The Sprint to Election Day

The appeals made by the two presidential candidates provide a stark contrast in the final days of the campaign.

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  1. Both parties have fielded good candidates.
    Too bad we have such animosity towards the other.
    These elections are really celebrations of American democracy, not acrimony.

  2. Dear R:

    The Republicans have fielded a talking head with an apparent small and empty mind: An unprincipled individual living in the 1950s.

  3. I wish that were true, but it's not. Ask what kind of candidate refuses to disclose details on any major subject, and offer only empty rhetoric that changes according to his audiences, and thinks that is enough to win an election. That candidate is a cynic, an cynicism is toxic to democracy. The Party of Cynicism, which disguises its real agenda with camouflage wedge issues designed to divide the electorate against itself, rather than unite it for the common weal, has painted itself into a tiny corner on the far right, so their candidate has to contradict himself and them, with their acquiescence so it will win. Cynical gamesmanship does not deserve governing responsibilities. Toxic to democracy.

  4. You have got to be kidding if you suggest that Mr. Romney is a "good candidate." The republicans seem to have picked the LCD.

  5. While toying with the idea of school fixing ( though not clear as to how ) Romney seems quite lost in learning primary lessons. In contrast, with his grand strategy to improve science education, seeking to equip students with new skill sets, planning to hire trained teachers, and envisioning a developed social infrastructure Obama seems to have not only graduated, but also successfully embarked on a new trajectory to transform America. That's a stark contrast presented by the two presidential aspirants, clearly discernible during the last phase of campaigning.

  6. When Romney was running in the primaries the pundits said he couldn't say what his policies were because the voters are the "base." Since the primaries Romney hasn't given us details for the same reason: his plans are not the stuff that gets a candidate elected. The only time we've heard any kind of detail from Mr. Romney is in that 47% secret donor video.

    If elected, Mr. Romney will do what he's always done: take entities, gut them and sell them for a profit. In the case of the education system, this methodology means reduce funding or eliminate it, cut staff (he's already said we don't need more teachers) wherever he can, privatize what he can, and then give huge tax cuts. That is the one thing he knows how to do.

    Voters in swing states know President Obama has saved them from vulture capitalism. I find, this season, that there are very few trusted sources for reading polls and lots of pundits who are too partisan in the way they analyze the data. I now limit myself to Nate Silver's excellent Five Thirty Eight blog.

    The voters still have doubts about Mr. Romney because there is nothing in his past, or present, to indicate he has the kind of record they can trust. We have proof, from Mr. Romney and in his own voice, that he should not be trusted.

  7. It is not that Mitt Romney has no plans: it is that he has no plans that he can talk about. If one summed up what can be inferred from his actions,non-actions and thunderous silences he will (a) abandon the weak; (b) coddle and nurture the strong; (c) cut, cut, cut until the nation is like Greece. While Obama is no Roosevelt, Romney is Hoover.

  8. To build on your argument for a moment, let's do a bit of elementary math. The population of our country is growing at a heathy rate, so there will be more school-age children needing education. Even if one assumes that class sizes are "just right" at this point in time, staff cuts plus more kids seems to equal huge rooms full of kids vying for teacher's time and attention.

    How the heck does this produce better education opportunities for our children in a world where other countries are flying by us in terms of critical skills such as math and science?

  9. @Ronald He did say he's written off the 47% We've been warned!

    @Mike He could care less whether or not those who use public schools have adequate services. He doesn't see any value in it because it doesn't bring immediate profit.

    Romney is Hoover.

  10. 'Tis better to have millions of voters harboring doubts than to explain yourself and confirm their fears.

  11. Romney's entire campaign has been a pose -- a series of poses -- like looking through a binder full of snapshots of miscellaneous people, each one different. The First Debate showed this clearly: we hadn't seen That Romney before. The Second Debate was a little more of that. But the Third Debate was Another Romney. The Birthers see other versions, the Rape Is God's Will people see others -- then he flips and they see still others, Other Romneys. So which Romney are we going to get, if we put him in the White House?

  12. He has never been any of those Romneys because there is nothing behind his facade at all. His advisers, picked for him, will decide what will be projected through his empty eyes.

  13. Romney is the real deal. You're wrong.

  14. If this Election is all about the Economy and Jobs why is Obama trying to make it about Rape instead?

  15. It seems to me that it the topic of rape is raised over and over by Republicans who are trying to define it in a variety of ways. Some frame their comments in a manner that suggests the fault is with the victim who did not fight hard enough, who invited the crime, or who became pregnant because they were secretly willing participants. Others point out that the crime is "terrible" but the victim should make the best of it. The Obama campaign simply responds in the simplest of terms. Rape is rape.

  16. republicans are most interested in talking about the economy and jobs, though they want to have zero responsibility for the lack of a jobs bill, the killing of the bill to help vets get jobs, the obstruction of the last four years, and their forcing us to the fiscal edge, creating austerity across the nation and actually firing tens of thousands of public servants over the last 2 years. The republicans do not want us to pay attention to their legislative habits - how they've used this time to further erode women's reproductive rights which must include their rebranding of rape in this nation since rape is the one argument in being anti-choice that they lose the most. They have managed to take the argument as far as they can without getting americans to not see rape as a reason for an exception - the best way to do that is to minimize the concept of rape. It's not that hard to do in our society as we already blame the woman for causing it by dressing provocatively or being in the wrong area already. they're also chipping away at birth control medicines, making it harder to get them for poor women by shutting down Planned Parenthood (or trying too) and making it okay for pharmacists to not dispense them or say that employers can exclude them from their healthcare plans. I don't care what they say, I care what they do and what they do must be stopped! Vote Democrat!

  17. Maybe because the topic of rape, though vile and despicable to despicable to most Americans, has provided insight into the attitudes and thought process of those individuals who are asking to be sent to Washington to craft legislation that will affect the everyday lives of all Americans.

    I, for one, do not want or trust an individuals decision making capacity who either through either outright ignorance of science or because of personal religious beliefs thinks they should be able to force those beliefs on individuals.

    So, no, hek211, it is not about rape. It is about character and integrity. The president has shown that he has both and your guys, Romney and Ryan, have proven that they have neither.

  18. This article really does show one of the main deciding factors in this election. The fact that Romney has chosen to be vague and incredibly non-specific about his plans for his potential Presidency has certainly contributed to him not currently being up in the polls.

    I don't know what exactly his plan is or why he chose to take this route, but it's going to come down on him hard come election day.

