Christie Keeps Saying No to a Presidential Race, but Republicans Keep Calling

Candidate or not, the New Jersey governor is someone who political experts say could influence his party’s 2012 nomination.

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  1. And the reason the Republican establishment needs to keep courting reluctant Presidential wannabes is transparently obvious: they see no path to victory with any of the current menagerie of lunkheaded deeply-flawed hardliners.

  2. As a New Jersey resident, I look forward to Governor Christie going on the campaign trail for President.

    He will have to leave New Jersey.

  3. He's bellicose, a strict ideologue, thinks teachers are overpaid and is NOT the picture of a healthy human. I can only take Gov. Christie at his word when he told Fox News that he's not ready.

  4. He's too fat, although with more that a third of the country considered obese, he may get a lot of sympathy votes.

  5. I find myself thinking that maybe some elected officials, political party officials and politicians might be bullying - - and consequently serving as role models for others about how to be bullies?

    I read about bullying in Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia on line.

    Bullying behaviors include:

    -verbal, written and emotional abuse
    - spreading false rumors, lying, manipulating, name calling, coercion, sabotaging and acts of intimidation
    - repeated acts of aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt others

    My evaluation is that those in political life who are bullying are for the most part elected Republicans, Republican Party officials, Republican Party operatives, and members of the Tea Party.

    If politicians are bullies, Americans should not vote for them. If bullies get into office they will, as they have done and are doing, bully us.

    We should vote for politicians who are able to legislate and to engage in open and honest political debates - - on our behalf.

  6. It looks like clear sailing for Obama. Huckabee Trump Christie are out and Gingrich self destructed thanks to David Gregory's racial charged question. Does Bachman J. Bush Daniels Romney etc dare to confront a leathal devastating bias media that hopes to propel Obama for a 2nd Term??? Stay tuned its only May 2011!

  7. At least his hair is his own. I'd support him if, and only if, NJ were allowed to secede. Let the other 49 states experience the joy we have known. :P

  8. Just keep saying no Governor Christie. Your constituents are counting on you to keep the promises you made to them. There will be plenty of time to run for president after your rescue New Jersey from the Democrats.

  9. Why do I think this guy is fake? I just don't buy the whole 'man of the people' plain talkin' in his shirt sleeves thing. I hear bombast and ego and the problem with bombast and ego is either agree with him or you're wrong. You could drive an interstate rig through his ideas.

  10. If Mr. Christie were to run for POTUS in 2012 it's not clear he would carry New Jersey against Obama.

  11. My fantasy: Christie's big fat ego convinces him to run, the voters discover that his YouTube rants and fundamental lack of manners doesn't qualify him for the presidency. Obama wins--and so does New Jersey, if Christie resigns the governorship to run. He's a cancer for the state, as he continues his promote the lie that teachers are not only incompetent, but the reason for New Jersey's financial crunch. The state has the fourth best schools in the nation and he wants to dismantle them. Maybe HE didn't learn anything in school--but that may be more about him and not his teachers.

  12. This guy is a loud-mouthed idiot. Stay where you are.

  13. No one outside the GOP likes him. His poll numbers in NJ are miserable, so yeah, he makes a perfect GOP presidential candidate!

  14. UGH! Just the mention of its name turns me off.

  15. It will take more than money to run as a Republican this year. It will take real courage and an unblemished past! The liberal media character assassination machine is running on fast track! Rules for Radicals really rules! No wonder they have kept the current president's records under wraps! It's political Hunting Season - what used to be known as "campaigning!" Sleazy .

  16. heaven forbid.

  17. ok, I am a liberal guy, but i fail to see why many are begging Christie to run...I guess in the modern day republican party, having a confrontational & and in-your-face tone is seen as an asset...I mean, i certainly was no fan of Ronald Reagan, but the guy was a great politican who democrats feared....In 2011, republicans don't have anyone, and certainly Chris Christie is included, that puts any real fear into democrats...Sure, there are some candiates that will be more difficult than others for Obama to defeat, but most, if not all of the current republican field has more baggage than a family of 10 from the Upper West Side going on a 2 month vacation to Australia...

  18. I consider myself a fairly savvy political observer and also pride myself on giving credit where credit is due. In other words, even if I personally disdain a candidate, I can usually fathom his or her appeal to other people.

    Having said that, I CANNOT for the life of me understand this obsession with....Chris Christie? who in the world is Chris Christie? First-term governor of NJ? No track record. No proven leadership skills. No experience at the national level.

    Why are the Reps begging him to run? Don't get it at all.

  19. The Governor is nothing more than a loud mouth bully. If he is what the Republican party is looking to for leadership than for sure this country is in big trouble.

  20. The fact is, is that Christie's poll numbers are steadily dropping. Unfortunately, neither the Republican establishment, nor the media, such as the Times are acknowledging this yet. Maybe the citizens of New Jersey actually want real solutions, rather than the constant demonizing of teachers, or the dressing down of those who disagree with him in public forums, for all to gawk at on you-tube. It might make great theater to the red-meat-Republican-base-crowd, but it is not governing.

