Signs of an Asian Arms Buildup in India’s Missile Test

With the launching of the missile, called the Agni 5, India joins a small group of countries with long-range nuclear missile capability, including China, Britain, France, Russia, Israel and the United States.

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  1. Congratulations to India on launching a missile. This is exactly what us Indians should be focused on, now that we're a developed nation overflowing with prosperity. I am ashamed that my nation spends more than 10 times on defense than on healthcare. Who are we protecting? Urban fat cats, or the 400 million desperately poor? It seems our spending starts at the border and ends there.

    I can say this with certainty: almost every Indian who doesn't feel torn when they read such news has probably never known a person in desperate poverty -- not statistics, but a real person -- and has probably done little for the country except waving its flag, and arguing on its behalf in Internet forums, seated comfortably, insulated.

  2. This is the problem with all armchair economists like M.B. above. They assume that all such spending happens automagically without any people involved. Has M.B. or anyone arguing that India should eliminate poverty 100% before doing an iota of self-defense even put any thought into the number of primary, secondary and tertiary jobs the defense industry generates? I know many poor engineering students who got hired into allied industries and are well off now.

    People look at missiles and assume that India is burning cash in the fire of its engines.

    The same argument comes up when India launches a weather satellite. No attention is paid to the fact that these satellites help Indian farmers, fishermen and scientists.

  3. Thanks for the laugh!

    Does following match your diet pattern?

    Week 1: Protein only,
    Week 2: Carbs only,
    Week 3: Only butter and oil
    Week 4: Only vitamins
    Week 5: only veggies

    Anyways, you make it sound as if India is spending all of its money on arms and doing nothing for eliminating poverty. I got news for you Mr. MB, India only spends 2.3% of her GDP on military budget and that's about right when you live in a troubled south-Asian neighborhood.

    "almost every Indian who doesn't feel torn when they read such news has probably never known a person in desperate poverty"

    And presumably you've never seen a strong person stealing from a weak or a capable nation attacking a weak nation, destroying its economy and everything and get away with the "crime"?

  4. This comment is naive to say the least. Building a nation is not a one-dimensional act. It requires focus and resources to be spent on multiple fronts. Security of the country is one such important area where we have to spend money/

  5. So what makes it OK for India to have long range nuclear weapons to ensure its national security, yet the minute other countries wants to ensure the same security for themselves its a major issue. I never got US policy when it came to nuclear proliferation. Every country should have the equal right to protect its borders. If from a military standpoint we don't want certain countries with weapons, its understandable, call it as it is. Just don't make it seem like countries like Iran and NK are out of their minds and evil for wanting to defend themselves.

  6. I think it's because of our out-of-mind politicians who offer their full-fledged support to Israel's nuke programs while at the same time spitefully cutting off food to the poor in other countries whose leaders have the sanity of self-preservation in a nuclear world.

  7. Iran and NK _are_ out of their minds. Iran is run by religious nuts who have openly declared their intention to destroy other nations. NK is similarly insane. Not all nations are equal or should be treated so. Grow up.

  8. I agree completely. The U.S. press and government get all apoplectic when North Korea or Iran does the same thing, but there is nary a whisper about Israel or India or China. The U.S. capacity for hypocrisy extends all known limits.

  9. It is great if the enemy of my enemy is testing ICBM. It is not ok if the friend of my enemy is testing ICBM.

  10. " it the ability to strike Beijing and Shanghai, and heightening fears of an Asian arms race. "

    Highlightening here is 'striking Beijing and Shanghai'. US (and the NYT) is hoping India to see China as an enemy, that will serve US agenda well. The long-range missile is a natural development for India's defense structure, just like China is improve its blue water navy. Today it is a 3100-mile range missile, next will be 8,000- and 10,000-mile range capable of hitting any corner of the world, Washington DC and New York included.

  11. The question is why India needs such a long range missile. Pakistan is right next door so a 5000km missile doesn't make sense unless the target is China. If India built a 10000km missile, the target has to be Russia and the US.

    Russia and US developed their missiles with long range to hit each other. French missile only has a range of 6000km, just enought to cover European Russia from sub stationed in the Atlantic. UK get their missiles from the US so there is nothing they can do about the range (talk about NPT). China's missile has range of 8000 to 11000km to reach European Russia and the US. The only outliner is Israel with a 10000km missile that could hit everyone from Israel's location but consider its foreign policy, it is not unexpected.

  12. AmatureHistorian

    One does not develop a 8000-10000 km missile before a 3000km ones, does one?

  13. @ blinded1, that's my point. India is aiming at China now but tomorrow it will aims at Moscow and Washington.

    The few American that keeps saying India is a Democracy and will follow US lead will have a rude awakening call someday.

  14. And why shouldn't they join in on the fun that we've enjoyed all these years. The world's moving on and we need to realize that we cannot control all things.

  15. So, when will Pakistan do the same?

  16. Pakistan will do the same with the help of China before long.

  17. Oh, whenever China tells them to launch a missile. After China has given it to them.

  18. Imagine a nuclear Mexico still fighting insurgent wars over California and a communist Canada ( sorry Canada! ) that claims all of New York - then add in the diversity of every possible dimension and throw in a muslim state or two for good measure. Then you'll understand the predicament India lives in. I am very proud of my country and make no appologies for its emphasis on defence.

    Yes, I'd rather have all that money being used for scientific research and eradicating poverty, but thats an ideal world - we are yet to have.

    For all its security concerns, India still has a no first use policy and has never invaded another country in the last thousand years - which is more than I can say for a lot of the industrialized world.

  19. India invaded Goa, a Portugese colony in 1961, and annexed it. India invaded Sikkim in 1975, and annexed it. Neither was a threat to India.

    In 1971 India invaded East Pakistan, then in revolt against West Pakistan. But that was for humanitarian reasons. The Pakistani Army was murdering hundreds of thousands of it's people. India did leave after they defeated the Pakistanis.

  20. I don't quite see your comparison. Do you mean Pakistan is trying to recover land stolen by India (US taking California from Mexico), China claiming Mumbai (Canada claiming New York) and Nepal and Sri Lanka are terrorist states?

    I think the world you learned in India needs some updating. I am not aware of any of the geopolitical "facts" you cited.

    Also, how is being mult-ethnic a reason to have ICBM? Comply or we will nuke you?

  21. The question of what's a reasonable motivation for India is a separate one from the question of what's better. It would be better if no country had nuclear weapons. That some countries might not unreasonably seek nuclear weapons considering their geopolitical position is not a reason not to believe that the expansion of any country's nuclear force is a setback for the world.

  22. But not to worry. They're no threat to Israel.

  23. Just the thing to add to the instability to be expected from 600 million people living on fossil water that will be depleted in just two decades.

  24. proud of your sucess India, now just set your sites to strengthen infrastructure and alleviate poverty.Go India Go.

  25. India must prepare to expand her borders militarily. India's population in another decade will be more than her present economy and borders can sustain.

  26. So if Iran and North Korea adopt a no-first-use policy, then they can have all the nukes they want. Is that how it works? The double standards and hypocrisy of our foreign policy are so transparent. What a joke!

  27. The United States is still the only country in the world that has used nukes in defense of the nation. The real hypocrisy is to believe that other countries if faced with massive numbers of deaths, or total destruction by a war won't do the same. We have built a massive military and defend the size and power of it as a means to keep the peace. Yet if another country dares to apply that same standard, our policy is to starve their children.

  28. Not so much transparent I fear, but endlessly self-serving under the guise of our self-proclaimed exceptionalism.

  29. While long range missiles are a strong deterrent against possible aggressors like China, the true deterrent for India will be a strong economy. For that, India has to make some fundamental structural changes. Until that happens, India remains a third world country with about 300 million poor people and a few dozen long range missiles. That description makes it more like North Korea than the countries in the elite club it has just joined.

  30. And those fundamental structural changes are _______________?

  31. India and China fought a war in 1962 and still the border dispute is not settled. India is also suspicious of Beijing's efforts to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean in recent years. But I doubt China considers India as any serious threat or rival. India already has the capability of hitting anywhere inside Pakistan So why India is spending so much of money to counter the perceived Chinese threat? China is also far ahead of India in the missile race, with intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching anywhere in India. May be India wants to prove that it has become an Asian power in its own right. It is also true that India has two nuclear-armed adversaries and this will have a deterrant value. Still it is a legitimate question to ask why India is spending so much of money on a sophisticated missile program when hundreds of millions of its citizens continue to live in extreme poverty. However unlike North Korea ,India is not violating any UN Security council resolutions and India also has a declared no-first-use policy.

  32. Why is India targeting China??????? Come on NYT, you trying to cause trouble!

  33. I salute the fact that we can now better blow each other to kingdom come - and it's not easy nor cheap! I guess every farmer has to put up a fence to keep the wolves at bay.

  34. Great! When do we get to invade India for possessing WMDs? I can't wait!

  35. That day is very unlikely to come in approximately 500 years from now. Do you think Russia will tolerate US invading India ever? Will China like sharing borders with a US-won state? And do you think the 1.2 Billion population of India with more than 3 million force stand like sitting ducks to any invasion by any country? Its not happening my friend and if this ever happens, it would be another World War which no country in this world currently wishes for. The whole world is suffering from economic turmoil. Today, its the war between economies and not guns.

  36. Brilliant!

  37. a leaderless hysterical america calls for sanctions against india!

  38. Right on!

  39. India is doing what any country, rich or poor, squeezed between two enemies would do. We want Iran, a much weaker and a far-away country, not to have any nuclear weapons because they may become a threat in distant future.

