Harsh Words From Turkey About Israel, and From Iran About United States

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey enumerated a long list of grievances with Israel, and Iran’s president delivered an anti-Western tirade.

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  1. My husband says we should arrest Ahmadinejad for espionage (hiking on the wrong side of Third Ave.)and then release him on $3 million bail.

  2. 1. Western leaders use every chance they get to assail those not their pawns in the third world for human rights abuses that pale in comparison to our own. This doesn't lead to walk-outs, presumably because the rest of the world is led by grown-ups while we are ruled by children who like the throw a tantrum from time to time.

    2. There is simply no question that the West has been responsible for world war, genocide, ethnic cleansing, exploitation, slavery, repression. And that many of those very same crimes are ongoing and still perpetrated by Western countries. not exclusively, but more globally and with more dire effect due toe the West's superior power and global reach.

    I am embarrassed to be a citizen of Germany and a resident of the US today.

  3. I heard his speech and for the most part it made a lot of sense. What has Iran done to us? They kicked out our stooge in 1978, and we have hated them ever since for that. They have elections all the time.

  4. Let's all give this guy a resounding cheer! Iran we know is blameless in sponsoring terrorism, devoted to the protection of its own citizens' civil rights, and is developing its nuclear capacity for peaceful purposes.

  5. Free the Bahais in Iran to worship and live as they please.

  6. The president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said poverty, homelessness and denial of basic rights were traceable to “greed for materialism in the United States and Europe.”

    I haven't read a transcript of his speech, but isn't the above more or less true?

  7. His anti-Semitic rants are disturbing, but we've come to expect that from him. Beyond that, however, there are a few things here that the U.S. and western allies should heed. Ahmadinejad is correct that our actions don't live up to our rhetoric. Thus, our past support for guys like Mubarak, who we dumped only when the politics were right. And our renditions and torture (and capital punishment?). Not to mention the apparent ease with which we start and maintain bloody, costly wars. And the global recession and financial crisis? Well, yeah, I think you can definitely point to greed and materialism in the U.S. and Europe on that one, too. Ahmadinejad is actually a relatively moderate Iranian voice as compared to the religious leaders who actually run his country. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss everything he says.

  8. It would be great if his limo breaks down in Brooklyn on the way to JFK and he has to walk the streets to the subway.

  9. USA/Europe have every right to walk out of UN. Obama President of US said in UN that UN Declarations or agreements reached through UN will not gurantee peace.

    Is that not passive aggression ? Atleast Ahmednijad says what he thinks. But Obama makes hidden threats which are much hard to decode than the ones from Iran. I would prefer an overt enemy like Iran rather than an hidden enemy like US/Europe.

  10. So this guy from Iran come here every year and throw Questions at us , and there is one to answer him back, I do not think walk out is the Answer.

  11. Spoken like a true hero of the American left.

  12. If a nut-job gives a speech and no one hears it, is it still a speech?

  13. What is important is that the Iranian people have the opportunity to elect a government democratically in a free and fair election.

    A peaceful transition led by the people is required.

  14. Iran has Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and America has Rick Perry. Different suit, different country, different religion. Same person.

  15. He’s like the bearded lady I see in coney island pushing a battered shopping cart muttering and shouting obscenities. Actually I think she works for the NY POST. Hey, that’s not a bad idea, Ahmadinejad should also get a job at the post he’ll fit right in.

  16. It is sad that he could not have done it better.
    Middle Eastern countries have a lot of reasons to critize the Western world for its actions (Israel) and inactions (Palestine). He, however, makes himself look like a clown and misses another chance to contribute in a productive dialog between the East and the West.

  17. Naivete is dangerous thing. Iran is guilty of murder, covert warfare, WMD proliferation, regional destabilization, cultural imperialism, international fraud, crimes of sexism and religious indoctrination.

    Wake up liberals, not every underdog is worth defending.

  18. Why do we spend anything at all to support the ludicrous circus that the UN has devolved to? The UN Human Rights Council includes China, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. That is merely one example of what a fool's paradise the UN has become.

  19. He is a symbol of everything wrong with the human animal. I will be very surprised if it can ever be proved that he is not the look-alike who is seen in a photograph taking over the US Embassy in Tehran during the Carter administration.

  20. Maybe he'll be better received at Columbia.

  21. He's right.

  22. Why do we put up with this guy? Really.

  23. There are citizens of the United States who would still characterize the attacks on 9/11 as "mysterious".

    And don't be so naive as to believe that the capitalistic concentration of wealth and resources in this country are not doing harm to the poorer nations of the world.