  19. His strategy is to promise free ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while maintaining strategic vagueness on how this gets paid for and doesn't result in malnutrition. It is a bet that the American people are dumb and gullible. That they don't know the difference between a set of goals and an actual plan to achieve those goals. I confess I thought it might work. Look at the pattern: Tighter sanctions sooner on Iran, without any acknowledgement that the main thing about sanctions is getting other countries to participate so that the sanctions actually bite. Mathematically impossible combinations of outcomes promised on the economy: Balanced budget with big increase in military spending, improved education, no pain on Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, and big cuts in tax rates. Twelve million jobs with no stimulus to cause this explosive growth. A revenue-neutral tax cut. 20% cut in tax rates fully offset by deductions eliminated with no group disfavored. The only way to not love this group of "plans" is to be smart enough to recognize they are not plans. They are fantasies.

  20. Romney chose this route because he (or his advisers) thought that he could win more votes by telling several groups of voters what they each wanted to hear. But there is no way he can follow through with all these promises because they are contradictory. Therefore he has to just smile and avoid the details.

  21. Were Mr Obama to get everything he wants in raising taxes on those he calls rich, we might get $40 billion additional annually when he is running deficits maybe 25 times greater. So where is he going to get the money to fund his grand plans?

    Hiring 100,000 more teachers sounds grand, but over the last decades we have multiplied education spending per capita and hired teachers in far greater proportion than the marginal increase in student population, yet metrics of performance have hardly budged. Simply proposing more spending is not likely to do much more than previously. Gotta admit, I do like Mr Obama's community college vision though.

    More "investments" in green energy? At this point, these technologies are not ready for prime time, being not cost competitive at present production of fossil fuels, and that is exploding so that should become even more pronounced. Attempting to bring more green energy into production at this point is economic lunacy. We should be taxing the increase in fossil fuels and using it to further research and develop green technologies for future deployment, but to try to force feed this now is premature and will only disappoint.

    And, when Mr Obama calls for investing more in our infrastructure, I suppose he is talking about funding that flood of shovel ready projects he has been ignoring over the last four years while he pursued other priorities.

    Mr Obama has been ineffective in reviving the economy and does not merit another term.

  22. All political party ideologies aside, we are a constitutional democracy first and foremost, which is – dare I say – a higher ideal than free commercial enterprise. Our Founding Fathers recognized this, and so did the states, when they enacted and ratified Art. I, Sec. 8 of the Constitution, giving a governmental body, our Congress, the authority to regulate interstate and international commerce. By authority of the Commerce Clause, our founders made Big Business answerable to us and subject to our regulation through our elected representatives.

    Some folks today have forgotten this. For reasons that make no sense to me the proponents of unregulated free market capitalism think that our country would be better off if we leave Big Business alone, if we let it govern itself, no matter how it affects our lives. To me, these folks seem to value fate over cultural self-determinism, the interests of the few, over the interests of the many, affluence, over need.

    But it is need, the needs of the many, that is the foundation underlying democracy. Serving the few, by empowering them to do what they want, regardless of the consequences of their actions, disempowers the rest of us from self-governance.

    This is precisely the problem with the Romney-Ryan predilection for Separation of Economy and State. It creates a geo-political climate in which corruption curries favor with U.S. public policy, leaving the vast majority of Americans out in the cold.

  23. With two election cycles since the crash, the media still will not speak of issues concerning the American people. With two corporate politicians running for President and the people ranking corporations, government, and now the media at 30% and below in trust, there is a capture of free press and by extension political bias. The case for Liberal bias comes not only from the right but now from progressive/labor. We have a three party system just as the UK does and we have had for two decades since Clinton formed the Third Way caucus. The media tries to say labor, minorities, or environmentalists have lost their voice in the Democratic party. What the media is saying is that there is a concerted drive to allow 5% of the democratic, free-market, global liberals to take control of a 95% Democratic Party base. You have successfully kept people in the dark for these two decades as to the differences between Third Way and fiscal progressives, but when Emanuel, O'Malley, and Cuomo came out swinging their corporate/wealth stance, even the most sheltered of voters know the dynamic. We know that with Democratic leadership in control of these Third Way representing 5% of the party it will take time to be rid of the farm team, but it is happening.

    The answer to recovery in the US is returning to a workforce that is paid and lives a middle-class lifestyle so as to be consumers driving the economy. That will happen when the wealth moved to the top through fraud comes back.

  24. Do your own research and come up with your own anecdotal results. "The redistribution president," "generational entitlements," "why doesn't Obama do something about gas prices?", "the labor unions have ruined American manufacturing."

    There never is much empathy among Republicans toward the human condition in a country with rising and falling enterprises due to living on a timeline of discovery, implementation,maturity and often decline of something great. We don't make office typewriters anymore. They were a standard office tool from 1873, when invented, to the 1980s and the era of the personal computer and laser and ink-jet printer. The names were IBM, Royal, Remington, Smith Corona, Olivetti and Olympia. Over the hundred years a 100 different companies and brands came and went.

    What's the bottom line? Obama uses the right words and has the right ideas. It's goals that drive ideas, R&D, and inventions that create new economic envelopes. It's new kinds of education delivery, energy conservation, infrastructure renewal, global warming counter-measures, and our biggest new moon shot the Affordable Care Act.

    Apple Computer, Google and Samsung stand on the shoulders of government-driven Cold War counter-measures, space exploration, digital communications, fiber optics and the Internet. These were all developed through government projects and seed money.

    Small businesses sprout around these kinds of springs. You have to find and promote the big new springs.

  25. The crucial difference between the candidates is that one comes from, and therefore understands "everyman", and the other pranced through "finishing school" and then France during Vietnam to avoid military service. One worked the grass roots neighborhoods, and the other "off-sourced" American jobs, and "out-sourced" his income to island climes to avoid taxes. One believes in revenues which would include ending tax breaks for those who had the political power to obtain them in the first place. The other would preclude revenues from taxes, and equalize rates, which would give those already and unfairly advantaged even greater advantage. One would provide medical care for those with pre-existing conditions, while the other would re-open the "doughnut hole" for those in Medicare. Etc, etc, etc. There is a choice here. And if there is still a chance that this election can't be bought, exercise your rights, by voting for whichever your candidate represents your interests. If it is solely by the numbers, "everyman" should win.

  26. It is populism, not policy, that wins elections - bumper stickers, not white papers. Romney knows this, and so does Obama. Specificity leaves a candidate vulnerable to attacks - so the goal is to avoid specificity as much as possible while still maintaining the illusion of substance. The election will be won on the basis of who plays this game the best.