  21. Just what we need...a bully from a state that has enough of an image problem. I am sure Mr. Christie is a very nice man...well, I'm not exactly sure...but he has shown me nothin'. This country is in a dire mess because of the Repubs and I can't see any of them out there that aren't any more than a joke or a punchline. Do we need another?

  22. So let's review. Huckabee out. Trump out. Christie out. Which leaves...Romney. The rest of the current field has absolutely no shot at the general election.

    Here's my take. IF you don't see the Reps begging Jeb Bush to run, you can pretty much assume they're looking ahead to 2016 and will run Romney - the strongest of an incredibly weak field - as the sacrificial lamb.

  23. He might as well, he's not getting reelected as Gov of NJ, so if he doesn't look for another stage for his antics his "political" career is over... get ready for Dancing with the Stars!

  24. We have seen what Christie stands for, and what he has done, but the results aren't in. Tax cuts for the rich and decreases in spending on education and infrastructure are likely to have long term effects, even if the republicans try to praise them on a purely ideological basis. Christie's chickens will come home to roost. The NJ school system is likely to drop in its standings, crime will probably rise, and it remains to be seen whether his $1Billion in bribes to industry will create long-term meaningful employment for all but a small sector of his state's workers.

    The republican party is trying to portray him as a hero before anything hits the fan.

  25. I'm not a big Christie fan, but he's earning some respect from me by not playing into the "will he, won't he?" game.

    I think it will come to the point where he can no longer refuse, though, and he could very well end up in the race. All of his adamant refusals to run could become his Achilles Heel when Democratic strategists latch onto those clips and says "See, he doesn't really want this job. He's more 'politics as usual' from the Republicans, who don't try to bring in a great policy maker, but rather someone who can just 'beat Obama'."

    It'll be interesting to see who the RNC thinks can actually take down the Obama machine. You have to wonder, though, could they really be that unhappy with his policies if they're unable to find a candidate strong enough to beat him?

  26. Good, if he's not running he can get the stalled program for medical marijuana in this state back on track. Sure the two top administrators of the health dept. whose job it was to institute this program quit, and Christy is probably all too happy about it, but the law is the law and he swore to uphold it.

  27. This must be a wicked satire.

    Here in NJ, Governor Christie is known as Governor Bully, always waving his finger in your face to belabor an obvious point. The man never has issued an original idea. He loves to ridicule the unions, lay teachers, fireman, and policemen off, then boast of tax relief, even though no taxes have been decreased and the cost of living is threatening the foundations of the middle class. He loves to gives tax breaks to millionaires too.

    The GOP must be desperate giving this guy a wholly unearned prominence.

  28. He's a disaster as governor but that hardly matters.

    He is media savvy, speaks well. Articulate. Smart man, no deer in the headlights looks. Remind me a Rudy, without the dumping the wife moral baggage.
    He'd be a good choice for the GOP and a formidable opponent for Obama.

    But until he understands that the role of a prosecutor (a blame game) is different from the role of a governor ( a thinker/leader) he will never get my vote for anything.

  29. Christie cannot win the overall Presidential election because he has not done anything substantial about his state's fiscal problems. But, he could win the Republican nomination, because he talks loud and tough about issues that he does not have to deal with.

    Since none of the Republicans can beat the current President, they might as well run a tough-talker that doesn't commit them to any actual course of action.

  30. "Right now, we don’t have anybody who can beat Obama ... ".

    Short of a catastrophe burning down the House, figuratively and literally (in the Tea Party sense of "burning down ...") that isn't about to change. Next month they won't have anybody either, and it won't get any better as the weeks roll by. By late Fall I expect the question burning in everyone's mind will be "who will be selected to fall on his sword in 2012?". The really valuable slot on the 2012 ticket won't be #1, but #2 -- the Veep slot -- because he or she might garner some favorable recognition (à la Palin).

    Whoever emerges from the bare-knuckle brawl that will pass for the Republican National Convention probably can't win unless he can also raise the dead or change my water into wine. And that lucky fellow probably won't get another shot in 2016. So, maybe Mitt should get it ... . From a Republican perspective he will do the least long-term damage to the Party, and that just might make him acceptable.

  31. Elwell's right when he says right now the GOP doesn't have anyone who can beat Obama, and that's why I'd rather see Christie stay in NJ squabbling with the teacher's union until someone replaces him in 2013. 2012 would be a presidential race too close for comfort otherwise.

  32. I like this guy sincerity. though I wish he would loose few more pounds - no I am not biased (ok little biased) against fat people but loosing weight will show some strength in will power.

  33. The fact that his constituents do not want him to run is very telling. If the people who voted you into office do not want you to run for president - that is a clear sign that he is not really electable. I think Giuliano is a good example. People in New York City were not for him running for president and we all see what happened to him.
    Ruth Beazer

  34. Christie is just a "blow hard" republican with no real support except among the "blow hard" republican class which is about 20 percent of the electorate. He is unelectable as president and I truly hope he runs so the greedy corporate clowns can lose millions supporting "Mr BIG".

  35. Christie would be insane to run against Obama. He knows that. He'll still be around (and round) in 2016.

  36. Christie's schtick will only take him so far, and he is already there.

  37. Christie is polling badly in New Jersey. If you can't win your own State, you have no business running for President.