    There are two sides to every story, and even though Ahmadinejad sounds ignorant himself at times, some of his statements hold validity and deserve more than a childish walkout in response..

  24. They still can't get over the fact that Alexander beat Darius and that the the only real legacy of their so called empire is the slogan of the United States Postal Service. You know, neither rain nor sleet etc. That was their courier service slogan, and they haven't lived up to it since.

  25. This is news? Why waste any space on this maniac, espeically since, as reported, his speeches hold no surprises?

  26. Iran is nothing more than a Russian client state. The venue might have changed but the Cold War is still on.

  27. Yeah and this is something new from Ahmadinejad.

  28. So happy our hard earned tax dollars go to protecting freedom of speech for this holocaust denying, misogynistic, peace loving despot. Our constitutional architects would be proud.

  29. How could the United State condemn a speech they did not listen to?

  30. You call this reporting? This is itself a railing and a diatribe, perfectly one-sided. Ahmadinejad is saying nothing we don't know about America or the way Israel employs the memory of the Holocaust.

    Only a militant like the author of this report can miss the importance of the provocations of another militant.
    Ahmadinejad 'denies' in words, but Netanyahoooo is above him: he denies in deed.

  31. They should have a parallel United Nations headquartered in Cuba whose members are Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and soon to apply for membership Turkey.

  32. A very pertinent question. Why was not Osama Bin Laden captured alive and where brought to justice in public forum. If a single person can create so much mayhem in the world then why nothing changed after his death? I am glad Ahmedinejad asked this very important question which whole world deserves an answer. Ahamedinejad might be pariah in Western world but he least has the guts to ask some uncomfortable questions.

  33. Someone else said it--we do human rights abuses every day, we just killed a likely innocent man last night, Texas can't wait to exercise capital punishment, we back the wrong sides in foreign domestic disputes all the time, we gave billions to the Taliban when they could do us some good, we're occupying Iraq and Afghanastan, we give billions to Pakistan while they aid our enemies, we supplied weapons and money to south American dictatorships fighting against democracy, we have draconian drug laws, our economy is in shambles, we bomb without mercy, the list goes on and on...
    who are WE to judge someone else??

  34. How dare he admonish us for our greed. Hasn't he seen "Wall Street"? Greed is good!

  35. What Ahmadinejad was supposed to say, he spoke out. It's now a new fashion to walk out from the general assembly. The Obama administration was supposed to find a new way to handle Ahmadnejad, a more compromising and polite way.
    How long we will have the same nasty attitude with a head of state with whom we have to deal avery other day.

  36. Why do people even attend his speeches in the place, when you know what is coming.

  37. Where is the transcript?

  38. Hearing Ahmadinejad criticizing global leadership,and security council, or promoting justice in the World is like hearing Gaddafi,or Assad promoting human rights.

  39. This guy tells some truths and some lies, just like the United states reps do when they speak.

    Walkign out is something you never do under nay circumstances when someone is speaking at the U.N.

    Anyone who walks out is basically telegraphing that they are too immature and afraid to listen to what someone else has to say.

    You listen. Then, if you disagree you can say why.

    You are not qualified to speak if you run away.

    It's cowardice.

    Unless you have an upset stomach you should be brave, stay put, and listen.

  40. I don't like Ahmadinejad, but let's not forget 1953. Unfortunately, I would bet that 95 percent of Americans have no idea what happened that year. Let's also not forget that Ahmadinejad couldn't care less how his words are perceived here; his words are intended for those in his country.

  41. His time will come the youth of Iran will relieve this lunatic of his chair.

  42. Who cares? He has no real power.

  43. Re Comment #3

    "I am embarrassed to be a citizen of Germany and a resident of the US today."

    We can't speak for the Germans, but we are embarresed that you are a resident of the U.S. too.

  44. Unfortunately, truth sounds unbeliveable junk word if declared by a liar
    Anyway,he doesnt say the whole truth.. He just want to be heard, to be seen
    He dont care about truth.. Even a political fraction of it

  45. Does any politician sp[eak 100 % truth? Of course not. he is simply one of hundreds who lie and exagerate his views. Personally I am much more afraid of my own countries actions and covert activitites than any Iran represents.

