Knicks Owner Is Singing the Blues, and So Is His Team

If James L. Dolan has proved hapless at turning the Knicks into a consistently competitive team, he has shown some success in promoting his blues and rock band, J D & The Straight Shot.

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  1. The guitar, the beard, the Knicks, losers all the way around. Yet most games are sold out, so why should any of them care. Knicks lack a strong Big Man, A Power Forward, and a real guard that will not stop shooting. Go back to Lakers and Magic realized that his team mates would also have to score to win championship. Coach looks like he is disgusted with team work of current players. Knicks are a joke!

  2. I really don't know how this can all be fixed... when you have an owner like Dolan, who insists on doing things 'his way'.
    Let's see..he's brought in Scott Layden, then Isaiah (that worked out really well). made the trade for Carmelo (trading half the team), Hiring Mike (no)D'Antoni, told the Knick City Dancers they can't dance anymore, banned Woody from the Executive club...
    Keep up the good work Jimmy.

  3. I think people often confuse rooting for their local sports team with patriotism. Yet its the equivalent of rooting for a corporate enterprise. This is why I support the Nets. The Russian will eat the "little man" alive.

  4. Thank you, I have to laugh when people tell me about being "loyal" to the Knicks. I usually respond with something along the lines of saying that stockholm syndrome is not loyalty.

    It's a product, period.

    And I also support the Nets, despite their slow start this year, because I have more faith in the product long term, more faith in the owners of said product, and enjoy the experience of the barclay's center a lot more than the experience at MSG.

  5. I had no idea Mr. Dolan had a creative side. Too bad it's not coming out in his primary obligation of running a championship basketball team. I'm all for people having their side gigs as long as they take care of business when it matters; Something Mr. Dolan seems to be missing.

    Meanwhile, what's up with the Nets? Jason Kidd looks lost as ever running that team.

  6. This is the time to encourage him TO QUIT HIS DAY JOB!!

  7. I would name the band, simply, Daddy's Money. Can the NBA and MLB force a change in ownership for the Knicks and Mets? If so, Commissioners, could you do us this favor? Pretty please. Because the ship be sinkin' -- again.

  8. I'd have a heckuva lot more respect for him if he did name the band Daddy's Money.

  9. At least we are spared hearing Jeff Wilpon sing and strum.

  10. James Dolan singing the blues is the biggest crock of flaming dung,....2nd generation money who has never known any hardships, has no concept of the blues, or basketball for that matter. He has run a great franchise into the ground and it will stay that way until he leaves.

  11. Who knew that Steve Martin's early film was a biopic of Mr. Dolan -- though the title ("the Jerk) should have given that away? James Dolan, it turns out, did not grow up like Jay Gatsby, but was instead born a poor black child in Mississippi. He can't help but sing the blues. He should have named the band The Navin Johnsons.

  12. This epic, clueless bumbler is also the owner of the Rangers. How is it possible that this fact, and that team's total lack of playoff success since Dolan took over after the '94 Cup, did not make it into the story?

  13. Likely because the Rangers have been more consistently "contenders" than the Knicks the last few years, they regularly make it beyond the first round and are only two years removed from a conference finals appearance.

  14. The Knicks deserve a boycott of epic proportions.

    Zero people in the stands would be a tremendous inspiration for Dolan to sing some real blues.

  15. What we have here is grown-grown man doing Richie Rich Teenager-type stuff: paying accomplished musicians to be in his garage band, paying the Eagles to be their opening act, paying TV shows and movies to use his music, etc.

    Can't wait for his son, the guitar player, to become the next MSG President, because nepotism is the Dolan way.

    Please, for the sake of NYK and NYR fans everywhere, sell the teams!

  16. So where does he play next so I can throw tomatoes at him? Who's with me?

    a (grieving) Knicks fan

  17. He's just fulfilling his dream of being a rock star, had it since high school. Now he has the money to buy his way onto a stage with the Eagles. Come one! This is so obvious! If he didn't have money do you think the Eagles would allow him to play with them? I question the Eagles judgement on this one.

