In Wariness on Economy, Poll Finds Opening for Romney

Americans see the economy improving, but doubts about their own financial circumstances may help Mitt Romney’s campaign, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

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  1. Once again, this proves beyond a doubt, that in elections, you can buy votes. They even promise you get money. Aint it a riot, right out there.

  2. Same thing Obama does and did when he was elected...

  3. The word use; aint was due respect to Samuel Clemons.

    And to you, Mr. "Unknown USA"; I was writing about all of them. Are you some kind of Republican media propogandist attacking the Times?

    I meant all politicians. From Republican tax cuts, to Democrat social programs.

  4. i like obama as a person, but i don't want to go through another 4 years of obama, time to give others a chance

  5. The graphic showing 91% of women supporting Romney has got to be a typo. Also there's no data on independents although the line item is there.

  6. I am one of the few that would benefit from Republican policies (low capital gains tax, no additional taxes for rich folks), but I still have to admit that the Republicans have been, and continue to be, terrible for most Americans. Many people seem to believe that the economy does better when Republicans are in control, but study after study indicates that the economy consistently does better when Democrats are in control. The one thing that Republicans do consistently do is lower taxes for the wealthy which may explain why the wealthy are so financially supportive to Republican candidates. This Presidential race looks like it is going to break all records for the amount of money spent by special interests.

    There was a study done several decades ago that showed that the best investment a company could possibly make was to invest in political candidates. In other words, the return on giving money to politicians is higher than that from R&D, new factories, advertising, or anything else. Now, call me suspicious, but I don't believe that big corporations are giving this money out of the goodness of their hearts (I don't think that corporations have hearts), and I don't think that it is simply good Karma that is causing them to make more money after giving to politicians. My point is that Romney getting massive amounts of money from corporations in general, and Wall Street in particular should make us very very nervous.

  7. Frankly, Republicans just support Republicans out of habit and not for any rational reason. Increased taxes are not really a long term problem for the wealthy. They simply increase prices and or freeze wages, passing the cost on to the working class. Increased inflation also works in favor of the wealthy since they own most of the tangible assets, and inflation only adds to the value of their assets.In the end, the rich will be rich regardless of who is President.

  8. It's not only the wealthy that support Republicans. Demographically polls show that Republicans get an inordinate amount of support from the uneducated, especially white uneducated.

    There's an elephant in this room that few - media included - will speak of.

  9. I saw what would happen while selling empty factories back in the eighties.

    I will vote for Mr. Obama.

  10. why do we need a man with a business background? especially a business like bain capital. romney never produced goods, he didn't build a company from scratch risking his own money, he just took money out of one pocket and put it in the other. obama is not perfect. but things are coming around. and i trust him not to get us into a war with iran.

  11. George Bush was a businessman. Herbert Hoover was another one who was elected because he was considered brilliant and an efficiency expert. Sound familiar? Both almost destroyed this country.

  12. Romney's main opening is that most of my fellow Americans are dumber than dirt.

    I could make a long list of complaints against President Obama and against the Democrats in Congress.

    But I know that under President Mitt Romney, it will be George W. Bush all over again:

    1) Massive tax cuts for the rich,

    2) Massive deficits to fund a permanent state of undeclared war abroad and to justify...

    3) An all-out war against the environment and against those of us who work for a living at home.

    Electing a Wall Street fat cat insider won't fix anything.

  13. Lifting Americans out of their poverty of mind isn't exactly Obama's card either. The media's dumb too for trying to milk the Romney money machine.

  14. Out of the pan and into the fire for everyone but the very rich if Romney is elected.

  15. Michael Larson, 55, a salesman and independent voter from Minneapolis, said “He has a vision that will bring the country back to economic strength.”

    What vision? All I have heard thus far from Govenor Romney is "anti-Obama" rhetoric. I have heard no specific, well reasoned, calculated plan to "speed up the recovery" other than blaming President Obama for the recovery being too slow (as if obstructionist Republican's were not hoping for just that).

    This election is going to come down to those pro-Obama and anti-Obama. I see not great enthusiasm for Romey, even by members of his own party.

  16. Well, Romney had a vision of no American auto industry. Good thing Obama did not listen to the Bet Against America crowd.

  17. It would be a welcome testimonial to the intelligence of American citizens if doubts about the economy lead to support for Mitt Romney. President Obama's underlying anti-capitalist ideology and the resultant uncertainty are the most basic causes of this country's hesitant private sector economy.

  18. Where were you 4 years ago? Romney is Bush all over again only the uber rich will own more of the country with Romney as president. So unless you are in that rarefied1% of the uber rich, Romney is not for you to me.

  19. Underlying anti-capitalist ideology? Give me a break. He is as corporatist as you can get. Cut out the nonsense.

  20. That's just not true. Small businesses do not have ecconomists on their staff. They steer their businesses based on sales and manpower needs. If jobs stack up they hire. If the shelves are getting turns they reorder.

    To say that Obama is anti-capitalist is just plain stupid.

  21. I watched every GOP debate. Listening to Romney on foreign policy reminds me of a return to Bush. I think when more Americans listen to his foreign policy ideas, they will turn away. I just don't think a more muscular, saber-rattling, and very expensive foreign policy is what the majority of Americans want right now.

  22. Well then you should check the polls on Iran.

  23. @Ellnor,

    We "Can't return to Bush", because we never left the policies of Bush.

  24. We've had three times in the last 40 years when dems had a majority in
    congress and the white house. Carter (1976 - 1980), Clinton (1992 -
    1994) and Obama (2008 - 2010). And what happened to the economy during
    each of these times? Only under Clinton (who had to deal with a Republican congress from 1994+), did the economy grow. How did Clinton do it?

    Lower Federal Government Spending

    Double Digit Growth in Private Investment in Equipment and Software

    Negotiated the Balanced Budget Agreement of 1997

    Won Ratification of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

    Ended Welfare as We Knew It

    Encouraged (private) Investment in America’s New Markets

    Lowest Federal Income Tax Burden in 35 Years

    Now, for all you Obama supporters - look at the list above and see who is following these policies more closely. Obama or Romney... It's pretty obvious to me.

  25. Really? So you don't think that George W. Bush, who came into office with a surplus, managed to mess that up, and then got us into 2 unfunded wars had anything to do with the state the U.S. was in when Mr. Obama took office? You don't think that the worst financial mess in our history -- again, already in full crisis mode before Mr. Obama's term started -- has anything to do with the slow pace of economic recovery? Do you think we live in a vacuum and the issues in the E.U. and elsewhere don't exacerbate our problems?

    Sorry, but Mr. Romney is too eager to get us into another war, and his so-called experience in business with Bain is something that would be very detrimental for the majority of Americans. Remember he thinks we should have let the auto industry collapse. He's the Jack Welch of the political world.

  26. People may be worried about the economy, but it does not then follow that they will vote for Romney, whose main proposal involves giving himself and the very rich a hefty tax cut while making health care and education more expensive for the middle and working classes. I may be overly optimistic, but I believe that common sense will win out in November. A majority of Americans will not vote for a candidate (Romney) who actually means to do them harm.

  27. Let's see Obama has already extended the Bush tax cuts once and health care and education costs continue to skyrocket under him. We know his track record and it is one of failure. The election will be a referendum on Obama and he is going to lose because of it.

    @petekent01 on twitter

  28. 28% of respondents in this poll were Republican primary or caucus voters. That's a large oversampling of those voters. They needed that many to get meaningful statistics on the Romney/Santorum questions. But that means the poll is skewed toward hard-core Republican loyalists. So there's no reason to think it's an accurate reflection of the electorate as a whole. More reason to think Obama is running significantly ahead of Romney -- and perhaps there would be more positive view of economic prospects -- if this were an accurate sampling of all registered or likely voters.

  29. Even my liberal wife is very upset with OBAMA. She will make up her own inderpendant mind and my projectino is that she will vote for OBAMA. She and the rest of the discontent, are serverly upset at OBAMA's noobish first years trying the middle of the road approach to appeal to the Republicans who are smarter than that (me to). It took all of 3+ years for him to figure out that does not, AND can not work. Republicans will never settle for compromise and will do it at everyone's expense. Rich people have moeny and can outlast the rest of us even durring a down economy and they are counting on that,

    1. Upset liberal voters will still vote for OBAMA. I hope he is reelected.
    2. Rich people (Republicans) don't care who gets hurt just so they win.
    Expect pain caused by Republicans anytime Democrates are in control.

  30. If the libs are as upset as you claim, the Independents must be apoplectic over Obama. He is going down.

    @petekent01 on twitter

  31. I think that there is something wrong with your data on women. I find it difficult to believe that many women would vote for Romney. He said while he was on the campaign trail that he would put an end to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides women's health services in addition to contraceptive services. More than 9% of American women depend on Planned Parenthood. I doubt if they would vote for someone who has vowed to put an end to Planned Parenthood.

  32. He's also for the Ryan budget which guts Head Start and Pell grants. Ugh. Republicans arent into kids once they come into this old world and need us to educate them.

  33. Because no woman would vote for someone who wanted to control spending, right?

    You need to move broaden your scope.

  34. Even my very conservative sister has said that when Romney came out against Planned Parenthood that was it for her as far as she was concerned. She will vote for Obama. Many, many woman both conservative and liberal made use of Planned Parenthood at some point in their lives. This Republican attack on PP is not a winner for them.

  35. I'm not where I once was financially, and I believe the country needs fundamental changes to make us the country we once were. Romney is not getting my vote.