  38. GOP is completely focused on House and Senate in 2012. They know they have no chance at the White House, so whoever gets the GOP nomination better have a backup plan after they get their clocks cleaned by Obama. None of those bomb-throwing wusses want to sacrifice their careers for the cause.

  39. Let's see, the biggest debt the US faces is deferred infrastructure maintenance so the GOP is courting a governor who has slashed infrastructure spending. Makes sense---right!

  40. Just what the country needs; an extra from the cast of 'The Sopranos' for president.

  41. haven't heard much from Christie lately , but from reading these NYT readers comments , I remember now why I like him and find his attitude honest and somewhat refreshing (no I'm not a republican)

  42. Let's ask Christie to demand that Obama turn over his secret files that Richard from Denver (#16) mentions in every one of his comments. Then we can sit and wait for next years press dinner and watch Obama pulverize another loud mouth.

  43. I still find it hard to believe how some people think not getting a brand new tunnel at 1/4 the price was a good idea. Did I read that right, the Federal gov was going to contribute nearly 7 billion, and NJ less than 2 billion? The only tunnel now is nearly a 100 years old? With inadequate emergency exits. Sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen.

  44. you've gotta be joking, this bum has no chance of winning so why waste time.

  45. The Governor is certainly a polarizing figure, and his record provides opportunity to debate many challenges that confront this country at the moment, but can everyone please stop referencing his weight?

    It's nasty, unfair and serves no constructive end.

  46. The problem for Christie is that he cannot mount an effective Republican primary effort unless he moves far, far to the right on choice, gay rights, evolution, the environment, and multiple other social issues. (He has already brought his poll numbers down by attacking teachers.) Once he does that he will make himself unelectable in New Jersey killing any chance for a second term. All of that for a long-shot chance to beat Obama? He will wait until his New Jersey days are behind him like Romney’s post-Massachusetts career and Giuliani’s post-New York career.

  47. At least this NJ Governor, unlike some of the past NJ Governors and other former Governors in the news, isn't associated with some inappropriate sex scandal.

  48. But I really liked him on "King of Queens."

  49. Two things disqualify Christie above all else. He is in over his head and he does not like people. Chris Christie is a proven bully and people hater. How can he be President if he hates people? He is rude,can you imagine Christie telling off the heads of states around the world? He would isolate America completely. What a joke. But the most important part of this is that Christie doesn't have the guts, he is in over his head and he knows it.

  50. He won't win NJ in the general election.

  51. But ... but ... I thought that he was hated by everyone for mindless wars on commuters by refusing to write a blank check for a tunnel which had already seen huge overruns? You mean he could become our president? But ... actually I'm OK with that.

  52. We here in New Jersey hope he does run - so we get rid of him. In fact all his bombastic posturing seems to be designed for the national political scene anyway - it has done nothing to improve our lot here in NJ.

  53. Someone please tell the Reps that just because Christie lives in NJ and resembles Tony Soprano it doesn't mean they have similar leadership skills.

  54. The Republican Party is desperate. That said, would it be asking too much to keep a tone of civility in our comments? The fat references are out of line. It is not Mr. Christie's weight that make him undesireable for office, it is his policies.

  55. I want the Donald back.

  56. I'm surprised. A couple of openings marked "Blowhard" have recently opened up on the Republican docket. He's a shoe-in.

  57. The only reason he can influence the Republican nomination is because everyone keeps saying he can influence the Republican nomination. Hardly a basis for elevating him to such influence.

  58. Its laughable that some people outside of NJ think this jerk is presidential material

  59. According to a significant number of those who have thus far posted comments, Mr. Christie is not worthy of becoming president because he is "fat", a "bully" or a "big-mouth." Would those disparagers use the same criteria for disqualifying Hillary Clinton?

  60. They say Christie is a millionaire. I believe it. He has singlehandedly made NJ a laughing stock. I believe it. He has hurt the state's schools by under funding them. I believe it. A GOP candidate for US President. I believe it. He is an overbearing, overweight, no nothing of a politician. I believe it.

  61. So basically we're stuck with the big Tony Soprano wannabe windbag until at least 2013. And I thought getting wet in the rain was going to be the low point of my day. Guess I was wrong.

  62. It won't take much to unseat Obama. He and Nancy Pelosi have worked tirelessly to take the US from a strong powerful nation to a cousin of Greece or Portugal.

    Obama and Pelosi have brought us numerous laws thousands of pages long, written by the very lobbyists and special interest groups Obama promised would never see the inside of the White House (but the visitor logs don't lie) which spend our precious tax money on big banks, automakers, unions and likely supporters of democratic candidates. Your dry cleaner, your carpenter, your local stores are re-classified as 'rich folks' and threatened with massive tax increases, while Obama and Pelosi's really rich buddies simply hire lawyers and accountants to get around paying these taxes, just like his best friend at G.E.

    Christie would never stand for this stuff, he is both honest and believable, traits I don't see in our former house speaker and our commander in chief. High gas prices are not good for america, massive new entitlement programs are not what we need. Chris Christie, unlike Pelosi and Obama understands this.

    Even if he doesn't run, he can lend a hand and his expertise to any candidate to expose this failed president and send him out of office in 2012.

