Evangelicals, Seeking Unity, Back Santorum for Nomination

Christian leaders voted to support the presidential candidacy of Rick Santorum in hopes of undercutting Mitt Romney’s dominance of the Republican field.

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  1. Rick Santorum fits the definition of a Puritan. A person who is scared to death that somewhere, somebody, is having a good time. I don't think we have to worry about hiim He wants states to be able to ban contraceptives. He's already lost the votes of anyone who values her or his privacy.

  2. Yes but he'll continue to win the votes of anyone who doesn't value her or his sanity!!!

  3. Great post, Linda, but please, give HL Mencken for your definition. I wish he were around today--lacking that, we all need to be vigilant with the current scam artists walking the corridors of Washington DC.

  4. Exactly right, Linda.

    The religious extremists supporting Santorum are never happy unless everyone else is as miserable as they are.

  5. Hmmm, brand new cars. Someone's using the Lord's money and it isn't going to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, or do anything but promote Hate and Intolerance.

    Of course, noticeably missing amongst these so-called "Christian" leaders was Jesus.

  6. Carmakers typically donate cars for parades like this. Put a few miles on, and sell them as demonstrators. I think those are Nissan cars. Are they built in Texas? In any case, they will now have a halo effect for the religious right.

  7. I'm not seeing anyone comment on the article photo - on the fact that taxpayer-funded public servants, police officers, are being used to screen participants in this church-affiliated political gathering. Yet churches are tax-exempt.

    What's wrong with this picture - literally!

  8. This is not surprising since Mr. Santorum is probably the most extreme of the current crop of candidates.

    They can have him!

  9. And there's the rub, if Santorum's far-right views were actually popular, he'd easily be leading Romney.

    That Romney is leading the deep red South Carolina primary shows how addled, tone-deaf and out of touch the evangelicals are for supporting Santorum.

    Not that serial flip-flopper Romney is any more grounded in political reality than Santorum, he's just not quite as extreme, or scary to most voters, as Santorum.

    If Obama gets another term, the far-right wingnuts infesting the GOP only have themselves to blame.

  10. Don't ANY of the evangelicals read Dan Savage's column. Won't their faces be red when they realize they are supporting a body fluid!

  11. The announcement by these Christian gurus say, simply, that Santorum's views on abortion, gay marriage and other social issues are more important to the United States than his platform on Iran, China, Russia, Israel and items like income disparity, corporate loopholes, health care and education.

    Anyone who goes along with this philosophy, in my opinion, is nuts.

  12. I still of the opinion we should give the evangelicals Texas and force them to secede from the US.

  13. Christain have been telling non Christains how to live for 1500 yrs. Hwy dont they worry about their own affairs, and vote for who is best for the country

  14. Amazing that "attacks on the free market system" seemed to turn off these "Christians."

    It would be difficult to find a religious leader more anti-free-market than Jesus. Period.

  15. I still don't understand what is "christian" about opposing helping poor people with food and clothes and health care and housing? T hese folks clearly put one or two issues (hating gay people, opposing abortion) above all the other principles of Christ's teachings.

  16. these folks are the Pharisees -- they would have handed the Romans the nails and wood....

  17. you'll never be able to understand it, because it's totally stupid and makes no sense, so don't drive yourself crazy trying to.

  18. Since when was hating the gays a principle of Christ's teachings? Lame.

  19. Thank you conservative Christian leaders for another wrench in the Romney primary machine and hopefully dragging this thing out past South Carolina. Throwing your support behind a completely unelectable candidate was the right thing to do.

  20. There they go again. All, including the radicals must be enjoying this.

  21. Just at the very moment that the negative ads start to kick in and Gingrich starts closing on Romney in the S.C. polls this happens. Now there is almost no question that Romney will win S.C. and the nomination.

  22. And they loved Jerry Falwell, some love Gingrich, Cain was up there, Tammy Faye is a distant memory, as was her jailed husband -

    When God enters the race, I feel so much better.

  23. Why are the taxpayers of Brenham, with the help of federal taxpayers' money that flows to law enforcement agencies, paying for their local police to be away from their jobs to run "security" for a private political meeting? Huh?

  24. Good point.Considering they claim to "speak to God"" all the time. Why do they need police protection paid for with our $$? They don't pay taxes.They live FREE off our back. It's a racket. I called it the religious racket.

  25. The Conservative Christian Taliban speak! But, hey, they have shown great judgement before... Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, et al. Heck, maybe the whole country will get the opportunity to turn the other cheek. This type of religious influence on government didn't work so great in Iran. Israel, too seems to be having second thoughts about its religious funda-mentalists' power. Just say no!

  26. Those poor far-right wingnuts, rallying around Santorum only because he's the last Not-Romney candidate who had any recent momentum, a surge which disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

    The nuts like Perkins insist that there's no Romney bashing, and that they have to act because there's no way Romney can win against Obama, yet these same far-right extremists can't show, logically, how the majority of voters would back Santorum in the general election.

    And that's because the majority of voters WON'T go for Santorum in larger numbers than they would Romney, and there's absolutely no chance Santorum would defeat Obama on election day, not when Santorum's entire campaign is based around homophobia and gutting what few regulations there are on predatory corporations and industries.

    And when Santorum loses to Romney in the bright red South Carolina primary, these evangelical leaders supporting him will be shown as the blithering, empty suits they really are, proof that, in spite of their exaggerated self-important status, they're completely clueless at dealing with reality.

    And the reality is that, no matter how much evangelical caterwauling to the contrary, the vast majority of voters aren't as extreme as the far-right "Christian" leaders supporting Santorum in the most futile of worthless, wasted causes.

  27. On social issues, the Republican Parthy, the conservative religious who bestowed Santorum with their highly political blessings and Santorum himself, are stuck in the 1800's...they are anti-gay, anti-woman and anti-equality.

  28. That's the Republican party for you, always wanting to build a bridge to a better yesterday.

  29. Oh let it be Santorum. Obama won't even have to campaign.

  30. Obama never stopped campaigning that I know of.

  31. Wow, it's interesting that Conservatives are more interested in social issues than economic ones. Really, is abortion, contraceptives, gay rights, more important to their everyday survival than helping the middle class and the poor find equality in this country?? Go Obama 2012.

  32. Sounds like 100 good reasons never to vote for him.

  33. GOP goes to Limbo: Look skyward, clap hands, remain irrelevant.

  34. One wonders how many of these 'Christian' leaders are familiar with Rick's conduct as a PA Senator.

    On the other hand, if one quarter of them still support Gingrich, I have to conclude that I have no idea what their 'values' are.

