Governor’s Crusade Against Corruption Comes With Too Many Asterisks

Three months ago, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo rolled out the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, with all of his familiar trumpets, drum rolls and rhetorical flourishes. Now, here come the exceptions.

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  1. Largest donor to our Governor happens to sit on the Battery Park Authorities Board.

    Please note the same developer also has numerous complaints against them, which the AG's real estate division has been well aware of for years. Same developer seems to keep getting HPD projects. Same developer also has a high profile role with Real Estate Board of NY. Let's follow the $$$ folks.

    Can Liz Kruger run for Governor?

  2. Cuomo. nepotism at its worst.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Powell, for so trenchantly demonstrating this emperor has no clothes,

  4. This is NYS, we all know the government is corrupt

  5. All these attempts by Mr. Cuomo to attract some attention from the Democratic National Commitee, are just falling on deaf ears. So Mr. Cuomo, funds these groups with New York Taxpayer's money, to finance his doomed plans for national attention. It seems it is the same player's that a good deal of NYT's commenters raised the roof about, in their relationship to Mayor Bloomburg.

    Tom Franzson. Brevard. N.C.

  6. Very good article, as always those who talk about how honest they are usually the least honest.

  7. so sad. we need real public advocates. democracy may die if there is no one to trust.

  8. This Coumo gov makes his father look good. He is a direct product of the NYS political system. Voters - WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? The gov is the perfect example of another guy in NYS politics who was born on third base and thinks he hit a home run. Last week he came out against the utilities seeking a rate increase in December. He thinks they should receive a decrease. How nice, just wait and see what happens in December when they receive their increases and our bills go up. I'll be looking for a quote from the gov, but I know there won't be one. The governor is the main member of the corrupt Albany machine. He grew up in it and it is, who he is! Vote no on New York State gambling casino expansion on election day!

  9. Between this and Thomas Kaplan's article on the casino gambling, it's legitimate to question whose back the governor really has. He has been tunnel-visioned in promoting upstate casino gambling, an industry that ebbs and flows with the economy. He also supports a state constitutional amendment to add casinos upstate, the poorest part of the state where gambling will likely have a pernicious effect on the well-being of the people in the region. (Why a constitutional amendment is necessary is puzzling. Isn't our wonderful state legislature capable of passing laws that would permit casino operations?)

    So in a way, these commissions make perfect sense and reflect his style of governing: appoint people to do your dirty work and escape blame when something goes bad. I hope that this paper and others continue to press him on why the finances of the Democratic Party and all of these other organizations are avoiding scrutiny. It is good that the GOP is being investigated, but if history is any guide, the Democrats aren't exactly a bunch of saints. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, and such secrecy does not an effective governor (or Presidential hopeful) make.

    If you have read this far, consider voting against the state constitutional amendment that would grant the casino license. There have to be better ways to revive the upstate economy. It's our fault, however, that we don't have better leaders who can make it happen.

  10. We all believe it each time: A politician says we're going to be ethically better than in previous administrations. We want to believe it. And then, sure as the sun comes up in the morning, we find out our 'hero' politician is just like every other money hungry, special interest bought, example of why the public is fed up with politics. Public service, more like service for those that can pay the price. Utterly and totally disgusting!

  11. He said what his voters wanted to get elected but foils the possibility of those wants being realized. The usual Democratic deception as perfected by the Clintons & Obama. Liars for hire, corrupt to the core.

  12. They learned from the master: Ronald Reagan.

  13. Sorry but the dems have perfected cronyism, lies and deceit in government, Chicago, Detroit, NY all run by career dems, How's that working for ya?

  14. Read the other article about how casino and horse racing interests have spent 59 million dollars on lobbying and donations. The NYRA is a black hole of taxpayers funds to benefit the few at the expense of the many. There are so many ways for pols to steal in New York it's amazing. We put others in prison for what politicans do on a daily basis. Does anyone actually take these commissions seriously??Jobs have been flying out of this state for years. All that overregulation is just one more way that corruption rules.

  15. Here's the scary part: this buffoon and thief believes he can be elected President of this pathetic country.

  16. This is no revelation, nor should it be a surprise to anyone. NYS politics is synonymous with corruption, but we keep electing the corrupt politicians. You get what you vote for, and in this case, the politicians get what they pay for, which is the root of the problem.