  63. Christie is a classic authoritarian personality, someone who bullies
    everyone around him, preaching order and discipline,(punishment for those below him) while he can't control either his weight or his emotions. That is the serious interpretation
    Christie is also a character out of Monty Python, a man on horseback who needs a pretty big horse, calls the National Education Association the National Extortion Association, a sort of humorless Ed Koch
    But most of all, Christie is someone who represents the decline of both decency and liberal civil society oriented democracy in our politics, the worst governor in the modern history of New Jersey, who the Republicans deserve, but no one else does

  64. Of course the Republicans want Christie. The only exciting, relatively rational person that they have at the moment is Ron Paul, but he's way too anti-corporate for them. What they don't realize is that Christie's tired bully routine and irrational arguments for any of his policy initiatives wouldn't survive more than a few months of campaign trail scrutiny.

  65. Seems nobody wants President Obama's job. I could take off on that but it seems self explanitory.

  66. Obama is unbeatable unless something dramatic occurs. Nevertheless, the GOP has to run somebody.

    That said, it's probably best for the GOP to let Newt have the nomination and take one for the team.

  67. If they keep pushing him, and he does get elected, it will never happen, when he decides to quit, he can look them straight in the eye and say, "it's not like I didn't warn you, I don't want the job". We all know who did that to them once already, the difference is, she didn't give them any advance warning.

  68. SUSA poll released last week shows Christie with a 38% approval/56% disapproval in his home state of NJ. A Quinnipiac poll released in April shows that in NJ, Obama leads Christie 52% to 39%. Of course given all the gaffes by the current Republican presidential contenders, these might look like great numbers. Go for it!

  69. I really wish Chris Christie would run. He's articulate, outspoken and would mop up the floor with Obama in any debate. He calls it like it is. He's what we need.

  70. I do not think that Christie will run unless he is assured that he would get the nomination. An unsuccessful run for the GOP nomination would damage his political goodwill too much.

  71. Maybe we have a new Teddy Roosevelt: atty general, governor and now president. A breath of fresh air; a ray of hope.

  72. The minute he attacked teachers, he showed his true colors: let's make education a corporately-run operation so the rich can get richer. What a fool!

  73. I believe that it was reported that Governor Christie is collecting pension funds from state employees but not putting the pension funds aside for their retirement, but spending those funds for current New Jersey budget. This sounds very unreliable to me. It reminds me of how Social Security trust funds have been comingled with general revenue at the Federal level and spent on other things. Now they say Social Security is running low on funds!?!!

  74. I hope he runs. He's a loose cannon. The off the cuff comments he gets away with in NJ won't stand the scrutiny of national press.

  75. I spend 2 1/2 hours in a New Jersey Motor Vehicle agency last week. It was a nightmare, a true debacle. I let people know this is what you get when you vote for Christie. Guess what? No one came to Christie's defense and this took place in a red district.

  76. Can somebody convince Christie to change his mind? Sure, he's a favorite among Tea Party types and other "Know Nothings" but he is a terrible governor. Poor Jon Corzin got caught in the Great Recession and lost his office; otherwise, NJ would have been spared the likes of Christie. He substitutes bullying and pugnacious style for leadership. Yes, there is some low-hanging fruit that he has been able to pick for his early political victories but beyond that there is not much to this guy-- certainly, no vision. So, let the nation have him and get him out of New Jersey!

  77. anything to get him out of new jersey

  78. Isn't Christie just another one of the Koch brother's puppets who's plotting against unions and trying to privatize everything that isn't nailed down? The guy who turned down the federal tunnel project and all the jobs it would create? I understand he's something of a bully, too.

    I'd say let him wait his turn at the White House so he can preside over the next big crash, the one we won't be able to afford to bail out. Hope he has Republican majorities in both houses as well. Then we can get rid of these clowns for good a couple decades. (There were just 13 Republican in the Senate when Roosevelt was President. People saw what the Republicans did to the economy in the 1920's.)

  79. If Republican Chris Christie is so bad, how in the world did he ever win in a deep blue state like New Jersey? People knew what Christie was like when he campaigned for the office. Could it be that Democrat Jon Corzine was so pathetically bad that Christie looked good by comparison? Or could it be that Chris Christie is bringing Change to New Jersey (you know, "change," as in what President Obama ran on), and the entrenched special interests don't really like Change?

  80. Is it me or is this election cycle extremely weird? I see no life, love, excitement or the like on either side. I am under the impression that no one really wants run for President. At this point, the only qualified candidate for President is, well, President Obama. After the likes of the War Criminal George W. Bush, are we really ready to elect another irresponsible Republican?

  81. Gov. Christie is too smart to run for President. He knows he can't win.

  82. What is the matter with people?

    The guy cheated on his expense account as US Attorney, along with 4 or 5 others in the entire country, according to the IG for the DOJ. Of course, they decided to do nothing - kind of like the IMF guy.

    How much smoke and how many red flags do voters need to see before they recognize a crook when they see one?