  35. Obama will win for sure in 2012.

  36. All of this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Where in the Bible does Jesus praise "free enterprise" or capitalism? If there's a modern equivalent to the money-changers in the Temple, it has to be Bain. And Santorum wants to "save the passion" of personal attacks for Obama? How charitable. For someone who supposedly adheres to a religion of love and grace, Santorum is one of the most hate-filled people I have ever seen. The way in which he expresses disgust for anyone who does not agree with him is hardly presidential. The evangelical community never ceases to amaze me.

  37. Perhaps you'd like to read read the 25th chapter of Mathew verses 14-30 where there is a parable about taking what you have and improving upon it rather than being lazy. Also with regards to your comment about money changers, if you read John chapter 2 verses 13 - 16 you will see that they were driven out more because they were doing their business in the Holy Temple which was supposed to be reserved soley for things of a spiritual matter rather than because of what they were doing of itself. I do not know much about Santorum(Voting for Romney myself), but I have no problems with the free enterprise system.

  38. The evangelical crowd not only also amazes me but I have become convinced that they flat-out hate America.

  39. Is it any surprise that all the conservative Christian leaders mentioned at this powwow were men? Not even Phyllis Schlafly was worth inviting? Kiss the women's vote goodbye, Republicans!

  40. There was a great line in Downton Abbey last week:

    "Women don't have their own opinions. She'll get married and her husband will tell her what her opinion is."

  41. The country need not have worried about John F. Kennedy's Catholocism. He was not a menace. Rick Santorum is. He gives the rest of us Catholics a bad name for his self-righteous, sanctimonious extremism.

  42. Mazel tov! Now I know who to vote for.

  43. Evangelicals, God love them. They went with God,guns,gays and abortion, all with Ric Santorum. Responsible business folk of the creative destruction bent, go with Mitt Romney and Gingrich and Perry are heading populist. Spells disaster for the Republicans-- Obama merely has merely to tread water(he's getting good at it!) to win.So, 2012, here we come: speculative finance in the saddle, rich getting richer,inequality growing and folks don't have enough dough to buy, buy, buy. Looks like we're in a pickle.

  44. There's an audio clip of Santorum arguing with a group of people about gay marriage. He asks, "So, anybody should be able to marry anybody?" The crowd replies, "Well, YES, that's right!"

    And Santorum asks, "Well then one person should be able to marry three other people, right?"

    That wasn't a dig at Newt...Santorum was asking if gay marriage should be legal, then shouldn't polygamy also be legal?

    I'm always embarrassed by people like Santorum who are so willfully stupid. I'm also very suspicious of allegedly straight men who become so animated over the issue of gay rights.

  45. King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.
    Role ,model?

  46. Well, I'm definately not voting for Santorum, but I understand where he's coming from. If we disaprove of polygamy based on religious reasons, then why not disaprove of same sex marriages as well? Unless you're only against polygamy because 1 person having multiple spouses is just greedy?

  47. if people actually knew their history and did their research, they'd know that the Early Church actually sanctified same-sex marriages, and that they took place inside the churches while heterosexual marriages could only take place outside the church - we are a wilfully stupid society today

  48. Ironic how the so-called conservatives holler bloody murder about freedom when in fact their mission is to restrict the freedom of others.

  49. I think that last Christian leader's car was just stopped for not having a license plate.

  50. Ah, yes, "Christian leaders." As if Santorum doesn't have enough problems already(beginning with what has to be the world's largest --and dullest--collection of sweater-vests). This sounds a little like Tea Party endorsements of the likes of Michelle Bachmann.

  51. They did this today? Too late, people! Should've gotten yourselves organized at least 6 months ago, when it maybe could have done some good!

  52. I refuse to believe that Santorum is the Christian choice for president. Maybe the right-wing holier-than-thou bigot choice, but that's different. A lot different.

  53. Santorum is not just scary he sounds sick -- who brings home the corpse of a premature baby so the other children can "meet" the "baby"??? -- ewww --

    he thinks that birth control is "harmful" to women --

    if he was born in Afghanistan he would be a member of the Taliban...

    seriously, there is something very wrong with him....

  54. His wife is a neo-natal nurse and knows how this tragedy is managed. I think it's weird for us to shame her for sleeping with her dead "baby" as as a way of managing grief that's not unheard of. What's unheard of is her husband villifying the same choice for other women. It's as if he invented "partial birth abortion" to shelter himself from folks arguing his wife had one to save her life. The only diff was she chose to have oxytocin administered and deliver the dying fetus which her doctors must have deemed her capable of withstanding given her situation. But for others, delivery is a life threatenning risk.

    Yet, Santorum still argues exceptions for the life of the mother regarding his invented dividing line are "phoney" ways to get around the ban.

    He's the most screweduptapeletters I've seen walk the block.

  55. Not sure you are correct here, though I'm not sure you are wrong either.

    I am a hardcore atheist, and I don't like Mr. Santorum at all.

    But I am not sure we should dismiss someone bringing their dead child home like this as gross, crazy or bizarre.

    I don't think it is strange or bizarre that some people love their children *of any age* more than they love life itself.

    It is perhaps not the norm (not usual), but perhaps only because our *societal norms* have not evolved. Can anyone truly say what is "correct" behavior in such a tragedy?

    Of course, Mr. Santorum would be happy to dictate what is "correct" behavior in many situations that are none of his damn business. But let us be more flexible than Mr. Santorum in judging *his* behavior.

  56. "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

    — Mohandas Gandhi

  57. There are bad apples in every group. Its just sad that the negative always gets the attention so people don't see any of the wonderful charitable Christians out there doing a world of good. No necissarily to jta, but for the people who think all Christians are hateful people based on the ones that get media attention, then you must also be the people who think all Muslims are willing to be suicide bombers given the opportunity. Or all inner city kids are murderous gangbangers.... don't judge a group based on a headline.

  58. Dave,
    I couldn't agree more with your comment - there are many people that are doing much good in the name of Christ. I posted the quote, however, because far too many Christians also practice intolerance as part of their doctrine. I'm not a religious person, but I don't think this is what the Bible teaches.

    I don't have a problem with Christianity. I do have a huge problem with people who use religion as an excuse for not thinking for themselves. Hopefully, the quote will help some people see beyond their own prejudices.

