What Happened When Claire Danes Met the Real C.I.A.

The “Homeland” star on state secrets, spoiler alerts and the “Carrie Cry Face.”

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  1. Clare Danes is quite the talented actress. Kudos for her for making this show so interesting and real.

  2. Yes!

    Not a big TV watcher or movie, I hadn't seen Clare Danes since "My So-Called Life" -- until now, holed up in a motel that gets Showtime. She is nothing short of fantastic in Homeland.

  3. She was great in the story of Temple Grandin, and even better - season by season - on Homeland. Thank you, Clare Danes.

  4. Claire Danes, Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep....thank goodness for such wonderful actresses!!! Intelligent, perceptive and talented.

  5. Interesting thread...they all went to Yale...Not sure what that says about them...or for that matter about Yale?

  6. I think the show makes a good stab at portraying the complexities of people working in the espionage business. It must be very difficult to walk the wire between some of the most dispicable people on the planet, and protecting a nation's national security, the lines get blurred and there are no rules. I had a family member who was a long time employee of the Agency, almost all of it outside the US, and I think a great deal of it covert ? But how would I know ? The toxic effects of that prolonged exposure to deception, and duplicity, left deep psychological scars and trust issues that leaked into everything. It was impossible to have a normal conversation without it turning into a very subtle quasi interrogation, in the end it was unworkable, the DNA had been altered and the classic justifications were inexorably cemented in place. The choice was accept this as the new normal , or sever the relationship as unworkable. I chose the latter as this was now a person that I couldn't accept, and would not choose if given the opportunity. The expression " you are as sick as your secrets " was never more true here.
    For the show and the actors to explore some of the complexities is amazing, in the real world the cost is terribly high.

  7. ...and a a consummate professional, as proven by the hard work she puts into even the silliest projects such as Terminator 3.

  8. Sandra Bullock did All About Steve.
    Meryl Streep did Mama Mia.
    Halle Barry did Catwoman.

    I could go on but even the best actors wind up in bad movies from time to time. It's just how Hollywood works.

  9. I hope Ms. Danes' exposure to the hardworking employees of the CIA have not completely obviated her questioning of authority. While her apparent abandonment of her youthful notion that jingoism equals patriotism is a sign of her growing wisdom, I for one wish this very talented actor will continue to question authority all the way to her grave. And by authority I am including the government of this nation and its chief foreign intelligence agency, the CIA. Perhaps Ms. Danes will one day have the time to educate herself about the history of the CIA. For the CIA has played a useful role in helping not only to advance the geopolitical and economic interests of Americans, particularly of the corporate type (see e.g., CIA's role on behalf of United Fruit Co. in Guatemala and oil companies in Iran in 1952), but also to keep America's economy on a constant wartime footing post WWII by its espionage failures during the Cold War. These failures led US politicians and policy makers to believe, mistakenly, that the Soviet Union represented a political and military threat so great that only massive defense and intelligence spending by American taxpayers could counter it. This spending, together with that for its successors, the Wars on Terror and Iraq, may keep us as the world's preeminent superpower, but it has also made America a de facto bankrupt.In any case, I hope Ms. Danes does not believe patriotism can never equal dissent, and can be the "last refugee of the scoundrel.

  10. She's an actress Jamie!

  11. Haven't seen "Homeland," but Clare Danes has always seemed to be an actress with an attitude. And imagine having her job, and yet she comes home only to complain about it?

    Clare, honey, some people have REAL problems.

  12. Yes, my problems may not compare to Clare Danes', or yours', but that still doesn't mean one can't complain about them.

    I know some actors and it's not all glamor, Champagne and caviar. It is very long days and hard work. And, for some, long times of unemployment wondering where the next rent check will come from.

    She can complain about her job the same as anyone else.

  13. And all real people have plenty of reason to complain from time to time.

  14. My God, this show is so engrossing..I don't want it to end...what makes it truly great is the acting..as good as she is, Damien Lewis is on another level...but, hey, she's terrific...

  15. I will forever remember Ms. Danes from an old episode of "Law and Order". She was very young. She was an actor.
    There are far more people who act than actors.
    Ms. Danes is an actor.
    An "actress" is something else.

  16. she nailed the dyskinesia scene perfectly.

  17. Hope everyone remembers Ms. Danes in "Stage Beauty," where she, Billy Crudup, Rupert Everett, and Tom Wilkinson show what happened when female actresses were first permitted to perform on the English stage -- back in the late 17th century. Those days were harrowing for women, too, as is staying one step ahead of radical Islamists in "Homeland." Both are wonderful stories about trailblazing ladies.

  18. Homeland is a great series and one that is made by Clare Danes character. Her heart and soul is poured out into this series and I don't think anyone else could pull it off. She should have a contract increase for next season as I'm sure that she is not being paid what she truly deserves. Great job Clare, keep it up.

  19. Claire Danes is simply incredible on Homeland. And she's really good at playing people with mental difficulties.

    The last episode of Homeland season 3 is on tonight, I can't wait.

    I surely hope both Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody survive!

    Lifelong Mets Fan

  20. Keep hoping!! It's possible last night was a St. Elsewhere ending.

  21. Homeland is a fascinating TV show and Clare Danes is terrific in it. From the interview it appears that her real life character is in sync with her Homeland personna. It that is an accurate observation, it is no wonder that her performance is so vivid.

    I hope the show continues for many seasons. Clare has earned her tenure.

  22. Ms. Danes is indeed very talented. Unfortunately for her and the vast majority of the show's fans, Homeland ended last night. I'm sure Ms. Danes will find successful ventures elsewhere. The rest of us will be looking forward to the next season of Boardwalk Empire.