The (Sort of) New Mitt

Is General Election Mitt Romney making some changes from the Primary Mitt Romney? Just look at the Mittspeak, people, and decide for yourself.

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  1. "Like many of our big policy debates, immigration reform has dwindled away to an argument about something less than sweeping." Thus rendering it so small and ineffective that it doesn't even need to be drowned in the bathtub.

  2. Who remembers last week it was fire teachers, as Mitt Romney way to improve education. Cut teachers. It’s a notion so absurd that the Ivy-wise Mitt denies he said it, intended to say it, thought it, and finally condemns his own idea. But he's moved on. This week it's immigration, "long term." Mitt really doesn't have any positives. He's hoping the President will collapse in a bramble of negatives that he never fails to imaginatively construct. But make no mistake, as he did at Bain, his speech never matches his balance sheet. He is betting on the real elephant--race--to stomp down the door and let him in.

    "But it's not about , ." Okay, then what is it about? Government spending? Trending down as a GDP %, Interest rates? Historic lows. Profits? Record highs. Safety nets? Health care expanded. Jobs? Growing. Tax cuts? Targeted for middle class families.
    DADT? Ended. Bin Laden? Dead,

    Lest we forget, all efforts except tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulating health, safety, and air and water are job killers. That's the one point Romney has relentlessly stuck to. Too bad it isn't true.

  3. It's tax cuts. Also, it's their turn, according to the missus. Though If that's the case why not run in 2016?

  4. I am so looking forward to those public debates between the President and Mr. Romney. I want to see them face to face; I want to see if Mr. Romney dares to tell his lies in the presence of the President. It may be true enough that most people who are planning to vote have already made up their minds, but seeing them side by side will make Mr. Romney and all his venality and mendacity appear to be a very small man indeed, even though he is a white man.

  5. Meet the "new Mitt"? Which Mitt? If it's Tuesday it must be...? Mitt is clueless. He has no plan. Mitt has had years to define himself. Mitt says he can create jobs. Sure. I can guard LeBron James. Trust me.

  6. But.....he’s NOT Obama (and white too!)).

  7. Dear Kevin you are a funny guy!

  8. This election will be Republican-lite against Republican-crazy.

    Whichever is elected, we have no idea what we will really get.

    For Mitt, his contradictions leave the question, is he lying some of the time or all of the time?

    For Obama, we have seen him for an entire term, and we still don't know what he might fight for, if anything, if re-elected.

  9. "For Obama, we have seen him for an entire term, and we still don't know what he might fight for, if anything, if re-elected."

    We know exactly what the President will fight for: he has been clear in his message, consistent and never wavered. What Presidential speech or communiqué have you been listening to? The President is for the American people. Mitt and Crazy Inc. are not: they are for corporations, for organized religion running the country and have invented stuff they pull out of their derrières on everything from what Presidential powers Obama has abused to telling women they do not merit equal pay. We know exactly about these two candidates: one whose priorities lie with his countrymen and women; the other adding President of the Unites States to his resume: or shall we change it then to "Chairman of the Board of US Inc."

  10. I keep hearing that Obama is not fighting enough. I am serious in asking the question, what does fighting look like? We still have to get legislation passed through a Congress that for all intents and purposes should not have been elected to the majority in 2010. What does fighting look like?

  11. I saw Obama's speech to Hispanics on Friday and was struck by (a) the surprisingly tepid response he got and (b) the number of cliches in the speech. The audience seemed rightly suspicious of worn-out rhetoric supporting a policy that doesn't go far enough. Of course, that doesn't mean they will vote for Romney; I only hope they don't just stay away from the polls.

  12. Soldiers are tired and worn out after 11 years in Afghanistan and Bush's useless war in Iraq. Soldiers don't want to go for a 5th, 6th or 7th deployment. Romney's big casino owner donor has given him 10 million dollars and wants a war with Iran badly. Now Romney says the immigrants, mostly Latinos, can stay if they join the Army. Romney has mentioned war with Iran in the past. Why is he trying to plump up the military with young immigrants? Interesting how someone who has never been in the military and has 5 sons who have never been in the military, thinks the military is the answer for everyone else.

  13. This sounds so very plausible. And then, it will be the requisite 10 years from the last useless invasion of Iraq, so we'll need to "test" our weapons again. Gosh, this is all beginning to make sense!

  14. His father, George Romney did not serve either, in WW2. I believe he went on a "Mission" to Spain and apparently didn't convert too many people there.

    Mitt supported the war in Vietnam before he was against it, following Daddy's statement in 1968. Mitt went to France for a few years during the height of the Vietnam War, and he admits that he converted just a few people. MItt apparently had five deferments, and when his number finally came up the war was winding down,

    Three generations of Romney's did not serve. Actually, it was four--his grandfather lived in Mexico, and did not serve in the US Army.

    Interesting the the latest war-monger Pres, VP and wanna-be pres want to start wars as long as they don't have to serve themselves.

  15. I just finally got around to renting the movie "The Help," and I couldn't help but think that the "American people" that Romney is so fond of talking about are the new help. We are here to vote to make sure that our masters have lower taxes, that we fight their wars for non-existent WMD, that we tend their mega Wal-Marts for minimum wage, that we look the other way when they want our medicare and social security too.

    We are here to anoint their child bearing wives who speak with indignance in their $1000 tee shirts when we point out that "motherhood" is not the end all in terms of accomplishment.

    We are the patient help, waiting to hear if they have ever transcended their self-indulgent, self-absorbed world to fulfill anything other then their own ends. And their ends justify the means and they always will.

  16. Mitt has been waging a relentlessly negative campaign, but he rarely if ever has an inspirationally positive moment. His applause lines are negative. His "solutions" are negative. He cannot articulate a positive proposal.

    In the end, Americans will conclude that he is running on a negative agenda. The angry folks will vote for him and the rest for vote for something better.

  17. Meet the new Mitt, same as the old Mitt (I can't have illegals, for god sakes, I am running for office). That's all I need to know about Mitt with/out etch-a-sketch.

  18. Josie -- If I recall correctly, he said "for Pete's sake." Really ... for Pete's sake!

  19. Mitt Romney reminds me ofn elderly GP who treated me as a child. Unless you had fracture he had three remedies. Aspirin, cough syrup, and t cod liver oil. He predicted that if his treatment was followed I would feel much better in 48 hours.

    Dr. Mitt has four remedies in his black bag. (1) Lower taxes for the wealthy and corporations. (2) Deregulation of business and Wall Street (i.e., creating a government immune class). (3) Privatization of government (i.e. degrading government services, stealing public property and creating a means to destroy middle class jobs and destroying public education and using taxpayer money for religious schools.) and (4) Sugar coated rampant class warfare with components such as repealing minimum wage laws, unemployment insurance, destruction of unions, the privatization of Social Security, the repeal of Medicare and all social safety net programs upon the ground that such programs lead to dependency on government, while all privatization contracts depend on government money and unconscionable republican meanness and lack of compassion.

    For unemployment Dr. Mitt prescribes remedies 1 and 2.
    To rebuild small businesses Dr. Mitt prescribes remedies 1 and 2. To correct a weak economy Dr. Mitt prescribes remedies 1 and 2. For the problem of illegal immigration Dr. Mitt prescribes remedies 1, 2 and 4. To balance tha budget and reduce debt Dr. Mitt prescribes remedies 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Dr. Mitt’s bag contains nn remedies that work.

  20. "Dr. Mitt’s bag contains no remedies that work.”

    Um..wouldn’t that make him a...quack?

    What a surprise.

  21. You have to wonder when the doctor prescribes the exact same remedies no matter what the symptoms are.

  22. A while back Winning Progressive tagged Romney as "Multiple-Choice Mitt."

    Mitt doesn't know this nation well enough to define its major voting blocks and offer each of them his vision that he is committed to for them. He has no defining public leadership principles.

    President Obama's actions show his defining principle is trying to right the ship for working Americans and the middle class.

    Mitt's actions show us his defining principle is collecting the Presidency as a trophy.

    Mitt overflows with superficial cheer-leading about creating jobs but he has no credible details. Jobs result from the public having enough money to create demand. How will Mitt get those funds in the hands of the public? Give tax cuts to the wealthy so they'll spend more? His Econ 101 prof would fail Mitt for forgetting the wealthy have a high propensity to save.

    Mitt won't commit to anything because then people can choose whether or not they like his choice and thus take sides. His campaign seems based on the hope voters will vote to "like" him more than President Obama.

    Mitt's is running for American Idol. President Obama is running for the benefit the majority - as best he can with the Congress the people elect.

    Every great leader who has led a nation out of troubled circumstances did so with clearly stated principles to benefit the people, which the people could also see in the choices made by the leader. Idols don't need principles. They just need massive public relations.

  23. Mitt is bad, no argument. But Obama is not running for the benefit of the majority, sad to say. He has failed to oppose the Republicans, he has worrying links to big money, and he has failed to get a message out. I am so very disappointed.

  24. And a few hundred million dollars to spread their lies.

  25. " ... with the Congress the people elect".

    Bingo. It's not going to be enough to re-elect President Obama, although that is EXTREMELY important. People need to get out and vote for their Democratic representatives and senators, and get rid of the misguided Tea Party-ers who are focused only on stymying any progress toward recovery. Start with Boehner and Cantor.

