U.S. Posts Stronger Job Growth in July

The U.S. added 117,000 jobs last month, the strongest figure since April, but it may still not be high enough to relieve fears of a renewed recession.

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  1. And how many college graduates had been added to the economy in June?

  2. Wow! Solid job gains! Now my unemployed 25yr old nephew should have a chance.

    If they raise the Social Security age, I guess these old people will have a chance for a job too.

  3. It always seems strange to me that there's no mention of the quality of the jobs created--if we're replacing lost jobs that came with benefits & paid $100K with non-benefited jobs that pay minimum wage or thereabouts, as several reports have suggested, that doesn't seem promising. How relevant can the jobs figures be without this data?

  4. But how many jobs will fear destroy before the recession is over?

    It has always bothered me that words like fear, anxiety, nervousness and the like have been used to describe speculators and investors when their behavior is inherently risky in the first place. I'd like to reserve those terms for families wondering where the money will come from for the next house payment or grocery bill.

  5. So who takes credit for this positive news? Thanks to whomever. This is good news for once.

  6. As columnist Paul Krugman noted yesterday, policy makers should be putting the emphasis on job growth, not debt reduction. Clearly, the economy is still too fragile to worry about debt, at least in the short term.

  7. Don't worry, the spending cuts mandated by the Debt Ceiling agreement will reverse this trend. De-Stimulate Now!

  8. It was a tenth of a percent. There was nothing solid about it. And since these figures get revised periodically who knows if this pittance is even real. Lets stop using unemployment numbers as a scorecard and actually do what is needed to do to help businesses in this country create jobs.

  9. This will be adjusted next month when the government publishes the real numbers. Here a hint - it will not be a larger number.

  10. And this is inspite of the GOP controlled state houses dropping public sector workers off payrolls in self-inflicted budget cutting moves, trashing labor unions and turning back millions in infrastructure spending to the Feds. The private sector has been creating jobs now for nearly every month since Obama began his presidency. So I guess the GOP will have to work this summer on ways to destroy even that part of the recovery now. Anything for a good deal on a big house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  11. With the fragile can go either direction economy is no time to start talking about spending cuts. Congress, especially the Republicans, and the President insofar as he acquieces to tyhe Republicans ae goign in the wrong direction. Very targeted spending cuts but nothing massive-otherwise need to traise revenue form the wealthiest Americans to get captial into the hands of the middle class through government to prime job growth so then the private sector can take over creagting jobs. This is the formula that has worked in the past and the only way out now. As for corporate tax, even they should not be lowered but, but corporations should be allowed to write off tax dollars if excess profit is put back into the corporation to the benefit of workers. Maybe time to re-instate pensions rather than 401ks!

  12. This is good news depending whether they private sector or government jobs. If they are government jobs, it's simply more welfare. Are the jobs low level fast food, food servers, or the like or are they real jobs where workers have a future, benefits, and make a decent living?

  13. For the past two months, the Republicans have blamed the Obama Adm. for the bad numbers...now will they give the Adm. credit for the better numbers this month? I suspect not. In fact, they will try to take credit...There is still lots of work to be done to get Americans back to work...Unfortunately we cannot afford the Republican Tea Party solutions to growing this economy...cutting is not growing...Mr. President, I will continue to have your back; at the same time, I need you to fighter harder for Americans who are out of work. The decision is yours...

  14. Hey Italy, Greece and Tea Party: Yes we can!

  15. The stock market will go up when all the wise ones who buy low have finished their purchases.

  16. What kind of jobs were added? That's the key. Partime? Professional? Manufacturing? or perhaps Hamburger Flippers?

  17. It would be helpful to know which sectors of the economy are hiring. 94,000 new hires at McDonalds doesn't inspire a lot of hope. A substantial number of new manufacturing jobs would. And what percentage of these new hires are temporary summer positions?

  18. An unemployment rate of 9.1 per cent is pure fiction and therefore misleading. How many long-term unemployed have given up looking, and by statistical hocus pocus are dropped from the tabulation? With the current resolution of the debt crisis certain to have a negative impact on economic activity, America in the next two years will be looking at an unemployment rate in the twenty per cent range--all with a badly damaged social safety net. It will not be long before we see actual destitution, begging in the streets, and homelessness. The world is watching, and no amount of teleprompter rhetoric can disguise the moral bankruptcy of both major parties.

  19. Hopefully this will shut up the network and cable talking heads who seem to want the job figures to be negative so that it would drive more ratings to their TV programs.

    The economy is bad. Yes, we get it. However, let's not make it worse than it already is by scaring people to death.

  20. This is just a numbers game! Jobs are created but, are these positions ever filled? I work for a utility company and they create and post new jobs all the time but, these positions are never FILLED! We are so short handed and the work forced is stretched thin.

  21. The jobs number will be revised downward. Business isn't hiring (because the unemployed aren't buying products for some strange reason). Business makes money overseas where unemployment is worse and potential workers are more desperate.

    Business relies on the Fed to provide credit so the unemployed can start buying business' goods again. However, once the Fed starts lending, the funds wind up going into company cash accounts, bypassing the customers. The American side of American businesses are now hedge funds, able to tap directly into central bank lending before their customers can have access to it!

    Meanwhile, more jobs are lost to automation.

    A million young people in the US would like to become farmers and grow healthy, nourishing food for all of us. They cannot because the barriers to entry are too high: land is held by speculators waiting for more suburban development, a business that has died due to the dearth of customers.

    In fact, US unemployment is largely the result of the real estate bubble collapse which will not re-inflate in our lifetimes. There are also no restraints on undocumented immigration. Meanwhile, large cutbacks in education, rising costs of education, an American culture that celebrates ignorance and fear. Young people also lack hand skills and the means to obtain them.

    The establishment insists that businesses will hire if rewarded, but any rewards will be spent on overseas employees or machines, instead. No easy way out of this trap and a marginal rise in employment does not change fundamentals.

  22. 117,000 jobs is not even enough to absorb the number of new workers entering the workforce, much less relieve the massive unemployment problem. It will probably be quietly revised downward next month, at any rate. As far as the supposed drop in unemployment to 9.1%, this is a joke. John Williams at shadowstats.com puts it at a much more realistic 22.7%.

