G.O.P. Advice for Christie: Pick a Better Team

Republicans around the country are offering pointed advice, sobering in its candor, for Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, after his top aides were linked to the Fort Lee scandal.

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  1. All this is assuming Christie wasn't personally involved. But the evidence so far shows it's much more likely that he was, that in fact he directed the whole ugly operation. And if that turns out to be true, he's over.

  2. "Over"? I wish but Republicans whose behavior violates their oath of office, marriage, etc. never go away--they just get promoted from within the g.o.p. Disturbing.

  3. Ogates,

    Can you say "William Jefferson Clinton", John Edwards, Gary Hart, Elliot Spitzer, Rod Blagojevich, Kwame Kilpatrick, and Bob Filner? Republicans all!

  4. He's over in the Court of Public Opinion. Since perception is everything in politics, he's over.

  5. That Christie was in the dark about the traffic jam, when so many people around him were involved, is not believable.

    This will all come out when people are forced to testify under oath.

    If he has a shred of decency and respect for the people of New Jersey and his office, he would apologize and resign now.

  6. Just watch -- the 2 committees in the NJ House and Senate will gum everything up by over-reaching. I hope they don't but I have a sense that the Senator from Ft. Lee (Loretta) craves the spotlight. This may be their undoing. 1 investigation is enough. Hope they get that message!
    The attorney that Christie's hired from Guliani Partners will say that they're not going to respond to repetitive requests and that they will only respond to requests from the NJ AG -- who is probably not very aggressive since he wants to have a career in NJ, I assume.
    Mr. Christie will get away unscathed, in my opinion . . . unless David Wildstein gets immunity and decides to save himself.

  7. Absolutely

  8. Jailtime!

  9. Christie has done a good job of winning over the right with his bullying of the left, and of winning the left with his bipartisanship moderate scam. But Bridge(t)-Gate has blown his cover: it turns out that his idea of moderation is "My way or the highway," and that his idea of bipartisanship is "My way or I'll CLOSE your highway." The GOP establishment would be very wise to dispose of Christie now because it is should be abundantly clear that he would never be under their control.

  10. To use a phrase from the comedy-suspense Hitchcock classic, "North by Northwest," the spectral combo of the two corrupt governors waltzing the length and breadth of benighted Florida, "is a picture only Charles Addams could draw." One can envision the image: the larcenous Rick Scott virtually crowded out of the frame by the gluttonous Christie, emphatically denying the NJ governor's presence anywhere in sight.

  11. "it turns out that his idea of moderation is "My way or the highway,"
    With the caveat that he blocks the bridge to the highway, so you're left in the middle of nowhere.

  12. Christie is not a bully like Nixon was not a crook.

    A bully asks for your lunch money. A bully Republican asks a Democrat for an endorsement of his candidacy. Who asks that question?

    Watch Christie's press conference. There was nothing genuine about it.

    Dny, Deny, Deny.

    Wag the dog.

  13. When a horse can't win a race, a new trainer or new rider may help. But sometimes, it's in the genes.

  14. The bridge that was closed led to Washington!

  15. Old saying in politics: If you have no one left to blame but yourself, you are definitely understaffed.

  16. Wow. They totally ignore he's the one who inspired his staff, or instructed them, to do what they did.
    Are Republicans that stupid, that self-deluding about their Chosen Ones?

  17. They chose W didn't they?

  18. yes, they are.

  19. yup, when it comes to one of them, absolutely.

  20. graham's decision and the comments of steele and scott tell the bad news (for christie people): he is radioactive. say goodnight gracie.

  21. Given the latest allegations by the mayor of Hoboken - that she, too, was given an ultimatum and when she refused - the Sandy money dried up. And that was a conversation with the Governor's right hand woman - Guidagno. Still he doesn't know? If you believe that, then I'm the Queen of Siam. and it's only just begun....hubris will get you every time.

  22. Guidagno is cut from the same cloth. See the latest US 1 cover story for what a piece of work she is.

  23. The title of the article Ed refers to is "Defending the Arts Amid a Culture of Fear" by Dan Aubrey (to assist in locating via search engine).

  24. Great, reaching out to "seasoned political hands": Karl Rove who blew through $300M in the last cycle with zero to show for it, and Ken Mehlman who turns out to be a modern-day Roy Cohn. Is there no backbench of sanity in the GOP that he could have called on instead?

  25. "Is there no backbench of sanity in the GOP that he could have called on instead?" Umm, probably not.

  26. I have half a mind to send Chris a campaign donation, say $10, and a letter of support to tell him not to give up the fight and not to believe all those nasty things they say about you because, "as you know, you are the greatest." I hope he goes all the way to get the GOP nomination.

    Yes, I want an even bigger Pinata than McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan, I want Chris. I never thought that the GOP could do worse than in '08 and '12, but I guess I was wrong. The GOP has done a lot worse. And he is the man I want on top of the Repub ticket.

  27. Two points: first, the accolades for handling "now" what Christie mocked "then" conveniently ignores he is pleading and cleaning because others did the work of investigation he should have done, and they forced his hand.

    Second are the egregious comparisons between Benghazi and the Bridge, conflated to attack Obama. The loss of life in Benghazi? More tragic, yes. Absolutely. More important? No. The deliberate domestic interruption of the world’s busiest bridge leading to a center of global commerce by a single state’s officials is a non-violent disruption of commerce that is of itself economic terrorism on its own citizens for reasons that don’t rise above ideology but fall into a tit-for-tat over endorsements and appointment fights.

    Complete with callous disregard, name-calling, gloating, hidden threats, involving conspiracies to create a false cover, disregarding protocol, going outside the chain of command, failing to inform public and safety officials and lying afterwards, after continuing the action for four days–and being upset when it was ended!–is an abuse that absolutely had no regard for life, commerce, children, families, the common good (the general welfare), the state constitution or the American constitution, by officials either sworn or elected to defend it.

    One group, in Benghazi, were self-described enemies. Another, in New Jersey, were petty traitors to our highest ideals.

    Gov. Christie's karma overran his dogma.

  28. His karma ran over his dogma. I love it!!

    That is the best car and dog analogy since Mitt Romney strapped his dog to the roof of his car and drove off to Canada!!!

  29. And this, Walter, is the most profound comment on this subject yet. Thank you.

  30. Not that it matters, but Benghazi is "conflated" to attack Hillary, not the President. As head of State, she bore responsibility for the events in Benghazi, just as this paper pointed out yesterday. Republicans can legitimately call it a failure of leadership, although they cannot legitimately call it a scandal. Will it stick? Who knows, but I'm sure they'll try.

  31. All this talking about "moving on" and "putting this behind me". The scandal isn't about what his staff did. "Moving on" can't happen until he accepts the blame for creating and enabling the culture that led to Bridge-gate. and convinces us that he has undergone some deep, profound psychological change in personality so that these sort of bullying tactics are no longer part of who he is. His staffs' actions were done because they perceived he wanted or needed things like that to happen. And, probably, because they saw him making other decisions that punished those who "deserved" or "needed" it. Closing the bridge wasn't an isolated event, it didn't happen in a vacuum.

  32. Tip of the iceberg. Now that people are looking all these other abuses are bubbling to the surface.

  33. Yes. Well put, Ian. Does anyone seriously believe that Christie's staff and allies pull payback stunts without instruction or subtle hints from Christie himself? Christie wouldn't tolerate such Lone Rangers.

