Decorum Breaks Down at House Hearing

A panel chairman accused Elizabeth Warren, who is directing the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, of lying.

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  1. MrMcHenry is the representative from the great State of Bank of America.

  2. Ridiculous

  3. I would not believe anything that the Republicans in the House have to say. They are all scoundrels.

  4. Did any Democrat defend Warren and lacerate Republicans???

    The story should indicate as much if it happened.


  5. It may be time for Elizabeth Warren to put aside the agency, to go full out to win the Massachusetts Senate seat, and come back to be a consistent source of publicity and pressure on the McHenrys of Congress.

  6. GOP SOP- Republican standard operating procedure. When the inconvenient truth is being told, especially in public, character assassinate. This practice was honed to a fine art under Bush jr., who built on the considerable expertise in this area of Nixon, Bush, Reagan, Gingrich, and Rove. It is to be expected if it is a GOP/corporate operative talking.

  7. More transparent attempts by corrupt politicians to render impotent a much-needed consumer protection agency. More evidence that our politicians are in the service of the banks. It's downright depressing.

  8. Any enemy of Elizabeth Warren is my enemy. She is the one person who has consistently stood up for the American people since Lehman. Whether this Patrick McHenry is merely an ideologue, or an ideologue in the pocket of bankers, his behavior today is disgusting. Republicans will fight tooth and nail to allow credit card companies to hike rates without warning, for banks to charge exorbitant fees (mainly levied against the poorest amongst) us for debit card overdrafts, etc. etc.. These people disgust me. President Obama, please recess-appoint Elizabeth Warren.

  9. Stick to your guns, Elizabeth. We're behind you all the way.

  10. This is exactly why anyone who supports Republicans in the Congress deserve to lose their homes and livelihoods. They don't want a consumer protection agency to have independence. Great. Keep voting for them. They'll let the financial swindlers take advantage of the average unknowing citizen.

  11. God bless Elizabeth Warren, she is the only person in Washington who has not sold their soul to corporate America.

  12. "The argument...demonstrated the level of frustration that some Republicans apparently feel over the consumer agency."

    This frustration reflects nothing but campaign contributions by banks and Wall St to the GOP and the teahadists. They may claim to have real philosophical disagreements, but their philosophy is bought and paid for.

    President Obama should make a recess appointment of Mrs. Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The teahadists can then bark at the moon.

  13. The problem with these North Carolina Republican Congress people is that they get all their "intelligence" from Fox News. They are incapable of distinguishing fact from propaganda. In fact, they hate facts that fly in the face of the Fox News line.

  14. A Republican Congressman from a slave state was rude to a woman! Imagine that.

  15. Responsibly looking out for each other is part of the social contract. Clearly the Republican members of congress want to tear up that contract. We should send them all back to the caves they crawled out of. I'm really tired of the lies they tell trying to defend their indefensible behavior.

  16. Republicans' desperation is clear. They are so terrified of her, and who can blame them? The worst thing that could happen to them is for her message to reach the middle and working classes who have had the Reaganomic wool pulled over their eyes for the last 30 years. I'm frankly surprised the haven't stooped lower in their attempts to publicly trash her. Keep digging guys, we know who's really looking out for us.

  17. Breakdown in decorum? At least they're not throwing chairs at each other.

  18. Typical Republican smear tactics. Just try to foul the nest so much that the Democrats -- and President Obama -- back away and say "it's not worth it."

    Will President Obama defend his appointments from this scurrilous behavior or will Elizabeth Warren fall victim to his insatiable need to be post-partisan?

    Will Timothy Geitner, her immediate boss, come to her defense and support her in her contention that she was acting under his direction?

    What's that thing about not holding your breath?

  19. So I guess this is the game. The Republicans, heeding their banker and Koch brother masters hate the idea of a consumer protection agency to protect ordinary Americans from the fraud and abuse of the two really bad guys out there, mortgage companies, and insurance companies. They hate even more that the agency will be somewhat independent from their shenanigans and hate it even more that it is being run by a really smart woman. So they hold hearings and play silly games with the schedule to keep her from being able to do her job, albeit for a couple of days. How petty, how foolish, what a shame.

  20. Nasty and not civil on the part of those interviewing Ms. Warren. Period.

  21. Elizabeth Warren. We, middle class, are behind you. Please don't let these politicians beholden to the corporate rich to bully you. Stand up to them and do not back off, not an inch. Shame on you, Patrick McHenry. We are watching!