  18. Hey, the Eagles have a lot of alimony to pay....

  19. @Metastasis: I hear Glenn Frey has been dedicating a song each concert "To my first wife, Plaintiff." Perhaps if the Eagles were actually compelled to LISTEN to JD and the Straight Shots...

  20. all of us long suffering Knicks fans a big favor...SELL THE TEAM to someone who knows how to run a basketball organization.'re a blithering idiot. Between hiring that thug, Ron Artest, who has had (at least) 14 suspensions in 15 years for violent acts against fellow NBA players, including one 86 game suspension for a brawl, and one after a domestic violence arrest, then bringing back Steve Mills...who was the architect of the Isiah Thomas era (and we all know how well THAT worked out) plainly show you have no clue.

    And oh by the way...David Stern...Mr. NBA Commissioner...where are YOU in all of these acts of violence perpetrated by Mr. Artest? Hmmm?

    If Artest weren't a basketball player...and just an "ordinary citizen", he'd be watching Knicks games from Rikers Island for the things he has done to other people, instead of pulling down millions of dollars sitting on the bench at The Garden.

    Then there are the top notch players you have let go over that past years...JUST when they were starting to actually all play like a team. Shrewd moves all Sparky.

    So please...please...just sell the team, and go away and play your music somewhere else.

  21. Are there any corporate knights witha large market in the New York metropolitan area
    that could use the Garden and its teams as the primary platform for advertising its products ? There must be SOME Boards of Directors who could make the Dolans an economically viable offer to purchase a controlling interest that they would find difficult to turn down. Perhaps an organization like Nike or one of its competitors, or
    a broadcasting company looking for internet content, or even a modern day equivalent of former baseball owner Anheiser-Busch brewery looking to advertise beer. ANYONE so that Dolan can go back to a job that he is most suited for by reason of education, training and experience . . .

  22. Mr. Dolan strikes me as a spoiled rich kid from Long Island. As far as I am aware he is the heir to the family business and didn't actually create or build anything. It shows. As one of the people interviewed noted "this is some rich guys hobby." I would suggest he pursue his musical passion and turn over control of the team to a truly capable executive.

  23. We have been suggesting he do that for many years now, obviously for naught.

  24. The most despicable White Blues Guy since Lee Atwater.

  25. Amen to that !

  26. Good point but no matter what u thought of Atwater,,,,he was a excellent musician who at one time played in Percy Sledge's band. The guy had chops and really knew how to play in the Memphis/Stax style.

  27. Maybe Dolan has found his true calling as a musician. It's not as a basketball executive and certainly not as a cable TV honcho. It's painful to watch the Knicks flounder, and Cablevision's shareholders are suffering even worse, as departed managers lead competitors to new heights while Cablevision's stock under performs for the past few years under his leadership. He should sell both companies that his dad let him run into the ground, and pursue his inner rock star.

  28. You want painful? Listen to a few "JD and the Straight Shots" songs on youtube. I've heard a lot of college bands with much better stuff.

  29. You are right Metastasis. Dolan sounded terrible in the few videos of his band in Youtube. I did not know he had a nasal pitchy voice.

  30. I think the one dude had it right by remarking that the band is a rich, middle-aged, white man's vanity project. You could argue the Knicks are as well.

  31. Dolan, in real life, is no more than a footnote. Why should we even think of him? Why should we read about him? Where is Ned Irish when we really need him?

  32. While I agree with the general sentiments of other posters -- he can do whatever he wants with his money and the band is passable -- the truth is that he is opening up for the Eagles and others because of who he is. I hate to use the word "merit" when talking about the arts, but the high-profile of Dolan's band has little to do with talent, hard work or dumb luck, which is often the key to success in the music industry. After listening to the "official video" release of "Can't make Tears" on Youtube, it's fairly obvious that there are maybe 10K bands playing in towns and cities around the country on any given night that posses "chops" that are at least equal to Mr. Dolan's and his band.

