Romney Versus the Automakers

Mitt Romney can’t admit that the auto bailout helped Detroit and America, so instead he invents problems with it.

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  1. Do we want a compulsive liar for president?

  2. I am sure there are other examples in the history of our presidential elections. We do know that Jefferson's supporters printed lies about Adams. Washington and Madison were not exempt from lies told about them.

    But in my lifetime I can not recall so many obvious prevarications by a single candidate. I was too young to remember the falsehoods about FDR, Wilkie and even Truman. But I do remember Nixon's lies about Helen Gahagen Douglas, which should have been a warning about his character then.

    That a man such as Romney who claims to be a Christian, and the LDS is indeed a branch of Christianity, who would deliberately violate the ninth commandment, belies a character flaw that disqualifies him from any kind of leadership. Lying is a way of life in certain Middle East countries, and yet he has criticized them for it. That is just plain hypocrisy. But we have had hypocrites in the White House in the past. Their records are those of failures, so we could expect the same of a Romney presidency.

    Fortunately, the statistics seem to be favoring President Obama, but I will be sweating it out until I see he has the 27 electoral votes he needs to win. Ohio and Wisconsin will do it. We on the west coast will know two hours before the final count if we will be saved from the machinations of Willard and his avaricious political vassals.

  3. Almost half of the electorate seems to have a compulsion to be lied to. That is an even bigger problem we have not solved. And until we solve that problem, as a hanging-by-a-thread democracy, we will not solve any other big problems.

  4. You have to consider the chance that Romney will stop changing positions once everything goes his way.

    Maybe he should ask Obama how much of his presidency has been things going his way.

  5. Mr. Romney's been lying to us from day one of his campaign. His opponents in the GOP primaries repeatedly told us so. Since he won the primaries, Mr. Romney's lies have become bigger and bolder by the millisecond. Now, we have the ultimate lie about Jeep sending our cars to be made in China.

    As bad as Romney's lies are, what's worse is the collusion of news organizations, corporate CEOs, state officials and others in his big web of lies.

    The airwaves are being bombarded with so much inane non-news pablum, the important news are going by the wayside. Please, use your common sense, people. When you hear something new and counter-intuitive, check your facts, and not on Fox News. For example, they've omitted* the backlash over the Jeep flap. Why?

    The president has represented his record fairly and accurately. Mr. Obama has not resorted to the tactics of Romney, Rove and company. When you go vote, please vote democratic all the way down your ballot. We need honest leadership. Today's GOP has lost its way.

    *** Fox Hides Backlash To Romney's Inaccurate Jeep-To-China Ad Campaign

  6. The GOP primary opponents who once accused Romney of lying are now quiet out of party loyalty. After Nov 6 and a GOP defeat, we can expect the floodgates to open and they coming out in the open and reminding us that they foretold that Romney's in-authenticity made him a weak candidate.

  7. The problem with Fox News(sic) lack of candor is that their viewers, and they have lots of them, will smell conspiracy when Romney loses, further de-legitimizing Obama in their eyes, and raising further calls for a witch hunt.

  8. That is a much more specific and testable lie than he has told before.

    He is getting worse. If he wins doing this, what will he do as President? People who do things like this don't stop. It is always more.

    Fortunately, "That's a lie" can be proved and screamed. It needs to be louder than one editorial.

  9. Fox News spews out lies day in, day out. When Romney is caught in his lies, Fox doesn't report on it, as evidenced in this piece from Media Matters For America.

    It shouldn't be so easy for lies to be propagated and perpetuated.

  10. Agreed that it needs to be more than one editorial. But it probably won’t be. One of the truly unfortunate facts of current “journalism” is that an outright lie is generally reported on simply as a point of view. Much too often, journalists have become moderators rather than reporters.

  11. If he wins doing this, who else will follow in his footsteps? If lying pays the biggest dividend, why would anyone bother with the truth again?

    That's an even scarier thought.

  12. Romney has continuously maintained that the auto companies should have gone through a "normal" bankruptcy. That not doing so penalized the bond holders and gave the unions special rights.

    One only needs to read "On the Brink" by Henry Paulson, G.W. Bush's secretary of the treasury to see just how close GM and Chrysler came to liquidation. That means locking the gates, auctioning off all assets, and not paying any creditors until all that can be sold has been.

    If you were a small supplier and the companies owed you money for your products, you might have to wait years for what little you would get. Most likely you would have been out of business by then. The other auto manufacturers went to the administration and lobbied them to save the companies as they all use the same suppliers. The government action saved at least 1.5 million jobs and most likely as many as 3 million.

    Now Romney has invented another tale with no evidence at all to demean the administration rescue of the industry. It should be plain for all to see, just what kind of opprobrium he will engage in to get a few more votes from uneducated and ignorant. Unfortunately there are some who will reward this despicable behavior. These are not people I know, or want to know. As Romney has said, he does not pay any attention to fact checkers, and neither do his sycophants.

    This seems to be the face of the new Republican Party. How much lower can it go?

  13. Probably lower. Wait for 2014.

  14. The jobs saved is greatly exaggerated...really! Yes, the capitalistic system is harsh when you have to file bankruptcy like so many companies have had to do...Airlines for one with no bailouts. Why were the car companies any different...I know, Unions....they contribute a lot to Obama, and more after the bailout. Government should not interfere with the marketplace.

  15. Romney's campaign wouldn't keep doing it if these tactics weren't working. The fact that the polls show a close race in Ohio is proof; many registered voters don't want to know or don't know the truth. They have become completely hypnotized by Romney's unsupported mantra of 12 million new jobs next year, and nothing else matters. So you can rightly be exasperated if not amazed, but at whom? Romney or our fellow Americans who are buying into his garbage?

  16. It’s bad enough to be wrong on the policy. It takes an especially dishonest candidate to simply turn up the volume on a lie and keep repeating it.
    It takes brass, like Bill Clinton said of Paul Ryan. It is also an acute manifestation of Romnesia. Go home, Mitt!

  17. wherever that home is ...... he has a few to choose from.

  18. They don't want him at home: last poll he was losing Massachusetts by 31%.

  19. btw - whatever happened to Paul Ryan?

  20. Wait a minute! Wasn't it Willard who kept the U.S. safe from terrorists during these past four years? And single-handedly brought down Osama bin Laden? And brought the Mormons safely overland fo Salt Lake City? Must have been that other Willard- the severe conservative who evidently lied his way through the primaries and is now trying to get everyone who wasn't stupid enough to endore him then to do so now.

  21. Yes the same Willard that kept me safe from tigers. I have not been attacked by one since I have lived her, so it must be due to his anti tiger campaign.

  22. Please know that Romney has violated almost every fundamental doctrine of the church in which he claims membership. He is horrifying to many church members; for example, the largest newspaper in Utah is not endorsing him; and church leaders have emphatically stated that no church resources should be used to support him. He has single-handedly destroyed decades of work by members around the world to develop goodwill in their communities. As a devoted member with roots that go back to the beginning, I lay awake at night with my stomach in knots.

  23. Oh, that Willard:
    He promised me 12 million dollars and said be fruitful and multiply
    and have 12 million offspring

  24. With all the crazy things he says, if Mitt Romney were a student on a college campus, he would be profiled on a watch list. His personality disconnect could easily cross the line from blame and denigration to violence. He ducks questions, preferring quiet rooms where, promising to “do more” if he could to cut jobs, he rails against 47% of Americans whose incomes are so low they are exempt from income taxes.

    Mitt does a Mitty; he, his ilk are parts narcissism, delusion, paranoid; a bundle of anti-social behaviors including the lack of empathy, guilt, or remorse for pathological lying, a grandeur that writes its own morality and rules.

    Romney's commercials claimed GM and Chrysler plan to send jobs to China, but both companies have called the “car guy” a liar; Romney knows a list of facts don't add up to truth; he went for shock.
    There he has my vote: few creatures this Halloween will be as scary as Mitt Romney.

    So to are chairs hanging from trees and fences, some with nooses. The chairs provocatively direct attention to (I say calls for!) historic violence that put the law into mobs hands and took the lives of black citizens without trials by public lynchings, often with official cooperation. Acts without truth; only shock. After the election—and make no mistake Barack Obama will win—the shock of those who tied the shadow of disgrace to our politics will not be forgotten.

  25. Mitt is a "car guy" only by virtue of owning cars, and living in the Detroit area.

    I doubt anything from his dad rubbed off on him.

  26. And MItt's kids seem to be even less civic-minded than Mitt.

    I can't wait until one of Mitt's son decides to try and buy the Presidency.

  27. People shouldn't ridicule Romney for claiming to be a car guy - he is. He's so concerned about his own cars that he built an elevator for them so they'd have an easier time getting out of his mansion.

  28. Accusing others of transferring jobs to another country by someone who has moved their money to Swiss bank accounts, and other assetts to the islands and creating dummy corporations to hide assets. is cetainly insulting. Does he really believe we are that dumb?

  29. Yes.

  30. In answer to your question, Yes, MItt does believe we are that dumb.

    And he's right. About 50% of us actually are that dumb.

  31. Yes

  32. Romney with BainCapital made money for the
    Caymen islands and not the US-citizen - and this is a fact.

    For Mitt an acceptable bailout has a different meaning, it bails out the money and not the production plants.

  33. Barack Obama's retirement fund also has money invested in the Cayman Islands. But clearly you think it's OK for him, but not for Romney. Is that just blatant, blind partisanship? Or is that just blatant hypocrisy?

