Buying a Trump Property, or So They Thought

More than 300 buyers of units in troubled luxury high-rises are suing Donald Trump, the real estate mogul, saying they were deceived.

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  1. Any cretin who would want to acquire inner and outer prestige by being associated with Donald Chump needs therapy.

  2. buy a piece of property with your hard earned money based on trump's name? trump university?

    now i no longer wonder why george w. bush won his second term.

  3. I'm amazed and saddened that the Trump name is thought to be reason to trust a development. My reaction would be the exact opposite.

  4. Trump is selling MLM to the under educated, under employed in the form of a pill company or maybe it's cosmetics; can't remember. With up front fees and building your downline which lots of people can't do because they don't like selling or asking for money from customers, they earn on average $116.00 a year, not a month, a year. He bought a pill company slapped his name and family crest on it and is selling the "great opportunity" to poor unsuspecting people. The Donald should be ashamed of himself.

  5. iI was under the impression that when you promote a product on the radio or television or on a billboard and give yourself as a party to the product you are responsible to the audience. Can you imagine a politician saying the statements he made while running for office were proven to be untrue he blamed his speechwriters for the lies he told. I don't see Mr.Trump dodging these bullets.

  6. Donald Trump: the epitome of "Greed is good."
    Donald Trump: the epitome of "Deception is good."

    Shame on you, Mr. Trump, for even considering entering the presidential race. What was your plan? To sell shares of the White House?

    Please, oh please, don't tell me we'd even consider this egotistical and seemingly unethical excuse for a human being as a viable presidential candidate.

  7. And he wants to be in the White House? If that happens (which I sure do not want to see in my lifetime) he'll have to change the name to the Trump House. Everything about him is big: big ambitions, big hair, big mouth, big ego.

  8. Having lived and worked in Manhattan for 19 years, recently returning to the Midwest, I had a rueful smile throughout. This is Manhattan ethics. Happens every day up and down the chain. My guess is that Trump is covered as whatever fallout has already been anticipated and is considered the cost of doing business. There are those that are ethically on the up and up, but many are ethically challenged, frequently those you believe solid prove otherwise on down the road. This is precisely why Thomas Jefferson adamantly refused to have Manhattan be the nation's capitol. It is a settlement founded by the Dutch to make money and that has been it's central raison d'etre ever since, whether Dutch, or British or currently American. Trump is one of the more colorful characters inhabiting the island currently but was preceded by P.T. Barnum, among others.

  9. Too common that celebrities lend their names to sleazy development projects in return for royalties and cash payments. When that endorsement and branding becomes fraudulent, at least treble damages should be assessed. But in the case of someone making a $100,000 deposit without doing due diligence, my sympathies are hard to arouse. Greed that is rooted in speculation deserves to turn to dashed hopes.

  10. Thank you for this article which exposes the truth of Donald Trump. He is a carnival barker, a show-off,a blowhard, who feeds off people who believe his self-promotion. He is an example of the worst of capitalism. He is the last person who should lead our nation, especially in these troubled times. I hope these buyers succeed in their lawsuits against him, but I feel fairly certain he has made himself "judgment proof" via his battalion of attorneys and accountants skilled at playing shell games. In a word, Donald Trump is repulsive, and I hope we soon see the last of his smug mug.

  11. Donald Trump Jr. - “When things got over-inflated in the world, ... we removed ourselves from the ground-up development world, where we are risking a lot more ... We switched more to a license model.”

    Jr. says it all.

    Too bad for Rembrandt about being dead. Today he could sign his name to a knock-off, call it a Rembrandt and sell it for $40 million. The sucker buying it owns a Rembrandt until it's a forgery worth only $40.

  12. Trump really is as American as apple pie. Like Bear Stearns, he promotes his brand with only hot air behind it. Has he put even a single penny of his own into his presidential campaign? I doubt it. As P.T. Barnum said over a century ago, "There's a... " ok, you know the rest.

  13. Yes, Trump is rich - but he is also an arrogant, narcissistic buffoon. Why would you want to be associated with anything that bears his name? His whole "brand" is all about ostentatious displays of wealth. Enjoy eating your Chocolate "Gold" Trump bars? What a joke!