  36. Not buying this rationale. America doesn't want more Bush economics and that's what Romney is pushing. Romney has never proposed anything new in his life. He pretends that "anything but Obama" is a plan. Not a plan. Romney is bankrupt everywhere but Cayman Islands and Goldman Sachs.

  37. Speaking of bankrupt have you seen the Trillions Obama is spending. We are bankrupt.

  38. Just a gentle reminder. Goldman Sachs was Obama's second largest campaign contributor and its alumni have successfully infiltrated not only the federal government but the White House as well.

  39. lbdiamond - Those trillions are debt left by 2 unfunded wars by former President Bush. Where did you think that debt came from anyway? Even as we exit, the cost of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan continues.

  40. Romney could improve the economy? For whom, exactly?

    Is he talking about "improving" it for people like himself, worth hundreds of millions? Or is he talking about those of us who actually have to live on somewhere between $20,000 and $90,000 for an entire year?

    And HOW will Romney actually "help" the economy? By doing what he did at Bain Capital---moving high wage, good benefit jobs to China, where slave labor does that same work for less than a dollar per hour?

  41. Anti-union people like Romney won't be satisfied until American workers are forced to accept Chinese wages.

  42. You can fool all the people some of the time. (Karl Rove and Mittins)

  43. Heaven forbid that any President should do anything that might help rich people. Good Grief! The self-centered simple-mindedness of some people is beyond comprehension.

  44. Modern Government is all about adjusting the dials. The well-to-do folks are not anywhere near to being in jeopardy.

    Funny thing is that when we adjust the distribution everyone benefits.

  45. What is your point on this?

  46. We need a business guy.. what happened to the Donald... He was the perfect Republican... has never felt obliged to tell the truth or feel any guilt for not. As to Romney's business qualifications... right on the mark... never really built anything but sure was very good at making himself and his rich clients and friends even more money, by eliminating jobs. Get the people off your payroll and onto the Social program. Is any of this sounding familiar from 2008???? Wake up people... rich folk do not get that way by handing out (and then paying for) jobs. Duh!!!!!

  47. Romney is a job creator who's state ranked 47th in jobs when he was governor. So what does he have to offer. More handouts to billionaires, more military spending, while stripping away everything that benefits the middle class because that worked so well during the Bush years and we should double down on the same failed GOP economic policies.

  48. If Romney or GOP get a opening from economy, we will be doomed.

    At first place, why America today in this precarious condition and worse what we did Europe?

    Literally while Bush was playing his democracy games in middle east and arid land Afghanistan, Some shameless rich people looted the America.

    Bush spent 3 trillion dollar for wars, oil prices will never go back, Wall street evaporated 4 trillion dollar of asset and money.

    Conservatives and GOP is screaming that why Obama can not trun the economy around, worse they blame 750 billion dollar stimulus money wrecked the America.

    Romney is a good guy he is northeastern , massachussets man, but problem is not Romney . Problem is GOP .

    If GOP is going to win this november , we will be doomed. No matter what.

  49. If anyone thinks the economy is getting better, they are living in a dream world. Not only is it getting worse, it is like Obama wants it to get worse!! He works to undermine new jobs and wants to raise taxes. He must go in November. If only we had a Senate that was not run by the dems, Obama would be impeached by now. He is the worse president ever.

  50. I'm amazed -- where does this stuff come from? People actually believe nonsense like this?

  51. "impeached"? On what LEGITIMATE grounds?

  52. You can't be serious. Check out the economic indicators from 2008 and compare them to now. You are totally uninformed.

  53. I am not surprised that Mr. Romney is in a tightly matched contest with President Obama. One tell tale sign that times are not getting much better is when teachers are having a hard time getting a job. To add misery to this, look at President Obama's education priorities over the past three years. Competitive grants for about what... about twelve states? Really?

    In Nevada, just to get a "chance" to vie for one of the grants, our Legislature last year met the required criteria by passing a bill that will take a teacher from a post-probationary status (tenured) to a probationary teachers by evaluation. This, without the due process protections that the state teacher's union worked for. And guess what? Our State Senate was controlled by Democrats. Woeful indeed. I can just imagine the salivation of the attorneys in our fair state. I wonder which teachers will be targeted? Perhaps expensive teachers at the top of the salary schedule. Nah?

    It is all about jobs, jobs, and jobs. In Nevada, people see their friends and relatives not even trying for a job anymore. They have given up on this administration's agenda. I would surprised if Nevada is even close when the election time rolls around. Harry Reid is one great Senator, but I don't think even his clout and support will win this state over.

  54. Teachers are having a hard time getting jobs, because state houses filled with republican majorities have slashed education spending. In the case of Arizona, teachers were cut, but the governor gave $538 million in tax breaks to businesses.

    It's the GOP way.

  55. It seems you are blaming the federal government for state government actions that you disagree with. Not knowing the circumstances surrounding the legislation you're unhappy with, I can't really say if you're right or wrong. But how is what your state legislature does get blamed on President Obama?

  56. Premature information, meaningless.

    Obama has not even started to go after this empty 1% suit.

  57. Obama's wars (ongoing and planned) are also beginning to grate - and I'm sure not just on me.

  58. Obama's wars? Really? Weren't the ongoing ones started by Bush? And what are those "planned" wars you are referring to? I'm sure a lot of readers would like to know.

  59. Iran and Syria for starters.

    Obama may not be as IQ-challenged, but he is every bit the warlord that Baby Bush was.

  60. @jrpardinas, Iran and Syria are not Obama's wars. They are not even wars. Iran is rattling around with the nukes in their reach and the world is getting nervous. Obama has nothing to with that. Syria is a Syrian people's affair. No Obama inciting them to rebel there. And in the first place they are not wars.
    Are you trying on a new GOP talking point for size? It doesn't fit.

  61. Once again, if this is true, the ignorance of our electorate is coming through.

  62. These polls are based on an appallingly small portion of the population, and the demographics of the participants are often entirely dependent on who is available/chooses to answer the phone at the time. Polls are hardly representative of the entire country.

  63. lotusflower0,
    Remember Bush, or for that matter, the majority of our congress? The electorate seems happy with the status quo. Returning year after year the same selfserving people each election or replacing them with the same ilk.
    It is ridiculous.

  64. If you think things are bad now, wait till you hand over the reigns to Mitt Romney. Ha!

  65. The campaign has hardly begun.

    When we have debates that should be interesting.

    Can Romney learn to imitate a human being by then? We shall see.

    Will Obama be able to win back the many constituencies where he has seriously lost ground ( Jewish, gay, progressive+)? They may not vote Republican; many of them, enough to make a difference in tight state votes, just may not vote for president at all.

    At least we ( I am a gay, Jewish man) won't have to take responsibility for re-electing one of the most duplicitous, disappointing presidents in our lifetime.

    Romney is a plastic sock puppet of big business. Obama is a sock puppet with a big smile, shining bright white choppers, always agreeable and a total loser who gave the banks all they wanted without any responsibility on their part, is letting Iran walk all over us, refuses to defend gay people from losing their rights in referendum after referendum on his watch, let big pharma and the insurance companies own his health plan, etc.

    No real choice that I note.

  66. Vote Obama for your women friends.

  67. "Doubts on economy"? Obama and his Fed have decimated the economy for most Americans, by transferring trillions of taxpayer dollars to the banking industry. This has suppressed interest rates, which in turn has inhibited spending, investment, and growth. This policy is de facto the largest tax increase in history, the "tax" including lost interest on savings as well as the tax dollars given to banks. It has targeted particularly the middle classes and seniors, and is responsible for the continued recession. Romney can't lose if he makes reversal of this policy the centerpiece of his campaign.

  68. Why do we need someone with a business background? Look what happened last time we had one...

  69. I think if people start looking at what the Obama has done for the economy, he would get voted out in a heartbeat. He has raised the deficit to 5 trillion dollars, Created no jobs and oversaw a healthcare debacle rather than actually do something to help the unemployed. He never had a job so how out of touch and unqualified do we expect him to be?

  70. Your numbers make no sense. The deficit is not $5 trillion and Obama has created more than 4 million jobs over the past 3 1/2 years (more than Bush during his eight years), despite Republican obstruction. You need to watch something other than Fox News and you might learn something.

  71. JZPCastle Rock, CO

    Your numbers make no sense.

    The numbers are awful no matter how you slice them.

    Whether you look at jobs lost, people who have dropped out of the work force, people who have been unemployed over 6 months, teen unemployment, even the number of people holding jobs, the numbers are the worst we have seen in a long while.

    It's the entire employment picture that is terrible.

  72. ACC - go back and look at the numbers of jobs being lost every month as Mr. Bush was exiting the White House. I think you have forgotten what a spiral the economy was in at that point. Republicans & Democrats cooperated on the bailout because they were told exactly how bad things were. If you look at the numbers as Bush left office to the present, you'll see that things are improving. It never ceases to amaze me that people think fixing problems of this magnitude should be easy and quick.

  73. "Doubts on Economy May Give Romney Opening, Poll Finds"

    Really? Is Mitt Romney suggesting policies different from the past 30 years of Republican and Democrats: de-taxation of extreme wealth, deregulation, and wage suppression? (And a 30% tax rate is a joke. We need a 65% to 100% top rate.)

    We've seen Mr. Romney's policies in action for nearly 30 years. They led us to repeal the Glass Steagall Act, to at least two bubbles that burst, to income inequality not seen since the Depression. The needless damage is staggering (and completely preventable).