  34. @ Steve B. -- "Barack Obama's retirement fund also has money invested in the Cayman Islands."

    Prove it. Your comment is exactly the type of charge by partisans that has driven this campaign into the gutter. Spouting off charges with no evidence is totally irresponsible; however, you are in perfect alignment with Romney who says such things on a daily basis.

  35. If Gov Romney runs his business like he is running his campaign, he is likely to be sue for fraud and breach of contracts

    Auto makers and other corporations with decent corporate citizenship - once upon a time this was a good concept before it got hijacked by Citizens United - tend to stay out of political brawls. At least they don't want to do anything political overtly. That is why they tend to fight any proxies asking them to reveal political contributions. For GM and Chrysler to push back, they must feel the long knife

    If a campaign can do something like this to its traditional ally, namely big corporations, it is not "if" but "when" it is going to throw ordinary citizens who are powerless to fight back under the bus

    It is hard to trust him when he is without power. Imagine what might happen when he claimed ownership of America

  36. "Sue for fraud and breach of contracts", however, there is no longer rule of law for the upper class 1%.

  37. Yet, Obama did excacly that...breach of contracts, i.e. ask the pensioners fro Delphi. Obama put secured creditors at the bottom of the line in favor of the Unions. Unprecedented.

  38. And, yet, more than 45% of us will vote for Mr. Romney? What in the world is happening here?

  39. David, I wonder the same thing 100 times a day. What has happened to education, critical thinking and literacy in this country, that so many can be brainwashed by lies?

  40. The President's race and fox adds fuel to the fire.

  41. Honestly, i am grateful for that.
    It helps me seeing the history of my own country with a tiny little more leniency, especially what happened more than 80 years ago, when people had even less access to free and diverse media.

  42. A man of conviction and truth dose not need to change his position.

  43. Are you under the impression that Benghazi was the result of a mob protest? Or are you telling us that Obama is not a man of conviction and truth?

  44. What we need is a real conviction for his intentional profiteering on company pension plans. He drove these companies into bankruptcy by liquidating its assets and leveraging everything it couldn't liquidate. We need to ensure the promise of recapture and fraud charges based on the intentional sundering that BAIN and Tagg Romney's capital company and any other thieves in the practice of doing these remakes using our capital markets to support their thefts... until he bankrupts the purchased companies and costs the capital markets their profits. There is not need to pretend that the bankrupting of the companies was not intentional. These are frauds. If the company just happened to survive, it is the will of the employees that did it. Clearly what BAIN and Mitt Romney provided was simply a dagger to the heart.

  45. Has there ever been a Presidential candidate who lied more bald-facedly?

  46. Never! The problem is, people believe him. Despite his obvious lies, he could be elected. This is because of the uncontrolled amount of right-wing money being spent on his campaign. Our system is broken!!!

  47. Ambassador Stevens was murdered in Benghazi because of a protest caused by a viral YouTube video. (There was never a protest there)
    I will veto any bill that contains a Medicare Doc Fix. (He didn't)
    I will not run negative ads in my campaign. (He did)
    I will close Guantanamo in my first year in office. (He didn't)
    I will end extraordinary rendition. (He didn't)
    I will have an immigration reform bill to congress in my first year. (He didn't)
    I will have no lobbyists in my campaign or my administration. (He did)
    I will not increase taxes on individuals earning less than $200,000 (He did)
    I will not vote for retroactive immunity for the telecoms. (He did)
    I will use public financing for my campaign. (He didn't)
    All health care reform debate will be open and transparent. (It wasn't)
    I support a public option for health care reform. (He didn't)
    Dropping bombs on a sovereign nation is not a hostile act. (The most flagrant, deliberate lie any American president ever told. Worse even that Clinton's)
    --and many, many more.

  48. Not in my lifetime.

  49. What I think we have to ask ourselves now is how it is that, out of all the qualified candidates, a major party ended up running a pathological liar.

    To members of the press -- How is it that a candidate can lie through his teeth, and be hailed the next moment by pundits as the winner of a debate? Have you become so inured to the degradation of the process that you cover that you are now party to its distortions? Indeed, when a politician is honest, as Gov. Christie has recently been about President Obama, the reporting implies that he has a screw loose.

    To the country -- Has the primary system really worked out the way it was supposed to? As a member of the Vietnam generation, I supported the reforms that took candidate selection out of the smoke-filled rooms. And I now admit that that was a terrible mistake. The Republicans chose a liar because only a liar could negotiate the primary process, wherein candidates had to appeal both to a crackpotty Tea Party base with know-nothinng litmus tests on issues like global warming and the proverbial undecideds in the general election. It takes a greased weasel to do both, and that's precisely what Romney is.

    We must either abolish the primary system, or move to an indirect, representative system of selecting leaders, as envisaged by the Framers when they created the electoral college, now with pledged members a dysfunctional vestige.

  50. There's no "good" way to choose leaders.

    In China a tiny group of elites choose the leader for more than one billion people without these people's input (I call this the Mitt Romney model because the vision of corporate America and Wall Street isn't really much different from that of the communists who rule China).

    In Europe, voters vote for the political party of their choice, not for the individual candidates. But Americans don't like this; we like voting for...or in the case of Obama, voting against a particular person (Romney is, after all, the anti-Obama so Romney doesn't actually have to have any concert individual views on anything).

    Europe, however, does have, at least, a superficial advantage; in most European countries there are, at least, THREE major parties, and the ruling party usually must govern with the support of, at least one, other party.

    In societies where one party governs by itself, the form of government is really a dictatorship, even when the dictators are elected.

    By the way, way to go Vermont and Maine for supporting independent candidates.

  51. look who Romney ran against. Jeb Bush and Christie refused to run.

  52. Lee Iococca got a bailout for Chrysler from the Republicans in 1979.

    George Romney let AMC fail.

  53. There's a comment later on, after yours was posted, that say's "Romney is right" to let them fail since they will fail again in the future. One wonders if they're hoping they'll fail as well. "See, I told ya so."

    AMC had built miserable cars for decades, pretty much ever since after WWII and except for a couple of innovations it used old technology and manufacturing techniques. I don't miss those cars but I sometimes wonder at the weight of the bodies and the inefficiency of the motors, they were more like tanks than cars.

    US automakers made so much money off SUVs that they failed to develop really good cars that got decent milage. This is slowly changing but the SUV is still here. Some think the Humvee is status symbol. I've had heavy duty vans with three times the capacity and they weighed a lot less than the Humvee. Then the drag and extra weight of the front axle. So many people buy 4-wheel drives yet use it to drive to Starbuck's every morning down highways with no potholes.

    The person who cited Romney's now reviled position reminds me of people who still think Joe McCarthy was right, "good ol gunner Joe"; doesn't matter how many lives this guy ruins he was "right". I'll bet they drive a Humvee.

  54. AMC did not fail. It was purchased by Chrysler.

  55. Obama has more Pinnochio's than Romney. FACTCHECKER!!!

  56. We wouldn't be in this situation if the media used the word "Lie" to hold Romney accountable for his "Lies" throughout this campaign. The media is the reason the most dishonest candidate in history is a few inches away from the Oval Office.

  57. Completely agree. Well, they've finally called him a liar. Better late than never I suppose.

  58. Totally agreed. Why isn't this front page news in the NY Times? Why is the rest of the media almost whispering about this? This should be a headline screaming at voters to be conscious of what they would be getting in a Romney administration. The man hasn't said an honest word from the day he started campaigning. It's time the media calls him on this and makes sure voters see and hear it.

  59. Given that GM has a stake in the Presidential race, a comment like this is to be expected. That does not mean that Romney should back away from his stance.

    He called for a managed bankruptcy. GM and Chrysler would have come out of that leaner and more competitive. They would have been able to stand the next economic downturn. As it is, they are still saddled with the high priced labor contracts that made them uncompetitive in the first place. At the next sign of a slowdown they will again be unable to compete. They will again fail.

    Romney is right about this.

  60. Managed bankruptcy just means, everyone in the food chain has to take losses, supplier, worker, sales clerks. And all this in a depressed economy.
    This is just rolling over the failure of an industry to a lot of people, who have done nothing wrong, but also wouldn't participate when this specific industry recovers thanks to their sacrifice.

    This bailout burned no one except the republicans self-esteem, and i think the american citizen can live up to that.

  61. GM and Chrysler DID have managed bankruptcies under Obama. (Bankruptcies by definition are managed.) They also got $80 bil in gov't aid in the form of loans (since paid back with interest) and an equity stake in the case of GM, that Romney would have denied them, which was key to their rebuilding

    Re labor contracts, you seem to be completely unaware of the negotiated two-tier labor contracts that have been in effect for years now, as well as the further concessions that were made under the gov't supervised reorganization.

    You also seem to be unaware that the U.S auto industry's product offerings in an increasingly challenging global marketplace are much more competitive than they were just a few years ago. Sales are up. Market share is up. The industry is in vastly better shape than it was four years ago. The supplier network has stabilized. By any measure, the auto bailout has been a success.

    The U.S economy is still far from fully recovered. Europe is in a recession. Yet even under these conditions, U.S automakers are starting to thrive again, having just reported healthy profits.

    Your rosy prediction of failure seems to be based on nothing other than ideologically-driven fantasy.