    Nepotism and gaining influence due to financial resources are as American as apple pie. I'm not going to cry about it. There is something unseemly, though, about buying your way into the arts.

  33. Dolan got lucky when the team landed Patrick Ewing for 12 or 13 years or however long he played. Now we all see how poorly run an organization it is. No wonder he needs a distraction.

  34. In all fairness, the vast majority of the Ewing years were before the this Dolan was in charge. In fact, James Dolan traded away Ewing at the end of his career...

  35. At the end of the day...this team stinks

  36. Dolan strums on guitar while the Knicks burn,,,

  37. Lucky Lin to escape this madness. Thank the NYT for linsanity!

  38. I say good for him. Why shouldn't he enjoy doing things he likes to do? Or as James Brown used to say "Excuse me while I Boogaloo."

  39. But James Brown could actually Boogaloo.

  40. Easy to say for a person who lives in Pittsburgh and does not have to watch the Knicks embarrass themselves each winter.

  41. He went down to the crossroads, sold his soul to the devil, and got no draft picks in return.

  42. For the Knick fans who attend his show Dolan should do some Knick related famous blues songs like: The Walkin' Blues, The Same Thing, Back Door Man, I'm Tired, The Thrill is Gone, etc.

  43. @J Guire: Touche!
    To quote Ringo, "Gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues, and you know it don't come easy."
    Jimmy Dolan is the antithesis of that. While the Beatles paid their dues in basement clubs in Hamburg, the only dues Jimmy ever paid were to be perhaps the ultimate winner of the genetic lottery. If Jimmy wants to sing the blues and NOT be laughed at, I suggest that he voluntarily relinquish the 100% property tax abatement that MSG receives from the city, valued at $17 million last year. And as for Jimmy introducing them as "a band from New York City, I guess it sounds a whole lot more convincing than the truth, that it's a band from the Gold Coast of Long Island.
    Here's a song suggestion: "Corporate Welfare on Seventh Avenue."

  44. A “karaoke-grade singer” pretending that he's a real musician?

    Just like he's a clueless, bumbling, amateur pretender of a team owner, running two once-proud franchises into the ground!

    And arrogantly thinking that he's doing a "good job" in BOTH faux activities to boot!

  45. Why I loyally root for this team when it is so poorly run by such a clown is beyond understanding. Sports make you do strange things.

  46. It is eerie how much Dolan's band and his ownership parallel each other. Neither comes from merit: MSG he inherited from his father, and the band is a rich dilettante's plaything. Neither is done well, and it's actually difficult to decide which one is more poorly executed. NBA fans have had good laughs for years checking out the band on youtube. It is true that Dolan's musicality is of the level of a karaoke fan. As a musician, I find it cringe worthy.

    Sure, it's just a guy having a good time. But isn't it kind of disgraceful that he can buy himself into an opening spot for the Eagles and run a professional team like he's a 14 year old boy? Well, that's America for you. The most important thing is who your parents are.

  47. I guarantee you Billy Crystal looked at the lead picture and said to himself, "White man's overbite."

  48. It sure is nice to be rich. But I hear Dolan is not nice and is a miserable person to work for at cablevision.

  49. Is he the guy playing that awful ear splitting organ that blares out endlessly, even when the ball is in play, at Knicks games? It's all starting to make sense now.

  50. While not exactly on topic, this article brings to mind one of my favorite New York Daily News headlines when Jimmy D. fired Larry Brown: "Head Case Fires Head Coach". I wonder what would have happened to you if you worked in the MSG executive offices and left a copy of the paper on your desk that day.

  51. As I Nuggets fan, I can't tell you how much I love the Dolan & New York Knicks. First, when we had absolutely zero leverage, you give us Danillo, Wilson, Ray Felton (who we turn into Andre Miller), and a solid up and coming Mozgov for Melo..And now, when it's our turn to cash in on your 1st round draft pick we also got from you in that Melo trade (in the deepest draft since Melo himself came out) you show the kindness to suck so bad that we have a legit chance to get Wiggins or Parker. You guys are the best!!

