Qaddafi’s Forces Hit Back at Rebels

Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s forces struck back at his opponents with special forces, regular army troops and, rebels said, fighter jets, in an escalation of hostilities that brought Libya a step closer to civil war.

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  1. Demagogues everywhere use the fear and ignorance, trumpeting the menace of "outsiders," to incite young men to fight their wars, or to exploit and suppress their people. Now that the lie has been shattered in the Middle East, who knows where it might lead? Will Americans continue to give our blood and treasure to combat this bogus threat?

  2. Thanks for this great reporting, and good news.

  3. Sounds like they have Glenn Beck running their PR now...

  4. Blaming Islamic Militants he must be getting at least part of his talking points from the US

  5. It is striking to observe the continuing downfall of Libyan leader, Muammar el-Qaddafi. Yesterday, reporters were taken on a tour of a city near the nation’s capital of Tripoli, and the results directly contradicted the government’s stand. The city, Zawiyah, known as the “silent lion” because of its resistance to Italian colonialization, is firmly in rebel hands.

    Meanwhile, the Libyan rebels now control 80 percent of the nation’s oil, located primarily in the eastern half of the country in their strongholds. And they are starting to ship out oil again, this time for their own benefit instead of Mr. Qaddafi’s.

    There is now talk of creating a no-fly zone to prevent Muammar Qaddafi from using his air force against his own people, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered “any kind” of assistance to rebel forces. There is, understandably, a little confusion in rebel ranks as to governance; the former Justice Minister tried to arrogate that position to himself but was contradicted by other groups who claimed that committees were being set up for day-to-day operational purposes.

    The next step probably involves rebel forces marching on Tripoli to take it by force. Unfortunately, this revolution mars the example of peaceful demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt, but no other ruler has used the intensity of force employed by Mr. Qaddafi to cling to power. (To read an analysis of lead stories in The New York Times each morning, visit New York Times Leader.)

  6. The fact that Al Qaeda is not involved with these revolts is very bad for the US gov. Who will they have to scare us with if AQ goes away? It used to be the communists, which scare program brought us the useless Vietnam. Then it was AQ which brought us Iraq and Afghanistan. How will they justify the military budget and the growth of the police state? Ah, but there's always oil and stability. (By the way, the proper response to 9/11, besides not provoking such acts in the first place, was to go after the specific individuals who may have been involved, in a police action, not a war against an entire country. May have been involved?--yes, it's called innocent until proven guilty.)

  7. In 3 years, we will look back at Muammar el-Qaddafi and see him as a leader that bought relative stability to Libya and didn't cause the world a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, the impending turmoil and ultimate rulers of this country are likely to be hostile to the west, support and terrorism and be against general principals of freedom

  8. Please change the headline. I don't think all of Libya or it's people are blaming the West and Islamic militants for the revolution going on there, I think a failing regime is. Perhaps instead of Libya you could say "Qaddafi's regime" or "the Libyan government." It's misleading.

  9. West should learn history lesson soon or they will face same problems islamic states are facing. Muslim is not a loyal to any nation or land. They respect no one not their wife ,mothers and children. When France can't control 5 -10 % muslims. and england has no control on 8 % muslims . USA with few millions say 2 have many local jihadi groups and attacks by local muslim on establishments,.Why we are helping muslims of the world with arms and war gear .This is suicidal.

  10. Where is Obama??? Why is he in hiding on the Middle East. Is he really that much of a chicken or is he totally without a plan. Hoping and praying is not a strategy. The U.S. should be supporting the people of these countries, instead our "leader" is AWOL. What a shame for us and for the people seeking a life more in line with modern democracy in America. Obviously, that's what they want-- and Obama refuses to lend support.

  11. #1 blaming President for everything seems to be favorite past time. Everyone wants a piece of the President! Well you should be more concerned about the Christian TV channels here in the US that are raising alarm and fear amongst the viewers and raising tons of money to combat potential rise to power and threat of the Muslim Brotherhood! These TV stations and Christian conservatives are working overtime and turning the American public to Islamophobic citizens! They are the ones to be scared of!

  12. Yes, the title is mis-stated. It should be "Gaddafy blames islamic militants and the west." Clearly, he does not represent the vast majority of the people of Libya. Definitely he does not represent the new Libya. (Rather he seems to pay too much attention to Glenn Beck.)

    Neocons want to take out their guns and go help out. But foreign powers should restrict their involvement to outside the country - like freezing Gaddafy family assets and initiating human rights abuse investigations, and only intervene based on clear requests by the people of Libya for aid or protection. They shouldn't need foreign help to achieve their own democracy.

    The article shows that so far the people's movement is not a religious or radical movement- as has been shown the case in Tunisia and Egypt. They respect international agreements- going as far as starting oil exports again to honor pre-existing contracts and private property. It also seems to show that their secular leadership is well organized, legitimate, and effective in providing basic services.

    Let's hope for the best.

  13. From the halls of Tripoli to the halls of our own Congress, we continue to see the same greed, curruption, and desire to obtain and remain in power interfere with proper governance. The world doesn't have to be this way. See:

  14. Why the rush to the UN security council without any real evidence to substantiate all the alleged atrocities committed, where are the mass graves or the graves of the 1000 Libyans killed so far? What happened to the mantra of urging restraint which was used in Egypt, Bahrain and ever so often in Israel.