  62. A "managed bankruptcy" requires financing if it's not simply going to be a managed liquidation. When Romney wrote his Op Ed in November of 2008, the financial sector had collapsed. Detroit was being battered by the resulting economic downturn. There was NO private sector financing available. The government provided $80 billion to keep the auto companies up and running while the restructuring took place. This public financing was explicitly opposed by Romney in his Op Ed. Without it, there would be no managed bankruptcy - just liquidation and millions of workers without jobs. That would have accelerated the severe recession and likely pushed the world into a depression. Romney's aversion to government loans would have been disastrous for the nation.

  63. Mitt Romney pushing a lie? Say it ain't so.

    Unfortunately, we know it's so, and that this boardroom Pinocchio has being lying through his teeth since Day 1 of this campaign. He has truly run one of the most intellectually dishonest campaigns in recent American history.

    This dude has sold his soul so many times over the past few years that there must be demons in multiple universes now fighting over who gets possession of it when his end arrives.

    As I've argued repeated in these spaces, anyone who craves political power this urgently is the last person that the American people should grant it to under any circumstances.

  64. Not only what kind of president he would be ... what kind of person he is! To me this man is driven by nothing more than ambition and I am repulsed by his candidacy for president.

  65. "...a grim preview of what kind of president he would be."

    The kind of president a person will be is exactly what kind of person they are now. That alone tells you that Romney is Nixon redux. He might not have been previously, but something has gripped him in this election and he is a power-hungry liar willing to do and say anything.

  66. Thank you for telling the truth about Mitt Romney's lies.

  67. With the standard Romney claim to "create 12,000,000 jobs" if elected; he doesn't clarify they would be jobs for the Chinese as his past job creation through Baine has proven. His new campaign ads just got mixed up.

  68. Romney's zeal for crushing unions may have cost him the election. From some of his comments, including in the third presidential debate, it's clear that his original reason for opposing the auto bailout was to bust the unions. In particular, if GM and Chrysler had been forced to go through the normal bankruptcy process, then even if they'd found private financing to reopen (and that's a big if), they would have been able to reorganize without the existing union contracts and without the pension liability owed to past generations of unionized workers. This was Romney's real goal, it seems clear. Republicans (Romney, Scott Walker, etc.) are in a union-busting phase, perhaps in part because of their worship of "job creators," but in larger part, I suspect, because unions are major Democratic donors. Ironically, this time, Romney's union-busting zeal, as manifested in the "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" editorial, may have cost him Ohio and Michigan, and thus may have cost him the election.

  69. Romney's attempts to obscure his positions on issues -- saying whatever is the most opportunistic given the situation-- shows a stunning degree of contempt for the American publlic. Does he reallly believe in anything other than his entitlement to be president?

  70. If this country elects a man with such little integrity and character to the white house, it will be a very poor reflection on our nation.

    We'll know in less than a week.

  71. Romney will lose Ohio, and therefore the election, because white working class men (in the rust belt, which has suffered long at the hands of vulture capitalists like Romney) will vote for Obama, who provided the federal funds to rescue the auto industry in a grave credit crisis, and they will vote against the author of that now infamous editorial. And thereby hangs the tale of this election.

  72. Romney never had a self. Why are we surprised that he continues to be a loser liar?

  73. Romney has really stooped to the lowest level possible. he has underestimated the intelligence of the low information voter....they may be low information but they are not stupid. No one buys this stuff.....Romney..what a loser.

  74. Why in the name of all reason and the future of this nation is this hidden on the editorial page and not on the front page?

    Can it be any clearer that Romney will make the excesses and errors that started this country on a downward trajectory by George Bush seem minor in comparison to a Romney presidency?

    Wake up America, nothing less than our future and freedoms depend on it.

  75. If there are any still undecided voters in Ohio who might be reading this, I would like to say this -- your state's economy has done better than most in the past 4 years. So, what is it besides the economy that would have you favor Romney over Obama?
    Is it Obamacare? Then what did Romney also say his own plan, after repealing Obamacare, would also cover per-existing conditions, which is th essence of Obamacare?
    Is it about Iran? Romney agreed with everything Obama is doing there, in the third debate, and has already alienated countries that Obama convinced to enforce sanctions against Iran.
    Do you think Obama should have made the economy get better faster?
    Obama actually dropped the unemployment rate twice as fast -- 0.7 percent point per year -- than Bush did between 2002 to 2008, at 0.3 percent point drop per year. And Bush had most of that from government jobs, while all of Obama's jobs have been in the private sector.
    Is it because of the deficit? Bush pushed the yearly deficit up each year for 8 years in a row. Obama has been cutting it each year. The top US CEOs endorse Obama's plan to cut the deficit with a mixture of mostly spending cuts, and a lesser amount from preBush tax rates for millionaires. This is the same way Clinton created 22 million jobs AND balanced the budget.
    With what Romney now says about Jeep jobs, which the CEO of Jeep says is a lie, can you trust Romney on closing his own tax loopholes, or Medicare, Social Security or disaster relief?

  76. After listening to Governor Romney change his story on what he believes over the years, than months and now within the same hour, I am convinced the vacant chair Clint Eastwood yelled at, would be a better choice than voting for Romney.

    Thankfully there is a third choice and we can simply re-elect the President.

  77. I was disdainful of the lies and deception coming out of the Romney camp. Now I am beginning to grow fearful that there is a chance the electorate will be deluded into putting a sociopath into the White House who has no regard for the truth, no respect for the intelligence of the public and no compassion for the nation's citizens. No responsible statesman should be allowed to perpetrate this level of deception on the public without triggering a huge outcry.

    This latest Big Lie caper regarding the automobile industry is over-the-top chicanery. I hope we get to the end of the Barnum syllogism: Romney has fooled some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time. Let us hope and pray that the public wakes up before he comes close to fooling all of the people all of the time.

    Where is the press in all of this? Why aren't these outrages front-page news?

  78. I keep hoping to see evidence that Mitt Romney could be a worthy president, just in case he wins the election; but the evidence against him keeps mounting. I wonder again: What is in his tax returns that he is afraid to reveal? If he did become president, might he someday be taken from the White House in handcuffs? His deeply dishonest and fraudulent campaign shows that he is more than ready to lie whenever it is convenient. Add to that his smoke-and-mirrors economic "plan," his history of corporate brutality, his poor record as governor of Massachusetts, his treachery with regard to health insurance and the human rights of gays and women, and his shallow grasp of how the US government works. A President Romney would be a far greater national disaster than "Frankenstorm."

  79. One principle at work here can be understood by looking at the fascinating counterexample provided by the Christie/Obama hookup in New Jersey. This is the first time in a long while that we have seen what used to be called "politics," something that happens when elected officials
    1) deal with reality in order to
    2) get something done.
    Romney and Ryan, by contrast, provide an excellent example of how Republicans have tried to redefine politics as the art of
    1) denying reality in order to
    2) prevent anything from getting done.

  80. It is stunning, and speaks sadly for this country, that an inveterate liar like Mr. Romney can plausibly be thought of as the next president

  81. Should Romney get elected, we will be well on the path of having a country with few rich and many poor. The New York Times recently ran an article of what happens to societies in that situation.

    In addition, the Republicans have historically presented us with those running for public office unfit to lead.

  82. Alas, my greatest hope is Mitt Romney suffers a resounding, unambiguous defeat Tuesday. That way, he can slink back into whatever woodwork he crawled out from, and we don't have to be bothered by his hyperbole and lying any more.

    The GOP team running the Romney campaign seems to be of the opinion that if they say something, it automatically becomes true, and the American people are too dumb to figure it out. It's the most cynical assessment of American voters possible, but what else could explain their shape-shifting, truth-defying, facts-phobic campaign strategy?

    Please, please, please let President Obama win, so we can put behind us this sorry mess of an election bought by Karl Rove and paid for by the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and a few other right-wing moguls. Let's get back to government of the people, by the people and for the people... NOT for the big corporations and moguls.

  83. I keep thinking Romney's real opposition to the auto bailout is that it preserved the unions as an integral part of the picture. He would much have preferred a method that would have fired all the union workers and replaced them with minimum-wage scabs, and confiscated all the union pensions and health benefits, and divided them among his cronies. He saw breaking the power of the unions as the first benefit of letting Detroit to bankrupt.

  84. The bailout reallly did save jobs and pension and kept our auto industry viable. If the companies had gone through the court and assuming that a private company might have been found, as you say a highly unlikely prospect, all union contracts would have been voided with no recourse. Workers would then be at the mercy of the new owners who could have hired workers back at minimum wage or shipped the companies overseas. The government bailout was the best compromise possible.

    Bain, Romney's company made a specialty of dismantling companies in trouble for profit. Of course he would not consider union issues and fairness. That would not yield the greatest profit. The whole business is a model for the way Romney's mind works and humanity has nothing to do with it. So go ahead America vote for him. No amount of smarmy ads promiising bipartisanship will cover up his plans to dismantle everything that we have accomplished in the last eighty years.

  85. My neighbor has a brother who works for a GM plant in Ohio and he has kept her abreast of what has been going on with the auto industry since Obama gave Chrysler and GM bailout monies. 1. The bailout loans have been paid back with interest. 2. 2/3 of laid off workers have been hired back, while others have been hired to fill thousands of positions in industries that make parts for automobiles, jeeps, SUV's etc. 3. Tire makers have called back tens of thousands of employees to make tires for the new models, including fords, which are now leaner, much more fuel efficient, and more attractive then they ever were in the past, which is why Japan and Korea got so far ahead of us, like Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda. 4. This has made U.S. automakers much, much more competitive and sales to Europe and Asia have doubled. 5. Jeep has NO intention of moving most of its production overseas as the country is deeply proud of Jeep's being an American name, An American institution, and best fitted for the rugged terrain in the mountains, on ranches and farms, etc.