    This guy never struck me as a viable candidate for President. People watch him because he can seem frank and funny. But he's also a meltdown and spectacle waiting to happen. The whole Bridgegate episode also shows that he really is a bully, and the polls I've seen strongly suggest that the public doesn't believe his claim of innocence. And finally, who would actually pin their hopes and dreams on Christie as so many did with Barack Obama?

  34. Kent, does anyone honestly believe someone can change their own personality type? Was Christie like this when he was a teenage? All anyone can really do is change some outward behavior. They are still the same inside. I know of one person who flipped from mostly always voting gop to voting democrat in 2007. He was still the same person, just he'd been paying attention and had enough conscience to no longer support them. Only person I've ever known do that unless they were affected quite personally by some social injustice. Economics doesn't do that.

  35. "Pick a better team"? Really? His former staff members were loyal to a fault! What? Are they expected to go to prison or commit suicide to protect this bully politician? His name is Christie--not Christ! Geez I hope these people caught in this tangled web remember that!

  36. If you sat on your hands during the corrupt Corzine and McGreevey eras, I'm not that interested in hearing your thoughts on how slimy Christie may be.

    And are you as leery of an aspiring president staying fiercely loyal to a crew from a cesspit of corruption like New Jersey as you should have been leery of an aspiring president staying fiercely loyal to a crew from a cesspit of corruption like Chicago?

    Wow, do I wish Jon Huntsman had more fire in the belly.

  37. Which Obama scandals, if any, do you have in mind?

  38. Huntsman's campaign had serious funding issues. He could not continue. I agree with what I think is your implication--that he would have been a more defensible and likable candidate than Romney.

  39. All of the corruption you hint at before pales in comparison to this web of malfeasance. Nice to hear from a Republican, though.

  40. If Republicans in FL are so 'hugely interested' in meeting him, it will be as if he is a curiosity/freak in the side show before the main GOP circus starts. Christie seems to think he can quip and charm his way out of any pesky bit of trouble. Someone needs to point out to him his high school days are over.

    For those in FL, this is something to break up the monotony of the FL 2013 winter season. Christie doesn't do well when sunshine beams into into his tangled web of intimidation, behind the scenes deals and bluster.

    One cannot be president and expect Putin, al Qada, the Chinese and world-wide economics to be influenced by such petty actions. "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" has quickly become a phrase which will have legs in American political lore.

  41. For the millionaires driving Ferraris and Bentleys (as described in the article), it might be their only chance to swim with a manatee.

  42. Pick a better team? Really? He should have picked a good team to begin with - assuming this was a bad team - but teams follow their leader. New Jersey should have picked a better governor.

  43. He picked a good team. Only problem is, the team was picked to fleece the state, not make it better.

  44. and investigate, indict, try and imprison right up to the top.

  45. Some of us tried to. If that super storm had gone somewhere else we would have.

  46. Oh, my! The white shoe boys are embarrassed. They never should have let him in the club. But there he is. What to do? What to do? But you never can tell, the unwashed and untutored just might go for him. Just caution the fellow for now, perhaps he can be house broken.

  47. Drip, drip, drip. Each new revelation will beget a host of reports and investigations until they take on a momentum of their own. Difficult days ahead for the Governor

  48. If Christie is the best they can do, the Republicans are really in trouble, not that that's a bad thing. It's always astonishing when neither the voting public nor the party leadership recognize a sociopathic candidate when they see one--a bullying narcissist who has impulse control problems and couldn't find the actual truth with a flashlight--and sees himself as the victim (!) here. It will be interesting to watch these scandals unfold--and BTW, who is paying for the lawyers Christie just hired and who exactly do they work for? Are the taxpayers of NJ really going to foot the (enormous) bill for that?

  49. Thanks BKB, I can make my comment brief. Even before this I never considered him a viable candidate. This just confirms my suspicions about who and what he is.

  50. you betcha!

  51. If Christie was a Democrat, GOP critters would be calling for his impeachment. Perhaps we should do the same; this bridgegate and sandygate and public works sabotagegate seem like a gross abuse of power. New Jersey (and probably most other Republican- held governorships) remind me of tribal warlords in the countries that end with -stan. Recall him and change the locks on the mansion in Trenton before it's too late!

  52. Yes, let's show him the gate!

  53. Crisco is making Bob McDonnell look like Mother Teresa. Well, almost.

  54. After this morning's startling revelations by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, part of Republican's picking a "better team" will be replacing Mr. Christie. Misuse of federal funds, abuse of power, and bribery may be just a few of the charges he'll be facing if Ms. Zimmer's story of how the governor withthled Sandy relief funds due to authorize a redevelopment project being handled by Samson & Wolf. Ms. Zimmer's allegations go right to Mr. Christie and the no longer veiled-hand of his mentor and patron David Samson. More subpoenas will soon be forthcoming, but Ms. Zimmer has credibility, a record of honest governance, a willingness to testify and even take a lie detector test.

  55. Mayor Zimmer is my new hero. During Hurricane Sandy she pleaded for assistance for her people. I will never forger her during that trying time. Unlike Mr. Christie who showed up after the rain stopped, she was out in the elements during the storm.

  56. His billionaire fundraiser-patron is miffed? Man, I hate it when billionaires get that way! And he is annoyed that the cloying news media might actually ask a few pointed questions and not slather over him? Typical bully boy; he can dish it out, but he can't take it. Christie is clearly not-ready-for-prime-time and all the hardcore GOP insiders won't be able to put him back together again....

  57. [[embark on a European tour to bolster his foreign policy credentials.]]


    He could save the airfare and not waste everyone's time and just stay home and read a few books.

    What's he going to say? "When I was in Normandy...."

    Yeah. It was a day trip. You weren't in a D-Day landing party.

    "Foreign policy credentials"


  58. Just maybe it's past time for some traffic problems in the Chunnel.

  59. [[embark on a European tour to bolster his foreign policy credentials.]] [[embark on a European tour to bolster his foreign policy credentials.]]

    The Republicans have short memories - how did that work out for Romney? He was seen as a fool by the Europeans. At #10 Downing St, in Paris you had the photo ops. THIS is a significant foreign policy move?

    Angela Merkel just loves having to interrupt her day to have a meet and greet with whom ever the Republicans are pushing on her. Maybe they'll give her another unwelcome back rub?

    Just like the people in NJ, people in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, have better things to do than to play toady to American politicians. No one likes being 'used' - for traffic jams or photo ops.

    How is a superficial 1 week trip supposed to compare with Hillary Clinton's world wide experience?

  60. Pick a better team? As if 1) that were the only problem with Christie's administration, and 2) who worth the trouble would be willing to work with this man?

  61. Sage advice from the august GOP, pick a better team, preferably one that knows not to put anything in writing.

  62. Regardless of Mr. Christie's fate with all this, I think voters will remember this sort of audacious activity. The American electorate may be divided, but we are certainly not to be taken for fools.

  63. Unfortunately, many voters have been taken for fools, and repeatedly so. Do I have to give examples?

  64. there were enough fools to elect gw bush. twice.