  26. Before 1887 if you had a sponsor, or a job offer, you could enter the country. Then the trans continental railroads were mostly completed and the Chinese were laid off.
    They began taking the low paying service jobs, like laundry, farm work, and other hard labor.

    Dennis Kearney an Irish immigrant started a movement to send the Chinese back to the "Orient." Their property was taken from them, they were prevented form owning property or even getting married even after working here for 20 or more years.

    the Kearney act passed in 1887 and our immigration laws have not been the same since. After that the Sikhs from India were targeted even though they proved they are actually Caucasians. Then the Irish who came to work the stockyards, and the Jews who spoke a different language and were not Christians. At the start of Prohibition it was the Germans who were attacked as they owned most of the breweries. Finally the Japanese were victimized even though they were citizens.

    Now for the most part it is the Mexicans. Conservatives need to have a group to feel superior to. We can see from their rhetoric just what low self esteem they have. And we can see how they make every effort to denigrate those who do not agree with their belief system.

  27. Our immigration laws also have had a rather strange effect on women. Between 1907 and 1922, in the US, before the "Cable Act" passed, any American woman, no matter how long she and her forebears had lived in America, lost her citizenship and was assigned the citizenship of her husband if she married a non-citizen. With passage of the Cable Act, if she married someone who was eligible to become a citizen, she did not;however, Asians at that time were not even eligible to become citizens.
    I married a British citizen a few years ago, who became a resident alien, and even though I have had ancestors here in America since the 17th century, and cannot identify any who arrived after the American Revolution, I would have lost my citizenship if earlier laws had been in effect. An excellent summary of the immigration laws as they relate to women is in NARA's magazine "Prologue" at:

  28. The problem the conservatives have is that they can't reconcile how their progeny, who often had and have every advantage, aren't able to achieve as well as -- pick the immigrant: chinese, japanese, jews, indians, italians, greeks, etc. -- and the only way they can hold onto their advantages is to deprive others of their achievements, or to skew the tax code in favor of the haves and against those pesky have-nots, who might out achieve their progeny, or to deprive those same have-nots of the basic things that might help them reach their potential -- basic health care, a decent education, help with food and a roof over their heads in hard times, whether by providing food stamps or unemployment compensation. Conservatives see that these groups are willing to work harder to achieve their well deserved successes, and they need to figure out a way to block them from succeeding. What better way than to portray them as lazy and living off the dole? Stokes resentment and achieves the goal of holding onto all the opportunities for themselves. It's very telling that, after states like GA and AL passed their own immigration laws, which scared off undocumented workers, farmers could not find anyone to do the back breaking work previously done my these immigrants, even when they offered nearly twice as much in compensation. This is what the conservatives fear, and have feared throughout our history. The good news is, hard work and talent have always won in the past.

  29. What's the real likelihood, David, that the people who enacted punitive race-and-ethnicity-based legislation targeted at immigrants, and otherwise had major problems with immigrants here, were Republicans or "Conservatives", in today's terms? Your Dennis Kearney, for example, an "Irish Immigrant"?

    Wasn't it fact that most such legislation and general sentiment came from Democratic (and machine, in large cities) advocates for the working poor, who feared employment and wage competition from the Chinese, the Irish, the whatever?

    Your comment is a rather better example of an attempt to demonize those who do not agree with your belief system.

  30. Mouthpiece Mitt - all sound signifying nothing - speaks of "America", "the American people", "the future of America".
    The fact is that after 20 yrs. of Republican Presidents (1980 - 2008 with a brief 8 yr. respite for Pres. Clinton) the American people are a great deal poorer and their future looks bleak when it comes to the share of all income allowed to them.

    Seriously note the data found here:

    Use 2 sliders on the Timeline to show the time span of 1980 - 2008.
    This is the period of the Republican imposed tax cuts. The beneficiaries of those tax cuts are obvious.

    In 2010, 93% of all new income created the previous year went to the top 1%, while the bottom 99% of people had the great, good fortune to wallow in the remaining 7%.

    Median income/wealth have declined. This represents a decline in our standard of living. This issue must be the defining issue of the campaign for President. The Republican Party and its operatives have the major goal of making most of the population so poor they cannot fight back.
    Reported bumper sticker in Michigan said: "Too poor to be a Republican".

    Recent quotes from Romney fund-raising appeals:
    "Do we place our trust in government or in the American people."
    " ... help me restore the promise of America..."
    "Liberals should be ashamed ... their policies have failed ... good and decent Americans!"
    "I don't apologize for America ... I believe in America!'
    And there is more.

    Get the picture.

  31. Well, the thing that bothered me was the bold-faced lie that Obama had done nothing about the immigration problem during his administration, when it was Republicans in Congress who filibustered the Dream Act that they had previously supported in order to hurt Obama. "Now that he wants your vote, he's come up with this temporary measure." That is a lot of chutzpah. A candidate can massage the truth, use rhetoric to create an impression, but Romney lies. He out and out lies. That is something that can't be nuanced. In fact, I have seen him take opposite sides of many positions with the same level of conviction. In my mind, aside from the fact that his approach to our current problems is patently ridiculous, his dishonesty disqualifies him from holding the office of President.

  32. Obama "supported" the Dream Act, but did absolutely nothing to SELL it to Americans, who could have influenced their legislators. As with so much else in his administration, he failed to lead, then blamed someone else for the failure of an initiative that represents what he says he believes.

    Democrats would have a better chance at retaining the White House if they drafted a very different candidate at their election, one who doesn't waste the most effective bully-pulpit in the world. When it's actually used.

  33. And some guy who recently wrote a book on Morminism, claims that Mitt's religion prevents him from telling lies! Huh?

  34. I agree, but why isn't the administration (and the press) calling him on it?

  35. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses bearing Ph.D.’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering or computer science. ."

    This line offers further proof of why comedy is sometimes the best way to get a point across.

    Barack Obama may have disappointed some from his "base" by not doing enough to overcome an intransigent/obstructionist Congress and a title wave of obsessively driven right-wing ideologues who have allowed their hatred of the 43rd President to reach such a height that they would sacrifice the welfare of the country just to see him lose. But, to elect Mitt Romney, the man who for many is simply the anti-Obama, would be a failure for America and a great way to say that we've learned nothing from the 2008 collapse if we're willing to elect a man who is the epitome of the economic divide that has sadly come to define who we are. In fact, it would be a slap in the face to all those who value - and hope to see again - a fair economic system that benefits all, not just a select few.

    The symbolism of electing Mitt Romney - a man clearly out of touch and hopelessly awkward in his attempts to "relate" - would be as damaging to this country as anything of substance we can point to in his record as to why he shouldn't be President.

  36. correction: ...44th President, of course....

  37. "a man clearly out of touch...”

    Ah, but he is very much in touch with the right wing pure, unadulterated, hatred of President Obama.

  38. @Rob DL You are always a good writer but the third paragraph is one of your best ever. I'm pasting it in to my door to door volunteer work.

  39. Mittens' primary campaign issue is maintaining and expanding the constitutonal right to hoarding cash, be it through maintaining low income tax rates and low capital gain/dividend rates written by the rich for the rich, privatizing government services (wars, prisons, roads, elections) for profit, or maintaining offshore banking rights for oppressed multi-millionaires.

    This guy wouldn't understand the need for civil rights, the common good, the middle class or the need for an independent Supreme Court unless they were wrapped in million dollar bills and a couple of Cadillacs.

    We don't elect well-spoken bank accounts to the Presidency in this country, no matter how much platidutinal propaganda they can memorize and recite to the uninformed masses.

    Mittens likes money, other people serving in the military besides himself and his family, and being able to fire people; he has no special interest in democracy.

    He is hardly presidential material.

  40. I agree with everything you said, but "well-spoken?"

  41. Agreed, but I meant Mittens is well spoken for a bank account, not as an actual human being.

    He's obviously poorly spoken as a presidential candidate.

  42. The Etch-A-Sketch strategy begins as promised...

  43. To understand Mitt's responses and answers to questions he actually deigns to answer is that his mental space is occupied by one thing. Free Enterprise. Anything that is good for free enterprise is good for getting elected, and anything bad for free enterprise is good to decry for getting elected. It's like running an audio signal through a filter, and that signal, no matter what it sounded like before the filter, is always going to sound the same after going through the filter.

    And Mitt's filter causes him to sound uncaring, unthinking and unable to relate to the plight of the people, no matter what the question or concern. This is something so ingrained into his psyche that it is impossible for him to do anything else, because before it comes out of his mouth, it, whatever "it" is, goes through that filter and it comes out sounding like Mitt Romney.

    There may well be all kinds of issues that Mitt Romney really cares about, but we'll never find out what they are because once whatever the issue is gets filtered, it will only have one single focus; how does it work within Free Enterprise.

    Free Enterprise means one thing. The absolute adherence to the philosophy of Unfettered Enterprise, which has the only functional answer, the only correct answer.

    If you don't understand Unfettered Enterprise, you'll never understand Mitt Romney, nor how wrong he is for the Presidency.

    Roger W. Norman
    SirMusic Studio

  44. I would like to read a professional psychologist's analysis of Mitt's mindset, so remote from ordinary logic. What thoughtful, rational person would put the dog on the roof or advise young people to get college loans from their parents(in the current economy!)? These are not conclusions based on normal mental processing.

