De Blasio Plans a Minimum Wage and City ID Cards

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s State of the City address made clear his impatience with Washington and his challenge to critics in Albany.

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  1. Here's one way De Blasio could iron out the inequality: he could raise real estate taxes on brownstones in neighborhoods like the one he lives in, and use the offset to build more affordable housing. Is it fair that a 2 Million dollar home pay 5K per year in RE Taxes? No wonder that Brooklyn became so popular over the past decade...

  2. Or he could simply put his money where his mouth is and not use ANY exemptions or credits when calculating his own taxes.. He could voluntarily pay the most his income and investments allow... but we know how that would go.

  3. hizzoner might be the populist, robin hood, job killer we all fear. Except this bogeyman threatens to pick our pockets in broad daylight wearing a left-of-center cape.

  4. New York has the highest tax rate of any state in the USA. Think about it, sales tax , state income tax, city income tax, real estate taxes, fees for everything. Maybe the Mayor should try and spend all of this tax money more wisely and stop with the mon sense of not have enough.

    How much is enough? At some point citizens will just relocate in more tax friendly states and commute to NY once or twice a month for meetings.

  5. It's expensive to provide a cadillac education, healthcare and safety net to over 500.000 !! illegal aliens....

  6. bruce bernstein
    New York 4 hours ago
    Yes, as the telephone workers will be going out for more money and all the unions will be screaming, too.
    Did you see the New Jersey airport workers want a raise?
    It's just the start of more inflation.
    But, us old folk who are getting hard earned social security stay on the bottom rung of the ladder.
    I worked at the Bijou Theater in Bangor Maine for 11 dollars a week back in 1954. The Park Theater paid 9 dollars a week and the Opera House paid the head usher 18 dollars a week.
    Oh, yes. I was 14 years old!

  7. Wow, eleven dollars a week.
    Which translates to almost $100/week when adjusted for inflation for a part time much per hour, I can't calculate because you don't indicate how many hours a day you worked.
    The people who clean the planes at Newark airport are making about the same for a full time job today, and they have to support families on that.

  8. Go for it de Blasio. We've seen it before, many times. Socialism doesn't work, never will, and nothing has changed in that regard. The losers will be New Yorkers at every economic strata. Voters will wake up and look for a conservative to fix things. And we will repeat the cycle.

    But forget de Blasio. When your reporter uses the phrase "less fortunate" he is offering not just a description but an explanation, and one he is not equipped to provide, nor one for which he has evidence to substantiate. It is not New York governance that I mourn. It is journalism.

  9. Dear LD: There is class warfare going on, has been for decades, and the only reason it's an issue nowadays is that it has become so clear who is winning that the left has finally overcome its timidity and acknowledged it out loud. It is so egregious that even Warren Buffet agrees.

    Listen: $500K a year puts you in the 1%, but at least you are not the .1%, meaning: which side do you want to be on?

    Meaning: whose side are you on?

    I am in the 5%, and I am fine with the idea of an Enlightened Self Interest that understands that when there is systemic maldistribution of wealth that is not proportionally consistent with the talent, work and time that individuals contribute, than someone - most likely, the people's representatives in government - has to step in and provide a course correction. Those people's representatives were not shy about providing a "course correction" - meaning welfare handouts to the rich: heads I win, tails you lose - when their Wall Street casino blew up several years ago.

  10. If you and your spouse had over $300 k in student loans, spent fourteen years in graduate traing, between the two of you worked over 120 hours a week, had to paid rocketing health care, childcare costs, then trust me, you will not feel rich.

    Politicians like DB kill the middle class, like myself.

  11. And you're also fine with an approach to illegal immigration that will further lower wages for skilled and unskilled workers who are citizens (including those who went through the legal process of naturalization), and which has been endorsed by (among others) Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and the agri-business lobbying group, the American Farm Bureau (and, of course, the Times)?

    Whose side ARE you on?

  12. LD: you are decidedly not in the middle class. If you have $300K in student loans, that is a choice you made. Most people I know would not have made that choice: they choose by necessity to live within their means, and attending colleges that incur $300K in debt simply is not an option.

    Funny you should bring up student loans, as there is a controversy at my alma mater - The Cooper Union - over charging tuition for the first time in its 150 year history due to financial problems. Peter Cooper - an inventor, industrialist and visionary - considered the school his greatest legacy, which he founded in order that higher education could be "as free as the air and water" so that the huddled working classes could have the opportunity of a quality education that was second to none and that was denied to him his entire life.

    The last mayor - when asked about the situation after he delivered the commencement speech at Cooper last spring - said "Let them pay!!!!" What a guy!

  13. We elected de Blasio because he promised to work to help save New York's middle class. But almost all this speech is devoted to helping the poorest to move up, or taxing the rich to help the poor succeed.

    The only jobs that gained in this city after the crash were those paying under $45,000 a year. Jobs at the top level took a hit. But the biggest loss was middle class jobs.

    Prices in this city rise as the number of rich increase. The middle class struggle to afford housing. But as the rich get richer, the decreasing middle class is competing for attention and funding form those at the bottom, who already receive billions in help.

    I don't begrudge helping the needy. I'm glad to pay my taxes to do that. But some of my taxes and some of this city's attention have to go to the middle class of this city.

    Or there will be only the rich, and the poorest struggling to succeed.