    Pretending things are getting beter isn't going to cut it anymore.

  23. President Obama needs to address the nation to explain how we have been on the wrong economic path for several decades now and how we need to return to being a nation of producers and exporters - and not primarily, as is the case today - of consumers. We need a formal program to return manufacturing back to its historic recession lifting self - with a Department of Manufacturing, a Secretary of Manufacturing and an Industrial Policy. Nothing else has worked - it may be our last resort towards economic well being.

  24. Yes. GOP governors elected by the states to clean up the Democratic mess created by years of overspending, bloated government, and tax funded union pension and health benefits the private sector would enjoy.

  25. Only to be "revised" next month to 23,000.

    Can't trust these crooks in Washington.

  26. Summer jobs most certainly -- not real, full-time jobs. If the current mood of cutting needless spending prevails and government can get out of the way, then perhaps we might see some progress in gainful employment.

  27. Unemployment numbers went down because people like me-who are still unempolyed-are no longer being counted. Thank you congress, for creating a mess and completely ignoring me and countless others in my situation who have little hope left of finding meaningful work. Pat yourselves on the back and take comfort in deceptive numbers while so many of us are tumbling through the ever widening cracks into poverty. Don't worry-you'll all get re-elected. The supreme court made sure that the corporation-people will see to that.

  28. ... yet we're STILL losing 400,000 jobs/week, a consistent figure: How helpful is 117,000 jobs/month? (And are these jobs IN the United States?)

  29. I can't be anything but cynical. I'm waiting for the revised report in a few weeks.

  30. Since when is 117,000 added jobs solid? what a farce! You need 230,000 plus to improve the economy. Typical left wing hogwash....

  31. The President is a realist, those folks that stayed home instead of turning out in 2010 tied his hands and many of them are barking from the sidelines that he should say no harder while Republicans obstruct his every move with malice not seen since the mid 1990s. The right wing noise machine has cowed vulnerable Democrats into retreating from the pro-jobs arguments. Republicans are blocking things that they themselves support like free trade agreements and an infrastructure bank, just to ensure that Obama's reelection prospects are hurt.

    The Republican Party fully expects that voters will reward them for this obstruction by giving them the White House, the Senate and retained control of the House next year. It's the biggest heist in the world. Just remember this, a Republican President in the White House in January 2013 means the end of Medicare, no ifs ands or buts. That's the simple reality. Republicans will win the Senate because Democrats have more Senate seats to defend in the next election cycle. If they keep the House with a smaller majority, they will most certainly use Budget Reconciliation (no filibusters) to cripple Medicare and only Barack Obama's veto will stand between that and disaster. President Romney will sign the bill. Just remember that, whiners and seniors!

  32. aaaaaH how wonderful so many jobs I wonder when Bush had much better job growth did this newspaper give him a glowing report..just thought I,d ask

  33. Gee, we've been told that at least 125,000 jobs are needed monthly just to stay in place. So this anemic fuss over a paltry number will be well-massaged by our keepers I'm sure.

  34. Like revisionist history... this is revisionist math. Here's some non-revisionist math. Unemployment hovers at 20%.

    And one more equation. The 82% public disapproval rating regarding Congress just shot up to 90%. Soon, the only people left who "approve" of them will be themselves and their families.

  35. Significant improvement in confidence is not likely until our government learns to live within its means.

    We cannot continue to borrow, and raising taxes is exactly the wrong thing to do. Tax incentives focused on jobs and investment are the only tool our federal government has left.

    Let's hope the politicians who currently seem so inept can agree on responsible action to aid the stumbling economy.

  36. The press, including the Times, continues to amaze me. "The job growth figure . . . was the strongest since April, but MAY still not be high enough to relieve fears of a renewed recession." From a broad perspective, what good could 1.4 million jobs annually possibly do to get this country back on a meaningful recovery. Aren't we down more than 8MM jobs since the recession took place? At that rate (which is higher than previous months), it would take years. Call it what you want, this is still a recession. The only benefit from this info is to the traders who will use it to sell positions at a profit based on the unrealistic upward market movement this type of daily baseless optimism always generates. And the only consumers who are still spending real money are the fantastically rich, who are buying all of their $900 shoes at a premium, according to yesterday's Times. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

  37. The unemployment rate fell to 9.1% from 9.2%, partly because 193,000 people dropped out of the labor force.

    The U.S. economy added 117,000 jobs in July and an even larger 154,000 in the private sector, meaning 33,000 government jobs were lost.

    This is good news?

  38. We need something big, really big, a huge boost to our economy, something that could provide thousands upon thousands of jobs and help raise the standard of living in the USA and throughout the world.

    Do note that both Harry Reid and Orrin Hatch have proposed this as our energy future.

    Note: I do not want this to be a political statement. All I ask is that you look at what I'm talking about, and if you agree, you ask 5 people to look at this. If not, then that's OK, and least you took the time to learn something new.

    What we need is USA made energy independence. If the price of energy were to drop to a fractions of the current cost, what would that do to our economy? If energy became abundant and incredibly inexpensive, what would that mean to the world? Cheap energy means, clean water. Cheap energy means abundant inexpensive food. Cheap energy means all the products that we currently buy would be vastly less expensive. Energy Independence means we can bring our troops home, that they are not needed to protect vital energy sources or other materials.

    Where is this clean energy? Its at your feet. It has always been here, it's just that we did not
    know it was there and how to use it.

    All I ask is that you watch this video, I believe this is the most important video you may watch in your lifetime. I have nothing to gain from this finicially. I'm just concerned about the future of my
    country and this planet.

    If you only have 1 minute watch this video

    If you have 5 minutes wathc this video

  39. Heart is ticking! Heart is not ticking! Heart is ticking?! Heart is not ticking?

    Aren’t you already tired of those stupid reports and Dow Jones crazy swings?

    The Dow Jones formula is mathematically incorrect and multiplies any change of directions dozens of times what creates an unrealistic sense of drama and impression that the wealth worth hundreds of billions dollars can disappear overnight or get created instantly what is logically and factually incorrect.

    Such a wrong measurement stick prods us to make the wrong conclusions in determining the economic course. Oh, we shouldn’t enact any measure that might upset the Wall Street traders because the trillions of dollars could disappear suddenly!? Really!?