  65. @Floyd: Um, no. It's not for nothing (to use a Joisey construct) that it's about a Century ago that HL Mencken revealed a somber truth about our nation and its electorate: "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

  66. Governor Christie needs a new team- a defense team.

  67. Is Joe Tacopina finished with the A-Roid mess yet? He and Christie are two peas in a pod.

  68. Maybe he and Bob McDonnell can combine their trials.

  69. I've still yet to hear anything Christie has planned to benefit the State of New Jersey.

  70. What he needs to do is not pick a better team, he needs to leave CRIME BOSS GEORGE E. NORCROSS AND SENATOR STEPHEN SWEENEY alone and stop giving them everything they want. This is where he went wrong and continues going wrong. Those guys are behind this entire set up, but Christie is in denial.

  71. Hmmm, I would have thought that the advice would be "don't be quite so vindictive."

  72. Thing about the damage to Christie's brand is that it isn't really "damage," at all.

    It's the country finding out the truth about this vain, thin-skinned bully.

  73. I am waiting and hoping that direct proof is found about Christie's prior knowledge and go-ahead on the bridge lane closings. Christie is an arrogant man, not fit to govern.

  74. My advice to Christie ' PiCK A DIFFERENT JOB!

  75. Pick a better team? It's not yet halftime (Nov. 14) but the ticking you hear isn't the game clock, it's the time bomb that is Bridge(t)gate. Weinstein is looking for immunity and his testimony is where the ticking sound is coming from.

    Tick tock, tick tock.

  76. THIS IS FABULOUS! Christie will carry his embarrassment to every fundraising event and presidential debate etc. The financial cost to the party will be staggering to hide his POOR judgement of a trusted inner circle......I hope he goes the distance.
    (Is it wrong for me to smile?)

  77. Is it wrong that I am smiling?

  78. Once a politician's bad rep/coverup attempts become the story instead of how he governs, he's done.

  79. "Pick a better team?" Is this satire?

  80. Carl Rove: the gift that keeps on giving. It was Rove who had the brilliant idea of seeding states with his nominees for attorneys general, the concept being that they would do the bidding of the Bush White House, and who knows? maybe run for higher office.

    Well, one of Carl's biggest chickens has come home to roost. Charismatic Chris Christie has taken the Republican Party to the edge of another defeat.

    It wasn't supposed to be this way. Charismatic Chris was The Great White Hope for 2016. Alas, you govern on personality, you sink or swim on it. Charismatics run the gamut from Teddy Roosevelt to...Mussolini. New Jersey's very own Duce, with no limiter on his hubris, self-destructed. Hillary is ordering new pants suits to match the colors in the White House.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

    So: Charismatic Christie being Wall Street by family (did you think he was Main Street? Nah. Do a search on "Todd Christie" see how he made his pile, report back here), let's invoke the terminology of the street. Are the moderates sufficiently disciplined to cut bait with a stop loss order to sell Christie at the market? Or will they watch Christie, Inc. to see if the subpoenaed parties plead the Fifth Amendment, and how the polls look?

    It might be a bad quarter for the brand, but it will be great television. Possibly the best since The Great Cover-up, the one that began with a "third-rate burglary" and gave us the enduring suffix "gate."

  81. Actually, the effort to get GOPers elected as state secretaries of state was just about denying the huge effort by George Soros to get liberals willing to go along with fraudulent voting installed therein, as seen in Minn. with the SNL comedian being elected in back rooms weeks after Election Day, sorta like 1876.

    I D.K. whose hope Chris Christie is but the Tea Party is still waiting for a chance to get Herman Cain - the Hermanator! - in the White House. He actually understands jobs and is no polemicist or commissar of the Social State.

  82. "Kilroy Was Here".... He's back!

  83. Some even better advice would be "Forget the bullying and get a new attitude - or a new career."

  84. Instead, how about "Team, pick a better boss"?

    The Republicans are focusing on the wrong guilty party by leaving Christie unscathed, mostly, and laying blame at his staff.

  85. He did pick a good team, they took the fall for the actions he ordered. What else could a bully ask for?

  86. Look, here's the deal. A large number of innocent bystanders to this ridiculous bridge thing sat for hours in a maddening, manufactured traffic jam, which was a stunning demonstration of how little the lives of ordinary people matter to this man.

    He wants (needs!) the votes of such people? He has to convincingly disavow this whole approach. And make it stick. Or he is toast.

  87. Or? No….is!

  88. So party leaders are advising Chris Christie to move away from "loyalty" to his insiders and broaden his political perspective? Cultivating and maintaining such loyalty is something heavily leaned upon by local politicians and one of the things that has come to light here is that Mr. Christie's perspective is heavily local, despite his ego's vision of going national. The most impressive thing I heard so far in the Bridgegate scandal was said by Mayor Mark Sokolich of For Lee: "I seldom ask for anything, because when you ask - you have to give."
    According to Mayor Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken, that's a lesson she learned in no uncertain terms from Christie's people when her town was thrown crumbs in Sandy relief because she didn't knuckle under when pressured to give something in return, even though she'd be morally and criminally liable if she caved.

  89. Typical GOP: all they care about is winning. Nobody is advising Crisco to resign or get a conscience; all he needs is better "messaging" ! Go GOP.

  90. Picking smarter bullies seems to be all the Republicans believe that Christie needs.

  91. If Christie runs for pres in 2016, will independent voters and conservative democrats ever really believe that his staff replacements are completely legit? If Christie didn't know about this, it's only because he didn't WANT to know. Unless the dems run a real bozo, I think that only die-hard conservatives would vote for Christie in a general election.

  92. Rich, those diehard voters have proven to be around 30% and another 20%+ or - can easily be duped. It's those 20% that need to wake up. Of voters I mean. I haven't seen enough yet they have.

  93. If an employee of yours was involved in a scandal that threatened to derail your career, would you: 1) fire them without asking why they did it, because you say you "didn't care" or 2) ask them what they were thinking, and why they thought their actions were okay, so that you could avoid anything like this happening again?

    Any reasonable manager would pick the second option. But Christie claimed in his press conference that he picked the first option, which means he either didn't have to ask because he knew exactly why she did it (perhaps because he ordered it), or he didn't want to testify against her in court (because he supported her.) There is no way on earth he "didn't care" why she did it. So he's simply a liar.

    This isn't about Christie's staff. It is about Christie.

  94. For those of us who lived through Watergate, all we're seeing is a repeat. Denials, new revelations, people get fired; new (less credible) denials, new (more amazing) revelations, people (slightly higher up) get fired; rinse, repeat, etc. It continued until there was nobody left to fire but himself. This sounds so familiar I don't even have to watch it unfold. Mr. Christie, meet Mr. Nixon.

  95. Yeah, it looks like Christie may be the second big blimp to go down in flames in New Jersey.

  96. Wow, the sheer genius of the advice is amazing. Don't hire any more advisors and top personnel who might commit illegal acts that they think might please you, and that will strongly seem to be on your orders. It's incredible what hindsight can make perfectly clear.

    I wonder if any GOP leaders, behind closed doors and so on, have given him the blunt truth. Whether you're guilty or not in this matter, as well as hardball tactics with the Jersey City mayor, and using Sandy funding to make political advertisements, there's a bottom line here.

    You, Governor Christie, were unwise, and you will never be President. You might get another term as governor, but that's about it. At this point, try to restore some of your legacy for history, and start thinking about your next career move.