    How many countries in the world has "no first use" of nuclear weapons policy?

  40. Every country besides US, Russia and Israel.

    China long declared no-first-use. UK and France has all their nukes on submarine which is retaliatory only. North Korea cannot deliver its nuke outside its border so I would say their defense claim is true. All three countries' arsenal are also limited compares with US and Russia so first use is stupid.

    India and Pakistan are a bit uncertain as their limited nukes are within range of each other and both country lacks retaliatory capability so whoever shoots first, wins.

    Israel cannot match Arab countries' number so it's long known that if IDF is losing Israel will use nuke. It has being suggested Israel plans to use nukes during the Yom Kippur War but the tide turned.

  41. After a nuclear exchange, will anyone be able to find the "no first use" document?

  42. "The launching comes amid growing international apprehension about militarization of Asia and a stepped-up strategic rivalry between the United States and China in Asia."

    That the "stepped-up" strategic rivalry was initiated by increased US military presence in the region was conveniently omitted, along with the fact that the US supplied nuclear weapons technology and other support to India.

  43. True , only you got the countries wrong : Pakistan's Uranium enrichment came from Urenco in the Netherlands with the US winking all along. The Chinese stole or were allowed to steal the w series of US nuclear weapons . Boeing made the guidance system for China . So now you know just exactly who helped whom. Nixon and Kissinger and Clinton later were all Chinese running dogs . Only Bush did help India and that is why he is such a great Hero in India , if you kick him out of the USA , trust me Geroge Bush will be living in the Taj Mahal in a style which will make the White House look like Harlem . Just get your facts right .

  44. India is a thriving democracy with mostly stable (if often corrupt) institutions. This alone makes this event entirely different from North Korea (dictatorship currently led by a dauphin), Pakistan (a seeming quasi anarchy) and Iran (a saber rattling theocracy).

    Would The desperately Poor prefer potable water and sanitation? You bet but every time India does this we need to calm down and not go off the deep end.

    We also need to stop being so paternalistic about unclear weapons. I would argue that a US administration like Bush/Cheney and their Iraqi adventures were a mch greater threat to international stability than India testing a long range missile.

  45. When you say unclear weapons you mean nukuler weapons, right?

  46. Andy, and you're Andy Borowitz and not Andy Singh, right?

  47. Cindy,

    In India there is a party with extreme ideology.
    If that party comes to power( there is a good chance)
    there will be lot of sabre rattling and instability.
    America is a democracy and it creates lot of instability
    in other countries-Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan,etc.
    Democracy means nothing when it comes to war.

  48. We need to take a step back and work to undo this tangled mess. The United States and China should use their considerable economic clout to take this arms race out of gear. China should influence North Korea and the United States should work with India to reduce this threat to world peace. I am not sleeping better tonight as a result of this news, I do not feel safer, nor do I think India became safer having this weapon.

  49. How odd. Not a single word about Israel and its hundreds of nukes. I take it you don't see that as part of the "tangled mess." Or believe that the United States has a right to interfere in that country's refusal to sign the NPT. Right?

  50. China and India are not natural enemies. As a Chinese, I have always felt nothing but kindness and camaraderie from my Indian colleagues. So it is amusing for the Americans (and their media outlets, NYT) to constantly drum up enmity between the 2 nations. It is OK for India to have ICBM, as many other nations have, but there is no reason to focus on the China angle incessantly in this article.

  51. Any further development of ICBMs or nuclear weapons is a step backwards for mankind. I don't support this. But let's be realistic here. China and Pakistan have had a long-standing miliary relationship and Pakistan gets most of its military hardware from China. China supported Pakistan during each of Pakistan's wars with India. So it is not the U.S. or the NYT that is drumming up enmity between China and India. China seems to be doing a good job of it by itself.

  52. It's partly true. But it seems that India and China have some territorial disputes. Besides, I would hardly believe that India will be a main rival towards China.

  53. @JerryV,
    You pointed out that China supplies arms to Pakistan, but it seems to me that Pakistan is overrun by CIA agents on the ground, and receive billions of dollars of aid from the good ol' USA. I wonder which country is stirring the pot to make trouble?

  54. This is more bad news for the failed human race. If a race or nation can do something horrible, it will. Maybe Mexico will get the bomb and a missile to reach LA, If there's something bad that humans can do, they do it. I really want the earth to live. Chernobyl has shown many encouraging signs that short lived higher animals (wolves, for example) can flourish in areas of lethal radiation. Neutron bombs are much cleaner. It's what the US and Russians have to turn the tide against a high-population enemy like China.

  55. Did you forget what america did to Japan? America is the big bully hypocrite. US, Israel are manipulating others against Iran. It is ok , Israel,US, Mexico,India,Russia......have missiles, Israel is ready to bomb Iran. It is ok? The world is sick,America for years spreaded this sickness all over. Peace is only a word.It is a shame american crazy politicians applaud everything Israel does. India with mor than 1 billion people, should worry about the needs of 70% of their people (food, housing, clean water,you name. Democracy is only a word, the big financial institutions here and around the world are hoarding money, and population starving to death. Militar toys cost to regular people: : Jobs; Education; Health; Housing programs. and food for the needed. It is a big assalt to a human being, spending trillions in name of militar security ,and people have nothing to look for. It is not only India, it is every nation, starting from here (america), are doing everthing to destroy the human spirit. Capitalism is only good for the Greed. The rest of us have to continue doing our job, to keep the Oligarchys hoarding their goods.We need peace.

  56. Big ones quietly do their own thing. US, Russia, UK, France,China and Germany (who wants to be with the big ones on this), where are you all, on this one?

    Slap on the wrist, don,t do it again. Would you sign the NPT, please.
    Sanctions, oh , no! it is for countries that can be kicked around and to feel not guilty about owning nuclear weapons.

    As the world turns, where is NRA(Nuclear Rifle Association) to fight for Second Amendment rights of countries?

  57. All this is inevitable. Can not stop any country from having nukes and missiles. With this the world will go one way or another. But remember the US is the only country that has used an atomic bomb. Also this country has a plethora of nuclear tipped weapons which it is ready to use at a blink of an eye. So, lets not judge so fast

  58. Ok, that's good folks. But now let's bury Mr.Gandhi forever. Let's stop our hypocrisy - talking Gandhi on one hand and sending missiles on the other hand. Let's tell the world boldly, that we are also in the arms race, that we are idiots too to spend millions on missile tests while millions of people go hungry without proper drinking water. Let's join the destruction, unless we erase ourselves, it seems impossible for the mankind to live in peace. Let's compete in who is going to erase whom first.

  59. I, as an Indian, deeply respect Mahatma Gandhi as a person and as a philosophy but you can not deny the truth that talk of non-violence look more effective from the mouth of a muscular strong man than from someone like Gandhi ji who was a lean and thin person. Nevertheless, his preaching of non-violence struck a chord with Indians who were weak and malnourished and that was the best way to defeat British empire.

    Back in time, we're told, India was a very prosperous nation. Some call it "golden bird" as well. I'm not sure how true is that but one thing is certain is that there is lots of priceless stuff in British museums that was "stolen" from India. Nobody can deny that with facts! And the reason all this looting and marauding happened because Indians were not capable of defending their borders and property. Times have changed for sure but people haven't. Try to become prosperous and wealthy in a lawless neighborhood w/o security your assets and see what happens to you. Like it or not, world is like that neighborhood only. Ask innocent Iraqi citizens about how the shared wealth that ideally belonged to them is being used for their benefit.

    Peace and non-violence is great but it look more graceful if that is preached from a powerful person who has the capability of committing violence and yet decide to keep his hands folded . India is heading in that direction and problems such as poverty and diseases would be dealt together with security needs. Balance is the key!

  60. Before you claim expertise on Gandhi-ism, know your Gandhi. "The non-cooperator's pledge does not exclude the right of private self-defense", Gandhiji said in 1922. Gandhiji never advocated abandoning defense measures. India has a good track record of non-proliferation and non-aggression towards neighbours. When someone slaps, you turn the other cheek but one needs to be prepared if the slapping continues.

  61. Gandhi was about self reliance (to overcome being a colony) and non-violence (to prevent future and ever-escalating violence). Development of ICBM would be a self reliant step (home grown technology, reduced need for proliferation, etc) and a non-violent step (deters future violence).

  62. "The United States, which led the criticism of North Korea’s missile launching last Friday, appeared to warily endorse the Indian missile launching." The State Department's wary endorsement is not an appropriate response.

    President Obama needs to forcefully denounce India's move to expand its nuclear war capablilities. Even though it won't do any good as we have no economic leverage on India that would compel it to comply with US demand, at least the President would be on the record as having tried.

  63. So Obama should denounce the largest democracy with a reputable track record of nonaggression? It's not the U.S.'s obligation to subjugate and undermine the sovereignty of stable nations.

    Also, there are many economic implications you haven't even begun to consider, and in fact both countries have leverage over each in a quantifiable capacity.

    Obama wouldn't risk alienating international relations just to secure a vote from people who educate themselves through wikipedia.

  64. Yes, the President should definitely denounce it.

    Or, in light of his deployment of thousands of troops to Australia, he could just chill.

  65. It's odd and sad how a country's ability to launch missiles puts them in the category of being a sophisticated country. We're so overpopulated that we can't feed our people but we have to ability to blow them all up.