  45. In response to TexasTrader, it seems completely obvious that Romney has lived virtually every moment of his life on a different level than most of the rest of us. He has lived in "famous dad land". "prepboy land", "Mormon missionary-isolation land" and "rich money manipulator land", among others. Some very wealthy people make great efforts to keep their kids grounded in "the real world", but the fact that they have to make those concerted efforts in the first place is very revealing.

    During a previous recession, I remember reading how many economic groups or classes were having to adjust to the realities of having less. One teenage boy whose parents had lost their mansion had the experience, apparently for the first time, of going into an ordinary grocery store with his mother. He said that he had never seen meat cut up and displayed in those "tiny packages" before in his entire life.

    The point is that you can't know life without experiencing it. Seems obvious, right? Romney has had a life far different than most people. (So, too, have many others who got elected president, but in a very different sense). Most presidents have had the opportunity to see the world from outside of the rich guy';s bubble.

  46. I'll bite. I'm a professional psychologist. I think we're looking at a combination of Asperger's Syndrome and a sociopath. No empathy, no social skills, no conscience.

  47. He's like televangelists from the last century... smooth and slick and as genuine as their compassion for the poor, whom they exhort to send them money "to do God's will" as they ride in fancy cars, live in fancy homes, and eat in fancy restaurants.

    "Do as I say, not as I do" appears to be the sermon each week.....

  48. Yes, "Elmer Gantry" for sure.

  49. Bert Lancaster would be proud of our new improved Elmer Gantry.

  50. Listening to Romney address the Hispanic conference reminded me of Reverend Ike, the guy who got rich by going on radio and TV and declaring "money loves to be in my pocket!". With a little more practice he could approach the vaunted status of Dr. John Romulus Brinkley, the man who sold us baby chicks, single-handedly invented televangelism, and transplanted goat gonads in thousands for increased virility. At least Brinkley didn't have elevators to move his wife's Cadillacs in and out of the garage.

  51. What is so disgusting is hearing the spin Republicans put on this non-speech - great speech, Romney cares about the long term solution to immigration while Obama is "pandering" and pulling an election campaign stunt. All the while, Romney is constantly being asked if he would repeal Obama's executive order and he refuses to answer. Mr. Etch a Sketch is back. Mitt Romney is a disaster as a presidential candidate and would be even more of a disaster if by hook or by crook he is elected. Of course, in this election the will of the people is being overtaken by the money going to Romney, voter suppression laws and the ever growing vicious attacks on Obama.

    Obama seems to be disappearing in plain view. Today I read an article in the Washington Post by Donald Berwick, former administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and former president and CEO of the Insitute for Healthcare Improvement.. The title of the article is "Why Obamacare Works." Mr. Berwick should be appointed the chief spokesman for the healthcare bill. Yes, this bill can be improved. But the Republicans are determined to shoot it down.

    In their determination to unseat Obama the Republicans have turned their back on the American people. If Obama goes down the country goes down. Will Americans even care?

  52. Sadly for a lot of people in this country (I don't use the word Americans because their actions are so unAmerican) the only thing that matters is getting the black man out of the Presidency.

  53. When Obama was running, he said little that was a direct promise that he would do. Same here for Mitt Romney. There is a large exception to the rule, however. Mitt Romney is intimating one direction to one group and another to another group. THAT is the old Romney. It is like he forgot his playbook and is just making it up as he goes along. Sounds like he has perhaps an early stage of alzheimers... reserved for requests for his opinion on anything that might get Americans out of the pickle the bankers have them in. Reasonably, he can't say what the original Romney would have said and then reneged on... because the SuperPACs would immediately strip him of all support and Romney alone has not garnered that much support in dollars. But those PACs are calling the shots... he is not his own man. He was sold to the bidder who promised his name on the ballot... but to get to the ballot, he has to be this new Robot Romney... but lacking good communications skills... only that is not new... that is just Romney.

    Do you really want to vote for someone who has already sold out?

  54. Thank you for recommending the op-ed by Donald Berwick in the Washington Post. Some very good points were made.
    Speaking from the perspective of one who has had health problems for 13 years, I can tell you that I've witnessed a lot of unnecessary wasteful spending in my own care.
    Despite that, I have never been able to bring myself to overrule a doctor no matter how suspicious I am of his profit motives. I am just not qualified to do so, and too afraid. I need someone to change his incentives.

  55. Mitt Romney is such an obvious chameleon we should actually think to give pause and maybe consider octopus instead, after all an octopus can really change colors and blend in with its backround. Perfect description of Mitt, he does everything changing with exception to actually becoming black in front of blacks or hispanic in front of hispanics. But when he is among his Mormon brethren he blends in perfectly. He changes for whatever enviornment he is placed to hide, stalk and in his case profit but in the end he has killed, job after job after job. So you see he is much more the octopus than the chameleon for the octopus is a predator and does kill while hiding without mercy.

  56. Chameleon's are predators too -- remember the tongue shooting out to grab a bug? I believe it's even forked...

  57. Very apt analogy when you consider the Octopus also disperses a cloud of obfuscation to hide his movements while inserting his tentacles into womens health and corporate wealth.

  58. If they could, chameleons and octopi would protest being compared to Mitt.

  59. Here's what I think will be Mitt's modest proposal linking up corporate taxes, immigration, privitization, and "the American Dream." First, continue to lock up all the immigrants you can, after all they're breaking the law aren't they? and taking away jobs with so much unemployment, right? Then, lower taxes on the prison industry that is warehousing those inmates and give them contracts that insulate them from fair competition from other state run correctional facilities draining funds from them and funneling them to the private run owners. Then, offer prisoners to be deported or enlist in the military and offer citizenship after say 5 or 6 deployments, the number does not matter because the number will be raised to stay ahead of what anyone can possibly do in Catch-22 fashion. Then, have private prison contractors work with military private contractors to just pick up anyone who does not look like a republican and send them to Afghanistan, Iran, or anyplace else it might be lucrative to wage war in the future.

    Result, Corporate America gets paid to sanitize America into a pure republican state. A convenient side benefit is it gets rid of pesky democrats, blacks, or anybody you just don't like no questions asked.

  60. Chris Christie lobbied quite successfully and lucratively for the prison industry before becoming governor.

  61. Mitt majors in vagueness. His speaches are filled with platitudes and grand pronouncements, but no details. Mr. Obama resorted to a step that he could carry out without the congress because the GOP in congress majors in intransience. Since presidents cannot pass laws, they cannot "get things done" if the congress refuses to do them.

  62. What you describe is exactly what is expected, law being defined and passed by congressional majority which is to be implemented by the administrative arm. If congress is not disposed to pass law desired by a sitting president it is supposed that, congress being a reflection of the will of the people, congress would prevail. One can argue as to whether this Constitutional methodology is optimal, however, until it is a fact until such time as our Constitution is altered. The will of the people, as couched in congress, is a significant control upon Presidents. Elimination of that control would simply allow tyrants to govern uninhibited.

  63. To Robert. The Republicans mapped out a just say no strategy from the beginning. They have said as much clearly and repeatedly. The constitution presupposes that all 3 branches of gov't are committed to governing however the current republicans are not.

  64. Gail, you may have stumbled on the answer of one of big mysteries in American politics. People our age remember David Vincent of The Invaders, So the righteous defender of the free world has finally been captured by the alien pod. One has to wonder, how many other right wingers have trouble bending their pinkie. How else can we explain some of the bizarre behavior they exhibit?

    Instead of the Job Bill, Dream Act and Highway Bill, they choose to go after the AG to score some political points

    Instead of letting 800,000 young Americans - one may call them Hispanics, but there is no denying that the only culture they know is American and they live by American rules, play soccer and football, date other high school students, dream of college and the American dream like everyone else - to power America's future, these pod bleeders want to get rid of them

    The good thing is that these politicians can be easily identified. Not only they have a hard time bending their pinkie, but also they are very rigid. Compromise is a foreign concept to them. Ironically, they morph easily, depending on their pod control. Some sort of alien tech Etch A Sketch if you will

    From The Invaders, we know these aliens like to take over people in power and captains of industry. Then they breed mindless followers pledging their existence to these puppet masters. While the situation is dire, we have some 800,000 David Vincents added to the freedom roll. So there is still hope to beat back the invasion

  65. The bishops exaggerate the dangers to matters of conscience and the anti-immigrant faithful exaggerate the danger to the jobs of legal residents.

    There has to be some kind statute of limitations and some kind of clever enforcement system that lets us know who everybody is and how they got here. The idea of having the credit card companies set up some kind of system actually makes a lot of sense. Set it up, debug, it and then turn it over to a federal agency for long term operation. We already have the Passport agency.

    The biggest problem is that there is colossal ignorance about how and why immigrants come here and how they get to fit in. In fact most have family or friends here with jobs, and a place in the community. It's the same model that was in place for our first wave of immigration that occurred between 1620 and 1920 or aboutour first 300 years.

    Immigrants built the New York City subway, the reservoir in Westchester County in New York State (my grandfather was one of them) the Golden Gate Bridge, the first canals and the railroads. They picked cotton, washed clothes and floors, and raised other people’s children. Today they are cashiers, laborers, strawberry pickers, hedge fund managers, and software and aeronautic engineers.