  14. You were not doing your checks on DeBlasio if this is what you believe. Anthony Weiner represented the middle class. John Liu represented the middle class. The few who voted for DeBlasio were impressed with Dante's 'fro and were too dumb to think about what DeBlasio was saying and what he is. My favorite was the march across the Bklyn bridge protesting his dislike of charter schools AFTER the election.
    The NY papers did not touch him until AFTER the election. Seriously, many would not have voted for him and he is well to do and his kid has a drug problem. Nor knowing he forgot to report income on the house he inheirited from his mother. Nor that AL Sharpton mentees would be so welcome in his cabinet. Or his wife would get a chief of staff maiking 170K. Or he would give his wife a job in our government. A job that is fund raising with a chief of staff making $170K.
    If you are middle class now, and make your money as an employee, sit back and enjoy the ride to poverty

  15. Curious why anyone would want to live in your town?

  16. Hey Bill, You are the Mayor of NY, not the President of the US. Please ensure the streets are plowed promptly after a storm, the water supply is clean and reliable, homeless shelters are warm and hospitable, electricity is affordable and easily available, traffic congestion is improved, children get educated and public transit works, not necessarily in order. Leave the income gap stuff to the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States Government. It's becoming clear that you have national political ambitions but time to get to work. Lose the rhetoric and ensure that crime does not rise, drug use does not rise and streets are safe. If any of this changes, business and taxes will flee!

  17. of course if the national govt was effectively combating inequality, you would be saying it's not THEIR job. Deblasio in his speech noted that there is gridlock at the national level so elected officials have to do what they can on this, the most pressing of issues, at the local level.

  18. Money comes from an employer, and ultimately from the government, which represents and depends on the people as a whole. No one "makes money" unless he or she is a counterfeiter.

    Your relationship with your employer and your ability to use the money you have both depend on the stability of our society as a whole. If our society goes under, your money is worth squat, and your employer has nothing left to dole out.

    Call it "socialism" but that's just casting slurs at an unavoidable reality. You are all so willing to benefit from the money that our society and our government has CREATED and invested with meaning, but then when that same society and government ask something of you, all of a sudden it's YOURS.

    Talk about insanity.

  19. And, so, the die is cast. Let us now see how this plays out. De Blasio's proposals blatantly ignore the obvious lessons of history on why people work, and ultimately on human nature. In the echo chamber that is New York politics,and in the editorial pages of the NYT, he will be roundly applauded. Therein lies the problem; the absence of reason. Human Nature cares not for redistributionist goals. He will fail and NYC will decline. What a tragedy after 20 years of hard work.

  20. If income inequality arises from talent inequality is that a bad thing?

  21. Bye NYC. It will be sad to see it devolve as it is presided over by another one percenter who pretends to be a man of the people using familiar words to manipulate and divide, particularly the misuse of the term justice. It is equally sad to see another egomaniacal head of state with the unanimous backing of the press. Will Bloomberg be the fall guy when it soon collapses into fiscal chaos and increased crime? The bet is that scapegoats will be lined up and trotted out for public ridicule or worse by the end of the summer and that will be just the beginning.

  22. I agree with everything you say except for that "one-percenter" business, which is getting really old.

  23. I am a democrat and typically supportive of these liberal initatives, but i feel like he is offering nothing for the New York middle class. My husband and I make a decent professional living which would be great anywhere else in America, but we also find the city expensive and exhausting. We live in a tiny apartment with few luxuries, despite masters degrees and ordinary managerial roles in financial services firms. I feel de Blasio is only pitching policies that help the poor, demonizing the wealthy and forgetting about the NYC middle class. I guess he knows we will all be in the suburbs eventually anyway.

  24. Take a quick look around. The middle class prospers in states like Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas, Georgia... all places run by moderates to conservatives. The liberals constantly want to tax tax tax to support their endless government programs for the "poor". Oddly, the poor never go away and the programs become so expensive that there aren't enough "rich" to pay the bills. Why anyone in the middle class is a liberal is a mystery to me.

  25. If it turns out like anything else with government, the middle class is always left being the ones to pay the taxes. We do not have the deductions the rich have and we do not get the subidies the poor get. (See Affordable Health Care Act). DeBlasio ideals will kill the middle class. As noted above NYC will be the very rich, the very poor and city workers who must live in NYC to work.

  26. I voted for the Mayor and his agenda but I seriously doubt he will accomplish much of what he has advocated. The governor will give us universal pre-K and not just for NYC but for all residents of our State. The tax on the rich will not pass as Cuomo is all about lowering taxes and Republicans have effective control of the State Senate. Ask the President about getting legislation through divided government. The Legislature will also not raise the minimum wage and the division between rich and poor will remain. There will be revision of stop and frisk as there should be. Bloomberg had little real impact on the national debate (remember the defeat of the slightest improvement in gun control laws. There was no alternative to the Mayor but we will be lucky if thhings don't deteriorate. He is providing us with hope for change. That has a familiar ring.

  27. The "sweeping victory" referred to in the article was described by the NYT on Nov 6. 2013 as follows: "The election for New York City mayor appeared to have set a record low of 24 percent of registered voters."

  28. De Blasio's election is a victory for the "progressives" who harbor a deep resentment of the top 5%, some of which is probably justified. The overwhelming majority of these voters appear to pine for some distant past when things were "better" (for them, at least). They also appear to have no clue either about how the global capitalist economy works or even what it takes to run a urban business.

    The bad news for them is that not much will change despite De Blasio's populist rhetoric. Sure, the rich will now pay a little more taxes. Most of them won't feel it. That money will be used to increase pay and benefits of unionized government labor, and create some more jobs for them. The lucky few living in rent-controlled apartments will breathe easier. Lots of symbolic gestures will be made, especially towards illegal immigrants.