    Romney's current popularity is prima facie evidence of this principle. In example after example, we have no idea of where he stands or what he would do. No specifics. Not even a clear vision. Just platitudes, generalities, and of course the all-important denigration of the incumbent. We don't even know how much money he made over the past few years. And still he has millions of Americans supporting him.

    If Romney wins, he will do exactly what Obama is trying to do - just like Obama carried on so many policies of his predecessor. The reason is that once one attains the office there really are few viable options. Thankfully, once the politicking is done and governance begins, most people have sense enough to do what is necessary for the nation.

    To a certain extent, that is.

  27. Mr. Mischler -- while generally quite sympathetic with the views and analyses you put forward, on this I think you are quite wrong. Sorry ... but in my opinion "If Romney wins" he will be President in name only. Policy direction for his Administration will come from "President" Boehner and the quite radical wing of the Republican House majority. As Grover Norquist has been quoted as saying, all the Republicans want is someone who'll sign the laws they pass, and you can be assured that a "President Romney" will.

  28. A simple choice. More government, more taxes, more regulations, more social spending, and a larger federal defict. As opposed to lower taxes, less government intrusion, a pro-business climate, more energy exploration at home, and more personal responsiblity. Obama the government wonk vs. Romney the self-made business man. An easy choice for president.

  29. Sure. And, if you had a brain and a history book you'd find out that America's greatest growth and advances occurred during periods of "more government, more taxes, and more social spending." Don't blame Obama for regulations. There were far more on the books during George W.'s reign. And, as for the deficit, it increased enormously under George, too. As for Romney being a self-made business man, give me a break. He started Bain Capital with 5 people and $37 million of investment. A real job creator! He did make money for his shareholders. I will give him that. But, he did it on the backs of the workers that got fired at the companies he "helped." I don't expect to change your thinking. You are clearly a robotic ideologue. But someone else who reads your words might give them pause. I want to make sure they don't go unchallenged.

  30. Less government intrusion-- unless you are a woman, of course.

  31. Less government intrusion-- unless you are a woman, of course.

  32. As noted: "...... millions of voters still harbor doubts about Mitt Romney."

    And rightly so, in the final analysis of the political campaign of this less than viable, reliable, and honest candidate.
    His sense of reality does not reflect the actual condition of the country and the real-life existence of the vast majority of the population as a whole. The validity of Romney as a possible President and Commander-in-Chief of our country is, in the simplest sense, highly questionable. He is not of, by, and for the American people .......... and never will be.

    Simple-minded, bumper-sticker, blanket statements have been the campaign mode of Romney from the beginning of his search for legitimacy as a candidate for the top office of President of our government and of ourselves.

    Specific plans and detailed courses of action have not been presented.
    Romney has demonstrated an inability to grasp the concept of the Common Good, as well as an imperfect understanding of the need for social and economic justice for the citizenry in all its various modes of existence.
    Writing off 47% of the population on the low end of the economic/income scale represents indifference at the highest level.

    The belief in government of, by, and for the people in the entirety has somehow escaped his understanding and more importantly even his interest.
    In the simplest of terms - he just doesn't get it and he never will.

  33. If Obama loses the election, it will be because he has been too laid back for the last 4 years and not pressed advantages when he has had them, thus reducing his effectiveness as president. His professorial penchant for collegiality and bipartisanship is nice in the abstract but has no practical application in wheeling and dealing that is the essence of government. No one cuts deals with a wimp except out of charity.
    If Romney loses the election, it will be because he is simply core-less, vapid and soulless but, most of all, because he has demonstrated that he is incredibility, unbelievably stupid.

  34. You have no idea what Obama was doing and how hard the GOP worked to thwart him at every juncture. The argument that he had a majority in the Senate and Congress doesn't wash. Democrats have never been lock-step ideologues like Republicans. Any really progressive legislation that Obama would have backed would have been voted against by some Democrats in red states and/or Republican-dominated districts. This "professorial penchant for collegiality" is something invented by columnists like Dowd. George W. was the anti-thesis of that and look how well that worked out. I do agree with you that Romney appears "core-less, vapid and soulless." I'm not so much worried about his deficiencies as I am about the clever people behind him who will be pulling his strings.

  35. Governor Romney's claim to have a business background that will qualify him to run America is horribly wrong. Unlike the huge majority of businesses in this country, he never had to advertise because he did not need to attract customers. His sole purpose was to take money from a few wealthy investors and churn companies to make profits for them. It didn't matter what happened to the employees of the companies who were acquired or closed down, they were just like inventory or merchandise which needed to be disposed of in the most profitable way - for him. This mirrors how he has run his campaign - accept large amounts of capital from a small number of very wealthy investors and promise to cut or sell whatever he chooses to make the most profit for them. He has no personal animosity to school teachers or policemen - they are just too many of them for him to increase his backer's wealth. He has no experience in finding customers - wealthy investors are happy to give him their money because he is so good at increasing it. He never even wanted small investors. Coddling them took a lot of time and effort as they were "inexperienced" and took more time to "educate" than they were worth.

    And that is how he plans to run the United States - maximize the returns to those who have funded his campaigns and dispose of "excess" people like they were stale inventory on the shelves.

    Bain bought my company. He shut us down without a care and so he would run the country.

  36. My favorite line is: "He made it clear that he will spend money on a national priority that Mr. Romney apparently feels can be left to the whims of individual states." I think leaving it to the states, is a great idea. It's not the federal government's (and especially not the President's) role to manage the education system. That's part of the problem.

    Second favorite line? That one where the feds will put pressure on colleges to keep down tuition costs. You mean the same federal government that runs trillion dollar deficits?

  37. Jay,
    When the states decide then local politics determines what happens to the kids. Here in Texas, the guv decided to balance the budget on the backs of the children by gutting the education fund. We have higher need kids and one of the lowest per capita funding rates. So, a United States of Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas is not going to be very competitive going forward.
    And unlike the others, we have had tons of oil revenues to shore up our budget. What happens when the price falls or we run out?
    We all need to think of the country, not our own individual pet issue.


  38. Jay, left to the states, we could have an entire state's students learning creationism instead of evolution as the country wonders why China's and Israel's students are the ones coming up with all the innovations as we appear to be sitting on our thumbs. Sometimes the government needs to set some guidelines. We're either united, or we're not. Declaring a rape pregnancy is "God's plan" and creationism is a science puts us right in there with the Taliban. So, go ahead and push for more state autonomy as we get left behind by progressive-minded governments and the education systems they support.