  14. It is obvious that the whole idea of a non-disclosed licensing agreement was to make people believe that these were Trump projects when they were, in fact, not. I think under these circumstances, Trump should be considered liable for investor losses and, at the very least, be forced to return any promotional fees that he earned to help repay the people he deliberately misled.
    Trump wishes to believe having his name on a project is similar to a star athlete endorsing a product, but this is not the case. The athletes may endorse the products, but they aren't claiming that they made them.
    This kind of behavior by Trump is consistent with what many New Yorkers have come to know about him over the past few decades, but is somehow shocking to people outside the area. There is no doubt that the Times or other news organizations could come up with a wide array of "Trump being a jerk" articles on a weekly basis between now and next November, but it probably will just make the non-New York, anti-NYTimes crowd (at least those who haven't yet lost money on his brands) like him more. Much like former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Trump is one of those New Yorkers who are respected outside New York far more than they are in New York.
    To be sure, Trump has done some good things too (as has Giuliani) and one could argue that the world is better off in some ways because of him. Of course, there is no need for others to make that argument as he does that pretty well himself.
    Speaking of Giuliani, Trump is essentially the same candidate as the former Mayor was in 2008. The only difference was that Giuliani's campaign was "I Will Make You Safer" and Trump's is "I Will Make You Richer." Giuliani's campaign failed in part because by 2008 people were more worried about being poor than by being killed by a terrorist. While economic issues will probably still be the key in the 2012 election, it may be hard for the many people worried about their job (or lack of one) to vote for someone who is known for saying "You're Fired."

  15. Donald Trump: all show and no go ... .

  16. Perhaps these individuals were a little too taken by the name. However, I personally would never put a penny down on a piece of property that did not exist yet. Historia magistra vitae, but she too has bad pupils.

  17. Why would anyone have faith in a serial bankrupt shuckster like Trump -- other than Barnum's observation that there's a sucker born every minute. We're supposed to feel sorry for suckers motivated by greed?

  18. Anyone who "reveres" Donald Trump almost deserves to lose his or her life savings. How foolish people can be.

  19. The P.T. Barnum quote comes to mind - there is a sucker born every 15 minutes - and Donald Trump does not hesitate to fleece them. It is sad that people are so eager to 'be somebody' or so desperate to appear important that they rush after something as silly and shallow as living in a building with the name 'Trump.' May they use their financial loss to reflect on their values and rethink their path.

    Donald Trump is an egotistical, unseemly self-promoter. Yes, at times he makes a great deal of money. At times he looses a great deal of money. So what?

  20. Why would anyone have faith in Trump?

  21. The Trump name as a guarantor of quality and integrity?

    There really is a sucker born every minute. Wow.

  22. A crook by any other name? Trump

  23. Trump has had business after business go into bankruptcy, yes? How could anyone think his name on a project would be anything but a big Beware sign.

    I am so sorry for these people, but they exercised the kind of due diligence that makes people vote for the likes of Trump, Palin, Bachmann. This time they took themselves down rather than the country.

  24. Typical Republican BAIT AND SWITCH. So how can we now better expose the Repugnants in Congress and elsewere in government who they really are. Will the American public wake up before the 2012 elections ?

  25. Why can't we quit talking about this guy. What's the attraction? When you look at the total package he is as poor a choice as you can make. Just say NO to the Donald!!!

  26. For most of his life he lives pretending what he is not a Billionare, He does not own anything and on his buildings, he only puts his name and investors put the money!!!! is real fortune in no more than 200 million at the most...and if you get real is probably less than that, this is the reason why he never could run, he has to revealed his real wealth and the he look like the fake that he is.

  27. This should be in the comedy section of the NY Times.

  28. According to Forbes, Trump has been deceiving us about being a billionaire for decades, so why is this different?

  29. for anyone who thought that Donald Trump could run for President and survive the media digging deep into his personal and business life, this is only the beginning. I hope he continues purely for entertainment purposes.

  30. Looks like Trump is finally getting kicked in the butt by karma. The Donald personifies the obnoxious 'fat cat' perfectly. Why do the entertainment programs use him as their go-to guy for opinions? He is nothing more than a pompous airhead.

  31. That doesn't mean Trump has been enriched by the venture. He's a crook in good standing with the money center banks. he's front and a fraud. He has lost more money than anyone except Uncle Sam.

  32. Trump is leveraged up to the hilt and exists on cash flow from casinos. His wealth is of the vegas typeand likely will all go puff again soon.

