Yes, This Is Made of Celery

Brooks Headley, the punk-rock pastry chef at Del Posto, turns vegetables into decadent desserts.

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  1. Nice to see under-appreciated celery be the featured ingredient of a dish.

  2. Wondering about the herb - mint, perhaps? - pictured but not mentioned in the recipe.

  3. Why does this look like the dejected remnants of a dessert, rather than a lusty dessert itself? The tongue, I can assure you, does not easily tire - though perhaps, the wallet does.

  4. Thanks for posting this. Where is the original recipe?

  5. Yum! and Wow!!

  6. Before I read that this was a dessert, I had assumed it was an appetizer!

  7. Sounds nuts. And Mark Bittman comes across often as a bit nuts, but his batting average is pretty darn good -- hall of fame numbers, actually, so I guess I'll try it. I must be nuts.

  8. Not to discredit Mr. Headley, but interesting celery sorbet dishes are nothing new. Kurt Gutenbrunner served one at Wallse at least 5 years ago. I have no problem celebrating unique chefs, but in this (and many others) case, its only fair to look at/include those who perhaps paved the way...

  9. I have had the celery sorbet at Del Posto and it is heavenly. Where is the original recipe?

  10. Very pretty! But edible?

  11. First, I have to say that I’m a huge fan of yours. However, your latest entry to the NEW YORK TIMES Magazine is not only a let-down, it flies in the face of your usual credo and your panache. I understand that the idea came from someone else; obviously a chef-in-training with a penchant for the esoteric, not the tasty. I cannot bend my chemical blending-taster of a brain to the idea of sugar and celery. Including irritatingly, time consuming preparations to serve along side brings home the point that this is a total departure for you. What happened to ‘The Minimalist’? What happened to your more recent columns, aiding the culinary-deficient to prepare more nutritionally sound, and delicious dishes of soups, fish, stir-fries and vegetables?

  12. I have always preferred starters to desserts having a fairly savory tooth. We have been playing with nettle ice cream for years now and therefore not at all surprised with celery as a sorbet! If you get the chance try elderflower sorbet - the flowers will soon be in season!

  13. Having made desserts with both candied fennel and angelica, I can see how the similar clean, herbaceous quality of celery would be very refreshing in a dessert. It would be interesting to hear more from the chef about his thought process in the evolution of this dish.