  39. You can be a fool if you want to be but states rights and leaving things to the states is the republican solution to everything. What they are really saying is lets kick the can down the road and hope it goes unnoticed. For some reason conservatives are obsessed with shrinking government and controlling women's private parts. I don't think they will be happy until the federal government fits into a woman's uterus!

  40. Does the President giving more details lately really matter? He was detail oriented during the 2008 campain. He was going to close Guantanamo, cut the deficit in 1/2, pass a comprehensive immigration reform policy, create 5 million jobs, and reform health care so families will be paying $2,500 per year less in premiums and deductibles. None of that happened in the last four years.

  41. The recession was soooo deep maybe we should be acknowledging the
    improvement engineered by Obama in the face of efforts by the traitorous"party of No" to obfuscate the function of government.

  42. Timeto google the facts. Try looking at the fillibuster record of the Republican party. Also the secret holds on bills so they could not be considered.

    The President is 1/3 of the branches of government. The senate and house 1/3 and the supreme court the final 1/3.
    The President is not a dictator, he cannot wave a magic wand and rule.

    Please search for the actual facts and learn about our democratic form of government. Something that used to be taught in high school Government classes.
    When the leaders of a party announce that their only goal is to defeat the sitting President and they take oaths to an individual that pre-emps their oath of office, our democracy is in deep trouble.

  43. You clearly haven't been paying attention. He put forth a plan to close Guantanamo (moving prisoners to a SuperMax prison in Illinois but the Republicans in Congress blocked funding for this plan. Before the Republicans took over the House, Democrats passed for the Dream Act, which Obama stated he would sign, but it was blocked by a Republican Filibuster in the Senate---no chance of passing anything more comprehensive when Republicans even go after McCain's plan and McCain himself changes his mind. Our health care premiums are not escalating at the rate that they were in Republican years--- and will be much lower once the Obamacare is in place (which it isn't yet for most people). Plus, he gave use several tax cuts--- really, people who just by slogans without paying attention are the only ones who could be voting Republican (unless they are billionaire arms manufacturers)

  44. And this explains a lot of the reasons I voted today for President Obama, but not all. I am female after all.
    And a former teacher. I do not appreciate the current belief that charter schools are a panacea to the nation's educational problems. I do not believe the military needs more money or that the nation needs more wars. I do not believe that the nation needs any more tax cuts.
    I do believe that the US needs health care for all and that having it will improve our longevity and our infant mortality rate, among other things.
    I love that Mr. Obama started out with very little and made a lot of himself and so did his wife. I don't think very highly of the way Mr. Romney's way of making himself rich. I gather that it was legal, but I don't think it should be. I don't believe that a Mormon mission is the equivalent of serving time in the military.
    Thanks for your incisive views on Mr. Romney's political views, if one can call them that. I am so proud that I voted for the President.

  45. Thank you for all of that. I am proud I voted for him too.
    We are so fortunate to have him as our president.

  46. In case you have not noticed, the US already has health care. It has improved our longevity and our infant mortality rate. However, you may argue that everyone cannot afford it... Not everyone can afford an 8,000 square foot home, a 2013 Toyota Prius or season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys Football Game either, but that does not mean that they are not available. Not everyone feels "entitled" to health care or a pension plan when they retire. How is Obama's success somehow better than Romney's? Because he has "made a lot of himself and so did his wife"? Do you know how Romney provides for his family, or are you just basing your information on "facts" that the media provide? The Amateur by Ed Klein shed light on the darkness that is The Obama Administration. I voted yesterday, and I have never felt more empowered in my life as to when I cast my vote for change in the Oval Office.

  47. Interesting article. I was unaware that our federal government is now in the teacher recruiting business. Education left to the "whims" of the states? Seriously? Also interesting that there is no mention of the debt Mr. Obama has amassed during his first four years, just more plans on how he will spend money we dont have. Oh wait, thats right, he is going to tax the "rich" ; also known as small business owners who built careers from the ground up. Really smart, lets squeeze more from employers so we can fund the increase in welfare and unemployment.

  48. Hey Ron G,
    Where were you when Dubya Bush was raising the debt with 2 wars that he didn't even put on the budget!
    Trillions in wars that were not paid for!!! While still giving tax breaks that largely benefitted the rich? Never heard a peep from you deficit hawks!!!!

    Just let Obama keep cleaning up the mess that you republicons love to leave when you are done lining the pockets of the 1%! We will try to give the middle class and even chance at raising their families in a decent world where opportunities are available for ALL!

  49. It's difficult to fathom how anyone at this late date in the campaign could reasonably prefer Mitt Romney to President Obama. The former is a Rorschach test of a candidate, his positions on the issues facing our nation no clearer than inkblots and allowing his adherents to read into them whatever they like. President Obama, by contrast, has compiled an admirable record of legislative and other accomplishments that is even more admirable given the Republican intransigence against which he has been obliged to labor since he took office. He eminently deserves a second term.

  50. Give us a list of the Obama accomplishments. Perhaps reversing his pre-election view of homosexual marriage, expanding illegal immigrant rights, and installing costly and small business unfreindly Obamacare qualify as wins for liberal readers, but not for the rest of us. We prefer more mundane results such as jobs for the 23 million unemployed Americans, a return to reasonably priced gasoline such as the $1.89 per gallon it was in 2008, and a reduction in the $16 trillion national debt, $6 trillion of which has been created under Obama's watch.

  51. I voted early on a Democratic ballot. However, I have my doubts about the Party.
    For instance, I have volunteered since 2000, in seven Democratic campaigns here in Oregon. Recently, after hearing a candidate,who is up for reelection in the state legislature comment on the influx of Republican money in his campaign, I offered to volunteer. But my request was ignored. When I turned to an old hand (from Chicago), she just shook her head. With this in mind, it is obvious that some candidates need to do better, or do they fail to realize just how possible defeat may be?

  52. Our current president keeps saying he will fix education which is great but how is that an answer to our current problem. He is far more vague than the man running against him. Romney has already told everyone how he will fix the economy and create jobs. Apparently there are many that aren't listening. We need a fix now. It will take years to fix anything through education and by then our country will be done. Obama has stated he will continue to invest in green energy. That has failed as a job creater. Other than that he has said nothing aside from education. He is the one who is saying nothing because he has no plan. Our economy is not better. Drive around you neighborhood. Look at the empty buildings and parking lots outside factories overgrown with grass. We are in DEEP trouble.