  33. As I said before, in a previous comment about Newt Gingrich running for president, what is this country coming to? At least, what is the Republican party coming to, though no great friends of humanity, to begin with.

  34. Donald Trump is as phony as the hair on his head, as deceptive as a Nigerian phishing email.

    He is the embodiment of the Republican Party.

  35. P.T. Barnum was right, "There's a sucker born every minute".

  36. That Trump is just selling an empty brand with nothing behind it is not too surprising, since Trump seems to be nothing but a thin skinned blowhard. Hopefully future potential buyers will read this article and make an informed choice.

  37. Trump uses the bankruptcy laws as a management strategy. That is not illegal, but his ethics
    are constructed in quicksand.

  38. Trump is a con man. That's why he is running as a Republican. Remember "voodoo economics" ? The Republicans stock in trade is the con. When someone tells you that 2-1 = 3 you should know you're being lied to.

  39. Donald Trump is a true representative of Republican ideology. His family values and core honesty are a testament to the personal responsibility engendered in the Republican platform. I PRAY he runs for President. He will be an outstanding Republican candidate and will keep his competitors on the Republican stage on their toes. 2008 saw the disengenuous "Country First" slogan of McCain. Maybe this time around we can have a realistic "Me First", reflecting the true heart of Republican policy. I, of course, will be voting for Obama again.

  40. Most people in NYC think of him as a fraud who knows how to sell. He is a traveling salesman. His dad was a success, but Trump just makes statements and very few take him seriously anymore. It is so funny for he puts his kids on the Oprah show, and they make statements but they have very little success outside of working for their dad. Imagine if Bill Gates had his kids working for him, and allowed them to make statements that no one could challenge otherwise they would be fired. Bill Gates is giving billions to charity, while Donald Trump is still counting pennies and making stupid comments about President Obama. The Donald is now considered The Joe, and his brand name has negative meaning in real estate. Only people that would buy time shares would associate with Trump.

  41. Yet another example of why Trump's so-called candidacy is really just another marketing ploy. Too bad he won't get the nomination, and instead the Rep's will nominate some Bible-slapping demagogue whose character is even scarier.

  42. I hate to see people get ripped off but there has never been a time when I associated the Trump brand with anything other then corruption and relentless over promotion. If you have 35k at hand, why wouldn't you seek out a real accredited degree program?

  43. Branding at its very worst.

  44. How easily everyone jumps on the bandwagon to trash another human being.

  45. I just have to wonder...who are the idiots who, having taken one look at Mr.Trump, his obnoxiousness, his relentless pursuit of self-promotion, his hopelessly naive and deceptive approach to the problems facing this country...whould believe in such a charlatan? I do not blame Trump...he is doing what he does best. I blame the poor souls who showed such poor judgment and lack of discernment.

  46. His history with women should be enough to frighten off anyone who contemplated buying a property with which his name is associated.

  47. Trump represents that part of bold and brash America that will sucker in people impressed by those things (e.g. Las Vegas). Never has the adage "a fool and his money are soon parted' resonated so strongly.

  48. Donald Trump is a total clown along with his two children. You only need to watch them one time to realize the kind of people that they are!

  49. Let's see him comb this one over.

  50. Finally people are catching on to Donald Trump. He should write an autobiography
    called THE ART OF THE STEAL. Are any attorneys general or federal prosecutors
    looking into this guy's shenanigans?

  51. “I have come to the conclusion,” he said, “that what I did wrong was to trust Donald Trump.”

    Story could've got there sooner. Thanks for the "Trump U" stuff though. I've been wondering when that would become news for about five years. Real estate schools thrive yet, and none I've visited were substantially different.

  52. This is what we could expect from Trump as president ... the media blitz is all lies, read the fine print... Maybe he is a viable GOP candidate.

  53. His 4 million dollar contract required him to do meet and greets, "up to two times" and spelled out that the appearances last “for no more than six (6) working hours each.”

    This is how the rich get richer, and why this "easy work" requires a higher tax rate.

  54. After reading this story, I believe Don Trump is in fact highly qualified to lead the GOP ticket in 2012 - he lies, he distorts and he takes advantage of the little guy so he can rake in the bucks to lead his imperial life-style. And, of course his representatives blame the victims for not wising-up. Not my problem - read the fine print.

