Mississippi Voters Reject Anti-Abortion Measure

Republican-backed measures across the country took a hit, including a Mississippi initiative known as the “personhood” amendment.

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  1. In 2012 this will be the outcome for obama "Hired because they thought they knew him, fired because now they know him."

  2. Today's vote is going to be interesting, to say the least.

  3. Given that there are no contested races in my electoral district (per League of Women Voters, and we noticed the lack of campaign ads in our mailbox), my community isn't going to be much of a barometer for anything. Wonder why schools are closed this year, when they were open last year (a year with contested races)?

  4. All eyes on Ohio today, as hopefully SB-5 will be defeated....This could go a long way to help Obama in Ohio next year if goes down in flames....Kasish is one of the most unpopular governors in the country as he (along w/several other newly elected GOP governors) have spent all their time in office suppressing voters, restricting abortions, and busting unions.....

  5. Utah is correct. Why go through the dog and pony show for uncontested elections. If the race is a coronation, let it be just that. Maybe the cancelled elections will spur someone to run.

  6. ENJ, MS, CT and any other off-year election deserve special attention. For NJ's Bergen County race CBS has reported that the GOP (Super PACS, Koch Bros.) has spent $4 million (!!) on the campaigns there and the ads I have heard on the radio have specifically called this a referendum on President Obama. So much for local interests, it's all about not re-electing the current president. CT is interesting because the power outages have forced polling places to close and be relocated.
    In OH, early elections have been banned in an effort to quash Mr. Kasich's opponents.
    MS is attempting to give personhood to two cells in a woman's while banning contraceptives, investigating any miscarriages...so much for "small government."
    It's a smorgasbord of craziness, folks...Occupy the Polls...

  7. I started off my morning with a big smile on my face as I voted NO on Issues 1, 2, and 3 here in Ohio. All of those issues are a direct result of the election of our dear governor Kasich. It gave me great pleasure to give him an electoral kick in the pants.

    I may get to do it again and again as the Speaker of the Ohio House, Mr Batchelder, said last week that if Issue 2 is defeated, they will let it cool off for a few months and pass it again. I can't believe he thinks we are so stupid. Bring it on Bill, and we will vote it down again.

    I used to be an independent. I will never, never, NEVER vote for a Republican again. I know quite a few folks who feel the same as I do. So there's your predictor of the national mood!

  8. The article says labor is pushing this. I thought it was grass roots. I'am retired now but I thank the unions for everything that I have, along with thanking God. And yes I did work hard. Try keeping up with a UPS driver if you think they don't work hard.

  9. I also hope that working people in Ohio win and labor is victorious. Also the anti-choice legislation in Mississippi will hopefully be defeated.

  10. the pubs ran the table in 2010 and did nothing but create further stress and distress! kick them out by pulling the d lever and vote down every proposal they have offered. we must rely on each other to succeed and the pubs do not want that to happen!

  11. ps: what should be on every ballot is an amendment to remove all private monies from politics with severe pennalties for violations!

  12. I pray the voters are educated, informed and know exactly what they're doing before they vote. The Mid-term elections were a knee-jerk reaction to the way the economy was going and only made things worse. That's why all the turmoil going on now.

  13. The Mississippi anti-abortion amendment is called Initiative 26. SB 5 is the collective bargaining law repeal in Ohio.

  14. "Votes Today May Be Political Barometer for the 2012 Election"

    Times is as transparent as glass. If the Democrats win, then YES, it IS a political barometer for 2012. If the Republicans win, then NO, it ISN'T a political barometer for 2102.

  15. Against the backdrop of intensely polarised national political climate and confrontational political discourse though, it's too early to predict the 2012 presidential election outcome, specially on the basis of city Mayors' elections, yet since the event offers an opportunity to voters to express opinion on several social, economic and constitutional-political issues that have a bearing on policy formulation, and the same reflects in their voting choices, these elections would certainly be a kind of political barometer to indicate shifts, if any, in political leanings and party preferences, which, if heeded by the parties and contestants seriously, might be useful in their future course correction, and a better electoral preparedness.

  16. Check your math. If the GOP controls 18 and the Dems 22, the GOP need to win 3 seats, not 5. If they win 3, then it would be 21 GOP vs. 19 Dem, right?

  17. I’ve always wondered why the GOP is such an advocate for “less government”. They say they want one small enough to drown in a bathtub, then campaign for laws to take away a woman’s right to choose, a union’s right to bargain, and even a citizen’s right to vote. Republican sponsored voter suppression laws are popping up everywhere.

    So what does the GOP want this “voting Tuesday” besides money and access to those who control it, and what are their tactics if not using government to secure their prize? Republicans hoodwink people of average means into beating the drum against their own interests. I wonder how many will be marching in lockstep today?

  18. Walker never dared to campaign on his anti-collective bargaining initiative - because he knew he might well lose the election if he did. That basic dishonesty is one reason the recall has been initiated.

  19. Off year ballot issues aren't going to draw many people to the polls. Proposal 2 in Oh. may go down to defeat. Certainly the government employees will be out in force, even if the rest of the state is too busy either keeping their job or looking for work.
    I think the only result with a lot of meaning is if the state ends up supporting it. Otherwise it will be on the ballot again next year when the turnout is so large that union members won't have such a disprportionate influence.

  20. Vote out any person that supports the h-1b cheap labor visa and\or outsourcing. The job you save might be your own.

  21. Both parties are anti-middle class, but the GOP only more so. They have shown their true colors since 2010 and it isn't pretty, they should be done for in 2012. RIP GOP and good riddance.

  22. Hmm, Let's see... An anti-union bill that clearly signaled Republican overreach about to be handily overturned in Ohio, a Democratic governor in the red state of Kentucky about to win big, happening just a month after another Democratic governor won in a special election in neighboring, conservative West Virginia? I wonder what all that could mean? Well, no matter what, I'm sure all pundit and media eyes will be glued on the Mississippi governor's race, just to keep the narrative going that Obama and the Democrats are doomed.