  66. It seems we are going to have a presidential election about, wait for it, Mexico and Mexicans. Is the GOP kidding? Are its rabid monetary supporters so desperate for an issue that they see Mexico as the key to winning the White House? The only people who care one whit about the controversy surrounding Attorney General Eric Holder are the fantasists at Fox News who promote the controversy, members of the Republican party who manufactured the controversy, and kooks who, whenever they hear the word "gun" get stressed that Mexicans will have more guns than Americans.

    As for immigration, Romney is so off-the-mark that he seems to be telling us that he genuinely has no policy or plan. Children, who make no decisions on their own, who were brought to the U.S. by their illegal immigrant parents, not only deserve to be American, but are sometimes more American than members of the GOP and the far-right wingers who seem willing to dismantle the U.S. Constitution and let Americans sink into economic misery, all for the sake of grabbing power and picking the pckets of the middle-class, especially women who work and deserve equal pay.

    Yes, this will be a fascinating election. A few really old men with lots of money want to buy the White House for the Republicans. If they succeed, I'm assuming they will hire Mexican gardners and cooks and housekeepers to work there. It's how they see America. Fortunately,, this GOP vision is a vestige of America long gone. I hope.

  67. I like your pointing out that it is just a "few really old men with money" who are greatly skewing our election. Backed by billions, their voices are hardly feeble. The muscle of their millions can very well overpower the many of us who just want a just and fair society and some sort of an equal opportunity.

  68. I'd be interested in knowing how many middle and upper middle class Mexican people come to live in this country. I understand there are many, many US citizens residing in Mexico. Same with Canada which probably would be much more attractive were it warmer.

    So am I to conclude that this immigration problem we have here only relates to poor people? The ones who pick our crops, mow our lawns, and otherwise do work? They are not taking jobs from US citizens; US citizens generally don't want to do those jobs, although I don't see why not. So what is the problem? Are we jealous that many, perhaps most of them are bilingual and we're not?

  69. And why were these economically disadvantaged Mexicans able to work (illegally) in the US for so many years? Because there was no enforcement of existing laws requiring employers to verify the legal status of workers. Of all the Republicans now complaining about immigration, how many pushed for enforcing the law on the employers??? Obviously the agricultural companies had enough clout to ensure their ongoing supply of vulnerable workers, not covered by any labor laws and willing to work for low wages. One might conclude the Republican party accepts illegality in the service of enhanced profit for companies.

  70. I do not know about the relative number of middle and upper middle class Mexican people who com to live in the US. However, we do have an immigration problem with Asians who come here ostensibly to study at our colleges who are on student visas. They are allowed to work in only certain jobs, often those offered by the school. That is the official line. It is not uncommon for them to rush out and find a better paying job in the tech industry, often neglecting their studies as a result.
    How do I know this? I taught in several community colleges and in the CA state university system. Students from the Indian sub-continent frequently were absent from class because they were working off campus. One reported quite proudly that he had obtained a deferred grade in one of his classes so that he could finish his final paper. He did this because it gave him an extension of his student visa so that he could stay in the US until he found an employer who would be willing to hire him, perhaps as one of our H1B people. Women graduate students who had married PhD candidates and were now studying in the US signed papers guaranteeing others so that the others could move to another state. Others had found ways to circumvent policies that encouraged those who had completed their education to return to their countries so they might promulgate new innovations there.
    These people take jobs that US citizens do want. They are not smarter or better educated than US citizens.

  71. Lee Lanza,
    Because if we didn't have migrant workers harvesting our produce, the price of that produce would be much higher. All parties turned a blind eye to the illegal workers because a) US citizens wouldn't do that kind of work, and b) it kept the price of produce down. Verification laws were ignored by all, you can't blame one party on that one, though the hypocrisy of the GOP on this is standard practice for them.

  72. I always try to be constructive in my comments, seeking policies to move forward in practical yet morally acceptable ways. Let's reserve a portion of all the Romney lawns as US-based sanctuaries for the children of illegal immigrants who found themselves here through no malfeasance of their own. The lawns would no longer need mowing because of all the new traffic on them. In aggregate, Mitt Romney's lawns comprise more than enough acreage to accommodate such numbers. We'd always know where to find these children-of-illegals. The children could be given day passes to military training, church, school or college (in that order). Here's a solution that shouldn't bother anybody AND improve lawn care across the country.

    I'm tempted to go on about publicly-financed health care coverage for birth control.

  73. It is a sad comment on the state of politics in the US. and of the GOP in particular, that a cardboard figure like Mitt is a presidential candidate with an even chance of becoming president. Out of 300 million people is this the best we can come up with?
    Not that we have not had some poor specimens before (the previous occupant comes to mind) but having had the experience once do we need to repeat it? There is a serious lack of critical self examination in a large portion of the American electorate, empty slogans resonate too easily, lies and distortions are not challenged.

  74. How is it possible that the polls could be so close? Too much fox "news" and too much $. Do we really want Mr. Adelson and his weathy ilk dictating future policy agenda?

    I am sickened at what is coming to fruition in our nation.

    President Obama has many successes from which to run. NO president will meet all our expectations. How can we allow the hateful negative GOP agenda take further control of our country. They have HURT our people to destroy Obama.
    There are lists of programs promulgated by the GOP in the past that have been totally disavowed to avoid giving this president any credit. And we continue to suffer.

  75. Regarding military service as a path to a green card for immigrants; it strikes me as a terrible idea, to encourage a United States military that has a significant percentage of non-citizens. Why in the world would they put themselves in harms way? Mitt is now suggesting that as president he is willing to house, feed, train and pay illegal immigrants if they enlist in the military. That's quite a turnaround from his previous "deport them all" and "no handouts" position.

  76. You may not be aware of this, but we already have a lot of undocumented people serving in the military, thanks to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

  77. Actually, I thought they were supposed to "self deport".

  78. This column highlights an interesting paradox.

    The current structure of American politics -- winner take all -- presents the following problem: to navigate all of the twists and turns of a campaign, from Primary to General Election -- a candidate must appeal to an ever-changing polity, with different goals and priorities. Subsequently, the last man standing, will be he who best manages & adjusts his messages to offend the least.

    No fan of Mitt (I am strongly liberal) -- but, one must recognize that ALL politicians do roughly the same: Obama, is not the same candidate that he ran as, McCain as you mentioned, changed immediately after the presidential election, both reflecting the newly defined demands of the polity.

    The point is, you will not elevate in American politics without speaking from both sides of your mouth.

    Having said that, perhaps a move to -- Proportional Representation -- with stronger party affiliation would help resolve this issue. Party-lines tend not to waver significantly in the way presidential politicians must continually re-adjust their message to take office.

    Further, with more concrete platforms the American Public would know more clearly, what they are going to get.

    If they do not like it, vote for another party.

  79. President-Elect ['My First 100 Days] Willard "Mitt" Romney began his most recent repeat campaign for the Presidency in Mississippi, a la Ronald Reagan in the 1980's. He subsequently surfaced for a similar demographic at Liberty University just outside
    the unmentioned taboo town of Lynchburg, VA. He then continued his carefully scripted & strategically-targeted odyssey to his Father's home state of Michigan to discredit, diminish, distract & demonize if neccessary the current President who had done everything possible to rescue the automobile industry. Bolstered by such like-minded supporters as Donald Trump of Trump Entertainment & Real Estate holdings & Sheldon Edelson, multibillionaire owner of the Venice Gaming Complex in Las Vegas, he assembled his own "Super-PAC'-funded traveling circus to the political scientists & media-created "battleground states" to spread his televangical-like campaign to "save the economy" by whatever means. Oddly, but tellingly, nowhere
    has he answered questions as to why his e-mail archive as Governor of Massachusetts was conveniently expunged/deleted/erased. Nor has he made public his tax returns further back than the past two years. Nor has he detailed the "academic-deferment" that was used to exempt him from military service as he relentlessly questions & Monday-morning quarterbacks every utterance of the current President & his administration. These & other unlisted recountings beg the question.
    Who, or what is Willard "Mitt" Romney?

  80. Some matters come to mind after reading your excellent piece Ms. Collins.

    The purpose of getting rid of illegal immigrants pretends to restore balance while maintaining white hegemony. Even the better educated immigrant comes here to support this purpose, a certain class of North Americans think. The jobs given up by undocumented workers would, or could be done by documented citizens, if only they would or could.

    The vagueness and muddled nature of Mitt's language actually helps him as it has Republicans for the past thirty years. Forget Lee Atwater's deathbed recantation. I believe its called the 'teflon effect'. Here we go round the Mulberry Bush, the Reagan cloud, the Nixonian crowd.

    Romney and the Republicans act so oblivious because they know they will achieve smarts enough to figure out what to do about the country once in office. "Put it on the roof," they say, any one who makes the trip can then stay.

    Everybody for themselves, the cry arises, and citizens applaude the free illusions with privatizers. Independence, for them, this is it. They have reached that place. It takes everything in and says it all. That's the Mitt way. Now its just up to the rest of us to show the love.

  81. So long as Mitt is being "honest" maybe we should all point out that Obama is not the only one appealling to segments of our citizenry to get elected. Mitt has decided that the road to the White House will be had by rabble rousing, inspiring/manipulating the most ignorant to become angry villagers and recruiting the most insecure, threatened segment of our society, white males. The irony is that he does it in "mom jeans".