  46. Publish the speech and let's see for ourselves.

  47. I sort of agree with some of the questions he brought up. Some politicians can't seem to face reality. Anyone who is embarrased of being a citizen of the United States (like the guy in the first post), then they need to go back to their country. Simple as that. It works the same way as if you were at a party...if you don't like it, then leave!

  48. But a group of Columbia students were thrilled to meet with him. Shame on you President Bollinger for allowing this.

  49. Obama should shake his finger at him, yea, that will do it.

  50. The Iranians have a point about western interference in the arab world. Sadly, Ahmadinejad isn't the guy who should be making that point.

    Based on his past behavior, he lacks credibility, and the west simply doesn't take him seriously. Elect somebody better!

  51. Don't underestimate the contibutions to poverty by people who say worship of God can defy the law of diminution at the margin by causing manna from Heaven to fall to meet the food and energy needs of an infinite number of people all living at once.

  52. I guess he won't be a university president after all.

  53. The U.S. and European delegations walked out. The rest dis not. Speaks volume.

  54. Who cares......this guy obviously has mental health problems, ask his own people about his stability and legitimacy. His days are numbered and he knows it.

  55. #3 Why are you in the US.Leave & go to Iran.Im sure they will welcome you there.

  56. The guy is right, we Americans has made the world worse instead of better. When I look at our American Flag I don't see the" we" but the "them". I would love one person to tell me differently. It's a disgrace what we have become, where another country can dictate our foreign policy and our politicians no longer represent the people but their own greed. God have mercy on us !

  57. We need buffoons like Ahmadinejad to bring humor to the global circus we call foreign relations. Sadly, there are many Persians who live outside Iran who are so ashemaed, so disgusted in this poor excuse for a leader. Ahmadinejad is too reactionary and hateful to be taken seriously yet, he is always rather interesting in an "empty barrel makes the most noise" sort of way.

  58. I am an Iranian. Ahmadinejad better to address the need of the people of Iran. In Iran, the country that Ahmadinejad is president, we do not have any type of right and freedom. The regime in Iran treats us like slaves, tells us how to dress, what to believe in, what to say and never critisize the regime. It is a naked dictatorship in Iran. mismanagement and misuse of nation's wealth along with a judiciary that is a joke, our cry reaches no ear. Mr. Ahmadinejad better to talk about the unemployment, lack of freedom of press, lack of any human rights and violation of humand rights in Iran. He better to talk about why anybody that critisizes the regime is put in prison. He and Khamenei @ co. are the worst government Iran has seen in its long history. He better talk about Iran and not about USA and other countries. They beats, executes, tortures anybody opens his/her mouth in Iran.

  59. That it gives this idiot a forum is enough reason to disband the UN. It is a waste of time, maybe it made sense after WWII and during the cold war but is is completely ineffective in fighting the world's number one common problem which is terrorism. Take the building and transform it into middle income housing for New Yorkers.

  60. #13 asks:

    "If a nut-job gives a speech and no one hears it, is it still a speech?"

    Clever question (or at least you appear to think so, and that's all that matters since no one hears your thoughts).

    Whether US government officials heard Ahmadinejad's speech or not, obviously they felt qualified to offer a detailed analysis of it. If they really didn't hear what he said, I guess they must have been analyzing what they imagined he said. Shall we treat such an analysis with the respect it deserves?

  61. Blind faith, whether political or religious, is a force that makes smart people stupid and good people bad. There are many Jews and Christians who think they have blind faith, but they are wrong. Jews and Christians no longer execute witches and homosexuals, despite the commandments in Exodus 18.22 and Leviticus 20:13. The only two doctrines that are accepted with no reservations are Marxism and Islam, which explains why leftists are so tolerant of honor murders and similar crimes.

  62. #1 writes:

    "My husband says we should arrest Ahmadinejad for espionage (hiking on the wrong side of Third Ave.)and then release him on $3 million bail."

    Your husband says this? How about you -- any thoughts of your own on the subject?

  63. I am Palestinian married to an Iranian and we both wish this baffoon would shut up. He's an embarrassment. I don't want him as an ambassador to the plight of the Palestinians. And his views certainly don't represent those of the average Iranian, whom by and large, to not respect him one bit.

  64. What I would have given to be a fly on that wall.

  65. this man is on a leash by the true powers in iran. i think that the members walking out show more indifference than anything else, they knowing the limitations of his power in the first place. we have a texas gov. who reminds me of him, in that they both seem to believe in the magic of making it so by simply saying it

  66. We should feel honored that Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comes to give a speech for the people at the U.N. It is reprehensible that people there would so insult and dishonor him by walking out.