  59. Is this the same Gandhi that as soon as he got into power unleashed the army of Inda on the people? When someone asked him what was the reason he used force; he said; "I use whatever is available, before all I had was passive resistance". So much for Gandhi- remember, movies are not reality.

  60. I guess these leaders didn't learn their lesson after George Bush JR.
    I don't like these evangelical leaders because they deny the right of good christains to make their own decision under the guise of the collective intelligence of the citizen's. I'm beginning to think the evangelical leaders are a front for the military.

  61. If this group remained even the slightest bit faithful (no pun intended) to Christianity's tenets, they would have the conscience and heart to support candidates that espouse policies in support of the poor, withering middle class, and basic human/civil rights.

    Instead, evangelicals and their hijacking of the right wing in recent decades only proves how out of touch they are with average Americans, and how much of a premium they place on dividing societies and pitting man against man. Homophobia, Islamophobia.... what other lies and garbage will these fundamentalists propogate?

  62. Sort of ugly. Like a KKK-fest. Horrifying.

  63. Great photo of the police checking ID's for entry to the meeting. Kinda reminds one of the Roman soldiers hired by Jesus to check ID's for entry to the Sermon on the Mount.

  64. "......some were concerned that his (Newt's) attacks on Mr. Romney’s work in private equity amounted to attacks on free enterprise." Churches are communal organizations, or so I thought. What does any church have to do with free enterprise? I like free enterprise too, but I pay my taxes. Maybe Newt does too, Does Romney? What did Jesus do? As I recall, he cast the moneychangers out of the temple - and that hardly means he was kind and gentle about it.

    Never mind that none of the represented churches pay any taxes. Geez, I guess they're somebody's god's super PAC. Do they have any clue that Santorum's relatives in Italy are all good communists? I do think it's clear that they understand that Romney is a Morman?

    Maybe these church leaders are just trying to drum up business. They'll have a lot more poor to feed and clothe if Romney and his cronies can enhance the plutocracy.

  65. Growth opportunity?

  66. Jesus would have as much to do with these Christianists as Lincoln would with today's Republicans.

    "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

  67. And Jesus paid taxes too!

  68. The 45th POTUS takes office on January 20, 2013.

  69. No, President Obama will take the oath of office for a second time next year. He is not the 44th, he is the 43rd. Usurpers don't count.

  70. "James C. Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, Donald E. Wildmon, the founder of the American Family Association, and Mr. [Tony] Perkins were among the organizers. "
    These names tell you everything you need to know about this meeting. Dobson and and Perkins have made their names by abusing religion and hungrily seeking power. They've built their names on doing harm to gay Americans, obsessively push discrimination and bigotry. Is this what the Evangelical movement has sunk to?

  71. Sadly, you are describing their high point.

  72. well, that seals his fate

  73. The summit of sanctimony likes Santorum, but just barely.

  74. The organized religiousity of these lemming pastors disgusts me. Even if I agree with their choice of babyface as president, what business do they have meddling in civic affairs? Do I step in to suggest how to order their worship?

  75. "Conservative Christian leaders" is an oxymoron. Jesus Christ was not a conservative. These "conservative Christian leaders" are fakirs. What do you suppose will be their ultimate reward for perverting Christ's gift?

  76. Mr. Santorum likes to talk about 'the issues", so maybe we'll get to hear another

  77. Supporting the anti-social policies of the GOP immediately DISQUALIFIES these religion-mongers from being Christian. Jesus would puke on all of them.

  78. This is not a group of pious believers, but a cadre of self-serving capitalists who manipulate religion to their own ends. And they support Santorum, why? Because he's just like them


  79. Why don't they draft Chuck Colson?
    Don't t they like jailbirds?

  80. Speaking of social values, what about the almost $400,000 in director fees and stock options Santorum earned from Universal Health Services, a publicly traded health-care management company that has been routinely cited by federal and state officials for violations ranging from Medicaid fraud to neglect and abuse of young patients?

  81. Wow, the Baptists in bed with the Catholics. Poor Al Smith must be spinning in his grave.

  82. O.K. This certainly complicate what the talking heads have been saying all week.
    Can Santorum benefit when his current polling in S.C. is lower than Perry. And how pi***d must Perry be now? What about non-conservative states? Will Repubs in non-conservative districts go along with Santorum???
    This will be interesting

  83. Now Santorum's toast for sure. It's not the 1980s. The Republicans and hard-core conservatives used to play the game so much more skillfully than the Demos, but this year, they continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

    These guys are old news. Their "issues:" are not what Americans care about right now, and further, the majority in this country does not agree with this crew on those issues anyway. Their endorsement may help Santorum with the far-right loonies in So. Carolina but it's a liability in the long run.

    I for one hope it helps Santorum get the nomination because he is a sure-fire loser in the general election.

    President Obama is going to laugh all the way to a second term if these guys keep up their antics.

  84. Isn't Wildom the guy who is trying to get "Threes Company" taken off the air?

  85. Christians should follow the teachings of Jesus,......not men.

  86. Jesus was not a chicken. He was a human being and encouraged people to treat other human beings with compassion and not judge them. That leaves out the GOP field this cycle.

  87. Outstanding.

    Santorum won't even be able to win the Republican nomination, much less the general election.

    This will, however, strip votes away from Gingrich and Romney, and encourage those two and Santorum to focus on eviscerating each other.

    ...thus leading the way to as much success as possible for Ron Paul.

    And the further Ron Paul gets, the better for this country.

  88. Ron Paul? Oh no! As Brer Rabbit said to Brer Fox, "Does what you want with me, but please don't throw me in the briar patch!"

  89. Well, I have to say, this actually worries me.

    Unlike other commenters, who use this opportunity to indulge a vitriolic hatred of both Republicans and religion, I AM a Republican; and, although I'm a relaxed agnostic, I respect those of faith.

    But a fairly strong announced preference for Rick Santorum, who, religion aside, is world-class weird and patently unelectable to the presidency, suggests that world-class weird is preferable not to political moderation but to Mormonism.

    It worries me because I can see an orchestrated program by a well-monied interest to demonize both Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, Jr. (both Mormons), who, together on the same ticket, would present an extremely powerful challenge to President Obama and (probably) Hillary Clinton; could serve as very distinguished president and vice-president at a turning point in our history; and could lead effectively in the effort to re-establish sustainable conservative principles in American governance,

    But an orchestrated, focused and intense campaign to demonize them, while it probably wouldn't deny at least Romney the nomination, could nevertheless do a great deal of damage and provide talking points to Mr. Obama that he doesn't need to be given.

