In Nintendo’s Successor to Wii, a Hand-Held Screen

Nintendo unveils its video game console successor to the Wii, with a touch-sensitive screen as part of the hand-held controller.

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  1. This is nothing short of amazing. The ability to basically use an iPad in conjunction with the TV experience creates many possibilities for innovation from developers. Search Wii U on youtube.

  2. Yawn.

    If the games are networked, each player can already view the scene individually. Why stick a screen in the middle of the controller? That just means a heavy and expensive controller when the screen could instead be kept separate and placed somewhere that is convenient and comfortable to view. For example, my screen could be on the coffee table so that I can see it and the TV screen, while I operate a controller with my hands. Who wants to have to look at the controller in the middle of a game? Better yet, add an xbox style body sensor plus controller, letting the user combine body movements with the selection capability and firing accuracy of a controller. I'm not a regular gamer, so perhaps these options are already there...I just don't see it being healthy or particularly pleasant to have to keep looking down at a screen in a controller, or trying to look at it and rock it at the same time.

  3. So, instead of having to play multiplayer either at home against my buddies at their homes, we can all have a controller and all be at my house, making group mayhem. Time will tell, but this does sound pretty cool. Hopefully, they'll add all the convenience goodies as well, like a decent web browser and some fun games to waste a few minutes, ala Angry Birds.

  4. @#3 Sony just unveiled a PS-3DTV which allows 2 people to see two completely different 3D images on the same tv. I'd argue that for your purposes that would be even better then a screen on a controller. Though I do like the idea of having a map separate from the tv for puzzle/adventure games.

  5. How much time do people have to play all these games and watch TV, surf the internet and send pictures of their genitals to each other like Anthony Weiner? How does this help people get jobs and put food on the table?

  6. Wow #4 ! - a Playstation branded 3-D TV - did you notice that they didn't give you a price for that 24 inch piece of goodness. The last I checked, 3-D LCD TVs haven't approached below the $2000 mark yet.
    What really cracked me up was that Sony wants to aim this to college students in their dorms - are they serious? Especially in a recession?

    Not to Hate but Sony should really start investing their money on something other than 3-D gaming like network security and better online gaming services for its Playstation brand.

  7. Very curious to know what the cost of an additional controller is going to be with this system. Is it going to be something I'm comfortable letting my kids, or even another adult, use, or are they going to be expensive even compared to this generation's overpriced peripherals?

  8. Sounds very disappointing to be honest. It will probably be very expensive and interfere with basic gameplay. I can't look at two places at once!

  9. Awesome!

  10. I'm so proud that my country leads the world in the blinding development (at least one new one a week) of high tech trivial gadgets. Who says the US is "in decline"???


  11. Lyle, you should ask yourself the same question whenever you read this type of article and just contribute nonsense to people who are interested in this subject.

  12. Sounds pretty good. They basically figured out how to play battleship using the TV. Nice extension of the Wii, although they did not improve the name one bit. We You? Does that mean the fragrance of a thousand chrysanthemums in Chinese, or something?

  13. Everything about the Wii U looks good except for three things - One, the name sucks (they just couldn't call it "Revolution"); two, will there be Gamecube compatibility; and three, what about high capacity storage for DownLoadable Content, like games, movies, music, video - this new console is supposed to deliver HD content, which means it needs a lot more storage capacity than the Wii.

    The system is going to be out next year but I am hoping the journalists covering this will ask these questions.

  14. NED, my Sony 3D LED TV was $850.

    With an attitude like yours we'll be in a recession till 2100.

  15. @ #14 Chloe,

    Let me guess, you put that 3D TV on your credit card and pay the minimum each month?

    In this economy consumers are not gong to spend $1000 or more so they can play games in 3D.

  16. @#6 Ned,

    They actually did announce the price: $500 for the package, which includes a set of glasses and a game. Additional glasses are $60 a pop. It's not the most amazing deal in the world, but it's much more reasonable than I expected for any 3D TV at this point.

  17. Actually, it was developed by a Japanese company.

  18. There's a lot to be cautiously optimistic about here. Lots of details have come out since the presentation. It looks like the entire "media" experience will be there -- enhanced web browsing, the touch-pad adding deeper functionality to it, HD viewing with graphics which are at least on par with the X-Box, probably a little better, etc.

    Now to see if Nintendo can make good on its efforts to get more third-party developers to bring additional "grown up" games to its franchise, and see if they can hold the industry standard in keeping these products priced to deliver. It'll also be interesting to see, in a post-Kinect world, if a console without some Kinect-like device will ultimately be able to compete with the X-Box franchise going forward. Are the enhanced gameplay options of the Wii U enough to overcome the "coolness" of using your hands and body as the controller? I'd have to think yes, but sales can be a mighty superficial thing.

  19. Funny thing is this kind of stuff can make jobs and provide food. Anyone able to create innovative technology in a field such as gaming is able to make quite an HONEST living for themselves, unlike most politicians these days ;)

  20. @ #5 Lyle - Entertainment, especially Games is big business. I work for a video game company that has hired 400 people in the last year and probably a 100-200 more this year. A new platform isn't just hardware: in this connected age, a well-designed system becomes a huge marketplace that spurs the birth of more companies to make games for it - thus even more jobs.

  21. This actually doesn't sound that cool, especially compared to the X Box Kinect. I'm not really a gamer but the Kinect is friggin sweet.

    @10 - USA...really? This recession might last a bit longer than I had feared.

  22. @#5 who said, "How does this help people get jobs and put food on the table?"

    Do you say that every time you read a good novel, hear a good joke and enjoy beer over a great game of football with your friends? How about at Thanksgiving and Christmas? Do you sink in despair at the mere thought that someone in the world is doing way worse than yourself? If so, I really commend your selflessness but I honestly can't subscribe to your self-denial. This is coming from someone who volunteers most of their weekends chaperoning impoverished kids on educational field trips.

    I think I deserve to enjoy my life as much as anyone else. There will always be something terrible going on in the world. There will always be poverty, there will always be starvation and there will always be diseases. Yes, we should work to reduce and mitigate these things that plague the human race but in doing so we shouldn't forget why it's so great to be human in the first place.

  23. The othello like board game is called Go... Can I get a job at the times?

  24. @ #23 Actually what they showed isnt Go. It was Othello/Reversi. Nice snark though.