  53. Jacrane, I am all ears...please tell me exactly what Mitt Romnesia has proposed for fixing the economy!
    ....I'm waiting

  54. The question, then, is why Mr. Romney is playing it safe even though he's down in the polls in crucial swing states, especially Ohio. I think it's important to note that Republican state operatives control the voting process in Ohio. These seem operatives have been fighting all year to suppress votes by any means possible, including their recent failed appeal to the Supreme Court. There have also been articles, including in the November Harper's, suggesting that vote-rigging with voting machines, like the ones used in some parts of Ohio, is possible. Putting this all together, I think it's possible that Ohio Republican operatives will attempt some type of shennanigans with the voting process, which might be one reason that Mr. Romney is acting so confident.

  55. Mr. Romney is just asking that American voters elect him on faith and he will find some people to take care of things- an approach that George Bush took with disastrous results. Norquist et al have sought a willing host body for a radical disengaging of citizens from their Democracy, and they have found it in Mr. Romney. he is far removed from the concerns of the average citizens.

  56. The ideas in the President's little booklet are not new. He has been talking about them since the very beginning of the campaign.

    I heard him in person way back in March during an appearance here in Washington State. He mentioned all the details you describe in this editorial -- "tax breaks to prod American manufacturing; spending money on repairs of roads, bridges and schools; investing more in renewable energy; and raising taxes on the rich."

    The plan has been there all along. The media just never bothered to tell anyone about it.

    He hasn't just begun to talk about them during the last two weeks of the campaign. You should know better.

  57. Mr. Obama has outlined specific programs and policies that he will institute in his second term. Mr. Romney, on the other hand, promises enormous tax cuts that he claims will create 12 million jobs. Yet, over the eight years of the George W. Bush administration similar tax cuts skewed to the wealthy yielded a tepid two million.

    If elected, the only job Mr. Romney is certain to create is his own as President of the United States. His lack of specifics beyond that makes him appear increasingly slippery, and casting a vote for him feels much like choosing a greased pig in a poke.

  58. Readers wondering about the effectiveness of charter schools might want to read about how they worked in St. Louis, Missouri. The combination of giving tax dollars to religious institutions and paying private execs big bucks out of the public coffers did NOT result in improved education/outcomes.
    The much-criticized St. Louis Public Schools system whupped up on many of the vaunted charter ops!

  59. We all know Romney.

    He is the CEO that guts everything but defense spending and strongly believes in a pure capitalism model.

    Is that who we want to be as a country?

    1. Are we going to be more of a military nation?

    His foreign policy advisers are 70% Neo-Cons. The guys who gave Iraq to us.

    2. Do we want to experience more of the rollercoaster ride of pure capitalism?

    In a pure capitalistic system, the wealth are not hurt. It's everyone between the wealth and the poor who are hurt.

    Regulations help even out the capitalistic ride - Romney promises less regulation, giving more power to the guys who gave you the 2008 Great Recession.

    With ObamaCare gone, Millions will have no health care as premiums skyrocket and pre-existing condition disqualify. Adults and Kids will not be covered. For insurance companies, there will exist no incentive to decrease costs.


    We can't possibly want Romney.

  60. Decisions about education will be left to " the whims of individual states."? What incredible central-planning, Obama-like arrogance. Remember that under our constitution we are a federation of states and states rights are important, lest we all be led down the bankrupt paths of California and Illinois.

  61. We do know some details of what Governor Romney intends to do, and it doesn't impress me. Eliminate the Affordable Health Care Act, honor the no new taxes pledge to Grover Norquist, appoint Supreme Court judges like Thomas and Scalia, stop the Dream Act, and pursue energy policies that will please the Koch brothers. If what he isn't telling us is in line with all that, it will make the Bush years look good in comparison. The present recession is bad enough -- we don't need a double-dip!

  62. The long term instability of the plans advanced by Mr. Romney remind me of a scene in the British film "The Man in the White Suit", where a chemist comes up with a seemingly indestructible fabric that would change the world. It turns out his prototype was found to be slightly radioactive, giving off an eerie glow. The magic suit eventually disintegrates around him, leaving him in his underwear,as he faces an angry mob of both workers and managers that were chasing him.

  63. After the shock of Romney's assaults upon the social contract and
    international diplomacy, it is painfully apparent that this is a man
    without the judgment, compassion and character to be an honest, informed
    and capable leader. The debates were marred by his hollow rhetoric,
    faux budget, and pretense of centrism.

    Is he totally blind to the needs of Americans ? How could he possibly
    address the needs of the deprived, the disabled, the uninsured, the
    ill, injured veterans, seniors in nursing homes, homeowners in
    foreclosure, students unable to pay for training or college? The
    question beggars the imagination -- would he suggest county poor
    houses ? His solution ? Hand over governance to the states.

    He is willfully ignorant of the devastating effect of the Wall
    Street-induced economic meltdown on Americans. Only Bush signing off
    on TARP and Obama's interventions prevented a world-wide Depression.
    We are still in perilous waters with financial sharks circling. His
    solution is an unregulated free market ? Tax cuts for the wealthy ?
    There are massive challenges ahead of us and there is no place for
    sheer ignorance and misplaced moralism. The Social Contract is
    replaced with Social Darwinism. This is not what made America a beacon
    for the world.

    I suggest that Mr. Romney is the representative only of the 1%; this
    fatal flaw would erode our viability as a stable country and a world
    leader. I can only hope that he receives 1% of the vote, the sum total
    of his actual constituency.

  64. I can see the tactic President Obama's campaign strategists are playing, hit hard with the details now when Romney can only lead from behind as he morphs his rhetoric to chase Obama. He looks unfocused and off balance when his team is scrambling to answer the President's campaign.

    Romney will not have time to reorganize before Nov 6th and perhaps the press will now talk about the next 4 years as opposed to dissecting the last Obama 4 years, 4 years for Romney that have been protected from scrutiny because his private sector activities do not have to be disclosed. He has no public service that is on record to be picked over.

    That is not to say that President Obama's record should not be examined, but we can't fix what has passed only plan for what is to come. We can take a page out of Obama's book and do what he is, making a plan not to repeat the mistakes he made in the first term.

    Obama has always had magical timing, perhaps this is another example of it.