    We do not live in normal times. Both parties offer the same miserable failed policies. The average American understands this in their bones. It would be great if the Times and other media outlets acknowledged reality and, instead of cheerleading or pretending the status quo is just fine, asked both candidates how pursuing failed policies will solve the country's problems. Force politicians to face reality.

    Some return to policies we had from 1945 to the 1970s is the only way out of this mess. It's not rocket science to compare 1945-1980 and 1980 to date and see one period led to economic collapse and the other did not. Then look at Nordic countries and see they, too, have policies similar to ours from 1945 to 1980 and they also thrive. The countries that pursue Reagan era policies are failing.

    Please, more reality based election coverage that challenges the candidates to confront the failure of their policies. This is hokum.

  74. I'm looking for a president who has demonstrable leadership, administrative skills. A person who has been successful in his family life, financially and socially. And who has considerable experience in life and politics.

    As I weight these attributes, some more important than others in a president, I find myself preferring Romney. He can work with a Republican congress, and I suspect better than Obama, with the opposing party. From my observations Democrats are more reasonable than the latest batch of Republicans. (This, from a Republican.) Romney will bring reason to the Republicans. A characteristic sorely lacking. Esp. as demonstrated by P. Ryan, Mitch McC and Boehner, altho the latter appears to be rather embarrassed by his colleagues and is embracing more good sense and concern for the country than the others.

    And he's used to taking charge; one day Obama will be, too. But we cannot wait.

  75. Romney has also demonstrated that he is open-minded on issues like health care reform, albeit at the state level. His experience as a governor demonstrated that, hollow or not, he understands the importance of providing health care.

    He clearly has the requisite intellect and experience, especially in complex financial transactions. He, more than Obama, would have the skill base to work with companies to on-shore their funds and operations.

    Obama has found himself in the position of relying on Immelt and Buffett for input and advice. Romney, back in his Bain days, might have consulted to them.

    I often wonder how Romney would have handled the Simpson-Bowles negotiations, which, in my view, was a major stumble for Obama. He backed off when it got too hot. I think Romney would have fought harder for it and perhaps have clinched the deal.

    I could care less that Romney is rich and that he would be the 4th richest president were he to win. And his days at Bain are no worse than Obama's days in Chicago. Neither has been an angel. Both have learned that what they did then is different from what they should do now.

    Ditto for his religion. He's handled the separation of his religion from his public office remarkably well.

  76. How can reason be brought to Ryan and Boehner is he going to pray them into being kinder and gentler and less greedy?

    Republicans are already on record as declaring that they will call the shots not Romney.

  77. Romney will do what he's told to do, and when to do it. Period. He is the perfect frontman for Norquist and others of his ilk. And honestly, does it really matter who is president? the position seems to have as much "voice" in things as the individual voter does. Which is nil.

  78. American voters love to be told what to do and will only listen to the loudest voice. If that voice keeps blaring non stop, vote Republican, Obama is the devil, despite the fact that the Republican leadership will never make a choice that will favor the middle class or working class, there still seem to be a very large group that wrongly believes that the monarchy of the wealthy (the right wing Corporate leadership) might rub off a few dollars on to them.
    History keep repeating itself over and over and over....

  79. Things is certainly getting brighter for the folks that had very little and is benefiting from Obama policy.As a small successful business owner who was thriving before the recession things could not have gotten any worse.We keep hanging on hoping things will get better and so is the thousands of small business owner .I think it is time for a change and it is not Obama.

  80. Anne, you can always aspire to grow your small business into a juggernaut, have someone like Romney buy it (making you millions), gut it, strip it, indebt it & bankrupt it.
    Why wold you care though? You'd be rich,not your problem your former employees are jobless, without benefits, facing foreclosure & destitution.
    The American Dream Anne, the American Dream.

  81. The people convinced Romney can improve the financial condition are those making over $100,000/ year. The rest of the people, which is most of the voter population, are not convinced or are not paying attention. Jeff, did you get paid with PAC money to write this article?

  82. I don't agree as I will vote for Romney and do not make that kind of money. The people who vote for Romney will be those who are concerned about the terrible job loss under this President and his confusing foreign policy.

  83. Joanie, you are flat-out wrong about job loss. During the last year of G.W. Bush's presidency, the unemployment rate DOUBLED. It leveled off in Obama's first year and has been on the decline ever since.

    Here is a link to the U.S. Beaurea of Labor statistics:

    Educate yourself.

  84. Everyday politicians and the news media remind us that America's economy is "sagging", while China and India's economies are "booming". Who's fault is that? How about Mitt Romney's? This guy spent twenty years buying up companies, running them into the ground, firing Americans and shipping their jobs overseas. Now China and other countries have "strong" economies while ours is "weak". America has high unemployment while anybody in China or India can get a job. Well, duh! With the Mitt Romneys of America buying and shutting down companies, and foreign nations picking up the slack - what the heck would you expect! Mitt Romney and his ilk are the PROBLEM with Americas economy. His top solution is lowering taxes, again, on the wealthy. So if 1% of the people own 90% of the economy; why do they need even MORE money to "create jobs"? After thirty years of the rich and huge corporations paying no taxes why is there still high unemployment? Hasn't worked yet, has it? As for the salesman - what a fool. Romney is a JOBS DESTROYER! As far as saying he can fix the economy and create jobs? He's already FAILED that test. Sending jobs overseas and cashing out is WHAT HE DOES! Why is anybody listening to his lame solutions? Oh yeah, he hasn't proposed any. He just says "elect me and I'll fix the economy". Same way Nixon said "elect me and I'll end the war in Viet Nam". That turned out great didn't it? Why anyone would "buy into" Romney is very baffling.

  85. Republican Voodoo economics causes a massive economic collapse, and out they go. The Democrats come in and fix things up, followed by the next glorious Republican revolution. Very entertaining; I'm tempted to go watch from Somalia, that Utopian dream of zero government, and wait for the US to "catch up".

  86. Please, oh please do go. We'll try to miss you, but....

  87. And so the Grey Lady is not persuaded as yet that Romney will be a better choice for the economy and the health of the country?
    Okay, there is still some time till November, think at leasure but please be open minded about it.

  88. Is Romney going to stop lying between now and November?

  89. Two invisible men upon whom people can project their fantasies without interference. It will be more important who control Congress apparently. Still I will vote for Obama because I know there are only two flavors, despite what Independents want to think.

    Romneycare is not loved by a great many working class folks in Massachusetts. I have heard from a number of them that they can't afford the premiums so they have to pay the penalty. No public option let the insurance companies know they have a captive audience so that ran the prices up. Don't think Obamacare will make much difference either.

  90. Two stories on the same dubious poll in one day on the front page. This is what passes for news?

  91. For every dollar a US Billionaire puts in their

    wallets, on average, 16 US Citizens starve to

    death on the streets or commit suicide because of

    a total lack of money, work, and opportunity.
    Do the People in the USA who claim to be

    Republican have a red line here? Will it be

    enough when 30 million of their friends,

    neighbors, children, and grandchildren die of

    starvation? Will 40 million be enough?

    When will they realize no matter how much they

    aspire to become the 1%, and wish to preserve

    their right to do so, they will never obtain that

    murderous distinction, and that it is at the

    expense of their own civility that they continue


    When will they admit they are being fed poison by

    people, like Mitt Romney, who claim to be leaders

    and media outlets, like fox News; all who only

    serve the true 1% Billion and Trillionaires; that

    seek only to enslave the enitrety of humanty?

    GOP'ers, you would do well by us all, your

    children and grandchildren included, to turn down

    the screaming TV and Radio talking heads, put on

    your bifocals and read anything at all on Growth

    of Income Disparity and War profittering by these

    supposed leaders. Would 50 million be enough?

  92. For every dollar a US Billionaire puts in their wallets, on average, 16 US Citizens starve to death on the streets or commit suicide because of
    a total lack of money, work, and opportunity.

    this is nuts. i don't like romney either but we'd already be extinct if this were true.

  93. Some, or many, will change their minds about Romney's good heartedness and honesty after they read this:

    I almost fell over after reading this but also knew my intuition had been shouting no no no. Note: Never doubt your intuition; it always sends truth. Note 2: Its truth may not become clear for some time. To convince you, I recently I ran out of gas while at a stop sign. Later in the day after being rescued, I became aware of the many small, barely noticeable incidents that led me to safety after setting out on that errand. I must have been "obeying" the nudges without recognizing them.

    The nudge on Romney says he is cruelly capable.

  94. Thanks for the link to the article on Romney's Bain days.

    I witnessed first hand how devastating their "consulting" side could be. They knew nothing about the company business, made recommendations based solely on how many employees they thought could be cut without shutting the place down entirely, and charged exhorbitant fees for that questionable advice. The result was a barely functioning, stressed out operation. Eventually the majority of jobs were re-filled by our company because it was just unworkable and resulted in decreased customer service.

  95. Pardon me, but can we officially call the middle and lower income people who think that electing Romney (or any Republican for that matter) is in their best interests (economic or otherwise) plain fools?

  96. If you do, you will just confirm their view of democrats and affirm why they vote republican.

  97. Mitt Romney who made his millions as a corporate raider by buying companies at low prices, firing workers, sending those jobs overseas, and selling off the assets and shells of those companies will fix the economy? Give me a break. Republicans are the “party of the 1% and for the 1%.”

    Newt Gingrich: “When Mitt Romney Came to Town (with Bain) he destroyed the American dream for thousands of Americans and their families.”