  22. The Republicans sound like they really don't to let her to do anything that might clean up Wall Street --- I hope she hangs in there and does the job we so desperately need her to do.

  23. Somebody send in reinforcements for this poor woman, is she the only one willing to face the Republican wolves for our consumer protection?

  24. Representative Patrick T. McHenry is nothing more than a bully. Elizabeth Warren is one of the few good people in government trying to advocate for people. This man and all of the republicans are clearly against the American consumer having any protections. Have these men no shame?

  25. Let's face it... The Republicans want to kill the Consumer agency and will do any dirty trick to accomplish the deed. If they get their way, it will be Republicans and the banks--1 and consumers--0. End of story.

  26. Once again the GOP is sending in its attack dogs to protect its special interests instead of protecting the American People.

    The Chairman is acting with impunity which seems to be be a trademark of a host of incompetent GOP legislators who just don't care about the American people.

    Ask the Chairman who prepared the stategy to attack Elizaberth Warren and you will find it was one of the GOP policy shops and/or an industry lobby organization.

    The GOP is overplaying its hand and thinks it can say and do anything.

  27. As with the Ryan plan to destroy Medicare, the curtain is drawn back on the Republican agenda. Their unseemly hounding of Elizabeth Warren shows that they hate the very idea of an independent agency with oversight responsibility for consumer financial transactions. Whose side are the Republicans on? It couldn't be more clear.

  28. Is this surprising? There are no more hearings in Congress, just extended games of "gotcha" palyed out for the video audience. "In your face" political discourse is the order of the day--punctuated, from time to time, by obligatory, yet meaningless, calls for "civility."

  29. What is the matter with these people?

  30. Ms. Warren, working (and unfortunately, too, non-working) Americans all stand behind you. Please keep fighting to protect us from those rapacious bankers who have forgotten how to be bankers and who instead turned themselves into gamblers, and with our money yet.

    You are one of my heroes.

  31. Elizabeth Warren is anathema to Republicans because she is honest and champions the rights of "little people," while the Republicans seem all to have sold their souls and integrity to Corporate America (along with a number of Democrats).
    I hope Ms. Warren is appointed to head the consumer agency, with all the powers she needs to clean up the cesspool of unscrupulous banking and credit practices that has been stirred together by greedy bankers.

  32. This is the way the lawmakers on the right behave now--bullying, misrepresentation, aggressive nastiness. He's probably just too dim to understand what she said. And he was probably too busy preparing for the rapture to get ready for her testimony.

  33. Ms. Warren should bring a can of mace along the next time she visits the circus of ideologues that we know today as the US House of Representatives. I don't know if trying to hamstring regulators on behalf of the wealthy and powerful interests that bribe the Republicans properly counts as "oversight."

  34. Ms. Warren is one of the bright lights of reason and responsibility in a vast darkness of ignorance that is modern politics. This time it is the Republicans acting the part of corporate stooge. Next time it will be the Democrats carrying water for Unions. Both ignore consumers and the non-connected, which is why Ms. Warren's courage is that much more admirable and why the attacks are so vicious.

  35. Tell me again why anyone would vote Republican in this decade?

  36. This Republican-lead congress is no friend of the American consumer, as today's exchange illustrates. Whether pushing for a voucher-program to replace Medicare or attempting to weaken much-needed financial regulation, Republicans have made it clear that the average American is of no interest to them and their agenda. We are a country of big business, for big business, by big business. We the people are supposed to keep our mouths shut and our wallets open.

  37. Bullies -

  38. Thank you Elizabeth. What the Republicans don't seem to understand is that we (taxpayers) want this agency and we want you to lead it. We've got your back.

  39. One cannot disagree with these people without being a liar, an America hater, or a "left wing liberal." Congressional members of the GOP are not parliamentarians. They are lobbyists in political clothing. Everything they do makes sense if one regards them as being in the employ of corporate interests.

  40. Would they ever have treated a man of equal stature to such a display? I doubt it very much. The Republicans continue to sink to new low.

  41. Elizabeth Warren, one of the best and brightest trying to stand up for the little people, and of course being taken down by the repub's at the bequest of the banking oligarchy...