    I then checked out some statics and guess what? My neighbor's brother is 100% right regardless of what hypocrite Mitt tries to get us to believe.

  86. Seems to me there is a little bit of jingoism going on here; Mr. Romney is not only attacking & insulting China [a constant theme of this election campaign,] but has gone after the Italians as well!. We can't go it alone anymore, Mr. Romney. This isn't 1955, or even 1975, we need Europe a& China as much, and more, than they need us. Those are the trade & exchange rate realities of 2012. Seems to me, also, that non-stop insults slung to China will boomerang, one of these days. After all, who is buying all our bonds? Is that such a bad thing, Mr. Romney. The next thing he will do, is "prohibit" China from buying our currency, bonds, stocks & real estate.

  87. As a P.S. I offer this snippet from the Nov-Dec 2009 CATO Institute appraisal of the bailout:

    "The crisis atmosphere that prevailed for the better part of a year invited rationalizations from officials in all three branches of the federal government for skirting the rules, making exceptions, passing the buck, and assuming nonexistent powers. From the misuse of TARP funds by two presidents to the marginalization of "takings" claims of secured creditors resulting from President Obama's heavy-handed bankruptcy tactics to the courts' lip service to justice in its repeated deference to executive claims that time was of the essence, longstanding American institutions have been weakened to our collective detriment. When bad firms are rewarded and good firms penalized, the incentives soon fail to support progress. When investors can no longer be certain that property rights underpin their claims, they will take their money elsewhere. When political expedience surpasses law and justice as a guiding virtue, productive resources will be diverted to serving political, rather than economic ends. These should be the hard lessons of the auto bailouts".

    In the end, something closely akin to Romney's plan was implemented, but poorly

  88. What is often overlooked is that the Bush administration loaned GM $15 billion to keep it afloat until the Obama administration took over in January 2008. That's how dire their position was. The plants would have shut down production even before Obama could act to save them without that loan.

    When Romney wrote his NYT "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" Op Ed, he was not commenting on Obama's government restructuring plan, which had yet to be proposed, but on the idea of a direct government loan to the ailing car companies to avoid immediate cessation of operations. Had that not been done, bankruptcy and liquidation would have been a near certainty. The structured bankruptcy never would have happened. Millions of lost jobs on top of the 800,000 per month already being lost could have pushed us, and the world, into a depression.

    Once Obama took office, he did the structured bankruptcy, with government loans to keep the companies solvent through the process. Romney did mention the structured bankruptcy, but opposed essential government financing. The "Cash for Clunkers" program gave the industry a further boost. That's another program opposed by Republicans.

    Romney is now squirming to escape from his own words re: the auto rescue. In addition, he has to deal with his Libertarian pandering on FEMA as the same time that he tries to spin his views on the auto rescue. Sandy is a disaster of the first order, but it's also bad karma coming home to roost for Romney.

  89. When we are told by those that were trying to find financial backers that nobody wanted to invest in GM, that is true.

    If the conditions were that you had to give the unions big stakes of the company and keep most of the management that ran the companies into the ground, there certainly was nobody stupid enough to do that except our government.

    If, on the other hand, the companies had proceeded to liquidation as I think Romney has suggested, there certainly would have been people that would have stepped in to buy the assets. At that point, they would have complete freedom to run the companies or utilize the assets without the legacies insisted upon by the Obama administration.

    GM will likely still go under, declare bankruptcy and need to be bailed out again. They are failing. It would have been simpler to let the market handle the situation.

    It is impossible to tell how that would have affected employment in the long term, but the assets would have been put to use in some way and the brand name of GM - one of the marquee assets that would have been for sale - would still be with us.

    We saved the big banks. We put the taxpayers in debt to do it. Bernanke has been flooding the market with money as life support for the big banks. And the banks are still up to their same old games. We probably would have been much better off simply letting them fail.

    Capitalism is not capitalism if companies are not allowed to fail.

  90. Mitt didn't insist his plan wasn't THAT different from the President's plan. He claimed that the President actually implemented the plan Mitt described in his WSJ op-Ed.

    The audacity of this campaign, and these characters, is astounding. Having concluded that he can't win honestly, sharing his real plans, releasing tax returns for enough years to reveal how he's really conducted his financial affairs (and to what extent he bet against America), presenting his real policy proposals, so that all may be examined in the light of day (not merely discussed in quiet rooms among his benefactors and cronies), Mitt has simply pivoted to his other, more natural, alternative.

    To lie to the American people. Early and often. About everything. Big issues and small. Who cares? They're only the little people and he need only dupe them long enough to steal their votes. Mitt and his ilk are so much smarter, and better, than the voters whose votes he seeks. They all avoided the draft, failed to volunteer for military service, evade paying taxes, look down their noses at the 50% who earn less than 13% of the entire income pie.

    And while the NYT has fulfilled its journalistic responsibilities, so many in the media fail to call them on their lies, fail even to report that they're lies, present a "balanced" view when there's nothing to balance. There is the truth and there are the lies and until the media report the difference, the GOP will continue to use this tactic, with continued success.

  91. Mr Romney and his henchmen continue to insult the intelligence of Americans especially those who are desperate to make ends meet. His scare tactics are despicable.

    I am not naive. All politicians' ads have a shiny spin on their accomplishments, embellish their promises and point accusatory fingers at their opponents. On one end of the spectrum there are those who take cheap shots. And then there are the liars. I think we know where Romney falls in this regard.

    I agree that his tactics are representative of what we would expect in a presidency. I will not abide deceitfulness.

  92. Why why why has Mitt Romney gotten away this mendacious, nasty, low down campaign and where have the media been?

    The American people deserve better than this. Auto manufacturers and their workers deserve better, women and minorities and immigrants deserve better. The 47% are entitled to respect, period: since when does material wealth alone = success?

    Since the Convention, which disingenuously and deliberately misinterpreted a truthful statement by Barack Obama touting the importance of community, "You Didn't Build That," and featuring lies by Paul Ryan, and subsequently a dizzying array of almost surreal shape shifting by Mitt Romney combined with racist dog whistling and the endorsement of candidates who have issues with women's rights, Mitt Romney has been running an ugly campaign.

    But underneath it is the much-ignored GOP platform and the return to severe Voodoo Economics which have nearly eviscerated the middle class. We've seen a recovery featuring great corporate profits but the rewards haven't trickled down in the form of greater employment - American productivity is high, along with disrespect for workers.

    Now Mitt attacks not only the truth but even auto companies themselves.

    Nobody should be surprised. A party that would leave us on our own in disasters and when we're old, disabled, and sick cannot be trusted.

    The shame is that the TV media in particular have dropped the ball so everybody's acting surprised.

    And it's only 6 days before the election.

  93. I used to be an Independent who tried to vote a mix assuring representation for both parties. No more. To recover from their intoxication with the drugs of the radical right, the Republicans must be retired from political office en masse. They will then have the opportunity to reinvent themselves and their party as legitimate representatives of the American people. The Tea Party is like the creature of the film Aliens, embedding itself in the bellies of the Republicans, ready to explode through their flesh, bringing death with resurrection.

  94. A large part of the problem is that since the 1980's the MBA factories have retooled how as a culture we think about ethics and honesty. Intentional dishonesty first seeped into every business segment of society, into banking, sports, health and medicine, government, then education, and religion. The list is endless, and no sector has escaped.

    Further, we have begun to accept that success must require dishonesty, and from that it is a short leap to the assumption that a dishonest man can do a more efficient job than one who is too bound by scruples.

    After that, it isn't too hard to come to a conclusion that if one wants to keep up, never mind compete, one has to lie and cheat along with the rest of them. Romney comes to mind, and Lance Armstrong.

    This partially answers the question, "Where is the outrage?" It used to be that shame was the glue that kept societal mores in place. But there is no shame any longer in dishonesty. Shame and dishonor are now saved for poverty, or failure, or weakness.

    The strong are those who follow their own rules, create their own reality, who have the brass to speak a lie often and loudly enough for it to be believed. And it is they whom we now admire, whose success we now emulate. Meet the One Percent.

  95. Back to when the nation was facing with the choice of either (1) letting GM and Chrysler go belly up, or (2) helping GM and Chrysler to get back on their feet. Republicans were all in favor of (1). President Obama courageously chose (2). Let's be fair and give President Obama for saving GM, Chrysler, and Detroit. Now Republicans want to twist the truth, to spin the story in their favor.

    Let's also be fair in looking at our economic problem. The Obama admin took over when the U.S. were facing severe crises from failed Bush policies - bogged down with two wars in the Middle East, its standing in the world was low, the housing and financial crises threatened to bring down the U.S. economy. Banks were in trouble, so was the housing market. Unemployment rate was over 10% and was going up. The Obama admin slowly and steadily fixed the mess left by the Bush admin. We are getting out of the two wars in the Middle East. Our standing in the world improves. The banking sector, the housing market, and the economy are slowly recovering. Corporations profits are up. Unemployment rate is coming down. It takes time for the economy to turn around from a major recession. We need to be fair and give credit to President Obama for providing sure and steady leadership in time of crises.
    To elect Romney is to repeat failed Bush economic and foreign policies. Obama is clearly our better choice.