    There hasn’t been nothing more stupid since the medieval “experts” bled their patients profusely to heal them or since the people burned the virgins to please the gods.

    The jobs in America will not be created fast enough as long as we keep exporting whole industrial sectors to China.

    If you want to fill up a bath tub, plug the drain hole first!

  40. How many of these jobs were those shovel-ready jobs that were supposed to keep unemployment below 8%? I guess this is what we get when the focus of Congress is passing a health care bill that is paid by employers and a Dodd-Frank bill that is intended to punish companies, rather than creating real jobs for people who are not lawyers getting rich on processing waivers from the health care law and dealing with Dodd-Frank. The focus of this administration has never been on real job creation (other than the admittedly non-existent shovel-ready jobs), but instead has been to fund special interest groups to create "social justice."

  41. Solid job gains? How? What job growth programs did this Congress and this administration take since 2008 to grow jobs? Please do not misrepresent facts. We all know how little this govt did for the working people of America, compared to how enormously more they did for the top of the pyramid.

    They continued the catastrophic policies of Bush, with much happiness of Tea Party and libertarians.

    Basically, they misplaced their priorities, and paid no attention to economists who prescribed a pro-worker, bubble-up economic recovery plan. Ordinary "Romans" like us are paying a heavy price for our Nero's.

  42. Good news, but that doesn't change the idea that we need an infrastructure plan that allows for the government to invest in bridge and road repair, high speed rail and a reworking of our electrical grid, along with speedy internet even in rural areas. Give the corporations now sitting on $2 trillion an incentive to be co-investors in this plan; either help our country by spending some of this money on infrastructure, or see your taxes go up by an equivalent amount. The Republicans would hate this, wouldn't they? Rather they would stick the country with high unemployment and an antique-show infrastructure, all in the hope of defeating Obama.

  43. Oh how nice, companies are hiring again. What's not said is how many of these jobs are actually jobs in which one can earn a living wage? Stay tuned ladies and gents.

  44. The headline indicating this is a solid jobs report shows no understanding of the employment picture. This is a terrible report in context.

    The economy has to add at least 120,000 jobs each month just to absorb young people entering the labor force for the first time. This barely did that.

    It has to add 250,000 jobs every month for 5 years to bring unemployment down significantly. When we start to see numbers like that it will be a "solid" report.

    And the so called reduction from 9.2 to 9.1 percent unemployed reflects only that fewer people actively sought jobs last month out of discouragement - in other words what the gov defines as the available labor pool shrunk.

    When you consider all of the discouraged job seekers and those working part time who would jump at a full time job if actually available - the true unemployment number is close to 20%.

  45. Here is a quote from the Federal Reserve about America's job market:

    "...it is not immediately clear how monetary or fiscal policies might alleviate the problem."

    Here is the rest of what the Fed had to say about the jobless situation in the United States:


    If the Fed can't figure out the solution to the problem that their monetary policies have created, who can?

  46. Any good news this week is welcome. The doomsayers may have to wait a little while to celebrate the Great American Devolution.

  47. Heart is ticking! Heart is not ticking! Heart is ticking?! Heart is not ticking?

    Aren’t you already tired of those stupid reports and Dow Jones crazy swings?

    The Dow Jones formula is mathematically incorrect and multiplies any change of directions dozens of times what creates an unrealistic sense of drama and impression that the wealth worth hundreds of billions dollars can disappear overnight or get created instantly what is logically and factually incorrect.

    Such a wrong measurement stick prods us to make the wrong conclusions in determining the economic course. Oh, we shouldn’t enact any measure that might upset the Wall Street traders because the trillions of dollars could disappear suddenly!? Really!?

    There hasn’t been nothing more stupid since the medieval “experts” bled their patients profusely to heal them or since the people burned the virgins to please the gods.

    The jobs in America will not be created fast enough as long as we keep exporting while industrial sectors to China.

    If you want to feel up a bath tub, plug the drain first!

  48. I haven't worked much in years. These numbers mean squat.

  49. Yeah isn't it great that 177K people got jobs but 400K lost theirs too not to mention the unemployed people that can't get unemployment anymore..

  50. The Labor Department's statistics don't include the underemployed and those who have stopped looking for work. This alternative measure creates a much higher number.
    It is more like +16%

  51. Certainly an encouraging news amid the panic, fear, and pessimism - stock market is certainly a indicator of how people feel.

    The fundamental issue facing the US economy is to (1) move manufacturing back to the US and (2) protect our intellectual property. We used to be a nation with huge export of our high quality goods. We dominated a broad range of markets with "products Made in USA", which is replaced with "Made in China". The government should change its tax laws to encourage companies who create jobs in the US. In the same time, we should put the protection of the US intellectual properties to the highest priority. We invested tremendously in our R&D, but let the products be taken away by China and other countries easily. Until our government, our business people, our ordinary people realize how important it is to protect our creativity, our investment in intellectual property, we will not see the turning point in this economic war.

  52. The "economy" of Wall Street CEO's has been overinflated and overindulged.

    Wall Street continues to short change its investors as it fattens its executives
    stock portfolios, the real culprit of lack of job growth in the US

  53. 117,000 jobs created. With 20 people applying for each job, thats 2,340,000 applicants, and the lucky 117,000 get to wrap pre-made burgers and fries and serve to a hungry public

    Not the best formula for attaining or maintaing middle-class status.

    Also, the numbers mean that 2,223,000 applicants are still shoveling sewage against the tide.

    Soon, they, and millions of others will be shoveling it en mass into the halls of Congress and the White House where it belongs.

  54. Let's see...if we just do the quick math, all we need are about 68 straight months of this kind of pathetic growth to to get back where we were prior to the start of the recession. Reason for optimism for sure.

    Even if the number holds and isn't revised downward, there have already been several announcements of large reductions in the private sector and the impending reductions now that states won't be receiving much help in the future, in the public sector. Only on Wall Street for a day or two will they find this good news. The rest of us suffer.

  55. Here's what I know: As a Middle Class couple, my husband and I came out of the 1970s hurting from the high interest rates, struggled under the Reagan Admnistration and inflation, and blossomed during the Clinton Administration, incomewise and 401K value. During the Bush Adminstration, things began going downhill.