  66. India needs food not nukes. Not to offend but China is still way ahead militarily. India needs to focus on strengthening it's state and economy, the military will follow the governments lead. This missile will only antagonize Pakistan and China. A functiong missile defense system would stick it to their rivals better than anything else.

  67. Yea, like India is going to try to hit China with a nuke! Please!

  68. This is a good news for India, it achieves a kind of parity with China. That being said, India and China are not enemies, suspicious of each other maybe, but not enemies. I only wish India was this successful in all of its endeavors.

  69. Good Job, India. It is hard to balance national security, economic growth, and political reform. I think sometimes we Americans forget that a large swaths of our population, particularly African-Americans, could not vote, or fight properly in the US Military, or even drink at the same water fountain with other Americans when we developed our missiles. When I was in India, all I met were peaceful people. I can't wait to see how we all learn to live with each other over the next 50 years.

  70. A hundred years from now, when travel to the moon will be common, nuclear weapons and the capacity to launch them worldwide will be available to virtually all of the worlds major nations. That is virtually inevitable. With is less clear is the future of the world's economy, the fate of the world's poor and the development of the world's middle class.Our best, and maybe only chance of long term survival is to give people hope, reduce poverty, encourage education, in short to give mankind a reason not to destroy itself.

  71. In today's world, testing a missile is easier to than implementing economic and social reforms. Most democratic governments are too afraid to lose power.

    The nature of warfare will probably change dramatically in the next few decades. Already we see the beginnings of cyber-warfare. So, in future big missiles and nukes will be as irrelevant as war-elephants in first world war.

    But unfortunately most societies do not really aim for the future and so the cycle of creating, testing, celebrating and then sanctioning (and diplomatically defending or offending other nations) will go on.

  72. How is this going to spur an arms race? Try living in that neigborhood.

  73. Nuclear cooperation with India may turn out to be the greatest foreign policy failing of the prior administration even on top of its invasion of Iraq. We are no no longer in charge of our relations with China. If we had stuck to the NPT we might be negotiating arms reductions now. It is time to end all nuclear cooperation with India.

  74. India like US has every right to develop nukes, gone are the days of hegemony. India is the world's largest democracy, very stable nation, economically growing with a huge middle class that throws tremendous opportunities for US firms, has a no-first use policy and doesn't invade other countries. Doesn't matter whether US stops nuclear cooperation or not. India has its own indigenous way to develop technology, missiles and bombs. Let the hypocrites better accept it....reality bites.

  75. Rakesh,

    I was not speaking of India's rights. It never signed the NPT. It can do what it wants. The US did sign along with China and is obligated not to cooperate with states that did not sign. By our show of bad faith, we have set back the cause of disarmament. Now, China has no reason to negotiate. This will backstop reductions with Russia and make getting to zero very difficult. Before, India was irrelevant but since we abrogated the treaty, they are now in the driver's seat.

  76. With tacit nod of the US or on its own, the long range nuclear missile, the AGNI-5, launch by India neither adds to its military prowess nor enhances its security nor even be viewed as much of a scientific achievement on its part, rather adds to an already worsening security environment in the region, particularly the south and east Asia, fuelling, in turn, an avoidable arms race. Instead, the precious resources could have been better spent on improving the conditions and quality of life of its people, the majority of whom are languishing in poverty and deprivations. Is there anything to feel ecstatic about such stupidity, specially when the country's economy and finances are in a bad shape?

  77. I do not know how old you were when the chinese invaded India in 1962. It was devastating for India, particularly after Nehru introduced the Chinese into the non-aligned community and expected good relationship with them. They withdrew only after th US sent an aircraft carrier into the Bay of Bengal. Even to this day their mentality does not seem to have changed. Once fooled shame on you, twice fooled, shame on me. That is the motto India is following and I fully support it. No more turning the other cheek.

  78. With isolated communist China turning into pragmatic trader, and part of an emerging order, much seems to have changed since 1962, and it's unlikely it would repeat the past folly.

  79. @R. Iyengar

    Blame W. H. Johnson, the British and India for the war. It was they who draw a new boundary 80 miles into China's territory. The U.S. has gone to war for far less.

  80. Whenever a story about scientific or military advancement about emerging countries like India, China or Brazil is posted, I usually see bunch of comments mentioning that these countries should feed their poor.

    Let me remind you people that no matter how rich a country is, there always will be poor, homeless, uneducated, diseased people. You see many homeless, poor and hungry people right in and around the White House or downtown NYC/LA/Chicago. Just because there are poor and hungry people does not mean a country shouldn't try to advance itself in other areas. A country, like India, which has hostile neighbors like China and Pakistan need to be prepared and strong.

    Most of these countries and walk and chew gum at the same time. Taking care of citizens and making scientific and military advancement are not mutually exclusive tasks, in fact they could be complimentary.

  81. Where, oh where are the howls of outrage from the USA, so long hostile to Iran’s allegedly peaceful nuclear programme, when this is proclaimed as a military exercise?

  82. It seems quite absurd that a country where 15% of its population skips a meal everyday due to poverty, it's spending billion of dollars on making new weapons.
    To mention Beijing and Shanghai by name is a highly provocative act by Indian authority.
    India must do something concrete to improve the life of its citizens, until now nothing has been done other than campaign's promises. There are child labors, and cases of selling the infants, there are widespread illiteracy, there is no sanitation system in most part of India, the highways are in deplorable condition, and the rate of unemployment is skyrocketing, so the question is how come the elite class of India are hush on such waste of money on missile experiment. The Indian should stand up and ask their government to stop wasting their money on such experiment and spend it to improve the quality of life.

  83. Agreed – mostly. Commenters mentioned the Chinese targets, not Indian officials.

  84. Its not all gloom and doom but...
    Its time for all of us to grow up and realize that without the USA's Military might we would not have the standard of living we currently have. A militarily weak country does not have the ability to improve its citizens standard of living.

    That does not mean it is right but I can assure you that once we have to sacrifice that standard we would not be talking peace. Lets be honest and realistic about this.

    So India and the others have to have improve their arms race in order to maintain their feeble standard of living and/or advance it. How can we blame them? We invented the darn bombs and used them to show mighty we are. Thats why we still pay less for gas than the rest of the western world.

  85. I am totally fine with this. The best way to keep China in check is to build up it's non-Communist neighbors.

  86. As for US making any adverse comments please note that USA is one of the few countries already having the long range nuclear missile capability!

    As for the need for India now to have this, friends let us be realistic. India deserves to have a deterrant in their geopolitical domain. Also remember India had never been an aggressor.

    Please let the media and commentators stop overplaying the Chinese taget. They also already have the capability and may be better. Go by a country's historical records in such instances

  87. India wants to be another Super Power. I can't understand how it is different from NK testing their ICBM or Iran wanting to have Nukes. Sooner or later India will have Missles which can reach homeland United states. In future India will be pain in neck for USA, when it will come to International Issues.

  88. Only USA has the right to nuclear missiles. Any other country that has it is a rogue state and sanctions should be put on them till their people die of hunger.

  89. Fantastic!! Yeah, USA. USA. USA!!

  90. I think striking Beijing or Shanghai would not be wise.

  91. How about Moscow or Warsaw?

  92. As India has a "solid non proliferation record" and a "no-first-use policy" then they shouldn't mind signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty. The U.S. warily endorses their nuclear missile launch and their nuclear weapons program.

    Iran, on the other hand, also has a solid non proliferation record and has called for a nuclear free Middle East. Unlike India, Iran is a party to the NPT! Yet, the U.S. threatens to destroy the country if it does not abandon its non-nuclear missile program or it's peaceful nuclear program.

    U.S. hipocracy and duplicity speaks for itself!

  93. India need to increase its foreign exchange reserve. Whoever has the more money in Swiss banks will win the next great war.

  94. India has the ultimate defense of being ungovernable by any foreign power. I sure hope it figures out how to govern itself to avoid its own collapse.

  95. Israel builds the bomb. India builds the bomb. India tests missiles that bring an all Asian nuclear war nearer. But all this is fine with the West because it's 'our' side. Any wonder that when we bleat on about those not on 'our' side - Iran, N Korea - the world ignores us?

    A Second Nuclear War - and let's just remember, we have already had one such, in which one side used nuclear bombs to annihilate two huge cities that were for all intents and purposes defenceless - and it wasnt a nutty Islamic or communist state that did it, was it folks? - a second nuclear war is abolutely inevitable. And that wont be the last one either......

    Has there ever been a time in history where so much danger on so many fronts was so clearly sigend and known about, and so perisistently and wilfully ignored?

    An endangered species, but are we worth conserving? I wonder.....

  96. The heading of this news is very funny from such a respectable paper. How long the editorial staff will continue to be anti India. The cold war ended.
    How will this test creat arms race. Has USA not supplied enough arms to Pakistan and look what she offered you as a partner nothing but deceit but when it comes to India your paper always doubt of India.
    Has India sold or given any technical help to any nation in case of Nuclear technology but Pakistan had a nuclear Bazaar and your paper knew it but kept quite as told by CIA. You followed the third party the Swiss family and not the real culprit Dr.Khan.

  97. All of Pakistan is already easily within range of smaller missiles. Ignoring the China issue is not a persuasive way to dispose of it.

  98. Extremely biased reporting by NYT. The bottom line is China and India will not fight a war for the coming 50 years at least. Growth is simply too important for them right now. And both countries would take a big hit economically and psychologically if they fight and they know this. China is not the same as Pakistan for India. Pakistan's problem is more emotional and rhetorical. So chances of a war on that front are higher for India. When it comes to China - the issues at Stake are water, oil exploration in the south sea and disputed territory of Arunachal - all of which are enough for hostile relations, but not big enough to warrant war.