    We in California have seen this charade play out in San Francisco for the past 2-3 decades. Do check out the results. Even greater income inequality than before. The middle class continues to flee SF even as it has one of the highest per capita government expenditure among U.S. cities. Anyone with a smattering of knowledge economics will understand the reasons.

    NY may be left with three groups of people: (1) a group of comprising of very wealthy, and highly-paid transient professionals without families who leave eventually, subsidizing (2) a protected class (City government employees, rent-controlled apartment dwellers, etc)., and (3) working poor.

  29. Well, the progressives have an endless list of reasons for the overall failure of their policies. I forget the ones they use to explain why the middle class won't live in the cities they run... NYC, Chicago, San Francisco..

  30. Sad to see he still doesn't get it...we need jobs! The people he's fighting for need work. Raising the minimum wage won't help if they don't have a job to pay the wage.

  31. While I fully appreciate the debate on "income" equality I think a more progressive approach to equality would look beyond any one year's income and instead look at one's assets. Income in any year or even decade for an individual explains only a small part of the overall gap between "the two cities." When Mayor DeBlasio speaks about people "born under a less lucky star" he is spot on. Those who inherit, versus those who have to earn it when half of earnings go to pay tax. The irony and self-contradiction in DeBlasio's pithy "income equality" focus is that high income taxes present a very strong current against which one must swim to get to one city from the other. We should think beyond taxing to achieve "income equality" and instead consider "asset equality." There is no more important asset in NYC than real estate. People "born under a lucky star" are people with assets they inherit. The real tale of two cities: those who inherited wealth or bought a great apartment when they were more affordable, and those struggling to cover ever increasing rents. The progressive solution is not to further suppress or drive out of NY those struggling to earn an occasional high wage; but to make NYC real estate taxes more fair. For starters, make them equal to the rest of NY State as a percent of home value. Next, put a higher rate of tax on luxury apartments. That is the only reasonable way to truly tax the wealthy and narrow the gap between the two cities.

  32. These are terrible ideas and simply a legal license to steal someone else's property just because you want it. The left called this the "tyranny of the majority" when they were litigating race issues. Be careful what you wish for. If you ever fortunate enough to create something of value, then by your standard, the rest of the world is entitled to whatever they say is their fair share.

  33. Taxing illiquid assets is a very very bad idea. How do you propose that an elderly couple living on a fixed income in apt they bought 30 years ago and raised their family in, and has no materially appreciated, meet those high asset taxes? Or are you trying to force them out of their home?

  34. Take all capital in NYC and give it to this Mayor? Lol. Have I got that right?

  35. All this talk of "undocumented" persons is rubbish. Unless they are a child who are here not of their own will (or were brought here as such) - you are doing nothing but validating breaking the law. Don't anyone tell me I'm "anti-immigrant"... My family just starting coming to the US in the 70's (and most arriving in the 80's). My relatives did it the hard way!! In fact - there are a couple of relatives who are being filed for now for which the wait is YEARS. They travel here on visitor visas but they have no thought of over-staying. Giving "status" to people who cheated the system only discourages the honest!!! I'm frankly tired of populist politicians!!!

  36. these are all lovely sentiments on the part of the mayor but unfortunately, for those of us with gray hair on our head, we have heard it all before and it all sounds great but somehow things get worse not better. why is it that things get better when the rhetoric sounds worse?

  37. I like what I'm hearing. True Kennedy far to the left politics, truly organic New York style.

  38. You'll be hearing a lot.
    But you won't be seeing anything.

  39. Tiger NYC. - exactly. He won 75% of the 25% that voted - that isn't a mandate. It's a vote of no confidence. This robin hood philosophy will be bad for all. It's not income inequality that is an issue but if you make it a talking point it becomes fact. Not everyone can be wealthy. That's fine by me. Taxing the very rich will result in subtle regressionary taxes for the rest of us. Fix the water mains, the public transportation, day care for working parents, not preaching the old brand of liberalism. And lest anyone think otherwise, I am a liberal democrat but this new mayor is awful. I fear the next 4 years

  40. There is you have friends who think this way? Please say yes! I left NYC for CT 16 years ago, look East my friends and see how to ruin things on a small scale. CT went from the wealthiest state in the nation to its poorest in about 15 years thanks largely to old brand liberalism. Old Bill just needs to use us as his blueprint. Unbelievably generous union contracts, healthcare mandates that attract more and more people who don't pay for the benefits, a harsh death tax that drives out the wealthy for 6 month a year, etc. etc. Coupled with the least progressive education system in the country (thank you teachers union) and you have the model of what NYC will become. Bloomberg made NYC very livable and a very desirable place to visit. We came in frequently and still do with our children but if crimes inches up and prices move up to pay the new taxes and infrastructure rots, we'll spend our money in Boston, Philadelphia, etc.

  41. More deception by DeBlasio. Making speeches everyday,Micro-managing the city.
    Hey Billy D. you can't do nothing without Albany!!

  42. Watch as Mr. De Blasio returns the Democratic Party to political oblivion. How about defining fairness as: allowing the hardworking people of this city to keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible?

  43. "Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."— John Adams
    In his quest for equality, DeBlasio will have NYC resemble Detroit. Welcome to the dark enlightenment.

  44. OK, so let's get this straight. Tax the rich more so the poor can continue to collect the benefits and game the system. Since there are more poor voters than rich voters, this will become the norm.

    And the rich and the jobs will go across the river, upstate or out onto Long Island. And this will be good for everyone. You've got to be kidding. What a trukey.