  96. To understand Romney, read "The Secret to Mitt Romney’s Fortune? Greed, Debt and Forcing Others to Foot the Bill" (
    Romney-Ryan would run the federal government like Romney ran Bain Capital, which is the same way Republicans have deliberately bankrupted the United States over the past 30 years. 1) Take control of a functional institution (government; or, manufacturer) that depends on cash income 2) Borrow the maximum possible against its assets (i.e. declare unfunded wars, overspend, lower taxes; or directly against the total assets of the company) to make the institution as indebted as possible with government taxpayer guarantees for the investors 3) Extract the maximum amount out of the borrowed money in order to transfer it to the "investors" (i.e. to the ALEC/Chamber of Commerce corporations and the top 1%); or, to Romney and Bain Capital 4) Because of the inability of the institution to function due to the huge debt interest payments, privatize the assets of the institution (i.e. public education, Medicare, Social Security, public lands, public post office if government); or, sell or bankrupt the manufacturing institution and socialize its pension funds by transferring that debt to the taxpayers to further maximize his wealth. It's what Romney knows how to do best.

  97. It's painfully obvious that Mitt Romney will say just about anything as long as it helps him become President of the United States.

    Romney is a deeply flawed candidate, but that's not the whole story. The impoverished ideas Romney is promoting are terrible for America. The positions he's espoused resonate with the extreme right, but can't be held openly.

    In defeat, we would hope the rational part of the GOP could reflect and make some changes.

    Instead of introspection, we can expect wholesale denial that there was any problem other than Romney. That would be a missed opportunity for improvement. The right wing pundits and fringe elements may continue to deny reality and spew venom. We can withstand that, but we need the GOP to regain its sanity.

    America needs the GOP to re-establish a moderate core.

    Somebody has to stand up, with moral authority and clarity, and say enough is enough. Romney appears to have missed his chance to do that. Had he run with integrity from the center, it would have been a different race and healthier for America. Instead, he chose a self serving path that missed a chance at reform within his own party.

    This has been an ugly performance by the Republican party and the right wing in America. Reform in the parted is needed. The GOP can start repairing itself by rejecting the extremists, the dirty tricks and the lies. Only then can the GOP say they are working for America, rather than against it.

  98. This is the playing out of Atwater, then Rovian approaches. Rove took Atwater an entire street further--in his voter-category breakdown, he even speaks of the "reality-based voter." Shows how much the public discourse has spiraled when the candidate for one of the two major political parties blatantly lies (as opposed to playing with words or citing a partisan study) and swears to it.

    The strategy that saying something over and over again (and being financed sufficiently to do so), regardless of its verity, will at least confuse and at best convince the population is not only cynical, but worse, sinister. And without the emergence of the well-funded machine that is Fox News, this brazenness would not be present.

    The only defense in this case is the rest of the media loudly and definitely objecting. They are supposed to be at least the referees--this foul should be called by every network and newspaper. Such a bizarre lie cannot be construed as a matter of opinion.

    And we should all take note of the networks and publishers that fail to defend the public interest. Not only have they ceded their mission, in this case, they are cowardly, stupid, or corrupt. Thus, now and in the future, they deserve no patronage.

  99. Conservatives lament that the "lame stream media" has a liberal bias. I say the it has a conservative bias. While it is true that all politicians lie, Republicans are much more severely hypocritical, with their actions directly contradicting the values that they promote and embrace. Case in point: I doubt if any government-hating conservative in the Northeast rejected government help in the aftermath of Sandy.

    Yet, you always see the media desperately trying to strike a balance by finding a liberal contradiction for every Republican lie. Republicans that shout 'family values' end up having extra marital affairs and four wives. Republicans opposed to gay rights are found soliciting gay sex. Republicans that pretend that they are the only patriots do not hesitate to hurt the entire nation just to win an election. Republicans who accuse Obama of playing the blame game don't think for a second before blaming Obama and the media for all their inconveniences.

    So why are we surprised that Mitt is following the same path. His whole campaign is based on a big lie -- completely ignoring the scale of the 2007 recession and blaming Obama for a "slow" recovery. There is no mention of the role Congressional Republicans played in opposing every Obama agenda, simply to make him a one termer. And now, just like always, he's saying anything that he thinks will help him win.

    If humans "evolved" as rapidly as Mitt's positions I wonder what we'd look like!

  100. The shape shifting Romney does with such ease and regularity should trouble people of all political persuasions. If his political stances truly do shift on a regular basis is he stable enough to assume the office of the Presidency?

    Just this political season he shifted from a severe conservative to a moderate. While his campaign manager cynically referred to his campaign as 'Etch a Sketch,' the American people deserve more clarity.

    He criticized every outcome of The President's foreign policy while agreeing with every single policy action the President took in the last foreign policy debate.

    In the primary he wanted to cut Federal emergency preparedness and privatize FEMA, while in the present face of disaster he suddenly sees the wisdom of such programs.

    He campaigned on a radical tax cut in corporate and individual tax rates, the repeal of the estate tax and AMT and increasing tax preferences for capital gains and dividends. Then he announced his plan would be revenue neutral while refusing to detail how.

    He claims he will protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while adding $2 trillion to already elevated military spending, making the Bush tax cuts permanent and balancing the budget. Again all promises, no detail.

    When running for governor he also claimed he would create jobs, grow the economy and balance the budget. He did none of those things. He loaded the state with debt and was near the bottom of the country in job creation and economic growth.

  101. It's hard not to be pleased with the result of the auto industry undertaken by President Obama. However, it was not perfect. The process resulted in, among other things (1) long established-creditors' rights being trampled, (2) the treatment of union employees far more favorably than salaried employees, and (3) preferential treatment of union employees pension benefits at a material cost to the PBGC and ultimately other companies.

  102. Pure, unregulated capitalism leads to endless series of boom and bust cycles; this seems documented beyond doubt through detailed historical analyses. The bust cycles always cause serious economic hardship, which is bound to fall on the poorer members of society more harshly - if rich folks lose a greater percentage of their wealth, they can usually afford it as long as they have reserved a proportion to cover their basic needs. The obvious corolllary is that ONLY governments can mitigate such hardship. The issue therefore is whether one believes in such mitigation or not, not whether "states" or the "private sector" can step in - demonstrably they cannot. The republican agenda is that governments simply should ignore the suffering of the citizens. This is platonic economic elitism at its most ugly and mean.

  103. Apparently the same kind of governor he was is now showing up in his campaign. He found it necessary 805 times to veto what the Massachusetts legislature voted for and was trounced more than 770 times by overriding his veto. Such a liar has no place in national politics. I suspect he was told to find other employment even by BAIN advisors when he began having losses on 40% of his purchases. Of course it was all based on his business model: Buy low, sell to investors prior to purchase, leverage everything in the company's assets list, pay off the investors, invade the pension plan to pay interest, bankrupt the company after taking 20% of its overly estimated new worth, fire the workers, run for the safety of the offshore banking with the proceeds.

    It amazes me that our workers held fast and made a go of 60% of the companies this death salesman touched.

    This is not an ethical way to make money. It involves stealing from employees pensions and laying the cost of the remaining value of pensions onto the federal government for dime on the dollar payments. Not because the company failed, but because the owner stripped it from the pension owners.

  104. Every bailout works. That is the definition of a bailout. If you gave $40 billion to a maker of buggy whips they could retool and stay afloat for awhile.

    In 1980 GM had a 60% market share which dropped to around 20% after 2000. They had decades of egregious executive management driving the company into the ground.

    You can argue all you want about the recent bailout. But it kept afloat and rewarded bad decisions, fiscal irresponsibility, poor product production, high gas guzzling vehicles and bad management.

    And the bailout was funded by taxpayers all over the country who were unemployed and suffering.

    If you want to give money to failure to keep people working there will always be plenty of opportunities.

  105. inconveniant truth: GM produces nearly 75% of its cars outside the US. So even the most pro Obama interpretation of the auto bailout ends up with the taxpayers on the hook for almost $30 billion to give one recipient of the bailout to FIAT and the other one with 3/4's of its jobs outsourced. The party I used to love, that questioned authority, that questioned big government has now lowered its standards to the comical point of defending virtually everything the government does.

  106. Government guarantees of loans DO make the money flow. Didn't we see that with the run up to the mortgage crisis? You cite Steve Ratner, Obama's car czar, for proof that there was no investment money available at the time? Money didn't disappear into thin air during the financial crisis, it was still there. No one heard Mr. Ratner or anyone else in authority (Mr. President) offer Americans the opportunity to invest in government guaranteed loans to GM. Instead, retirees have had to sit tight and watch as the Federal Reserve has destroyed retirement savings with QE1, QE2 and QE3.

    Bankruptcy has a purpose, a fresh start. More people underwater should try it and clean up this mess.

    Government owned industries, no thank you.

  107. Most of what the editorial staff has written is pure bunk. Ohio's success is primarily due to what the Kasich Administration is doing. Tell the salaried pensioneers and Indiana bondholders that the auto bailout has been a success and you'll get an entirely different story. An orderly bankruptcy would have shed healthcare, pensions, etc. and enabled GM to get back on its feet again. The auto bailout has simply been a pay-off to those organizations firmly in President Obama's camp.

  108. In all the reporting about Romney's position on the auto bailout, I don't remember seeing mention that Chrysler had in fact been purchased from Daimler by Cerberus, a private equity firm. Cerberus kept the profitable auto finance business, as the government bailed out the auto company. Cerberus was not interested in providing the capital needed to bring the automaker back to profitability. Where does Romney think the money would have come from to restructure the auto industry, when neither his firm nor any other private company would take that sort of risk?