    Western media - especially US media is bent of "preaching" solutions to "non-existent/perceived" problems. While there are some writers who have their heads in the right place - like Tom Friedman who goes to these places to understand the ground reality - other writers think they can talk to a couple of "experts" and write authoritatively about international affairs sitting in their US offices. I am Indian and I have never felt anything but cultural connection and friendship towards my Chinese work-mates. Indian people will not allow their government to go to war today - not when there's so much to lose.

  99. Considering that China and India fought a war in 1962 and had numerous border skirmishes before and since, and given the rhetoric from Indian politicians in the last few years about the need to balance China's military strength, I think its fair to say that your assessment is based in emotion, not rational analysis. I understand that you are proud of your home country, but denying that there are significant security tensions between China and Indian represents a denial of objective analysis.

    I'm not saying that another Sino-Indian war is on the horizon -- I'm just saying that its not an unreasonable concern.

  100. A moment's consideration will show that American foreign policy under Pres. Obama has led to what I've warned about in several comments and your Geneva expert Mr. Herd states: the containment of China. [It almost does no good to criticize Obama his base being in such complete denial.] This announced Pacific-first strategic framework, helping to explain US presence in South and Central Asia, and perhaps the basis for the Afghan War, is having disruptive consequences for the region, all so that the US can maintain the military advantage over China and seek, it seems to me desperately, to retain its status as the world's sole superpower.

    But the world is changing, and claims to unilateral superpower status, particularly given its largely unregulated financial system and the loss of its manufacturing base, are carrying America over the cliff as a nation topheavy with military expenditures and a social safety net simultaneously atrophying and being rent to pieces. The contrast of the State Dept. responses to the launches of North Korea and India is instructive. There are no principles, merely friends and foes. I am confident the US will do everything possible to stir up hostility between India and China, which was already before Obama the thrust of our nuclear assistance for India. For the sake of world peace, I pray the effort fails. Obama's new toy (as reported in The Times), Littoral Combat Ships, is itself an escalation and provocation of the first order.

  101. Norman, your ethnic cousin Zbigniew Brzezinski, whom the NYT is always quick to praise, was still nevertheless an early supporter of Obama's. This is a man well-known for close foreign policy collaboration with Beijing, such as their joint collusion in supporting the murderous Khmer Rouge in killing Cambodians by the millions. You should take comfort in knowing that Asian lives could be exterminated by the millions in the service of bestowing liberty on more worthy Polish lives. Because remember - we're all just background characters in your dream, right?

  102. Sitting here, its just another day and a very good piece of news to wake up to. India is just doing what a forward thinking nation is ought to do. An advancement of thinking and empowerment of its own people that thoughts can become reality in their own country. Remember this program was championed by A.P.J Abdul Kalam right in the 1980's and he went on to become the president of the country. And it doesn't even remotely feel over here that India is doing this to impose on someone else rather than explore it's own capabilities. And that is something which will empower it's own people to think and change their lives for the better. Things work out in India for it's people though issues are always there. But positives must be cheered with shouldering the responsibility of carrying the hopes of over a billion people.

  103. I've always wondered how the planet was going to feed itself a hundred years from now. Silly of me to worry. Famine, disease and nukes will set the population and "civilization" back five hundred years. I would bet on riding horseback, again.

    Nice yellow journalism and warmongering, NYT.

  104. How is this yellow journalism, exactly?

  105. Mike, start with the "India might nuke Beijing" absurdity, and work down from there.

  106. How quick Americans denounce this move (as illustrated by the comments posted) shows me, an Indian-American, just how little the US has progressed in understanding India and its position in the 21st century.

    First, everyone the West needs to understand that no matter what stance the United States and other Western European countries take on this issue, they will be seen as hypocrites. The US was the only country in history to use the atomic bomb, and last time I checked, we still have a healthy stockpile of nuclear warheads ready to be deployed.

    Second, the US woefully misunderstands South Asian geopolitics. "Rising Asia" in the 21st century hinges on the power play between China, India, and Japan. And to the extent that Americans will never understand the ebbs and flows of Sino-Indian history - which spans 5,000 years of continuous human civilization - Westerners will not understand what it means to exist in a hostile neighborhood. India is hemmed in by China, Pakistan (a failed state), Bangladesh (another failed state), Nepal (a puppet, pawn state) and Sri Lanka.

    Third, India joined the nuclear club in 1998, and has since proven itself to be a responsible nuclear state, and a model for all other non-Western nuclear powers. India launching this missile is NOT the same issue as Iran and North Korea. India is the world's largest democracy, has the largest pool of scientists in the world, and has never invaded another country in its 5,000 year-old history.

  107. "Westerners will not understand what it means to exist in a hostile neighborhood."

    You might be right about Americans not understanding your history. But to ignore that another Western country owned most of India for nearly a century is a misplaced sense of loyalty to your country. I suspect the British people understand that history very well.

  108. Bangladesh and Pakistan are not failed states by any definiton. Both countries have functioning governments and can feed itself. Don't present India to people in the western world as the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    India has the same exact woes like poverty, illiteracy, huge rates of child birth and infant death, absence of sanitaion etc. that prevails in that part of the world. This money would have been better used for humanitarian purposes. And Steve B. above is off by about a century on how long the British ruled India. The actually ruled India for 190 years (1757-1947).

  109. Steve B, your assertion that "British people understand India's history very well" and therefore understands India's concern is equivalent to saying whites in the US understand the problems of African American community and their actions reflects that understanding. Truth is Britishers were ruling the country as thugs who shiphoned off the entire GDP from the land for 200 years just like how slaves were exploited in this country. And usually thugs don't understand that history in the same way others do.

  110. Prior to the launching of Agni 5, India should have launched to eradicate malaria, TB, HIV, and illiteracy but it shows the capability of Indian scientists.
    But India has some unpatriotic, useless commentators who write in Pakistani newspapers, not concerned about India's security.

  111. So a country as big as India can not work on eradicating diseases and launching missiles at the same time? Just so you know none of the countries in the world have eradicated TB, HIV and illiteracy, but some of them do have long range missiles.

  112. All I can say is that I usually love NYTimes reporting, but the blatant negative bias towards China is appalling. I'm Chinese-American and it's absolutely disgusting to see articles such as these on the NYTimes front page. Ever since the 2008 Olympics I've been getting my news on China from the WSJ (not plugging, just saying).

  113. And exactly which text do you consider to extol an explicit "blatant negative bias"???? Seems to me the entire article is factual.

  114. Sadly, XY, I think we will have to get used to this. Remember how the Chinese Uighurs captured in Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan were eventually released from Guantanamo? The logic went that as "separatist" activists in Xinjiang (or would be East Turkistan), they were not really terrorists. They were only at the camps to learn how to kill Chinese.

  115. Many Chinese complain of bias in various American media, but rarely point to specific examples. Bias is often in the eye of the beholder. This article is about India; as neither Indian nor Chinese, I read it without detecting bias. I'd like to know what bias others see.

  116. There's another 'arms' race going on between India and China. China has about 2.6 billion arms and India is close to 2.45 billion arms.

  117. I am dismayed by several hysterical and self-righteous comments. To posit that India must choose between improving her economy and focus on military defense is simplistic at best and plain stupid at worst. India's economy expanded at more than 10 per cent in 2009/2010 fy and is expected to grow by 7 per cent in the currency fy. Is there anything wrong with this picture? What would the critics have India do?

    Like any responsible country it has to ensure security. The idiotic comment of an Indian quoted at the end of the article, that China has said it does not threaten India, just floored me. China also assured Mr. Nehru that it was a peace loving country, before invading India in 1962.

    Ok, readers. Please show more honesty and less hypocracy in your comments. Treat India as you would like to be treated yourself.

  118. That is typical Indian propaganda. Both sides were at fault for the 1962 "war". 1962 was at the start of the Sino-Soviet split and prior to the Sino-U.S. overtures. China at the time had no international allies other than some anti-Soviet Communist nations like Yugoslavia. Nehru thought China would not have the stomach for a border conflict with India in its weak diplomatic situation and thus overplayed his cards.

  119. Sean, what garbage. Prior to the 1962 border conflict, Nehru was singing "Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai" ("India and China are brothers") at the top of his lungs. During the Bandung Conference in Indonesia, Nehru was personally escorting and introducing China's leadership around. Nehru completely underestimated his Chinese "friends" because he was not looking at them with a sober eye, and was instead giddily mooning over them.

    Meanwhile, Sino-centric sycophants like you will equally overlook the brutal invasion and occupation of Tibet, while claiming that Beijing is more Tibetan than the Tibetans themselves.

  120. While there should be a great feeling for achieving a scientific achievement, this test somehow creates a queasy feeling in the hearts of many Indians. Is it worth it with such enormous cost at a time the country is having unresolved poverty issues on a grand scale. This will trigger reactions from neighboring nations which could be disproportionately higher. Look at what monster was created in neighboring Pakistan, when India's nuclear test was conducted. The increased defense spending and arms race will not lead to greater happiness or security of people. Countries should learn to come to good terms with each other and live in peace.

  121. If increased defense spending does not lead to security, what does? Poverty, infrastructure etc issues are rendered moot if you don't have security. China already has an ICBM that can reach 6000 miles. So it doesn't make sense to say India started the arms race. India is doing what the US, UK, China, Russia etc. have done in the past to develop deterrence.