    By the way, when is the garbage going to be picked up?

  45. I feel bad for the half million plus a year set. Now they might just have to kick in some of that money in the ashtray of their Benz for the municipal workers who haven't gotten a contract in over half a decade.

    Can't we just return to the old model of the plastic police state where billion dollar finance industry crime is legal but a Pepsi isn't?

  46. Mickey, there is crime. Ergo burn the house down.

  47. Thankfully my job is mobile. I generally vote for Democrats, but the true believers on the left always, always push it too far. Taxes in this city already border on theft, and de Blasio's incessant pandering to the far left will take his eye off the things that matter - transportation, education, sanitation, public safety.

  48. We do not have enough housing or jobs in NYC. We do not need more immigrants. Those of who jumped through hoops to come here legally should not have to subsidize those who do not. Will these "ID's" facilitate bank accounts of drug dealers? Where will housing come from? These plans are a disaster.

  49. Who do you subsidize??? Actually you're the one that's being subsidized by underpaid and exploited workers…look at the evidence from those communities that ostracized illegal immigrants, they reversed course faster than a New York minute. Why? Because these hard-working, law abiding citizens are critical to the economic well-being of those communities; but no, in your ignorant, hate-filled rant you equate them to moochers…

  50. Pichi, illegal immigrants are neither law-abiding nor citizens.

  51. I don't think that undocumented residents here illegally should be entitled to any services, health , education, monetary assistance, etc.

  52. John Lindsay, 2.0. With any luck, everyone who pays the bills will decamp NYC for a less Che'-esque location.

  53. What has tax cuts and deregulation gotten us over the past 30 years?

    Nothing but the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.

    Enough. Tax the rich who delude themselves into thinking they did it all by themselves and spend the money on the greater good.

  54. Much better to be poor now than it was in 1984... Income inequality is NOT the same as quality of life.

  55. The mayor can address income inequality by appointing a non-family member to the appointment he gave his wife. She should find her own job. We learned this with the Clintons. I am for raising the minimum wage. I am willing to pay a bit more in taxes than the 39 percent rate I already pay (in addition to capital gains taxes, etc.) But the mayor is platitudinous and offers nothing substantive regarding job creation. Bill, you need to raise the tax base through economic growth, not bury it with benefits that we cannot afford.

  56. I love this guy, he likes a good argument, and a good fight.

  57. I'd like to see him make the real estate taxes more equitable. His house is worth 7 times what mine is worth. He pays $2900 in real estate taxes and I pay about 80% of that (about $2400).

  58. Mayor, if you want to raise the standard of living and effectively improve the lives of New Yorkers (not just those making minimum wages), control the absurdly high rent and real estate prices in the city -- across the board. That will effectively decrease the cost of living in the city for all, AND decrease the operational costs of all businesses in the city. In effect, it will increase wages across the board AND increase business margins. Yes, property owners will cry, but at the end, it won't matter because land (and properties) are tangible objects of wealth -- depreciation across the board, applied uniformly, doesn't change the physics of land and properties.
    This is a crazy idea from a conservative Republican, but first and foremost, a New Yorker.

  59. We can tax the middle and upper class more until they wonder why they work so hard. We can raise excise taxes under guise of improving public health, then go after soda drinkers and potato chip eaters because it's good for them, followed by increasing fees on licenses, tolls, utilities, etc., after we've installed red-light and speed cameras everywhere in order to eek out a few more bucks.

    But until CORPORATE tax revenues make up 30% of federal revenue as they did in the 1950s, instead of 9% currently, we should consider taxing kids' lemonade stands. That way they may think twice before we bury them in debt for a college degree, only to find themselves living back at home or working for a company whose CEO decides to replace them with low-wage workers from the next China.

    Severely punish off-shore corporations. Strip them of their citizenship and protections until they pay their fair share of taxes to the country that made them great.

  60. Mr. De Blasio is extremely naive about economics. A mayor should concerned with garbage pickup, crime and fire fighting, city schools, traffic flow, street repairs, zoning laws, etc. In other words, municipal matters that affect the day-to-day quality of city light.

    They should not be concerned with matters like income inequality, which is a national matter.

    if NYC wants to improve itself economically, it should reduce the red tape and expense of starting a local business. It should remove rent control and rent stabilization, which cause huge rent disparities, and also make it next to impossible to demolish existing buildings. It should rationalize and improve real estate zoning, making it easier to build decent new market rent buildings in the outer boroughs. Lastly, it should avoid increasing what are already sky high state and city income taxes.

    When cities try too hard to "help" people, they create programs like rent control and rent stabilization. They work for a short while, and later cause a dearth of new development, and also cause rents to skyrocket.

    Making illegal immigrants welcome and increasing the minimum wage to the highest level anywhere in the nation??? That is a recipe for disaster.

    Mr. De Blasio, unlike our President, really is a 1960's style radical. Watch out New York. Not a good moving electing the "tale of two cities" guy to such an important job.

  61. He is not naive at all. He knows exactly what his mission is: government by the unions, for the unions, and of the unions.

  62. The Blasio constantly angers the New Yorkers who have made it in life, who have proven themselves, who have shown commitment, dedication, foresight, and independence. Why this obvious hatred to himself!

  63. Bill diBlasio has been in campaign mode for 15 years. Many who have known or otherwise observed him over the years expect nothing from him. He has never worked in the "real" world and over his career of leapfrogging from one political job to another he has achieved very little.

