Giants Still Own City’s Hearts, but Jets Are Closing in Fast

Over the previous two seasons, the Jets, with Rex Ryan, have cut into the Giants’ traditional stranglehold on buzz, news media exposure and public preference.

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  1. Interesting to see that the Times even recognizes the Giants are also a local team. The ratio of Jets to Giants coverage over at least the last five years is significantly higher than this article would imply.

  2. What have the Jets won in the last 43 years ?

  3. With the Jets getting pummeled by the Patriots as I read this, it seems the Rhoden, a partisan Jets fan, wrote this about a season too late.

    This is a Giants town, and the Jets will always be the little brother. It's partially an NFL/AFL thing, and partially an urban/suburban thing, among others.

  4. I'm both a Giants and Jets season ticket holder. The Jets seem to show me and other season ticket holders more love. I got a hat when I got my Jets tickets and another this year. I have received the Jets' year book in the mail every year. I got a talking birthday card from Rex Ryan this year (wonderful).
    I've never received anything like that from the Giants. They strike me as being tight with their money. A friend says its because they don't have to buy love. I think it's because Woody Johnson was richer than the Maras the day he was born.

  5. When will they get rid of Schotty? The offense is inept. There is no rhythm. There is no tempo. There is no killer instinct. They don't stretch the field. They underuse McKnight. The only question left is; will Rex go down with this tool?

  6. The Jets are the Titanic.

    That is one bad football team.

  7. If you put the Jets and Giants together you wouldn't have one good team. Seriously, try it. The thing they lack in common is talent.

  8. The Jets are hot? You must mean the Jets from Westside Story. The football Jets are 2 and 3 with 3 consecutive losses. What's hot about that?

  9. Win or lose, the Jets are simply a much more interesting team right now. Should the Giants go deep into the playoffs, that'll change pretty quick. But, for now, the Jets' popularity is rising while the Giants' is flat.

  10. The Giants act like old NFL Franchises before the merger with the AFL as if the Jets are unworthy of respect. The Giants culture disrespects the Jets as if they are new money trying to join the Giants ancient country club. This harms only the Giants as their stagnancy allows the Jets room to grow both fan base and their inherent team culture. My family is 4 generation Giants fans but watching fossilizing Coughlin stomp about got old and quite frankly Rex Ryan is a delightful train wreck. The Giants could learn from this looseness as a lesson in marketing as the Giants are Boxing and the Jets are Mixed Martial Arts.

  11. As a diehard Jet fan & season ticket holder plus going to Shea with my family as a seven year old when the Jets won SB III, the last two seasons have been fun but not good enough. This year, the front office really did not correct the weakness of offensive line depth and add support to the running game. On defense, too many missed tackles and need more speed at LB and pass rush on DL. I will leave the Giants woes to their faithful but what we have now is mediocracy in New York pro football. What both team fans can hope for is that the late December match up will have playoff implications for both teams and then one can have bragging rights to whom is the best team in NY. If lack of quality of play continues there will be many empty seats at that game and then the NY Times can write about how the fans are disinterested and rumors about new coaching staffs will be in the headlines. New Yorkers want quality and right now the Jets and Giants are offering us nothing except false hopes for the remainder of the season.

  12. What have the Jets won? When have they won when it counted?

    How long will the Jets' owners tolerate Buddy's boy's antics when the team is going to finish 7-9? And 6-10 next year?

    The Jets are proving one of the fundamental maxims in sport - don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk.

  13. The Jets have earned the increased attention because of the bravado of Rex Ryan (which was essential to crawl out from under the Giants shadow) and the quick results he brought in going to consecutive AFC Championships. The Giants, have always maintained the same demeanor throughout their history and will never change. That consistency dating back to the hiring of George Young has never brought flash, but has brought results.

    Unfortunately for the Jets they went "all-in" last year to make their Super Bowl run with the free agents they signed. This year they have left some holes and are showing some age, in other words, their window is closing--if not closed. They are 2-3 and easily could be 1-4 with another media darling team this year (the Eagles)if not for Tony Romo.

    In an earlier piece Mr Rhoden you wrote of the time is now for Rex Ryan or he will become like Buddy Ryan, a blustery act that grows tiredand becomes a sideshow as results fade. Unfortunately for Jet fans, I believe you had the foresight to see the eventual like father like son results for Rex.

  14. After watching the Giant game yesterday all i can say is"Oy Vey".

  15. As a Giants fan first and Jets fan second, I must admit to a bit of bias. Having said that, as a guy who works in marketing, I don't buy the notion that you've got to win a championship to win over a town.

    The Giants are a dull team. Their style of football isn't exciting, and they don't have any charismatic players (personality-wise). The Jets are the opposite, and I believe that will translate down to their bottom line.

    I don't believe the Giants should go out and try to land an Ochocinco or Rex Ryan to liven things up, but their stuffiness (it really is that) does not serve them well. Having said that, I'm tired of Rex talking so much. It's time he followed Ochocinco and got results before he mouthed off. Trash talk isn't fun forever if it's not backed up.

  16. The Giants play in JetLife stadium and that's just the way it is.

  17. City? What city, East Rutherford? Jets will always be little brother to the Giants as long as they play in the same stadium. They should have built their new home in Queens, where they belong.

  18. or if they want to back a winning team..try New York's own Buffalo Bills

  19. It is still more commonly known as Giants Stadium. And for good reason. The Jest, err, Jets will always be the unemployed cousin crashing on the couch.

    Giants games (and PSLs) are all sold out. The Jets advertise ticket availability every day. They must be giving away a lot of freebies if the are really outdrawing the Giants.

  20. Besides Rex's big mouth (even he seems to be getting quiet after 3 straight losses), the Jets have obnoxious and shamelessly biased radio home in ESPN 1050 - thank god at least they kicked Tierny out. The whole station is filled with Jets shills and they're not ashamed to show what kind of dopey homers they are. Even on radio home of the Giants WFAN is full of Jets fans. Only Francessa is the only anti Jets media voice...