    Republicans favor more trickle-down economics. It failed. 600,000 private sector jobs were lost during the Bush years prior to the recession. Economists say that tax breaks for the wealthy is the least effective way to create jobs.

    Republicans favor more outsourcing of jobs. We lost 50,000 factories and millions of good-paying manufacturing jobs in the last ten years. Renegotiating our free trade agreements is necessary to level the playing field.

    Republicans favor more deregulation. Deregulation gave us the biggest financial disaster since 1929, the Massey coal mining tragedy, and the Gulf Oil spill. Rules of the road help to prevent tragedies and are what saves capitalism.

    Republicans want to privatize/make drastic cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, deny young people the opportunity to go to college, and are making no effort to create jobs.

    Deficit Hawk Hypocrites

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  98. As usual, this is utterly depressing. In America, it is always 50/50, always a close race. We have two major is center right, a hint of reason, the best we can get. The other is an extreme right-wing party, racist, fascist, imperialist, war-mongering, tax-the-poor, coddle-the-rich, amoral, lying and repugnant organization. But guess what? The election is ALWAYS a close nail-biter. This whole thing is about cult, dogma and fanaticism. After the republican party drove the country to catastrophe in 2008, americans are ready to elect the same tired characters into the white house. It never ends. We don't ever learn with our biggest blunders. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, George W Bush, Dick Cheney, on and on...
    Of course, I think this is mainly due to the collapse of responsible journalism and the failure of the news media of reporting the TRUTH instead of taking the easy, cowardly, mid-road position. But that's just me.

  99. I dot not think most people care about Bush tax cuts ir Bush economy. Those are just buzz words used by the media. What counts in whether they will have a job next year. My Romney will push the employment situation and he will probably win just on this issue.

  100. Methinks you are a fool! I would love to hear Romney's plans to increase employment. His record at Bain Capital and as governor of Massachusettes belies your assertions.

  101. Push it how? He has yet to come up with a single valid idea.

  102. Daily Reader - Romney will push jobs out of the country. That's what he always did best.

  103. People will believe just about anything, won't they? It's almost like the old Marx Bros. line, "Who are you going to believe: me or your own eyes?"

  104. Romney will improve things for his 1% friends. Remember, this is the same man who oversaw breaking up companies to raid pension funds, the same man who thinks that more than $300,000 isn't much a year, not worth mention.

  105. With Mitt, it's the Bush all over again. Not only that, but does anybody recall the McCarthy years? Nobody I bet. I do, my father lost his job for no reason..oh wait a minute, there was a reason: he was the ad man for Pennzoil.

  106. If poor and middle class Americans who have taken a beating thanks to GOP ideology are ignorant enough to put another Republican in the White House, they deserve everything they get.

  107. It seems like a sizable minority, and quite possibly majority, of the American people vote against their economic interests. Folks in the "Red states" vote Republican but on a per capita basis get way more back from the federal government in various support programs than folks in the blue Democratic states. And I contribute to elect Democrats even though Republican favor-the-rich tax policy puts more money in my pocket than more progressive Democratic tax policy would. While the Red state folks take federal money, and warn the Democrats to keep their hands off "their" Social Security and Medicare, but worry that the country is headed downhill, I want to pay more in taxes because I also believe the country is headed in the wrong direction: eroded infrastructure and increasing rich:poor imbalance as two examples. Go figure.

  108. Excellent comment. I am not upper class by any means, but I believe we need to put money in this country to make it work. When everybody was taxed higher, the economy excelled. The politics of greed are rampant in this country. We can not afford more tax cuts for anybody.

  109. And here's the irony: all they'll "get" is a trip into deeper poverty.

  110. If America were a company, there an argument might be made for Romney being a better CEO. But it's not a company. And the trouble with voting for a Republican is that they open the doors for all the right wing nutbags to crawl out. Then we've got a minimum of 4 years to deal with this array of gun nuts, evangelicals, etc. Every time a Republican president is elected, the nutbags appear. So tiring, so very, very tiring. Plus ca change...

  111. There are many who would like to see a more equal tax system. And they are right about one thing, the present system is not equal. Please correct me if I'm wrong: A lower middle - middle class worker pays around 30 % income tax or around 20 thousand dollars a year? Mitt Romney paid 14-15 % tax or around 5 million dollars last year. That is not equal. Now the reason we have an income tax system is to pay for our share of the costs of local police and firedepartment, for maintaining public schools, roads and highways, to provide a military, assisting the poor and so forth. Like I said at the start, the present system in not equal, 20,000 vs 5,000,000. Individuals with lots of money definately pay their share for public services and many give a bunch to charicty too. And like it or not, often they help create jobs for others. Looks fair to me.

  112. It's worse than that...he earned over $20 million and paid less than 14%. Go figure...It's the treatment of dividends/interest/capital gains versus wages. And, by the way, most of these gains occur in the secondary market, which means they provide nothing in the way of capital to emerging businesses.

  113. What jobs exactly and what figures do you have that make up that "bunch" they give to charity?

  114. “I want to give the business guy a chance,” said Craig Lemoine, 47, a Republican from Las Vegas who drives a U.P.S. truck. “No one wants to put the C.E.O. in there. Everyone thinks he’ll just make the rich people richer and the poor people poorer. “But how do you know if you don’t give him a chance?”

    Does Lemoine mean he should get a chance to show if he'll make the poor people richer and the rich people poorer?

    Why does the NYT report such nonsensical opinion? Sounds like Palin speak or good old Joe the Plumber speak.

  115. Sadly that opinion and others just as nonsensical is held by a lot of voters who think that choosing a politician is like choosing a different brand of toothpaste, something new in a shiny package to try.

  116. They may report BECAUSE it sounds so "nonsensical". So that you can know what some of your fellow citizens think? I dunno.

  117. It's not that hard to figure out that he was saying that, yeah, everyone is saying this and that about Romney, but we should give someone else a chance.

  118. Let's just try a Republican President, again.

    One who 'does not care about the poor', who is already talking about another war while not one of his five sons is in uniform, who wants to cut taxes for the rich, programs for the poor, children, middle class and the elderly, and a guy who wants to unleash the 'free market magic' of Wall Street by rolling back regulations passed after the economic collapse at the end of the last Republican administration. All while he collects hundreds of millions in 'free $peech' approved by the partisan Republican hacks on the Supreme Court, and intended by the fat cats who back him to see that the government serves them, and no one else.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  119. A Republican President who has no core principles, a Republican Congress that wants to take us back to the Gilded Age of the 1870's and a Republican, right wing Supreme Court that represents corporate America and whose activism makes the Warren Court look like strict constructionists. I was an Obama supporter who has been greatly disappointed by many of his policies (i.e. the step by step destruction of public education) and his approach to governance (the never ending desire to reach the unattainable- bi-partisanship). The question really is, "Will a large segment of the population continue to vote against their own self-interests and elect a man who will be, in essence, a puppet for those that want to take us back to the Stone Age- a period of time that they believe occurred around 6,000 years ago (you know, when cave men and dinosaurs roamed the earth, side by side.)

  120. The biggest recession in American history-under Hoover, a Republican, the recent recession on a massive scale, Bush. If you start multipe decade long wars, tear away restrictions to illegal wall street transactions, and insist on low taxes on the rich who are masters at loop holes and virtually destroy the economy..guess what the next president has to bail it out, very expensive and in America the Republic echo chamber with Fox at the lead lays all the problems, including debts under Bush on Obama? Now, either those who benefit from this set up, the very rich, or those who don't remember what happened and who don't like Obama's race or his compassion for people, ordinary people that includes giving kids, old poor people, etc food stamps, see Romney as a great possibility..lets try it, how many times do you have to see the effects of multiple wars, little restriction of the wall street casino folks, and policies that give the middle class nothing and label the rich, the job givers...what jobs, overseas..wake up, do we need a redo of bush policies in the extreme................?????????????????????????????

  121. He may have to bail it out, but this current president doesn't seem to be capable of working with Congress at all. Since he can't get anything done, why should he be re-elected? Out of sentimentality? Just because he talks a good talk doesn't mean he walks a good walk.

  122. Matt, it is the Congress who have refused to work with Obama. Read the newspapers.

  123. faceless critic:

    President Obama was a featherweight fighter without much experience who stepped into the ring with heavyweight fighters.

    And you want to blame the heavyweights because the kid got clobbered? Sorry, not buying it.

  124. Nationalize the oil and the banks.

    My dad laughed when I gave the protagonist in my novel the mission of advocating for the nationalization of energy. I didn't do it just to have the guy tilting at windmills. I believe that oil and both consumer and investment banking will be nationalized in the near future. The tipping point will come when even the 1% discovers that it's not just a matter of ideology anymore. The rest of the world is nationalizing oil and finance. We can not compete on a global scale if we do not use the power of the federal government to counter the massive power of other governments. No matter how rich and powerful a few private individuals become, they can not compete with entire nations. The strategy of sending the military to take out foreign governments who dare to nationalize oil and other markets is not just immoral, it's an unsustainable strategy that doesn't work. It's more humane AND more efficient to stop spending massive amounts of borrowed money on being the world market police and just nationalize US markets that have to compete with the nationalized markets of other nations.

    Author of The Firewall Sedition, a novel in the tradition of the progressive writers of the 1930s.

  125. You don't sound like an Independent to me. More like a left wing schrill posing as an Independent.

    Nice try though. You may have fooled a few.

  126. There is a grain of truth to this. China very much wants to compete with the U.S. as China the corporation, and right now they are making kung pao chicken out of our corporations.