  64. I agree, Joe. He's done nothing while Public Advocate except sit in his office and campaign for higher public office on the tax dollars of the people of New York City. All of the things he has promised he'd do, he either can't do because it's up to the State legislature to pass or he doesn't know how to do. So those who want to believe that he can or will do the impossible, they're not living in the real world either.

  65. And this dude wants to get rid of the jobs of several hundred working class people in the NYC carriage horse industry. What a priority!

  66. I wish you the best De Blasio. We need someone like him, many more like him at the top executive positions of our federal government. America needs to wake up and look back at what made this country great. The country is falling to pieces and no one is even willing to help out the working class and middle class get some wealth back.

  67. A focus on taxation to support socialist policies is never helpful to the middle class.

    America needs to wake up and and remember what socialism did to Russia when it was called the Soviet Union.

    Substituting a bureaucratic, socialistic 1% to rule over the fortunes of the average man is not going to help the middle class anymore than tilting the scales all the way to the 1% filthy rich did.

  68. One can only hope that de Blasio's one term is over quickly.

  69. I'd prefer to see the word socialist used in place of the word liberal in reporting on matters relating to the left. The word "Liberal" or "liberals" carries the connotation of giving away money and services to people arbitrarily and unfairly which is not. The purpose of wealth redistribution is to correct the foul nature of capitalism which distributes wealth based upon class privilege and unfair monopolies. The opposite of antisocial is social. And the applied governmental practice of carrying out of a social agenda is called socialism. When polled, more Americans favor socialism than capitalism. Particularly among younger genartions who didn't come of age when capitalism was seen as stable and fair. Far fewer people openly identify withe the term "liberal."

  70. cite thsat poll...americans prefer socialism to capitalism? balderdash

  71. This guy is Obamalite.

    Obama: If Congress does not act, I will.

    DeBlasio: If Albany does not act, I will.

    Your honeymoon is over, dude.

  72. Can you imagine the horror that will ensue if de Blasio's policies don't ruin the city? What happens if prosperity and civil rights can actually coexist? What if all men really are created equal, just like in that old story? What if things get better? What if the rich don't actually need to be coddled and dandled like precious kittens?

    Where will the terror-mongers turn then? Will they run and hide in shame? You can bet they'll do anything do avoid that outcome. I guess we'll see now what a congressional Republican/ Koch brother's-style obstruct and denigrate strategy looks like in NYC. An interesting battleground.

  73. What happens if repeating a mistake expecting a different results tars the City with the label of insanity?

  74. '...What if all men really are created equal, just like in that old story?...'

    All 'men' are created equal in the eyes of the government, which is a legal definition of personhood.

    All people are most certainly not equal in terms of talent, brains, ambition, and many other aspects of their personality and no law can make that so.

  75. DB's policies have already proven themselves in the Soviet Union, Greece, and Detroit.

  76. How long before those identity cards being issued to any and all are recognized at City voting precincts?

    Vote early and vote often. Wink wink.

  77. All this nasty talk about benefiting only the poor... can i remind you all that universal Pre-K benefits the poor AND the middle class? including working moms.

    200,000 units of affordable housing benefits the poor AND the middle class.

  78. '...200,000 units of affordable housing benefits the poor AND the middle class...'

    Since when?

    All affordable housing in NYC is for the poor. The middle class has gotten no subsidies and has been forced to move to the boroughs and DiBlasio's plan will continue this policy.

  79. Mouse said:

    "All affordable housing in NYC is for the poor. The middle class has gotten no subsidies and has been forced to move to the boroughs and DiBlasio's plan will continue this policy."

    this is a ridiculously uninformed opinion. First of all, you apparently don't consider "the boroughs" to be part of NYC.

    second, you do not seem to be aware of the massive housing subsidies that exist in NYC for the middle class and, yes, for the rich. (the main subsidy for the rich is national, not local... the mortgage interest deduction. which is, of course, a housing subsidy.)

    affordable housing for the middle class in NYC and even in Manhattan includes the almost 1 million apts city wide under rent-stabilization; the Mitchell-Lama program; various types of large affordable housing developments (Stuy town, Penn South); 80/20 programs; and Bloomberg's "New Market" programs (unless you count people making 50K-60K as "the poor"). there are even many middle class people in public housing!

    there have been many initiatives over the years to construct or retain affordable housing in NYC... 200,000 units is no drop in the bucket and will significantly benefit the middle class. i would actually like to see 400,000 units!

    it amazes me that people can make statements like you did above with no attempt whatsoever to find out the facts and the history.

    unless you think the middle class BEGINS at $150K and everyone under that is "poor."

  80. Making life in New York easier for illegal immigrants may be a good idea but it will not reduce inequality. If it's effective, it will increase the number of illegal immigrants and therefore will increase inequality.

  81. De Blasio ought to read "The Emperor's New Clothes." He hasn't been in office for quite two months, but he's already parading as if he got new clothes. If that's the case, then art of his new clothes are the utopic ideas he has assured will change New York City for good.

  82. I absolutely believe that everyone is entitled to make as much money as possible, but I also believe that everyone should, at a minimum, make enough to live on. Higher minimum wage is a MUST.

  83. In order to avoid the stigma of limiting ID cards to immigrants, the cards could also be used fo prove eligibilty to vote.

  84. How could New YOrkers pick this guy? Im a democrat but DB is simply way over the top and a believer that people who have no interest in working and no interest in getting ahead, except through the use of tax dollars, should be coddled by the rest of us. It does not work that way and never will.

    Go ahead raise the minimum wage. All that means is that the local cost of living will increase and make it more unbearable for the working people of this area. Lets hope that DB is a one term mayor and does not cause too much trouble in the meantime.

