Lobbyist Is Expected to Plead Guilty in Corruption Case

Richard J. Lipsky, who was accused of directing about $260,000 of his lobbying fees to shell companies linked to State Senator Carl Kruger, was expected to plead guilty Wednesday in Manhattan.

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  1. Another one bites the dust. Shades of the corruption scandal plagued Koch admiinistration. Lawyers and politics are a volatile mixture.

  2. The NYT seems to have managed to avoid mentioning the political party of anyone involved in this scandal until the very last graph of the piece. What do you know - they are Democrats. Somehow, I can't help but think that if the bribe payer or corrupt State Senator had been a Republican, that fact would have been more prominently featured.

    In the same vein, I recently saw an op-ed piece beating the drums against voter ID laws that included the statement that there is very little / virtually none / almost non-existent levels of fraud, while on the same day a voter fraud involving Democrats was wrapping up in upstate NY.

    Don't get me wrong - Republicans have more than enough corruption and issues. It's just that I wish the premier paper of record was not so hugely, obviously biased in reporting of the various problems of our political system.

  3. Keep going after them, but please get them to pay enough in fines to cover their stay in our luxury prisons!

  4. "Luxury prisons". The Rule of Law applies to all. There should be no sentencing to these types of prisons. In fact, why do they even exist? Let all felons be treated the same; whether men of power and wealth or the lowest bank robber. Let em' pick tomatoes in Alabama with the other felons.

  5. Another biased report, making sure of the fact that they are Democrats, does not appear until the last paragraph! These felons are the lowest of the low and their political party should be highlighted. Do you think the American public is so ignorant!

  6. So what else is new?

  7. Chris from Washington, D.C., might not be aware that Carl Kruger worked more closely with Republicans than with Democrats for much of his career in the state Senate, and was head of "Democrats for Pataki" when the Republican governor ran for re-election in the 1990s. Kruger's GOP connections were not mentioned in the NYT article. If you're going to accuse a journalist of bias, better paint a complete picture.

  8. And Kruger belongs to what party? Oh...A Dem. No wonder the NYTimes didn't find that worth mentioning.

  9. You my friend, have your share of crooks and liars in your party; a party that can't get over the fact that Obama is in the White house. get over yourself as it is going to happen again later this year.

  10. Doesn't a Washington, D.C., lobbyist share his fees with a Representative or Senator he offers dinners, plane rides, game tickets, etc.? Do we have to prove a straight line cause and effect in order to bring our Legislature to court? If so, let's start building our case.

  11. Sure there are more democrats to throw in jail, so don't stop there.

    I also think it is a valid punishment to garnish his net worth for the court costs.

  12. Republicans... Democrats....take your pick. All bad actors, regardless of party affiliation, need to pay heavily for their nefarious actions; if caught and convicted. I also believe that any monies illegally gained should be forfeited and clawed back; to include all legal costs of prosecution. No person should gain from their illegal actions...

  13. These guys steal more than money – they steal democracy. 50 years in prison is a small penalty for treason – it used to be hanging.

  14. You can be sure if they plead guilty they will only get a slap on the wrist which is why the corruption is soooo rampant in the US. Steal by shop lifting its 10 years in prison. Steal from taxpayers its a lock. Get electede to a state or federal voting office it is retirement city and a membership into the ranks of the millionaires!!! And if caught it is a cushy retirement anyway and one with lots of company especially in social clubs or upscale churches !!!! Whee what a ride ????

  15. tip of icebrerg to make america correct in right direction
    now pasts deed still count as crime even if good boy today
    when they persaude law that short change so many little people
    that entusted poltictions law makers 50 years not bad
    but it wont bring back the one that were chippled for there scheme
    crime o humanites

  16. "We have a system of legalized bribery.."

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

  17. I have my suspicions that this "Pay to play" charge that Mr. Lipsky will be pleading to is much more common than people would suppose. Case-in-point: A person of comfortable (but not wealthy) means; All at once is filing disclosure forms identifying themselves as a millionaire! After only a few years in office at the salaries paid to members of the legislative branch. The phenomenon appears to go hand-in-hand with the "supposed" stock market insider trading scandals currently brewing in congress. With the revolving door of politician - to - lobbyist, high Wall Street executive - to - high Administrion executive, and high Administration executive - to - high corporate executive/consultant; the possibilities of "payola" seem almost endless... I would hope and pray that the prosecution of these cases asks for maximun prison time and the judge sentences accordingly. It would serve as a brake on these nefarious activities and serve as a cautionary note to others so inclined.

  18. So, how is this different from legal lobbying?

    How obvious must it become before the people recognize that all forms of lobbying, corporate contributions, etc. operate to subvert a country of the people, by the people and for the people?

    Wake up America. Without clean elections, disfavored by both parties, our legislators will remain prostitutes, available to sell out the interests of their constituents to the highest bidder. With this system, the three branches of government will remain in bed together, instead of acting as a system of checks and balances against each other. The most qualified will never become candidates. Moral degenerates will continue to be appointed to positions of absolute power and immunity. Just visit the Queens Family Court and you will see a perfect example of the result.

    At a recent NYC Bar Association presentation on the subject of ethics reform in Albany, the only ethics concerns identified by Ed Koch, Senator Sampson and other panelists were campaign finance and redistricting. Votes and money. Numerous audience members asked questions about why the corruption of our judiciary, identified years ago at hearings held by Senator Sampson, has had no follow up. Those questions went without response as the Senator concluded by stating it was his objective to restore confidence in all three branches of government. Does this insult your intelligence?