    Fundamentally corporations need to realize that they actually need the services that the Federal government provides, and that the services need to get paid for, from Roads to R&D, and that the business sector needs the regulations so that the business functions from preventing fraud to ensuring that competition is fair and in everyone's best interest.

  127. I'm an independent and I don't see Mitt Romney proposing any economic policy that would help the U.S economy, but it would bring us back to the Bush era or worst. He wants to doubled down on the Bush tax cut to shower super rich like him, that we have experimented during the Bush years and beyond, and it has not worked to create jobs or opportunity but greater economic inequality in America. Further, he wants to cut education funding, which is a vehicle for low and middle class prosperity and upward mobility. He wants to repeal financial regulation, so Wall Street and big banks can go back to enjoy the Bush's casino. He pretends that he cares about gasoline price, but he favors hedge funds and big banks speculators, which add 30-40 % to the gasoline's price. By the way, Mitt embraces Paul Ryan's budget, which will cut event deeper into job training programs than the current GOP. Thus, how is he going to create job when all his proposing policies are going to destroy jobs and weaken the economy?

    Mitt is running on his business executive experience from Bain Capital, but he won't release his business tax returns, so American voters can see his tax records. What is he hiding?

  128. If you would have loved a third term of George W. Bush in 2008, then you will vote for Mitt Romney. He promises to bring back all of the policies of George W. Bush and that makes him fit to be President? The Republicans act like they are entitled to control, but they run up huge deficits while they are in power and then talk about deficit reduction when they are out of office. Their policies brought the economy to a halt in 2007.

    I am beginning to question polls as more people use cell phones and many people will not answer strange calls with caller ID. I always let it go to voicemail. My mother will pick it up, so polling seems a very inexact science. I imagine the older, white voters of the Republican party still have their landline phones. The polls seem to be out in every direction also.

    No third term for George W. Bush or his twin, Mitt Romney!

  129. Anyone who would vote for any republican candidate for president has had their head burried in the sand or worse between their own two legs. This is from someone who voted for only republicans my whole life. They have lied to us for decades with their trickle down idealogy and they were good at it. Shame on the dems if they can't beat this shister of a lawyer. Its every man for himself in these days and if you think Mitt is representing you in this election you are delusional.

  130. Mitt Romney is a professional candidate without much spark.

  131. First at Bain Romney's solution was to offshore US jobs, now he plans on just offshoring the unemployed on a sinking ship. Why would anyone hand the keys back to the Republicans after they nearly destroyed our economy.

  132. While I share the commentors' disdain for Bain Capital and its methods--sadly, the president does not.

    President Obama recently appointed Bain Capital alumnus Jeff Zients to a top position on his economic team.

    And it surely helped Pres. Obama's Super-Pac fund-raising--which by the way the President also says he opposes.

    I wish a Democrat enter the race.

  133. If it's really as close as this (and some other) polls suggest, it should galvanize Obama supporters TO GET OUT AND VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!!!

  134. Here is the inevitable results. Romney defeats Obama and the economy goes from bad to outright depression. President Obama with Hilary Clinton as Vice-President is reelected in 2016,, and serves out an outstanding second term. You read it first here.

  135. Let's hope it's the other way around: Hilary running for president, and Obama out of the picture. The Clintons knew how to work with a Republican Congress, and that gave us a brief era of prosperity. Obama knows only how to fight with a Republican Congress. He has been a disaster.

  136. The Repubs went after Clinton charging him with murder of Vince Foster and Whitewater misdeeds. They never let him alone. It wouldn't be different with Hillary. They would find some other reason to obstruct anything she would try to accomplish. I now think she was correct to say that there was a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get Bill. That conspiracy has only gotten stronger with Citizens United.

  137. Mitt Romney represents the party that lied this nation's children into battle and that tripled the nation's deficit by borrowing money with which to do it.

    And now, to pay for the disastrous effects of their willful lies, the Republicans are demanding that the very people who sent their children into battle subsidize tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Why are these empirical facts ignored by such a large swath of voters?

  138. if we reward the bad behavior of the GOTP over the last four years, especially the last 2, by awarding them with more seats rather than less.. we may we be doomed. The constant obstruction, nearing our nation to the brink of financial disaster and causing our credit rating to drop, only to have them finally come out and say they're cutting taxes for the rich and cutting social safety net for the rest of us, attacking women's health at every turn, calling democrats communists, and that's not enough to have them facing oblivion? oh my fellow americans.. please.. i bet of you.. wake up.

  139. Yes indeed, let's bring back the GOP economic plan: spend now, pay never. The right accuses the left of being 'tax and spend liberals' but at least the left has a way to pay for essential governmental services like defense, education, infrastrucure, etc. That's what taxes are for. The right, as evidenced by every GOP president since Reagan, has had the brilliant plan to increase spending without figuring out a way to pay for it. Kind of like using a credit card and then handing your parents the bill. The only thing is, it's not our parents who will be paying for the GOP economic disaster, it's our kids and grandkids.

  140. I will not vote for Romney. He has an “opening” because of the economy? Pfffttttt. He’s worth what, 250 million dollars? He’s a 1%er an I’m a 99%er. It’s too obvious whose side he’s on, and it’s not mine.

  141. An election of Romney for president would be an unmitigated economic disaster. (Not that Obama is good, but in comparison he is Bismarck). NYT should report it as such.

  142. NYTimes DOES report it as such. No surprise there.

    JimF from Sewell

  143. Bismark this the perfect analogy. It was Bismark who invented social security which is now a Ponzi scheme.

  144. Obama bet his re-election that a government-run economy and a government centered society are what we want. IT IS NOT.

  145. With respect the Obama Democrats have been dragged so far to the right that they stopped long ago seeking government-run solutions. They can now only slow the race to a fascist model corporate-run government and economy which, sadly, many Americans have been convinced is what they need. IT IS NOT.

  146. dhinnah & dencentral - Glad to see you've decided on your own to say what the entire country wants...

  147. With Mitt Romney, our state of mind is continuous apprehension. In the prelude to the November election, what guarantee of fufillment can he give us that we can believe?

  148. Substitute Obama for Romney. Continuous apprehension is already our state of mind.

  149. Given that we are a republic and not a democracy, does it really matter? It is the electoral votes of the plutocracy that will decide our next president. The popular vote means nothing in the end other than a statistic.

  150. You have got to be kidding me?!?

    Michael Larson, 55, a salesman and independent voter from Minneapolis, said “He has a vision that will bring the country back to economic strength.”

    What are you talking about, Mr. Larson. Romney wants to do even more for the rich than George Bush did, and eviscerate what's left of the safety net.

    Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over, i.e. cutting taxes like Bush, and expecting a different result, Mr. Larson.

  151. stupidity would be doing the same thing over again: electing Obama

  152. Salemen like Larson don't use the safety net. They pay for all the illegal aliens, food stamps, section 8 housing and other give aways. Time to end the free ride for the freeloaders.

  153. Hey Reader: you may be surprised to learn that a lot of us 'paying for' all that stuff see it as our responsibility in exchange for all the opportunity we have to be as wealthy as we are. Give it a shot sometime.

  154. At several truck stops around the country, here's an informal poll taken the past two months:
    1. Candidate most likely to stop and help you fix a flat tire:
    Obama - 86% Romney - 14%
    2. Candidate least likely to spout off unsuitable language over the CB radio when no one else is looking: Obama - 68% Romney - 32%
    3. Candidate most likely to change his socks every day: Romney - 55% Obama - 45%
    4. Approaching a construction zone where multiple lanes narrow down to one lane, the candidate least likely to pass you and race to cut in the front of the line: Obama - 91% Romney - 9%
    5. If you didn't have one and didn't purchase fuel to get one free, the candidate most likely to offer you a shower coupon for nothing in return: Obama - 72% Romney - 28%
    6. Candidate most likely to slow down to let a dog get across the street: Obama - 85% Romney - 15%
    7. After dropping a tomato on the floor, the candidate least likely to toss it back into the buffet salad bowl when no one's looking: Obama - 63% Romney - 37%
    8. After running out of clean clothes and before having time to do a laundry at the end of the week, candidate least likely to start recycling his old underwear: Obama - 56% Romney - 44%
    9. Candidate least likely to accelerate at a yellow light: Obama - 82% Romney - 18%
    10. Candidate most likely to blow his air horn when children in a passing vehicle give him the "blow air horn" arm gesture: Obama - 75% Romney - 25%

    Obama wins in nine of the ten questions asked.

  155. Love this perspective!

  156. That may well be the best post I have ever read in these pages.

  157. The "logic" of the Buffet rule defies reason and this is Mr. Obama's "solution" to our economic crisis? Do the math. Heck, just do the arithmetic and you'll see what a morally and intellectually bankrupt idea this is.

    If Mr. Obama is serious he is either incompetent or very, very smart. I'm not sure which is worse.

    November 2012 and then January 2013 can't come soon enough.

  158. Better: you do the math and show us your work. It's always better to provide proof that you're upholding the same standards for yourself as you are for the rest of us. Anything less is quite smug.

    That said, I'd rather see the data - the hard, raw data - that show that massive tax cuts for the wealthy that are paid for by the poor and middle classes are morally and intellectually sound.

    Also, why is transference of wealth downward anti-Constitutional but transference of wealth upward perfectly reasonable?

  159. The logic of the Buffet rule, that the rich should pay the same tax rate as you and I makes no sense?

    News flash: "Do the math" and "Do the arithmetic" are the SAME thing.

    It is YOU who make no sense.

    Perhaps you think that millionaires need another tax break?