  85. Every vote for a Democrat has consequences. They will continue to push the extremist agenda until the voters say "no more". Controlling education is key to this as they can prevent the voters from being able to critically think.

  86. Why should anyone trust Democrat plans for immigration "reform", when leading Democrats in Democrat dominated states and cities go out of their way to evade the current law on immigration?

    Rather than a bargain, where Democrats offer 'tough' future enforcement in exchange for acceptance and normalization if current illegals, reform will mean continuing illegal immigration: the Democrats on the ground will continue to block effective control measures.

    So much for people who expect others to obey the law!

  87. So NYC's mayor is doing all he can to help lawbreaking people who are in this country illegally to obtain benefits and support from taxpaying citizens.

    Has he so soon forgotten his oath of office to uphold the law?

  88. “To all of my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented, I say: New York City is your home, too,” Mr. de Blasio said, “and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows.”

    No one has forced anyone to come to NYC 'to live their lives in the shadows' and any law that encourages even more low skilled workers to move here will meet resistance from the blue collar workers whose jobs no longer pay a living wage.

    The law of supply and demand applies to labor as well as goods, and any politician who proposes increasing the supply with the end result of driving wages down, does so at their peril.

  89. Let me get this straight. Our socialist mayor wants a municipal ID that makes it easier for illegal aliens to use various public agencies and to open bank accounts. And he wants all New Yorkers to want to get one! What is wrong with what we already have State issued ID, drivers licenses, social security cards, employee ID's. Oh wait, they aren't issued to people who are breaking our laws and aren't legal residents!

    The far left is against any ID for voting in this country, they are against a national ID, whose time has come actually. But they are for an ID that makes it possible for law breakers to live an easier life in safe haven cities. We don't need anymore illegal immigrants in NYC. We don't have enough jobs for our own legal residents. And they are a total burden on our schools, hospitals, and they drive down wages!

    Mr. De Blasio hasn't stated what he is going to do to create JOBS in this city! JOBS Mr. Mayor is what we need here. The middle class who is taxed to death and gets the bare minimum for their payments needs to be strengthened. The poor while I sympathize with their plight are already subsidized to the maximum in this city.

    Your Pre-K tax is just to get back at the rich so stop hiding behind 4 year olds. The governor is setting up a state-wide funded pre-k program so why are you still pushing the tax?

    Please concentrate on providing the best services to all New Yorkers. Not just the poor and illegals!

  90. Do not ever get one of these ID cards. Never.

    It will come back to bite your children with NY estate taxes, NY state gun registration ownership, automobile insurance, and City income tax.

    These cards will be cross referenced against other government lists you can not imagine.

  91. Two reactions:

    How I long to come back to The City, mother of what civilization is left to us! Whatever could I have been thinking when I left? I long to live and work in the place that elected Bill DeBlasio! (For those who may be similarly tempted, fair warning: cowboys and cowgirls are borrrring!)

    Note the technique of the Republican leader in the state senate; don't let the mayor's tax proposal come up for a vote! Sound familiar? It's another outbreak of Republican Plutocracy Syndrome. Worried much about how the vote would go, Mr Skelos? Albany: the itsy tail that shakes the dog. (Not to worry; that's not the natural order of things, it's another example of how we are prisoners of the past, and it won't last.)

  92. Don't let things come to vote - a Harry Reid tactic, sound familiar/

  93. It's about time that our residents of NY have their own ID. This should have happened many years ago. To have one would have lessened a lot of illegal transactions at banks and other areas. Not everyone has a driver's license to show as ID. In many other countries everyone has to have an ID once they reach eighteen years old. Mayor De Blasio, let's do it as soon as possible.

  94. Maybe de Blasio should work with Albany to issue id's to people who accept government assistance and then check on them to see if it is a legitimate need, asking what they are doing to better themselves, and ensuring the assistance they get are be spent on common sense and not luxury items. Rather than creating two America's, the haves and have nots; create a system that rally's around choosing lifestyles and careers that achieve a greater chance at success rather than a lifetime of struggle, failure, and economic issues. Clearly, it starts with education, career choices, and drive. To punish some one who becomes wealthy based on this criteria blaming successful people for their personal outcomes is plain wrong. It seems those in Government don't get this and personal accountability is replaced with equality through mediocrity. What's wrong with asking people to do it the legal way? They know they are breaking the law from the very beginning.

  95. The best way to increase our revenue to fund line items like universal Pre K is to support and encourage NYC businesses large and small.

    If you're going to tax the wealthy.... if you're going to increase NYC minimum wage... then you need also look at the plethora of taxes on businesses and weed out the stupid burdensome ones. Example: Bloomberg imposed a mobility tax that taxes employers simply for having employees that show up for work. The reasoning is that employees use public transportation (which, BTW, they pay for each time they commute) to benefit the employer by allowing staff to get to work. So employers must pay for the priviledge of having employees travel via a mass transit system that is already paid for by fares. Clearly it's an extraneous and made-up tax. That's in addition to the many business taxes that are already paid simply for putting up a shingle in NYC.

    DiBlasio needs to realize there are many law abiding and productive people - middle class as well as lower class - who need more money in their pocket. Let's weed out stupid taxes that inhibit business growth and therefore job growth.

  96. The MTA tax was not implemented by Bloomberg... The MTA is run by the state... Also - fares don't cover the cost of the transit system - which undoubtedly plays a huge part in the NYC area economy's massive scale.

  97. A politician who cares for the actual workers is going to upset the pigs in their beds, which is never a good thing. Been good to know ya, Bill. At least you tried.