    Whenever a candidate must appeal to the insecurities in our personalities and not the higher elements of our spirits, you are witness to weakness and evil. Such a candidate may look like us or seek a status quo that will make us individually feel more comfortable but that makes such a candidate all the more insidious and manipulative.

  82. Mom jeans. I love it.

  83. Mitt Romney. The great anxiety creator. The liar supreme. The guy missing a moral compass. The goofball who has a foot in his mouth about as frequently as he has it in a shoe. The smiler that radiates his superiority, his entitlement to get himself elected our next president. The guy who angrily shouted at a questioner behind him, as he was exiting the area, "corporations ARE people!" The job creator who makes the numbers of jobs he created different whenever he mentions the subject. The guy with the attitude that jobs are for the lower classes, not for the creators. The guy who was a "severely conservative governor" in Massachusetts, and who created the paradigm socialistic medical program that President Obama used as a model for his own Obamacare, which Mitt "will repeal on day one of my presidency". The fool who called the Ryan budget "marvelous", and who will use it as the primary budget plan for his imaginary administration. Romney represents all that is wrong with unregulated capitalism. If the electorate is dumb enough to elect him, they will learn how little suffering they have experienced under our present leader once Romney puts the Ryan budget into his program.

    In selecting him as their nominee, the GOP has shown it is prepared to deliver hara kiri to the USA for being way too liberal and sensible in their thinking how a nation should be run. Better to end the experiment and start over.

    Deep 6-ing Citizens United will be a good start. It is undemocratic, evil.

  84. While I have many issues with our current President, the election of Mitt Romney would further underscore whyI am increasingly bewildered by Americans and politics in this country. How provincial we have become!, We are led by FOX News and a Congress devoted to their own careers as opposed to the welfare of America. Otherwise, we would have had single payer healthcare, public education enviable world wide, and a vibrant, welcoming, country that would lead by example into the 22nd Century. Instead, we have stopped investing in our own citizens and are more interested in "promoting democracy" abroad by force. restoring Big Business as the foundation of our nation (Corporations are people, too!), and making sure that the 1 percent grow what they have while the rest of us are left to dry. Romney is no more interested in reality than George Bush. Change? How about regression.

  85. Regression? They just want to take America back. Back to the 40's or maybe the 50's! Back to the good 'ol days. When good 'ol boys ran the country and everyone else knew their place.

  86. You left out the part where Romney essentially lied about Hispanics being worse off under Obama by citing their unemployment rate as 11 percent. According to PolitiFact, this is a grave distortion of the truth because Romney takes as the baseline the first month of Obama's administration. The free-fall economy Obama inherited meant that unemployment for everyone would get worse in the first few months of 2009, before any of Obama's policies to save the banks, the car companies, and stimulate the economy could take effect. The real truth is that economically Latinos, while still suffering high unemployment, are better off in the Obama economy than they were in the crashing one that Bush left behind.

  87. There is utterly nothing about Willard M. Romney that qualifies him to be our president other than his age, which qualifies him. As a governor, his state raced to the bottom in financial health and job creation. That he now thinks and says he was a "severely conservative" governor when the facts make that statement an utter lie, just one of many he has uttered publicly during his fifth(?) stab at winning the presidency, is admired by FOXy folks, since they are unfair and unbalanced. (That's politically correct verbiage for insanity.)

    His recent talk before a Latino group of questioners re his attitude regarding Obama's declaration that any kid brought here as a kid, still under 30, either in school or having earned a college degree or served in the military...will be put on a path to citizenship...was perfect obfuscation. He would not necessarily use Obama's plan while he was in the first days of his administration. But he would quickly come up with a plan that was long term, and serious concerning the issue. It almost sounded like a threat, and I hope his listeners heard it that way.

    Yes, our demographics are changing, and constant change is a law of the universe.
    Most people wish that were not so (referring to the law of change here, not the demographics). But the changes during my life span are proof. As Al Jolson, or was it Durante, used to say, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

    I hope the Rapture comes soon. Then the rest of us can live without the nonsense of the TPers.

  88. There's not really such a mystery about what's happened to the country: eight years of bland indifference by Bush to the country's future permitted corporate interests (who are, after all, "people") to rob the country blind, redistribute the country's wealth massively upward, and distort our politics to their ends. It will take a long time to get the country back on balance. Romney is their man, and his election would cement us in this condition for years. Traveling across the country is a shocking experience now: miles and miles of misery, obesity, poverty, and quiet desperation.

  89. That's cute that Gail ignores the fact that Obama didn't try to pass immigration reform when he had super-majorities. And that he didn't discover his new-found executive powers until he starting sagging in the polls.

    Life is good in the world of double standards.

    And, the truth is, the Hispanic bloc will matter in only 2-3 states, while putting states with large white working class representation in play.

  90. Actually the Senate refused to hear the immigration reforms passed by the Dem congress. A usual trick to stop votes by the minority (Republican) party. This was one of over 300 laws the senate ignored that year.

    The Repubs have refused to offer any immigration reform since they are too afraid of the radical "base' that they are servants of. (i.e. See Arizonia type laws).

  91. in other words those not willing to speak allowed they're prejudice. and what we are witnessing from mitt is the etch-a-sketch shake

  92. Wrong! The Dream act was passed by the Democratic controlled house in 2010 and filibustered by the republicans in the senate.

  93. So let's see, the GOP claims this election is all about jobs and the economy.

    Keeping illegal immigrants under the threat of deportation holds down their wages and allows employers to blackmail them to accept poor working conditions.

    Keeping the current tax system that rewards businesses for sending jobs overseas allows employers greater access to low paid workers who will accept poor working conditions.

    Busting unions, destroying the middle class and blocking any programs with a real chance of decreasing unemployment in this country helps businesses keep wages down and forces American workers to accept poor working conditions.

    I guess the GOP is right when they say this election is all about jobs and the economy. And Mitt seems to understand their game plan pretty well.

  94. Mitt thinks he himself is devastatingly funny, childlike and endearing. He thinks we enjoy the way he flits (and flops) from on side to the other like an agile (yet curiously clumsy) tennis amateur. He thinks his lack of ability to embrace a stance and go with it makes us feel confident in his ability to guide the ship of state through stormier waters than we have seen so far.
    Amazingly he has made Obama seem solid, clear-headed and a safe harbor in the storm. He isn't really, but Mitt has done wonders to make him appear so.
    Will either of them make us vote just to get the lesser of two evils...again?

  95. President Obama today suggested in Florida to his audience of Latinos that American voters should hold Mitt Romney to his word - which was that Mitt would veto any Dream act. Period. Romney has been tough on illegal immigration (except for his La Jolla gardeners) every time he's run for President. Was it Harold Stassen who kept running for President ages ago? Keeping on doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome is not too smart. What comes out of Mitt's mouth are fairy tales like the snakes and toads and ugly stuff that came out of the beautiful young lady's mouth when she spoke. Romney looks the look, walks the walk, but Mitt will never be able to talk the talk. There is no (sort of) new Mitt; just the same old wishy-washy mutton dressed as lamb.

  96. I'm not sure that it matters what Romney says. At heart he's a Republican. He's proud to identify with a group that wants to eject not only illegal immigrants from America, but would just as soon eject gay people, minorities, union workers, retirees, the elderly, the sick, and freethinkers of every stripe. Sadly, he needs these people to vote for him if he's to prevail in November, so he's bound to make arguments that sound by turns forced, dishonest, specious, contradictory, or bizarre.

    It's not surprising that he finds it hard to relate to ordinary Americans. He made $ 2,500 per hour last year, even while he slept, so it's understandable that he can't relate. I'm frankly surprised that he can even see us, much less care whether we can afford groceries or health insurance.

    So Romney will mouth platitudes, and try to make it sound as though Hispanics are important to him (in other than a lawn-mowing capacity). He'll have to explain why he thinks it's fair that children of illegal immigrants should be sent to a country they don't remember, and where they don't speak the language. If he gives a one-hour speech decrying handouts, he'll make $ 2,500. The irony would make a non-Republican swoon.

    So when Romney talks, let's nod and smile and look supportive. But when it's time to pull the lever, let's vote for Obama.

  97. Mitt Romney can be expected to try to "centralize" his political views on many subjects, including immigration reform. President Obama needs to keep reminding him, and the voting public, of the stances Romney took as a candidate in the Republican primaries. He mustn't be allowed to wriggle out of the far-right positions he took, especially his endorsement of Rep. Ryan's budget proposal that would enrich the rich while cutting governent services for the less well off.

    Romney has been such an outspoken opponent of immigration reform that I doubt he will have much impact on Hispanics' lack of regard for Republicans in general and Romney in particular. Obama's Dream Act proposal to let young Hispanics who get college degrees or serve in the military to stay here and become citizens makes sense and should carry the day. Even if Romney turns around and endorses the Dream Act proposal, he can't erase the things he said earlier. Luckily in these times, his comments are a matter of record. According to polls, Hispanics favor Obama over Romney by about 2 to 1, and it's unlikely that Romney can change that.

  98. I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but every time President Obama says something, Mitt Romney counters with "I have a plan. The first minute I am president, I will undo whatever Obama did and implement my plan."