  160. Well, actually faceless critic, arithmetic is just a small part of mathematics and an extremely simple one, at that. I believe this is the point that G is trying to convey, so his comment would make sense, in that regard.

  161. Romney and the GOP are going t win in a landslide. The understatement in the title "ECONOMIC DOUBTS OFFER AN OPENING TO ROMNEY CAMP" is breathtaking.

  162. If that's true, why aren't they polling better?

  163. Oh really? If you're so sure, then put your money where your mouth is on one of the prediction markets. They consistently predict Obama will win. Right now you can buy tons of shares of Romney "stock" at $3.80, and if he wins, you'll get $10 per share.

    If you and other Republicans are so sure of Romney, we'll watch to see the big surge in Romney stock at Intrade and Iowa Election Markets. Sure haven't seen it over the last....oh....six months.

    We won't hold our breaths.

  164. If that's so why is it taking member of his own party so long to get behind him and when they do they do so with reluctance?

  165. Clinton did not end welfare, but he did not try to start numerous wars, but rather to contain them. He also engaged business leaders and the Republicans when he could; however, bear in mind he did not face the radical tea party who along with people like Mitch McConnell wanted to tear down the American economy if need be to get back in power, or like Ryan and other tea party folks who were willing to put nearly unbearable burdens on the middle class, take away if possible social security, cut down on food stamps for the poor, dry up the safety net of people at the middle and the bottom, especially the most vulnerable and who claim it is all about deficits while wanting to increaae again the military budget and refusing to cut back on tax loopholes for the hyper rich, who pay very little proportionately, given the benefits they get in tax breaks., look daily exactly who is doing what, and who pays the costs and who benefits!! The increase in people who can't find jobs since Bush has to do with the fact that job givers are not giving that much and also that as a head of Walmart stated some time back, their business hurts when people can't buy thing because they have no money. Henry Ford said that too, and not only are the Republicans of today under pressure from the tea party and their extreme right wing mean spirited, and short sighte. The economy is about job givers (especially if America and not overseas) and about consumers, if they don't have money the economy shrinks.

  166. Clinton gave us NAFTA, lobbied successfully to give China most favored status nation trading privilges, signed off on the demise of Glass-Steagal, and his treasury secretary rode Citibank into the ground after his White House tenure. No thanks, Ms. White. Neither party has the poor and middle class interests at heart.

  167. Though it hurts me to do so, I must agree with JL that Clinton did many things that hurt American workers and taxpayers. But his successor showed how much worse things might have been (and became). Bad things can happen with a Democrat in office but really bad things always happen when Republicans get power.

  168. This piece does not mention the fact that the Obama campaign has barely even begun to attack Mr. Romney, who has an extreme amount of vulnerabilities.

    When the campaign wars begin in earnest, we will see the President shine.

    You ain't seen nothing yet!

  169. Ted Nuget wants the President dead. This is the reality of the current campaign. Do any real media pundits believe that this election will waged on real issues rather than race and fear mongering. When will liberals be brave to put the the head of fear mongering also into the scope of the trigger.

  170. If Romney gets into the White House, American's descent from being a great country will go into free fall.
    We'll be toast.
    Or rather, Chinese fortune cookies

  171. Obama created his troubles by not having the guts or political conviction to pursue the policies he promised in his campaign...and which got him elected. A disastrous presidency which could well lead us into a bigger one.

  172. With the Republicans blocking him at every turn? The country isn't a dictatorship. Why is it that Republicans have no accountability for the last 3.5 years?

  173. Daily ReaderVT

    With the Republicans blocking him at every turn? The country isn't a dictatorship.

    Cry us a river. No one wants to hear excuses, especially for the president of the US.

  174. People who are clueless to the rampant and institutional racism of this culture have no idea of what Obama was up against because he is a black man...and in spite of all of that, he has made commendable strides. People are so ignorant...I would not mind a bit if Romney won...then they can go back to blaming the demise of this country on people who really destroyed it...and Obama can take his successes and his family into history...

  175. Yea right. I guess it's racism why I don't want to hand over even more of my money for taxes for GSA conventions, Solyndra, Secret Service junkets., etc...

  176. This could be the last national election before it is just too late to counter the power that massive accumulations of wealth will wield in defending itself from any regulation or restriction whatsoever, and prevent a future of instability and, unfortunately, violence when Americans say, finally, enough is enough.

  177. This story misses the 800 lbs of pants-on-fire in the room. There is no comparison between a candidate who tells voters what they want to hear and a candidate who routinely lies when doing so. Mitt Romney's biggest liability is just that: his lying ability. I have followed politics for 50 years, and have never seen or heard a presidential candidate - from any party - as pathologically mendacious as Romney. Democrats need to look no further than Romney's own words to define him and to educate the electorate.

  178. If you want to live like a Republican, vote for a Democrat. The Democrats have always been the party to turn to for improving the economy. Even with the vitriolic and self serving attacks on his programs to improve the economy the President managed to steer us away from the abyss of a depression. Governor Romney will change the direction back toward a depression.

  179. I'm sure Romney could bring back an economic boom, just like Bush did - where 93% of the economic benefit went to the top 1% of earners, followed by, well, you know... that time when the rest of us bailed out the wealthy bankers (the one's who hate socialism), so they wouldn't lose all their gains.

  180. Well said.

  181. American elected GW Bush twice (well, once actually, the SC "elected him the first time), so it's possible they'll elect Romney.

    My solace is with global warming picking, it won't be so cold in Canada (and too hot to retire to Fla anyway)

  182. Yes we have an continuing crisis wherein our economy is awakening from a near-death coma and thanks to a no-cooperative congress President Obama has not been able to fulfill his promises. However during this electoral agony, Mr Romney is not the cure for our county's ills. He may actually be an additional problem, not a solution

    I insist that the issue is Romney himself.

    The case in point is this: as we listen to his daily utterances, can we trust anything that Mitt Romney says?

    He tells any right-wing audience what they want to hear and repudiates any law, principle or policy that he passed or supported when he was the governor of Massachusetts. The evidence is in the words that we hear him say every day.

    As the campaign grinds down toward November, assuming the role of “The Great White Hope, he will appeal more and more to the uninformed, the racists and the bigots who dislike Barack Obama simply because he is not White. This is a sad blight on our country’s honor that will be enacted by a man who has very little credibility and therefore no honor.

    Now more than ever, our country needs men and women of honor, like those who have served our country in military service. Just as there is no substitute for victory, there is no substitute for truth. We do not need a clever salesman who tells you what you want to hear in order to get your money or your votes.

    We cannot afford to have a President of The United States who cannot be believed and whom no one can trust.

  183. “We need a president who has a business background, and Mitt Romney’s business background is tremendous,” Michael Larson, 55, a salesman and independent voter from Minneapolis, said Wednesday in a follow-up interview. “He has a vision that will bring the country back to economic strength.”

    I doubt Mr. Larson knows what a leveraged Buyout is all about. Mr. Romney is no businessman, he is a guy who gamed the tax code and destroyed companies and lined his pockets. I wish people would at least do some homework. Mr. Romney has no plan to fix the economy.

  184. Apparently, all Mr. Larson knows is that Romney got rich doing his "business"... and assumes that means his business background is "tremendous". Sad.

  185. Thank the lord that almost all times writers and about eighty percent of readers here would never vote for republican.

    It may be a suicide pact but heck, it's our suicide pact!

  186. Here is what you get with Mitt Romney. More War ( more killings and wasted tax dollars )-More Debt ( lower taxes for the wealthy)- Higher Unemployment ( due to massive corporate firings )- A Second Dip Recession- ( Europe Collapses ). One Clueless President ( with a mentality from the 1950's). Like it- Vote Romney in 2012.

  187. The pairasite is killing the host, I'm taxed out. I voted for BO last time, not this time. The 10 % can"t pull the cart for the 90% any longer. Big house 4 cars and 3 kids in college hard to down size. I will vote for Romney. Sorry for the big house ect. but I have worked very hard for 30 years and I think I earn it

  188. Tom, no need to apologize about the size of your house. By the way, you should know that with Romney in charge, you won't have to worry about keeping up, because you'll have no house and no job, and only 1 car (you'll need that to live in, keep the biggest one).

  189. Tom: Apparently you have over extended yourself. If you make a reasonable income, you're paying the lowest marginal rate in the world, not to mention the last century of our American experiment. Get a grip and take some personal responsibility for your own choices. You didn't 'earn' the right to starve the country of vital income needed to sustain our common good. Sorry 'bout that.

  190. It is, indeed, rather tragic that so many Americans have short memories. This bloke, Romney, would like very much to quadruple the folly of George W. Bush. A society given to loopiness is, perhaps, the best way to describe the political fervour in this country. I shan't vote for the likes of Romney or any person subscribing to his imbecilic and myopic views.

  191. Romney may be a "good" businessman, but he won't be a president for all the people. He's in his own world of rich, white men. He seems totally out of touch with reality.

  192. Wouldn't you rather have the top political dog somebody who knows how to make money rather than somebody who knows how to spend it?

  193. Welker, we don't need as president someone whose sole claim to fame is his ability to make money (just for himself and his buddies, by the way). What we need is money in the pockets of the middle and working class, who would then spend it on goods and services and get the economy moving. One person's spending is another person's income.

  194. Ne d Welker - The job of President isn't to "make money" and Romney will spend plenty of money once in office, he's already eager to increase the military and plunge us into another war.