  98. New York City is a Democratic sandbox. Let them raise taxes on the rich.(The chances of that happening are nil.) Let them rise the minimum wage.(This is a meaningless political issue). Skelos should be concerned with the suburbes, not NYC. There are no Republican voters left in NYC. As for ID cards, everyone should carry ID. Skelos should know that we have plenty of problems outside of NYC. He should forget NYC.

  99. Decriminalize marijuana,NYC leads the nation in marijuana arrests.

  100. This new liberal mantra...."We can't wait for Washington...." is dangerous jargon. de Blasio is now announcing to the world that NYC is a "sanctuary city" and all illegal aliens are welcome!!!! Where is the DOJ? DeBlasio, and the elected officials of other sanctuary cities and states are breaking the laws and our constitution. What's worse, is that U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill for their policies which, are or will be, bankrupting their "sanctuaries." Washington is taking their time on illegal immigration reform because it it NOT the right thing to do for the American this moment. And... our elected officials are listening to us. Illegal immigration reform ranks at the bottom of the "to-do list" of our government! Americans want jobs....and just think, deBlasio.....2.5 million illegal aliens in NYC are taking the jobs away from 2.5 miillion U.S. citizens!!!

  101. It will be interesting to see first the low end jobs go the way of automation, I can envision now Burger King with interactive menu/order boards and 1 rather than 6 or 7 cashiers. I later see the the high paying wall street jobs moving to lower tax states, with the internet communications you can have you offices anywhere and still be able to operate a financial business. I wish Mayor De Blasio the greats of luck but the city will very quickly run out of money and the federal government can not come to the aid as it is broke also.

  102. With a stark absence of more seasoned candidates, I voted for De Blasio and will wait to see how his policies develop. I am not, however, in support of providing ID cards to foreign nationals living here illegally. Is it not enough that NYC is a sanctuary city where local authorities refuse to cooperate with immigration law? At best De Blasio's city ID cards appears to be just more Democrat pandering, at worst he is embedding a municipal immigration policy in open conflict with federal taxpayer expense.

  103. Bring on the ID cards, Mr. Bill! And for their maiden voyage, all NYC polling places. After all, if an ID is required to get a library card or cash a check, then there is no reason why it shouldn't be required to vote.

  104. ID cards for illegals? I thought the idea of ID cards was an anathema to liberals in the context of voter registration in the south and other areas where suppression of voting rights is alleged. the argument is that potential voters would be too intimidated to obtain cards, or they would not be able to get them for other reasons (transportation, fear of legal actions etc). If we can get ID cards to illegal (sorry) immigrants here in NY without them fearing retribution, it should be very easy to do the same in order to protect voting rights and avoid fraud elsewhere

  105. If the municipal ID cards come into being, I can't wait for the tortured rationalizations from Mr. Bill, La Raza, Al Sharpton, et al. as to why poll workers will be prohibited from asking prospective voters for identification.

  106. Oh Mr. Mayor, if you read all the posts to this column, you might question your alleged "mandate" from the people. I'm not sensing overwhelming support. Next mayor???

  107. How can a governmental authority be sure that it has correctly identified an undocumented immigrant so that they can be given a card that is "proof of identity"? Most banks will not accept a social security card as enough proof to allow the opening of an account or the cashing of a check. Sounds like wishful/wistful thinking.

  108. ID cards? Oh God, it's a short jump from there to the Dinkins proposal for nametags. Lloyd Braun lives on!

  109. Of course the city ID cards won't be required to vote in city elections.

  110. Of course not, they are only for display at rallies at this time. Down the road a bit, they may be useful to identify oneself to other true believers.

  111. Read "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America written by Barbara Ehrenreich. It is easy for those who have never lived in poverty thanks to their education, family support and childhood development in middle class and more affluent families to claim that they moved through minimum wage jobs and on up the ladder with their own hard work.

    First, it was not just "their own hard work". Most had generations of family success behind them. Second, they simply don't know what they are talking about. They have never been there. They are spreading a myth.

    Children who grow up in poverty and those who have skated on the edge their entire lives with few skills are prone to entering the job force at minimum wage in positions that have almost no upward mobility. Let's face it, for every 5, 10, 50, 100 minimum wage employees there are not 5, 10, 50 or 100 upper wage positions to grow into. Many management positions are only a few dollars an hour more in pay. $10/hour or $20,000/year is still at the poverty line.

    Many middle class and professional employees in their 40's, 50's and 60's have lost jobs never to be replaced at the same wage. They have lost health insurance, retirement plans, homes, cars, gone through divorces, spiraling downward into lower paying jobs, sometimes minimum wage.

    Americans who deny that poverty wages define poverty are standing in the way of solutions that will propel our economy forward for all of us.

  112. my family didn't grow up with money... we persevered through hard work... in spite of being immigrants and being "the wrong color". I guess my mindset is different..> In our family ppl helped each other to achieve goals... but if you made bad choices - you weren't given a 'free pass'... you were held accountable. that's how I expect the government I pay taxes for to operate.

  113. well, up against the wall with them , then. How dare they interfere with the propulsion of the economy, a felony in 23 states and Staten Island!

  114. President Obama pledged to bypass Congress and now Mayor de Blasio has pledged to bypass Washington both in their quest to boolster a robust liberal agenda. Perhaps it's time for the American people to bypass rules binding us to those who take the rules so lightly. I'm sure there was a reason our forefathers enshrined the separation of powers into our Constitution.