  55. Bankrupt in the 80s; uses the political stump for publicity in the new century - well done America, another crook allowed to profit off your ignorance and lack of spine.

  56. Ah. Using long documents to hide how he was defrauding people. Now Mr. Trump's demands for *the long form* of Obama's birth certificate make complete sense.

  57. The bureacrat who figures out how to tax or fine Trump out of his billions will be a hero.

  58. It seems the saying "There is a fool born every minute." applies here. By all means buy a property with the Trump name on it but not because the name is on it.Every time I have seen Mr. Trump speak the image of a snake oil salesman comes to mind.

    It seems the carnival barker has struck again.

  59. Anyone who would trust Trump probably deserves to lose their money. If one cannot discern that the man is nothing more than a snake oil salesman, they are deficient in judgement. Exactly why someone would buy an article of clothing, or anything else, based on the label on it is beyond comprehension. I seldom drink a soft drink such as Sprite, but when I saw it was being "endorsed" by one person or the other, I stopped ever buying any such product, and have saved money as well as my health. U.S. has suckers born by the thousands every minute, and sadly, the mental deficiencies are not confined to trivial matters such as this one, but in actually electing people to office that make Trump look like a piker overall; fortunately, Trump will not be much of a candidate even when he is in a field with the largest number of political clowns to ever run for office.

  60. Contact the hundreds of subcontractors on his NYC projects to learn what the type of person Trump is; he left a trail of unpaid bills and shortchanged business owners. His response: sue me, I'll bankrupt you with legal bills. Nice guy.
    PS - Attended a party in NYC many years ago and when Trump arrived people started leaving.

  61. Rosie was right on! The high was exhilerating on the way up with Obama, the slide down will be painful, and the recovery, never ending, while the empire came crumbling down around him - and it is. They didn't call it "fool's gold" for a reason and there are many less fools today than when Mr. Trump had that golden touch. Just a touch.

  62. "For many middle-class Americans, it is the most coveted brand in real estate, synonymous with sky-piercing luxury and can’t-miss quality: Donald J. Trump."

    You're joking, right?

    I'd say most middle class Americans I know--and being middle class myself, I know a lot--think that the Trump brand stands for egomaniacal excess that is long on faux gold and short on refinement and taste.

    But the word "most" would be a misstatement.

    The correct word would be "all."

  63. It has long been known that a lot of the buildings bearing Donald Trump's name he is not the owner of. At best, he's a part-owner of some of them and licenses his name on others. Any number of his so-called NYC properties was financed by overseas investors and at most he is a minority owner/partner in them. Of course, he's also not as rich as he would like to have a lot of folks believe but that does not mean he richer but rather than being a billionaire he likely just a multimillionaire. It's still possible to live in Manhattan when you're simply a multimillionaire, hard as it is to believe (sarcasm).
    In a sense I feel sorry for folks who felt that Trump's name on a building means quality and a certain cachet but it does not excuse one from doing their due diligence to really and truly see what's behind the Trump name/brand. As we have seen with Trump's recent repeated and racially-charged attacks on Pres. Obama, the person, student and American citizen, the Trump name has lost a lot of its luster. Perhaps going forward, folks will now take a closer look at any property/development with Trump's name on it.
    Vita sine litteris mors est.

  64. If it walks like a duck and sound like a duck, it's probably The Donald. I'm always amazed that people think he's the real thing other than simply being a nincompoop. It doesn't exactly strengthen my belief in the acuity of the American people.

  65. I'm just puzzled that anyone could look at this game show host and think that he's a credible businessman. It sounds like Trump is working one of those scams that takes advantage of the gullible, the slightly senile, or the mentally challenged.
    No doubt, Trump thinks of himself as an entrepreneur, as the ideal American dream. But his delusion should never be our reality. If there is one thing that every child ought to be taught, it is that people will rationalize their greed and righteousness to the point of believing it wholeheartedly. Their conviction is confused with truth. The greater the greed and unethical behavior, the greater the delusion of divine justice and altruism.
    Evil doesn't live in a submersible city, holding a white cat, wearing an ascot. Real evil thinks it's good. That what makes it so evil.