  195. Anybody here remember that very amusing photo of the Bain Capital boys gathered about their boss, Romney, each with three or four 20 dollar bills peeking out of every pocket of his suit? What a terrific sense of humor the guy has!

    I know i saw the photo in the NYT sometime last year but can't remember when. I should have, but didn't, download it. I'll try to retrieve it. Not sure I can but the obama campaign certainly can. And when they do, they should put it in every single one of their TV ads from now till election day. because that one picture says more about Romney and his fellow corporate pirates than all the campaign speeches or op-eds ever could.

  196. The Democrats already have an add with this picture. It is already running in some states.

  197. The choice is between the right wing of the financial industry's capitalist class and the right of center financial industry's capitalist class. Consider either voting for a third-party candidate or staying home on election day. These folks don't have ordinary Americans' interests in mind! Ordinary people don't enter into the equation in politics any longer in the US.

  198. And a no-vote makes a difference? Or a third-party choice with a 5% chance? That's the equivalent of indifference and certainly to result in you complaining for the choice you disregarded, guided by the decision you didn't make.

  199. If you're a member of the middle class then neither the Republicans nor the Democrats care about your interests and needs. Vote for either of the major candidates of the oligarchy and you get next to nothing! At least with a third-party or no vote you can vote (or not vote) your conscience and beliefs for once!

  200. That thinking gave us Nader in 2000. Worked so well that we got Bush. You may recall the two unfunded (and ongoing) foreign adventures initiated by Bush. If you didn't notice those, you may be aware of the financial collapse of 2008 on Bush's watch. Those are just two of the benefits we enjoyed because a few thousand Democrats gave their votes to the unelectable third party candidate,

  201. But wait, Romney is Bush all over again. Similar background, similar ideas in economy and life, similar upbringing. What, on earth, makes you think that what didn't work over 8 years, with Bush, will work now? Seriously? what is it? What has changed? that the economy hurts? have you give some thought about why it hurts?. I'm sick and tire of the rich guy that started rich and ended rich and wants to tell me how I can be rich by making himself richer first.

  202. Romney would have no opening at al if the likely results of the economic policies he proposes -- based on the country's economic history -- were regularly and widely reported.

  203. Why do people still say idiotic things like "we need a leader in here with business experience?" Wasn't that supposed to be George W.'s strength, his MBA from Yale? Wasn't it the people with the "business experience" that created the giant bubble aided and abetted by an administration that systematically gutted common sense regulation? God we are a moronic people.

  204. If you were to look closely, you'd see they are quite different. Romney has a record of success -- academically, personally and professionally -- that Bush never had. Their relationships with their fathers were very different as well. Senior Romney had a tremendous work ethic that he passed along to his kids.

    Romney also earned a combined JD/MBA with better grades. From all appearances (and lacking Obama's transcripts), Romney was a better student than Bush and Obama combined.

    In many ways, Romney runs circles around them both.

  205. Romney can't be trusted. He has voted for democrats, was a believer of abortion and created the same health care plan as Obama's ACA.

  206. he didn't have an MBA from yale...

  207. Could somebody please show me a dime's worth of difference between Romney's policy proposals and the policies (a.k.a Bush?Republican policies that crashed the economy--other than degree?

    Lavishing tax breaks on the rich?

    We've tried that for 30 years.

    It has not delivered prosperity for 99% of Americans.

    it has simply made fat cats like Romney fatter than ever.

    And delivered the sort of wealth inequality you used to have to travel to a banana republic to witness. (Along with the crumbling infrastructure those nations suffer.)

    The basic premise of Romney is that those policies weren't abject failures--it was simply a matter of execution and finding the right CEO.

    The premise is nonsense, peddled by paid agents of the plutocrats who are convinced America has the best democracy money can buy. And then finish looting.

  208. The American people gave Bush Jr a 2nd term- it gave us the Great Recession. Romney advocates the same policies as Bush Jr. In fact, when it comes to advocating more tax entitlements to international oil companies and the wealthiest Americans, Bush & Romney are Siamese Twins.

  209. Did the "American people" give Bush II a 2nd term, or was it 'creative counting' in Florida and the Supremes?

  210. A testament to the utter stupidity and amnesia of the American voters, half of whom are apparently interested in putting a man into the White House whose policies are precisely identical to the ones which got us into the mess we're in in the first place.

    Lower the taxes on the rich, coupled with more deregulation will lead us into ruin, and half the people in the country want that to happen or are too weak minded to understand that.

    There should be an IQ test given before people are allowed to vote.

  211. You should be the first to take that test. Americans do not have amnesia. They remember all too well the last three and a half years: unemployment at the highest levels in decades, gas prices doubling, home foreclosures at record levels, annual deficits tripling, our national debt increasing by $6 trillion, etc. This record is not really surprising. What did anyone expect from someone who has a law degree and experience as a community organizer and state politician? Did anyone really think that someone with his resume would have an inkling as to how to generate GDP growth for the world's largest and most complicated economy that was emerging from a financial crisis? Obama simply can not manage America back to prosperity. How much more evidence do you need?

  212. RGV - If you really believe your list of woes was caused by Obama, you do have serious amnesia. You see, there was a guy named Bush running things before Obama. And this guy, Bush, ran the country into the ground. Obama is that he guy who kept things from getting worse.

  213. Romney would not have even helped the auto industry and it is on its feet. Get real!

  214. We need a change. Obama has tried and failed. He had 2 years with a veto proof Democrat Congress. Time to vote him out and give another guy a chance to fix this Democrat mess.

  215. Romney has been wrong, wrong, wrong on every single issue. He's spent the last several years renovating his homes and shoring up "haves" support for his presidency. Not exactly a profile in courage.

  216. Democrat mess ??? You can't be serious.

  217. It was not fillibuster-proof.

  218. Go ahead American people: Double-down on trickle-down economics. All power to the financiers.

  219. Well you may not want to admit it, but "Trickle Down Economics" has been a massive success. By almost every metric people are better off today than they were 30 years ago. Not to mention the hundreds of millions of people that have been lifted out of absolute poverty.

  220. Brent, where you have been buddy? Better off than they were 30 years ago? Huh?

    The top 1% have more than tripled their take from the economy over the last 40 years. In 1970, the top 1% accounted for 7% of all gross reported income, according to the IRS. Now it's in the mid-20's.

    The current inequality is on a scale not seen since the 1920's. Guess we all know how that one worked out.

    The middle class has been gutted. Americans tried to maintain some sense of well-being by maxing out their debt, including 2nd mortgages and credit cards, and that's why there's no demand in the economy to pull us out of this recession.

    Trickle down indeed.

  221. People need to work to get money. Can't expect to take someone else's money. Go start a business or get a better job. Stop complaining about that the government needs to tax "the rich" to give more handouts to those who want something for nothing.

  222. This is not a truly significant poll; it simply charts the expected (yet very small) bounce that Romney got from being the now-certain GOP nominee. To get a better sense of the pattern of change, look at the Iowa Electronic Markets' trends:

  223. Finally, the Democrats who were responsible for bringing about this economic crisis through excess regulation are about to be defeated. May Romney win and bring and to these excess Demorcratic induced deficits!

  224. No,Yoda, the crisis resulted from Phil Gramm and fellow Republicans stripping away the regulations created during the Great Depression to prevent the economic collapse of 2008. Already, Republicans are attacking the new regulations devised by Democrats to prevent yet another disaster like 2008.

  225. Yoda, you apparently choose to forget that after 8 years of Democratic government the economy was in great shape, until the Republicans managed to drive it down into its present state during the next 8 years as a direct result of abandoned regulation, unbudgeted war spending and irresponsible tax cuts.

  226. Hello,
    The financial meltdown came about because of deregulation of the banking industry - not enough capitalization in the banks which caused their over lending and bundling of derivatives to make them go bust. Everyone paid for the meltdown except the banks who were bailed out. The banks hate the government until they need it. Note few banks said no to taking government money. That is the ultimate hypocrisy to me.

  227. How short are people's memories? Wariness over the economy an opening for the very Republican Party that got us into this mess big-time, and then used every tactic in the book to frustrate the recovery? If Americans really feel that way and vote accordingly, they will deserve what they get. Too bad it will hurt the rest of us.

  228. Who really thinks Romney has a clue about middle-class peoples personal finances? come on lets not lie to ourselves or our readers NY Times...

  229. he knows better how to run a successful enterprise and what's involved...which is a darn sight better than our president (who i voted for) does imo. if your primary concern is the economy and our disastrous deficit, the choice is clear...and it is not the president. on other issues, far from clear...

  230. Dc1. Romney knows how to destroy businesses and transfer those assets into his own pocket. If that is how you are defining successful-heaven help the American worker. It will be your job, your healthcare and retirement benefits he will be pocketing.

  231. DC1- the thing people don't realize is that private equity doesn't 'manage' anything. They buy companies and hire other people to manage them. I wager Willard has never managed a business unit in his entire life. Note that the Olympics were an event - not an ongoing concern.

  232. If you want President Obama to continue on to a second term, you need to volunteer and organize NOW for his reelection- particularly in key swing states.

    This is going to be a close race and the Democratic party cannot afford to lose a single voter. Plus, do you want more Republican election shenanigans (2000 ring a bell?)

    Don't sit and'll regret it on November 4th.

  233. Good thinking. The republicans are the ones who caused the economic collapse with their unjustified wars, deregulation mania, and various and sundry breaks for the rich,and now the good people of America are thinking of voting for the same agents of destruction - with the real possibility of axing social security and medicare as bonuses - way to go folks!

