Chasin’ ‘Trane’

Ravi Coltrane has made an album that lives up to his father’s legend.

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  1. The last paragraph of this piece, the quotation, tells me the inner light that burned so profoundly bright in the father, continues to do likewise in the son. Well said.

  2. He sounds like a fascinating cross between John Coltrane and Paul Desmond.

  3. Funny, that was my thought, esp with The Change, My Girl.

    We met Ravi, Alice, and Mary a few times. Always very gracious folks.
    We got to visit Mary at the house in Philly in the early '90's.
    Sitting by the piano in the living room felt like sitting in Mozart's study.

    Mary gave us some morning glory seeds from their backyard and they still come up around our yard every year.
    They are a fantastic blue hue.
    We always refer to them as the "Blue Trane" Morning Glories.

  4. As I listen more, he really sounds like Trane. Amazing.

  5. John Coltrane made an enormous contribution to jazz and Ravi continues in this fine tradition. It's a pity more Americans don't appreciate fine jazz, unlike in Europe and Japan where there is a much larger audience.

    I look forward to many more great recordings from Ravi.

  6. I just saw Ravi Coltrane in Portland, Oregon. I was in awe with depth of the music...though I am schooled in jazz and don't listen very often. Never have I been so captivated by a performance as Coltrane's and his combo. Amazing.

  7. Thank you, great article. He is definitely a class person. His father would be proud. I remember having seen Alice Coltrane many times, and we always felt we touched the legacy of John. This man is carrying the legacy with his own style and talent.. The first time I heard a John Coltrane record in the 60's, is a moment that I remember where I was and how it hit me. Again, thanks.

  8. Even though it must be impossibly difficult to live up to an unbelievable legacy like the one that his father left behind -- after all, who can, except perhaps a handful of people in jazz in the past century? -- it's great to see Ravi C. getting his own groove, and taking his talents forward.

    Good luck, Mr. Coltrane.

  9. I was fortunate to see Ravi this February in Jacksonville, a masterful performance, and I will be buying a copy of "Spirit Fiction" ASAP. His father's impact on my musical development was enormous and continues to resonate (I have a copy of the re-mastered "Blue Train" in my car right now). That Ravi has been able to make his own way working in the same genre brings to mind more of a classical tradition; when generations of artists (painters, composers) would continue on in the family "business".

  10. We just saw Ravi Coltrane perform last Sunday night at Catalina Jazz Club in Los Angeles, the final show of a 4 night gig. He was superb, and it made me wonder about how, despite the fact that John Coltrane died before Ravi was 2 years old, this great gift was somehow passed on from father to son.

  11. Of course John Coltrane was great. But please don't slight the career of Alice Coltrane. I saw Ravi sitting on the grass with his siblings as a child on the cover of his mother's album.

    No doubt he is as influenced by her musical legacy, as much or more than his. After all, a child over the age of 2 has more distinct memories, including that of living with an actively producing musician, his mother.

  12. As a musician I can appreciate Ravi's work on this album. I have a son who is a well known professional bass player and can understand being somewhat in the shadow of greatness. Looking forward to more from Coltrane!

  13. enjoyed the article; will listen to him on youtube.

  14. just caught him again in denver,2 sets.amazing stuff. seen him with elvin, bluenote 7 and with his mom at her last show in san francisco. he really is his own person,player,composer. he's more influenced by his mom, than his dad. he does have the musical genes of both. iwas happy to hand him a poster from his mom's last show, it has been sitting at my house in a pile of posters.great tone, and leader. get some ravi!!!! at the end of the second set he said here's a song by john coltrane.....giant steps...he' looking forward to the future reassured by discovering his past!!!blow man blow!!!

  15. I have been listening to jazz since the mid-fifties when the music was in an intense period of creation, but, sadly, no more popular than it is now. At this point in my life , like most elderly persons, I have developed some very rigid opinions. With regard to jazz, I believe that there were only three real innovators - Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane, and that all the music that has followed, in all these many years, is ultimately derivative, no matter how beautiful much of it is. As a consequence, I pretty much listen only to the triumvirate of the creation. After reading this article, though I will, with great hope and anticipation visit i-tunes and listen to Ravi Coltrane. Thank you.

  16. I too share, in my sixth decade, your devotion to that particular triumvirate. However, I believe that should you give a listen to Spirit Fiction, you will be pleasantly surprised and heartened.

  17. Thanks for this article. I woke up in Sierra leone this morning and fired up the Sunday times. I also turned my iTunes to Blue Train just as I saw the title....synchronicity is lovely sometimes....I will get Ravi's album tout d'suite!

  18. Just as Damion and Ziggy Marley can't equal their father and Jacob Dylan can't eaqual his, Ravi can never be, no matter how good he is, what his father was and meant to jazz and the world at the time his father appeared on this earth. Doesn't work that way.

  19. Pharoah Sanders - Ravi might play with Pharoah before it is too late. Saw Ravi play in Jacksonville this year at a free concert where he credited a composition to Ornette Coleman and expected audience response - and got none - to Ravi's disappointment. Many do not appreciate this music while I believe it is one of USA's most valuable cultural contributions. John and Alice Coltrane's message of personal liberation inspires emulation.

  20. I'm looking forward to "Spirit Fiction."

    And I also was fortunate to catch Ravi with Dave Douglas, Vijay Iyer, Linda Oh and E.J.Strickland in NYC last December.

    And I also agree Alice Coltrane was a great musician in her own right. Ravi had some beautiful parents who gave us some beautiful music. Keep rolling, Ravi.