  97. I can believe that the Governor was not involved in the planning of the Bridge incident. But I also believe that he became aware of what it was within a couple of days of it starting. And because the truth would have been very damaging if it were publicized, a cover up, involving the traffic survey story, was concocted. In other words, like Nixon, he did not plan the underlying incident, but quickly got involved with the cover up.

    Thus, he is lying when he announced that he never knew that his Staff was involved until he read the e-mails in the Bergen Record. And thus, he is a liar. And this has opened the floodgates into the thuggish behavior of his Administration.

    Because the Bridge incident involves criminal acts, the smaller fish who were at the center of this will cop pleas, and start to sing, because it is better to be a singer than to be sung about. Bridget Kelly is a single mom with four kids to raise. She cannot afford to be the fall guy for the rest of her life.

  98. You seem pretty optimistic RM, about Bridget Kelly I mean. You are correct only if the money behind the gop decides to toss Christie. If not Bridget Kelly's kids will be well taken care of if she falls on the sword and spends time in a nice prison.

  99. The questions that are most in need of answers involve the corporate media, not Christie. Why has it taken until now for the media to report what has been in plain sight since this man began his political career? We're told in this piece that Christie's "biggest political assets" are "his personality and spontaneity." Really?

    Politics aside, any thorough sampling of Christie's press conferences and public pronouncements quickly reveals a coarse and repellent bully whose "spontaneity" seems limited to his eagerness to verbally abuse and humiliate the politically powerless (usually women) who dare to question him in front of partisan audiences and surrounded by a cordon of security.
    You'll never see him behave like that with another male political leader on stage because, after all, bullies are cowards at heart.

    You wouldn't want a person with these kinds of behavior problems in your home or around your children, but yet the corporate media has been insisting for the last 5 years that these traits somehow translate into political popularity. Why the corporate media has chosen to promote Christie with a lockstep "believe what we tell you, not what you see" policy is a far more troubling question than whether investigators can connect the dots between Christie's loutish public persona and the way his administration conducts business.

  100. Maybe the same reason all major newspapers ran a review of Mitt's new movie as front page news, all on the exact same day?

  101. I'm still shuddering from the media's repetition in the run-ups to his, um, "election", of the idea that GW Bush was (no one could doubt) "likeable".

  102. Cannot help but be reminded of that classic Mother Goose nursery rhyme line:

    "All the king's horses and all the king's men...ouldn't put Humpty together again. "

  103. Christie definitely needs to pick a good team of criminal defense attorneys.

    What his administration did to tens of thousands of motorists is a serious criminal conspiracy matter and a flagrant assault to democratic government.

  104. the guy was a loudmouth bully as u.s. attny.

    he hasn't changed.

    if he were in kansas he'd be brownbeck. don't kid yourselves, folks. he's as bad as the rest of 'em.

    maybe worse.

  105. DWS needs to back off. It is a little early to be dancing on Christie's grave, and it is not becoming. Take a page from Cuomo's book and settle down. With Zimmer's revelations today, and the Fulop story last week, the Christie scandals do not seem likely to disappear anytime soon. Let the NJ legislature, voters, and law enforcement sort it out. As for his team, he chose them, and, on paper, they are not entirely unqualified. He set the tone for their bullying conduct.

  106. FL is not NY, (except maybe 50% in the winter months, but most snow birds vote in their home states), as evidenced by their reaction to the traffic jam. Have you noticed what TV shows they tune into down there? They love their Faux, the louder, more histrionic and righteous the better, and the facts are not nearly as important as the display.
    DWS seems to have gotten re-elected okay without advice from NY.
    And I am a big Cuomo fan, but he is starting to get creepy in his extreme silence about events where he was personally involved, and is starting to make me wonder if he is getting a slice of that Rockerfeller Group pie. I hope not, but he should state the facts he knows without voicing opinions. Did Christie call him about the bridge and what did they decide to do?
    Should the Dems have kept their mouths closed about Nixon? How about the fist American Hustle known as Abscam?

  107. My gut tells me that where there's smoke, there's fire, and I eagerly await further developments from the subpoenas that were just issued.

  108. "Pick a Better Team?" I don't think so. How about "Be a Better Person?" This "team" nonsense is an attempt to deflect criticism from Christie.

  109. I'm old and remember that about 25% of the Repub base staunchly backed Nixon to the end.

    Certain one percenters and those who seemingly never can figure out that they are manipulated to vote against their own interests will support the self-proclaimed blindsided one to the end, no doubt.

    Hopefully the truth will come out. He should have to testify under oath, along with everyone else. He abused his authority. Hope he twists a bit and then resigns.

  110. Does anyone realize whatever comes out from this none of the politicians from NJ will be seen as not having a political agenda fueling these flames of a political witch hunt and /or level of competency the public so desires.
    It almost seems if these allegations were true, what did the Democratic elected officials in NJ do about it all this time, just sit on it until the time was right?

    Is the national Democratic hierarchy that challenged by Christie for 2016 to have droves of allegations and scandals pile up in a matter of weeks of alleged political strong arming that took place months ago.

    Perhaps there is an atmosphere from his office of this nature, but unless real laws were broken move on, but if the mayors of these cities cannot take the heat or know how to play the political game well than perhaps they too are not fit for public office.

  111. Not until he's fired everyone else first! Right up the chain.....

  112. The Democrats better be careful and not pile on. It's never pretty and it's not what Americans approve of. If anything, it will give Governor Christie a bump in the polls.

    Don't come across as un-polished in this debate. Talk about what the Dems will bring to the fight. And I don't think it's too early to start mentioning having the likes of a seasoned Hillary Clinton leading the country versus an un-seasoned, inexperienced, school yard tuff at such a critical time.

    Debbie W. Shultz needs to elevate the discussion about Governor Christie to one about whether the governor is qualified to be president and not about the bridge closing debacle. I believe it's obvious Chrisite had some loose canons on deck.

  113. Perhaps the mayor of Hoboken should have spoke to you for advise before her interview today....Really 8 months and a entry in a personal journal, now I call that real evidence...

  114. MD Cooks, the mayor of Hoboken has offered to take a lie-detector test--and she has challenged those who dispute her story to do the same. It seems fair enough to me. We'll see how many of them take her up on it.

  115. On a related note to this story, why did it take the Mayor of Hoboken nearly 8 months to come out with the allegations of funds possibly being withheld for relief after Hurricane Sandy. The related article in the NY times indicates the Mayor requested $100 million and only received approximately $340,000 but the sate website tracking the appropriations of funds indicates well over $13 million to date?

    So with every passing week will another Mayor come out with new allegations as well? In the past 2 weeks so far 2, Jersey city and Hoboken, which are probably in the top 5 of corrupt cities in the state...

  116. She probably feels she has a much better chance of being believed after the fiasco of the last few weeks.

    I've seen here being interviewed, if she's lying she is a better actress than Meryl Streep.

  117. The mayor probably held out hope that the money would eventually be forthcoming and thought if she complained too loudly, Hoboken would never see the money.

  118. When someone is being blackmailed with something as the hostage, when to go public is always a delicate issue. You need to balance whether your action will be helpful to the thing held hostage.. in this case the wellbeing of the city or town.

    Also, the person doing the blackmail is a professional blackmailer, and the blackmailee is a novice or a smaller time player with less resources, national media attention, and other levers of power.