    Regarding trying to live on "good terms" and "peace", you sound like a idealistic 21st century Gautam Buddha. Non-violence is good but if you have studied human history, you'd know by now that it's littered with stories of conflict over resources, religion and ideology. No one wants war for obvious reasons, but if you're ill-prepared, then you may rue that day.

  122. In Sanskrith AGNI means FIRE[ More so FIRE God for Heat]; In Alien Hindi Language FIRE is called AAG.

  123. The Times did not mention a rumor floating around intelligence circles in
    Washington, D.C. that India and China may go to war within the year over Tibet.

  124. look what we do, we cant allow iran & north korea to be nuclear, but no restictions on india & israel.

  125. Zahir,
    It is because, India is the largest democracy and a responsible nuclear power unlike North Korea and Iran who are waiting to get power to crush their enemies instantly.
    India's policy has always been and will be , we will not strike first. And for us, these are not for proliferation, but for self defense and developement.
    Hope you have got the point.

  126. China, yes, but why not mentioning that the range of Agni 5 allows India to strike : Tokyo, Jakarta, Cairo, Istanbul, Moscow... Your choice.

  127. Indians are peace loving people and has never had any ambition of occupying others. However history shows that others took advantage of India's weakness. Its important that India can defend itself in case of any aggression and be prepared.
    However I see in this knowledge based world developing this technology will also help Indian scientists to gain useful experience.
    Congratulations to Indian team and hope they use this experience to help humanity.

  128. The mutual annihilation of China and India would provide study material for economics, military science, and political science for a thousand years or more. Not to mention exemplars for physics, ecology, and other hard sciences. What a bonanza, huh!?

  129. Have we not had enough nuclear saber rattling? The U.S. should take the initiative and propose all- nation nuclear disarmament while there is still a chance.

  130. Why should the US take the lead, why not North Korea or Russia?

  131. The consequences of an Indo-Chinese war would be extremely tragic and put about 40 percent of the worlds population at risk of death and severe mutiliation apart from unprecedented nuclear contamination of air, water and land. It is time for both the populous nations to sit and set-up a road map to better friendship and mutual co-operation on all fronts especially since both countries are victims of extreme poverty, human rights abuse,political nepotism, corruption. Pakistan should also be included in these talks and relation building measures. An Arms Race has never benefitted any nation in history.

  132. The recognition of power in the international system must not be equated with an affinitity or a desire for war. India's missile program is contributing to its capability to deter war and influencing non-coercive paths to settling disputes in a growing region that has a potential for great tubulence. India's role in the Asia-Pacific region will be to serve as a regional and natural counter-weight to the growing power of China, and in the long-term, that will ultimately promote stability in the region, benefiting all.

  133. I agree with you. India was considered to be far ahead of Pakistan in terms of its conventional military capability. However, once Pakistan also developed nuclear weapons like India, the talk of war has disappeared from the realm of possibilities. Deterrence certainly works- that is our lesson from history so far.
    "if you would have peace, be prepared for war"

    In addition to purely the military achievement, such investments in science and technology lead to non military scientific achievements too just like USA defense and NASA projects have shown. Scientific pursuit should always be welcomed in any field, unless it is with bad intention or designs which India's is not.

  134. China had the capability to launch missile far enough to hit parts of the US years ago. For this article to say India can now hit China's capital and one of the most industrialized parts is a bit laughable. China and India will never go to war. They became economically dependent and thus a war would damage both nation to no end. As far as Pakistan is concerned. Unfortunately big nations like Russia, US, and China will use other nation as their pawn in a post cold war struggle. Selling weapon to opposing sides. Remember how US supported Pakistan and then left Pakistan for India? This article doesn't really have any point. People would just go: "So what, Russia and US can hit anywhere in the world decades ago"

  135. You have a point. It's just that it's sad to see that this is still considered to be a legitimate goal by so many nations. Who is helped by this? And why does India feel the need to have this capability? Is China making them nervous?

    There are better ways to avoid conflict than sharpening our swords in view of the enemy. It's been almost six thousand years since Babylon. And still we've learned nothing from all the blood we've spilled and all the empires that have tumbled. If we are in fact the highest form of life in this reality, then we are far overdue to act like it.

    Peace to you and yours.

  136. look what we do, we cant allow iran & north korea to be nuclear, but no restictions on india & israel.

  137. China doesn't even consider India as a potential enemy or even a rival. Chinese public opinion and the Chinese political leaders have never considered India as more than a neighbor. Yet all the hawkish policies by the nationalistic segments of Indian political society and public opinion are trying to make it seem so. Celebrating the launch of a missile expressly designed to turn Beijing or Shanghai into a radioactive crater is just the tip of the iceberg.

    In the future China may as well start treating India as a potential adversary, and it'll be very clear who will be to blame.

  138. China and India have already fought each other in a series of short border wars. They are definitely, if not enemies, rivals.

  139. China doesn't need any weapons for India. All they have to do is bribe some Indian officials and if the bribe is big enough officials will be willing to strike their own cities.

  140. It is just a matter before China and India both have missile that can reach Washington. It will be interesting to see how NYT is going report that.

  141. Pity the only way countries can feel safe is to create weapons of mass destruction. Basically they say "if you destroy us we will destroy you". For some reason there can be no live and let live, there is always someone that decides they want to conquer someone else. The only problem is that some lunatic will not be concerned with the consequences of using a nuclear weapon.

  142. Totally agree! But I seem to recall the name of only one "lunatic" - Harry S. Truman and I believe he was from USA.

    Oh I'm sorry! Hiroshima bombing was to stop the war, wasn't it? But wait, that did not achieve its purpose and hence Nagasaki happened. You bet if second bomb would not have stopped the war, third would have been used. Then fourth and so on..

    Yeah, I can totally see how nukes were guaranteed to stop the wars, you just keep dropping one after another until it stops.

  143. The reporters write, "India joins a small group of countries with long-range nuclear missile capability, including China, Britain, France, Russia, Israel and the United States."

    Under current U.S. foreign policy, It is still officially ambiguous whether Israel is "nuclear capable" with or without missile. This is a well established orthodoxy. Such a reference to Israel in this context needs to qualified with words or phrases like "possibly," "believed to be," etc.

    You may want to seek guidance from AIPAC on other acceptable suggestions for incorporating "ambiguity" in your language linking Israel with nuclear capability.

  144. Ah, seek guidance from AIPAC. What a clear-minded suggestion. And the 300 or so warheads the Israelis are known to possess, what about those? Just because the US has not publically acknowledged this does not make it so.

  145. If a tiny country like Israel has obtained long-range ballistic missiles costing billions of dollars one has to wonder, how is that possible?

    One also has to wonder what a country like Iran, now with potential enemy countries on two sides possessing nuclear weapons and long range missiles, will do to achieve equality?

  146. For the elite of a nation with all the needs and problems to devote the resources to this militaristic purpose is morally bankrupt. Their only worse crime, this one against humanity, would be to actually launch atomic weapons in South Asia or to points more distant. Only a ruling class far removed from its citizens could act in this manner.

  147. And now India will obviously strike China any moment. Like Iran would Israel if it had the capability. Right?

  148. Hi Scandiman,
    It would be foolishness to attack any country for that matter. The missiles or nuclear weapons developed here are only to make the enemy think a million times before attacking us.
    It is like you cannot improve your home without strong walls and doors.
    The policy is, India will not strike first. Its a responsible country and world's largest democracy.
    Hope you have got the point.
    Thanks for the patience.

  149. War drums are beating as you can discern from
    the comments by the Indians.
    They don't seem to understand that China is spending
    3 times on its military as India. China will always be stronger.
    The military and economic parity with China is an Indian
    Long Range Missiles provide security? As reported there
    are only 6 or 7 nations with Long Range Missiles, 185
    other nations are insecure and their citizens are spending
    sleepless nights?

  150. Why aren't we scolding the Indians? Or are intercontinental nuclear weapons okay for them? And if so, why?

  151. Because they don't talk about wanting to kill us or our friends.

  152. Good question Dan! Now go and do some extensive reading on Indo-US relations and world politics, you may find your answers.

  153. I think ICBMs are OK for India the same reason they are OK for the USA, no? Or are ICBMs not OK for USA as well?

  154. Inaction of international community to effectively neutralise India's threat perceptions has compelled India to invest on expensive defence technologies. These resources could be diverted to other equally pressing needs. It is sad to find Chinese reaction to India's missile test in Global times. They are clearly saying they are far ahead of India in strategic defence arms race and overlooked that India declared suo moto no first use. It is still not too late to check China. But it seems US and Europe are much too dependent on their trade and commerce to be able to neutralise China especially now when both US and Europe are going through a phase of recession. This does not minimise the importance of US and Europe following a policy of selective discrimination against China. Once this happens China's growth story will end and communist authoritarianism will fall in line. One would not be surprised if it is discovered some day that China too has at least and indirect hand behind upsurge of extremism in Afpak region through patrons of tribal war lords in Afghanistan in Pakistan, who may well be both state or non state actors.

  155. My fellow 300 million plus countrymen who survive on less than $2 a day must be thrilled that it is safe for them to return to their daily struggles. Who would want to conquer us and inherit this problem I'd like to know. We might just as well invite them in to fix our problems without wasting their missiles on us.

  156. For a country which is struggling round the clock to provide acceptable security measures to its citizens, Agni-5 seems just another dart in the dark. At a time when corruption has reached unprecedented heights and common man has lot more to suffer along with common cold, this launch is nothing but fodder for the miserable masses and TRP-driven media, which has found substantial stock to run for hours.