  66. Trump's sleaziness extends to his golf club developments as well. He purchased an existing facility on the Potomac River in Loudoun County, Virginia and proceeded to cut down all of the trees along the shoreline, ostensibly to "protect" the River. In fact, these actions not only destroyed wildlife habitat (eagles nest along the river) but also destabilized the banks, increasing erosion into an already-stressed river. The general manager of the facility, when challenged by citizens, the Audubon Society, Riverkeeper etc, claimed that the tree roots were actually undermining the shoreline and that their removal was actually a GOOD thing! (Reminds me of comments during the Vietnam war that the military had to burn the village to save the village!) What is obvious to everyone is that Trump wanted to enhance the views from his clubhouse and residences to be built. Eight months after the tree removal, the riverbank is a mushy, deteriorating mess, with more and more dirt and sediment going into the river. No remediation has ever occurred.

  67. The few dwindling souls who enjoy reading the Times and other state-owned media need to vote Republican in the next presidential election. Only when Republicans are in charge do we have a proper and objective media that on behalf of the people will seek the truth, expose injustice and corruption in government and, in general, protect our liberty and freedom. When, as now, Democrats are in charge, the poor bought and paid for water carriers masquerading as media can do little but sing the praises of the ruling elite. This chop piece on Trump, even if 110% true, is focused on one thing only and that is undermining his run for president. Where are the similar stories on Democrats? Oh, I forgot, they have Democrat-immunity. Yes, bring back journalism to America and break this symbiotic relationship between the media and the Democrats. It may even save the Times from Chapter 11, though I doubt this.

  68. (Hit the submit button too soon.) As long as these poor souls are looking for an education, they might consult a dictionary. The one on my desk includes the following entries:

    Trumped-up (adj.) fraudulently concocted; spurious
    Trump (v.) to get the better of
    Trumpery (n.) worthless nonsense; trivial or useless articles; junk; tawdry finery
    Trump up (v.) to concoct especially with intent to deceive; fabricate, invent

    To be fair, the dictionary also gives one definition of "trump" (n.) as a "dependable and extraordinary person." But evidently a great many people fell for trumped-up trumpery, and Trump trumped them.

  69. Trust Trump? Aspire to be associated with him? Even his hair is a facade. Now, he's shocked that he is the object of ridicule. It was OK for him to, without evidence, in essence call out the President and his entire family as liars and frauds, flippantly. Have we devolved to the point where wide berth is given to infotainers and celebrities even when they cross over that blurring line into political discourse? The information age has run amok and we're consuming absent mindlessly, while the world heaves around us.

  70. On principle, I will not even go into a building with the Trump name on it. Future editions of Roget's Thesaurus should list the word "trump" as a synonym for crook, fraud, cheat, jerk, egomaniac, nitwit, bankrupt, arrogant and a few more that would not meet the standards of publishing here. He must also not care about the welfare of animals or he would not let the one on his head live in such close proximity to the hot air always coming from his ever-open mouth.

  71. In this article, Donald Trump touts that he would "make America very rich." America is already very rich: in compassion, justice, honesty and integrity. All the types of riches that have nothing to do with money. Based on this article, Mr. Trump has none of these true riches; he has only greed and thinks only of himself. America wasn't built on greed, it was built on all the qualities money can't buy: compassion, honesty, integrity and concern for those less fortunate.

  72. I think there is a spelling mistake on the caption of image advertising for Trump University. It should read Trump- An Americon Con and not Icon.

  73. Having recently visited Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, I was amazed and appalled at the arrogance and hubris on display everywhere. It is all Donald, all the time. So I was not surprised by anything in your article.
    What is sad is the abject stupidity of the "students" of Trump University, who spent their life savings and maxed out their credit cards to buy this snake oil. "Caveat emptor"...

  74. please run! then obama can proceed with thumping the chump trump

  75. Just another example of Trump looking in the mirror saying "whose the fairest of them all...ME" The Donald is a perfect example of the worst of all salespersons, deceitful, narcissistic and arrogant...what he really is rich in is love of thy self"!

  76. Good old days of character assassination are back. NYT at its best.

  77. His high rises are tall and ugly. Just like his hair.

  78. To Harry R #8 reply. You took a cheap shot at Manhattan. Did it take you nineteen years to figure you didn't like it? Without Manhattan, there wouldn't be a United States as we know it . Don't use Trump to put your anti-
    feelings about the most vital place on Earth. As far as Trump goes and this was suppose to be about him, I agree with most of the replies before you and after you.