    So, one cannot blame the mayors for coming out on the issue late.

  119. If I were Christie and I knew I had nothing to do with the incident, I wouldn't be looking as glum as he does. After all what can those subpoenaed say to hurt him if he knew there's no way they could pull me in unless they lied.

  120. A lot of people in NJ, myself being one of them, do not understand why this is getting so much ink. The GWB can be backed up for any number of reasons at any time. Sitting in traffic on the way into NYC is about as out of the norm as the sun rising or grass being green. If anything this qualifies as the lamest political retribution/scandal in recent history. Slow news month.

  121. Is your lack of attention to the facts intentional or merely ignorance?

  122. You obviously don't understand the scandal.

  123. From your comment, I take it you did not sit in a four-hour traffic jam the first day. And I take it you did not call 9-1-1 and expect the Fort Lee police or fire department to be able to respond, nor did you have a child on a school bus in Fort Lee.

  124. Just as Governor Christie did, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson won elections by huge margins, something each of them worked very hard to achieve. Their administrations following those resounding elections ended in ignominy, Nixon's over the Watergate mess and his taxes, Johnson's over an inability to acknowledge that involvement in Vietnam could not end well.

    Arguably, Christie's troubles began when, either on his own or accepting the advice of others, he agreed to roll up big election return numbers by separating the election of a U.S. Senate replacement on a different day than that scheduled for the general election to get those numbers. With that decision, Christie set his sights on large vote totals to justify a putative campaign for the Presidency, establishing for all to see his grander ambitions ahead of being a respected 2nd term Governor of New Jersey. He likely was advised by those around him that, if he succeeded at collecting huge vote totals, he couldn't miss being President It was a grand scheme indeed for a mortal with grand ambitions.

    Shouldn't Christie be skeptical of Langone's advice since Langone's grand ambitions have merged with Governor Christie's from the start. Langone advises him now: be careful who you ask and take advice from. But, who is advising the Governor to become a better listener, even listening to those he considers "idiots" whose ambitions are less grand or maybe even acting more humbly in public for Hubris destroys every time.

  125. Priceless! Typical GOP response. Blame the team.
    The team of Mr. Christie did exactly what they were told to do by him. Those who actually believe his lies are pathetic, and should be embarrassed until the day we impeach him. This scandal will not fade, but will continue to gain momentum.
    Lets go march on Trenton! We need him gone. By the way, is it us NJ taxpayers who will foot the $980 legal fees for Mr. Christie after he lawyered up?

  126. Sorry, I meant $980 per hour.

  127. Unfortunately, this, too, shall pass.

    Voters have a remarkably short attention span. This is what has gotten countless crooks, idiots and political losers elected and re-elected.

    I have no reason to believe that this will be Christie's fate.

  128. I mistyped.

    I meant to write: I believe that this, too, will be Christie's fate.

  129. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  130. Christie is reforming his ways and is looking for a new bridge to get him there.

  131. This is like asking him to chew his food more. As he himself put it best -- he is what he is.

    Picking one's people and friends is such an intrinsic thing. Usually parents try to guide this in the first or second grade. His habit, instincts, reflexes everything was set long time ago.

    I doubt any advice is going to help him at this age. In any case, this is like asking a 100 meters sprinter to just go one second faster. How hard could that be?

  132. Did he not ask his key employees until two weeks ago if they were involved? At best this would reflect incompetency, and at worst, a cover up operation. Either way, his goose is cooked, and he should just forget about presidential ambitions.

  133. Why bother asking them, when you already know the answers.

  134. Even as formal inquiries begin to try to ferret out the facts of "Bridgegate", there is little doubt that the ethos of Christie's team was a direct reflection of their boss's approach to managing and the use of power. So the advice to Christie to get a new team is superficial at best. What needs to change is Christie's brash personality, his tendency to abuse his privileges, the routine use of coercion to achieve his objectives, and above all, his real disregard for any damage he may inflict on ordinary citizens just trying to live their lives.

    Absent such change, we can confidently expect that Christie will infect another team with his noxious governing style, probably to the further detriment of the people.

  135. never, ever happen

  136. The City Of Hoboken, one of the most damaged by Hurricane Sandy was deliberately denied aid under Christie's authority. He's got some explaining to do, and hopefully it will happen in front of a federal prosecutor very, very soon. As they say in Denmark, the fish stinks from the head.

  137. On the one hand, Christie's supporters' denial remind me of the up to the last minute denial by Mitt Romney himself and his supporters' denial when they apparently didn't realize what a hopeless campaign he ran for president.

    On the other, I think of a previous governor (McGreevey) who stupidly got himself into a political patronage scandal, resigned immediately and is now still doing penance (literally!) for his stupidity.

    And this guy still thinks he can survive that stunt by blaming his staff?

    Chris, the sharks are circling, in case you haven't noticed!

  138. Governor Christie doesn't need a better team. He needs a better character. His own, not someone else's. And since I doubt he can achieve a personality/integrity transplant, it's the GOP that needs a better candidate for 2016.

  139. DEAN l am agree with you but also GOP needs a better character too, this is a new USA, may be some things are not for GOP but they are here, you can be a conservative but open mine for immigration mix sex marrige and so on , if they do not except this they will never will the big one

  140. In a nutshell!

  141. Pick a better team? Gee, what harsh medicine!

    Actually, they should be advising him on picking his legal team.

  142. He does need to be careful how to pick his next team:
    the team of lawyers he's picking to defend him.
    And even in this area there's problems surfacing
    re: conflict of interest.

  143. And how are they getting away with keeping so much secret, e.g., who is paying his new lawyers?

  144. Carol, I was thinking his next team would be footballers picked from the men's dorm at Alderson prison. After all....he was an athlete in high school, he could be one again behind bars.

  145. Gov. Christie's frequent flipness and glibness bother me immensely, almost as much as his unending focus on himself bothers me. I know way too much about him and far too little about what he will do about the state's many problems. His correct response to the bridge scandal, when he first learned of it, should definitely not have been "I moved the cones myself." I'm not looking for a governor who likes to toss quips around and pose in front of the camera. I'm looking for a governor who can solves the state's problems. I don't think that Gov. Christie is that person. I wonder if most residents of the state think likewise, except, of course, the unqualified people he appointed to positions that were obviously way above their level of intelligence and honesty. "Time for some traffic problems?" That's what a state official making over 100K a year writes to another appointee making even more money? I've had more thoughtful and honest people making 10 times less serve me a hamburger at a fast-food restaurant.

  146. Maybe he did move the cones himself, as he asserted.

  147. Ha! How about a better personality? The guy is a bully. I live in the Garden State, and I know he can't control his mouth. When he retires, he can star in the renewal of "The Sopranos." It will be type casting.
    President Obama has regained the world's respect we lost when W took the stage. Let's not lose it.

  148. Do you really think Obama has regained respect for the US around the world? Perhaps you should obtain news from others sources in addition to the NY Times...


    Well, to be concise . . .

    If it looks like a duck...
    And quacks like a duck...
    It just might be a duck!

  150. Addition to 'IS CHRISTIE GUILTY?"

    Well, to be concise . . .

    If it looks like a duck...
    And, quacks like a duck...
    And, spends two hours denying that it is not a duck...
    And, says others are the real ducks...