    President Obama needs to focus on revenue generation, and not on cost cutting. Putting people back to work is the answer to jump-start buying and selling goods and services and generating taxes. And, making the wealthiest citizens pay their fair share (despite their moaning that they do pay their fair share -- they don't).

    The way We The People can help speed the economic recovery is to vote out the destructive and backward Tea Party radicals in Congress. It will help President Obama to get us back on track if they are gone; if we have a Republican in the White House, we will need a Democratic Congress to balance any attempt to return us to the Reagan or Bush years.

  56. Well said George K. in Bozeman. If only our leaders would read more widely they would rediscover the essential truth that U.S. prosperity was based on manufacturing and industrial production generally, as was Britain's in the 19th century. There has been far too much readiness to jog along with the notion that being a "post-industrial" society is somehow desirable and inevitable. Let's get back to making and selling American goods to the world before we end up as a satellite nation of the PRC.

  57. Like all data these figures can be misleading. Data released to the public as this and unemployment statistics benefits the politians more then the public. If the numbers are good the party in powers barks the number as a great event but if they are bad numbers the party out of power yells the sky is following. The only figure that the public wrings their hands about longer then a few minutes is the worth of there ability to maintain their own standard of living,

  58. I thought the Debt Ceiling agreement (and no default) was supposed to solve many of our "confidence" problems. Instead, immediately after the agreement was reached the stock market tanked - in fact over 10% since July 21. IF that isn't falling into a double dip recession or a depression, I would like to know what it is.

  59. Goodie, goodie! After nearly three trillion dollars spent the Obama administration can proudly unveil a 9.1% unemployment rate. Eventually Bushes problems become Obam's problem.

    Should this not suggest, even to the dunderheads in DC, that our approach has not worked? What is that in dollars per unemployed?

    If you want to know why the Tea Party advocates want no compromise, look at those figures. Thes eTea Party people are wrong, but someone should understand the underlying point.

  60. 117,000 jobs. Are we supposed to be impressed by this? That's a drop in the bucket. Also, as has been pointed out here by others, what kinds of jobs are we talking about? I'm sure it's something of a mix but if it's mostly hourly wage jobs at places like Walmart then this is not even worth noting. On top of that, with all this talk of recession, part deux, the economy is going to be shedding well more than 117,000 jobs in no time while on its march to double digit unemployment figures.

  61. the recovery is back on track, clearly. sky's the limit. apparently, several hundred thousand american companies sprung up since yesterday. hey, that's a good thing. and just remember, this market isn't sucker bait.
    it's so fun having the kids back. and a homemade chicken in our pot.
    i'm excited.

  62. So what? This is a false government number to make things look better than they are in this county.

    As Krugman points out in his editorial today, 42 percent of the adults in this country do not have work. Also, among the 58 percent lucky enough to have work, the majority are underemployed or working part-time.

    I think it is time to have a real unemployment number in this country taking into account unemployment and underemployment. As for underemployment, it should include a formula where by a person with a PHd, who is working at a lower wage job, should be considered a multiple of X unemployed if she cannot find a job in her field and has to accept a lower wage job. So if the median income for her filed is $60,000 and the only job she can find pays $30,000, she should be consider "working full-time, 50% unemployed."

    This way Obama can have a better understanding of how bad it is out here and start dealing with the Republican/Tea Party by putting the facts in their face.

    It is really bad out here in the real world.

  63. Does anyone still believe these figures? Especially now, there is a tiny bit of incentive to fudge them in a positive direction, no?

    What kinds of jobs were added? Where?

    That would be useful information.

  64. Can tell from the comments that while the Democrats can't seem to fix the economy, they sure will not take any responsibility for that fact! Nothing but blaming and spinning in the comments of the Loyal Left for the past two days. They just will not admit that the ever-expaning deficit numbers have had a predicted ( everywhere except the MSM) disastrous effect. They think that the solution to over-sepnding is to spend more! Magical thinking...

  65. And when you take away McDonalds and Walmart type hiring, and you look at the numbers of other jobs that came back but now pay a third of what they did before..what then?
    When will the powers that be at least have the deceny to acknowledge what those of us living the nightmare already know...corporations are deliberately not hiring in order to force wages down.They are still offshoring thousands of jobs and applying for more guest worker visas than ever. They are NOT reinvesting in the economy here at home despite every advantage given them over a score of years to encourage them to do so.. The ONLY ones who are doing well at all(as witnessed by the article in yesterday's paper)are the wealthy who are back to buying up a storm in the luxury dept. And today's headline in Huffington also points out that in the midst of great suffering for so many of us,belt tightening that has seen us lose not just jobs and savings but our homes and our hope, more than 1400 American millionaires joined more than half of the Forbes 500 list in not paying Fed income tax in 2009 alone!
    REAL jobs are few and far between, and this article makes a travesty of the lack of living wage employment to be found in the U.S.A thanks to the greed and shortsightedness of the elites and the corporations who are the ONLY ones our illustrious(not)leaders serve the needs of.
    What is it going to take before everyday people have had ENOUGH and take this to the streets t fight for what are OUR rights TOO??

  66. Hmmmm....wild swings in the markets, small investors running for 'safety' in overpriced bonds...sudden drops on 'bad news', bounces back on 'good news'.

    Is there an index to show just how much hedge funds and high-frequency traders have made at the casino by exploiting the rest of us during the late volatility?

  67. Heart is ticking! Heart is not ticking! Heart is ticking?! Heart is not ticking?

    Aren’t you already tired of those stupid reports and Dow Jones crazy swings?

    The Dow Jones formula is mathematically incorrect and multiplies any change of directions dozens of times what creates an unrealistic sense of drama and impression that the wealth worth hundreds of billions dollars can disappear overnight or get created instantly what is logically and factually incorrect.

    Such a wrong measurement stick prods us to make the wrong conclusions in determining the economic course. Oh, we shouldn’t enact any measure that might upset the Wall Street traders because the trillions of dollars could disappear suddenly!? Really!?

    There hasn’t been nothing more stupid since the medieval “experts” bled their patients profusely to heal them or since the people burned the virgins to please the gods.