    With respect, do you folks really want this outcome? Do you want Mr. Obama to be re-elected, merely to signal your disapproval of men who do not (precisely) sit within your particular tent?

  90. I am by nature a moderate Republican. I will leave the demonizing to others. There seems to be no shortage among the current crop of candidates willing to do that.

    But yes, I really would want Obama to be re-elected, if the Republican choice is Romney; the vice-presidency, an office with no power, is not worth mentioning.

    Romney is far too slippery. I have no idea what he would do in office--would he be the moderate who governed Massachusetts effectively, or would he be the far right shill who seems to be out of touch with reality, at least judging by the wacky, false things he is saying to get the nomination?

    And now Santorum is coming on strong. He is an extremist, who would like to overturn Griswold vs. Connecticut and attack Iran; I don't want the government telling me I can't buy birth control, and I don't want any more disastrous wars if we can possibly help it.

    I could have been convinced to vote Republican. But not by this crew.

  91. So, what you're saying is that you're surprised and disappointed to learn that religious conservative "leaders" are narrow-minded and intolerant. Have I got that right?

  92. I too consider myself a moderate Republican, but the spectre of Gingrich and Santorum puts the fear of G-d in me, under no circumstance would I consider either one of them for the highest office in the land.
    Gingrich turned out to be snake, Santorum is just plain weird.
    It seems a Mormon has no chance to be elected, Ron Paul is just as
    weird as Santorum minus the religiosity. So Obama it is for another
    term, let us hope he will be more mature by then.

  93. What were the police checking for?

  94. Making sure no secret muslins get in.

  95. intelligence ... but they didn't find any

  96. Any illegal social consciousness. Texas governor Rick Perry has outlawed them.

  97. These folks are little late to church, no?

  98. If they all united behind a man who created a charity where 75% of money raised went to Santorum's political cronies, who believes gays aren't people so they shouldn't be allowed to marry, who wants to impose his own version of religion on the country, then they are as phony as he is - neither real Christians nor leaders.

  99. The term "conservative christian" is an oxymoron.

  100. There is only one real Christian running for president this year. And I hope he is reelected for a second term.

  101. These so called "religious leaders" would not recognize Jesus if he walked up and punched them in the face. If Jesus does come back these "evangelical leaders" will be the last to accept or recognize him.
    Jesus will probably be born of immigrant parents maybe hispanic, he will spend his days verbally thrashing these so called leaders and their mega-churches. His entourage will have a few openly gay men and women, as well as people of all different races and creeds of people.
    He will spend his nights sleeping at shelters, healing the sick in hospital waiting rooms and some days may even camp out outside an abortion clinic to comfort the young women who have made that painful choice without judging them.
    You may even see him preaching outside a strip club converting people and talking with pimps and prostitutes and drug dealers.
    The result, just like last time, is these "religious leaders" will conspire to trip him up and will once again have him killed.

  102. Hello, I'm not quite sure that Jesus, if he were on the earth today, would be hanging at the front a strip joint. Would he do that so he could catch people before and after they committed adultery according to his definition of adultery (see below)?

    Matthew 5:27-28
    “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

    Jesus also viewed marriage as the only expression of sexuality (see below)

    Matthew 19:4, 6
    Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,...So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

    Finally, I can tell you that the Bible condemns homosexuality and thus, Jesus would not have openly homosexual disciples traveling with him.

    1 Corinthians 6:9 (this written by the Apostle Paul)

    Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men

  103. Cullen, you are proof-texting. For every example you give, a Bible-scholar or even a casual Bible reader could readily give you one that cancels out each of your own examples, because you are cherry-picking words out of context to promote and support your own beliefs.

    And, btw, Paul and his words do not equal Jesus. What? You're not going to quote Paul on how its a sin for a woman to cut her hair?

    And, re your comment that Jesus would not be hanging out at a strip joint. I take it you're not familiar with his defense of the prostitute about to be stoned when he said, "Let those without sin cast the first stone." ?

    Read more. Talk less.

  104. I'm sorry Cullen but your argument is not convincing. You are piecing together scraps of scripture to support your own beliefs. One only needs to look at how Jesus treated Mary Magdelan, a prostitute, to understand what he was trying to teach us. He did not attend councils of Pharisees. He healed the sick, fed the poor, and counseled individuals on turning their lives around. He did not judge them or allow others to do so. Are you more pious than Jesus that you dare condemn gay people or a woman who has an abortion? Get your own self right with your god and leave the rest of us alone.

  105. It seems to me these conservative Christians don't need their Social Security benefits .Santorum will make sure it 's the first to go.

  106. I doubt this Republican cleric could get enough votes to be prez.

  107. Which is a great reason to make a contribution to his campaign.

  108. American Catholics and Jews should unite to suuport, their own candidate! But they won't ,because I suspect the overwhelming majority of them, like most mainstream Protestants, and others, did not come to these blessed shores to create a theocracy, but rather to bask in the glow, of the real, E Pluribus Unum!

  109. Endorsing someone with such bizarre views does not speak well for these religious leaders. Mr. Perkins is an odd choice for anyone to consider a religious leader. Mr. Perkins is an odd choice for anyone to consider a religious leader.

  110. "what business do they have meddling in civic affairs? Do I step in to suggest how to order their worship?"

    Do you have a problem with African-American pastors recommending a presidential choice too?

  111. Yes. If religions paid their way as the rest of us do they could make whatever political recommendations they want; if not they should pipe down just like every other tax-exempt organization.

  112. Remove tax exemptions immediately.

  113. Absolutely ! Take away their tax exemptions and watch the pastors of many "mega-churches" lock the doors and jet to the Caymans to pick up their ill-gotten gains, never to be seen again. Perhaps then their parishoners will be forced to use THEIR brains to choose who to vote for in elections.

  114. This is fantastic news. I am thinking about making a $50 contribution to Santorum or one of his super PACs. His nomination would all but ensure the re-election of Obama.

  115. FYI: why Santorum sits so well with these so-called Conservative Christians

    They all know how to fleece the flock.

    For example: Santorum managed to get the citizens of Penn. to pay for his children's homeschooling while they lived in Virginia. When the state of Penn. realized they were being used, they wanted Santorum to pay for the schooling, and the company that did the homeschooling program tried to work out a deal where Santorum would pass a smaller fee than usual, but Santorum refused. Instead, Santorum stopped using the homeschooling program. And,yes, the state of Penn. got stuck with a big bill.