  109. Both GM and Chrysler did go through bankruptcy. Unlike the Romney proposal, the stockholders got nothing, and the bond holders were displaced from their rightful place in reallocating the assets in favor of the President's buddies - the Unions.

    Chrysler was turned over to a foreign manufacturer and both manufacturers got huge bailouts to continue operations.

    GM is on life support and the investment is way under water with no prospect of digging out of the hole. Fiat is in a fight for its life and has already stated they will not reduce European plant capacity. Whose capacity do you think will be reduced?

    A normal bankruptcy would have made more sense. Another major fail for the administration.

  110. Interesting comments about the lack of "honesty" from Romney. In my humble opinion, the word "honest" left the building a long time ago in terms of the campaigns of all of the candidates, in both my state elections and the presidential one. Fact checkers , who continually point out the lies in campaign ads, are assiduously ignored and the ads are re-run. Anyone remember the ad with the guy blaming Romney for his wife's death from cancer? When the candidates don't want their names associated with a particularly unpalatable ad, some PAC sponsors the ad and does an end run around the truth for the candidate. i know that I am not alone in becoming increasingly alarmed at the political polarization of America. Not all my friends and I share the same political ideology, but we listen to and respect each other's opinions, while feeling free to disagree. We really need to start encouraging each other to practice civil discourse and to focus on what brings us together as Americans, rather than what some left or right "base" insists upon, all the while holding a voting bloc, like the sword of Damocles, over a candidate's head. We're turning into a nation of intolerant, intractable bullies who scream, "Agree with me, or you're an idiot". No matter who wins, we all lose.

  111. It is extremely disheartening to have a person running for office of President of the U. S. present false information and continue to repeat it after having it corrected. It is frightening that Mr. Romney could manufacture fear by presenting disinformation without any sense of regret.

  112. What is so disturbing and truly dangerous is not just Mitt Romney. After all he is just a fifth rate political go-getter whose verbal gaffes, galactic ineptitude and abysmal ignorance to go along with his serial dishonesty are beginning to make George W. Bush look like Pericles. What is truly disturbing and dangerous is that almost half the nation will vote for him. I also fear that if the President wins this election, the multi billionaires and the serpents eggs they nurtured and financed that now have hatched into hate driven extremism that infects the Party of Lincoln as well as all of the forces and people they and their allies have put in motion will try to find a way to deny the President his second term. I hope I am wrong but I sense there is something virulent and ominous at work and that we may be hurtling into an abyss with the light at our backs and the darkness ahead for as far as we can see.

  113. Quite useful in the latest exchange is the specificity of the rebuttal, which could be a model for the future. Yes, US automakers will expand production in China......for the Chinese market.

    We hope the electorate can hold the first thought without forming a conclusion before hearing the qualifying phrase: "for the Chinese market."

    Following Joe Nocera's column on Nu Skin, voters must decide whether they admire and trust an epitome of the financially successful multi-level marketing executive. (Finance as practiced by Bain Capital and led by Romney is not so different.) The benefits of those Nu Skin anti-aging products, like Romney claims -- count as nothing compared to the wealth or power of those who can get others to sell them to others. Isn't wealth acquired this way evidence, for many, of leadership?

  114. A question for the electorate to ponder - if Romney was so successful as Governor of Massachusetts with respect to education, fiscal stability, and bi-partisan cooperation, why will he lose his home state by possibly the widest margin of any favorite son candidate in presidential election history? It is largely because the accomplishments he trumpets were either shams or half truths. His present lying liars offensive in Ohio gives a good insight into his character.

  115. U.S. democracy is systematically being destroyed by Romney and his lies while the world is watching the election. I believe false advertisement by retailers are illegal in the U.S., then how come it is allowed for the presidential candidates with impunity.
    If it is allowed to continue, America might loose it's democracy in the not too distant future. When the electorate can be effectively fooled and manipulated by unscrupulous candidates, then it is no longer an effective democracy.

  116. I don't think we would be talking seriously about the republicans lying their way to victory, if the press did its' job, like this belated editorial does. Romney has been lying for quite awhile yet has been given enough of a pass by papers and news outlets who have ended up enabling him to keep lying 'successfully' and gain from it.

    If there is no downside or exposure of romney's lying, why would the republicans stop what is working for them. Instead, the media places their emphasis on political tactics, who makes the most noise, and how successful an advertisement is working for one or the other candidate. Meanwhile, while the media spotlight has been on the 'football game-like scores' in place of informative truth reporting, the majority of uninformed people will vote against their own interests (i.e.white working class men) based on lies they keep hearing which lead to decisions to vote more on their base instincts, biases, fears, and with whom 'they want to drink a beer'.

    This election is so important for the direction of the country and the news media's job has always been to find out and tell us who the scoundrels and liars are. That is supposed to take place in the news section of papers and magazines not just in editorials especially just days before an election.

    When the news media doesn't do its' job, we end up with Bush 2, Irag war, a Tea Party, Lying as strategy, and way to many idiots saying 'keep the government's hands off my Social Security'.

  117. I could be wrong but it looks to me like some Chrsyler and Jeeps could come from Italy in the future:

    This website below is also reporting the same story which leads me to believe that the Italian car maker Fiat plans to flood the US market with cars made in Italy, and this includes their signature cars Jeep and Chrysler. Fiat is in deep financial trouble in Europe therefore it makes sense to Fiat to manufacture their cars in Italy then Export their cars to US. It is my belief that it only a matter of time that Fiat will close the plant in Detroit. It is not a matter of if but when? Alas, Obama doesn't want the workers in Detroit to receive their pink slips until after he's been re-elected....Go figure!

  118. I consider myself an independent and started out as a supporter of the governor. While half-truths are the norm during an election, outright lying and vacillating in your views during a campaign makes me question at what cost the person will do to win. If his campaign is successful, I dread this will spread to future elections of all level.

  119. I think in next congress we should pass a law that if any candidate has knowingly deceived voters by false advertisement and has not pulled such advertisements when advised, he will be automatically impeached along with his Vice President after opposition can prove it in supreme court. Supreme Court will have to hear such case in expedited time schedule.
    It is beyond any ethics or moral codes what Romney is doing, I hope that America Voters see that and do not elect him. God Bless America.

  120. I've felt compelled to comment on Romney's ads claiming that Obama's tax plans and Obama-care "hurts small business".

    This is a classic example of the "pot calling the kettle black".

    As I walk and drive through areas near my home, I see many small businesses closed and storefronts vacant. Could these have happened under Obama-care, which hasn't even really taken full effect? Are these due to taxes? No, these problems are a symptom of our Great Recession, which is clearly the result of the incompetent government spending and funding policies implemented under the Bush administration. And Romney/Ryan wants to not only continue, but double-down on them.

    Small Business owners, please see this link:

    Voters, small business owners, don't be misled by these ads. Mitt Romney will add to this country's problems, not solve them

  121. Another pathetic editorial full of misrepresentations and a decidedly anti-Romney bias. You fail to mention the underlying criticism of how the Obama Administration handled the bailout of GM/Chrysler. The basic point is that the way it was done undercut 80 years of legitimate bankruptcy laws and turned the priority payouts on their head. The Union/UAW pension plans were put to the front of the line and the legitimate bondholders and unsecured creditors were shafted. That is the reality - both for GM/Chrysler and for Adelphi (where again UAW interests were protected while non-union interests were torn asunder). Saying that there was no OTHER MONEY available at the time is also false. Many of the bondholders were lending institutions who would have provided more money if they had had assurances that they would be safeguarded in the normal course of a managed bankruptcy. As to how well the bailout worked, a web of deceit has characterized the real numbers. $56 billion in taxpayer funds have been put in, $25 billion is still outstanding after almost 4 years, the share price has to go from $25 per share to about $52 per share to allow for the repayment of the balance, and manipulative accounting gimmicks were used to engineer repayments that the economics of the companies could not possibly justify. This is the most blatant example of rule by executive fiat - no legislation, no regard for precedent, no accountability. This is the Obama Way!

  122. "Truth's so darkened nowadays, and lies so established, that unless we love the truth we will never know it.'' -Blaise Pascal

    Integrity in life means not only behaving according to certain moral principles, in the sense of honesty and sincerity, but also striving for wholeness within and harmony with others. It is a virtuous quality of life, which is - according to Erik Erikson - the highest stage of human development.

    In 2003 when the American Film Institute conducted a poll asking about the greatest American film hero, Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird," played by Gregory Peck, was ranked #1.
    In April 2012, President Obama hosted a film screening of the film in the Family Theater at The White House to commemorate its 50th anniversary with guests including local students from Washington-Lee High School, Mary Badham Wilt, the actress who played Scout, and Veronique Peck, widow of Gregory Peck.

    Should we not hold our next President to the same standards of integrity as seen in Atticus Finch?

  123. I was a stockholder (Owner) of GM. I used to be middle class. Obama's illegal taking of the company (theft) wiped ouit my life savings.
    When Chrysler went through a legal Chapter 11 bankruptcy years ago, the owners (stockholders) of that company eventually recovered their value. Obama just took mine, with no legal justification, gave half of it to the union, with no legal justification, and made the tax payers - including me - pay 42 billion dollars, which will never be recovered, for the priviledge.
    Maybe that's even worse than lying during a campaign, of which he is also most definitely also guilty.