  17. Makes Chicago politics look clean in comparison.

  18. Why is anyone surprised? Vile, disgusting, corrupt and hypocritical, everyone of them.

  19. Mr. Powell - please do keep us informed if this famously thin-skinned governor has any of his henchman contact you or if you are the victim of any retribution for having the guts to call him out.

    I'm fairly liberal on most social issues and somewhat conservative on fiscal issues, so I should be a big fan of this governor, but I just can't support him. He has been actively neglectful of most urban issues. He has ignored mass transit and allowed the management of the Port Authority to continue to misspend and bungle the projects in its control. But it is his overly secretive management style, inaccessibility to his constituents and pandering to special interests that leaves the worst taste in my mouth. I seriously hope that he is not the Democratic nominee in 2016 - I might not vote for him.

  20. Search for Andrew Cuomo Andrew Farkas, and you'll find that Cuomo is a career criminal. As such, he's blowing smoke up our NY rears.

  21. HUD anyone?

  22. Such terrible allegations of political laryngitis! The Attorney General has amply demonstrated the utter seriousness of Albany's crusade against corruption by subpoenaing all of Airbnb's New York records so we can get rid of the "sharing" economy, and above all, by opening a fake yogurt shop to crack down on "astroturfing," that insidious phenomenon of fake reviews that we're all so familiar with on the Internet. See:

    Down with astroturfing! This is true corruption and we should all be grateful to Schneiderman for engaging such a momentous battle. Hopefully they will be able to clean out every fake review posted by every fake "brilliant author," every fake "best chiropractor in New York," and every fake "best probiotic" company on Amazon! Some of us could ferret this stuff out at home, if the AG can pay us 50 cents per fake ad. We could make thousands!

    And God willing, this is only the beginning! Indeed, let's hope that in his battle against corruption, the Attorney General will join forces with NYC's capable District Attorney and go after every "sock-puppet" and every "satirist" using Gmail and Twitter to scurrilously disseminate fake "confessions" in the name of distinguished members of our society. For further information on this phenomenon and on the District Attorney's efforts to put an end to it, see the documentation of one current case at:

  23. I wonder whom he supports in Washington and who supports him?

    Obama, Biden, Schumer.....birds of a feather

    "The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."

    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

  24. I had high hopes for this Governor but sadly not much has changed, so long as Shelly Silver is still in office then absolutely nothing has changed. This man has got to go, bribing witnesses, paying them off with tax payer money and still he holds on to power he must have quite a bit of dirt on certain people. Truly disgusting. If this were to happen in the private sector they'd be given the perp walk and indicted. Shelly? He gets to keep his perks, his job and his partnership with Weitz and Luxenberg, no conflict of interest??? Pitiful.

  25. The days are counting down to October 25, 2013 when I release every letter that I sent your office along with all the letters and motions I filed with the Westchester County Supreme Court and the evidence of Dr. Xaeoli Baran who sat in front of Judge Emmett Murphy and perjured herself, along with creating false documentation and providing false testimony. All of which will be released to the media . It will show that your office did absolutely nothing to investigate this psychiatrists gross negligence conduct! The decision is yours Governor Cuomo do the right thing and have the Justice for Special Needs properly investigate this and hold Dr. Baran accountable or the public will make the decision for you.

  26. The situation is far worse than described -- which is why our non-partisan, non-profit citizens' organization, Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA), launched a "People's Campaign to Hold the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption True to its Name & Announced Purpose". Here's the link, accessible from our homepage: Indeed, I testified before the Commission at its September 17th hearing in Manhattan, protesting its exclusion of the public from its hearings and its failure to identify its rules and procedures, including its protocol for conflicts of interests. My final words were "Shame. Shame. This is corruption. This is public corruption." Here's the direct link to CJA's webpage on which my testimony, both oral and written, is posted -- together with the substantiating documentary proof: .

  27. If you need help please feel free to reach out, now I know why my case was referred back to the ever so corrupt ninth judicial district after I have evidence that the doctor perjured herself, created false testimony and gave false testimony all which came from the court hearing transcript that I had transcribed, the medical records and verified petition.

  28. Even though I voted for Cuomo I'm dismayed that the governor and his minions are manipulating and controlling the corruption commission that was supposed to be independent.