    Can't beat these con-artists who wrap themselves up in the cloak of Christianity.

  116. I really do believe that God is desperately trying to help his poor confused followers see the light.

    What could be more against the teachings of the Bible than a group of so-called Christian leaders gathering together to support capitalism and at the same time to trying to influence a secular election. Whatever happened to "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's?" Will they make it back to their mega-churches in time for Sunday services?

    Though I do not support Mitt Romney, I am shocked at the depths of the Christian conservative dislike for him. The ministers would have been much better off consulting their consciences and announcing their support for Santorum individually without this summit. This kind of coordination makes them part of a political organization that should pay taxes. Can it be any more clear that these are not Christian leaders?

  117. The Meeting in Texas would best be described as a gathering of Pharisees.

  118. Yes, and they ,should all give up their riches and don sackcloth and ashes and walk barefoot to show contrition.

  119. Religion and government are like oil and water - they don't mix. Social conservatism is apostasy, the antithesis of what Jesus taught. Radicals have invaded and now occupy leadership roles in the Republican Party. These radicals are attacking our Constitution and all of the holy books.

  120. With this endorsement they know that Santorum can't win, and it would make them look like the hypocrites to endorse Romney,and they know that Romney will get the nomination so if Romney picks Santorum as his running mate the bible thumpers will vote this time, and magic Romney becomes the next President but I don't think it will work it will just be a close election Obama will still win.

  121. Romney will not pick Santorum as his running mate, as Santorum would cost him votes just as Palin cost McCain in 2008.

    He'll pick Chris Christie to get independents or Todd Portman to get Ohio.

    I don't see how Romney could pick someone who thinks he's not Christian and hates his religion.

  122. Mitt has more money.

  123. There are a lot of negative comments here about Christianity. I can imagine the outrage of NYT readers if the same comments were made about Judaism or Islam.

  124. In my opinion, these are well-reasoned comments based upon honest evaluation of Rick Santorum's lunacy.

  125. "There are a lot of negative comments here about Christianity. I can imagine the outrage of NYT readers if the same comments were made about Judaism or Islam"

    You can imagine...but it wouldn't happen. Those religions are the same made up stupid nonsense. It would be members of those religions that defend their turf just as your trying (and failing) to do now.

    Spread the love...

  126. Joe, it's not about Christianity. It's about a right-wing cabal that thinks it represents Christianity but really represents its own power to keep women barefoot and pregnant, keep the poor poor, keep kids ignorant and make the laws of the US the laws of the Bible. They do not represent Christianity any more than the American Israel Political Action Committee represents me as a Jew. They represent their own interests. This isn't about Jesus but about Mammon.

  127. This is pretty great news for those who actually care about this country.

    By that I mean if Santorum is nominated Obama won't even have to campaign to win the election.

    "It all comes from, I would argue, this right to privacy that doesn't exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution." - Rick Santorum on sexual freedom in the US

    On another note it still has not dawned on me how a Conservative Christian can:

    1.) Explain the sanctity of life and support the death penalty. (thou shall not kill, anyone?)

    2.) Completely ignore everything said in the bible about the needy.

    3.) Talk about freedom and hows its "disappearing" while explaining to us that apparently some freedoms are more free then others.

    4.) Two words: Intelligent Design.

    5.) "God loves everyone" - except for: liberals, Mexicans, poor people, everyone in the middle east, gays, China, Obama, Mitt Romney, the media... I mean the list goes on.

    And claim to "love god"

    That's right, because social/christian conservatism is a made up branding tool devised by Jerry Falwell in the 80's to revive the Republican party and actually has no meaning beyond whatever santorum (Ayo!) people like Perkins and Dobson spew out of their...mouths.

  128. Curious no, that Southern Evangelical Protestants end up endorsing a Northeastern Catholic? Perhaps, if I am more prayerful the answer will be made manifest, even to a sinner such as I (ie. not one of them, of course).

  129. I have just started re-reading Margaret Atwood's novel, "The Handmaids's Tale" and now I read here how so-called Christians want to support Santorum.

    Please, Please Ms. Atwood, be sure there is room for American women in your home country Canada!

  130. I too am thinking of moving to Canada. And the great thing is, with global warming (which will never be addressed with Republicans in power) it won't be so cold there! Win-win! (or maybe Lose-Win?)

  131. Do not despair. It's only a little less than half the country that's crazy. We did elect Barack a few short years ago, and we will elect him again. Stay here and fight for your country!

  132. Two things.

    First, these evangelicals were never going to support a Mormon. They'd back an atheist before they would back a Mormon. Someday in the future, maybe. Not now.

    Second, this endorsement was not an endorsement of Santorum per se. It was an anti-Romney endorsement. These folks do not think that Santorum will win the nomination. What they think is that with Ron Paul staying in until the convention, no candidate will go to that convention with enough votes to win on a first ballot. Then, the horse trading begins. America hasn't seen an open convention in a really long time. I wonder if the odds in Las Vegas of Chris Christie being the nominee just got more favorable.

  133. Or Sarah Palin.

  134. Mitt Romney will be the nominee. Obama is Toast.

  135. The article should have been titled "Religious Leaders, Seeking to Block a Mormon, Back Santorum"

    I mean, it says it all, when 20% of these "conservatives" back a thrice-married Gingrich... As a catholic and a republican I can honestly say I am embarrassed.

    It speaks VOLUMES that both the republican "brain trust" and the religious right are so desperate to block Romney they attack the foundations of capitalism and wound the man so badly as to ruin his chances against Obama should he gain the nomination... If you want an end to the status quo, the radically partisan politics and, instead, someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS something about the economy (and therefore better able to fix it)? The choice is becoming clear...

  136. As an evangelical I find it very disconcerting that unnamed evangelical leaders appear to speak for the entire movement. The group which met in Texas may be considered influential religious leaders by others but they do not speak for all evangelicals. The fact that their names are not listed nor was a list given to the press, is unfair. Who are these people? Were they all men? Where were they from? Why did they feel compelled to meet in such a manner? I'm disgusted.

  137. Carol, can't they have a meeting in secret and not tell anyone their names, or what they are up to, or anything else. After all the right to privacy is still in effect isn't it.