  124. It's amusing to listen to Romney talk about 1: the state of the middle class, which is in a boon right now because companies like the ones he worked for are sucking them dry and shipping jobs overseas and 2: what he plans to do about it. Aside from a mathematically implausable plan of eliminating loopholes except for small business (and his definition of "small" business is far too inclusive to raise a decent amount of revenue), he has no plan.

    I like the term "Least Common Denominator" politics though. I think the concept is accurate; most Americans don't have the sense to realize any problems dreampt up by the GOP are either exagerated or in no way bettered by trickle down government. Most don't have the good sense not to change horses mid stream

  125. Cynical campaign politics at its worst indeed. I've worked at GM for the past two years, and watched its sales get stronger and stronger thanks to new and improved vehicles. In Romney's world, these and other inconvenient truths don't exist because they don't fit the Republican Party's cynical strategies and skewed narratives. If the Republican Party was a car it would get abysmal fuel economy, only provide crash protection to the occupants in the rear seat, and have a steering wheel that only turns right. We need to drive that car to the junk yard of American politics and leave it there to rot on Election Day.

  126. Well, if GM said that they absolutely needed a bailout, then enough said.

    And certainly, if they needed the bailout, then the terms of the bailout were obviously exactly correct, only what was needed and beyond reproach.

    After all, Big Business has never been deceitful in saying what they need to maintain jobs and they never manipulate government to exact subsidies and tax exemptions.

    The case is clear.

  127. I guess I as an American taxpayer still own a good sized piece of General Motors. Lucky me! And that entitles me to how much off the base price of a $70,000 Cadillac?

    The cost of workers benefits, negotiated by lame duck executives and union thugs and now subsidized by we taxpayers, makes up 1/3rd of the cost of an automobile. There are more "benefits" in my Cadillac than steel!!!

    And with Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, I also have the privilege of paying $3.85 a gallon for each 23 miles in the city.

    Time to let him go!

  128. I have to conclude that Mitt Romney and his gang are basically not competent. He had an opportunity to debate Steve Rattner on the GM bankruptcy, and turned it down.

    Here was the chance for Mitt to use his years of private equity experience to debate someone who he calls "ethically challenged", on a topic he considered important enough to write multiple articles.

    Instead he ducked the challenge, and resorts to throwing stink bombs of misleading ads. He and his surrogates sometimes complain about the cost of the bailouts, and at other times moan that Delphi workers were excluded. In the primaries he claims his plan was different, and then in the general election he claims his plan was similar.

    This pattern fits his revealed strategy of ignoring the 47% and concentrating on the uninformed voter, the one who makes a decision on how it looks, the one who does not correlate his past positions with his current ones.

    I keep thinking of the phrase that Casca used when stabbing Caesar with a dagger, "Speak, hands for me.". Except in this context, Mitt Romney says:
    "Speak, ads for me."

  129. Led by the automotive sector, planned job cuts jumped up 41% in October to almost 48,000, the highest level since May, outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas said Thursday. "The final three months of the year tend to see heavier downsizing activity as companies make year-end adjustments to meet earnings goals and to prepare for the new year," said John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas. "Certainly, the deluge of weak third-quarter earnings reports that resulted from declining sales here and abroad does not bode well for workers as 2013 approaches." Job cuts in October were up 12% from last year.

    Funny, this isn't in The Old Grey Lady!

  130. This charlatan has done significant damage to the process and cheapened the whole thing.
    He has lowered the bar. for what we will accept.
    It bodes very poorly for our future even with him losing.
    We should all be extremely bothered by this race being close at all.
    It begs of some introspection to avoid more trouble in the future.
    Trouble is still coming.

  131. Reading about the great length a political opponent can go simply to win power, including concocting lies, makes me wonder if at all there is any difference between a mature democracy, like America, and a young one, like my country Kenya. If the end justifies the means, then how sure are we to get it right once in power? What is even more intriguing, is that in the case of the Republicans, money buys this power through unregulated super PACs. God save democracy.

  132. But reading Romney's 2008 oped, I see the structure of the solution that Obama put into place. The main distinction being the source of funding ... government vs private. Most of what Romney prescribed was bang on in terms of the fundamental restructuring required as opposed to a straight bailout; and this was incorporated in the Obama plan.

    I am certain that, had Romney been in power, he would have accepted the reality of the credit market of the time and done exactly what Obama did. This is true of health care as well with Obama copying Romney's plan with changes as required to meet the political realities of the time.

    Romney's problem is that he is trying to distinguish his policies from Obama's which is difficult when Obama seems to be getting much of his advice from Romney.

    I don't really think it matters who wins. Romney has better hair, but Obama has a more engaging smile.

  133. How surprising! GM, the recipient of government largesse, is defending the take. The whole truth, and the Times would know, because it reported it at the time, is this: it wasn't the automotive industry that was bailed out. It was GM and Chrysler specifically. Ford did not take any money, nor did Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Honda, all of which have continued to build cars and trucks in the USA. The auto bailouts, like the bank bailouts, were gifts to specific recipients and not others, paid for with money extracted from taxpayers who had no say in the matter. If that is not crony capitalism, what is?

  134. When Mitt failed to convine anyone that the plan that saved the auto industry was his, he changed his approach, and claimed that the auto industry wasn't saved by the plan implemented by the President after all, because some of the jobs created might be in China. Never mind all the jobs saved in the US, those with the auto makers and those with the vendors who make parts and provide other services, which depend, for their livelihoods, on the auto makers. Never mind the new jobs the auto makers are creating in this country every day.

    Apparently, Mitt's new criticism is that the President's plan did not require that all jobs created by the auto makers in the future must be in this country. Of course, if it had, Mitt would be criticizing the President for interfering with private business. Because to Mitt, and the GOP, this President can never do anything right, and never has.

  135. Perhaps it is time to look at the rules regarding slander and lies in advertising, and see if they should apply to political advertising. Obvious satire gets a pass, but lies not told for comic effect are poisoning political discourse in particularly distressing ways.

  136. At this point it should be evident. With the gross inaccuracies propagated by the Romney campaign, he is unfit to be president. An individual who will lie and then double down when confronted with facts to the contrary not only shows duplicity. More troubling, it shows a window into how he would manufacture facts when he controlled the apparatus he seeks to lead.

  137. This article is spot on, except in one respect. It reads:
    "[Romney's campaign is] blithely deceiving voters desperate for clarity and truth". While this may describe many voters, including myself, it is perplexing to see the undeniable evidence that there is simply no downside to Romney's in-our-face lying. No matter what he says, no matter how untrue it may be, no matter that he is contradicting what he may have said yesterday, fully half of this country is still ready to vote for him. He has been lying like a rug since this campaign began, yet it has taken until this point, just a week before the election, for the press to call him on his astounding dishonesty and cynicism.

  138. NYT continued never ending attack / fault finding with Romney is now not only so one sided it is takes away any sense of objective analysis. The paper supports Obama that is understood but is it now become nothing more than a surrogate for the Democratic party. Rommey is not my choice but neither is Obama neither one have the leadership skills required. Obama I believe will win so the Times needs to not become a mouthpiece for a weak individual who lacks the ability to lead and cannot articulate any sense of direction. The country will see 4 more years lackluster leadership. The positions right and left will get more hard fast. Divisions between not only Political parties but among ethnic groups will grow and we will see further stalemate.
    The nastiness of this election will create a structural changes that will further divided states and groups. Call me pessimistic but we need leadership not Rush nor a NYT that is acting in a similar fashion.

  139. Interesting that the Des Moines Register has reported on this issue, making clear that Romney has been blatantly dishonest. Yet the editors of the Register have chosen to endorse Romney's candidacy in their swing state. One wonders if those editors read their own newspaper. If so, it is certainly the time for them to rescind their ill-conceived endorsement.

  140. It should not be so difficult to call the man a liar; he is. He is a habitual liar. and I hope he never becomes president, that would really be an insult not only to democracy but to the mentality of many of the people in this country.
    Romney refuses to release his taxes and hides his money in overseas accounts. He and his cohorts bought all of the hard drives with his e-mails, from his four years as governor of MA. The Romney people also wiped his e-mails from the Utah Olympics, according to the historians who keep those records. This man is so much worse than Nixon ever was.

  141. America's leadership provides the rest of the world direction - generally for better. While pragmatism and can-do spirit are the hallmark of the nation, its real strength stems from its indomitable optimism and can-do spirit. This combined with a certain idealism which are easily recognized and infectious - liberty and plain speaking honesty -serve as a beacon of hope for many across the globe. American leaders are meant to embody these ideals, and when they don't the world has generally suffered. Cynicism as demonstrated by the Romney campaign bodes ill for America and the rest of the world. One hopes the people see through it and vote accordingly

  142. Bain Capital , and the millions Romney has made, would have never been possible without government policies which allowed cheap loans, low tax rates, etc., that amounted to subsidies. His great Olympic accomplishment is another hoax: without millions that the US goverment provided directly after he went begging to Congress, and the 1 billion plus $ in infrastructure improvements, the Salt Lake Olympics would have been an economic fiasco.
    This man suffers from delusions of grandeur and business accomplishments. He still doesn't understand that at every step, millions of people, the taxpayers, were and are making his life possible. He still feels we haven't given him enough.
    Come Wednesday morning, what will he do? Frankly, I don't care.