  23. Virginia please get out and vote today!!!!! We already have crazy Cantor and Bob "law degree from Regent" McDonnell. We cannot afford another conservative that wants to impose amti-woman laws!

  24. Republicans started class warfare when they attempted to turn the people against police officers, firefighters, and teachers and at the same time fought for tax breaks for the top 1%.

  25. Republicans/corporations are killing the American dream.
    Vote Democratic and hold onto your humanity.


    --The State of Georgia Bypasses the Twentieth Century, with One Giant Leap from the the 1800's to 2011--

    We get to vote for Sunday alcohol sales!

  27. Naah! Everything is still in a state of flow.
    12 more months of Republican obstructionism and misinformation will backfire on them. Already, recent polls show that over 60% of the electorate know that Obama is not responsible for the mess we are in.
    The GOP is making a lot of noise but their discordant message is being recognized as nonsense more every day.
    This off-year election will have little relevance to next year's big event.

  28. I hope many of the mistakes elected to office in 2010 will be counterbalanced by this election.

  29. These off-year elections and referenda in the US will represent an important watershed in American politics for the remainder of the 21st century. If SB5 is retained in OHio, it will be be a severe blow for the rights of working people and the standard of living for the middle class in the US. I hope that the voters arw acutely aware of what is at stake.

  30. Why vote ? it's one coin with 2 sides.

  31. The next votes should be cast to recall both incompetents, Walker and Kasich.

  32. We have an election in Kentucky, too, where the moderate Democrat is expected to crush the conservative Republican. The Republican isn't very likable but still, it's something.

  33. Democrat or Republican- it doesn't much matter. Either way we will get the same bad policies. All our laws are written to exempt the rich and powerful.

  34. "Political analysts say there is a strong possibility that Republicans could win the five seats needed to take control in Virginia’s 40-member Senate. Democrats now hold 22 seats, and Republicans hold 18."

    NYTimes needs some remedial math: if the Republicans now hold 18 seats out of 40, they only need to pick up three to have a majority. Actually, if they pick up two (resulting in a 20-20 tie), they still control the Virginia Senate because the Lieutenant Governor is a Republican.

  35. True; $45k firemen are not the problem. $45k firemen who have a $45k gauranteed pension and medical for life at tax payer expense after an early retirement because a crooked union negotiated it and is kicking back a cut to their hedge fund manager friend to oversee it....THATS the problem. Easiest solution is get rid of the union.

  36. Wait! My voting--up or down--on a NJ ballot question about permitting sports betting in the Atlantic City Casinos is going to reveal my mood as a voter? And such betting, even if approved, would require NJ to sue the federal government regarding the law that forbids sports betting?

    Wait! My voting on the only other item on the ballot--a local freeholder election in which only one party has submitted candidates--is going to reveal...anything?

    These are the compelling issues that will drive me to the polls today!

  37. Which local race is the Colbert SuperPAC endorsing?

  38. I am voting for Democratic Party candidates this year because the Republican Party has advocated for an extreme agenda which is alarming and hostile to most Americans.

    Here are just a few of the Republican goals that I object to:

    - Block progress of any policy initiative that President Obama supports, even to the detriment of the country
    - Dismantle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
    - Repeal 2009 Dodd-Frank banking regulations
    - Repeal 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Rules governing corporate accountability
    - Overturn all state same-sex marriage laws
    - Reduce taxes on the rich and corporations
    - Shrink programs that help the poor
    - Cut off federal medical assistance for people without insurance
    - Reduce spending on infrastructure
    - Eliminate programs that provide international aid and assistance
    - Weaken and ultimately abolish the SEC and other federal programs that regulate the securities and banking industries
    - Weaken and ultimately abolish the EPA and most environmental regulations
    - Weaken and ultimately abolish OSHA and most occupational safety and health regulations
    - Weaken and ultimately abolish the US Department of Education
    - Abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    - Eliminate support for Planned Parenthood and other women's rights groups
    - Support Personhood Amendments which treat many forms of birth control as murder
    - Treat miscarriages as possible homicide investigations
    - Make all abortions illegal
    - Restrict sex education programs to only discuss abstinence
    - Weaken child labor laws, allowing younger teens to work longer hours
    - Destroy public labor unions
    - Weaken all unions

    Part 2 to follow...

  39. Part 2 - More Republican Goals:

    - Create laws to make voting and registering to vote more difficult
    - Require obscure or onerous identification
    - Disallow student identification previously allowed
    - Require people to pay for identification (poll tax)
    - Shorten early voting periods
    - Reduce number of polling places to make voting more difficult (3+ hour drive, 4-6 hour waits in some places)
    - Eliminate same-day enrollment opportunity
    - Manipulate state redistricting to enhance party advantage
    - Weaken accountability regulations related to politicians, elections and donations
    - Allow unlimited anonymous political donations by corporations and wealthy supporters
    - Destroy PBS and National Public Radio
    - Eliminate all public funding for the arts
    - Reinstate the "Don't Ask / Don't Tell" law
    - Reinstate the "Defense of Marriage Act"
    - Establish Christianity as the national religion for the USA
    - Ban all Muslims from entering the US or becoming citizens
    - Ban all mosque construction

    Even if an individual Republican candidate does not specifically support one or more of these initiatives, their party is aggressively advocating these positions around the country, and all republican candidates are tainted by this intolerant and frightening agenda. Unless they specifically disavow this ugly agenda and work publicly to eliminate these objectives from the Republican Party platform, they will never get my vote.

    While I am not completely thrilled with all Democratic candidates, I believe they are at least trying to do the public's work. They have been obstructed perpetually by the Republicans in Congress and statehouses, but they are fighting the good fight, and for that, I give them my support.