  234. Plenty of Dems voted for these "unjustified wars" , Bush tax cuts and deregulation. Do they get no blame?

  235. So are you saying deregulating the trucking and airline industry was a bad thing?

  236. We can't let the spineless democrats off the hook or forget the bad apples of the democratic party who were complicit in some of the financial 'services' deregulation.

    Until voters wake up and realize that money does not equal speech, that corporations do not equal people, and that welfare for the least of us is in all of our best interest - we will continue to decline regardless of which party runs the show.

  237. Majority of voters would not be very happy with their present conditions related to job,housing, gas prices etc. Still many can not be sure about the actions taken by The President in the last 42 months or so..and of course none of the voters can know which candidate CAN do "better" for the individuals !!

    The two candidates would rather be lucky than be good..

  238. FTA:

    "Even as the nation rebounds from the recession"

    Rebound? Really? What rebound?

  239. President Obama and Geithner conveniently ignore the dismal employment figures. They are the worst we've seen in decades.

  240. It's slow and steady but it's there and we should do everything we can to keep it going.

  241. We arent recovering from anything, higher spending than taxes by a trillion a year and this is the so called recovery we get? It would hace been better without threats of higher taxes on capital we need to support our spendthrift ways, withou the higher energy costs courtesy of delay delay delay by O (steven Chu wants higher energy prices he just cant say it but he stil wants it), tax successfull business selectively (sure only big oil not little oil that will teach those smaller oils to become bigger). We arent in a mess that was created by bush, it was a long time coming. How was did he fail to put Tx in the tank but do it in DC...could it be he had help of D's in congress? A party who wants to be like liberal failed states and countries make no sense to me

  242. I'm amazed that despite how cunningly distorted the NY Times polls are structured you still found Romney has momentum. I don't think it is just the economy. Talking to a lot of upper middle class friends who voted for Obama the first time see their own hard work and running as fast as they can to stay where they are in peril given his ever increasingly left wing tilt. This is the land of opportunity not the land of equal income. Produce more and you earn more. All those folks who voted against McCain - Palin and not for Obama per se are now wondering why is Obama punishing the middle class with a perniciously virulent attack on their status.

  243. I strongly disagree: this is the land of "use the infrastructure that has been given to you and protected by the federal government, and it is your obligation to pay back into that system a sufficient amount of money to maintain and improve that infrastructure."

    I am a business owner and newly minted member of the "1%" as judged by annual income. I think Obama has done an admirable job of providing a supportive environment for entrepreneurs while at the same time remembering that a nation's greatness is judged not by how many billionaires it creates, but by how it treats its weakest members. Republicanism has become the party of institutionalized selfishness - AND, ironically, the party most associated with a religion founded on the principle of selflessness...

  244. This is no longer the land of opportunity Roy. This is they land where people get ahead by taking advantage of others and not doing their fair share. We are not in the shape we are because of lazy people or welfare moms taking advantage of handouts. Corporate America is sitting on more money than ever before, the beneficiaries of which are their shareholders and the impoverished of other countries, who can become employees of US corporate masters in one way or the other, including working for wages that wouln't buy them a donut over here.

  245. "Produce more and you earn more."

    I though the basic rule of our current economic system was: have more people produce stuff in your name and you earn more.

  246. Mitt Romney is a habitual liar and cannot be believed when delivering his momentary view on the economy or any other relevant issue. President Obama has accomplished a stellar feat in preventing the complete decent of the U.S. into a full-fledged depression.

  247. Your vote for Mr. Romney indicates that you approve of an obstructionist congress. Think back over the last few years to the outrageous grid lock that the Republican party has subjected this country to. And you want to reward them now?

  248. You seem to forget that 2006-2010 congress was controlled by the Democrats and that 2008-2010 was characterized as a Democratic supermajority. Apparently, people did not like what they saw and fired 70+ Democrats in 2010. When you bemoan the "obstructionist congress" - keep in mind why the Americans elected them in the epic 2010 shellacking.

  249. Indeed! Without the obstructionist congress we would be well on our way to recovery. They do not understand that during this kind of crisis, the government is the only entity that can pull us out and it can only do that by investing in projects that provide jobs AND correct serious problems we have, e.g., our crumbling infrastructure, our decaying educational system, our safety nets meaning police, fireman, etc.

    Instead, they want to destroy more jobs in all areas as they sit behind their ivory towers funded by right wing ideologues and mega-rich personal empire builders such as the Koch brothers who own half the republican party anyway.

    The national debt and deficit should take second place to recovery.

  250. Incredible. is it really true that americans are so short sighted, or actually blind? President Clinton leaves a surplus , balanced budget, and thriving economy. Ok, too thriving, but still. Bush turns to the same old failed republican soothsayers and approaches of easy money, reduced regulation, reduced taxes. As a direct result the economy tanks and wall street spins dangerously, critically out of control. We really did come to the brink of a total melt down. President Obama starts digging our way out, with real, definable progress. No miracles, but progress. And no help from Republicans in Congress.
    Now comes the Mitt of Romney,asking to put the same trickle down theory economists back in control of the White House and the economy. And the polls show, at this precise moment in time, that people, really about half the people want to let him.
    Folks, wake up and smell the coffee. If you are not already very very rich, Romney is not good for you, your children or the generations to come.
    In this campaign, as in the past, we see that the President doesn't always get what he asks for, or what we hoped for, but he isn't lying to us. Mr. Romney has apparently felt it was ok to lie to us , or at least to republicans, every day. And if he lies to his own party, what hope is there for the rest of us?

  251. It's not the American people. It's the same way that CBS/NY Times have taken this and a previous poll which exaggerates the Anit-Obama voters through an inordinate sample size of "Republican primary and caucus voters" who represent only from 5 to 10% of the total U.S. voters. In both this poll and an earlier poll on Obama's popularity in March (showed a drop of 9% in his popularity and was later shown to be an outlier among polls) the "Republican primary and caucus voters" were 30 to 35% of the entire sample.

  252. If Romney wins and his economic policies fail, at least that might be the end of trickle-down and usher in a truly new era in American politics and society.

  253. Why give the Ryan Plan a chance to be implemented? It will escalate the downward spiral to a new era of the forgotten society

  254. I was thinking the same thing! We need a new system and no one can implement it, it will have to be forced. Maybe a complete disaster will turn things around.

  255. Those policies are already demonstrably stupid: they wrecked the projected Clinton budget surpluses.

  256. The CBS/NYT polls adults--not registered voters, still less likely voters. For this reason, its polls consistently lean too far to the Democratic side.

  257. It sure takes a stupid country to be told how to vote by polls. But I suppose it is only to be expected from people who consider tautology a form of reasoning.

  258. Wrong. If anything, the poll exaggerates the effect of "Republican primary and caucus voters" which are about 30% of this total sample. In real life, as of March 30, there were about about 9.3 million such voters this year, only about 5 to 10% of the total electorate. There is thus a heavy anti-Obama component in this poll not reflected in the country's voters overall. This poll will prove to be an outlier as was the earlier NY Times/CBS poll that showed that Obama's approval rating went down from 49 to 40% in March. That poll likewise had 35% of the sample "Republican primary and caucus voters" i.e., those that have the strongest negative views on Obama, the direction of the country, etc. Were these voters in proper portion the results of this poll would be more like Obama 52% and Romeny 39%.

  259. What the economy really needs is an extremely rich guy with a history of gutting companies. Hopefully he's also incapable of maintaining a strong position for long on any single issue.

    How anyone can think that a bad economy would improve under Romney amazes me. The Republicans function as the party of the rich, and yet the cattle continue to passionately support and vote for their slaughterer. If the righties prevail in November, voters truly deserve what awaits them.

  260. Do voters who work to reelect the President also "deserve" a Romney administration?

  261. Who believes what CBS arrived at based on a survey of 957 adults?

  262. Not me.

  263. Do not be concerned. This poll is an outlier in the same way the previous NY Times/CBS poll was an outlier back in March that purportedly showed that Obam's approval raing dropping by 9%. Why do I say that? Because both that poll and this one exaggerate the anti-Obama responses by using far too many "Republican primary and caucus voters" in proportion to the overall voting population. Only 9.3 million such voters came to polls by March 30 this year. That is only about 5% of the total electorate, yet in both this poll and the earlier popularity poll these represented 30 to 35% of the entire sample of 900 to 1000 respondants.
    With such an exaggerrated anti-Obama consitituency built-in to the responses no wonder there is an apparent tie between Romeny and Obama. This is a totally false reading. If "Republican primary and caucus voters" were in their proper proportion to the entire electorate, then the result would be more like Obama 52% and Romey 39%.

  264. One wonders whether anyone asked these Republican women in the poll if they doubt that the health sector under Romney will be pumping their bodies filled with poison? Not because they're Republican, because they're women. Or are we not allowed to ask the easy questions?

  265. we need a president with a business background? what on earth for? so he can continue his bain capital policies that cost jobs and companies while making him rich. so he can push for every advantage for businesses at the expense of the health and safety and economic well-being of everyone else? so he can continue to fight for lower taxes for him and his wealthy buddies, while destroying more services for everyone else, just like a good republican. obamabush is bad enough. look at the hole the richest country in the world has had dug for it. we need more of that?

  266. It will take more than 3 years and1/2 to reverse Bush's economic policies which were given 8 years.One simple question the voter should ask Mitt Rommney: "How his economic policies are different from those of Bush?".If it is the same trickle-down economy, we 've seen that, done that under Bush and it doesn't work.Simply saying that he has a business background won't cut it.