  42. Elizabeth Warren is a hero and the degree to which Republicans are trying to shut down or neuter an agency that protects American consumers speaks volumes about where they are coming from! Why is protecting the American consumer so threatening to these Republicans in Congress? Hmmmm....I wonder. Could it be that they get their campaigns financed by the same banks, lending institutions and credit card companies that Ms. Warren's agency is trying to protect the American consumer from?

  43. How is it that the MSM allow the Republicans to claim to be against bailouts, when they're working systematically to emasculate consumer protections which will make the next set of failures and bailouts more likely?

    The question of whether Warren gave advice to AGs is a complete red herring. She's made it clear that she did, and she should. We'll not get out of the foreclosure mess until banks are made to contribute to repair some substantial portion the damage that they've done to honest homeowners and the communities in which they live.

  44. As if we needed further evidence that the GOP is the Corporate Protection Agency.

  45. How is it that Republicans, who are so clearly in the pocket of big business, continue to receive votes from anyone other than the wealthy? My neighborhood is fairly low-income, and in election years its yards are dotted with signs for GOP candidates. Are "social issues" really so powerful that people vote against their economic interests? Those who think that Republicans champion some sort of free market society in which the average person can become rich are delusional.

  46. Elizabeth is doing a fine and necessary job. Stop belittling her. Jim Marshall

  47. She's female and a Democrat; he's Republican and a male. He clearly feels free to impugn her testimony as he wouldn't a male candidate's.

  48. Elizabeth Warren is a threat to the Republican agenda precisely because she thinks the consumer protection agency should protect consumers. I'm not naive enough to believe that the Republican members of Congress are the only ones bought and paid for, but neither can I believe that they actually represent those constituents being exploited by Big Credit. Let's hope the Democrats eventually come to their senses, show some spine and resist the right-wing efforts to impose a plutocracy on us.

  49. Republican Congressmen, I use the term lightly, trying to disparage Elizabeth Warren's comments about protecting consumers should be impeached.

  50. North Carolina. Please secede.

  51. The Republicans are clearly feeling pressure from their corporate masters. Hence the obvious effort to throw Ms. Warren under a bus. All I want to say, is Thank You Ms. Warren. Stand firm.

  52. Much ado about nothing - it's understood that all Democrats - and especially members of this administration - lie whenever they speak.

  53. He is just a shill for the banks.

  54. "Decorum?" What decorum? Here we go, once again, to the demeaning, degrading, preposterous Tea Party behavior of the our deliberators. The current expression "get used to it" has applied since "you lie" and Tea Party vicious, rancorous attacks set the tone for the Republican Party members. Each such assault wears away the fabric of our democracy. Only when they get their noses rubbed in it in the voting booths will the Republicans behave in the responsible way we Americans deserve - as is our right.

  55. Our level of courtesy and civility has deteriorated to a frightening degree. Automatic vilification of those with whom we don't agree, assigning them extreme positions, and refusing to listen with an open mind will doom us. All-or-nothing positions result in nothing getting done. I am close to despair for the future of our democracy.

  56. A loss of decorum does not demonstrate "frustration" among republicans, it demonstrates that they are hellbent to dismantle any regulation of their Wall St. paymasters.

  57. I hope Ms. Warren can overcome the attacks of the banks and financial institutions through their venal republican proxies and build a strong, proactive consumer protection agency. The accomplishment that I have seen so far, which is the de-obfuscation of my credit card bill, bodes well that more good things will come from this people-focused agency. This is a proper role of government, the protection of individuals from the malfeasance of concentrated economic power.

  58. I am pro-business, but surely not at the expense of consumers. It appears that this GOP-lead committee is attempting to bury this agency at the expense of consumers. Follow the money! How do these guys sleep at night?

  59. Was his accusation of "lying" a short audition for a future financial services lobbying job?

  60. Republicans should be ashamed! Their treatment of Elizabeth Warren is shameful despicable, and downright mean--and it reveals the depths of depravity in the Republican Party, which will stop at nothing to protect the epic greed and power of investment banks and the financial industry.

    Elizabeth Warren, keep up the good fight! The American people are with you!

  61. This is a travesty. A good and talented person, Warren, doing government work that protects my rights as a consumer is subjected to the lying abuse of political henchmen. Despicable.

