 17 year old in 1939. You will not say this about other countries involved. The war was inevitable, the country needed time... and later won the fight... So I would not talk here about invasion of Poland, Finland, and so on, but look at Hitler's Germany and what they did...
    About starvation of Ukraine, it is also not quite true, not only the people of Ukraine SSR was suffering but all the people of the USSR, especially, along the Volga region...
    So, better be clear on all the issues...
    The question of Crimea is much more complicated, includes national security issue for Russia as well as historic...

  207. Another way to resd this is that governments rspresenting a significant majority of the world's citizens did not support the resolution.

  208. Let's have a vote on Israel's territorial theft of the West Bank and then see who's isolated. American policies are completely inconsistent. Why is that?

  209. There are already hundred-plus resolutions on this issue, all adopted either UN GA, or by UN SC. Mostly in wane. That`s probably the main reason why currently all GA`s decisions are treated like a The Muppet Show.

  210. Only a 100 voted against Russia out of 193 hardly anything to crow about and certainly not isolation!

  211. The legacy of Bush's "Coalition of the Willing & Drilling" was a low moment in the 21st c. Hopefully this isn't the first step down that dead end path.

  212. Votes for these kinds of resolutions simply reflect an arena of power that have laws reflect the various positions of power and influence in the world, rather than countries adhere to international law. If only a symbolic gesture of one unreasonable power towards another, than that is a acceptable premise of what the resolution and the UN is about. Neither the US nor Russia historically and in reality follow any of the laws strictures, which are too strict and moral for their liking, and are the poorest examples there are about countries that follow the rules set out by the UN after WW2. Do Vietnam, Cuba, Korea, Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, Afghanistan ring a bell for these 2 'noble', self righteous proclaimed powers? Let's not kid ourselves. The real motivation here is desire for more wealth, power, influence, resources, control and the like. It has been and will be like that for a very long time.

  213. The U.N. needs one more general assembly vote: Russia is no longer a member of the U.N.
    There, that didn't hurt. Did it? What the difference were the Russians members or not; not in this current "league of nations". The world has put up with the Russian double talk since the first meeting in San Francisco. Let's just say they are disinvited. Sooner the better. Excuse me ladies, but the world forum has to/needs to man up! The Russians can form their own league of nations. I don't believe the membership will need a large hall.

  214. What Russia has done will bite them in the end. They are Federation, do not forget. There are large chunks in the country where Russians are not majority.
    And those guys are breeding faster than Russians. If they will vote out what Russia will say?

  215. Ver ry interesting. The US sanctions Russia. The UN General Assembly castigates ???. The US is approving a Bill to loan the Ukraine $1,000,000,000. The IMF is loaning the Ukraine $28,000,000,000 to pay its bills. To whom?
    I think it might be Russia- the Ukraine then has to pay full price for the natural gas provided by Russia as told to the Ukraine by the IMF. Checkmate, the Russians won the economic battle and won the side bet--Crimea.
    Bobby Fischer, you thought you were good.

  216. First, when the West agreed to the unilateral separation of Kosovo from Serbia (of course, it was its creation), was legitimate and did not require any permission from the country's central authorities. Pursuant to Article 2, Chapter 1 of the United Nations Charter, the UN International Court agreed with this approach and made the following comment in its ruling of July 22, 2010: "No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence," and "General international law contains no prohibition on declaration of independence." As far as I understand it, Russia did not violate international law. It is our "leaders" that has violated it as many times as it suits their needs. Second, the 'Written Statement of the United States of America of April 17, 2009' submitted to the UN International Court regarding hearings on Kosovo, states that "Declarations of independence may, and often do, violate domestic legislation. However, this does not make them violations of international law." Conclusion: Ban Ki-moon is another USA's puppet, and our "leaders" are a bunch of hypocrites destroying our country.

  217. 100-11 says it all really, even Russia's so called chum China abstained.

  218. abstain is a polite/diplomatic no.

    each nation has its own interest. why offend when you have nothing to gain?

  219. globe trotter, abstaining to vote means none of our business and rightly so.

  220. how many times has the UN condemned Israel? Countless. What has the USA done almost always? Vote against the international community. What has Israel done always? Ignore the resolution.
    Russia should do the same.

  221. Quite true, the United Nations is a joke.

  222. The motion wasn't supported by India,China,Brazil or South Africa as far as I can see. And in that context the 'Isolation message' is stupid. Its not going to fool the Russian government who are watching the Ukrainian Coup leaders falling out ,predictably, over the division of the spoils. Today in Kyiv the neo fascists of the Right Sector are picketing the Ukrainian parliament ostensibly over the killing of one of their members by the new authorities. Meanwhile the new acting President describes the Right Sector as a threat to the states stability. The Ukrainian oligarchs and the neo Nazis help they hired are about to come to blows. The UN vote has no relevance at all to the forces contending in Ukraine to inherit the mantle of power. And will not preserve the current regime in Kyiv which is very likely to be short lived.

  223. Oh! What a farce!

    Consider the following:

    - China and India with 40% of the World population between them abstained. Privately, officials from both countries have publicly defended Russia over Crimea;
    - Of the two major 'beneficiaries' of our (i.e., the US) 'largess' (Afghanistan and Iraq) voted against and the other abstained;
    - Israel, our special friend in the Middle East abstained....same as our current 'arch enemy' in that part of the World - Iran;
    - But we did get a 'Yes' vote from Haiti, Costa Rica, Somalia, and Georgia (to mention a few);

    The point is, other than our 'mother country' (UK), the majority of the countries that voted 'Yes' did so either with expectations of some future reward from uncle Sam, or just to avoid its vindictive wrath.

    It is no secret our man Obama had to twist arms in this meeting in Brussels to even get our so called "Western allies" in line with us.

    So, when we are told of the "World" wagging its proverbial finger at Mother Russia for being naughty, it is really our American establishment and their not so silent Washington soldiers who stand to benefit in myriad ways by whipping up belligerence. Who among them would not savor the prospect of postponing a serious discussion on the future of our surveillance state.

    Truth be told, WE - the American people have no dog in this fight.

    But no one ever asks...

  224. What percent of the UN is small nations: 50,000 people to 2,000,000 people size 'nations'. Were the smallest countries more likely to vote against Russia?

    Declaration of independence after the fact?