Knit One, Purl Two and Run 26.2

A college professor in Missouri recently ran a marathon while knitting a scarf over 12 feet long, weaving together pastimes first combined by an Englishwoman, Susie Hewer, in 2008.

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  1. Folks you're doing it all're supposed to start the quirky hobbies *before* you apply to college

  2. I must rise to defend coolness, very important idea in American English.

    The idea of, "... knitting on the same scarf from opposite ends together," is weird, and odd, and glaringly pointless, but it by no means qualifies as, "cool."

  3. Hasn't anyone ever told you not to run with sharp things?

  4. Love this, but must point out her needles look smaller than his. Smaller needles make smaller stitches which would require more stitches to make the same length scarf. Maybe Guinness should measure by number of stitches, not length of scarf?

  5. not sure i understand this story completely - these people knit and run at the same time and produce scarves while running marathons? that is so crazy!!!! Good for them I hope they start a new act and run together knitting on the same scarf.

  6. well hey--I knit on the treadmill at the gym! I'm not a runner though, and I don't have to look where I'm going on a treadmill--lol !!

  7. Knutty knitters with good knees spinning a lengthy yarn. Love the idea of them working together on a scarf while purling through the streets.

  8. I thought it is dangerous to walk and text at the same time?

    Whats the difference with this activity? I'll try not to laugh too loudly when these people stumble and fall on their knitting needles while running.

  9. Articles like this strike me as such a waste of space, especially when the Times generally devotes so little effort to covering running. No doubt, though, the piece will inspire others who crave their 15 seconds of fame by pursuing some similar "oddity" during a marathon.

  10. What a beautiful story. Anyone who both runs and knits knows there is a total zen similarity in the two activities.

    What better way to raise money for alzheimers than to honor a tradition associated with little old ladies and an activity that combats the disease.

  11. Wow, a lot of crabby people are commenting on this story. What? You're not fit enough to run marathon or disciplined enough to train for a marathon or learn how to knit? Running is cool, knitting is cool, doing anything to challenge oneself is cool. A young lady here recently ran a mile -- wearing a 75# bomb-disposal suit. COOL!

    Susie and David: Come run the Honolulu Marathon! You have so much aloha that you would fit right in!