    Would we rather that he actually works behind the scenes to produce fiendish weapons of mass destruction to use perchance against the people he is only scolding now? And do they deserve no scolding? We should at least be thankful there exists a forum where leaders of various nations can come and express their thoughts. This cannot be dismissed a simply propaganda for the people of Iran and for people in nations more friendly to Iran. It also gives us a chance to think about U.S. policies, how they affect not only the people here, but across the world.

    We can ill afford not to listen to others' views about us.
    By our continued refusals to correct at least some of our worst mistakes, any kinds of policies that need changing, it could so easily become too late to do so. The rabid actions of late in North Africa should worry us all.

  67. Funny how Ahmadinejad derides the US for its interventionsin the Arab world when his (non-Arab) country effectively runs Syria, colonized Lebanon, invaded Iraq and continues to fund destabilizing and violent fringe groups throughout the Arab world.

  68. Mahmoud is the biggest fanatic since Hitler. He's a raging maniac, and a real danger to world peace. His inflamatory rhetoric is reckless and designed to build his "stature" in the muslim world. What comes out of his mouth is proof the Iran is working towards or is close to development of nuclear weapons. He will be even more belligerent once he acheives his goal.

    NATO is building an early warning missle defense system in Turkey, a country that has alingned itself with Iran. Erdogan of Turkey and Mahmoud are good buddies and are forming an alliance in spite of the fact that Turkey is a NATO member. Anybody with common sense knows that the value of early warning missle defense system in Turkey is worthless, and will be tampered with to trick the West should Mahmoud launch nuclear missles against Europe or the United States. Turkey is no longer a secular country thanks to the influence of Mahmoud and Erdogan. Should Mahmoud obtain nuclear weapons he will attempt to make the entire world a hostage in some form.

  69. #3 You could always move to en enlightened place like Iran, or perhaps Saudi Arabia!!!

  70. This guy is by far one of the worst rulers in the world. What he has done to his own people alone justifies trying him for crimes against humanity and the death penalty.

  71. I see no advantages and some disadvantages to "walking out". In any case, it strikes me as childish.

  72. Those who will read unbiased history, I guess it does not exist, there is lot of truth in what he said at UN.

  73. “The genius of you Americans is that you never make clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves which make the rest of us wonder at the possibility that we might be missing something.”

    Gamal Abdel Nasser

  74. to SR # 30

    to #3: "I am embarrassed to be a citizen of Germany and a resident of the US today. "

    umm... move then"

    He would have a better situation to move.... Germany`s economy is booming, low unemployment rates,low living costs, low food costs, free Universities etc...

    He has absolute right in an apparent reference to the Western-led military intervention in Libya, when he added: “Can the flower of democracy blossom from NATO’s missiles, bombs and guns?”

  75. What a rediculous waste of money, energy and time the UN has turned out to be. This annual 'meeting' of the supposed elite heads of countries represented at the UN is nothing more than a way to wast millions (if not billions) of dollars. Close it down, it's time is past if it cannot resurrect itself as a useful, honest group of countries who truly want a better world for all people !

  76. #3 maybe you can take a hike along the Iraq Iran border, I hear it's very pleasant this time of year and you mght get a chance to spend some alone time with the Revolutionary Guard.

  77. Whether the Holocaust occurred or not should not be up for debate, that's like debating whether the earth is 6000 yrs. old. We only need to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    But it is time to separate the Holocaust and the subsequent creation of Israel from current Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

    You do not have to be a Holocaust denier or anti-Israel to see that the Palestinians have legitimate concerns that should be respected and addressed on equal footing.

  78. Where do you begin when addressing a man who denies historical facts over and over again, and twists current facts to suit his interests? You can't believe a word out of his mouth. He terrorizes his own people, denies basic human rights to others, and has the unmitigated gall to lay blame on our doorstep. This is not somebody to be engaged in any meanigful way. This is a lunatic you "yes" to death, and monitor as closely as possible. Our current program of cutting business investement with/in Iran should be fully exploited. Cutting business investments to this highly unstable country might just convince the businesspeople that it's in their interest to boot this guy into a foresaken jail cell where he can rot next to dissidents he has assigned to the same hellish future.