    Moreover, in this nuclear era, it is hard to imagine that such a missile will really be required as the direct warfare is a distant possibility.
    And then, whom is Indian government trying to poke with this missile. If its China, then one is smarter enough to applaud them, because a govt which is too meek to challenge countless Chinese intervention on Indian soil will never dare to even point Agni-5 towards the north. Moreover, China is way ahead of India in technical warfare and it might very well crush the missle before it crosses New Delhi. Does Indian govt think that the enemy will sit back and welcome Agni-5 till it travels 5000 kms?

    It is so ironic that a govt which is not capable of protecting even a small territory of about 25 sq kms(read national capital New Delhi), which tops the country in rapes, murders, loots and what not, is patting its spineless back for a missile which will probably never be used. May be Indian govt should pull up its dirty socks and focus on internal security rather than building castles in air.

  157. The race that will kill the planet strives to control land by creating more people.

    China declared a truce. When will India?

  158. OK so what's the suggestion here? What's the nature of the truce being suggested? One child policy? The messy democratic sort of solution is playing out - Trickle down prosperity which tends to put brakes on population (which it has in parts of the country) and the other is bottom-up education, women's education and that sort of thing. It will take time and eventually (2040?) turn the tide.

  159. We have a rationale to spend money in billion dollars to build the arm pile at cost of poverty of people; should we have rational to initiate no money dialogues to build healthy relations among neighboring countries to support prosperity of people.

  160. I read this news on FB page of the TimesOfIndia newspaper. Being an Indian, I still didnt feel extra-oridinarily proud of this so called achievement. We are living in a stupid world where we are preparing how to destroy each other. We fight over religion, language, color, gender and what not. The famous King Asoka in India , once a cruel and arrogant ruler, had a change of heart after a particular war. It was the thousands of dead-bodies he saw which changed him. He was the one who spread Buddhism in many parts of Asia. We all have fought so many wars, dont know when we will have that kind of change of heart. The above article states very righteously that we can't justify a development at the cost of millions of hungry people. I have always been inspired by the development of USA. It isnt one-dimensional. A true developed country is one which is developed in all-Social, economical, defence, etc. Everywhere.... I hope all the developing countries stop the stupid arms race and instead try and raise the living standards and the quality of life of its people. Thats what will make a common man happy, not a stupid missile which can hit targets on Mars or blah blah blah city. USA was the first superpower and it should inspire all the other nations to stop the arms race and instead make the world a happy place for each living person.

  161. We are of one mind, friend Aj

  162. Congratulations to Indian scientists. Technological advancements in any sphere is a pride for the country. Technology can be used for the benefit of mankind as well as for its destruction. we believe in the former.

  163. Some of the comments here are ridiculous.

    India shares a 2500-km border with China which is a disputed one, and the 2 countries have fought wars in the past. But I agree with Chinese posters who say that a military clash with China is unlikely, because the 2 countries do billions of dollars in trade annually. This is simply a deterrent to secure the peace.

    Regarding comments that India should be spending on its poor, let me point out that India has poor people because of Left-wing basketcase welfare-state economic policies, which it has only recently begun moving away from. The problem is that Left-wingers promote basketcase economic policies which only perpetuate poverty, which the Left-wingers then milk for votes. It's like drug-dealers who selfishly want to maintain a market of captive addicts for themselves. There's a blatant conflict of interest.

    Unfortunately, the NYT goes out of its way to publish these slanted articles because the NYT is an Atlantic-leaning mouthpiece which champions Atlanticism to ensure that the US orbits only around European interests. When it came to things like bombing Belgrade, then the so-called pacifists at NYT were shrieking for war at the top of their lungs.

    As a longtime reader of the NYT, I've come to recognize that whether or not the NYT supports pacifism depends on whose ox is being gored. That doesn't speak well for the quality of the paper, I'm afraid.

  164. When India triples the range of their missiles will the US media put on front pages that India eye on USA with rockets that can hit NY and Washington DC?
    The world is tired of Americans yankee attitude wanting everybody to have as many enemies as possible.
    India is developing the same military capability that USA, UK, France, Russia Israel and China have. The nation is not more warmonger than any of those.

  165. it is the Indians who are the first in making such provocative statements

  166. Is the world really going to end up like in all the apocalypse films we've seen over the past 20 years? I'm starting to think that it will. I was hoping those were just fiction.

  167. Wonder who India figures is their enemy as Pakistan isn't that far away. Besides, why should they invest in roads and updated port facilities when they can have bigger military hardware?
    Great use of scarce resources the word over.

  168. I agree completely RPD. They should follow our lead and NOT invest in infrastructure, health and education and instead spend trillions of dollars on bigger and better military hardware.

    Oh, forgive me, that statement describes the US much better than it does India. They couldn't even approach our level of military spending. Follow the leader surely is a stupid game isn't it. Lemmings follow the leader too.

  169. Furthermore, when India began investing in computerization and modernization during the 80s, then foreign critics were sneering that you can't fill people's stomachs by eating floppy disks.

    Today, India is one of the largest exporters in the world of software and computer services, generating significant revenue that helps to feed its population.

    So yeah, there are other ways to feed people besides only keeping them toiling in the fields. Teaching people to be engineers - even aerospace engineers - can give them a lot more lucrative living than telling them to plow fields with ox-carts. (And then those ox-cart drivers only end up protesting against the introduction of tractors, fearing they'll lose their jobs. Thanks a lot, Lefties! How 'ethical' of you to stick us in that trap, Dear Liberals! What Saints you are!) :p

  170. Some of us cheer India for having nuclear weapon capable of striking China but did not realize that we can be unwillingly dragged into a global arm race. A few years back, China has developed laser technology capable of shooting down satellite in high orbit. It is probably feasible to adapt the same technology for developing a missile shield, and they probably would now. Once that happens, Russia and US will be forced to enhance our nuclear capability which may entail increasing the number of warheads.

    India being a democratic country does not mean that it is safe for them to have nuclear weapon. 300 million Indians live under poverty of $2/day. Although the GDP is increasing, their growth rate may not be sustainable – corruption (remember the commonwealth game fiasco), hugh fiscal deficit, high population growth rate, running out or natural resources (running out of fossil water which a large fraction of population is depended on in 20 years), high illiteracy, etc. It just take one lunatic politician to stir up anti-China sentiment to divert attention of government failure to retent office, or get elected, and things can quickly spiral out-of-hand. Remember the high illiteracy rate. Democracy and high illiteracy rate are a bad mix.

  171. With due respect, democracy and literacy may also be as bad a combination. If you think of the amount of war mongering the educated Americans have engaged in and continue to engage in, your theory lies flat on its face. The British who enslaved the rest of the world during their time were also the most educated of the lot. Thus I will reiterate that human character and its predisposition to war cannot be predicted on its literacy level. Why do you think India will ever elect "one lunatic politician" that will stir up anti-China sentiment? India does not have a history of electing any such leader at a time when poverty and literacy were proportionally much higher. We don't elect leaders because of war rhetoric. We elect leaders that give us hope and unite us all.

  172. This is a clear sign that the problem of the security dilemma in the region is growing, as states can never be certain of what the purpose of another states military is the only solution is to 'secure' yourself further with greater military spending/procurement/technology. Whilst neither state desires war from a Chinese perspective it is increasingly clear to their political leadership that they are encircled by Japan, India, Australia and various other US Allies in its hub and spoke alliance system. It will perceive this as a policy of containment, a policy which it is already attempting to thwart by challenging US military dominance in the region, which currently underwrites te region's security. Particularly in Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula

  173. Given India's explosive population growth (and ignorance of it) we should worry about their demographic bomb more. At least China has acknowledged theirs.

  174. Ned, what are you implying? That India should implement forced abortions and a mandatory One Child policy punishable by jail? Because that's what your comments amount to.

  175. Western Europe and Japan have a demographic bomb - lots of older citizens and not enough younger citizens to take care of them. India's population problem is overhyped. Watch China as they have to start facing (a) their generational imbalance similar to Japan and Europe, and (b) the suppressed rage from the forced abortions and family plannig. China also has a very disproportionate lack of females due to female infanticide which is an evil that exists in India too, but is being fought by the government and social institutions instead of encouraged.

    Just FYI, India does have a loooooooooot of people, but please recognize that India still has more elephants, tigers, lions, and other varieties of flora and fauna than most other countries in the world. India should manage their population and their resource usage, but it is a much less critical problem than the hype from countries that have wiped out most of their forests and their animal and plant species.

  176. Absolutely ridiculous that a country where 50% of children are malnutritioned, and 75% live in abject poverty are busy building themselves nuclear weapons to attack a neigboring country. India is a completely corrupt, dysfunctional "democrazy" where volatile corrupt politicians can at any time send off a missile to divert public attention, whip up nationalistic fervor just to win votes.

    I supposed we could thank western media like the Economist which continually drum up China's "military rise" to egg India on in taking action. It doesn't take much to egg the Indians into anything. They are volatile and gullible. I'm sure the defense minister and his cronies in the military received plenty of kickbacks from whomever sold them their nuclear arsenal. Only pompous baffoons like the British would want to invade a poverty stricken, over populated country with little to no natural resources like India. To say that they need these weapons for self-defense is a joke. What do they need these weapons for other than to attack and invade their neighbors? This will just push all of India's neighbors closer to China.

  177. Really? Outside of N. Korea, what other countries in the Asian region are you suggesting are keen on being China's ally?