  65. Free enterprise works and many in the United States have forgotten that. Recruit teachers, train workers and all the while pressuring states to slow tuition growth.... that sounds like a recipe for disaster that ANY economics professor could see. Who pays for the teachers? Who pays for the training? EVERYTHING costs because people have become accustomed to being paid for every little thing they do. Therefore, if salaries are added to the payroll and training costs are the responsibility of the college, look for tuition to skyrocket! Every consumer wants to live in the nice neighborhood and drive their dream car while living a lifestyle that they cannot afford. New York and the media... a combination destined to support the most liberal of ideas with little to no idea of the repercussions that will arise. Think California has it all figured out in the economic arena? Think again. Their state is in serious financial trouble, yet some of the most lavish lifestyles are lived out on the West Coast. I hope that they surprise me this year, and that Romney carries them as a state in the election. However, if they do not it will only prove to me that they are some of the most ignorant people that are walking the earth today. Like minds think alike, and if California thinks that this current administration is headed in the right direction, I only need to look at the financial condition of their own state to know that are prepared to do the same to the rest of the Union.

  66. I've already voted for Obama.
    Mitt looks the presidential--he looks great standing in front of a flag--but he lies too easily and morphs too easily into whatever he sees as expedient at the moment. That isn't always a bad thing, politicians require some chameleon-esque about them, but there's a continuum to it and Mitt ranges the entire length.
    On the same day he can be there smiling and laughing at either one of the far edges of the bell curve. The man was born for it. He lies with facility and cuts deadwood (citizens he doesn't approve of) with alacrity.
    And he says that no one in America dies of a heart attack --an ambulance comes to get them and take them to die in the ER I suppose. Also, an ambulance isn't going to help you if the terminal disease you haven't been treated for is cancer, or diabetes, or vascular disease. You'll die painfully and miserably in the hospital or on the street because Mitt and his minions have seen to it that you never had any continuity of care.
    No so bad for me, I'm old already. But there are children out there who need care from day one and who need healthy parents with jobs that pay a living wage.

    Mitt has never been the type of businessman to waste profits on things like that.

  67. I've been struck during the debates by how often Gov. Romney just asserts that he will do something, saying "I know how to" lower the deficit, produce new jobs, help small business, lower taxes and so on, without giving any explanation of how he will do it.

    Essentially, he's telling voters, "Just trust me." It's amazing to me that this election is turning out to be as close as it is.

  68. The lack of specificity offered, or more accurately not offered, by the Romney/Ryan campaign is staggering. It's matched only by the number of deceits, half- truths and outright lies put forth by them.

  69. Ohio owes President Obama its electoral votes, after all the help he advocated and delivered, unlike Mitt Romney who displayed indifference.

    Not to grant President Obama a second term, assuming it comes down to Ohio, would be an historic betrayal.

  70. Unbelievable. The President's "new" plan says ... well, not much. His detailed support for education - having the Federal government hire math and science teachers, vice having localities and states hire responsibly within their own budgets (BTW, I was and expect to be a high school math teacher) - is an overreach of Federal authority.

    The President's advertisements are mud-wrestling (again). Bringing up Bain (again) and trying to scare people.

    I certainly have had enough.

    I am heartened, though, by the fair and totally unbiased views presented in the New York Times and especially on your editorial pages. They have helped me to understand both the President's and the Governor's ideas. And they have presently the cases for and against each candidate in a detailed and reasoned manner.

    Yes, that last paragraph is about as unbelievable as your editorial.

  71. The way Forward With A Heart, Romney would have loved sending the auto assembling lines to China! He would have made a ton of money off the destruction of the auto workers.

  72. I second the kudo for Nate Silver's Five Thirty Eight Blog. It keeps me sane.

    Despite living in a "safe Obama " state, after voting last week, I felt a sense of relief that I saw a voting place filled with local Hispanic & African American voters; I felt fairly sure that that precinct was "strong Obama" (& strong Martin Heinrich) on that Saturday afternoon, supporting Mr. Silver's analysis of NM. I walked out feeling that I had voted in the most important election of my fairly long life . . . and the last time I felt that way was Nixon-McGovern (RIP, George) in '72. I thought "heaven help us if this goes the other way."

  73. I'm glad to see the President has an education plan - hire 100,000 teachers. I think I've heard that one before. Have you seen his 20 page pamphlet on getting America moving? Every page has a picture of Mr. Obama meeting with voters and a few lines about his intentions. Mr. Obama has had four years to formulate his plans but there still isn't much to see.

  74. I expect more serious analysis than this from the NY Times, but I suspect that is a foolish whim. Neither candidate provides details on any prescriptions for solving ills, be they domestic or international. The tipping point is far past for unbiased journalism or accountable politicians. All is now mere entertainment as Presidents now grovel for votes on late night television and media sycophants preen in front of the cameras nightly dispensing daily dribble for the dumbed down public. Solving education problems is quite simple, do your homework and do some serious writing.

  75. I think the only way middle-class and working-class Americans voting for Romney will come to their senses (if they have any after all those years of Fox News and Rush) is if Romney is elected and we go back to the destructive Bush policies, which, of course, will do harm to all but the 1% and the mega corporations.

    Only with this round of mighty Republicanism, the gap between rich and the rest of us will widen to a chasm, what was once public will be privatized (like schools, Medicare, and college will be done at online universities), and we will have lots more cases of people dying from tainted medicine, lack of health insurance, illegal botched abortions, and wars.

    When folks start having buyers' remorse because there still are few jobs, Romney will keep up his sales pitch. He will tell us we just need to be patient for his plan to work, and anyway it's our own fault if we don't have a job, are sick, can't afford food, or are just old (Social Security and Medicaid will be privatized for those older adult who can afford it).

    Vote Romney and everyday can be Halloween!

  76. Excuse me, Mr. Cohen, but calling Romney Hoover is an insult to a Republican who actually had been an outstanding public servant up until he was elected President. And although he was a disaster in the White House, he signed more legislation to try to end the Depression then any other President up to that time in history. He was absolutely unable to think outside the box and enact the legislation FDR did, thus he failed miserably. Mitt Romney could not shine Herbert Hoover's shoes on the best day of his life. This is coming from a life-long Democrat who really dislikes the current GOP, but I taught history too many years not to set the facts straight.

  77. Very partisan editorial that cannot be distinguished from campaign propaganda, and thus is of no help in actually evaluating the candidates.

  78. If American voters had even the slightest clue, Obama would be well on his way to an epic landslide victory. Unfortunately, far too many people want to buy the nonsense that Romney is peddling, rather than actually thinking about what he is saying (or not saying).

  79. Mitt's an ok guy, but he doesn't actually give a hoot about at least half of the American population. He even said so himself. His agenda is all about assuring financial safety for the well-off. Problem is, that segment of the population is way too small to get him elected. All the stuff he's mouthing off about is just a vote-getting smokescreen. The issue that really kills me is Mitt's position on woman's choice. He says he stands up for the unborn, but then refuses to support policies to protect the unborn after birth.