  79. I've personally seen the inner construction methods used in Trump's Manhattan high-rises. Let's just say that I wouldn't live in his buildings.

  80. Trump is as phony as a $3.00 bill.

  81. Please please let Donald Trump be the Republican Presidential Nominee. He epitomizes everything that's wrong with that party, but unlike some of the other candidates (e.g., Huckabee) it's not covered with a veneer of fake respectability. This is the party of deception, unbridled capitalism, zero compassion, boorishness, and inherited wealth. Trump SHOULD be their icon and poster child. At least there would be truth in advertising...

  82. Trump leadership is the CHANGE this country really needs

  83. Quality? Have you ever been in one of his buildings?

  84. I believe very strongly that at the end of the day, the only thing I have is my good name.

    Clearly Trump does not believe this. I can see if he was not as rich but to you have to ask yourself "is 4 million for a man reportedly worth billions enough to ruin his name over". I think it shows his moral character.

    Trump might have more money than me, but I have not sold my name.

  85. ..and yet the man thrives and garners "positive" press.

    God save us if he becomes President.

    Cheney seems like a saint in comparison.

  86. Flim Flam man. Plain and simple.

  87. There is a sucker born every minute and Donald Trump knows how to reign them in!

  88. Why is this new news or surprising to anyone? Trump has had businesses go through Chapter 11 bankruptcy 4 times. I give him credit for being able to spin himself as a successful business person but anyone who knows anything about business knows to stay far away from any Trump project if you want your money back.

  89. Anybody know where I can buy a Warren Buffet high rise condo. They are all just in it, to make money, with your money. I think it should be 'There is one born every second'.

  90. WHat about the big hoopla made about the trump towers at the now defunked cap cana in dominican republic????? Writer shouldve investigated that for this article.

  91. Isn't all this a perfect metaphor for his Presidential bid...the enticing lies, bombast, and deception during his campaign followed by a global nightmare if he were somehow elected?

  92. Donald Trump is an obnoxious, self-important philistine. Why anyone wants to emulate him is a mystery, as he is nasty and vulgar. I wish the reporter had asked people why this man is someone they respected and trusted.

  93. Donald Trump has been thought of as a joke in New York City for about 20 years. He builds tacky buildings and sells them at a premium to foreigners who have yet to catch on. And laughs all the way to the bank.

  94. Buying based on the Trump name is the equivalent of buying from a sleazy used car salesman, possibly worse (sorry, used car salesman). Just a cursory look into most of his boastful statements will tell you this man is full of hot air. My sympathy for his victims is limited.

  95. how much money does even a carnival barker need?

  96. The same thing happened at Trump Farallon Estates at Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic. The only thing Trump did was "rent" his name to the project, pocket fees, and get a piece of the profits without investing cash or acting as a developer. Five years later...poof...nothing.

    And the GOP is considering this blowhard as a possible candidate. Alas America...I weep for thee.

  97. This exemplifies precisely how Republicans view social institutions (such as universities). They only see value in things that turn a profit. Social value has an elusive feel to people like them. They cannot see the dollars and cents in it, so therefore they gut these institutions in order to boil them down into 'marketable entities'.

    Trump is a flake. The fact that he garners so much media attention says little about the media, and even less about what Americans like. The Times should continue to investigate him and his finances. This guy has lost as much money as he has made over the year. I would not trust this gambler in the White House. No matter how much his suits cost, they look cheap.

  98. A Trump property is as worthwhile investing in as the Cardiff Giant was
    in New York State 142 years ago! Donald Trump's promises aren't worth the paper they are written on, and the Great Combovered Bloviator will explode with all the active suits against him, claiming monies owed investors on condos in luxury places from Baja to Tampa. Investing in the Trump name (now oh-so-tarnished!)was as smart a move for unknowing and unwitting investors as investing in Bernie Madoff's ponzi stuff. Anyone who invests in a blowhard's dreams (such as his running for the Presidency on the Tea Party ticket - just like Newt and Callista Gingrich) deserves to lose their every penny! I for one am so glad that Donald Trump is a Republican along with all the other bananas, nuts and coconuts running.

  99. It seems to me that the Trump name on something is the strongest possible reason to have nothing to do with it!!!

  100. Trumps family fortune was made by his father running the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel in Bennett, British Columbia, during the Klondike Gold Rush.