    The jobs in America will not be created fast enough as long as we keep exporting whole industrial sectors to China.

    If you want to feel up a bath tub, plug the drain first!

  68. Next month bad news combined with a recalibration of the models that provided this month's figures.

  69. I'm always confused by the people who talk about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US. Do you want our workers to be on the production line, or do you want them designing better plants, more efficient production equipment, and the product that's actually being manufactured? Do you want all those call center jobs coming back to the US, or do you want us to design the whole phone system? I know what I'd pick for my kid.

    Our focus needs to be on technology, becuase that's what we've always been good at. If there are going to be corporate tax breaks, I'd like to see them for research and development. I would like to see our government start a student loan forgiveness program for degrees in engineering, bio-technology, green energy, etc. These ideas wouldn't change the immediate situation, but they would in the long term.

    The fact is nothing can change the short term situation. The manufacturing jobs will not come back anytime soon and retail jobs don't pay the bills. We better start focusing on having a highly educated work force, because that's where the jobs will be.

  70. Only in America the percentage of unemployed people can drop down even after the total number of unemployed skyrocketed. A secret to governmental success? Just stop counting the people who lost their jobs few years ago to improve the reports!

    Of course, that’s the same government that changed the fundamental accounting principles to monitor own spending so that our debt seems several times lower than it really is.

    What’s a true reason behind this kind of gimmicks? The wealthy needed it to persuade us into reducing their taxes more and more…

    Nothing can save the country in which the wealthiest and more powerful people work against her best interests.

    They made whole country blind, deaf and dumb by taking over the free press and putting it under the corporate control.

  71. There have been more Net Jobs created in the 2 1/2 years of the Obama Presidency than in the entire eight years of Bush-Cheney.

  72. Ok, we need a new plan right?

    Try this:

    1. All elected people take a temporary 25% pay cut till the unemployment rate is down to 4.99%.

    2. Minimum wage $9.00/Hr if you work 50 hours/week, $8.00/hr if 40 hours and $7.00 if less than 40 hours.

    a. Bring back the CCC and WPA and start fixing the roads, bridges etc..

    (1) The fit and healthy - Pick up a shovel.

    (2) The lame but game - poke a keyboard.

    3. Administrators and supervisors on Federal/State payroll to be held responsible and accountable.

    (That means do your job right or your fired and looking at legal penalties)

    4. Put most of the inmates of jails and prisons to work (real work!). As for the hard cases, weld the cell doors shut and feed them through the bars.

    5. Foreign aid. Cut by 75%

    6. National speed limit. 60 MPH

    7. Rouge potentates. Remember Bin Laudin.

    8. Energy. Go domestic. CEO's of producers be warned there is a spot on a chain gang reserved just for you.

    9. Terrorists. See 7 above

    10. Troops home. (If they need to go over seas its to kick butt and come home. Nation building, at least as its been tried lately is a non starter.

    Remember "He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it!" This applies to all you "servants inside the beltway!"

  73. Someone held a gun to the DOL and said give us good numbers or join the ranks of the unemployed.

  74. Anyone who believes this is good news may be kissingt a pig wearing lipstick. How many of these are engineers working as Wal-Mart greeters out of desperation?

  75. Either the data is wrong or the same people working at MacDonald day shift, are working Burger King night shift.

    The economy can not sustain all the debt no matter how many jobs we create.

    As the engineer on Star Trek said, "She Can't Take Much More, She's Gonna BLOW!"

    She = economy.

  76. Having a close connection with someone who places people for employment I can tell you that there has been hiring in the tech, pharm and finance fields regardless of the headlines you see. The key is skill set. If you are unemployed for extended periods of time you MUST MUST continue your education for certifications and tech skills. Those who do are starting to reenter the work force. Those who sit back and expect to be hired based on "what I did" instead of "what I'm doing" will have a much harder time .

  77. Richard #12, regarding your statement: "This is good news depending whether they private sector or government jobs. If they are government jobs, it's simply more welfare."

    Why is a government job welfare? Is a doctor who works for a VA hospital on welfare? A soldier fighting in Iraq? A food safety inspector? Someone evaluating drugs at the FDA? A ranger in a national park? Are all those people--doing important and respectable jobs--on welfare?

  78. Obama-nomics 31 months in.

    1 Resession + 1 Recession = 1 Depression

    But we need more government spending, great idea.

    How about we bring back no-doc mortgages to revive the housing market?

  79. If you're unemployed and find a job, regardless of "quality", you're still better off than being jobless. The economy is also better off.

    So called "quality" jobs may or may not return, being back in the labor pool is a better place than sitting on unemployment. Most of the folks I know who have been unemployed at any point, would much rather be working than looking...

  80. The top one percent of wealthy Americans running this country are happy with the way things are. They will continue to gain more wealth without any more jobs being added. The rest of us won't matter until we move to take back our country. The Supreme Court and the GOP are active obstacles. The Democrats are passive obstacles. But it's our poorly informed and emotional electorate who are going to keep us adrift for a very long time.

  81. Posting #1 by Mr. Bolger of New York takes a more sophisticated, analytical approach. Despite a nominal downtick in one measure of unemployment, the U. S. economy needs to add about 150,000 jobs each month to keep pace with increases in the number of candidates seeking employment.

  82. I'm guessing the lesson is "Welcome to the new normal." Between mechanization, outsourcing, poor education and infrastructure, and a government more interested in wasting money than doing useful economy-boosting things with it, I think the US has a tough future.

  83. What is the logic of these people who insist that less government spending and lower taxes for rich people somehow creates jobs? We've been cutting taxes for 40 years now; taxes on the wealthy are at their lowest levels since the 1920s. So where's the explosion of economic growth that the Republicans have promised would follow every round of tax cuts? In 1960, when Eisenhower was president, the top marginal federal tax rate was 83 percent -- not a misprint, 83%. And the American economy was the envy of the world.

    This country is insane -- pressing forward with an economic policy that has been a disaster for everyone except the top 2 percent. The GOP has pulled off an incredible feat of politics, getting the country to pursue a policy that is destroying the great American middle class, while blaming the pain on the Democratic programs -- Social Security, higher education, Medicare etc. -- that created the middle class in the first place.

