Venus Williams Pushes Back, Hard, at the Twilight

Venus Williams, a two-time champion at the U.S. Open, is not yet prepared to give in to age and questions about her health.

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  1. Same here!

  2. Go Venus!!!"!

  3. Thank you for this. I so enjoyed watching Venus in her prime, covering the whole of the court with but a few steps, arms outstretched to punch, magically, a volley that no other mortal could ever hope to reach. And Venus, don't let anyone rush you off the court. Leave the game when you're good an ready, you've earned it.

  4. I hope that Venus has more than 'one las hurrah' left to her. It has been wonderful watching women, much less a pair of sisters, rule a sport as they have tennis. With never a scandal, never so much as a whisper of inappropriate behavior, it has been empowering. Without ever being told "I am woman, hear me roar" - we all did. We heard the roar and watched Venus and Serena soar. I hope the flight continues until she is satisfied with her accomplishments.

    "Go, Venus !! " indeed.

  5. But Venus, Serena, and the family has never gotten good press. The tennis establishment said they would never be good with their father as coach, that he was holding them back, and should presumably pay for a professional coach.
    Simultaneously they were oohing and ahhing how nice it was for Lindsey Davenport to not be a little Steffie and go to her high school prom, ignoring Venus and Serena actually being in high school.
    Venus ranks with Billie Jean King in pushing for and establishing equal pay for women in the majors.
    And she has always played with class.

  6. Federer = class and grace. Which Serena, especially, lacks bigtime. Venus seems to have some degree of grace and humility. Just watched parts of a Showtime docu on the Williams sisters and once again relived Serena's disgraceful abuse of the female lineswoman during the 2009 US Open. And her holier than though press conference afterwards. Great athlete, bush human.

  7. How convenient for you to not point out Federer's cussing of umpires and his churlish behavior, or the cheating of Hennin and some other players, or the actual hitting of a grounds person by Mike Bryan of the Bryan brothers two years ago at Wimbledon, or the player who was caught fluffing balls to slow them down when she played Serena this year with the umpire saying not one word against that player, or the earlier treatment of Serena and Venus early in their careers.

    Nah you won't mention that because the media never played up those stories either and the media loves to make reference to Serena as muscular, savage, intimidate, aggressive and oh yes that "primal" roar of hers....

    "Bush" human? Really? Oh by the way did you not relive McEnroe and Connor disgraceful behavior in that same documentary?

  8. Male superstars like McEnroe and Connors berated more than one linesperson in a single tournament than Serena has berated in her entire career. Yes, her 2009 blow-up was inexcusable, but it alone should not be used to define a personality that is far more complex. Serena has a confidence and swagger that to some can border on arrogance, but that is not unusual among champions in major sports as it is part of how they will themselves to victory.

  9. This artilcle is about Venus, not Serena. Pls learn to read and comment on the topic at hand. So what, an athelete yelled at an umpire. Have you ever watched any sporting game. DUH. Yes, it was not pretty, but it is not unusual. No apology needed.

  10. her play Venus has always had an elegant game. I love watching

  11. Love Venus! I'll be rooting like crazy for her at the U.S. Open.

  12. Venus will retire when she's good and ready, just like any other successful athlete. It will be her decision, and hers alone. Don't let smarmy "journalists" like Lara Spencer push you out the door. Lots of good tennis still to come from Venus, thankfully.

  13. I recall Venus signing a ball for me at the opening of the tennis center in southeast Washington DC and recalling what a beautiful young woman she was. Simply stunning. Years later after reading thousands of comments comparing her and her sister to animals and the worst racial hatred I have ever witnessed, I can only wonder at the true value of her achievements.

    Please play as long as you wish. Please continue to play doubles with your sister.
    True fans will always know your legacy.

  14. Both Williams sisters are bright, well rounded individuals. A refreshing contrast to many of the automatons who were their contemporaries in the earlier phases of their careers.

  15. Venus is a legend, thus is entitled to the respect a legend is due, ie. she may or may not retire as she sees fit, and whenever he graces the tennis court, should be lauded and admired and sought for her insight and expertise on the subject of: being a champion against all odds if not all tennis subjects. This "when are you retiring" posture is an insult, and she dealt with it accordingly.

  16. Thank GOODNESS for the majority of commenters on this article. It is a good one, and the commenters show respect where it has been earned. I am as warmed by this respect as I am by the Williams Sisters' power, humility and contributions to tennis. Thank you, commenters thus far, and thank you to Mr. Rhoden.