  40. If we don't re-elect Mr. Obama We start over with a no Party? That's insane! If nothing else i will Vote none of the above! But with anyone else we may as well turn the Country over to our enemies at this Point!

  41. So absolutely disgusted with Obama and Washington that I'm not voting at all today here in NY and won't vote in 2012.

    Why do it? So the people we elect can go back to DC and completely forget their promises and that we even exist? No thank you. Obama was the straw that broke this camel's back and I hope the Democrats are happy with foisting an out-of-his-depth African-American neophyte on the Electorate instead of a woman with credentials and experience and, what's that called?, oh yeah, a backbone.

    Nope. Done playing that game.

    And before you bring up the Supreme Court, remind yourself what a joke they are these days.

  42. maybe some great candidates will arise from the OWS protests

  43. Here in the burbs of NYC, the voting place was nearly empty at mid-day. The few voters were the same vintage as the election workers, which is to say, candidates for assisted living or the nursing home. These few voters had "church lady" written all over them, which should make the Dems wary. I also saw several road signs for Dems vandalized, no doubt by the folks who preach law and order and "family values". Like Cain and Newt, those paragons of personal rectitude.

  44. The fact that Republicans support laws that would prevent law abiding citizens from voting tells you all you need to know about the Republican party.

  45. As many school bond proposals are being voted on today, it would be good for the Times to report on the final results and that may indicate people's desire to be taxed, or not, to support this issue.

  46. Ohio had better defeat SB-5 or the middleclass in America will have been dealt a fatal blow. The Regan Republicants will have largely accomplished the goal of making working Americans salaries comparable to those in third world countries. Working families should start looking for corrugated steel sheets to cover their cardboard houses with and teach their children where to look for the least rotten food in the dumps of the 1%. The Regan dream will have been realized.
    As far as Mississippi goes, if the personhood bill passes it seems that the police will have to have a representative at all hospitals and clinics to arrest all women who come in with miscairrages and fetal loss and charge them with murder. What about proper burial of all these persons who are lost because of natural "abortions"? Strange stuff. Perhaps those who are for reducing the number of abortions should work to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and help the children born into the dismal situations that people chose to avoid by having an abortion. Instead they are out trying to defeat healthcare reform and eliminate education opportunities, healthy eating initiatives, etc. A vote for a conservative is a vote for hypocracy and the end of America!!!!!

  47. I hope today's voting portends the demise of the Obama administration, since just like Bush, they looked the other way at my plight.
    I vote "No Confidence" in our government "Of the Military".

  48. "Votes Today May Be Political Barometer for the 2012 Election"

    Or they may not. This is not news that is fit to print. You make a mockery of journalism when you publish vague predictions and give them substance.

  49. Since these elections are largely off-year elections, my guess is that turnout will be low and only the motivated base for each party will go to the polls. Off year elections seem to go to the party that can raise the most ire (or better yet, fear) among their constituents. 2010 was not a predictor of 2012, nor will 2011 be. 2012 will be 2012, with its own warts and scars. We have a whole year of hope and change or nope and strange.

  50. I love elections! People parse the results looking at the tea leaves to see how one particular election cycle may effect certain upcoming elections. No matter the outcome each side of the aisle spins the results to suggest that their party was favored and they will be the ones carrying the day come the next elections.

    The fact of the matter is that each election should be viewed on its own results not some barometer of what is coming next. A better barometer of the 2012 elections will be how the populous views our economy next summer and should it remain stalled by then, I believe it would be fair to say that the President and his party will fighting for their political lives. However, if the economy shows some significant improvement (let's say the unemployment rate below 7.5%), the Republicans will be the ones licking their wounds.

    P.S. Regardless of your political strip - Go Vote. It's a privilege much of the world is denied.

  51. @Kaari (#18):
    Exactly. I don't remember hearing him say he would get rid of collective bargaining if elected. If so, I doubt he would have won the election. NOBODY can win a general election without general union support. I now live in a state bordering Wisconsin (no longer a resident), but EVERYONE I talk to who reside (and vote) there, family and friends, feel like they were duped by Walker.

  52. With the defending Democratic standardbearer in New Jersey facing indictment, I'm not expecting a happy outcome for Garden State Democrats. In Virginia, Governor O'Donnell has done well and will probably be given a Republican Senate to match the House of Delegates. Mr. Obama will probably be looking at a bleak and unfriendly landscape heading into his final fourteen months in offie.

  53. "I certainly think that across the country people are rejecting massive spending,"

    I bet this women (quoted in the article) and 99% of people poled could not come anywhere close to accurately graphing US government spending.

    Rejecting massive spending, what the heck does that mean? Does she think were running a news stand? No matter what, US spending is massive spending. Why would such an inane comment be quoted?

  54. I and many other Texans look forward to more Democrat victories in Ohio and other blue states because their taxpaying entrepreneurs will vote with their feet, bringing their businesses and new jobs to us.

  55. If we have any hope of preserving the American middle class which is the lifeblood of any working democracy, we better concentrate on the core issues. Health care, fair taxation, and well paying jobs cannot be pushed aside by marginal issues. The poorest state in the union is asking voters to decide on whether or not a fertilized egg should be considered a human life. Meanwhile that state ranks among the highest in obesity, diabetes and lack of upward mobility. It's like asking what color outfit an inmate on death row would like to wear during his execution.

  56. We got Kasich in Ohio on an Obama backlash; there's no reason to think that, whatever the outcome on issue 2 and the other, Obama himself will be any more popular, or any less reviled. Issue 2 especially is very particular in its intention.

  57. Ohio is staging a tea party action against King Koch, and King Coors and King Devos and King Langone.

    All in all it's just another break in the wall

  58. ... and Ohio just voted against limiting workers' collective bargaining rights.