  83. He's a loudmouth, crass bully who hopes people will buy his 'straight from the hip' comments. It seems the people of NJ are getting wise to his real 'republican' agenda. Hopefully the vast majority of American voters will see through his commentary. It is amazing that in a nation where there is a minority of billionaire, so many middle class people are courted by republican politicians who give tax cuts to those billionaires. Go figure!

  84. Why do Republicans keep touting these failing Republican governors as some kind of miracle cure for what ails them, and why does the media keep falling for it? You'd think they would have learned their lesson after the Donald Trump fiasco.

    Chris Christie, like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio and Rick Snyder in Michigan, has seen his poll numbers tank since taking office and acting out some kind of mandate they think they were given to shred the safety net of working class and poor constituents so they can give tax cuts to big corporations. Their policies have proven to be wildly unpopular, and the refrain you hear over and over again from people in those states is, "This isn't what I voted for."

    Just because Christie talks like a street punk, and unfortunately acts like one on occasion, doesn't make him a man of the people. His refusal to complete the tunnel between New Jersey and New York cost his state tens of thousands of badly needed jobs. Instead, he's pouring money into a white elephant mega mall that nobody wants. Polls show that he wouldn't even carry his own state if he was the Republican nominee.

    The real story the media should be reporting on is a political party imploding on itself, much the way the Democratic party did following the disastrous 1968 convention. The only question is who will be the sacrificial lamb who heads the Republican ticket? I think poetic justice would be satisfied if it were Sarah Palin. Maybe when they've hit rock bottom, Republicans can finally shed the last of their southern strategy and again become a party of responsible, principled conservative views.

  85. The reason the Republicans are repeatedly calling for Christie to run is that there is no Republican field at this point. All those currently announcing their candidacy are political has-beens or also-rans. It speaks mostly to the lack of any serious leadership in the Republican Party that the best they can come up with is a guy who hasn't held office for more than a year, and who thankfully isn't completely delusional as the rest of the field (tells them politely to screw off...).

  86. Just what the GOP need-- another anti-science "creationist" candidate.

  87. I did not know that the post of national dog catcher was open, even so, he would have problems getting elected.

  88. Isn't it pathetic that The GOP is "scrambling" for a nominee? It just shows that there is not one leader among them. And, the Dems are really no better. I truly hope this is the denoument of the two-party system which has proven to be a great thorn in the side of this nations' future.

  89. It's Mitt Romney! Romney has worked hard by going to all the right places and cultivating the Republicans along the way, and most importantly at this point raising lots of money.

    Yes, he has some baggage particularly his Romneycare Massachusettes health plan, but he is by far our best candidate and is a very responsbile person who can delivery the Republcian message and bring home the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Romney wil appeal to Independents who will decide the November,2012 election anyway. How about a Romney-Christie ticket?

  90. I'm not a fan, but Christie seems a reasonably intelligent guy. If he indeed has presidential ambitions he can easily see that waiting until the next round is absolutely in his best interest. The GOP is looking for a sacrificial lamb and will eagerly await the anointing of another Bush in 2016. Christie's too smart for that and should see that, given the fact his policies truly work, he'll be a viable alternative to the "Jeb" with a real shot at the white house.

  91. The last Republican governor of New Jersey with any real stature, Tom Kean, is treated as a RINO by his party. Chris Christie is a chameleon; he takes on the political coloration of whatever audience he's addressing. New Jersey is a state that doesn't respond well to political extremes or emphasis on the kinds of "values" issues that keep the Republican base in such a tizzy & are so important in primaries.

  92. Comment #8 -- whether a joke or not -- is the very problem among our voters mentality: is his hair real? is he good looking? Just remember the sage saying that Beauty is Skin Deep.

    Christie may make for a powerhouse, but no one is really quite convinced of his follow through. I would like to say he was ready based on Integrity, however being that he is still a pup in the political arena, he'd be better off doing his little governor term and then get out altogether so he can be a real ADVOCATE (not LOBBYIST) for the people.

    Don't go, Christie -- Washington is the worst place if you've got GOOD intentions.

  93. Just what the country needs, another tough guy president.

  94. I hope he runs...for something. It will get him out of the state of New Jersey, and their political and social agendas can once again move forward instead of backwards.

  95. The latest poll from Survey USA, May 13, 2011, tells us we won't be hearing about how popular New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is for long:
    New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, beloved by some and despised by others for his bluntness, has a Minus 18 job approval today as speculation continues about whether Christie should run for President. 38% of NJ adults approve of the job Christie is doing, 56% disapprove.
    According to this latest Eyewitness News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA exclusively for WABC-TV in New York City, NJ voters by 5:1 say Christie should not run for President.

    * By 2:1, NJ voters say Christie would be a worse president than Barack Obama.
    * Obama carried NJ in 2008 by 15 points. Obama's approval rating in NJ today is Plus 14 (54% approve, 40% disapprove).
    * Voters split evenly on whether Christie would be better president than George W. Bush.

    The poll is of 700 New Jersey adults including cell phone users. Christie probably would do a bit better excluding non-voters (but journalists shouldn't forget that their opinions exist.) He can also take solace that he's at +49 with Tea Party supporters, but I think his attempts to appeal to Republican Presidential primary voters are hurting him with everyone else in New Jersey. He's at a terrible minus 23 with self-identified moderates.