  138. You kind of voluntarily give up your right to privacy when you start making broad statements to the press, dontcha think, Randall? And why should anyone listen to these people if they don't have the cahones to speak their names?

  139. Locate the churches of these 150 Pastors and begin collecting the back taxes due immediately. Through such a meeting and such an endorsement they have clearly crossed the line of separation between church and state.

  140. Since when was Jesus a supporter of 1) Dirty Air 2) Dirty Water 3) Raping the poor 4) Exalting the rich 5) Bigotry 6) Hatred 7) Capitalism? - This group of religions banding together is not a worthy of a Christian designation. It's an occult promoted by Republican evangelicals.

  141. The infamous "Santorum Amendment" (written by a born-again lawyer) showed Santorum's support for the scientific illiteracy of intelligent design creationism, the anti-science / anti-evolution pseudoscience so beloved by the fundagelical dominionists who have now annointed Santorum. A presidential candidate who supports a return to the Dark Ages of willful ignorance is strangely inappropriate for 21st-century America.

  142. So some people who proclaim themselves to be "Christian", I suppose more "Christian" than others, think they have a better handle than anyone on the proper person to lead this country. Really? And how many of these people opposed Reagan, either Bush, gargantuan tax cuts for the rich and financial sector de-regulation. Disgusting....

  143. Great news. Certainly improves Santorum's chances of getting the nomination. He'd get my vote. I supported Obama in '08, but my views have been "evolving."

  144. "Evolving"? Sounds like Devo to me. But seriously, how in the world can anyone who supposedly supported Obama in 08 claim they would vote for Santorum this year? On nearly every issue, they are diametrically opposed. Have you undergone a complete mental makeover? Or are you not being entirely truthful here?

  145. Evolving or Devolving?

  146. Someone left the door of the asylum ajar -- the religious lunatics are loose & they are all in the Republican Party!
    The Republican Party have become the party of hate and bigotry against gays -- when human rights should be their mantra. Being left-handed or being gay is just as natural! The Republican Party is being manipulated by extreme religious wackos -- who are destroying the integrity and compassion of the United States. Kids are being bullied and committing suicide while the adults are basing their hateful beliefs on a fictional character! Insanity has overcome the United States! http://www.BogusHocusPocus.com

  147. Oh, no! I'm a left-handed gay atheist...guess i won't run for President after all!

  148. Shows the intelligence of the funny-mentalist elders to choose Santorum when he is sinking in the polls.

  149. 100 more reasons not to vote Republican.

  150. Excellent insight! Spot on! Kudos to you!

  151. Sanctus San(c)torum will be a minor distraction in the current primaries. He is also, at somewhere around a million in negotiable assets, the poorest. His best strategy is to build a house of fame and sign on with a good agent for the big bucks of the podium by playing to his strengths as a hot speaker. Presumably, he can easily earn a few million a year. It will alter his perspective on life when he begins to savor its riches. He will not have the success of Palim, but he will do more than okay. Then in four years, he can try again. Which means making sure that Romney doesn't win by slamming Mitt plenty in the meantime, not quite like the Gingrich gang but close.

  152. Think about this....Evangelicals hold a meeting to discuss how to vote as a block to try to keep a Mormon....Mitt Romney from being nominated.
    Does ANYONE ELSE have a problem with this?
    What IF all Catholics, or all Mormon's held a meeting to decide who to vote for?
    What IF all White, Black, or other racial group did the same?
    Who is your Pastor to tell YOU how or who to vote for?
    What about your own God given conscience, your mind, your Agency to act in accordance to your own opinions.
    This is WRONG.
    IT is dangerous.
    Evangelicals should vote their own conscience...not what some Pastor says.
    Afterall, is the Pastor God?

  153. No. The Pastor just thinks he/she is.

  154. When I was 22, and ready to vote in my first election, my protestant minister stood up in the pulpit and told us the Pope would run America if we voted for J.F. Kennedy for President. I never attended that church again.
    It has been published in the newspaper during past elections that various Catholic Priests told their parishioners who they should and should not vote for.
    I have nothing against Christianity or any other faith, but it is not relevant to the issue of goverance that Rick Santorium says "We always need a Jesus candidate." This is fine as long as he remains just a candidate!
    Our constitution decreed that church and state be kept separate for very good reasons. Unfortunately, this small well organized sub-group of fundamentalist evangelicals would impose on all of us their dark intolerant, theocratic vision of America.
    We should be very scared.

  155. Religious organizations should lose their tax-exempt status if they openly dabble in politics.

  156. Though those of "religious" persuasion try
    to destroy the perceptive eye
    that benefits man and accrue thereby from the science- view
    they will endure to their grave
    the notion that man is above the machinations of the universe.

  157. Every one of the churches, ministries and ministers who participated in this clearly political activity should see their tax-exempt status come to an end. Every one of them, period.

    It's time for these businessmen and their secretive business ventures to render to ceasar that which is ceasars.

    Enough of the free ride for these parasitic confidence men. Tax them and tax them now.

  158. They haven't adhered to the "Separation of Church and State" but want to Integrate the Church with the State when it is in their best interest. They only want the separation when it involves paying taxes.

  159. Amen. We're just subsidizing these people to be sinners under their own nominal religions. They all take God's name in vain.

  160. Yes, Tombo, I've said this for years! how do they steal from the IRS while being more political than almost anyone else in America?

  161. The Evangelicals will probably fall in line and vote for Romney in the Fall. Their hatred or President Obama (for reasons that we all understand) will trump their bigotry against Mormons. Luckily this is a group that is shrinking in size and influence each year. Does the average American really want to outlaw contraception and abortion? Do we want to start a new war with Iran next January? Santorum is so far right that he could never be elected in the general election. Or at least that is what we hope, but our nation is at risk whenever there is someone so unqualified running for president.

  162. I am a religious conservative and I would not have anything to do with this group of bias men who think they are religious. If anyone looks into their back grounds it would scare a sane person. They just do not want a Mormon which makes them a ugly group of religiously biased men. They would rather vote for a guy who is not ready to be President and who could cost the Republicans the win against Obama. I hope they know that most of us are smarter than they are.....this group would not have voted for a Catholic when JFK ran and now they will not vote for a Mormon.

  163. As I think of these people I think of a book about Narcissism and Social Pathetic mental disorder which I read sometime ago "Snake in Suits" so much reminds me of these preachers.