    See, Wisconsin? Your hard work paid off, after all.

    Well done, Ohio.

  59. Ohio Republicans attempted to save middle class taxpayers from paying outrageous pension and health care benefits granted to government workers by corrupt Democratic governors over the years. It seems that Ohio voters would prefer to continue paying more and more for government services provided by overpaid government worker unions. I certainly hope that people in Ohio stop complaining about the disappearing middle class. They just voted to continue the obscene transfer of their wealth to government unions.

  60. Thank heavens the people of Mississippi came to their senses in time to stop a bill that clearly threatened women's reproductive rights even beyond the concept of reversing Roe V. Wade. On the other hand, it's too bad they weren't sufficiently outraged to deny another Republican governor an election victory. The longer they keep sending these misogynistic ignoramuses to the state capitol the longer they'll have to fend off the implementation of "personhood" amendments. Pregnant women- and women who don't wish to become pregnant- are people too.

  61. Don’t the Ohio voters (with health-insurance), who rejected the ‘individual-mandate’ know that they are paying for the healthcare of those who ‘refuse’ to buy insurance for themselves?

    Those who have no insurance (either by choice or due to un-affordability) get their care anyway (albeit at a higher cost paid for by the rest of us through ERs and other means). We pay with our higher premiums for these freeloaders.

    The constitutional legality of the individual-mandate is one thing – I’ll let the SCOTUS decide that.

    But what were those who voted against it thinking for themselves?

    Those who refuse to buy health-insurance are ‘free-loaders’, sponging on you the responsible citizens who buy their own.

    There is no such thing as ‘free-lunch’. We all pay for it. Why not mandate the ‘free-loaders’ that they pay too?

  62. Charlotte, the 16th biggest city in the US and with a white majority reelected a black Democrat for mayor. The city also now has a democratic controlled council, including an openly gay council woman. In wake county, NC voters kicked hard core republicans off the board of education and a small town near Raleigh reelected an openly gay mayor. I don't know about Virginia, but NC isn't Virginia.

  63. Breaking news: the amendment has been defeated!

  64. Yes! The people are speaking!

  65. This bill seems like more of a gimmickry than a serious legislative piece. It is void of any public good. Congrats, the residents of Mississippi. You showed that the electorate is not sheep after all. Keep it up.

    Your vote counts.

  66. Republicans are becoming less popular. We have not reached a tipping point, but we are moving in the right direction. The thugs who cheered for Texas executions, and the death of an uninsured person, and who booed at a gay returning vet: they WILL NOT WIN.

  67. Wow, Mississippi just went up a few notches in my book.

    Take heed, Republicans: voters don't like you as much as you think they do.

    They don't like how you protect your Wall Street buddies at the expense of everyone else, or how you uphold biblical standards for everyone but yourselves, or how you pit private-sector workers against teachers and police officers, or how you refuse to punish corporations for outsourcing jobs that should be going to the American people, or how you want to criminalize the unintended consequences of pregnancy.


    Accordingly, your defeat is always a heart-warmer. Keep up the great work!

  68. Voters "approved a plan, opposed by Democrats, to require prospective voters to produce proper identification." Okay, I hate to nit pick, but you always had to produce "proper" identification. Now you need photo identification. They have redefined what constitutes proper identification. The way this is written makes it sound like people were waltzing in and voting with their Kinko's cards before. Just a little irresponsible, NYT.

  69. YES! Well done, Ohio! Voters who put Republicans in office in 2010 demonstrated their buyer's remorse today--they wanted jobs, but all they got was more corporate greed, a war against the middle class, and Republicans' strange, unending fixation on religion, guns and sex--none of which has anything to do with creating jobs and improving the economy. Christmas has come early in Ohio, Mississippi and Arizona. Ultra-conservative Mississippi "personhood" amendment defeated? Check. Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce recalled (Republican sponsor of the infamous SB 1070 "papers please" immigration bill)? Check. New mayor of Phoenix elected who is on the side of the people, not corporations and their lobbyists? Check. Federal appeals court upholds as constitutional the basic principle behind President Obama's Affordable Care Act (healthcare reform)? Check. Another leading "pro-family values" Republican candidate who can't keep it zipped? Check. Other Republican presidential candidates quickly becoming irrelevant (where are you, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum)? Check. Congrats to all the volunteers who made these victories possible through their hard work. On to Obama 2012!

  70. It is heartening to see voters turning their backs on regressive measures like Mississippi's personhood amendment and Ohio's anti-labor law. Especially heartening in Arizona is the recall of Senate President Russell Pearce, a divisive hate-monger whose xenophobic views and their enshrinement in state law have been an embarrassment for the entire state and a blow to its image in the business community. An uneducated, intolerant man, Pearce has been rejected in a highly conservative, heavily Republican district. Sanity rules tonight.

  71. Tip of the iceberg. There is a simmering distaste for what has been happening in Washington this past year with the tea party blocking any meaningful legislation in order to defeat President Obama.
    This strategy of intentionally blocking any beneficial legislation in order to stall the economy and keep the country in misery will backfire big time in 2012.
    What I fear is the incredible amount of venom that the GOP will employ this coming election cycle to discredit President Obama. It is a proven fact that negative messages carry more weight than any positive campaign message. It's going to get verbally bloody this coming year, and I hope it ALL backfires on the GOP. I just hope that the democrats that run against the extreme end of the GOP are moderate and capable of working together to raise taxes on corporations and the super rich, re-establish the regulations necessary to break up the huge banks, and put in place moderates in both houses that understand the word "compromise". Maybe then this country can actually begin to recover from the past decade of rape of our country's treasure by the GOP and their elected goon squad, the tea party!!!