  62. I hope the Times will follow up with actual information about the truth (or lack thereof) of the many claims reported here. Too often the paper reports what each party in a dispute said, without then doing the work of determining, and reporting, the actual truth. While I understand some of the reported statements may be matters of interpretation, others are not.

  63. Elizabeth Warren is my hero! Tell McHenry to go back to the mesozoic where he came from! After all the huge mess the banking sector made (at taxpayer expense!) in the consumer mortgage business do they really think that a consumer protection bureau is a bad idea? Political independence is absolutely necessary given the Rs display of pettiness today.

  64. You Lie!

    The GOP has become nothing but a gang of right-wing thugs, gleefully smashing the institutions of democracy on behalf of bankers, the Chamber of Commerce, and the rich in general. Paid thugs and gorillas. The Pinkerton goons of the upper class. That's all they are.

    It is a shame there is no way to bring a civil case against the committee chairman for fraud, lying, false accusation, and failing to carry out the duties of his office, of which the record shows he is clearly guilty. We can only hope history buries these brutish knuckle-draggers with all the ignominy they so richly deserve.

  65. Well, it is clear who the liars are, who the liars have been, and who intends to continue lying...

    The Republican party lies about everything important to the American people. We have over 44,000 Americans dead or seriously injured when the Rs lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Karl Rove needed the war to get the little Bush re-elected as a 'strong' president. So Americans had to die and we blew off $2 trillion dollars in Iraq to get an incompetent president elected to a second term.

    The financial market breakdown was caused by tax incentives that led to overbuilding in real estate, coupled with the financial market decontrol, again led by the Bush administration. This led to Bush to propose and put in place the bank bailout bill (TARP). Republicans turned around, and blamed the Democrats for crossing party lines to vote for Bush's bank bailout in last year's elections.

    Republicans lie, get caught, tell a bigger lie, get caught again, and so forth... Next election, Americans must see through the lies.

    We definitely nee

  66. Lying? She's lying about, waiting for these puppets of money interests who generally have no honor to shut up and let her help people, as she's chartered and legally obliged to do.

  67. The Republicans have been trying to demonize Warren for months. She also is being framed as a "crazy person" in many sectors of the media. And look at the image the Times is publishing: angry, snarling-like expression...

  68. Calling someone a liar doesn't make it true. The Republicans are using the same techniques revolutionized by infamous Senator McCarthy: tell a lie boldly, repeat it until people start to believe it, confuse them, create controversy where it doesn't exist, ignore truth. I hope that the American public is starting to wake up to these blasphemers.

  69. Lying Republicans, at it again, trying to destroy the one good thing for consumers to come out of the financial meltdown caused by their friends at the banks.

    We need Elizabeth Warren and the CPFB under her guidance to fight for us against these corporate thugs, who are bound and determined to bilk us out of our last penny.

  70. Hmm now lets see Republican Chairman from North Carolina. Isn't that where the miscreant Bank of America who bought the yet to be prosecuted Countrywide mortgage company is headquartered? What a coincidence !

    It is a pity that such an ethical, informed, and patriotic woman as Elizabeth Warren has to be subjected to the uninformed rantings of such congressmen.

  71. Rep. McHenry's handling of his witness is saddening. I suspect if we look at his campaign contributors, we'll see the real motivation for this boorish behavior. "Decorum" is foreign, apparently, to the House majority at this stage.

  72. Uncalled for.

    Patrick McHenry and Joe Wilson ("you lie!") deserve to go down as Southern non-gentlemen.


  73. Just by what I know and also from reading this article, I would believe Elizabeth Warren before I would ever believe any of these Congressmen. these Congressmen often lie. Elizabeth Warren probably (rarely) lies. Why is it that I believe her and not them? Who would you trust to help you?

  74. McHenry knows of what he speaks. After all, he used to be a realtor.

  75. Hang in there MS Warren. You are one of the very few that give me hope.

  76. Patrick T. McHenry is a North Carolina Republican. Bank of America is based in North Carolina. Nothing more needs to be said. Patrick T. McHenry is a dirty little corruptionist.

  77. Republican corruption and obfuscation of their Wall Street masters continues unabated. No one has any shame.

  78. Wow. Just when you think Republicans can't possibly sink any lower. They attempt to browbeat a consumer protection advocate of unimpeachable character, while only a few months ago apologized to BP for the President making them pay up for ruining the coastlines.