    First of all, let me say it's PRESIDENT Obama to you, Mr. Romney, not Obama. The man still is the elected president of this country and should be treated with appropriate courtesy.

    Second, what plan? Whatever it is, you say you have a plan but I have never heard one single specific "this is what I want to do" come outta your mouth. In fact, I don't believe you have a plan, much less an original thought in your head.

    Third, you need to think past the word "plan" and figure out what actually happens when cheap migrant labor disappears with your self-deportation expectation. Unless you have some secret plan to get Americans to pick crops, you might find great chunks of our food supply rotting in the field because there aren't enough farm workers to bring in the harvest.

    The way this campaign is stacking up, the least offensive thing ex-Governor Romney has said may have been to defend driving to Canada with Seamus on the roof.

    I'm just sayin'..............

  99. There are several questions this election cycle will answer:

    Will journalists grant Mitt a free pass on tack to the left? (The GOP hopes so)
    Will Independents accept Mitt's evasive answers and fill in the blanks with what they want to hear? (The GOP hopes so)
    Will the Tea Party tolerate Mitt's "treasonous pandering"? (The GOP hopes so)
    Will the Tea Party sit this one out and wait for a "pure" GOP candidate in 2016 or vote for etcha-sketch Mitt? (the GOP hopes so)

    See! The GOP is full of hope. Just not hope for a better future for you and me.

  100. Today: Mitt Romney and immigration.
    Tomorrow: Mitt Romney and shipping jobs overseas.

    While at Bain Romney was very active in shipping jobs overseas, but now he will be running as the candidate who is best qualified to stop jobs from going overseas, because his business experience (shipping jobs overseas) has lead him to understand why companies ship jobs overseas.

    Kind of like – it takes a crook to catch a crook.

  101. I am really glad that you were able to work in the dog on the roof into the piece. That story alone, would keep me from voting for this person. Mitt Romney really does not have empathy for animals or people. Why would anyone vote for him against their best interests?
    I am always amazed at how misinformed the American electorate is.

  102. All that expertise from Bain Capital, making companies more profitable by outsourcing jobs. What about an immigration policy that can outsource jobs without them leaving the country. Two birds, one stone. Hmmm?

  103. When Gov of Massachusetts, Mitt enacted strong health care reform. By the time he reached Utah, he was strongly against health care reform. When speaking in front of Hispanics Romney loves them, "being from Mexico himself." When away from them, he loves talking about hustling their illegal behinds back over the border.

    So how dare anyone call Mitt a stiff! He shows time and time again how flexible he is.
    Mr Etch a Sketch? Try Gumby!

  104. romney has no answers. he's going to figure everything out later, in consultation with everybody else, after studying it all. he thinks he should be president not because of what he wants to do, but because of who he is. who is he? rich. that's really all we know.

  105. Mitt Romney lives in the next town to mine; Belmont, MA. It's a beautiful town full of accomplished people who work in health care, education, and banking industries. Mitt refuses to freely acknowledge that he's a citizen of Massachusetts fearing that he'll be accused of being a liberal and in favor of the universal health care plan he introduced when he was governor of this state. I suspect he's eager to get this election over so he can move to La Jolla where he's building a mansion with an ocean view and an elevator for his wife's Cadillacs. Since no one could possibly invent Mitt Romney, the guy must really exist although you'll find plenty of doubters in his home town of Belmont.

  106. Please, Ms. Collins, enough with the "dog on the roof of the car" schtick.

    It was funny for a few months but no longer. You are better than that. It's more of a nervous tic than a joke at this point. You are better than that.

    I have a well-developed sense of humor, at least I've been told. But the thing about "funny", as humorists from Mark Twain to Will Rogers and Garrison Keilor knew well, is in the timing and it's time to let the joke go.

  107. What is so sad is that half the country can't tell that Mitt Romney Is less qualified to be President than 99% of the illegal aliens he would send back to anywhere they came from. At least these good folks actually do something productive, they work, something Mitt has never had to do.

  108. Mitt, being Mitt, is all things (well, except funny, inspiring, and honest) to all people.

    Sort of ironic that his strategy in the primaries was to tack hard right and hope the moderates would believe he was only lying to get the nomination and not nuts. Now he's got to veer back to the middle for the general and is left to placate the base with nods, winks, and moonbeam vibes that he's just pretending not to be crazy.

  109. Is there such a thing as a "New Mitt"? That would imply there was an "Old Mitt" or a real, actual Mitt. There never was a Mitt. Mitt Romney is exactly who he thinks you want him to be.

    He is a great businessman in that he will do anything to make his company profitable, and he is a great politician in that he will do anything to get elected. He absolutely has no core at all. If he is elected, the tragedy is not that we will vote in a puppet of the Republican party, but we will vote in a shell of a man.

  110. Mitt will get elected in spite of all his glaring faults. The GOP will work hard to delay economic recovery until he is in office. In office, Mitt will do many of the things Obama has advocated but with less obstruction from Congress. It will work, the economy will improve. We are then in for an eight year run of Mitt and the far right, to which he owes such a debt. Dig in, grit our teeth and plan for 2016, we survived Bush-eh?

  111. President Obama will be reelected because he is the better man, but you are correct that the GOP will continue to try to stop the President from helping the economy. The GOP destroyed the economy and are trying to hold Obama responsible for not cleaning up their disaster fast enough. BUT I think the voting public sees through their transparent (and not so transparent) platform
    and will reelect their choice from 4 years ago. GOP activists know this and that's why they are being so obnoxious. They are desperate and Daryl Issa, the richest guy in Congress, is only their hatchet man. That's why the great majority of Americans hold the House of Representatives in contempt.

  112. President Obama has worked diligently for the people of the United States to insure they have a better life. He has Bill Gates and Warren Buffet acknowledging that they should pay more taxes. It's only Justice, says Gates.

    At every turn the Republicans and even some Democrats are refusing to pass the laws to help all the people. After asking myself, Why? the only thing that makes sense is that these people of 1% do not want to be governed by a black man.

    And they're saying, We'll make him a one term President is to show everyone that white is right in America.

    Times have changed and this 2012 election is chiefly about our President and our personal inner feelings

  113. I wish someone had pointed Gail toward the bizarre stances taken by the succedaneums Mitten's uses on Spanish language television. I'm thinking of a recent and particularly weird appearence by one of his stand-in locums on Al Punto - the guy kept denying that Mittens made any derogatory remarks about immigrants during the Republican primary campaign. He then went on a free flying tangent that people sans papers needed to self-deport themselves. Laced throughout this hodgepodge of nonsense was a meme that improving the economy for immigrants was a major motive behind Mittens candidacy. I don't know why Mittens didn't have that surrogate show up -- instead of his embarrassingly tortured presentation to NALEO.

    But then again ...what would Mittens do if someone showed up from Kolob? I guess he'd tell him to self-deport himself -- since he didn't' enter the country legally.

  114. Post-primary Romney: Etch-a-Sketch with the knobs fallen off. You can still make squiggles, but they make even less sense than before.

  115. There is nothing funny about Mitt. He scares me and he should scare you. The only thing he is good for is Halloween.

  116. romney panicked in the primaries and went far to the right on immigration when his opponents appeared to gain traction for a time.

    it was good for the primaries, but left an opening for obama in the general.

    obama has just driven a truck through that opening with his 'executive order'

    its hard to see how romney can get much hispanic support in this election. he should probably just write it off and focus on other things

  117. You know Romney is lying when his mouth is moving.

  118. I enjoyed the columns more when the references to Seamus were less subtle. But maybe you're pacing yourself....

  119. Not only does Romney have biggest donors who are big-time hawks, but he also said that right after obtaining office, he'd station 2 aircraft carriers off Iran's coast -- a good provocation for a big war accidentally started.

    Plus dozens of other b.a.d. ideas.

  120. But what about the dog? Or the horse?

  121. I've never understood the Mittster's family running off to Mexico to avoid U.S. laws prohibiting polygamy. But, then, I've never really understood maintaining multiple wives, either. Most men have more than they can handle with one; and not for nothing is the new bunker-buster bomb nicknamed "the ex-wife" (in Utah, it's called "the First Wife").

    Actually, I think he's approaching Hispanics with the wrong arguments, whether as "old" Mitt ("you're not looking for a handout"), or "new" Mitt ("give us your tired, your Harvard-educated ..."). He should be hammering the fact that unemployment in the U.S. among Hispanics is 3 full points above the country's generally, that Mr. Obama has ignored the problem for 41 months into a 48 month term, and has developed an interest in their welfare only in the run-up to an election. That'll grab 'em rather more effectively than either his or Mr. Obama's desire not to deport junior, who was brought here as a child and raised an American.

    But the buried lead here is that the Mittster is tacking toward the center, at least on this issue, since Jeb Bush recently gave him cover on it. That could spell even more trouble for Mr. Obama, who is becoming necessarily preoccupied with visions of Special Prosecutors to investigate claims of Executive Privilege on the "Fast and Furious" debacle -- you know, the ATF program to let bad guys have guns, in order to track them, but that caused the collateral deaths of hundreds of Mexicans.

    Tsk, tsk.

  122. Unbelievable as it seems, Romney's speechwriter actually advised the would-be president to welcome Mexicans with a Ph.D. into our country. That idea is as stupid as Romney's final solution of "self-deportation." The Latinos who work here in Tulsa must be laughing their heads off.