  178. Please read more about India's history so you can make accurate statements. I have provided a superbrief summary of people who invaded India in a list below. Columbus found America while looking for a sea route to India (hence calling native Americans "Indians".) Until recently the people of the Indian subcontinent have been a laidback bunch tolerating all the invaders and their ways, but after all these millenia they are finally waking up and doing the grown up thing.

    And yes, they are trying to feed and protect the weakest of society too - it takes time to do that and it will never be fast enough. But the point is that it is in an upward trend.

    Finally pushing India's neighbors close to China - hmmm a democratic, diverse, multicultural nation versus a totalitarian Communist regime imposing a single language and culture on its people (who are a lot more diverse than any of us in the West admit.) China has a great future and deservedly so, but they have a long way to go before their neighbors are going to find them less threatening than India.

    Finally, India has never attacked her neighbors, but she has been attacked by Pakistan and China and both of those nations occupy parts of India, in the Kashmir (Pak Occupied Kashmir which they call Azad Kashmir or Free Kashmir, and COK which they call Aksai Chin.) Unless you are Chinese or Pakistani you need to get your facts about the region correct. Actually even if you are Pakistani or Chinese.

  179. Hi Thinker,
    The point is, these missiles are for defence, they are weapons of peace. India lives in a very dangerous neighborhood surrounded by countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Myanmar, and I would say after the vote against Srilanka in the united nations, Only Bangladesh looks friendly.

    I would give you a comparison. How would you improve your house without constructing walls or strong doors if you are living in such a neighborhood? So while these missiles and nuclear weapons protect the country, the country can progress without any fear.

    The poverty in India was caused by many centuries of exploitation by the west. So who should be blamed for poverty? We have learned from our experience that we cannot progress until and unless we have strong defence systems.
    For sure we can bring down poverty with the money spent on weapons. But we are in the MOST DANGEROUS region in the world and must stay alert always.
    We in India feel much more safer than ever before.
    Hope you have got the point.
    Thanking you for your patience,
    Jacob Sebastian

  180. From the article:
    "...another milestone in our quest to add to the credibility of our security and preparedness and to continuously explore the frontiers of science".

    I'm puzzled by this statement. How's developing a missile exploring the frontiers of science?

  181. More sophisticated propulsion systems = Great capability for space flight

  182. How is it not? Science is not limited to biological components. This "accomplishment" is an application of science and understanding of the material universe and physical laws that until recently, India hasn't been able to realize.

  183. The article is a red herring. India and China? No. It's more about India and Pakistan.

  184. I would just like to point out that China and India have gone to war before. We dont hear much about it in the United States because it started during the Cuban Missile crisis and was over shadowed by east west relations.

    Also China is a major stregic ally of Packistan any war between the two and China will become involved in some capacity.

  185. India can crush Pak 2-generattions of missiles ago

  186. China and India are smart enough to know that this is just propaganda from the US to provoke them

  187. And I suppose the Indian launch is US propaganda too? Or are you saying that's not provocative?

  188. I guess the real use of India having a missile that can hit Beijing is that it will tend to give the Chinese pause before taking any overt action against India and raise there credibility a bit as a trading partner with China and the rest of the world.
    Of course in any actual nuclear confrontation, China could immediately sterilize the entire country of India whereas India would be lucky to make a few solid strikes in China.

  189. I guess they (India) can forget about expecting China's support for their gaining UN Perm Seat

  190. It's called MIRV, Gary - google it. China merely bought it from the easily-bribed Clinton administration, but India has had to design its own homegrown.

  191. Author, please note that "Agni" is the Sanskrit word for fire and is used in multiple of Indian languages including Hindi.

  192. This is an evil world. We all hate each other. Choose guns over butter, war over love. so much for " love one another." We're in "the eve of destruction." The proof is in the pudding. One wonders if thisplanet will survive the next 1,000 years.

  193. No two nuclear armed - or even WMD armed - countries have ever fought a war. Consider Iraq. If Iraq had WMDs there would be no Gulf War. The reason USA has not attacked North Korea is because NK has nukes. Balance of power is good. It prevents wars. Imbalance causes wars, like USA-Vietnam, USSR-Afghanistan, USA-Iraq x2, USA-Afghanistan, etc.

  194. India and packistan have gone to war before while both possising nuclear weapons.

  195. China and Russia fought in 1967 when both had nukes.

  196. The border issues between India and China are relatively minor. India and China also have a robust trading relationship. The problem is Pakistan, a close ally of China, became nuclear primarily because of nuclear proliferation by China. China since then has also provided missile technology to Pakistan. All of this was accomplished for the purpose of limiting India and furthering a strategic relationship with Pakistan. In a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, that wipes out both countries, there is now no reason why India will not unleash it nuclear weapons on China, which helped create this situation by its myopic policy.

  197. > In a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, that wipes out both countries, there is now no reason why India will not unleash it nuclear weapons on China

    what exactly does Indian GAIN from this ???

  198. You hit the nail on the head. Pakistan has nuclear technology because China gave it to them, so as to fight a proxy war with India. The way I feel is that insurgents from Pakistan going into Afganistan are China's problem, since Pakistan is China's loyal lapdog. Pakistan willingly enforces terrorists that cross the border into China, especially Muslim Uyghers(sp?), but not terrorists that cross into Afganistan, though they could if they wanted to, since they are able to combat the ones that cross into the border in China. Here is a conspiracy theory for you, what if Russia lost in Afganistan because China was indirectly supporting Afganistan troops?

  199. Or think of it this way, If China were to engage in any nuclear exchange with a third party, can it now afford to spare India, given that India can now hurt China while China is down? Bad policy for India.

  200. It may also be a message to those that choose to arm and back India's nuclear neighbor - the less than stable Pakistan - since the 2 have already fought 4 wars in the late 20th Century. The Indian government does not believe its military can compete with China's and is not looking to provoke a conflict with China.

  201. Many people here want India to eradicate poverty first before building missile technology. How about this for an idea? What if India sells the missile technology in the open market (just like USA does with arms exports) and earns gobs of money that it can use to eradicate poverty? Win-win.

  202. Congratulations to India for it's successful launching of an ICBM. It is a good deterrent in the neighborhood where India lives. It is also scientically good and help India in it's research capabilities and creating jobs for it's scientists and technicians.

    India is the second populous country, and the largest democracy in the world. India is expected to be one of the top economic and military powers in the near future regardless of all the negative opinions expressed by some writers. This is one more milestone and I congratulate the Prime minister and the people of India.

  203. The article ends stating:
    The Chinese missile program is not directed at India, and the Chinese have assured India of that, he said, adding, “Now, the India missile program is clearly directed to China.”

    So who are the Chinese aiming their missiles at?

  204. 45 % of children malnourished. Access to running water is a luxury. Power and water few hours a day even in middle class neighborhoods. Streets littered with trash. Even rich who have mansions really live among the slums. Heartbreaking poverty, exploitation, children begging in the street. Civic sense=0.
    But India making progress in missiles and nuclear weapons that will makes the morally blind English-Speaking Indians feel inch taller.
    Times readers, please don't buy into India rising narrative.
    Don't believe me? Go and spend couple of hours (yeh, that will be enough) in India and you will see what is rising is stench all around you because Indians don't believe in sanitation (Hindu caste system partly to blame).

  205. Yet....Indians are amongst the happiest in this world, next only to Indonesia, according to a recent survey! Paradoxical. Hindu caste system has nothing to do with sanitation....there are plenty of Muslims and Christians in India too, as well as plenty of other religions who co exist in a tight space. Population explosion is the key reason behind much of the chaos in India. Post independence priorities were misguided, centralized government led to too much bureaucracy and corruption and hence the mess, it has nothing to do with caste system, more to do with lack of focus on providing basic services to the masses.

  206. Did you know that because India's space & missile program we can transport payloads(satellites from other countries for a price? I guess living in that god-forsaken liberal state has taken away all your logical thinking. Let me elaborate and hopefully you may be able to understand a bit. Because of a successful space & missile program India is able to launch PSLV, GSLVs into space. They carry important weather/communication and other useful satellites. Most of the EU nations, Asian nations and sometimes US send their satellites in Indian rockets. Google it. In return India charges money. But to launch, monitor & maintain you need the know-how. In other words - you need scientists, engineers, mathematicians, statisticians and whole bunch of supporting industries - from construction to steel to what not. This creates jobs - domestic jobs. More jobs leads to less poverty. Please don't talk about morality when you are in CA. That state and its residents are devoid of any kind of morality.

  207. Hi Jagneel,
    The point is, these missiles are for defence. India lives in a very dangerous neighborhood surrounded by countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Myanmar, and I would say after the vote against Srilanka in the united nations, Only Bangladesh looks friendly.

    I would give you a comparison. How would you improve your house without constructing walls or strong doors if you are living in such a neighborhood? So while these missiles and nuclear weapons protect the country, the country can improve. There are many schemes running in the country to help the poor.
    For sure we can bring down poverty with the money spent on missiles and nuclear weapons. But we are in the MOST DANGEROUS region in the world and must stay alert always and these are only to make the enemy think a 100 times before attacking us.
    We in India feel much more safer than ever before.
    Hope you have got the point.
    Thanking you for your patience,
    Jacob Sebastian

  208. Am I looking at a way to "fix" the Iran problem by proxy?

  209. very doubtful. theres not much india can do against iran. the only proxy the US would want to use is already quite willing in israel. plus india and iran have historically been close. its only because of US pressure and diplomatic sucking up that india has abandoned its once good friend iran.