    I am sure given the choice, they would apologize to the bankers, tobacco companies, etc.

    Why do Republicans hate the average American so much? More to the point, when does the average American wake up and smell the coffee?

  79. Yet another example of the Republican Party's slavish devotion to corporate America and total callousness towards consumers. President Obama should make Elizabeth Warren a recess appointment, a favorite Bush trick, and tell the paid hacks of the Republican Party to lump it. The contrast between Warren's brilliance and integrity and the shallow rantings of her enemies is palpable. How long can ordinary Americans fail to see they are being sold down the river by a party, and some Democrats as well, that simply due to the bidding of their corporate masters in exchange for massive campaign contributions. Hello Tea Party. Are you paying attention?

  80. He said. She said. I think the NYT can do more than recite "claims." Surely you have access to what Warren said. To simply report claims gives the false impression that the two claims are equally valid. I have the strong assumption that Warren is correct, but now we get to waste lots of attention and emotional capital on the accusation rather than the substance of what the Consumer Protection Agency needs to do. Please stop furthering this kind of game. Did she or didn't she already say she was providing advice to various government agencies at the prior hearing. Did she or didn't she send that report with the same information to the committee months ago? Find it out before you report "claims."

  81. Opponents of the too-weak Dodd-Frank law say it's too strong. It takes an awful lot of chutzpah for these folks, who are fighting to leave the economy in the hands of the industry that has wrecked it, to accuse someone ELSE of being misleading.

  82. I am on her side.

  83. Can there really be any remaining doubt that the central motivating principle of the Republican party is to obstruct justice at all levels of government in the service of corporate power and greed?

  84. Oh God,"You lie!" is back. I hope she stays feisty. It makes the circus more interesting.

  85. I love Elizabeth Warren. Every time I have heard her speak I continue to be impressed with her ability to understand and explain massive financial issues. I certainly hope that she will continue serving our country despite intense criticism and personal attacks from congressional leaders. We need someone helping to regulate the financial industry that wasn't brought in directly from the financial industry. I honestly see her as one of the only trustworthy figures in Washington. This news article didn't convince me she is lying, or telling the truth. I wish someone would report on how she is actually doing, and not just how Republicans say she is doing.

  86. The Republicans don't feel frustration about Ms. Warren's agency, they just want to destroy it any way they can and have sunk even lower to harass and denigrate her to get their way. They want to block any effort by President Obama to bring relief to the downtrodden in America who are being abused and defrauded by their banks and insurance companies, to name just two. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is designed to protect the average Joes and Janes from the greedmongers who want to own them.

    The abused and defrauded Americans need to stand up on their hind legs and remove their overlords from their positions of power, whether at the ballot box or in the streets. If you don't see what's being done to you, primarily by the Republican Party and its corporate bosses, then you deserve to be enslaved.

  87. Yep, McHenry and other Republican patriots are giving Warren the business, hoping to wear her down, hoping she'll quit. They fear her because she'll actually do the people's work against monied interests, something Republicans and Conservadems abhor.

  88. Stand your ground, Elizabeth! You're the person with the most backbone, you've done all the research and you have their number, so the enemies of the consumers are scared of your power. Continue to air their dirty laundry. All people who believe that we the people must take back the financial institutions support you and your work.

  89. You've got to love those Republicans; taking every opportunity to protect the financial industry that nearly ruined the world's economy. We wouldn't want to keep a close eye on the scoundrels who drove our economy off the cliff; well almost. It was Obama who saved that day.

  90. I greatly respect Elizabeth Warren. She has OUR best interests at heart. The Republicans are carrying water for the banks. The Republicans are carrying water for the wall street guys who got us in this mess.
    Clear as the nose on my face. I can see who is trying to protect ME!

  91. Republicans will use every trick in the book in order to thwart any real power this consumer watchdog agency has to reform the banking industry. They have to look out for their bankster buddies and could care less about what it means for us, the average citizen. If issues like this aren't a litmus test on corruption in politics, than I don't know what it. How they get away with this brazen arrogance in the public sphere is beyond me.

  92. She's a principled, intelligent advocate for the little guy. She scares the s&*t out of the people who back the Republicans and view the government as their personal playground. They'll try ANYTHING to defang her.