  52. The worst thing about this is actually giving this imitation owner the time on one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world. I am sure all he does is look at the photo of know...."like the funny papers?"

  53. As a Nuggets fan, I can't tell you how much I love the New York Knicks & Mr. Dolan. First, when we had absolutely zero leverage, you graciously give us Danillo, Wilson, Ray Felton (who we turn into Andre Miller), and a solid up and coming Mozgov for Melo..And now, when it's our turn to cash in on your 1st round draft pick we also got from you in that Melo trade (in the deepest draft since Melo himself came out) you show the kindness to suck so bad that we have a legit chance to get Wiggins or Parker. You guys are the best!!

  54. I fell in love Knicks as an eleven year old in 1968. I listened to Marv Albert on the radio when they won the seventh game in 69. I stayed up late into the night to revel in their victory against the Lakers a few years later in LA.

    It all ended with the Dolans. First, they allowed Marv to leave—he was not homer enough for them. This was their first act of sacrilege. The greedy Dolan view of the world just could not conceive that New Yorkers appreciated someone with honesty, love of the game and 50 years of experience, who honestly expressed what we all saw: the team on the court was awful.

    Second, the fascination with flawed stars. Larry Brown came to coach the team. Brown, Little Boy Blue, as Peter Vecsey called him, had his faults, but when he had his fall out with Starbury, the Dolans sided with the idiot player, of course, as opposed to the proven coach. Starbury was Melo’s predecessor, who was Amaree’s successor, in the Dolan star making machinery.

    Only problem is that for all of their obvious basketball talents, these three players, like many NBA “super stars” before them came with character flaws that will never allow them to carry a team to a world championship. Never. These are players who may, if they are lucky, end up in a team where other players, blessed with the strength of characters that they lack, will carry them to the promised land.

    It's no fun watching teams led by these types of players, even if they win 50 games. Remember Haywood and McAdoo?

  55. Does he do Bar Mitzvahs??

  56. James Dolan is not Charles Dolan. The latter had some humility. The former does not.

    James Dolan cares not about his employees. Salaried minions are overworked, often told they have to stay at the last minute, put in time over the weekend, cram to do a "migration," and so on. And then there are the neighbors in Woodbury who just love his helicopter...

    James Dolan is a privileged elitist devoid of humility.

  57. The NBA itself needs a good New York Knicks team.
    Unfortunately it hasn't been, for oh so many years.
    And all because of this ding dong.

  58. Honestly, I don't care if the guy gangster raps and disrobes on stage (which would of course be far more entertaining than the performance of his sports products). Dolan genetically stumbled into a cable monopoly that he was permitted to grow into a sports empire of mediocrity. He's holding this franchise hostage and much like his live instrumental karaoke, the Knicks are a mere hobby for him. As long as they carry enough star power to sell tickets and eyeballs, he's well enough.

  59. You can't sign the blues when you're that rich.

  60. This band is awful; very amateurish; a vanity project. We've seen them live twice, not by choice; opening for The James Gang @ The Beacon in '06 and for Joe Walsh @ The Mayo, Morristown in '12. I wonder what Joe Walsh owes him, since Joe's a member of both The James Gang and The Eagles.

  61. What do you expect! American professional sports are based on college sports slavery, the draft is nothing more than a slave auction. There is no punishment for bad management ie relegation to a minor league, which would do real financial damage to the owner. See Europe's multi-league promotion/relegation system and the willingness to pay teenage stars real money. This is nothing more than an oligopoly built upon college slavery!

  62. With one very big exception. The players get paid!

    College players don't.

    And for the privileged NBA few, the contracts are nothing short of obscene.

    Why we sports fans put up with this year round is beyond me!

  63. The Times should follow up on this with how CWA tried to get his musicians to boycott his band in solidarity with his contract-less Cable Vision workers.

  64. ". . . he failed to register a point, rebound or assist in 23 minutes of action." Hey, Dolan, I can do that! Where do I sign?