    But how much longer can this be sustained? As the standard of living for the bottom 90% continues to fall, eventually more people are going to realize they've been duped. The pendulum has swung so far right, when it swings back left, the swing will be be dramatic, maybe violent. No one alive even remembers, but the U.S. used to have a powerful, dangerous extreme left. It will rise again, and suddenly, if the Republicans are able to continue their war on the middle class.

  84. When will this administration address the reality that the true unemployment rate is more than double what the public believes it to be, and act on that accordingly. The situation is very dire, yet Congress and Obama, continue to worry only about each week's unemployment claims and the effect it will have on re-election, as opposed to how this lingering recession is destroying real people's lives.

  85. The Super Rich are holding back the ill-gotten gains of the last thirty years in hopes Obama will not be re-elected; some are secretly sowing millions through right-wring PACS to destabilize the economy and culture. The Tea Party, the fake populist group of affluent, greedy whites, have the country by the throat. Why? They are backed by billions, all the big banks, the Koch bothers, Old Money, secret money. What can the Common Man do? Not much, it seems. The Super Rich have crashed the middle class American Dream while they are still out shopping for luxury goods and going on vacation, thank you. A French style revolution? Maybe not anytime too soon, but the soil is fertile. If a leader arises from the common people, the rich are toast in America. Street protests and rioting will be easy to organize. The Big Houses behind the high walls and the luxury cars will be easy to target. It could get very ugly, very quickly. There are a lot of young, unemployed folks who have lost hope, and they have Facebook. Note: That common leader would not be Obama.

  86. Until there is a commitment from Congress, the mega-non-working-wealthy and corporations to support this nation turning into a 100% employment economy I am going to stop spending.
    No going to restaurants or movies. No shopping at Wal-Mart. No new furniture, cars or appliances. I am going on a consumer-strike. I am not going to feed those that hurt my nation.

  87. As we're learning now from new data, President Obama inherited a far worse economy than anyone knew at the time. (And it seemed bad enough at the time.) He has done a remarkable job, considering everything. He passed the first ever national health care bill. He pretty much saved much of the American auto industry. He restored honesty to the White House.

    Anyone who thought there would be a quick fix to the economy that Bush left us is pretty much out of their mind. The real problem is that Bush got America into a protracted war in Iraq that has cost a trillion and a half dollars. And NONE of it was ever budgeted. While he, Cheney and Rumsfeld were bent on war and helping their buddies in the oil business, the economy tanked beneath their feet.

    Don't tell me Obama has had long enough to get things in order. NO he hasn't. It doesn't work that way. But there is no question that we're better off now with him than we were with George Bush.

    To return our economy to the Republicans who nearly destroyed it would be a travesty.

  88. This number is false and will be revised down, but it's pathetic anyway. The key is this: the unemployment rate fell mostly because some unemployed workers stopped looking for work. That means they are no longer counted as unemployed. This is hardly great news.

  89. The socialism approach to the economy espoused by Obama is a complete falure. He obviously refuses to or is unable to see it. His approach hasn't worked so why not turn over the country's economic quagmire to private business. They know how to stimulate and grow the economy without government spending a nickle. They spend the money and create jobs, thus more tax renenue. It really is that simple.

  90. We need to create real green jobs:

    Example: new water treatment plants that can actually treat the radioactivity and the heavy metals that are in the frack water from the Marcellus shale. That layer of rock is one of the hottest on the geigercounter as compared to other layers of rock. We ought to spend the money on new water treatment plants and bill the oil and gas companies to do that before they frack-- yes they have the money- yes they have our taxpayer subsidies: Proof is the money they spend weekly on advertisements lying how they are creating jobs which will lead to worst pollution later. Please start with the treatment plant FIRST-- not as hindsight after there are literally 40 railroad cars of flow back water per well waiting to be dumped.

    I hope the White House reads this post.

    Right now the flow back polluted water with radioactivity and heavy metals is simply dilluted by dumping it into the Niagara River into Lakc Erie.

    In the long run we need to lead on renewable energy because carbon dioxide produced by fossil fuel is saturating the ocean and filling up the air.

    That should translate into a lot of jobs to create clean energy- kick out the polluting industries and that can only be done if everybody takes an interest in the government -- not just loud ignoramuses in the Tea Party. Rise people who read the NY Times and work hard to save our country and the planet. This is the moment.

  91. These figures show that employment is not robust as one would hope in a recovery. We are in the middle of the Summer and part-time workers will be returning to school next month which will have downward pressure on this number in September. The unsettled feeling in the economy over the unnecessary deficit ceiling debate has contributed to the problem over the last few months. It looks like the GOP is going to get what it wants, an anemic recovery. It's going to take a couple of months for the gloomy situation to pass, just in time for round II of the debt debate. Employment won't pick up until we are confident about the future and are handling our problems.

  92. Job reports cannot remedy existing malaise. everybody knows it. No need to playing polyanna here.

    Europe and America are in down the hill course. there is no shiny solution exist to propel this trend.

    Some says , China has to invest all money which they stock last 10 years back in Europe and America. this is indirectly means, we do not have strong government to stimulate economy, But Chinese government is mighty so they stimulate ours.

    No i do not expect any up going under this bleak economic weather.

  93. For #77- couldn't agree more. Those who are able to do it, must get out and learn a skill that's in demand. Playing video games and passive TV viewing is not going to cut it anymore. People are designing those games and making those TV sets ever more usable, and those people have jobs and income.

  94. Since Obama took office, 2 million private sector jobs have been lost, and the stats indicate that 25 million Americans are unemployed/underemployed and a record 46 million are on food stamps. Touting 117,000 jobs as "growth" is equivalent to Obama's consistent hyperbole about focusing "like a laser" on jobs.

    Plainly, this administration has played every Keynesian card in the deck, and none of them have won a hand. Another round of stimulus, an infrastructure bank will only plunge the nation deeper in debt while growing the government beyond common-sense proportions.

    Let's get some honest-to-goodness business people involved in planning what needs to be done to grow the economy. Neither the president nor his cabinet members have any business experience, and obviously, he and many of them are economically illiterate. And with so many in Congress being attorneys, they only know how to argue, not how to read a balance sheet much less balance the nation's checkbook. Their record of spending tells the tale.