  80. It's a sad state of affairs in America when a President who has done a good job and has been reliable, honest, hard-working, and fair, who has not been at the heart of a single scandal, personal nor political, and who has rescued the reputation of America around the world--that such a President has to struggle to keep his job--it's just sad. Since Mr. Romney does not appear to stand for anything in particular, and is perfectly willing to change his mind about anything, making him an empty candidate without an ideological or practical base, I can only deduce that half the American public endorses Mr. Romney because he is not Obama, and that's just sad.

  81. Willard has yet to give any details as to his plans really are. Over the course of 10 years and 3 nationally televised debates, we still don't who he is or what he'll do. He will say anything anywhere to anyone for any vote. Dangerous.

  82. I guess Romney is a student of Mark Twain, who once famously said, "It is better to keep one's mouth shut and appear stupid then open it and remove all doubt". That's a bit of a handicap in a presidential campaign, so he must be hoping that bigotry, intolerance and ignorance will prevail.

  83. Obama's plan to spend more money on education, infrastructure, and renewable energy is the same plan he has run on for almost four years. What about this is new? And what about this has worked?

  84. Mr Romney need be specific on only one thing, he is not President Obama.Unfortunately, for many that is reason enough to vote for him.

  85. Romney is counting on the Tea Party to carry him to victory. Since this group does not value public education, they don't approach the issues the way educated people do so he doesn't need to provide detail. He just needs to stand behind their candidates, like Akin and Mourdack.

  86. Romney has managed to put his character in question with all the dishonesty and subterfuge. Self righteous and lacking integrity.. not a good combination for a president.

    Even Romney's most fervent supporters would have to admit he's a stealth candidate who is not being honest about his agenda.

    That he's come this far on pure bluster is an amazing thing.

  87. "Those pathways exist because millions of voters still harbor doubts about Mitt Romney. He has apparently decided that in the final days of the campaign, he will do little to dispel them."

    So let Romney keep on refusing to explain himself! (If he even possibly can, given his numerous metamorphoses.) The longer he refuses to tell the American public how, exactly, he will achieve his goals, the more obvious it is that he can't. More and more millions of people *should* doubt Romney--why on earth does the Times want to give him a boost by suggesting how he can improve the odds of his winning the election???

  88. According to the latest Gallop Poll, dated 26/10/2012, the election may depend more on the subgroups, such as blacks, for instance, willing to vote in numbers, as good or better than 2008.

    I quote Gallop poll:

    Thus, given the relatively similar demographic composition of the 2012 and 2008 electorates, the election's outcome may hinge more on how groups vote rather than to what extent they will vote. And most groups are currently less likely to support Obama now than they were in 2008. However, Obama's seven-point margin of victory in the 2008 election leaves him considerable breathing room to lose electoral support yet still win the election.

    At this point, though, Gallup Daily tracking of likely voter preferences suggests Obama has lost more support than he could afford to, given his current 50% to 47% deficit to his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. To close that gap in the final weeks of the campaign, Obama would need to have subgroups favorable to him, such as blacks or young adults, turn out at rates that match or exceed those of groups less favorable to him, or to increase his support among key subgroups even if their turnout remains the same.

    ...and I am Sid [email protected]

  89. I've posted so many comments in support of Obama. I don't know how else to express my bewilderment at how anyone can contemplate voting for Romney. So, I'd like to post a sweet poem that offers hope. It is by James T. Fields:

    We were crowded in the cabin,
    Not a soul would dare to sleep,
    It was midnight on the waters,
    And a storm was on the deep.

    "Tis a fearful thing in winter
    To be shattered by the blast,
    And to hear the rattling trumpet
    Thunder, "Cut away the mast!"

    So we shuddered there in silence,
    For the stoutest held his breath,
    While the hungry sea was roaring
    And the breakers talked with Death.

    As thus we sat in darkness,
    Each one busy with his prayers,
    "We are lost!" the captain shouted
    As he staggered down the stairs.

    But his little daughter whispered,
    As she took his icy hand,
    "Isn't God, upon the ocean,
    Just the same as on the land?"

    Then we kissed the little maiden.
    And we spoke in better cheer,
    And we anchored safe in harbour
    When the morn was shining clear.

    The Captain 's Daughter

    8:10 a.m.

  90. President Obama's policy agenda is to attack Romney and Republicans.
    Beyond that he has no plan.
    The Obama/Biden disdain and disrespect towards Romney and Republicans guarantees that if reelected, their leadership will continue to be inept and divisive with no chance for bipartisan solutions to the country's problems.

  91. The NY Times seems to forget to watch everything in its entirety. Watch the speeches for both campaigns. I see specifics for both Romeny and Obama. You heard of Romney's 5 point plan? To create 12 million jobs? Emphasis on small businesses? You heard about Romney discuss equality and choice for students and families in education? To reward teachers? Focus on innovation and skill training? Improve the financial aid system? All the information is there for both candidates. Visit their websites and watch the speeches. Do not rely on the media!

  92. The only bad thing if Gov. Romney loses is that we'll never get to see his tax returns. That's about it.

  93. Improving our schools should be a high priority. I like the fact that President Obama has.specific plans to hire teachers and strongly supports education.

    I would like to hear how Mitt Romney plans to "fix" education. Based on his previous comments it's impossible to know what he'll do.

  94. R.,

    You're post makes for an excellent experiment. You made a benign comment about our political system, neither condeming nor supporting a particular party or candidate. But you received mostly ridicule from the posters here because you didn't explicitly support one candidate and/or condemn the other. I can't say I'm surprised even if it is saddening.

  95. Very weak editorial. Some voters have doubts about Romney? Apparently half the country has doubts about Obama too.

  96. On Libya, the Adminstration:

    Pulled security teams out and held them out as the Ambassador and State Dept security experts urged that security be increased in the weeks before the attack

    On SEPTEMBER 11, had our military in a posture either not ready to assist or held it back by from Americans who fought for SEVEN hours

    KNEW from the real-time video the nature of the attack but still insisted for days that a complex, 7 hour, deadly heavy weapons attack on SEPTEMBER 11 "stemmed from a video"

    Will not answer direct questions regarding what the President knew and when he knew it

  97. Romney's problem boils down to one main thing. Trust or lack of, actually.
    His business record does not reflect the values that made us great. It is a "robber baron" mentality of the old days.
    Big business & Wall street have lost their Moral Compass. And Romney leads a party of "good old white boys" & multiple crack pots. They simple cannot be trusted.
    By the way, I am a white, senior citizen of 77 yrs of age. Just wanted you to know.