  96. Gov Chritie's confrontational style has gotten us into deep trouble time and again. It epitomizes dialog cut short, lack of complete essential information, simplistic solutions and a host of people very needlessly angry with you. Yes, it is emotionally instant gratification, but the after taste will last into the late hours of his term.

    The authoritarian, "my way or the highway", "all it requires is will power" mentality creates some of the most horrendous catastrophes known to mankind. WWII, the Bolshevik revolution and regime, the stagnation of the Near East culture over the last half millennium, and of course the Iraq War. The rise of the New American Feudalism (See corporate power through Citizens United) that adulates the Private sector as always superior to the Public sector exemplifies the power of propaganda (marketing) at its most refined. When President Obama announced the death of bin Laden, he gave credit to many, many people in a remarkably mild manner. One week later the Sunday Morning talk shows highlighted nine Bush alumni (v 1 Democrat) crowing with all their glorious feathers showingclaiming it was their superior interrogation techniques the found bin Laden.

    What outrageous five star gourmet hogwash after 8 years of gross incompetence.

    Would we be treated to 4/8 years of egomaniacal pomposity again with Gov Christie? Good grief, can't we identify calm competence and its ability to actually accomplish things? I had hope we have learned that lesson and not even think of going there again.

  97. It's a sad state of affairs when a twenty-some odd month governor with no prior experience in government can be considered and in demand to run for President.The book is still out on the results of his policies regarding New Jersey because not much has changed their since he took office.Another savior in the macking.

  98. Christie was elected on one issue, property tax relief. He won because two heavily Republican counties of Monmouth and Ocean mostly suburban with high property taxes voted 85% for him. This canceled out the Democratic advantage in the urban cities and he won by 4%. He himself said he did not expect to win the election in liberal New Jersey. He did not say much about his beliefs during the election.
    A year and a half later I would say more the 50% of the people on New Jersey do not like his politics. We now know that he is anti abortion, not good with the environment, completely anti any kind of union, against the public schools. He favors Charter schools while his kids go to private schools. He is like all Republicans completely for Business and the Rich. He says we all must share in the pain. But It is only the middle class the poor and the old who get the program cuts. His my way or the highway no compromise bulling style that he is the only one who knows best has turned off a lot of voters.
    The truth is in a state this Liberal if he does not deliver on the one thing he promised, property tax relief, he will be a one term governor.

  99. This shows just how specious the run for POTUS has become. This guy is all bluster and bluff - he has accomplished nothing in NJ except made a lot of noise.
    His latest lie is that he is not running - maybe he is equating running with exercise? He has recently become a creationist and hints that school prayer might be OK. He now doesn't believe that human activity is contributing to global warming. Pandering to the base?
    Big Christie is definitely running - albeit slowly. His dog and pony show will get rave reviews in Iowa, Pennsy and the rest of the South.
    I am quite conflicted by this - on the one hand, it will keep him from destroying NJ - on the other hand the national scene, he will make W's Presidency look like Lincoln's.
    I do not think that the Union will be able to survive a Christie Presidency.

  100. Oh please do run Governor Christie for President.

    Considering the bad shape that you have put Education for NJ kids in Public schools, the mess in the Meadowlands (including the continuation of the maligned Xanudu project and the disrepair of the racetrack), the restrictive 2% cap tax implemented without the proper legislation to help in municipal funding, recent increase in NJ Toll fees while the state battles the Federal Gov. for not paying back transportation funds for the recent cancelled train project, and let us not forget the time you took your kids to Disney World at the same time your Lt. Governor also took a cruise, just hours before an impending blizzard, which was forecasted for a week on TV, that paralyzed the NorthEast area for two days (and longer, if you lived in Brooklyn).

    Did we forgot to mention that a lot of people are turned off to your confrontational style in your Town Hall meetings and dealing with people who just don't see it your way, like cops, firefighters, teachers, EMTs, etc.

    You are the perfect example as to why the Republicans are currently not the best option for this country after 2012 and the country would be better off with limiting your economic scorch Earth policy to just NJ.

  101. He's a smart guy. And he knows America will not elect an obese POTUS, the same way employers are biased against excessively overweight people. Fair or unfair its subconsciously interpreted as a lack of discipline, of self-control. CC will take the next 4 years to lose 100+ lbs in a slow and healthy manner. Remember this post in 2015.

  102. This is a first term sitting Gov. who left the state for a vacation in Florida with the largest snow storm of the season was on its way. Not only did he leave the state...his second in charge, the Lt. Gov. also left the state at the same time.

    The snow emergency was handled, not by anyone from the Govs. office by by the Third in line to govern...the Speaker of the House of Represenatives..who by the was is a Democrate.

    Not only was the Gov. completely unapologetic, he was outraged that the public would even complain. His defense was that he had promised his children that they would go on this trip and he was not going to break a promise.

    Nice thought, but they could have gone with Mom. He could have stayed and kept his promise and oath of office to the citizens of his state, that elected him to do a job. Instead he bailed and took the first flight out to sunny Florida.

    And some people want this guy sitting in the Oval Office making the tough decisions that a real leader has to make...or are you just trying to get him out of NJ?