  164. Yep...just like always...someone in Texas is ruining what religion is for again...and as usual...it's your pick...either the Republican party or the Democratic party.
    Agnosticism is a better word for the politicians involved...with their goal (or worship) money.

  165. Excuse moi, but in the 21st Century in these United States a religious sect like the Evangelicals want to chose a President for us? Don't they know that the founders of this nation were against just such happenings?
    I am not a fan of Obama, nevertheless seeing what dangerous nonsense is going on among the Republicans, I plan to vote for Obama. You know
    the old saying "better the devil you know, etc. etc."
    Obama though left leaning is of our time, the Republicans like their pet, Santorum, belongto the dark ages of provincial 18th and 19th century.

  166. Careful about speaking French there, friend!

  167. I'm more interested in the fact that they're backing any candidate, not who that candidate is. Revoke their tax exempt status right now!!!!!

  168. You hit nail right on its head, but who will take this and push it thru, one day we need to kill off the head of the religious privilege that is killing our country but for now we just can't push laws like that thru to keep them out of politics.

  169. Has this country lost its mind? We live in a democracy, not a theocracy. Let anybody endorse anyone he wants to, but the individual elected as President has to be the President of all the citizens of the United States. I respect those who are strong in their faith, as long as they do not try to impose their religious beliefs on me. Santorum and these Evangelicals who voted to support him appear to want to do just that and that is unacceptable. Most thinking people can decide for themselves how they should conduct their private lives. The arrogance of this small group of people and those who facilitate their power grab--including the press who over represent their power-is mind-blowing. Santorum should think about becoming a church leader, not the leader of the FREE world.

  170. He can be a church leader right after he loses.

  171. Has this country lost its mind? No just a part of it has gone the deep end.

  172. These so-called Christian evangelical "leaders" have picked the right man in Santorum - someone who reflects their narrow, nasty view of America and life. They exclude women, gays, Mormons, and everyone who doesn't look or think as they do from their from their small circle. All these leaders are middle-aged white men. Not a woman or person of color in sight (and thank goodness for that).

    To describe today's Mitt Romney as "moderate" is bizarre. I don't know how he's going to appeal to actual moderates or independents. Of course, the electorate can be fooled, so we'll see.

  173. Now, be fair. The "evangelical" leaders aren't all "middle-aged white men". They include some downright old white men, too.

  174. This is bad news for America and the rest of the World for such a religious fanatic who is the American equivalent of Khomeini to get this close to the presidency. I find the hypocrisy of the evangelical right breathtaking to on the one hand talk about the sanctity of foetal life yet refusing to pay reasonable taxes to support decent healthcare or gun control. The absence of which leads to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths of REAL people. Lets hope Santorum loses badly.

  175. Don't blame the crazy people for been crazy ask your self like in Muslim country where are the moderates in all this. I know where the Atheist are on this crazy stuff but where are the sane Christians because I don't see them around.

  176. How can religious bigotry still be rampant in this country? Isn't freedom of religious preference one of the reasons our forefathers came to this land? Of all the things the American voters have had to overlook these past few years, from office holder infidelity to fraud to vote tampering to ignoring basic tenets of the Constitution, now we are asked to look at a candidate and judge if he is Christian enough! These so called religious conservatives appear to practice very little real Christianity in their lives.
    How sad!

  177. Wouldn't it be nice if this were the swan song of these ignorant and bigoted people?
    It won't be, but we can always dream.

  178. I don't recognize what the Republican Party has become, and I don't recognize what their Christianity has become. If they get to go to Heaven, thanks anyway.

  179. There is too much religion and money in politics. It is corrupt.

  180. Too much money in religion.

  181. John, I recall Allen Ginsburg once saying, "If someone who calls themselves a Christian owns more than two suits, they are shucking and jiving you." I guess that lets all the rich politicos out of the club. I'd like to poll all the 'evangelical' leaders at the Texas meeting to back Santorum to see how many suits each of them own.

  182. When did Jesus and Hate become synonymous? Not what I learned in Sunday School.

  183. Read the old testament a bit more, that is depending on your believes the father of jesus or jesus himself made human, either way its all a mental disorder of the highest.

  184. Contraception is an economic issue for young people, abortion is an economic issue for women, and gay rights is an economic issue for gays.

  185. Please disregard anything and everything said by Evangelical leaders concerning political endorsements. It's anti Biblical, but apparently they missed that part.

    Matthew 16:23. But He (Jesus) turned and said to Peter ( in this case, all those evangelical "leaders") "Get behind Me Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men".

    Anyone still doubt the truth of God's word?

    What people do in the name of God! No wonder the world is in the state it's in.
    Pharisees all.

  186. Now when did theocrat's ever actually read or follow their own religious text.

  187. This is a diabolical match made in Hades. They deserve each other. America deserves much, much better. I hope Americans realize they deserve much better. Sometimes I wonder if they do. And that worries me.

  188. America ceased deserving to exist a long time ago.

  189. "Evangelical Bigotry" is redundant.

  190. My ancestors came here to escape religious persecution. All these people want to do is impose their religious beliefs on the rest of the country.

  191. not any more than you want to impose your rights on others.
    far more persecution of christians than liberal groups imo.
    christians are being attacked from almost every angle while
    all others are being left free to do as they wish.

    at least be honest?

  192. [[Dave
    Arlington, WA
    I understand where he's coming from. If we disaprove of polygamy based on religious reasons, then why not disaprove of same sex marriages as well? ]]

    Dave -

    Marriage is a civil matter. The people involved never need to set foot in a church, mosque or temple. It's a contract, as anyone who has ever gotten divorced can tell you. If TWO people want to enter into a contract, with all its attendant risks and benefits, then they should be allowed to do so. Gay, straight, whatever.

    Marriage has very, very little to do with God or religion. Marriage is about property rights, insurance benefits, tax breaks, inheritance, child custody and the like. Why should gays have fewer rights on these matters than heterosexual couples?

    Santorum is a Catholic. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says "Divorce is a grave offense against the natural law. It claims to break the contract, to which the spouses freely consented, to live with each other until death. Sacramental marriage is the sign of the covenant of salvation, to which divorce does incredible injury. Contracting a new union, even if it is recognized by civil law, adds to the gravity of the rupture: the remarried spouse is then in a situation of public and permanent adultery."

    I'd like to see him come out (so to speak) against allowing people to get a divorce. It's a logical extension of his line of "thinking."

  193. Best thing to happen to Obama's campaign yet. Keep it coming!

  194. Theocracy actively funded by the .one percent' has already wasted eight precious years during GWB era and brought the country to economic ruin.When will the country learn from the past.