  143. My 87 yr old mother had GM bonds and lost over $50K because of Obama's decision to violate the bankruptcy rules. This was a major part of her retirement that the UAW took. Ford received nothing and is doing just fine, so the government intervention was not required at all. I refuse to buy GM because of the unfair competitive advantage that GM was given by the government involvement. Ford deserves the credit for being successful without interference.

  144. It would appear that most Americans forgot there are three car companies in Detroit. Ford without assistance has through good management and a successful product manged to survive. The lesson to be learned is not how the federal government saved GM and Chrysler rather how Ford survived without its help.

  145. The only consistency I can see in Mitt Romney is that he lies constantly. (I had written "lies consistently," but of course that's not true, as he can't even keep his own stories straight.)

    This degree of mendacity, exercised for the sole purpose of his gaining the Presidency, borders on sociopathic behavior. His frozen smile fools those who are unwilling to look behind the mask.

  146. As candidate Romney said, we are heading towards the fate of Greece, actually not by trying to stimulate the economy and trying not abandoning the most vulnerably among us, but if he is elected, by protecting the wealthy avoiding paying taxes we and Greece badly need hiding their assets in Swiss bank accounts.

  147. If only the Bush administration had refused to bail out the Salt Lake City Olympic Games, we wouldn't be in this position, forced to listen to the repeated lies of the Romney quest for power. If prevarication is rewarded by power, good luck to the voters who will be looking for their Romney tax cuts as once again the Bush-era kleptocracy empties the federal treasury solely in aid of its best friends.

  148. Romney's campaign has been based from the start on contrived issues. This is one consistency that he can point to. Hopefully, most undecided voters will not be so easily duped.

  149. As a candidate, it seems that Mr. Romney will flout facts, logic, science, and pretty much any rational basis of objective truth in order to create the appearance that he is a worthy candidate.

    Should he defy the odds to become president, Mr. Romney would surely govern the way he campaigned, and we would have another George W. Bush in the White House -- a man who governed with as much secrecy as possible, distorting facts about Iraq, Katrina, the state of the economy, government surveillance of its own citizens, and climate change, among other important topics.

  150. The support for Romney in spite of his deceit, evasion, hate and fear mongering, vulture capitalism record, military service evasion, gay bashing bullying record, religious affiliation, tax avoidance, etc. clearly shows that for almost a majority of Americans are racists and hate the idea of a black man being President of the United States. Even some who voted for Obama in 2008 have had their inner racism stoked by increasingly public racist jokes, columns and pictures which are a through back to less civil times.
    We have to thank Romney and his campaign strategists for pandering to and bringing out the worst in Americans. His slogan could easily be "United in Hatred".

  151. With respect to Governor Romney, there are times when only the federal government has the power and resources to alleviate a crisis.
    At the same time, without the bailout, thousands of jobs would have disappeared, factories closed and the effects would have posed serious problems towards the nation's overall economic health.

  152. I am puzzled that there has been little if any follow up to Ann Romney's statement when asked what was her concern for her husband if he became President - her response was jaw dropping - her concern was for his "mental health!!"

    The manner in which Romney has been conducting his campaign, the continual flip flopping of his positions, outrageous lies and fear mongering certainly confirms a man disconnected from reality.

    Americans are really not that stupid, the only way he can succeed in this election is by voter fraud. It's been done before.

    Key is for people to get out and vote. Not a time to be apathetic.

  153. Apparently, Mr. Romney's statement that Jeep is moving out of the country has created concern and fear among some employees. Creating anxiety where none exists is simply despicable. America went through months of fear mongering that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. The inaccurate, unfair, pseudo-information fed to us is not only immoral, but clearly harmful to many.

  154. Anybody else having a hard time responding to Romney these days with anything but laughter? Unfortunately, it won't be so funny if his deceit leads to victory. Then, the sane people left here will have to move to Canada, Europe, or my personal preference, Australia.

    I really hope these disgusting tactics don't work.

  155. I've come to view Romney as the most blatently craven politicial I've ever seen. I've seen others call him a sociopath. My God I think he is that as well. I don't think there has ever been anyone running for President as pecular as this person is. I can't imagine what we will have if he wins come next Tuesday. He is just a rich person's son who knows how to make millions for himself no matter what the cost to someone else.

  156. What makes me crazy is that there are so many disinformed voters who have not followed any of the politics and have no idea what is going on. That is exactly what Romney is banking on. The right talking point, the right idea, the right lie, to catch the ignorant, overworked voter and let them "see the light". Why else would so many voters who would be harmed in a Romney presidency vote for him. Is it truly just that they don't like the black guy? No, I don't think so.

    The poor shmucks are too busy making a living and raising their children, to give a care. Even we infromed breeze through the mindnumbing information on our voters pamplet, reading only the endorsers for an idea of how to vote. So who can blame them?

    I shudder at the idea that this is how we will decide.

  157. Now, that Romney's character, lies, and flip-flopping have been exposed to the world; let us hope that the majority of Americans reject him on November 6th. If we don't, then then we must suffer the consequences of his presidency without pointing fingers

  158. I do not understand why half the country think this is acceptable? We like to blame the politicians for their actions, for polarizing politics, but what they do, is it not also mirroring what we expect of them? Half the country wants to win so much that they are willing to lie and steal the election to get it.

  159. Romney has made the calculation that relentless lying is a winning strategy. If he is proved correct, why would any future presidential candidate run a campaign any differently? A Romney victory would be a severe blow to American democracy.

  160. Romney, ever the deceitful, accustomed to getting his way, rich and influential executive's frat-boy son has always run his affairs by deceit, and by being a changeling just to deceive.

    George W. Bush called himself "the Decider", I hope someone with a lot brass calls him publicly, to his never-reddening face, what he is "the Deceiver".

    If Bishop Romney is elected the President, the Office will suffer interminably.

  161. Once, I was told that I had a problem of not listening. As I was listening to people telling me about things, I was already consumed in preparing my answer! Here is Romney´s problem that many of us experience - not listening and wanting to come with quick answers so he appears as if he is in charge or well informed on issues. We have seen it on Detroit with the - let Detroit go bankrupt stance and wanting to spin himself out of it(wanted to appear a business man in charge), we have heard him in the middle of the night giving answers on Libya, we have seen how he plays foreseer on natural calamities and how best to for Americans to leave rescue and recovery to the private sector, how he thinks of Russia with Cold War glasses plus plenty many issues.Romney is now a qualified shooter from the waist and he misses. Romney is not alone! But for Romney, I would recommend reading Freud who said - if you listen and talk less, you would learn a thing or two. The advantage is giving well balanced answers. For now, Romney could easily be called a distortionist

  162. If Mr. Romney were to be elected, his first order of business would be to create a Lie Resolution Manager within his staff. This person would have the job of creating a database of lies told by Mr. Romney during the campaign, including the date, time and audience, so that new lies could be created to explain why the original lies were simple misinterpretations, reporting errors, mass hallucinations, aliens from space or whatever the correct explanation may be.

  163. I don't know whether to sob or to laugh. Candidates feeling safe enough to lie through their teeth to gain votes assume that the electorates can be lied to. Given the polling numbers, it seems that that is indeed (at least half) the case. I have to wonder if this is a functioning democracy.

  164. [It takes an especially dishonest candidate to simply turn up the volume on a lie and keep repeating it.]

    And an especially dimwitted (call it naive or trusting if you prefer) electorate to make it an effective strategy, which it is.

    "Manufactroversy" is perhaps the most important tool in the GOP strategy, taught at the Karl Rove School Of Obtaining High Public Office By Distracting Voters With Shiny Objects.

  165. How can Mitt Romney, who is religious and a devout family man, justify saying things that are in conflict with other statements made in his recent past?

    I had a business client that Mitt Romney gives me cause to remember. He was a real estate investor and a shrewd negotiator who would look for an opportunity to renege on an agreement, whether verbal or in writing, in order to pay a little less or make a little more on a transaction. I saw him do this on a number of transactions and in fact he tried to do it with me by attempting to have me accept a lower fee than what was agreed too. I did get paid as agreed, but it was a struggle.

    At the same time he was very religious and a devout family man. Every time we drove up to a property near Flint, Michigan, to make an inspection, we would go past a large picture of Jesus and he would start praying and kissing the crucifix on the rosary that he had...

  166. Since I was old enough to vote in 1960, never have I seen a presidential candidate so willing to lie in his campaign, except maybe Richard Nixon.

  167. We get it: the government can't do anything right. I'm starting to worry that as president Romney might start a war and intentionally lose it just to prove that point.

    After all, soldiers are government employees. How could they possibly do anything right?

  168. Mr. Romney has been and is a disgrace to the American citizenry. His opponents in the Republican party have called him a lier (Gingrich) and the worst person possible to represent their party (Santorum).
    Romney is a lier as this latest auto industry issue illustrates. He lied about the welfare issue that was turned to the states, he lied about the health care issue being a job killer when it is a job creator. It tells the American people he will lie to them if he makes it into office. His plans are all about desired outcomes, not plans.
    The opposite of progressive is regressive, that is what he is.
    When will the hard headed Romney voters be honest with themselves and vote for a president of the people, not the oligarchs of American aristocracy?

  169. It is difficult to believe that any supporters remain for Romney after his stunning display of dishonesty in Ohio. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that FOX has been telling the truth to its viewers. There will be efforts to steal the election and hopefully Democrats are prepared to deal with them.

  170. In addition to outright fabrication, it defies logic that Romney would object to private businesses deciding where to put or expand their operations. That's what revenue-maximizing free market capitalism is all about.