  93. A pox on both their houses.


  94. I hope that Mr. McHenry's constituents express their disapproval with his unbelievably rude behavior. His attitude towards Ms. Warren is deplorable-- he's so clearly trying to bully her because she is a woman who is acting to protect the American people from corrupt individuals like Mr. McHenry himself, and those who fund his ambitions. Shame on him. I support Ms. Warren's efforts 100%!

  95. Elizabeth Warren is a powerful and effective advocate for the consumer. There is no greater compliment she can receive than the rabid fear she engenders in Republican politicians. Bravo Ms. Warren, toss their manufactured outrage back in their faces.

  96. How is it that the Republicans can oppose something as sensible and useful as a consumer protection agency and get away with it? Clearly they are slaves to corporate interests. Democrats should be having a PR field day with this, but instead they are back at their usual wimpy ways.

  97. Oh the Republicans and big business. They did the same thing to Brooksley Born when as head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission she wanted to regulate Interest rate Swaps in the 90s.

    Bank management is making millions while middle class or once middle class parents cannot feed their children. Fees are going up while the larger banks are protected by Geithner. Meanwhile they are buying up small banks at fifty cents on the dollar from the FDIC

    Moreover if Congress funds the agency they will do the same thing that was done to the SEC during George Bush's administration: make it ineffective by starving it of funds.

  98. I have never been so ashamed of the Republican party as I am today. Immediate apologies are in order to Ms. Warren and the Obama administration. I can no longer tolerate the antics unleashed by the pack of sub-Neanderthals who allegedly represent Republican ideas and ideals (not that they're all that visible these days). We're talking the political equivalent of hara-kiri here. Good God, will the GOP's self-administered humiliation ever end?

  99. Pity the frantic and besieged Republicans. They just can't get used to the idea that women do important work, advising even men; or that a black man can be president, leading a nation.
    Such pathetic denial in high places is a disturbing thing. Yet, that is where we find ourselves.
    Bravo to Ms. Warren for standing up to this maelstrom (pun intended). For how long can she do so? Maybe a Senate seat would be a more robust platform.

  100. I wish Republicans were as aggressive with Wall Street executives as they were toward Elizabeth Warren.

  101. I am proud of her for pushing back on the request for a recess -- an obvious maneuver to not allow her time to respond.


    She has a great deal of integrity and is dealing with people who have none!

  103. They are afraid of Elizabeth Warren not because she lies but because she tells the truth. The irony is the Republicans always accuse others of doing what they are doing themselves - in this case, McHenry accuses her of lying because he is. Sad news for our country.

  104. Republicans continue to be bullies. Elizabeth Warren is a tireless advocate for consumer protection - something Republicans abhor - but has been nothing short of gracious and available to Congress when asked. Like Joseph Welch standing up to McCarthy, more citizens in and out of government need to stand up to these blowhards. Their act is wearing thin very quickly.

  105. The truth will come out. Everthing is all in writing. My money's on Elizabeth Warren being the honest one here. I'd bet twice as much that the Republican Congressman is grandstanding for his rightwing audience!

    Let the truth come out. Let's see the record!!

  106. Such incivility and disrespect shown the director by the panel's chair from North Carolina. It's as if he convened the meeting just to launch the accusation but not to get to the bottom of any substance.

  107. Why are we not surprised? The energetic (potential) head of a commission whose focus is the financial protection of consumers, including at the level of the "little person," is the target of inappropriate Republican abuse. It looks as though they're trying to create a diversionary tempest. Bah! For months, Warren has looked like the one biggest hope we had for some real attention to real consumer interests. She has the guts to stand up for herself; let's hope that the Democrats (and maybe even a Republican or two?) have the guts to stand up for her.

  108. Check Banks and insurers are among his biggest contributors. Its easy to understand why he made the accusation,he was paid to.

  109. This whole sordid institution known as congress is beyond repair and we, American citizens, are the victims.

    It is obvious republicans want no regulation whatsoever and democrats want no limits to spending.

    The end of all this will be that our children and grandchildren will see our country devolve into 3rd-worldism. We are now watching the beginning of our final decline.

  110. Where were the Democrats who should have been helping to protect Ms. Warren? Your article makes no mention of them. If the Republicans are allowed to bring down Ms. Warren and her agency, it will be a sad, sad day for the non-wealthy, non-ruling class of this country. Those of us who feel this way must come to her defense and strongly support her. We need some leaders in this endeavor!