  210. Why should we be that concerned. This is none of our business. If India wants to start picking on China. Personally, I would think twice about it. But still. None of our business.

  211. I'm having another cup of coffee, waiting for the over the top outrage to hit. North Korea fails in launching their dinky missile and US heads explode. India fires off a missile that might actually hit someone and I predict...crickets.

    Of course we can't hold India to the same standard as we do North Korea or when my Sears dishwasher fails, I won't be able to call customer service in New Delhi, so we better keep quiet.

    Most of the world conflict is caused by us, the US, having different standards for our friends than we do our perceived enemies. Any country we snub or worse will become our enemy. We have a new chance with a new leader in North Korea, but out of the box we treat him with no respect like we treated his father & grandfather setting up another 50 years of conflict. It's not smart & it doesn't make us safer. We must end our ancient policy of I CAN--YOU CAN'T.

  212. Thanks a lot for your honest expression. The world would have been a much better and safer place with its leader having the mindset like yours. Long live friend. Encourage many others by your writings.

  213. I accept that India is a very poor country inspite of steady growth during the last 2 decades.Still no govt can ignore its defence preparedness when we live in such a strategic and dangerous place.On the west of India is the threat of fundamentalism and terrorism(Afpak) and on the north is China who is set to replace the US as the most powerful nation on earth in the next 50-100 years.China, at present,is a ruthless communist dictatorship with no qualms about using not only batons but Tanks and Machine Guns aginst its own citizens,forget others.Below south is the Indian Ocean with vital trade links.

    In such a scenario,India has no option.It is tragic that scarce resources that India has to fight poverty is being used for weapons development.But it is good for Global peace.The Indian Civilisation is an inclusive one and its rise will not threaten peace,rather it will ensurepeace.Benjamin Netanyahu,the Israeli PM has remarked about India 'This is the only country in the world where Jews have never been prosecuted'.We are proud of our tolerant heritage.Thankfully, the world including the West understands it now, having ignored India earlier.

  214. Against the existing geo-political situation about our country, I welcome the decision. The law makers and Engineers of our country, who struggled a lot for its launch, must be congratulated for their success. The report is factual. There is no bias. The front page coverage is justified because an under horse has won the match despite despise and hatredness surrounding us. It is worth of NEWS. The only worry is of futuristic usage of such missiles. Imagine a context: where the regional party's nominee is a PM of our country, and his lack of knowledge on geo-political issues pending nearer to our country forces him to come out of "no-first-strike" commitment. One may point out the checks and counter balances. But, the point is these checks and balances within country against such commitment will be visible only after the strike. This is because Indian mind set is to react after the incident(s). This is the trouble with pacifists. They always condemn after the incident. I welcome their success and worry for my future generations. God bless the Republic of India.

  215. Bates:

    Care to enlighten me on the number of casualities in Goa and Sikkim? Goa is just reclaiming Indian soil from a colonial power like in case of the entire India. I believe Sikkim acceded to India much like Puerto Rico in USA and has been granted full statehood unlike Puerto Rico.

  216. And this is supposed to be a good thing?... Successfully launching a missile!!!!This is terrible, I hate it. I don't agree with nuclear weapons or any at all. When will goverments would stop thinking about killing each other or who possess the greatest guns... this is stupid.

  217. Hi Katya,
    The point is, these missiles are for defence, they are weapons of peace. India lives in a very dangerous neighborhood surrounded by countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Myanmar, and I would say after the vote against Srilanka in the united nations, Only Bangladesh looks friendly.

    I would give you a comparison. How would you improve your house without constructing walls or strong doors if you are living in such a neighborhood? So while these missiles and nuclear weapons protect the country, the country can improve. There are many schemes running in the country to help the poor.
    For sure we can bring down poverty with this money. But we are in the MOST DANGEROUS region in the world and must stay alert always.
    We in India feel much more safer than ever before.
    Hope you have got the point.
    Thanking you for your patience,
    Jacob Sebastian

  218. Isn't it about time that India started concerning itself with their own internal problems such as: poverty and hunger amongst millions of its citizens, all kinds of excrement in its streets posing a health hazard to visitors and natives alike, the insipid use of arms to thwart imaginary enemies as a means of trying to be a world power....which it is not and never will be!

    Wake up and do what's right, you sleeping giant. And while we are at it, let's bring all those jobs back to the USA, where they belong, and not in Bombay or New Delhi.

  219. China is not an "imaginary enemy" of India. China attacked India in 1962 and still has land they occupied back then. India gave shelter to the Dalai Lama and Tibetans following Communist China's invasion of that region and persecution of Tibetan Buddhists. China is a nuclear nation and they have a fragile political system with a formerly ruthless communist establishment trying to adapt to a more democratic and open world within and without.

    "All those jobs" in Bombay and New Delhi? Again you need to get your facts right. Most of the tech jobs are in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad,etc not Bombay or New Delhi.

    You obviously have the right to your opinions and to express them, but they are still wrong. BTW, I am sure the billion plus Indians really stay up at nights wondering what you think of them.

  220. Hey genius, like India's Left-dominated politics hasn't been focusing on poverty for the past half-century? Notice how India has only actually started to move out of poverty once they started focusing on things other than welfare spending - other more practical things that were worth spending on. India's recent progress should be more than enough proof to you that Left-wing welfare state prescriptions don't actually work, but only prolong poverty and keep people trapped in it.

    Since when are jobs your own personal property? Stop mixing Nationalism into your Socialism, mein herr.

  221. Are you sure it was China that attacked India and not the other way around? India's land claims were suspicious at best, and when India moved north of the McMahon line, they were being the aggressors.

  222. Great!!

  223. Both India and China are ancient civilizations and have not attacked each other or anyone else for at least the last thousand years. This could change as the defense industries in both countries mature and start lobbying politicians. But the possibility does not exist in the near future.

  224. You are aware that China invaded Vietnam in 1979, aren't you?

    You are familiar with the Chinese attempt to invade Japan, repulsed by the "divine wind" [kamikaze]?

    Every piece of today's China was acquired by an attack from another part of today's China. Those agressions can only be viewed as internal from today's perspective. When China takes over another state or region it stays taken over.

  225. How do you say that? Don't you count the Indo China war of 1962 as a war?You are ignorant about the history of wars of the region. All powerful countries' leaders have one thing in common, they masmarize all its people to believe that whatever they do, is right; while any other countries following the same path, are the evils. All craze for power to hit and destroy others are not humane. It's the beastly face of the Homo sapiens.

  226. Really?? I think Tibet and Pakistan would disagree. Please don't try and point out the so called 'peaceful' nature of these 'ancient civilizations.' Their behavior is no different than any other nation. If anything can account for their lack of offensive military endeavors it is the fact that these 'ancient civilizations' have not had the ability to exert their will as they were weak, or subjugated nations. Now that they are becoming more powerful we are witnessing the behavior that all powerful nations engage in. The Chinese have already shown a willingness to bully, threaten, and kill those who do not submit to them, India shall soon follow.

  227. a leaderless hysterical america demands sanctions against india!

  228. I never understood why these liberals always use poverty as a excuse against development.

    India is a developing country in which different sections of the society are in different levels of development. A democratic government has to cater to the needs of all sections, not just the poor. Having just come out of colonialism (which incidentally is the only cause of India's current poverty and under-development), it is fitting that India secure itself now as it embarks to regain its past prosperity, so that past mishaps do not re-occur.

  229. Missiles don't make any country safe. Ask the Soviets
    which fell apart despite thousands of missiles of all kinds.

  230. The United States should react to this in a fashion similar to that when North Korea recently launched a missile (unsuccessfully). If the U.S. truly wants to deescalate tensions between India, Pakistan, China and the Koreas, we should withhold any and all foreign aid to these countries if they continue to develop and test such weapons. There is no rationale for providing aid to countries that spend their own funds for missile development rather than providing services to their own populations.

  231. What AID are you exactly referring to Marc , that US provides to India?

  232. Really, what AID?

  233. almost 2 trilloions of worth CDs are held by china and almost a trillion by Japan. Know your bankers mate. Time to be humble and accept it as a multipolar world. Smell the coffee.Now they want to stop food stamps and medicaid here.Oh the irony.

  234. India has along history of resentment and humiliation at the hands of China. India repeatedly invaded China during the late 50s and into 62 when China simply had had enough and stroke a blow India will never forget in the 62 war, one of the most lopsided defeats in the 20 century. Now India wants revenge. Make no mistake about what this is about. It's about getting even at all costs.

  235. Are you sure about your history, that India repeatedly invaded china? Kindly double check the facts.

  236. possibly, however, hilariously the disparity between china and india has only widened. the indian army is no match for the chinese army, which is well equipped and has a vast amount of financial resources at its disposal. the chinese could still today obliterate any indian misadventure, land, air, or sea. its indian ego for them to believe the chinese care for one second about this rocket.

  237. Poverty will never be eradicated, India will always be India. If they're investing in more sophisticated weapons, so be it, good for them, I think it's good for every country to have this kind of technology, so when the time comes, I can grab a chair, put it in my balcony with a nice cold beer, and watch the fireworks.

  238. What India had done as a response to advanced rocket technology of China. It is matters of self preservation and Indias' national interest. It is not upto the West to pronounce to be wrong or to censure

  239. India is the world's second largest democracy with some tough neighbors. This is a critical move to bolster their security while marching towards economic development.

  240. So you think China is a democracy?

  241. sure. keep telling yourself that. meanwhile 300 million indians continue to starve and sleep naked on the streets.