  72. I am so gratified by the Mississippi vote. I expected that the courts would overturn the result if it passed but it is so much better that it did not. I am beginning to think that the voters have seen the Republican/religious right axis as threatening their basic values rather than articulateing them.

  73. Congratulations America. Could these mildly progressive voting results mean that America will become a 20th century country again? Not a 21st century—that’s asking too much, but at least will it hold back our reversion to the 19th?

  74. I guess I will have to give the citizens of Mississippi more credit than I had. I was one of those who was sent to Biloxi in the 1950s from California, to go to the AF electronics school there. Having grown up in a tolerant environment, in a middle class neighborhood, it was a real cultural shock to discover how people lived in the south, and their culture. When I left there I was not sure if they were even civilized. Of course being just out of Hi School, I was not really worldly, and was not a student of cultures. So I carried those prejudices with me for many years.

    When I saw this proposed law for Mississippi, it only reinforced my stereotype of Mississippi. I have read quite a bit about the Civil War, and other American history for many years now, but Mississippi to me, has always seemed to me to be the backwater of the country. It has one of the lowest educational levels and one of the lowest economic levels of any state. It receives more federal money than it contributes, and yet their citizens denigrate liberal California, which sends some of the federal money that Mississippi gets.

    So I actually was surprised when this oppressive law was defeated. Maybe it is a sign that the citizens of Mississippi are beginning to realize just how much their 19th century culture has cost them.

  75. It would be wise for pro-choice readers to stop congratulating themselves on the failure of Mississippi's personhood amendment. It is not a sign of the pro-life movement losing ground. The amendment failed not because Mississippi leans pro-choice after all, but because numerous pro-life organizations, including strongly pro-life Catholic and Methodist leaders, spoke out against it on the grounds that it would not, despite incredible volumes of misinformation from both sides, have actually banned abortions, birth control, or anything at all, even if unchallenged in court. In 1983, Akron v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health, the Supreme Court ruled that a state may not adopt a personhood theory as a means to regulate abortions. Yet the inevitable challenge to this personhood ruling was likely to strengthen existing court doctrine that guarantees a woman's right to an abortion, undermining the pro-life cause by jumping the gun with a load of nonsense.

    Over the past several decades, pro-lifers at the forefront of their cause have done their research, and they know they will not ban abortion under the existing Supreme Court. The Mississippi amendment, at best, would have amounted to an official state opinion, much like an official state bird. The only way to ban abortion is to change the presidency, change the Supreme Court, and introduce an explicit criminal prohibition on the destruction of the unborn.

    Sleep well tonight, but keep your eyes open going forward. The abortion debate is not over.

  76. #62: "I certainly hope that people in Ohio stop complaining about the disappearing middle class. They just voted to continue the obscene transfer of their wealth to government unions."


    ... because the transfer of wealth to Wall Street is so much more preferable.

    Your comment is so full of holes that it almost isn't worthy of a response, but it bears noting that unions are far and away more worthy of keeping around than destroying altogether.

    Besides, to cast police and firefighters, teachers, and sanitation workers as "overpaid" is utter nonsense, and you KNOW it.

    Better the corruption of the unions than of the private sector, particularly when, despite corruption, unions are responsible for mandatory overtime pay, vacations, sick leave, workplace safety, and worker's compensation - in the public AND private sectors.

    The message has been sent loud, clear, and HARD: public sector workers want a share of the pie they educate, serve, and protect, sometimes with their own lives. They're taxpayers, too, and they continue to make concessions with their wages and benefits - and they've had ENOUGH.

    Get over it.

  77. MEANS nothing. the republicans, born again crowd and other true believers will just keep on slashing away at those who don't agree with their perverse view of the world....

  78. Five words to live by: Never Vote For A Republican.

  79. To the commenters from Arizona (#s 72 and 73)--it must feel so good to be rid of Russell Pearce. I believe he is the first state senator, or is it the first politician, ever recalled in Arizona? And he is the first President of a State Senate ever recalled in the country. Sanity prevails.

  80. The Republican party is through in this country. Vote them out, America, vote them out. We need a return to morality, decency, and a country with leaders who are the best of the best instead of crazies, religious extremists and the dregs of society and who make decisions for the people, in the best interests of the people and not for corporations.

  81. It is a great day for women's rights. Voters speak and act. Even the Koch brothers will not be able to purchase the Middle Class... A good night for the Democrats.

    This vote was important because if it could pass in MS it could pass in other parts of the country. If it cannot pass in a conservative state like MS it does not have a chance.

    Tea Party listen to voters and do not even attempt to propose such an amendment to the Constitution.

    Romney, who supported this issue, would have to think again.

    Good news for Dems!!! Keep fighting for the middle class rights.

  82. The mandate for Obama's health care law was also soundly defeated in Ohio tonight.

  83. The continuous Republican assault on "big government" has only one truhtful purpose: to take away people's civil rights. They are not talking about swollen budgets and government agencies, in truth, but rather that the services these agencies provide are targeted to us, the 99%, those whom Republicans hold in uttern contempt.

  84. Earlier this evening, Maricopa County's infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio tweeted that he was going over to Russell Pearce's house to offer his support. Didn't work, Joe.

    Thanks to the people of Mesa, AZ for throwing Pearce out.

  85. Go Buckeye State! Whose next?

  86. Thank you Mississippi!

  87. Do you really think republicans will get it after this? We know the answer is "no". They'll trumpet the ONE win they got in Ohio (against the individual mandate in Obama's health law) and stick their heads in the sand about everything else they lost on.

    I myself won't be happy until:
    1. Campaigns are financed only with public monies;
    2. K-Street is razed and the lobbies - ALL of them - dry up;
    3. Term limits are imposed on sitting congress-people.

    Then, and only then, will the electoral playing field be leveled and fair.

  88. Why do bloated white old men keep trying to deny reproductive rights to women? I remember a sign from the 70s that said, "If men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrement."
    Thank you Mississippians for refusing Republican interference in your private lives.

