A Sprint and Leap Into the Unknown

Lex Gillette, a blind long jumper, relies on muscle memory and trust to compete in the Paralympics.

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  1. I'm humbled by the bravery of this young man and the bravery of para-athletes in general.

  2. So proud of both Mr. Gillette and Mr. Williams. What wonderful representatives of our country! I will be in London at that time to cheer them on :)

  3. When Gillette, 27, sprints down the runway, he cannot see where he is going. He cannot see the line he is supposed to jump from, and as he soars through the air, he cannot tell when or where he is going to land.

    Gillette, with the help of Williams, his guide, holds the world record for his classification of the Paralympics, at 6.73 meters, or a little more than 22 feet.

    WOW!!!!!!! My best to you SIR!!!!!

  4. Lex Gillette has gaps in his vocabulary: never learned the words "can't" or "quit."

    And I suppose he never learned how to whine, either.

    We are humbled.

  5. Amazing story! Thank you for sharing it with us, and best of luck to Team Gillette!

  6. daredevil!

  7. This guy may not have sight, but he sure does have heart. A sight for soar eyes...

  8. What an inspiring story! When I read the normal articles about crime and gun violence I can feel so depressed. Here I read about a real person with limitations to his physical abilities who refuses to give up. He is a big winner no matter how he does in the actual competition.

  9. As a high school jumps coach (long and triple), I'm going to use Lex's story as inspiration and motivation for my athletes. Thanks for a great story and thanks to Lex and Wesley for setting a great example of passion, dedication, and team work!

  10. The spirit soars when you Give your Best...

  11. Very inspiring.

  12. Lex Gillette reaffirms the best of the human spirit. I will be rooting for him enthusiastically!

  13. Although he may have lost his sight, Mr. Gillette sounds like a person with a clear vision of what he hopes to accomplish and a willingness to leap into the unknown to turn that vision into reality. Maybe we need a blind candidate for President so that we can finally get a candidate with vision.