  95. In response to #77 above re the importance of job seekers continuing "your education for certifications and tech skills:" Retraining has become big business, witness the ads for training and certificates offered on late night TV. Financing such training -- student loans -- have also become a money maker for those in that sector. But it's not easy for the unemployed to afford training and lots of what's offered is fly-by-night and prepares you for nothing. Then there's the problem of the long-term unemployed being overlooked by employers. This all reminds me of right wing admonitions of a few years ago: get off your keister and move to where the jobs are, they said. The unemployed, living hand to mouth, often don't have the resources for moving or new education.

  96. It may be balderdash or even hooey--but it's good news, and I'll take it at face value, thank you very much.

  97. After many, many months of poor jobs reports, one good month of jobs is no evidence of a recovery.

    That Wall Street is rallying only goes to show that it does NOT reflect the actual state of the economy...only short term balances of fear and greed.

  98. who's going to take credit for this remarkable achievement, the D's or the R's? Both,of course. On tonight's TV news we'll hear both Boehner and Obama telling us that it was "their" budget deal that did the rick. "But," you say, "How can that be? The budget deal wasn't closed till Aug 1 and these are July's job growth numbers." Not a problem, the spinmeisters will find a clever way to explain away this curious anomaly.

    The truth is that nobody knows the real numbers. They're buried in the statistical noise. So, just as the June number was revised from 18k to 46k, july's number will probably be revised downward from 117k to some less surprising number.

    Meanwhile, the depression continues. And, as Krugman has been telling us all along (see today's column), deficits aren't the problem. Worrying about them is. The only way to get rid of deficits is to put people back to work. And that won't happen till we get politicians who understand this.

  99. Big whoop.....let us not forget, the government is the problem, not the solution. Get out of the way and shut up!

  100. That jobs number is just a show. It doesn't tell you what kind of jobs were filled. It also only counts people as unemployed who receive benefits. It does not count those people who's benefits have expired and who have still not found work. Those people are not counted as 'unemployed'.

    This jobs number is just a number they pull out and display now and again if it ticks up even just a small bit. But when you examine it you see how worthless an indicator it is.

    If we want to get to work fixing this then it starts in the heart. Start with your own friends and family. Resolve never to do to them or anyone else, anything that you yourself hate. Concern yourself with them and with their well being. When enough of us develop this attitude towards each other things will begin to change for the better. Only as neighbors and friends can we turn this around. And this is our new 'job market'. Until we fix us, there is nothing more to be done. http://www.perceivingreality.com

    Peace to all of you and to all of yours.

  101. #39 says

    "We need something big, really big, a huge boost to our economy, something that could provide thousands upon thousands of jobs and help raise the standard of living in the USA and throughout the world."

    True. It's called World War Three... and it needs to last at least 10 years... with a full-scale draft to include as many women as men.

  102. 12.RichardMichiganAugust 5th, 20119:15 am

    "This is good news depending whether they private sector or government jobs. If they are government jobs, it's simply more welfare."

    I won't bore this commenter with facts of the work that people do for states and the US--the wide ranges, the sheer necessity, the effort and diligence and heart.

    The hurling of insult and contempt at innocent people in this country, the sheer energy of evil in it, is appalling. Please, those of you who are still capable of justice and reason, answer such as this Richard, whose mean spirit cannot be allowed to be that of America.

  103. Yesterday on Hardball, Chris Matthews was discussing our dire economic circumstances with Time Magazine's Michael Crowley and regrettably asked "how did the Tea Party get control of America"?

    Uh Chris, President Obama and Harry Reid gave it to them the minute they capitulated and extended the Bush tax cuts.

  104. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the numbers to be released today were generously revised upwards because anything less would cause a full-on stock market crash?

  105. Yeah lots of burger flippers , pr spin always.. never the true unemployment rate..
    20% plus is true avg. and much worse for in inner cities.

    Really does not matter who is in the White House or Congress , money calls the shots.

    FYI- shadowstats.com for truth , justice and new american ex-dream.

  106. It is infuriating to read about companies having made profit, yet continue to reduce jobs and/or not hire. Many corporations receive significant 'breaks' from the government resulting in less or (oftentimes) no taxes paid. Several years ago, these companies would be called out by the media for not hiring or reducing - now it is treated as business as usual.

  107. Am I the only person becoming rather tired of this seemingly immature behaviour? Everyone rushes to one side of the ship, then back to the other, then back again ... every time the captain smiles, or looks anxious, or yawns. Where are cool, rational, considered views? Are the American, Greek or Norwegian economies suddenly so different from what they were last year, or last month, or last week? It all looks like immature panic rather than cool, reasoned analysis. Are there really no adults in the financial sector?

  108. Jeanne, post no. 56: if you struggled during the Reagan administration as you say, then you are one of the select few. Ask any American today, and if they are intellectually honest they would gladly return to those days economically, and socially. Less than 5% unemployment, a growing economy and stock market, and real pride in our country. Add an inspirational president to that mix and you have the makings of a dynamic country. But Democrats, liberals and progressives seem to conveniently forget all of those facts, as well as the fact that President Reagan and his policies turned this country around, reversing the malaise and double digit inflation of the Carter administration. You can rewrite history in your own mind, but that does not mean you are correct.

  109. I expect better from the Times. The graph of the Dow has the vertical axis so shortened that the 15 point deline makes it look like the bottom has dropped out of the market. Shame on you.

  110. Only 58.1% of adult Americans are working? That means that 41.9% are not working. No wonder we have such a high deficit with so many Americans not earning the wages needed to pay federal income taxes. The deficit is a revenue problem, not a spending problem.

  111. I believe it was Joseph Stiglitz who once said that someone has to do the spending. If the people don't do it then the government has to put money into the economy. Now, the Republicans can pretend that that is not true. But Economics 101 will tell no spending = no growth. Keep the spending up. Now is not the time to save money. Let's put a trillion Dollars in the economy and worry about the debt in the coming years.

  112. Recession? Please try not to parrot what the DOL and political hacks in DC want you to parrot in order to aid and abet Os reelection campaign objectives.