    If Mitt Romney had any idea of how many Spanish-speakers are slaving in support of our lavish way of life, he wouldn't say the silly things he says.The Mormon businessman simply has no concept how immigrants live and feed their children by the sweat of their brow.

    Romney is such a lightweight thinker that he may simply disappear into the stratosphere before election day, carried away by the hot air of his speechwriters.

  123. I call him by one name only:


    If you say it often enough, his supporters will eventually call him that too.

  124. Romney is ruled by his ego, and his sense of entitlement.
    He wants the Presidency like a spoilt child wants the only toy money has not been able to buy him yet.
    He has no wisdom to offer, and appeals only to those of similarly blind selfishness.
    We live in a society that denies the legitimacy of democracy.
    In the words of Churchill, it will all come to a bad end.

  125. One, only has to look at Mittens Harvard Business School classmates who went to Wall Street to understand him. The dawn of a new day might bring optimism and shouts of "Buy! Buy! Buy!" But as the coffee pot empties and the stomach grumbles for lunch, the mantra of, "Sell!, Sell" Sell!" resonates through the crowd.

    By 3:00 PM the "Buy Sell" heads have flipped again. and the next day they start over.

    The only thing consistent in the Romney theme is no taxes, and no help to the needy.

  126. NEW MIT, Old Mit... what's the differene? It's the same Ole' Mit. Only a dimwit who somehow has been locked in a closet these past 8 months could possibly be confused by the Mits.

    Wait... that means Obama might be in trouble, right?

    As for Obama's base, I know I am not very excited about Obama anymore. My son, a student at Penn State, says his buddies aren't excited about Obama anymore, either -- the prospect of no job at graduation has done a lot to cool their fervor for Hopeless Obama. Some of his friends even campaigned for Ron Paul. That's how Hopeless they feel.

  127. Mitt must have an awfully hard time fact-checking against his own previous positions on nearly everything.

    Thanks also for confirming what I've suspected about the stand-in for Senator McCain. I guess "Maverick" is a put-down on whatever planet replacement McCain came from, which is why he was so suddenly NOT a maverick.

  128. Platitudes will only get you so far, Willard.

  129. Ms. Collins has mastered the art of amusing putdowns and has kept her sense of humor intact. Surrounded by snarkers, idiot politicians, and mean girls and boys, Collins stays cool and bemused and I am so grateful. Kate Kline May

  130. I think Mitt Romney is way out of his league in just about every aspect. He's trying to find an immigration stance that will get him the most votes. He also doesn't want to irritate Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers and other unknown major downers.

    Based on his prior tough talk about immigration and his current lack of commitment I don' think too many immigrants will vote for him.

  131. If Romney were elected, his views would matter only if they agreed with those of Republicans in Congress, who hope to be running the show. Romney may not have an agenda, but Republican in Congress sure do. Egad!

  132. I am the last person to ever be called a fan of Mitt the Romney, but don't be so hard on him. In fact, he can ride on my car roof anytime he needs a ride to Canada, should he misplace 300 million dollars and need some help.

    See, there is only one Mitt Romney and he is all things to all people, all the time. You want it, you got it, Charlie. They say politics and govt. should be transparent. Oops. Not THIS transparent.

    I think we should grant legal status to anyone who can solve Fermat's last theorem. Seems fair to me, Cowpoke. Ah, heck, let's throw in anyone who can operate the Large Hadron Collider or even if they can only interpret data from it. This is not elitism, it is merit, on steroids. Everyone knows that's how immigrants from Europe were chosen: SAT scores, right? That's why we've got so many smart dudes here 'bouts.

    The Republicrats need the illegals to do what illegals do, work very, very hard for low wages, but they are scared as cats on an LA freeway that there will soon be enough Hispanics and other immigrants to vote the Dems into power from now till the 22nd century. This is one issue that won't be settled for a very long time, because it works for both sides to keep it going and unresolved. Anyone who thinks we should talk sense about immigration isn't talking sense, not in 2012. At least Obama took a proper step to take part of the issue, and some human suffering, off the table.

  133. Ms. Collins: Your wit on Mitt is undoubtedly the best bit for all of us who look forward to your wordplay. But you are engaged in wordplay and Mitt is engaged in propaganda. The real questions with regard to Mitt's wafflings, about-faces, lack of principle, lack-of-substance, vapid posturing, are not really being addressed. The only sensible definition of propaganda I've ever heard is that it's an attempt to get people to act in a way or fashion that's not in their interest. In short, like wit, it's on that edge between comedy and tragedy. I would like to hear more about what you know and think about the tragedic side of Mitt's posturing. C'mon! Give it a shot! Quit being such a writer for a change (but don't give it up--not for a minute!) and give us some real insight. You've got it!--give it!

  134. In 2008 Obama ran on righting all the wrongs of eight years of Bush. What we got
    was an undeclared war in Libya. An undeclared cyber-terror war with Iran. A Justice
    Department that prosecutes whistle-blowers and gives keep out of jail cards to banker contributors to his campaign that have made fraudulent billions. An acting judge,
    jury and executioner to have our drones kill whomever he is told is a terrorist.
    Then there is Romney, whom we are told is worse.

  135. Where is the mitt?

  136. The real Mitt is a straw man who will say anything to get elected even though he has nothing to offer except blind ambition.

  137. Ms. Collins may be underestimating Mr. Romney. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." On the other hand, he may just be a lying hypocrite.

  138. Thank you for mentioning the dog on the roof! LOL! But if we get a President Mitt, none of us, except the 1%'rs will be laughing. Crying yes, laughing no.

  139. So, what's Mitt's next big idea on this going to be? Have our Colleges and Universities offer advanced degrees in lawn mowing?

  140. "self-deportation"!! "amnesty"!! Mittsey's version of "wash, rinse, repeat" a la etch-a-sketch -- turn over, shake, redux -- will suffice for every perceived misanthropic blurting-out in an indiscrete moment.

  141. Mitt is counting on 3 things: ignorance, racists, and an electorate with short and long-term memory loss. With SCOTUS rulings, he might get all 3! What a democracy we have! Jefferson's hope for an "enlightened electorate" was way too optimistic!

  142. Gem of the day: "In fact, the word “handout” never came up. Romney did tell the inspiring story of his father’s emigration from Mexico at the age of 5, although not the part about how the family had gone down there in the first place to avoid American laws against polygamy." He seems to have to have everything his way, both ways, no matter what actually may have happened. Now he's from an immigrant family?

  143. This is yet another 180 degree turn by Mitt Romney. There is nothing "resolute" about Romney other than his determination to become the President.

    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones used a memory-eraser-thingy (neuralizer?) in the "Men in Black" movies to selectively erase the memory of people they encountered or people who saw aliens. Mr. Romney would do well to invest in neuralizers that work so that people don't remember what he said last year, last month, last week, last day or even the last hour. Of course, those things will be flashing like fireworks on fourth of July that the risk of turning the entire country into a bunch of amnesiacs is quite real.

  144. I'm so excited. Is Mitt growing a heart? Will his forked tongue fuse into one too? Who says the age of miracles is over? Is this tiger changing his stripes? Will Mitt finally say what he means and mean what he says - maybe in Spanish, no less?

    I'm so moved that I want to put flowers on Seamus's grave!

  145. Could it be that Romney's strength is the obviousness of his insincerity?
    For many who are in fear and scapegoating, the call to compassion and patience is an effort they cannot fulfill.
    Romney gives them license to react without thinking, because they know he isn't putting forth truth. He's a cheerleader to spectators. No work required except to applaud on cue.
    The easy way out.

  146. I'm just waiting to see if he makes Marco ("I guess my parents left before Fidel came to power---darn") Rubio his VP candidate so he can kiss up to the Hispanic vote. I'm hoping they're smart enough to see through him.

    I'm sure he's pleased that the largest number of immigrants now come from east and central Asian countries so the Republicans don't have to worry about Hispanics in the future the way they do now. To bad the new Asian immigrants tend to vote for Democrats.

  147. But Gail!

    He drove to Canada with his dog on his car's roof!

  148. Up pops the question: How is it that the wingnut leadership can howl that Obama has violated some sort of political etiquette by issuing his executive order about the Dream Act when those same people orchestrated the Dream Act filibuster just two years ago?

    Well, the answer is: they ain't talkin' to YOU! They are speaking to that large minority of wingnut voters, poorly educated, ill-informed, & simple-minded, who can't find Russia on a map, who STILL believe that WMD's were found in Iraq, who can't be bothered to learn the difference between the debt and the deficit, who cherish their lame bigotries like old family photos, and who can be relied upon to goose-step into the polls and vote as their told to.

    So, why all this wonderment at the transparently deceptive and easily disproven assertions that emanate from the Romney camp about immigration and everything else? Remember to whom he is speaking....

  149. I actually don't know what Mitt Romney really believes. As governor of Massachusetts, he was a moderate Republican whose main accomplishment was Romneycare. As a candidate in the Republican primaries, he acted like just another right wing nut. Now in the general election, he is moving towards Mr. Moderate again.
    I wonder if he really knows what he stands for? Except, of course, for huge tax breaks for rich guys like himself.