  111. This is incredible. Clearly the Republicans are trying to avert any any control of Wall Street and the Mortgage Institutions. Clearly Ms. Warren is just doing her job to protect the consumers - something which the Wall Street fellows don't want to happen. Let's home that Obama has the courage to continue his support Ms. Warren rather than cave into the moneyed interests.

  112. Hmmm - why are the Republicans so opposed to consumer protection? Enquiring minds want to know.

    How can these guys sleep at night knowing that they are trying to cheat honest citizens?

  113. Go, Elizabeth, tell it like it is. Good to see you standing up to those guys.

  114. This hearing is yet one more nail in the coffin of the GOP, proving once again that Republicans are in the pockets of Big Business. And nasty to boot. So much for "southern hospitality".

  115. These blatant attempts to undermine Ms. Warren and the CFPB need to stop. We, the general public, need to express our support for Ms. Warren and the agency so that they can continue to defend ordinary Americans from complex financial products.

  116. I am always concerned when I read of a government official "dodging" yes and no answers and instead resorting to obfuscation, "explanations" and evasions. Intending to deceive or elude, or not, it cannot help but give the impression of hiding something and being much less than forthcoming with the Congress or, more importantly, the American people.

  117. I watched some of the previous hearing in which Rep McHenry attempted blatant character assassination. He pretends that Ms. Warren has done something underhanded, then accuses her of hiding her actions. He is a demagogue. Her testimony seemed to me transparent. McHenry owes her an apology.

  118. Recess appoint Elizabeth Warren!

  119. And what has Elizabeth Warren done to merit this treatment? What was her crime? To work tirelessly for years to raise the need for consumer protection and better regulation in the financial industry. To provide advice to the Justice and Treasury departments in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. And make no mistake - this show today was done only in an attempt to discredit someone who has performed a critical public service. Knowing the congressional hearing process and her forthright answers, there is no question that she provided all of this information as requested. But for her temerity to effectively and courageously challenge the status quo, she is the subject of threats and personal attacks. This is an example of what happens when policies that take the side of the average person against the big interests are put into place. I applaud President Obama naming Elizabeth Warren to her position. Please continue to support her.

  120. This is typical of the new Republican Party -- a low-class hick calling Elizabeth Warren a liar.

  121. Reading this I'm reminded of the P.J. O'Rourke quote that goes "The Republicans are the party that says government doesn't work and then they get elected and prove it." McHenry is so obviously in the pocket of North Carolina banking interests its frightening. The contrast with Elizabeth Warren is so telling of the differences between these two parties and their ability to act in the public's interest. I only wish more americans would witness these encounters.

  122. What Democrats have done in creating this agency, what Obama has done in putting Warren in as the de facto head of it, along with making a number or high level recess appointments at agencies including the NLRB, the head of the new health care oversight agency and others, all without even trying to obtain Senate approval as called for in the Constitution, as well as the way in which Obamacare was passed by Congress--all will come back to haunt liberals and the Democratic party when Republicans regain control of both chambers and the WH, whether it's in 2012 or later. They have invited and encouraged the idea that a political party, when it is in control, is meant to rule rather than govern, dictate rather than negotiate, command rather than compromise. It has not been lost on Republicans and they will be tempted to treat their political opponents in a similar manner when given the chance. It is a sad day for democracy.

  123. As a former lifelong Republican i'm appalled at what the GOP has descended into. Pure corporate lackeys, nothing more. Shameless. GOP pols should have their house/senate seats sponsored by major corporations. Why pretend otherwise?

  124. What is so frightening to the GOP and the financial services industry about an agency that tells the providers of financial services that they have to make their products comprehensible to rank and file Americans and clearly disclose all the provisions of their contracts? And why must they nit pick and attack the person who is, currently, the public face of that agency and try to weaken the agency with legislative tricks? My understanding of the mission of this Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is that they will work to make sure that when Americans make financial agreements with the big banks that there will be complete transparency regarding what they are getting into so that they can make informed decisions about credit and loans. Sounds like a win-win for all parties involved to me.

  125. Republican lawmakers will go to any length, or depth, to discredit Obama, his appointees, and the policies that follow from even the most sensible and necessary proposals. Insulting Ms. Warren and then running from the rebuttal is just one more outrageous example.