  79. This from an insane dictator who has contributed little or nothing to the rest of the world? Regardless of the faults of everyone but HIM, his diatribe will do little to create any real changes for a better world. He has some valid points to be sure, but so did Nikita Khrushchev when he was banging footwear on the podium and shouting, "We will bury you". That sure worked out well didn't it. If some readers don't know to what I am referring, try reading some history of the 60's[...that is if you can tear yourselves away from American Idol long enough.

  80. Maybe to please those in the West and in Israel Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should praise the United State for the 1953 CIA Operation Ajax in Iran that overthrew Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and put the Shah back on the Peacock Throne, cheer on the downing of Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655) by U.S. missiles from the USS Vincennes and congratulate Israel's excellent nuclear arsenal...

  81. "simply no question that the West has been responsible for world war, genocide, ethnic cleansing, exploitation, slavery, repression"

    And one would assume that the West alone is covered with these evils, and no one else? Iran is another invented country from the West when it disassembled Persia and the Ottoman Empire that were other invented countries that assembled empires after destroying tribal lands. Whew! Sounds like the Europeans who destroyed tribal lands, the U.S. who destroyed tribal lands, the Chinese, Indians, Indochinese, Ulan Batorians, Africans, Australians, and everyone else on Earth.

    Ahmadinejad and his brother Abbas pretend to care about their families, their neighbors, and the members of tribes of which they pretend to be members...but they are only interested in power. But then, you likely think they are Western lackeys as well.

  82. Truth sometimes hurts...90% of his "tirade" was pure truth. The problem lies in the way he talks and presents those things -slavery,colonialism,exploitation of "Third World countries" by the Western colonial masters, double standards, discrimination against "small countries" and theur peoples in the glbal system of "governance", European wars becoming "World wars", and America's never ending appetite for armed conflicts...

    No one agrees with Mr Ahmadinejad anti-Semitic rants, but western official delegations are overdoing their well rehearsed walkouts, year after year after year... boring... childish. The man gets on your nerves? Reply to him. Tell your side of the story. The right of reply is part of UN General Assembly procedures after all. Walking out, but not using it looks curious. Even neutral observers in the end ask themselves: do those people who systematically walk out have something they hide???

  83. Just because the west does things like staging a coup that put a puppet monarch in charge of their country for decades, then invades and occupies their next door neighbors, and constantly blames them for the mess in Iraq that we created, they turn anti West. Sheesh. Some people show no appreciation.

  84. To #18 "Naivete is dangerous thing. Iran is guilty of murder, covert warfare, WMD proliferation, regional destabilization, cultural imperialism, international fraud, crimes of sexism and religious indoctrination."

    OK Justin from Queens. Get this. The U.S. is guilty of every crime you just listed, only one a larger scale.

  85. There is a some funny conversation going on in the Iranian community abroad that suggests Ahmadinead and his aides should seek political asylum in US while they can, because if they return Khamenei and Revolutioanry Guards are waiting for them with u unsheathed swords--there is a lot of truth to this funny thought.

  86. 18. Justin queens

    So are ignorance and stupidity.

    "Naivete is dangerous thing. Iran is guilty of murder, covert warfare, WMD proliferation, regional destabilization, cultural imperialism, international fraud, crimes of sexism and religious indoctrination. Wake up liberals, not every underdog is worth defending."

    The United States in which you believe, is guilty of all the crimes of which you accuse Iran. Ask a small country who's beaten them to pulp recently and you'll find out the answer is "United States."

  87. While many delegations left the General Assembly Hall, what should be reported is that the Kuwait delegation sat, listened and applauded as Ahmadinejad lashed out against the country that liberated it.

  88. Send in the clowns? No, don't bother, they're already there, led by Ahmadinejad, and the overwhelming majority of delegations, in the U.N. Body!

  89. It's a shame the US sponsored and ran a coup of a democratically elected president of Iran in 1953 in order to claim our oil that was under their sand. If we had dealt with their social democratic policies and state run industries then, building a profitable relationship with them against the USSR, we would not have the Islamic radicalism in Iran that we do now. Amahdenijad is a creature of our own making.

  90. We love you Mahmoud! LOVE you, bebbe! We have so few international villains of such classic style left anymore. You're the greatest! And you always shine brightest - almost radiating a nuclear energy - at the UN! For your 2012 appearance I want a laser light show and some dry ice smoke to precede your annual denunciation of the US! And I'm picturing you in a bejeweled white Elvis suit for next year's speech!

    Shhhh - don't say anything yet - just promise you'll think about it?