  103. In a state that has more millionaires than teachers, Christie calls educators thugs and greedy . His administration has layed-off braille teachers while giving tax breaks to Citibank. The media adore his You tube clips and bully-pulpit provocations. It sells.

    Meanwhile, he is dismantling an excellent educational system. Princeton School District has just recently cried....enough. They are demanding the right of taxpayers to vote on charter school applications. The push-back is coming for Christie as Short Hills, Livingston and Princeton demand local rule rights. Many Districts in NJ have close to a 100% graduation rate. Christie calls that stat meaningless.

    The Republicans need to look elsewhere. Christie is an opening act. Our country needs goverance, not anti-labor hell and brimstone.

  104. People whine, and wail all the time about lying politicians. So here you have a governor who calls it as he sees it in a tone that is obviously not politically correct, and suddenly you have every union hack, and government worker in the state; who incidentally are the ones who stand to lose by the implementation of Governor Christies policies, bellowing as loudly as they can about what a bully he is, and how he is destroying New Jersey. I am a New Jerseyan who works in the private sector here in N.J., and I can tell you this The only part of New Jersey that Gov. Christie is destroying is the bloated beauracies, and protected union jobs that have been sucking the life out of this state for about half a century. And it's about time.

  105. C'mon, GOP hasn't got real leaders? It is acting erratic. First, a Casino millionaire (he claims) twiced chartered thru'11 ranks, raises issues, and self-defeats. Then Hizzoner wacks Public Enemy #1, tackles the mess left (Health care, Inmigration, General Bankrolled'), disses' FMI boss, just to let world know who shall control the FUNDS. Got Tea? No, Got Coffee! (regular w/cream)

  106. He is a man who should absolutely, positively never even be considered to be President. Christie is a Hoover in waiting.

  107. Chris Christie is the only one I see as a true GOP contender so far. I think he's smart to wait until 2016, but I hope we can survive that long.

  108. Wouldn't the GOP be better off nominating someone who's actually, y'know, good at governing?

    Oh, right.... Never mind.

  109. The Republicans haven't decided who the winner of the Republican nomination will be, but it sure looks like they've all decided who will win the general election.

  110. He looks the part, and he speaks the part...of being inarticulate.

  111. I haven't lived in NJ for many years, but I've recently had the misfortune to have to deal with two state agencies as a result of having to help my mother, who still lives there. What can you say of a State whose motor vehicle website posts a form to declare a gender change but not the affidavit needed by a spouse to remove a deceased spouse from the title? Never knew that gender change was so common in NJ, but death of a spouse so rare. And when you call, the motor vehicle employee gives you 100% erroneous information, completely contrary to the website, and then tells you that you are not looking at the motor vehicle commission website? Then another employee tells you that you are looking at the right site, and the right information, but contrary to the information on the site, and contrary to the form itself, the form does not need to be notarized. Then you go to motor vehicle and no one even knows what form you mean. But finally someone finds it and tells you it does need to be notarized.

    Total lack of training. Total lack of competence. Total lack of quality.

    Or the NJ Division of Taxation? I called for three weeks to ask a question. Because it never dawned on them that this question would come up repeatedly (the instructions on the IRA withdrawals require a calculation based on last year's return, but many seniors didn't take distributions in 2010 because the federal government gave them a are you supposed to use 2009 or....?). Could never get through by phone. Sent an e-mail. Three weeks later, after the filing deadline had elapsed, I get an e-mail reply, starting with, "I guess...." That answer did NOT inspire confidence.

    There was a time when the State employees took pride in their work, they knew their jobs, and they did them well. Based on my two experiences (not to mention the education funding debacle), I'd say that Christie gets a failing grade on basic management. He can't get the day-to-day routine functioning of the State running smoothly and properly. If he can't manage basic functions, do you want him making national policy?

  112. UNEMPLOYMENT at 9%. Gas over $4 a gallon. A useless,endless, unauthorized war in Libya. The Middle East in total chaos. A failed foreign policy. Massive corrupt wasted spending. More debt than in all the history of the world. Obama has been a total disaster. We cannot afford 4 more years. Gov Christie needs to think about the good of the nation!

  113. Ron Paul for president 2012 or more of the same and we can't afford more of the same

  114. People whine, and wail all the time about lying politicians. So here you have a governor who calls it as he sees it in a tone that is obviously not politically correct, and suddenly you have every union hack, and government worker in the state; who stand to lose thier jobs by the implementation of his policies, bellowing as loudly as they can about how fat he is, what a bully he is, and how he is destroying New Jersey. I am a New Jerseyan who works in the private sector here in N.J., and I can tell you this The only part of New Jersey that Gov. Christie is "destroying" is the bloated beauracracies of the State Government, and the protected union jobs that have been sucking the life out of this state for about half a century. And it's about time someone told the people holding these jobs to do something productive for a change. Most of them would not last a day in the private sector without Union thugs protecting thier laziness.

  115. Before asking "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the most wonderful one of all?" Christie may want to take a good hard look at himself and say "Wow, why would anyone ever think I'd make a good President?"