  150. In her somewhat disjointed and slightly unintelligible diatribe, Ms. Collins speaks as an Obama campaign worker. I challenge her to delve into Obama's past and do research on "Obama speak". While his words are flowing (from the teleprompter) and delivered with passion, he is woefully short in delivering on promises. I dare Ms. Collins to research this and report with honesty.

  151. All you have to do is listen to Mitt talk for 5 minutes and you realize that Max Headroom was actually a real person and it's Mitt. The fact that he made all his money in the financial market is just a big coverup to hide who he really is. I don't think there is an original thought or emotion to be found in that head. ANYWHERE!! If there is something that I can't stand in people, is them yesing me or telling me what I want to here. He is obviously a master at that. The sorry thing is that too many are buying into that and he just might get elected. Sad thought for America.

  152. Gail: my wife and I are betting that you will go this whole election cycle in every article about Romney always mentioning his dog. Why are you so fixated on dogs?

  153. It is (frightfully) astonishing to me that the millions of gun-toting, God-fearing, under-educated Faux Newz watchers so despise the black guy that they'll blindly vote for anyone just to send him packing. That the GOP offers NOTHING in the way of furthering their interests nor any plan to better their plight is either lost to them or simply doesn't matter much.

    A week ago Steven Weber had an article at Huff Post in which he noted the one question that totally flummoxes the Right is "When, in all of history, has what you're proposing ever worked?" Tax cuts for the extreme minority, austerity for the rest of us, and zero regulations - across the board. Because, as we learned during W's reign, Wall Streeters and polluting industries are far too honorable to misbehave.

    Even though eight + years of Bush tax cuts have not solved the jobs issue, Mittens, et. al., continue to tout is as the answer to all our prayers.

    I'm with Weber - where's the proof?

  154. Well, he did promise to lower the tax rates on illegal aliens. As long as they are corporations.

  155. Mitt will win. He doesn't need the vote of the electorate that understands or reads Gail's columns. The other voter block is so much larger. And no, the rest of the world is not really interested in American college grads, Ph. D's or civil engineers.

  156. Has any political party like the GOP given satirists so much material to work with?

    My favorite is still Nixon's proclamation "I am not a crook."

  157. Try to imagine for a moment what it would be like if the republinos take the presidency, 60 seat majority in the senate and a majority in the house. No more social security, no more medicare, vouchers for about $100 a month to cover all your health needs including prescriptions, no more teachers, police, or firefighters, in the public sector. Plenty in the private sector if you can afford to pay them. No more minimum wage, if you want a job you will work for what they tell you you will work for. My very first job while I was in high school, I started at $.90 an hour (about 1960), that will be the new minimum wage of today. The military will be on steroids bombing Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, with boots on the ground in all four countries. The more you make the more you keep and the lower your federal income tax rate if they keep the IRS. They may eliminate the IRS and you must pay a federal sales tax of roughly 15% on everything you buy including food. No more welfare checks, no more unemployment checks, and no more food stamps. The only abortions performed will be in one of two places: In a private hospital with the best doctors and medical staff and equipment available for the rich with money as no object or in the back ally with a coat hanger performed by a stranger for free. This is just the tip of the iceberg, it will get worse as time goes on. The best jobs for the 99% will be limo driver, butler, maid, gardener, pool keeper, horse groomer, and auto mechanic.

  158. When's the last time a presidential candidate didn't revise a position on one or more topics from the primary to the general election?

  159. Maybe Mitt is actually a hologram.

    "Holograms are photographic images that are three-dimensional and appear to have depth. Holograms work by creating an image composed of two superimposed 2-dimensional pictures of the same object seen from different reference points." (

  160. Maybe Mitt is actually a hologram.

    "Holograms are photographic images that are three-dimensional and appear to have depth. Holograms work by creating an image composed of two superimposed 2-dimensional pictures of the same object seen from different reference points." (

  161. Political satire has always been interesting and generally brutal! However, GC, you have a wonderful gift of illuminating the absurd,the ridiculous, the just plain daft, with the gentleness of a carnivorous butterfly.
    Your words are,at first, amusing and interesting. You respect your readership by generally stating your topic right at the beginning.As with a butterfly, your charm enchants and we read until the end, when we metamorphose into a carnivourous being ready to disgorge the clap-trap that had been served to us by others (especially politicians,Bishops and Wall St.officianados).
    Your skill at illuminating the absurd has never been more prominent than in this article. Thank You,again,again,again,

  162. C'mon, people. Mitt is the perfect Republican candidate. Look at him. He looks like he was chosen from Central Casting. He's perfect! He looks the part - he reads lines well, his hair has just the right touch of grey, and he is rich, rich, rich. Of course, he has nothing to say unless he gets his daily lines to read but then, there are so many who are paid to do just that .He reminds me of the Beatles' song, "Nowhere Man".
    When I see the people in the audience applauding some of these ridiculous speeches he makes, it does make me wonder who they are. They don't look like the usual folks you see in their fancy cars with their golfbags slung in the backseat. Who are they? Do they realize that they are being duped? That they are being targeted? That all this talk has nothing to do with helping them. If, God forbid, Mitt gets elected, they will be thrown under the bus and abandoned in favor of his rich friends - which is what he is all about.

  163. At least he's resolved to being inconsistent. Why can't Americans simply accept Ann Romney's argument that it's ' their turn ' to occupy the White House. My wife and I checked the list . It's our turn in 2016.

  164. I, for one, would like to see the birth certificates for Ann Romney's dressage horses. We all know the best dressage horses are of Arabian lineage. Could a potential first lady be riding, gasp, illegal aliens? ARAB illegal aliens?

  165. Thank you Gail for highlighting the fact that Mitt will say just about anything at anytime and say something different the next moment. Further he hasn't really changed any of his positions, just softened or hardened them depending on his audience.
    Most of all thanks for the humor. If we didn't laugh we'd cry.

  166. I never thought I would ever say this but Mitt Romney makes me yearn for the days of W! Has there ever been a more disingenious, transparent phony so blinded with ambition than him! Someone who would say and do anything to curry favor and secure support and totally disregard lines in the sand he had literally drawn the day before. Someone who has no compassion or understanding whatsoever for those not born into privilege or who were not part of the 1 percenters. Seriously, just how could a majority of Americans consider supporting such a charlatan?

  167. Mitt Romney is the say anything, say everything candidate. He has mastered the art of the big lie, a Republican staple honed and perfected by the likes of Karl Rove and John Boehner. How sad it is that the Republican Party has evolved into one so heavily influenced by Tea Party nihilism and a passion to thwart anything that President Obama champions, no matter how good it might be for the people of America.

  168. Yesterday's Times reported that the Ron Paul campaign has not really terminated, just slipped under the radar and is regrouping in caucus states. If I were a Paul supporter watching the 'new' Romney, after I first got over my loathing and disgust I would next figure out how to put the 'there' in the 'there's no there there.' Romney's bus running on empty can't go on forever - sooner or later some 'serious' conservative is going to want to grab the steering wheel. Someone is going to drive that bus, if Romney won't.

  169. The vision of PH D's huddled,
    Has got me a little befuddled,
    But, come on, it's just Mitt,
    With that foot-in-mouth bit,
    That oft' makes Mitt sound fuddle -duddled!

  170. Once again, wonderful humor, Gail. But you missed Obama's humor: Speaking of Romney, he said, ""He has promised to veto the DREAM Act and we should take him at his word," In one deeply humorous sentence, the President said more about Romney's essential dishonesty than all the commentators. It's not just that Romney equivocates: he's a liar.

  171. Mitt Romney is the perfect GOP candidate - an empty suit with no character, a man who couldn't survive without the support system of his money and his authoritarian religion. He's as sincere as a marketing campaign, as warm and human as a corporation. He's a human cipher, constantly rewriting himself for whatever audience he's facing.

    There is only one thing you can say with certainty about him. As his time at Bain shows, he and his friends intend to be the ones walking away from the wreckage with money in their pockets if all goes as they hope. They have no greater vision than that.

  172. Mitt long-since proved that he would be anyone, say anything, and adopt any political persona to win his next election. His political career should have been ended before it began back in Massachusetts, but the people there were enthralled at the time by Barbara Anderson and her "Citizens for Limited Taxation". (I guess the Citizens hadn't United yet!)

    He'll probably be our next President; I wonder which Romney will actually serve?

  173. Mitt, and all he cannot articulate, are representative of today's society. The more we progress, the more communication seems to fail. Because Mitt is an enormously wealthy narcissist, without any ability to critically think, and truly does not understand what is to be
    part of the working class, he says nothing. In essence, Mitt Romney is sterile. His lack of communication and comprehension, will lead today's society toward more of a downward spiral. Go home and play with your who to let go next, Mitty, and just keep on churning money. I believe there may very well be machines who are capable of replacing Mitty's expertise.

  174. Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

    H.L. Mencken

  175. A man who represents nothing but his own huge ego and his pals at the polo club.

  176. It would not be a Gail Collins column without mentioning the Romney dog on the car roof 2 decades ago. Someone's bucking for a Pulitzer.

  177. A prospective college student can't file the required Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) unless she can prove citizenship. So Mitt won't be stapling any green cards to diplomas, as he's promised.

  178. The Ticket for 2012 - Obama and Clinton.

    Biden ought to take one for the country.

  179. Great stuff Gail. Being a survivor of Mitt the Governor, I can assure you that whatever he says doesn't mean anything.