  89. Good for U, Mississippi!

  90. Here in Maine, we have voted against making the entire state into a casino with the no votes for 4 more casinos or racinos in 3 different areas. We don't want to turn into Atlantic City just yet, thank god.

    We also defeated the Republican attempt to shut off same day registration. The propaganda machine failed to sway us from it.

    But great news from Mississippi!

  91. Every factory and every business should leave ANY and EVERY state that doesnt legally do away with collective bargaining. Ohio just signed its own death warrant economically!!! http://reasonablemannyc.blogspot.com/

  92. Bravo Mississippi! Good to see the people of the state believe in Pro-Choice and keep legislature from infringing on civil rights. And for Mr. Barbour to criticize the strategy of taking it to legislature rather than that people is some indication of his way of thought. "Don't leave it up to the people because 'they' hold different values than 'we' do." And the outcome of rejection of the bill proves it.
    Republicans are even shed with more bad P.R with the rejection of the Ohio anti-union law. This proposal is The republicans don't even bother to hide the fact that they want to privatize EVERYTHING! Seems like they ultimately would like to hold dominion over the governed by slowly and gradually stripping them of their rights. The people of these states let it be known that they want to maintain their rights. These legislation bills are potentially impacted by the recent rise in speaking out and demonstrating against corporate and private control over the masses. (I.E: Egypt, Libya, Chile, Occupy Wall St., etc)

  93. It's not the case that the anti-Initiative 26 campaign was "led" by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. They were helpful, but the fact is that it succeeded because of grassroots efforts.

  94. Thank you, Mississippi!

  95. Guess what, Repubs? The voters know how to think, after all. Congrats to Mississippi and Ohio!

  96. I wish this story would have reported the votes it discusses, at least by percentage. The message would have been much clearer.

  97. Good omens for 2012!Thanks OH!
    GOP too deserves credit of sorts! For a party which represents the interests of 1% of the population to garner 30% of votes is a remarkable feat!

  98. The voters in Arizona's district 18 have given me hope! Pearce is gone baby gone! And PHX elected a Democratic mayor, hopefully smarter than the one leaving office.

  99. Thank you Mississippi. The old white men have lost.
    Ohio you could not be fooled by the bosses. Your state is one of the great states in America. Your fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers that worked hard in steel mills and the factories thank you. You truly are a great state

  100. As a registered Republican and as the son of a police officer, I hope the defeat of Issue 2 referendum on Ohio Senate Bill 5 result in Governor Kasich, Republican controlled statehouse, and union leaders working toward acceptabe reform. state Sen. Keith Faber, R-Celina, the Senate president pro tempore. “My fear is that we will have more layoffs of police officers, firefighters and teachers and we’ll have ever increasing calls for tax levies that the taxpayers can’t sustain.”

    Faber said he is willing to work with union leaders on reform. “If there is a lining in a dark cloud here for us it is that for the first time the unions acknowledged that some reforms are needed,” he said.

    Local elected leaders in communities in Ohio (and throughout the US) find themselves in a position in which they must reduce services, layoff police officers and firefighters or go to the voters with an operating levi to generate revenue. Additionally, our states unlike the federal government can not under constitutional law run deficits. This means state governments are faced with similar situation of needing to either make cuts to services and/or state employees, or increase revenue by increasing fees and taxes (this includes applying sales tax to more services and merchandise such as tanning salons, theme parks, etc).

    I'm afraid too many Americans do not understand these realities and also allow themselves to be misinformed. It's important to ensure you receive your news and information from multiple sources. Our country faces many issues that must be addressed, and an informed electorate who understands these realities and the issues will be vital to the future success of our country.

  101. Our nation has been infected by Republican nihilistic policies of extremist pro corporate, oligarchical anti union economic practices and an extremist fundamentalist religious agenda where in Mississippi, a woman's body could virtually be considered a crime scene and an egg be given the status of a person.

    It is heartening that people in states like Ohio, Mississippi,New Jersey,and New Hampshire exercised what power they have left in our democracy that is under siege in the wake of Citizens United, to have it revitalized by ordinary citizens who felt oppressed and under attack and fought back not with violence, but by their votes at the ballot box to defeat repressive and regressive Republican polices.

    This is the essence of democracy and a stable society, where the voice and conscience of ordinary citizens can counter and defeat the forces of money and power. This is the way it is supposed to be in a free society where power resides in the hands of the people, not in the hands of government officials bought off by and dedicated to enacting policies that favor and seeks to perpetuate a situation where a small economic elite has tyrannical political and economic power over the rest of the country.

    This was a great victory for the forces of reason and fairness in our society and a teaching moment for the nation that the forces of extremism and injustice, no matter how well funded and wide spread a propaganda machine they have can be defeated.

  102. The Tea Party joy with last year's election results led to a Bushian feeling of "We won, so we can do whatever we want"... Which led to gross examples of overreach in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, etc. Ironically, they had campaigned on the premise that President Obama and the Dems had committed overreaching after they had won in '08. Now they can enjoy the results of their extremism. When it comes to a woman's right to choose, government interference is the problem, not the solution. My paraphrasing St. Ronald Reagan is totally intentional!

  103. Perhaps, just perhaps, logic, reason and careful consideration of what the consequences of many of these proposed laws would be has caused more thoughtful voting. May it continue in the next election.