  98. The senate passed at 2000-page "Obamacare" bill without anyone bothering to read it, but Romney is expected to hold the nation's attention as he lays out a program of educational reform. Please! First, he is conservative enough to be properly skeptical about the Executive branch of the national government setting policy for school districts in Wyoming and New Jersey. Second, IT IS NOT ABOUT CLASS SIZE! It is, however, about choice; you know, choice? So get ready for fewer food vouchers and more school vouchers. Get ready for hope and change, even if you still have to buy your own cell phone.

  99. Have you noticed that all of Romney's solutions are expressed in four to seven word phrases WITHOUT ANY DETAILS: like "We’re going to finally fix our schools," "I'm going to close tax loopholes," "I'm going to balance the budget," "I'm going to close the defecit," WITHOUT ANY SPECIFIC DETAILED PLAN OF WHOSE OX IS GOING TO BE GORED!!!

    He cannot be trusted, nor can his running mate, Eddie Munster (the great fake marathoner), who thinks he is qualified to serve one heartbeat away from the Presidency. Very scary for all of us to even consider.

    And Romney just can't to take us into a war with Iran, lining up the Bush crew that took us into Iraq. We cannot afford this dangerous costly venture. Please let's not start another war for a while.

    This is serious. Get out and vote or all of us middle class and poorer Americans will suffer the consequences.

  100. The real tragedy is that Romney has succeeded in his plan to say NOTHING about any specifics. You would think most voters would demand detailed information about all his assertions, but it hasn't happened. Maybe because 47% of the republican base hate Obama so much that Romney doesn't have to say ANYTHING to get their vote. This information vacuum could be a forerunner for future contests."Give em sound and fury signifying NOTHING."

  101. Romney never went to a public school obviously. He doesn't know what it's like for people "down there" - i.e. society. He only knows high society and Mormonism not the strata of you and I.

  102. “We’re going to finally fix our schools,” ... given his hope to make the Department of Education “a heck of a lot smaller.”

    Perhaps that is the answer. We have had increasing expenditures at the DoE with no improvement in test scores, but with a lot more bureaucracy and mandates from DC.
    The DoE is probably a classic example that good intentions often do not yield good results.

    Is the quality of US education in any way demonstrably better off than it was when the Doe started ?

  103. My spouse and I took a walk in the park yesterday to discuss a vexing conundrum: how and why could the race for the White House be so terribly close?

    We began with the premise that pro-Romney people have suspended their disbelief to a San Andreas fault. Maybe they buy into the proposition that austerity can bring prosperity. Maybe they willfully forswear common sense arithmetic. Cut taxes across-the-board, says Mitt Romney, while paring or eliminating certain deductions; expand the defense budget; substitute an unspecified form of Romneycare for Obamacare; and reduce the deficit. Impossible? Perhaps not, if the social safety net is eviscerated or worse.

    And what about women, my spouse intoned. How is it that so many appear willing to surrender their reproductive rights and control of the arc of their lives?

    Perhaps, we agreed, the specter of racism is more than a specter. Maybe that’s the unspoken impetus for so many to vote against all reason.

    And what about that Romney fund-raising event video tape? Having viewed that, how could anyone countenance Mitt Romney’s manifest contempt for the 47 percent of Americans who, he alleges, do not “take personal responsibility and care for their lives”?

    We shared other theories, as there seemed to be an inexhaustible supply. “We better take a break,” she said at one point, “because we’re making the trees shed their leaves.”

    “It’s just that time of year,” I replied. “Deciduous trees, you know.”

    “I know. I was being wry.”

  104. For everything Romney has words,
    And most are strictly for the Birds!
    A pure talk-the-talker,
    Never walk-the-walker,
    No whey that your bowl will have curds.

  105. Romney is the man without a plan (just vague concepts)

  106. Is there any evidence that US school lack teachers? It's not in this NYT article. If there is no such evidence then hiring 100 thousand or 100 million teachers is just a waste of money.

  107. Romney’s jobs plan? Too bad it’s for China.

    “Mitt Romney through Ann Romney’s blind trust—not so blind, they could see where the money was going—gave their money to Paul ‘The Vulture’ Singer. Singer with two of his hedge fund buddies bought up the auto parts division of GM for only 67 cents a share. They were able to turn 67 cents a share into $22 a share by threatening GM and the US Treasury with a shutdown of the auto industry. They had complete control of all the steering wheels and steering columns of every car that was being made in America. GM would have been liquidated. And so the government allowed GM to pay them $12 billion. About half of that was straight from the US Treasury in a takeover of Delphi’s pension fund.

    “Almost every plant was then moved by the Romney group to China. Delphi is making a fortune today. So you have 25,000 workers who lost their jobs to China. Three hedge fund managers made at least $4.2 billion. And the Romneys have made at least 15, but the evidence suggests that it’s more like $115 million, a 4,000% profit.

    “What we can’t get from them—this may be why they are not releasing their 2009 taxes—they’ve moved their incorporation of the auto parts division of GM from Michigan to the Isle of Jersey in the Mediterranean Sea, which hides their taxes and also, of course, their accounts.”

    Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions from the Rescue of Detroit

  108. Pres.....Txbl Inc.....Tax......Rom Savgs



    Just out of curiosity, I ran some numbers on how the Romney 20% across-the-board reduction in tax rates would affect people with various incomes. Given the total vagueness over what deductions and loopholes would be eliminated, I did not consider those.

    See where you fit in. Vote accordingly.

    Just one thing. If you are a middle class person, are you willing to vote to let Romney cut taxes for the wealthy folks who funded his campaign, to allow them to pay for their contribution with tax cut money that robs your government of its ability to function, and gives you crumbs?

    Think about it.

  109. This election breaks down to a very simple question.
    Do you want to go back to the very same programs that put us into this economic turndown in the firstplace? We Americans have very SHORT memories.
    If you vote for Romney that is EXACTLY what what will happen.
    Romney & Co. will put forth legislation which will bring us further down the path of economic destruction.
    Unfortuneately there is no QUICK fix to our problems.
    Yesterday's NYT's article "Standard of Living" clearly explains the issue.
    As a Democrat I truly hope the President is re-elected.
    If he fails to win it will be because too many Americans are ignorant of the country's underlying problems and often VOTE against their better interests.
    Hopefully the President will remain in office and he can continue to achieve the growth that we now see.
    Only time will tell.