  195. I believe the saying goes: 'The only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history.'

  196. I was sure that the headline said "seeking sanity", but then I read it again.

  197. These charlatans have done untold harm to this nation for decades!

  198. This sure looks like Texas. Why were police officers checking people?

  199. And they wonder in angst why evangelical "Christianity" in the US continues to wither on the vine.

    They feel that they are gradually being marginalized by US society, and they don't like it one whit, yet they refuse to believe that they themselves cause it, by their own dogmatic extremism.

    They are extreme because they are immersed in fear. Fear that if the majority of people reject their personally defined faith then they just might be WRONG. And for them, that is completely untenable. GOD is NOT WRONG!

    If they can't increase their ranks in their pews, if they can't create more adherents, then certainly they must enter the political sphere and attempt to regulate it and require it BY LAW. After all, God TOLD them to do so.

    Scary, desperate stuff.

  200. Bigotry is alive and well right on this comment thread. Do none of you see the hypocrisy of accusing others of bigotry when one's own comments are rife with it?

  201. The issue for most of us 'bigots' is the 'do as we say, not THE do as we do,
    actions of many you sanctimonious, pseudo pious hypocrites.

  202. Looking at the list of Evangelicals, I'd say they represent a very narrow (and very conservative) band of the Evangelical spectrum.

  203. Conventional wisdom in presidential politics has always been that, to win, a candidate/party must attract a significant number of voters in the middle. This even held true for Reagan who, while he was conservative, attracted those "Reagan Democrats". Barry Goldwater demonstrated what happens when you ignore the middle. I maybe wrong, but I don't know what more the GOP could do to alienate the middle.

    First, they spend a year holding a gun to the economy's head and then overstep badly on the payroll tax thing. Recently, it's obvious that voters are taking note of this overreach and hating it.

    Second, with Santorum's anointment, we have amazing return to the culture wars of the '80s. My goodness, nobody outside of the rabid evangelical core of the GOP that met this week will be anything but disgusted by a candidate who opposes birth control. That was resolved back in the 70 for cripes sake!

    The GOP couldn't do more to alienate independents could it?

  204. One of the differences between these religious leaders and the Mormons is:

    Many of these evangelical ministers will go before their Church congregations tomorrow and endorse Santorum (except for the ones who still endorse Gingrich).

    But nowhere in the country will a Mormon bishop (or higher leader) get up in a church meeting and endorse any candidate - not even Romney. Nor will such endorsements be made in writing. Any leader who allowed that to happen would quickly be released from his leadership position by higher authorities.

    It is true that the LDS Church takes positions on issues...usually positions with which all of these evangelical leaders agree.... but Mormon leaders do not get involved in partisan politics.

    Are most Latter Day Saints Republicans? Yes. That is so because of issues, not because of the actions or positions (about parties or candidates) on the part of their church leaders. In fact, that partisan affiliation is almost in spite of - not because of - the statements and actions of LDS leaders.

  205. Prop 8.

  206. The lead photo – police officers checking guests arriving at the meeting – scares me most.

    Why are public-trust employees, paid for by taxpayer money, playing the role of private security guards for a private meeting?

  207. Ron Paul, a patriot, who has honorably served his country, defends both the constitution and civil liberties, and is for peace and prosperity. Dr. Paul has the wisdom, foresight, honesty and integrity to be president.

    Dr. Paul believes spending and deficits are destroying this country. Dr. Paul's budget plan would save $1 trillion in the first year. Besides the spending cuts, there are other issues of importance to voters. For conservatives, Dr. Paul scores an A on all of them: Second Amendment protection, pro-life record, right-to-work, pro-business, anti-tax, states' rights, you name it.

    Dr. Paul also believes America should have the strongest national defense on earth — which he believes begins with not trying to constantly police the earth. Right now, our government puts our best and bravest in harm's way on a regular basis for questionable reasons and with no discernible notion of victory. This is not supporting the troops. It's abusing them. Dr. Paul wants an end to this absurd, costly policy.

    The voters have declared Dr. Paul the alternative to the liberal, flip flopping Mitt Romney. The other candidates are simply irrelevant. In the New Hampshire Primary, Dr. Paul received more votes than all the supposed Anti-Romney (Santorum, Gingrich, and Perry) candidates combined.

    The question for Republican voters is not whether they can afford to vote for Dr. Paul - it's whether they can afford not to.

    America Needs Ron Paul.

  208. Ron Paul is a lot of things but I wouldn't tout his civil liberties credentials when he supports Texas' right to intrude on a woman's body as much as he does. And calling him "doctor" doesn't make him any more credible on this point. In fact, advocating these intrusions on the doctor/patient relationship would seem to disqualify him from continuing to use that title.

  209. Doesnt bother you that Ron Pauls policies will destroy the US?

  210. who is paying for the sheriff's deputies in the photo to check the identification of people invited to a private event on private property? Surely not the taxpayers. That would be socialism.

  211. Evangelicals, Religious Fanatics and Deity Radicals are the most misguided humans on the planet and are totally out of touch with politics when they vote for a politician based on religious ideology - I mean don't they even consider the other issues? Look at how this country took a beating after all the out of focus Christians voted for GWB. I remember someone telling me "It is our Duty as Christians to Vote for Bush". I couldn't believe my ears - sic! All one needs to do is listen to Pat Robertson for 10 minutes to realize what quacks these people really are. So they were against Stem Cell Research but not the thousands of innocent Men, Women and Children that died on account of their political choice.
    I only hope they possibly have learned something from the New England Patriots Game against their "Hero Tebow" and his nonsense about a deity preference in a football game - how ridiculous. It really is sad and I feel sorry for them - but then again they bring about a certain fear within me and remind me of the Salem Witch Hunts and the Christian Crusades and other Religious Fanatical Atrocities that are strewn about through the annals of human history.
    I guess they haven't yet grasped the idea of Separation of church and state.

  212. Conservative values voters and their leaders are not good at analysis and facts. They are so used to the evangelist business model that they just don't see much else.

    Romney is seen as the most qualified candidate to run against Obama outiside of the red state zone but the values leadership does not know when or how to tune into what most other GOP folks say is common sense.

    But here I go again. What makes most sense does not matter in the World of Political Evangelism which is exemplifies by what just happened out on the Texas ranch.

    It's called "drinking your own whiskey."