  104. While the defeat is gratifying to many people, the question is why this and stuff like the debate about "In God We Trust" amongst the beltway law makers ever appeared at all when more families are fallen below poverty line and more children than ever before gone hungry every night is very disturbing

  105. The Republican Fundamentalist religious Right is a threat to the basic freedoms that we all or most enjoy at this time. Be it the anti abortion law which would take away even more of the individual woman's rights including the right to use birth control (although most members of the Catholic Church which opposes the use of birth control measures, do use some means of birth control). It is also their aim to force their form of religion which is a strict bible interpretative following, into the lives of all Americans through the elections of their various candidates to offices throughout the country but esp the office of President of the US. They are opposed to one of the core values or measures of our Constitution which maintains the separation of Church and State. However, this group's overall goal is to have every US citizen introduced as a member of their Religious community - the Fundamentalist Church where the Man is the ruler and the woman essentially follows his commands; where discipline esp of children is rigid and at times abusive as with the Tennessee preacher writer of the book on child raising; to what one eats, time spent in church, how much one gives to their church, etc. It is a dominating religion that tends to brush aside the other faiths of this country's citizens - Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. These and other faiths are seen as not adhering strictly to the writings of God and thus we have such a corrupt country. In other words our individual rights as written in our Constitution go out the window. I am a Catholic but first I am an American and in between the two I am a husband to a wonderful wife and father to two grown daughters. There is no need or place for such a controlling religious movement which in too many cases has been found to be ran by corrupt ministers each in time having their own spiritual format to them most unique and appropriate to this country in our Constitutional freedoms.

  106. It's specious to take these individual votes and draw broad mandates from them. What may be happening here is simply a new voter focus on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

    Americans are too worried about basic needs like getting or keeping their jobs, paying bills, and surviving these tough economic times to be debating whether a fertilized cell constitutes life.

    Message to politicians both liberal and conservative: focus laser like on the big problems facing America or suffer the consequences.

  107. Of course this referendum was not really about abortion. It was about getting people stirred up so that some power hungry special interest group could see which way the wind is blowing on a divisive issue and plan accordingly with their agenda to fund certain candidates.

    Special interest groups are not really about their cause. They are about keeping the electorate highly polarized and divided.

    Divide and conquer. This referendum and the others that will now follow are not about abortion, gay marriage, immigration. They are about distracting the rabble so that the power brokers can obtain control. We will see so much of this stuff that the presidential election in 2012 will be anticlimactic. Because of these groups we no longer have a democracy, just the illusion of one. After all we vote. But what we vote on or who we vote for is not of the people. It is the will of the elite who control our major political parties.

    Proud of you Mississippi.

  108. I have to say the Mississippi vote comes as a great surprise. It could also be the defining moment where the Republican party has shot itself in the foot. God knows how many lower income people have voted against their own best interest because of the Abortion issue. I have always said the best thing that could happen for Democrats would be to turn the issue of abortion over to the states. I had expected the South to make abortion illegal, but figured most states would keep it legalized. This turn of events is most surprising. By having individual states vote on the legalization of abortion, it finally takes the damned issue off the table. Maybe now people can finally vote for the party that has the average working citizens' best interest at heart, rather than the party that would have banks run amock and create tax breaks for the super rich.

  109. I am pro-life but only moderately so. I am pleased by the fact that the Mississipi voters did not pass this badly formulated bill. How on earth could you enforce a bill protecting freshly fertilized ova? But a law in another state, Utah I think, which protects foetuses after a heartbeat is detected seems much more rational. It would be reasonable to say that after a heartbeat is detected, abortion should only be permitted because of a proven emergency.

    I think both parties have the illusion that they are "the people". The OWS movement consisting largely of liberals thinks that they are the 99%. And the Tea party thinks that they are the real Americans.

    Neither has come to accept the fact that they are NOT 99%, or even 70%. When the day comes when they accept it, we will be able to BOTH protect the unborn after three months of pregnancy (as most of Europe and even communist Cuba does) but leave early devices like day after pills or even RU-486 alone.

    Until the self-righteous liberals, and the equally self-righteous Republicans learn some humility and the art of getting along, our attempts to keep up with China are doomed.

  110. Long ago, pro-choice activists warned that ferocious anti-choice factions would eventually turn their guns on contraception. No one listened - maybe now they're finally getting the message. These people are not about the milk of human kindness - they are about control and hatred of women. They belong in feudal Europe.

    Meanwhile, perhaps the economy has also awakened people as to what the conservative agenda priorities are, as well - and it's not the well-being of anyone outside the richest 1% of Americans - who can, of course, access any medical procedure they want in any corner of the globe they choose.

    Perhaps the GOP ought to stop appeasing the Tea Party fanatics, and join the rest of us here on Planet Earth in the second decade of the 21st century, and start worrying instead about the fact that the US ranks 26th globally in education, has one of the least cost-effective health care systems in the developed world, ranks 24th in Internet connectivity, and for all its might, ranks 5th as one of the best places in the world to do business. Singapore, with its terrific universal health care system and strict codes of public behavior, comes in first. And tiny "socialist" Denmark, with its few millionaires, subsidized health care, day care, university education for those who are talented but cannot pay, and high taxes - ranks 6th, right behind the mighty "capitalist" USA.

    Odd how the Tea Party and rightwing nutjobs are never concerned about these issues, isn't it?

  111. I am so thrilled by these results. Americans have proved that corporations are not people -- voters are people. They have defeated the Republican agenda. Now they have to defeat the Republican candidates.

    What this election shows is that, issue by issue, Americans support the Democratic platform. We want freedom of all to vote. We want the right to organize to gain and protect employee rights. We do not want our bodies to be controlled by religious dogmatists. Moreover -- not on this agenda, but real -- we want the rich to pay their fair share of taxes, regulation of Wall Street markets and brokers, a corporate tax structure that does not allow billion dollar companies such as GE to pay zero taxes, fair salaries for our teachers, police and firefighters, bridges roads and tunnels repaired, an energy policy that works -- and a JOBS BILL NOW.