    It just might be a duck!

  151. Hoboken remains substantially damaged a year after Sandy. Mayor Zimmer got $342,000, or $6.8 per resident. What generosity from a man who proclaims his deep love for all the people of the state.

  152. This is going to get much worse, and Christie is going to end up being an easy candidate to beat in 2016. Now is the time for Hillary and Bill to do everything they can behind-the-scenes to help him get the nomination.

  153. I shudder at the prospect just who the Republicans think would make a better team for Christie given the team GWB chose. One Republican disaster is enough!

  154. Pick some of those geniuses that destroyed America during the Bush Administration. (They made money destroying America, so I guess it worked to their benefit.) What a team.

  155. Only a short year ago, the G.O.P. disdained to invite Chris Christie to the CPAC conference in Williamsburg, Virginia to plan their recovery after President Obama held the White House. Today, the panic over a political payback scandal emanating from the Christie inner sanctum suggests that Chris Christie, at long last, is really all the G.O.P. has. What a fickle lot those Republicans are. How they cast about in vain for something that will work as well as their last White House administration, which left us with two unfinished, nasty, bank-breaking wars and an escalating economic meltdown from which we still labor to recover.

  156. He just has to "pick a team!?!" Yep, because it doesn't matter how badly he governs and how his idea of consensus means bullying opponents, he just needs to touch up his portrait in the attic. Because the GOP still think that they can sell any sorry candidate as long as he's packaged right. Ah, well--why disabuse their election-losing delusions? ;)

  157. "Getting into his Bentley after the fund-raiser, one guest, Geoffrey Leigh, called the controversy over the lane closures 'little flies on the wall, quite frankly.'

    ---not if you were a bus driver bringing kids to school.
    ---not if you were in an ambulance going to a hospital.
    ---not if you were going to a job after being out of work.
    ---not if you were trying to get to work and were stuck in traffic.
    ---not if the Port Authority includes factors in police overtime in its request for a toll hike.
    -----------------"quite frankly"

  158. I hope that the NJ Democrats who supported Christie realize how silly they look. Pick a party and support your own as long as they are not as corrupt as Christie.

  159. I hope Steve Sweeney is regretting becoming Christie's best pal.

  160. They reached out across the aisle, the dopes.

  161. I have been more than disgusted with Christie during the course of his tenure. As for Mr. Langone, I have had just about enough of his right wing extremism. My home Depot card will get shredded.

  162. Yes, because by not shopping in a store where one person has a small percentage, you are hurting the thousands of workers there. Oh by the way, the right wing has been boycotting Home Depot for years because they try to accommodate alien day workers, and also because Home Depot gives generously to gay causes, so you're in good company!

  163. HKGuy, Home Depot is as right-wing as it gets, with its non-discrimination against gay people aside; it supports republicans financially, the leaders hosting big donor events. The owners have been anti-Obama, and are "worried" that Pope Francis doesn't "love" capitalism enough.

    But beyond that, when boycotts cut purchases and staff, other home repair and product stores pick up the slack, and the workers.

    It's not as if Home Depot's often minimum-wage benefitless jobs are the only ones in town. And there has to be some way to protest rotten companies; this seems to be the only one for many of us.

  164. For those interested,the Hurricane Sandy fund relief amounts stated in the related article may be misconstrued a bit and understated to what the city of Hoboken has actually received. If you go to the official website of the Office of the State Comptroller you will find different relief allocation data:

  165. So the bridge abuse of power is small beer compared to what is now coming out....using Sandy relief money for what was essentially a campaign ad, using Sandy relief money against a different mayor...must not have had any traffic choke points in his town.....

    So really, my recollection of the gop is that they are constantly harping about wasted taxpayer funds......why aren't they outraged that Jabba the Guv has taken taxpayer money that was slated to help people devastated by a storm and used it for what are probably illegal activities? Why aren't top pubbies telling him to resign and get out of politics? As bad as the tea crazies are for the party, isn't fair to say that cristy is actually worse for their image?

  166. The issue is not the Governors team. The issue is the governor. We have seen four years plus of his bullying attitude. He claims that he works for the people of NJ. That seems to be true only if those people have an income of $100k and higher (such as he and his wife-thank you Goldman Sachs).

    The Mitt might have been right.

  167. Who's paying for the lawyer Christie hired, Randy Mastro? Taxpayers? If so what are the deliverables? If not, who, deliverables, why?

  168. Chris...you are what you always deserved to be - TOAST. Burnt!

  169. I suppose if Nixon picked a better team, that could have fixed things too.

  170. From the accompanying article re: Mayor Zimmer's new allegations:

    "Getting into his Bentley after the [Christie] fund-raiser [in Florida], one guest, Geoffrey Leigh, called the controversy over the lane closures 'little flies on the wall, quite frankly.'"

    Do any other members of "the 47%" find that comment as hilarious--and as encouraging--as I do?

  171. Pete, I'm guessing more like "the 75%"!

  172. What was Mr. Christie doing on Sept 9, 10, 11 and 12? He knew about the traffic disaster. He chose to do nothing for 4 days. His only action was to lodge a complaint on day 5 when the lanes were opened. In the months following, he never questioned what happened. Does this in any way resemble the man who wants to be seen rushing to the rescue in the midst of a crisis?

    His conduct screams that he knew exactly what was going on.

  173. Does anyone here really think that this tit for tat /rub my belly and I'll rub yours/ is not standard fair at every level of politics and every party.

    The real story here to me is more how privacy is falling to technology on every front sometimes for better sometimes for worse. Fields that depend on privacy for functioning but require immense amount of communication are at highest risk like diplomacy and politics.

    There is a new level of accountability now that emails and internet communication is our new way of doing things and video/ audio recording devices lurk in every corner.

    We have not yet fully learned that there is no such thing as secure internet communication period. From Snowden to Weiner to Christy to Romney the underlying dynamic is the same. Nothing new is happening it's just that we the common man or even amateur sleuth suddenly have access to privacy breaking tools that were only available to the highest levels of government.

    Initially we may think that total transparency is a good thing until we read studies about how much daily lying and half truths go into a functioning marriage. Functioning politics and diplomacy are even more dependent on this type of stuff. What is the right balance? Time will tell, or you'll soon start to see a lot of crashes between carrier pigeons and the new amazon delivery drones.

  174. I really do think that most politicians don't resort to craven, callous, gratuitous bullying, and that when they do we need to hold them to a high ethical standard and throw the book at them.

    And I really do think that greater transparency is a good thing.

    Do you really think otherwise?

  175. I agree that greater transparency is a fantastic thing. It is bringing new levels of accountability to issues as diverse as politics and abusive clergy.

    However that only works up to a point. There will be a tipping point when we realize that there is also a downside to it because the same privacy that protected chronic abusers of power also gave breathing room for other generally good people to learn from their mistakes and get past moments of weakness.

    I am not convinced that there is a simple happy medium. How do you run an office knowing that every communication that you or any of your underlings have can and will be used against you. Is there nothing that you ever said in private in a moment of weakness that is sometimes reflective of your weaker maybe less politically correct self?

    The result of this will be that politicians will be have to be so airbrushed and on guard that they will be even more psychotic than many of them already are - and they will only communicate like the Mafia, talking into people's ears with music blasting.