  91. Christian Haesemeyer, no one is stopping you from renouncing both of those countries and living in one of the oppressed countries in Africa, Asia, or Southwest Asia that are constantly abused by men in power.

    Feel free to make your home in those places and try and improve the situations there. Feel free.

  92. He pulls americas chain every year and america falls for it. Why doesn't the american delegation just not show up on the day he speaks. He isn't as dumb as people think.

  93. Not only is Ahmadinejad correct, but the U.S. delegates clearly come from low-end academic universities where any type of dissent in their government policy class was not tolerated, which is exactly what you would never want to see in a UN representative. The entire assembly should have walked out when Colin Powell gave his infamous WMD speech. The U.S. government is an embarrassment and I'd like the rest of the world to know that a lot of U.S. citizens don't want anything to do with these idiots. I can't help notice that a large percentage of posters feel the same way. The days of the U.S. government thinking its citizens will automatically support them are gone.

  94. Yo, #18, the U.S. is guilty of every one of those crimes, too! Every single one of them. Maybe you were going to mention that but you pushed submit too soon?

    Murder, covert warfare, WMD proliferation, regional destabilization, cultural imperialism, international fraud, crimes of sexism and religious indoctrination...yeah, that paints a pretty accurate picture of large swaths of American history (past and present) if you don't try to whitewash everything.

  95. Most seriously, Justin @18, you can easily substitute the USA for Iran in your list of shameful activities, and add a few others. Our nation's negative imprint on this little mudball we call Earth is every bit as destructive and selfish as Iran's, if not actually more so.

  96. I don't agree with much of anything a brutal blood-stained Iranian dictator has to say, but this was the United Nations and he was legitimately there. It defeats the whole purpose of having such an institution if we get to walk out whenever somebody says something we don't like. I thought we were better than that.

  97. After reading this article, Nicholas Kristof's Op-Ed column in today's Times is a waste of space. Would you negotiate a non-nuclear agreement with Ahmadinejad? Are we to believe in the Iranian's sincerity? Kristof comes off as gullible to say the least---and I won't say what the worst is.

  98. I came, I saw, I ran.

  99. All this is political theater. The United Nations are not very united and bureaucracy makes much of what they try to do ineffective. I'm not surprised but I wish it were otherwise

  100. ''Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, delivered one of his characteristic anti-Western broadsides, embroidered with tinges of religious mysticism. He blamed the United States, Israel and Europe for the global recession and a litany of other ills. He also suggested that the American military’s killing of Osama bin Laden last May and the disposal of his body at sea was part of a dark conspiracy to conceal the real perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks.''

    The Financial crisis we today have, originated at the US in the beginning of 2007 with the credit crunch and the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and Euro debt crisis is further enhancing this.
    So he is telling some truth. It isn't very democratic to walk away one is speaking, this is a place we discuss, talk and listen, even if we dont like it we should listen...

  101. Obama's speech yesterday, which negated everything he has said and stood for previously, was much more embarrassing for most Americans (as proven by the comments you got yesterday) than anything the Iranian leader said today.

  102. Mr. Ahmadinejad is by far my favorite world leader, and his speeches are the only interesting part of the otherwise useless annual traffic nightmare known as the UN General Assembly.

    Mr. Ahmadinejad calls it like it is, unlike the duplicitous propaganda machine that is the US State Dept.

    For next year's speech, Mr. Ahmadinejad, I would suggest mentioning the only two things keeping the US economy afloat today:

    1) Americans are aggressively poisoning the rest of the world with their toxic junk food, thus creating the largest, most expensive epidemic of disease ever witnessed in human history. American food exports are the true WMDs - everything else is mindless Western propaganda trying to divert attention.

    2) Having damaged the rest of the world's health, Americans (as self-appointed saviors) then claim to be somehow 'rescuing' the world from the epidemic they themselves created by forcing everyone to buy their overpriced pharmaceuticals.

    Mr Ahmadinejad, you are the only world leader with the guts to challenge the delusional American self-image. Good work!

    See you next year.

  103. Other countries are free to condemn us - go right ahead. What I object to is giving them our scarce tax dollars in this economic climate and pretending to be friends. Take note Turkey and every other country that is a foreign or military aid recipient.