    What happens in national elections is that the Republicans dupe voters into believing that it is the Republicans, not the Democrats, who embody democratic principles and those voters hopes and dreams. The Republicans have captured the symbols and rhetoric of the American dream -- technological progress, respect for tradition, individual initiative, economic security, a better life for our kids -- and the public, responding to the symbols, votes for the very people who would take the substance away from us. We should also be aware that the Republicans try to exploit our fear of change -- which we believe instinctively can only be for the worse -- and difference -- meaning race and class -- to persuade us to turn away from the Democratic Party, which is racially, ethnically and economically diverse, includes many new immigrants, and embraces science and scientific innovation.

    If the middle-class is to survive, we must vote, not merely for policies, but for candidates and the Party that, historically, has supported us. Don't vote for Republicans; they don't vote for you. Occupy!

  112. (last post sent by mistake before proofing)

    The initiative was pushed from an out of state group from Colorado called "Personhood USA". As a Mississippian, I can say that the initiative was voted down because it was too vague and too extreme for many of the people in Mississippi even those that consider themselves to be pro-life. While many Republicans supported the initiative so to did many Democrats. The initiative was ultimately voted down by many Republicans and Democrats alike. The no vote was not a blow to Mississippi Republicans but to outsiders that think we too ignorant and non-sophisticated to know an overreaching initiative when we see one.

  113. My local school board just completed its sweep of electing pro voucher candidates by private education interests. The voucher program they implemented last year was struck down by the State Supreme Court. Now they will waste my tax payer dollars appealing it to the SC. My school district is one of the richest in the nation. The corporate education voucher raid has nothing to do with education. Our public schools languish while charter schools pop up everywhere. One charter elementary is completing an addon bigger than the public elementary less than a mile away. Private education use to come out of parents pockets. Charter and voucher programs have replaced that and come out of my pocket.

  114. Would have been interesting to have seen how the Personhood amendment would have worked out in practice, with all the weird consequences. For instance, a corollary would be that identical twins would have been a single person legally, because I am not aware of a law that allows a person to split into two.

  115. I am against abortion as a first tier choice as birth control. Always have been, always will be. I have also ceased to place it high on my personal political agenda, since it has become a tool for those both pro and con. I can vote for and against depending on how it is embedded in other issues and how the candidates stand on those issues. It's become a corrupted subject. In my world, it's back to me and my doctor.

  116. I find it interesting that there are so many men who have so much to say about abortion. I could be wrong, but I don't think this will ever be an issue for them. Then there are those others who are "morally opposed" to abortion, and yet there is never any public outcry from them about pedophilia or drug addicts who consistently have children that suffer serious health issues and are subject to the not so tender mercies of the foster care system. We as females need to pay attention because this constant talk of abortion is just step one for closing the door on all of the freedoms we now enjoy. I think for the most part abortion is unnecessary because of all of the contraceptive methods we have, including the morning after pill, but I believe it is still a woman's right to choose. This country is based on personal freedom and all of these pro-life activists seem to forget that very important part of being an American. From what I've observed, whenever anyone wants to keep the American people distracted, they start harping about two of the most inflammatory subjects, abortion and gay marriage.

  117. Thank goodness. Hopefully, this is a sign that the tide is starting to turn. Individual rights are more important than our individual beliefs. The Constitution should be the definitive document used to determine our laws, not the Bible.

  118. Four comments: (1) Fire and Police officers are all heroes and deserve good pay and benefits. (2) Where does the money come from for ever increasing benefits that are not paid for by the individual? (3) The only thing wrong with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money (Margaret Thatcher). (4) We all would like unfettered by reality pay and benefits.

  119. We lost a child late in pregnancy. Two other women working with my wife also experienced late miscarriages. The common factor was that all three had their offices close to the kiln, where pottery with heavy metal glazes was being fired. This was in a nursing home. Under Mississippi's proposed fetus personhood law, those miscarriages would have had to have been investigated, with possible criminal charges filed. Would Sister Bernice, the Catholic nun who ran the kiln, have gone to jail for manslaughter? Would the nursing home have been faced with civil penalties and possibly shut down? These are logical consequences of fetal personhood.

  120. The results are interesting, if only for the reason that the voters appear to have chosen to limit overreach by both political parties. If there is one lesson to be learned, the majority of voters are actually more towards the middle than either party is willing to admit and unreasonable stances on issues pushed by extremes of either party are going to be defeated. I was not surprised the union issue in Ohio was passed, but was surprised by the margin of victory.

  121. Americans have (unrealistic) expectations of unencumbered access to voting, medical care, jobs, airplane boarding, and consumer goods. However, with access comes responsibility, of which very few are willing to pony up to.

  122. For three of the longest years in a young guy's life I was an enlisted man in the U.S. Air Forces stationed in Mississppi for the entire Korean Conflict.

    I never quite recovered from what I witnessed there and that says nothing of the fact that those were the days before 'air-condiitoning' and Harrison County had the lousiest climate on the Continent. But it was much more than the mere creature discomfort that we experienced there: It was the brutish character of the society: KKK, Jim Crow, frightening segregation (even the professional operations within the then recently desegregated military were often disfunctional). And the appauling ignorance of the locals we encountered was unforgiving.

    While I recall only a couple of bright spots: Wm. Faulkner was still writing brilliantly in Oxford, MS. way up north, there was a Library-Museum Association in Laurel, MS., where one could actually have civilized conversations, and the fishing off Pascagoula was still excellent.

    But all that was long ago.

    Yet when I read the proposed 'life-begins' legislation I remained convinced something as intellectually and biologically stupid and socially invasive as that proposal might just pass considering my experience down there.

    But I was wrong. Mississippi: We salute you. My head is clearing. We think the 'worm-may-have-turned'.

  123. Today's results demonstrate that when the issues and positions are clarified, even in the core red states, the current Republican dogma is resoundly rejected by the populace. For this reason, Republicans must resort to obfuscation, appeal to emotion, and discourage voter turnout in order to win.