    "Things was about as bad as they could get," says Mont. The town was in winter darkness 16 hours per day. There were saloons on every corner, dance halls, whorehouses, gamblers, swindlers, con men and no legitimate lawmen. A well-traveled Englishman described it as "the most outrageously lawless quarter I ever struck. . . . It seemed as if the scum of the earth had hastened here to fleece and rob or to murder. . . . Might was right."

  101. You don't mess with the Chicago crew, it's payback time for the Don's birth certificate pr campaign. First, Donny was publicly humiliated while seated at the press luncheon last week - and now we watch Donny's world crumble.

  102. like father like son... remember fred trump

  103. "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."
    H L Mencken

  104. I think that they were already in trouble when they, "revered mr. trump"!

  105. We need to get Trump on "The View" to explain himself. Whoppi and Barbara will sort it out.

  106. Donald Trump: The ( re) Target Du Jour of the NYT!

  107. Perhaps these are some of the sophisticated investors who gave their money to Bernie.
    Caveat emptor!

  108. Love it! Trash The Donald's "record," but don't insist to see the secret files of the current president! The one previously known as "Barry.". How very biased But, oh, how very "progressive.".

  109. I find the timing of this article highly suspect, especially considering that none of this information is new. Not too long ago, Trump, when he wasn't considered to be a presidential candidate, was lauded for his business savvy in shifting his core business from real estate development to branding. Now, the NYT decides to drag his name through the mud by dredging up old news? Based on the number of approving comments, I guess the NYT is playing right to its base, although I thought it was only political parties that have a base.

  110. Recently during a visit to Tel Aviv I came accross billboards advertising Trump Vodka, with Donald Trump himself holding up the bottle. Thank you NYT for exposing this clown!

  111. On the billboard, notice the period? "Trump. Owning here is just the beginning," not "Trump owning here is the very beginning."

  112. Another example of the celebrity worshiping pestilence that has overtaken this country. Trump is a good old fashion charlatan whose entire empire is built on smoke and mirrors...the fact that people actually scramble to buy into this facade is sad state of affairs.

  113. Reminds me of a Monty Python skit where the towers only stood up as long as everyone believed that they stood up.

  114. When you read, "revered" and "life's savings", it's not gonna end well.

  115. There is, indeed, a sucker born every minute. The sad thing is that for $35,000 you can take real classes in useful skills.

  116. If a deal look to good to be true, it probably is.

  117. trump a charlatan and a business cheat? My goodness, so shocking.....

    trump forgot that in using the presidential race as a platform to promote his reality television show he would draw the spotlight of the national and international media into ALL his sordid affairs.

  118. Donald Trump has done exactly the same thing to investors when he WAS more closely involved in projects. Has anybody forgotten the multiple bankruptcies? Anyone who invests with this piece of trash, whether with their money or their vote, is bound to be scammed.

  119. Donald Trump has always been a fraud. If he did not inherit any money from his father, he would have been working at one of those used car lots that at one time dominated Queens Boulevard.

  120. Good grief...the human race is so incredibly gullible! Get over the notion that "you too can be rich like me!" Insist instead on better wages and working conditions for all of us and we'd be further ahead. Trump cares only about Trump! Greed..let it go.

  121. There are some things you simply can't comb over.

  122. “I have made myself very rich and I would make this country very rich.”

    The sad thing to me is that this is what makes American’s tick nowadays. I have nothing against making money, but there are more important values for our countrymen to persu. We did not go off to the World Wars in persuit on financial riches, we will not become a happy nation for the love of money--we have to love each other and value things like justice and peace first.

    It may be true that money makes the world go ‘round, but that merry-go-round is not one I would like to get on myself. These folks were reaching for that golden ring, and it was the wrong thing to reach for, they got what they deserved.

  123. Donald Trump is nothing more than a overly greedy pig who only wants to eat the American money trough dry anyway he can. And now we all know his "I want to be President" statements for what they are -- a late April Fools joke.

  124. "The greater the front, the greater the back" is an old Japanese saying, a warning about ego and the ramifications of its shadow. Trump truly portrays someone whose ego is larger than his capability.

  125. Donald Trump represents the worst of the capitalism, but there in his narcissism is a perverted life lesson. The general public has managed to completely skew the risk/return equation for him so why should he change. Given his lack of any tact or class it makes me sad to know we both went to Wharton.