  104. Erdogan is testing the limits of his leverage with the U.S. and Europe.
    He will stop at nothing, to boost his standing with his supporters, at home and those in streets of the Arab world. Most regimes in the Middle East see him for what he is a two faced opportunist carving a niche. He is taking advantage of gap, left by the fall of Mubarak to a large extent, also benefiting from Assad's miscalculation and Qaddafi's demise.
    He is also leveraging the US request, to place a new radar against Iran on Turkish soil. He will only allow the US radar station, in exchange for allowing him to be the bully of the region.
    Obama's visit and address to the Turkish parliament, emboldened him and his party to flex their muscles and test the waters in the region.

  105. I don't see anything false in his statements. He was mostly talking about the past and America's blinders about the origins about Israel.

    Just because the average American is partly ignorant about the history of the Middle East since World war 1 and partly prejudiced by the Iran hostage crisis, does not make facts wrong.

    The US and it's puppy nations (read the new Europe) walking out each time he speaks, if only to escape their own history of anti-semitism, and the price they are paying with Palestinian rights, is out right childish to say the least.

    This is not to condone his repression of his own people or his denial of the holocaust, but his points are well made.

    Western countries can impose their holocaust guilt on themselves, but not the rest of the world. So Europe and America, shut up and sit down.

  106. Obama, or 'Bush lite' as I like to call him, continues the same embarrassing American policy of walking out on the Iranian President. True that internally Iran is a repressive regime (though not nearly as repressive as our allies in the region) this does not detract from the credibility of the Iranian President's remarks as it pertains to international subjects. For example, is it not a basic truth that the insatiable desire of Americans for material goods has led to great suffering around the world? Can anybody seriously debate or object to this point, much less walk out when it is mentioned? Is it not true that we funded Saddam Hussein's war on an Iran crippled by our sanctions resulting in an essential genocide of over 1,000,000 people? And, is it not true that if there had been a trial of Bin Laden, we would have learned more about what happened on 9-11? Why are we, as Americans, so troubled when these fundamental points are raised?

  107. While Iran has plenty of problems in their own country, Ahmadinejad brings up many sad truths regarding American hegemony. For example, consider what we have witnessed these past few days in regards to the GOP being basically controlled by the Israeli lobby? Did that disturb only me?

    I feel it is incumbent, nay, an intellectual imperative for us as Americans to research all that we can on the issues which Ahmadinejad mentioned, as opposed to accepting the simple minded "anti-semitic" platitude given by a low level diplomat.

  108. 4. Phil Greene Houston, Texas: "I heard his speech and for the most part it made a lot of sense. What has Iran done to us?"

    I have no reason to like Iran's leaders; I have friends who had to flee Iran.

    But the real answer to your question is: "Iran is the great Satan."

    I'm surprised that Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann hasn't said that in public.

  109. Re Comment #3

    "I am embarrassed to be a citizen of Germany and a resident of the US today."

    I am proud that my country, the United States, adheres to the principle of free speech so you may voice your opinion without repercussion. I fully support your right to voice your opinion regardless of whether or not I agree with the content of your message.

  110. On the day that the Turkish Goverment releases the occupied lands of Constantinople and the early historic churches of Christianity, men will consider them to be more than genocidal madmen.

  111. What a hypocrisy! Where is the freedom of speech advocated by you and your allies? Please don't like an ostrich trying to avoid disagreeable situations by refusing to face them. Your childish walkouts can not silence the global voices against your war crimes, abuses and hypocrisy. Just wake up!

  112. Walking out is just juvenile. And the guy from Turkey is spot on.

    I have long believed the Bin laden had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. It was a claim made early and often and put out as an excuse to attack Iraq. But never was any evidence presented.

    And it was inconsistent with Bin Laden's m.o. of attacks on foreign embassies in the mid-east and africa. Right after the attacks he said he didn't do it. Wouldn't the mastermind of the most horrific attack on the U.S. want to take credit for the attacks?

  113. Erdogan is a true leader in that he has the courage to say what the rest of the world knows to be true. He has come to the same conclusion that other nations will soon come to. The price of defending Israel exceeds the price of declaring independence from it. The calculus has changed, and one by one those nations that have provided cover for Israel's attrocities will leave it to fend for itself in the cold wilderness of isolation.

  114. Agree with Erdogan that the coddling of Israel is spoiling the baby and indeed after all that has happened in the last decade much of the world has lost its trust and respect for our govenmentas well as Israel -- this would be even worse with republicans in the oval office, no doubt.

    But Ahmadinejad's cheap shots are unimpressive and so is the theater of outrage and walkouts-- it takes 2 to tango, if that makes any sense. Thumbs down.

