Yahoo’s Renovator in Chief

Scott Thompson, PayPal’s president, will try to revamp Yahoo, the struggling online media company. He succeeds Carol Bartz, who was dismissed in September.

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  1. Good! Maybe he will stop the geeks from fixing stuff that isn't broken and leave what is left of our privacy intact! I've been a member of Pay Pay for a lot of years now and there has never ONCE been a problem for me or anyone I know. I think it is because they don't keep messing around with everything all the time.

  2. This does seem reasonable commment, of the big Tech companies paypal does seem to be about the only one to have the right attitude towards privacy.

  3. Just don't get crossways with them.

  4. PayPal is the antithesis of Yahoo. PayPal operates on a shoestring budget and shoots fish in a barrel in its niche operations. Yahoo will need a dynamic leadership to either be attractive to would-be buyers or to stand on its own. To water Yahoo down to nothing simply to sell it off should be not a viable option for shareholders or investors. What needs to happen at yahoo is a reinvention of core concepts long dismissed by the leadership of the company, useful services and a fun and rebellious alternative to the status quo, not a bad immitation of the competition. Yahoo needs to be Yahoo again, not google, facebook or any other "leader" in the field. There's nothing wrong with being second place if you're good at it! Yahoo!

  5. So the roll of the newly unemployed will be up by at least one for the next reporting. It will be interesting, though, if along with the number, they also report the salaray (including bonuses) not made by the unemployed. In line with the usual mutual back scrating practice, I'd like to wish Ms Carol Bartz well, along with her "earned" bonuses and golden parachutte. At least being laid off is no hardship for her and she does not have to suffer the indignity of lining up for the measely unemployment benefit! That's what make America great - the haves will always have and the have-nots not.

    I hope this comment will not be construed as "class warfare" and I will not be labeled as a "Socialist", or worse. For full disclosure I am retired and so do not have to worry about being laid off either.

  6. she'll still take whatever unemployment she can get

  7. yahoo brings in a new ceo to complete the sale of the failing company

  8. Google's business is advertising. (not discounting revenue from storage and corporate services) Not search engine. Not email. Not Google Plus. So what is the new Yahoo strategy? They need to either develop an advertising niche that picks away at Google's dominance or they need to develop a new revenue stream that uses their millions of users. Why not provide an alternative to Paypal? Can they push into the cloud? Does anyone remember Netscape? Nor will they remember Yahoo either. If Yahoo is to survive and grow it will only be the name that survives and not its current business model.

  9. Yahoo still matters? People tremendously use Paypal but people still use Yahoo? Bad move Scott.

  10. Hey there "Napoleon", self appointed ruler of what people do, read the article before you make a fool of yourself with your poorly thought out comments, again. I'm sure the 700 million users don't matter to you or your agenda. Republican?

  11. The problem with Yahoo is the Board of Directors, who seem to have little understanding of their current user base and far less understanding of the future. The broad Yahoo brand has deteriorated even though certain verticals are very strong.

    I previously worked with Carol Bartz at Sun Microsystems and knew her as a strong executive who obviously didn't suit the Yahoo board's vision.

    I sincerely wish Mr. Thompson success as there are many good people depending upon long careers at Yahoo. His first challenge is not the employees or technology but a board that doesn't know what line of business they want to be in and how to get there.

  12. I'm happy the way Yahoo is right now. I love Yahoo mail, and I enjoy having Yahoo as my homepage: the news, the blogs, the gossip. For important stuff -search, translation, maps- I use Google. And for fun: Youtube and some blogs. Zero Facebook and zero Twitter, and my online life is perfect.

    What would make me -a happy Yahoo user for 16 years- pay something for Yahoo's services?


  13. I stopped using Paypal after their treatment of Julian Assange. Wonder if this guy was the brains behind that move.

  14. It certainly helped that EBay required sellers to offer PayPal and its additional charges in order to list an item. The Department of Justice refused my request to prosecute EBay for using tie in sales which are an antitrust violation.

  15. The 1%ers are all one big, happy family. They're all each others' best men at their weddings, godparents to each other offsprings, on the board of directors of each others' company. So heartwarming to watch, sliding on down from one criminal entity to the next. No wonder the Mafia is history. They can't possibly compete with these snakes.

  16. Don't leave out the part where they send their kids to the same private schools, so that they might avoid the social engineering prescribed for the rest of us.

  17. This is going to be fun!

  18. Anyone who has ever used PayPal would scratch their head at hiring from that company. I wouldn't hire Mr. Thompson to walk my dogs let alone turn around Yahoo.

  19. Paypal, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook--we fiddle while Rome burns. We need a Henry Ford, strong labor unions and banks thst lend to the business across the streeet.

    Sadly, we have fanancial speculation, twits like Romney and Obama and globalization--whatever that means--and plesae don't let Tom Friedman tell me.

  20. Isn't Paypal one of the firms that stopped Wikileaks payments?. If so, I don't like them.

  21. Yahoo needs to stop the impression they are trapped in Web 1.0. I've been a Yahoo email user almost since they started and I do little beyond the inbox with them. Hiring Thompson won't stop a flailing brand with no direction and as some other commentators have noted, no real understanding of it's dwindling user base.

  22. I've worked at both of these companies, and am very fond of them both. Scott will be a great CEO at the Y!, they couldn't have made a better choice. Fair winds Scott!


  23. In the following sentence, the Yahoo name was omitted--a grammatical disaster: "Mr. Thompson, analysts say, will probably push to harvest more advertising dollars from all the consumer data it collects from people using its popular e-mail service and visiting its sites, which cover a range of topics including finance, sports and gossip. "

    By "asset swap" is Mr. Lohr referring to employees?

    Has the Yahoo "back door" access problem been eliminated or is that on the to-do list?

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  25. 13,000 employees and apparently not one of them was presidential material. HP had 230,000 employees and not one of them was presidential material. It just going to show you, doing a good job is just a waste of time.