    On the other side of the coin more and more politics will depend on using technology to catch the inevitable transgressions of opponents. Many of our most effective leaders were also very flawed human beings - would JFK or Clinton or any past president have survived a technological harvest of all their communications - I doubt it - and I am not talking about private failings but things which were abuses of power and position.

  176. Thank you for a perspective that isn't limited to Christie's Chrisis.

  177. He could bolster his national standing and short circuit the bridge scandal investigation by submitting to a lie detector test. But he won't, because he's lying.

  178. Wrong advice. The correct advice is: be a better leader.

    There are other incidents coming out, i.e., Hoboken Rockefeller Project and Sandy Relief aid.

    This is sound more and more like a case of extremely bad leadership, not his top deputy, campaign manager and top political appointees run amok.

  179. Advice for GOP: Pick a better Chrisie.

  180. Picking on Tom Kean, Jr and thus the Kean family was the last straw of the Governor's fall from Grace. Have you no shame, Governor Christie.

  181. Hey, people who mentor snakes at some point always get bit.

  182. One of the oddest things in this whole behavior is the concept that punishing mayors is a good strategy. This man never considered that there is an actual need for people to drive to work, recover from a hurricane, get their houses repaired or get to the hospital. That suggests a core lack of understanding of his role, and probably an incurable case of narcissism.

  183. For narcissists, nothing registers for them but their needs and hungers. That is--and will always be--the most important thing to them.

  184. Better advice for Christie:
    Resign. Immediately.

  185. Hubris catches up with the deserving inevitably; is it poetic justice or offensive to the Gods nobody can tell. But if you are a politician, millions of pairs of eyes and far more intelligent brains than yours are focused like laser beam to locate the dust particle you thought you hid well.

  186. "Party leaders are urging the governor to let go of a trademark Christie trait: his fierce loyalty to old friends and high school classmates who have risen with him in state government." Gee, I don't think David Wildstein, one of Christie's old high school buddies is feeling any of that "fierce loyalty" these days. Christie couldn't throw him under the bus fast enough and tried to put as much distance between himself and Wildstein as possible after the scandal broke.

  187. Good point, Jen, and David Wildstein certainly proved that even loyalty to the Big Guy was transactional in nature: the only emails released to the press were released by David Wildstein, the Assemly committee didn't release anything, yet. And if you think he released the good stuff first, I have a bridge over the Hudson to sell you.
    Big Chris said he didn't know what David Wilstein was doing while he was class president and "an athlete", (which made me spew some perfectly good tea out my nose), when actually they were on the same baseball team with the future governor serving as the backstop, uh, I mean catcher.

  188. Fish stink from the head down. It doesn't matter who provides the tail.

  189. Christie knows how to leave no fingerprints, and you can bet that his political-payback-and-punish-the-children-of-Democrats traffic jam will turn out to be nothing but practice for the big time if he's allowed to bluster his way through -- lawyered-up to keep himself and his people above the law for what is probably a felony for interfering with interstate commerce. Watch out. Far from being afraid of the law, proving yourself to be above the law is a flaunt, a G.O.P. badge of honor.

  190. Picking a team good, bad or otherwise is inherent to the picker. Changing teams does not solve the problem of the picker.

    Think about Christie with his hands on the nuclear football, or any less-than-ultimate-but-still-lethal part of our armory, confronting some little dictator who flips Christie off, but whose offenses don't actually threaten the country strategically, or, worse yet, some foreign leader Christie simply does not like who has no actual culpability in another's provocations. We've only recently, in the lifetime of the entire electorate, experienced the consequences, of such factors entering into decisions on how to deploy our military, as we will continue to pay the price for that decision for decades.

    Sorry, but with something like the Presidency, no one who displays such a potentially catastrophic failing should be given a second chance. Christie has demonstrated that he is categorically unfit for the Presidency. End of discussion.

  191. I was not an enemy of Mr. Christie, more a observer surprised by his candor and seeming moderation and delighted by his indications of bi-partisanship. Now, regretfully, I must advise him to put away thoughts of national office and prepare for testimony before federal grand juries. Oh, and I want to thank him for the big, albeit unintentional, boost to Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign. She must already be mentally vetting her "good team."

  192. Frankly, I don't get why so many commenters seem to have accepted Christie's exculpatory blathering, for surely our governors and congressmen have taught us to be more critical than that. He says he wasn't aware: he was therefore aware. He says he didn't order it: he therefore ordered it. Why this willingness to suspend disbelief for politicians with entire departments dedicated to lying to the public?

  193. My advice to Christie: Be a better human being.

  194. Right on!

  195. This is all much bigger than a traffic jam.
    The creation of a working "enemies list" a la Richard Nixon is not a symptom of staff failure. It is a manifestation of staff effectiveness..... Fort Lee, Jersey City, Hoboken, with more to come.
    His staff was totally effective in representing the political games played by a power-hungry Governor. He may not be a crook but he sure wasn't there for the people who elected him.

  196. But Governor Christie cannot cut these people loose. They worked hard for him, they did what he wanted them to do and they expect to be rewarded by rising with him. If they are dumped and end up taking the rap for this, they will talk to save themselves.

  197. If the GOP expects even a remote shot at the White House in 2016, they will have to do a whole lot better than this fellow. He is not presidential material, not even close, and survives in Amerika's political world only because he plays an the New Jersey/New York micro climate. Note to Mr. Christie: those routine practices may play well in your region, but the rest of the country will not tolerate your kind of politics. Your brand of hardball may be effective in your own state, but it will not sell on a world-wide state. Amerika's opponents will laugh at you and our allies will ignore you. Please sir, finish your term quietly, find a private sector job 'consulting is always a favorite,' and go home. It is very simple: at the end of they day, I do NOT trust you to act in the nation's best interest and I will say so at the ballot box. No. Never. No way and not under any circumstances. Got it?

  198. The article mentions Christie's trademark trait of loyalty. What are the GOP leaders advising regarding the traits that seem to be becoming the Christie trademarks? Let's see, perhaps traits such as coercive or vicious or maybe whatever it is that leads a governor to be contemptuous of the real needs of the citizenry of their state.

  199. The Republican establishment are so desperate to make Christie their candidate and win back the White House that they are more than willing to overlook what any reasonable observer would consider serious character flaws. Publicaly beat up on teachers? They love it. Force local Dem politicians to katow to his office - exciting!

    The whole modern Republican revolution - since Nixon all the way through to W and beyond is about lying, cheating, bullying, doing favors for the rich and powerful while financially disempowering the middle class and unions. Hey, Dems have their flaws, but they ain't nothing compared to the high crimes committed by Republicans in power. How W, Cheney, Rumsfeld and co are in jail for war crimes and profiteering is beyond me.

  200. Republicans don't have a monopoly on any of the activities you describe.

  201. In addition to all the other things that have been brought up, doesn't his rushing off to Florida suggest he's really not interested in the people of NJ? He has governing to do HERE! NOW!

    My prediction? He will never be POTUS. The founder of Home Dopey wants to give him advice? Don't make me laugh. These brilliant businessmen know how to make buck, but they don't know why people will vote for one man over the other.