  116. MANY NJers hope Christie WILL run for President...and LOSE! THAT would be a major step forward for NJ!

    Take your war on teachers, schools, and seniors, your pro-polluter Executive Orders, your 50% NJ transit increases, and anti-mass transit agenda, and of course your pro-more-money-for "Xanadu"--and GET LOST!

    But don't forget to pay the $270 MILLION you owe the Feds from the ARC Tunnel project! Or are you gonna' leave NJers holding THAT BAG too?

  117. The Republican establishment and wealthy donors want Chris "Thar He Blows" Christie to run because the potential 2012 Republican/Tea Party presidential field is incredibly weak, flawed and increasingly laughable.

    These guys couldn't even run a lemonade stand.

    But Christie isn't the solution. The man is like a bull in a china shop, breaking everything in sight. He's an arrogant bully, who has an increasingly disturbing quality of not telling the whole truth or failing to correct falsehoods. The transparency promised is increasingly becoming clouded, and so has Christie's judgment.

    Just like Mitt Romney, Christie has moved to the right by flip flopping on issues. The latest one involves creationism. Christie said he had no objection for public schools teaching creationism alonside eveolution. He said his views are "none of your business."

    Christie said it is a local issue, whether or not schools instruct children that God created humans and the earth and the heavens. In fact, as Christie well knows, the state decides exactly what should be taught in each subject each year. Evolution is taught; creationism is not taught. That's because there are thousands of peer-reviewed scientific research that back up evolution. Not so for creationism, which is a religious idea, not science.

    Christie's dismissal was telling for a governor who pledged to answer "directly, straightly, bluntly" so nobody in NJ is going to have to wonder where I am on an issue."

    Well, we're wondering here in NJ.

  118. Where have all the honest and truthful Republican gone to? Now all I see are conservatives who stand up and rock the boat, and then convinces you that he/she is the only person who can save you from a terrible storm at sea.

    Governor Christie is one of these folks and like a fig leaf, he conceals much shame.

  119. Its was absolutely crazy not to fund the additional rail tunnel under the Hudson River. NJ Commuter busses are fighting the worst traffic in the country and Mr. Christie refuses to deal with the situation.

    He is a one trick pony. And the trick is stale. He is clueless when it comes to education. We need better schools, not pitched battles between the state and teachers. If you ask me, he lacks foresight. I do not want him in Washington.

  120. Christie is our man! As previously said, it's a call to duty. Some in N.J. may be called to share their head of state for the greater good; others may wish him good riddance. Christie is a sure winner for the ticket, the election & has an out-spoken, common-sense voice that will attract those of both parties, as well as independents, who want a president who says it like it is--no mystery, no double-talk, no telepromter. And he has 'charisma' too.

    As a conservative, a former Democrat, a math scholar, a voracious reader passionate about nat'l & int'l politics, a woman & grandmother favoring the right to Choose & not a member of NRA, I cannot any longer tolerate or understand 'one-issue' voters. There's a bigger picture. Our country, as we know it, is on the verge of collapse unless we have radical 'change' from the status quo in 2012.

    If we the people are asked for "shared sacrifice" in order that government operates on a balanced budget to reduce over-spending & reduce the enormous debt accrued over the past two years, Christie is voicing the unfortunate truth. His 'scorched earth' policy is the reality we are living with today after years of denial by both parties.

    Teachers, government workers, unions, elected officials, entitlements, environmentalists, illegal immigrants--all must share in the give & take if this country is to move forward. There is no room any longer for idealistic debates, philosophic arguments, scholarly theories, or political insults. Now is the time for pragmatism.

  121. Republicans always seem to hate government and they admit they want to "kill the beast" by mismanaging it in various ways (so people will desert democracy?) Public education is anathema to them (why train people for good working class jobs they want to privatize and export- jobs that won't exist. So is the concept of nonprofit, public healthcare.. so threatening that they made it illegal through the WTO in the 90s..

    We just don't know it yet!

    That sounds an awful lot like borderline terrorism to me. And hey, wasn't it Saint Reagan who welcomed the Taliban in Washington, gave OBL his lucky break, funded Saddam and made a backroom deal with the Iranian mullahs to keep the hostages imprisoned until he won the election against Carter? How soon we forget.

  122. The only issue is what are his answers to America's problems. He can't win in 2012 against Obama, he has no answers. So he defers until, he hopes, someone weaker runs. Good luck Anthony Weiner for President! Said here first!

  123. Of course he is running. As US Attorney, he claimed he never thought about running for governor. Yet,his entire term as Gonzalez' puppet was dedicated to politics, not terrorists, gangs or drug runners. Christie is unwilling to answer questions about creationism or global warming. He is playing to a national audience. He is playing the same game that he did when US Attorney. He has big ambitions and will aggressively pursue them.

  124. After nearly a whole year and a half, it seems like the novelty is wearing off so Governor Christie should definitely run before NJ residents really get sick of his schtick.

    Just like another tough-taking governor who the Republicans fell in love with before he accomplished anything. Let's amend the Constitution so that naturalized citizens can become President! Oh, wait a minute...

  125. According to a recent Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: "Voters are split on whether they have a favorable or unfavorable impression of Christie, with 46 percent viewing him favorably and 44 percent unfavorably."
    Just an observation of what his ratings are in his own State.