    Unemployment During the Great Depression

    Average rate of unemployment
    in 1929: 3.2%
    in 1930: 8.9%
    in 1931: 16.3%
    in 1932: 24.1%
    in 1933: 24.9%
    in 1934: 21.7%
    in 1935: 20.1%
    in 1936: 16.9%
    in 1937: 14.3%
    in 1938: 19.0%
    in 1939: 17.2%

    Even giving these stats a plus/minus factor 0f 3%... we can clearly see that we're not in a recession. In some respects, some people are better off than they were in the 30s, because there are more social programs now, than then. And these current programs are being cut (for good or ill).

    We're in a Depression, and the White House/Congress won't admit to it because they're too busy working on Os (and their own) reelection campaigns. Calling it a Depression won't help his, or their, bids in 2012, or the next election cycle... and they know it.

    Only someone very young can possibly think that this situation is not going to get much worse before it gets better. It’s going to take just as long to get out of the mess as it did getting into it. And even getting better, there will be millions tossed by the wayside along the very long road to recovery.

    Watch crime steadily climb to the point where the only construction taking place will be new jails and new mansions.

  113. If the scared world is busy buying US Treasuries as a back stop for safety...... then isn't that a potential source of capital to invest in an Infrastructure Bank in the US? The Chamber of Commerce and Labor both think that would be great for the economy. Can we get right on that?

  114. Let every American household take note- if your family has more than one child you can assume that the second (or third or fourth) will never have a job and will be guaranteed a third-world lifestyle.

  115. You realize that's not enough jobs to cause a blip or create confidence? When does the NY Times acknowledge that America has lost faith in Obama and he's done a terrible job?

  116. As we know these figures are subject to revision and this is hardly a robust number. We have been waiting for Wall Street bankers after nearly causing a global economic collapse to start investing in American businesses and America. We have been waiting for the wealthy with their Bush tax cuts and Obama extension to trickle down on the rest of us. It is time to take action, re-regulate banks by reinstating the Glass Steagall Act and institute new tax rates at a minimum commensurate with the Clinton era. This nonsense has got to stop.

  117. This is a misleading headline! Would be accurate to say"Jobs were added before fear set in"

  118. Wages are also barely (if at all) increasing for those who are employed. I am lucky to have remained employed through out these turbulent economic times but have been seeking a new job, as my current employer barely gives raises beyond the inflation rate. I have been extremely surprised at how many potential employers immediately ask in the interview what my salary requirements are. I have never experienced this before as usually they get to the point of wanting to hire you first and then negotiate salary (I am in consulting and economic research). Now its immediately "not sure if we can pay you that" even though I am not making more than the industry average. Wages are declining.

  119. Statistics can be misleading. People can interpret them - or manipulate them - to suit their own agendas. I lost a job at the end of 2010, so I might be considered unemployed, although instead of taking that approach, I started my own business as a contract worker. I've been busy ever since. I don't know what the future will hold for me. I still occasionally look for jobs, and would be open to taking one if it is right for me. But on most days, I am busy working.

  120. I hope those unemployed that are statistically visible, and those who are not can retain the wherewith all and interest to vote in the next general election, sending those responsible for their predicament back to the rabbit-holes they came from.

  121. Well, at least there is some good news on the jobs front.

    However, there was nothing timulative or jobs-based in th final debt ceiling deal that got struck.

    The Obama administration needs to advance the following measures, and the Republican/Tea Party should too if they really care about jobs, like they said they would focus on during the 2010 elections:

    1. The federal highway program lapses on Sept. 30, and a multi-year reauthorization would create more jobs than a shorter extension.

    2. An infrastructure bank (combining federal and private funds for marquee projects), which is supported by President Obama, labor and the Chamber of Commerce.

    3. Extend the 2% payroll tax break, which now expires at the end of 2011. Currently covers worker side; it should also go to the employer.

    4. Other tax breaks, such as making R&D tax credit permanent and renewing clean-energy manufacturing tax credit (IRC Section 48C), which expired at the end of 2010.

    5. A veterans' hiring bill, aimed at providing job training for veterans who return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    6. Promote plug-in electric vehicles.

    7. Clean-energy incentives.

    These are common-sense solutions both parties should support.

    But. alas, common-sense seems to be in very short supply these days.

  122. It's time to face the obvious. Government deficits are dragging economies down and permanently suppressing job numbers. Every government job takes about 1.5 jobs away from the economy and has people working to support bureacracies rather than housing, education, manufacturing and retail sectors to build the lives they want. That's a shame.

  123. It seems to me that the economy had been slowly improving. Then the Congress changed hands and budget cuts, rather than stimulus, became policy. I ain't no economist, but I wonder; when jobs are being cut how can we possibly grow ourselves out of this mess? When nobody has any money...or security...they're not going out to buy the stuff that keeps our consumer economy going. When gas prices and insurance prices are too high, they gobble up too much of the average person's paycheck. Maybe when we stop lurching from left to right and back again, we'll get this figured out. But, with this new teaparty "bootstrap" Congress in charge, all I see with my own eyes is that we're going backwards. Let's get these people out of Congress and start moving forwards again, even if it is slowly, it's better than not at all.

  124. All the tax cuts under the eight years of Bush's presidency did not lead to an explosion of employment in the private sector, as promised by the Republicans. In fact, during those eight years the private sector lost a significant amount of jobs and the country was on the verge of an economic meltdown and the economy kept on bleeding jobs for another year after bush left the presidency. How is any of this Obama's fault? He did no create the conditions that almost led to the economic meltdown. Bush and his Republican cohorts did it. Let's give again the Republicans the reigns of power so that revive the same disastrous policies that almost led to the economic meltdown. For the past two years the economy has been growing albeit at a slower pace than desired by the country. There are still too many people unemployed but what we have at the present is still better that we had under Bush. At least, we are no longer on the verge of an economic meltdown. Tax cuts do not create jobs and proof of this is what happened under Bush. If tax cuts did create jobs then we would have full employment and we would not be in the crisis that we are in now. When the marginal tax rates were much higher, as in the fifty's and sixty's, the American economy was the envy of the world. All tax cuts since then have only helped the very rich and not the rest of us.