  115. what disservice to paint both turkey's and iran's statements at the u.n. with the same brush. shame.

  116. It is very possible that the next regime collapse will take place in Iran. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Islamists in Iran have a tight grip on the people and they control the nuclear facilities. It is a powerful Hamas-type thuggish dictatorship with huge resources. A Syrian-style uprising will be another bloody mess and we in the West may not be able to afford to be just spectators like in Egypt.
    The specter of this upcoming scenario is hundred times more frightening than the yearly inane, provocative mouthing off of a man who stole the last so-called "popular election."

  117. We should of walked out, like we did for Iran, when Mr. Erdogan spoke. Turkey has its own house cleaning to do by admitting the Armenian genocide, which it has refused to do. They deserve no respect until that is done. Are those bases there that important?

  118. Many Japanese leaders continue to deny that the Nanjing Massacre and other atrocities committed by the Japanese army ever took place, yet the US has been allied with Japan ever since the end of WWII. In that context, Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust is not all that surprising.

    The Holocaust denial part aside, many of the things he said are true. To cite but one example: The US invaded Iraq without UN approval and on the false ground that Iraq possessed WMD. Yet it was Saddem Hussein that got hanged. Why wasn't there a warrant of arrest out for George Bush for the hundreds of deaths he caused in Iraq?

  119. It is rather juvenile behaviour on part of those who staged a walkout.It depicts a highly immature behaviour that you refuse to listen to those with whom you don't agree.Only once we listen, we can come up with a meritable case to either agree or disagree with what has been said.But if we refuse to listen we dont have that right.

    Though,how immature and juvevnile it may seem, it is one of the most predictable human behaviour when they are confronted with realities they don't want to listen and admit to.So this walking out thing influx more merit to the opposing party case than rejecting it.

  120. Ahmadinejad is an irrelevant clown. Of more note is Erdogan's speech. Netanyahou has stupidly gone out of his way to make an enemy of Turkey. Israel needs to mend this fence tout de suite or it will bear the long-term consequences of the isolation resulting from this foolishness. Bluntly said, if one is forced to choose, is there is any doubt that the future strategic interests of the West are with Turkey, not tiny Israel? The present Israeli government understands the strategic interests of Israel about as well as George W. Bush understood those of the United States, which is to say, not at all.

  121. I see an absurd reporting here. Mixing what Erodgan said with what Ahmedinnajed said. Mixing it up so much that you think they are both Satans! Well they arent! one spoke for his country men killed on the the ship onboard to Gaza, for which Israel is not going to apologize. I applaud him for his stance, using anti semitic card on him is absurd since Turkey was a staunch israeli ally. Like we got Raymond from Pakistan, he wants Israel to apologize! Ofcourse Israelis wont and use the same old anti semitisim card. Erodgan has done wonders for Turkish economy, coming from a pro islamic party he has been open, brainy and secular. Yet flexing his muscles and forging alliances with Brazil, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Egypt. He has a role to play. Him calling Israel, who even has killed on Turkish American on board that ship, along with killing 34 marines on USS Liberty in 1967! No investigation nothing!
    Iran, well you call him what ever u like, support his opponent in elections ( a man who opposed women educations lol) his charisma remains in Iran. But when we topple one of democratically elected govt in Iran n 50's for our national interests then its fair, but they cant do anything to counter it. Islamic revolution was brought by Americans! Iranian hate for us is justified, we have even downed their civilian plane killing 200+ people and then Bush Sr. saying "we will never apologize", no one hears about it, but Lockerbie everyone remembers, speak what colonial mentality we suffer from! Height of self righteousness!

  122. A good leader should be a good listener too. If words are not of someone's interest then doing boycott, not alone, but with all of the 'Friend' allies. I think its not right approach. Its only lobbying against particular country i.e Iran.
    Everybody know US is most powerful country of the world, but it doesnt mean that they are allowed to do whatever in their interest.
    This is not an example of justice and transparency...

  123. USA and Turkey are allies. In fact the US trusts Turkey enough to loan out to them several nuclear warheads. Those people who think Turkey is changing sides in a meaningful way have been led astray by odious Israeli propaganda.

  124. Why couldn't Bush/we just have let the monsters of Iran and Iraq fight each other?

  125. As an Israeli and a Jew, I can think of no greater a compliment to my people and my State than to be hated by Ahmadinejad, Erdogan and their followers.

    Most descendants of the Jew haters of previous generations despise their ancestors. This will be true for future generations as well.