  115. It would be wise for Bill to stop bashing Bloomberg. The campaign is over, time to recognize that Bloomberg was, in reality, a fantastic mayor whose focus on data and long-term thinking made New York into America's leading city Build on what Bloomberg did; don't tear it down for spite's sake.

  116. So now every immigrant has a right to live in Manhattan? Is it worth giving every developer a break?

  117. Why can't there be a doubt about the origins of poverty?

  118. There are numerous misinformed readers here who are clearly not native or seasoned New Yorkers. In addition, many do not understand the minimal tax increase. I mean really an extra $500-$1000 annually on people who make well over half a million dollars is excessive? Really? All for a program that many wealthy people use (elementary schools are carefully zoned in NYC)! Anyone who threatens to move or claims liberal bias need not reside in this amazing city I call home. Mayor De Blasio please know that many upper middle class and wealthy people support you! I seriously doubt that most of these negative commenters live in NYC or are in the income bracket that would warrant a
    Pre-K tax. Never forget that you are mayor of NYC and we need rich, middle class and poor people who are well educated. Get this passed in Albany and I (and many other native New Yorkers) will happily write that check next year!

  119. there is such a thing as "the straw that broke the camels back". and maybe you are mis-informed. if you think ppl don't move out of NYc for taxes you should speak to a tax consultant.
    Plus the meat of the matter is not really the so called "miniscule amount"... it's the fact that the NYC budget is EXTREMELY bloated. Instead of actually paring down the budget to something resembling sensible - he seek to raise taxes. That just shows a lack of judgement. Also - based on his mindset - it won't be the only tax increase - and ppl know that.

  120. Andre is absolutely right. It's not about the miniscule amount of the increase. It's about the sum total. New Yorkers are already taxed to death. NYC spends far more tax dollars per capita than any city in the country and there is no reason for it, nor do we have anything so show for it except an overbloated and ineffective city government. We need significant cuts in spending, not more taxes, or people will leave.

  121. DiBlasio isn't interested in being mayor; he wants to be king. The mayor's job is to manage city services and its bureaucarcies and to represent the city to the outside world, not to bring about social change. He's in the wrong job.

  122. It is a seriously callous, unthinking and uncivilized person who doesn't want to pay more tax towards kindergarten and education programs in his/her area; this, my dear friends, is your community; you should WANT the people - who may be young now, but who will eventually be your cashiers, your cooks in local restaurants, your bus drivers, your doormen - all the people who look after you as you live in your district - you need them to be as educated as possible; you want them to be at their best, not only when counting out your change but in all their dealings with you.

    This is the cheapest way to get the best into your community; trust me, you won't feel a thing.... be proud of your community and support them, as they will be supporting you - much sooner than you may realize. This tax is a GREAT idea! Welcome it!

  123. Were we misinformed about the impossibility of minorities' ability to get ID cards? Isn't a requirement that minorities acquire ID cards a racist plot?

  124. I support municipal identification cards. Immigrants lack the credentials needed to lead normal lives. Activities requiring ID's include check cashing, apartment rentals, doctor visits and air travel. How can something so essential to everyday life be an undue burden for voters?

  125. Illegal immigrants aren't legally present in the US, New York state or New York City and aren't supposed to be able to lead "normal lives". In fact there are longstanding Federal laws against aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.

  126. Does anyone really believe NYC will be brought to its knees by pre-k? An increase in the minimum wage?

    No, that's impossible. All of this rage is just the response of threatened narcissists whose sense of superiority is being questioned.

    For these people income inequality is the WHOLE point of prove they're the best and "hardest working," nothing like those awful poor people.

  127. Crissy Field S.F. Winter Homeless Housing
    Lets get real San Francisco. There are 5,000 American citizens in San Francisco hungry, wet, and homeless. As an American citizen, son of a Father of three wars I propose the following "fix". Senators Fienstein, Boxer, and House of Representative Pelosi, I urge you to work with the Pentagon and the Fort Campbell Kentucky 101st Airborne to magically put in place a mini camp city to house the San Francisco homeless through the winter months until Easter weekend at Crissy Field.
    As an expert on military logistics I am very familiar with the 101st Airborne ability to do this in a 72 hour turn around as witnessed with the invasion of Iraq, "Desert Storm". It is time we as Americans show compassion and respect for the poorest amongst us. This is my hope that San Francisco can and will rise to this occasion.
    Thank you,
    An American for the poorest of the Americans.

  128. We are with those New Yorkers who say "enough on the taxes already". While one always leaves New York appreciative of its wonders, we also always leave wondering about the costs - sales, taxes, hotel taxes, transportation taxes and restaurant taxes - to name a few.

  129. hotel and restaurant taxes: we don't pay those. tourists do.

  130. How could I have forgotten that New Yorkers don't eat in restaurants....silly tourist!

  131. The price of the minority achievement gap-- which can be closed by proactive early childhood development programs-- is ultimately greater down the road for the rich and poor alike than paying the relatively small increase now.

    I just don't get where all of this righteous indignation on behalf of the rich is coming from, unless all of these angry posters are both misinformed and making over $500K a year. It reminds me of that Steinbeck quote about being a nation of "temporarily embaressed millionaires." Stolkholm Syndrome?

  132. I make over 500K.
    How much of my money belongs to you?

  133. I hope De Blasio publicizes this on Univision and billboards in California. Maybe, as long as that useless Eric Holder is going to ignore enforcing immigration law, De Blasio could be the Pied Piper of illegal immigrants. The LA City fathers are freaking out at what legalization would cost. De Blasio must be much more blasé.

    Si se puede. Head for New York.