  202. I think Michael Bloomberg knows how to do both....Elected to Mayor of NYC to 3 terms (understandably some will argue about the third) and he perhaps the 4th or 5th wealthiest person in the US (self made that is)

  203. Governor's Christie's team worked for a man whom they thought would approve this kind of retribution. They did not pull this from thin air; they were working in an environment that had already green-lighted similar stagings. The dishonesty runs pretty deep if they kiddies thought playground payback was an okay way to run politics.

    Will Governor Christie change this in the White House? I don't know. What I do know if that I don't want to have to find out.


  204. Highly recommend that everyone read the chapter on Christie in Doubledown, the new Halperin-Heilemann book. Uptake: Christie is (and I'm sure he still is) completely beloved by the richest of the rich billionaires from throughout the U.S. Because of them, he is probably not going anywhere. Sadly.

  205. "This was supposed to be a season of triumph and celebration for the governor of New Jersey — a chance to bask in his landslide re-election victory in a Democratic state...and emerge as the modern face of a Republican Party desperate to win back the White House."

    Well -- that really says it all right there, doesn't it ?


    That's a really great reason to get behind and support a candidate to take the seat of what many people consider to be the most powerful person in the free world.

    Ya know -

    I live in New York, so had no vested interest in the recent election because I'm not eligible to vote in New Jersey...

    But I remember - clear as a bell - the first time I heard a television campaign ad for Barbara Buono -

    She looked straight into the camera and said...

    "Chris Christie is running for president -- I want to be your governor."

    That really caught my attention and - if I'd been a New Jersey voter - I would have begun to pay a lot more attention to what Ms. Buono had to say...

  206. When Rick Scott, one of the worst governors in the country, doesn't want to be seen with Chris Christie then you know Christie is toast. Couldn't happen to a nicer bully, ah, I mean, guy...

  207. This isn't a story about a political blunder and its impact on a politician's fall from grace. It is the story of a serious criminal act of terrorism. The persons responsible need to be prosecuted. A death occurred, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost wages were suffered. There was no legal authority for the "traffic survey'" which was a fraud. It clearly was a criminally intentional act intended to cause harm, and it did. We all need to focus on that, and I hope we will see police investigations and prosecutions. We cannot allow this!

  208. By the time Governor Christie launches his formal quest for the White House, the Republican Party establishment will have transformed him into a heavyset Mitt Romney. I say this with neither glee ror relish. While Mr. Christie would have had a difficult time winning my support, there is much about his brand of politics that I sort, of kind of, enjoyed from a distance -- of course, this was long before I knew of the bridge scandal and politicization of the distribution of disaster relief funds.

  209. I predict that those in the inner circle who are looking at the world from under the bus will eventually get tired of being called "stupid" and "liars", and blow the whistle on the gov.

  210. Enough already. If were even a moderately good governor, this scandal among many would be enough to call for his ouster. But he has been a disaster as governor, wrong on taxes, on school aid, on tolls, on bridges and on tunnels, and even on Hurricane Sandy disaster relief. He should leave before he's impeached.

  211. Rick Lowry said it best: The media doesn't love you.

    You can hug the president or insult conservatives or have the occasional ingratiating impure thought (such as wanting to borrow and spend), but as long as you have an R next to you name the media will hate you.

    This was a good wake up call.

  212. As long as someone has a D next to their name the most vocal 'media' will hate them, even if they have a lily white skin.

  213. Right, the media got Christie's staff to risk jail time to block that bridge.

    The media made Christie yell at people and call them names. The media is responsible for the poor economic stats in New Jersey.

    Keep telling yourself that.

  214. I am wondering if the Rockefeller Group had any communications with Christie's office to speak with Mayor Zimmer about their development project in Hoboken, which Zimmer seems to have been in opposition since 2009 when she was on the city council.

    Ironic that a well establish organization for the betterment of social and economic growth, that of the Rockefeller Group runs into a road block from a progressive politician such as Zimmer.
    For a person transplanted into Hoboken and NJ, I curious to know if there is a hidden agenda for such opposition.

    Perhaps there will be more politically undoing on both sides of the aisle after all is said and done..

  215. One needs to connect the dots:

    The Hoboken redevelopment project was going nowhere until Christie lieutenants put the Hoboken mayor in contact with the Port Authority, of which David Samson -- Christie's appointee to the Port Authority -- is Chairman.

    The Port Authority then designated a specific firm to perform a redevelopment study of the 19-block parcel. The study concluded that only three blocks -- out of the 19-block area -- should be redeveloped.

    Those three blocks are at least partly owned by the Rockefeller Group.

    The law firm representing the Rockefeller Group is Wolfe & Samson. That Samson is the same David Samson Gov. Christie had appointed to the Port Authority Chairmanship.

    more here -- http://tinyurl.com/lhefz9e

  216. To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld; Christie got the team he wished for, not the one that that was given to him. His team is nothing less than a reflection of his own values and temperament.
    It would be well, however, to step back from Christie's present difficulties for a moment and put the whole matter of his presidential ambitions in perspective - With or without Bridgegate or Hobokengate, he would never have been able to get the vote midwestern or southern Republicans, nor that of Conservatives or the Tea Party.

  217. Has it ever occurred to the masters of misinformation that people may be slowly wising up to the miscasting of their candidates as their supposed saviors, in whatever sphere? Isn't it obvious that two Presidential dreamboats. Christie and Cuomo both have to subjugate their primal urges in order to be nominated? Unfortunately, when Christie denies himself, 1% of New Jersians are affected, but when Andrew Cuomo panders to his dinner guests, 99% of New Yorkers are given the shaft.

  218. Picking a better team is not the problem. The team's captain is. Politics is funny: whether in business or civic circles, it's amazing how fast a staff can begin to ingratiate themselves with the boss once they are no longer "outsiders."

    Christie's inner circle, I'm sure, simply did what they thought they wanted him to do. The governor's now famous temper and well-known habit of lashing out at detractors and criticizers have come home to roost: a bunch of staffers so desperate not to suffer the same fate do things to ensure that wouldn't happen.

    Until it all blew up in their--and Christie's--faces. And now they're history anyway.

    I greatly respect Michael Steele, having watched him numerous times on MSNBC. If he's telling Christie that this trip to Florida is ill-advised, he's right. There is something unseemly about a governor in trouble going to campaign for another governor, in a state as known for nasty politics as Florida.

    If I still lived in New Jersey, I wouldn't be too happy to see my beleaguered governor racing around fundraising. That's what Mitt Romney did when I first moved up here, and we know how that ended up. And Mitt didn't face any serious scandals like a Boston traffic jam to annoy the heck out of MA residents who resented the fact he was spending more time on a future presidential race than on the problems of his state.

  219. What is surfacing currently are Christie's personal ties to certain REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS. Hoboken Mayer Zimmer was threatened by his aides that they would withold Hurricane Sandy relief funds if she didn't approve a big development in her town. Bridget-Gate took place at the key bridge onramp next to the high-profile Area 5 redevelopment project whose funding and value hinged on that access feature. Interesting when you connect the dots. Subpoena his communications with developers and real estate investors to find an underlying agenda in his governorship.

  220. Mayor Zimmerman is she (I think.) If this is really true why did she not report what seems to be an abuse of power if not a crime? She looks no better than the Mayor Fort Lee who apparently did not lift a finger (other than 'a few phone calls') about the traffic. Why did he not hold a news conference in front of Port Authority HQ? He let this thing drag on for FOUR DAYS????