    If people in Saudi Arabia decide to protest against the monarch are we going to be treated to the same message by Obama that the Saudi king must go? Just because a substantial number of citizens take over the streets and subvert constituted authority does not prove they hold the majority of opinion in the country. If we were to judge Obama by the tea party protests, then it's equally about time for him to leave.

    The minute we start interfering in the internal affairs of other countries without just cause except for the mad rush for Libya's oil post Ghaddafi we would be exposing ourselves to enemies at home or abroad whether now or at a future date and setting a bad precedent in international law. This is looking like Iraq all over again.

  15. Post no. 12, Geekay: The last time I looked it was Islamic militants who flew 2 planes in the World Trade Center, and killed over 3000 Americans. Not to mention the Fort Hood massacre, the shoe bomber, etc. When was the last time "Christina conservatives" ever killed any Muslims?

  16. # 3:
    "In 3 years, we will look back at Muammar el-Qaddafi and see him as a leader that bought relative stability to Libya and didn't cause the world a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, the impending turmoil and ultimate rulers of this country are likely to be hostile to the west, support and terrorism and be against general principals of freedom"

    Let me guess: You have a gas guzzling huge SUV and watch Glen Beck?

  17. No Hollywood product can match reality for exciting plot.

  18. Obama and HIllary are talking about helping the Libyan opposition. Are they insane? Don't they know that we are stuck with two wars and they want to spend more money abroad? Are they trying to drag us to a third war in the Middle East? Let those people solve their own problems. Why do we care? They don't like us anyway...

  19. Libya has been, for four decades, a huge comedy club from hell. I'm sure once in a while some followers of the news have had to remind themselves that this regime sends out plane bombers, international assassins, tortures and gasses its own people...such horror, one shouldn't even be tempted to laugh. Sometimes, however, that urge resurfaces, just as it used to during the heyday of the self-bemedalled cannibal Idi Amin. Really, certain people are just a scream in every way.

    Qaddafi and his sons are getting lots of yuks from reworking that peculiarly Middle Eastern "Baghdad Bob" routine. "The only problems in my country", says Qaddafi, "are bin Laden, drugs in the Nescafe, the colonialists, the Islamists, the tribes, a few other things, but otherwise the people love me. Go look in the cities, they love Qaddafi. No, I don't think I'll join you. That gunfire? Celebration."

    Killer stuff!

    Although they were even better murderers, guys like Adolf, Mao, Joe Stalin were never funny like this - and I think part of the secret involves frequent costume changes. Sadly, the now-out-of-shape chief clown and butcher of Libya no longer shows up in his Michael Jackon outfits, but he's currently got some kind of Mad Trapper thing going on. It's promising. So, a note to Hugo Chavez: you can be one funny guy-but if you have any real plans to go for the gusto, lose the wrinkled fatigues. You gotta get yourself some different outfits.

  20. Oil speculation on price increases is just that, speculation. If all oil states were to go democratic, oil could actually go down in price as they pump more to rebuild and reset their economies. Democracy speculation is also just that, speculation. Democracy is a word that has many application definitions. The USA is supposedly a democracy, but in fact of fact, it has a Congress bought and paid for by the ultra wealthy and corporations have a more powerful vote because they have huge resources and can afford to lobby for improvements toward their monopolization and special interest in attainment of increased wealth. The Republican Congress is continuing its drive to further economically subjugate the middle class, the poor, those in poverty and the destitute. The Republican approach to government has always been toward spending someone else money and keeping their money.

    North Korea claims to be a democracy, so does Burma. No one will know what actual democracy will result until it comes to pass; but one thing is reasonably for sure, with Gaddafi gone, there is a much better chance of the population getting freedom and liberty. If organized religion is kept out of government, then credible democracy has a better chance as well.

    President Obama is on the good side in this fight for democracy; let’s support his efforts.

  21. OK, the Administration is now "ready" to help the insurgents. It's taken way too long to get ready, but finally here we are. Now decide on some concrete steps and take them. Examples:

    1. Declare a no-fly zone.

    2. Lend US communications network to the insurgents.

    3. Provide satellite data regarding Kadafi's forces to the insurgents in real time.

    4. Recognize insurgents as the de facto government and send a mission to determine immediate needs.

    5. Blockade shipments to or from Kadafi.

    6. Jam Kadafi communications.

    Now DO something. Christ.

  22. you can't trust this.

  23. George W had it right all along

  24. It was a Republican administartion that dupe us into a costly and unnecessary war in terms of human life and dollars (Iraq). It is Republicans who are now wearing the mantle of reduced spending. It is a Republican (John McCain) now suggesting we insert our selves into a civil war.

    The President has been right to allow these uprisings to play out on their own terms. Whether we like it or not, it is up to the people of Egypt and Libya to decide on their future.

  25. Obama is handling this well so far. Critics from the right are humming the same old NeoCon tune and dancing to the Wall St.-IMF beat. I don't know about the rest of you, but I dance to the beat of a different drum than the right. I'd like a open society where the global interest$ of a few can't turn the world inside out. The right hated the Wall St. reform act and especially the Cardin-Luger provision that has been given little press. We see through the motives of those promoting anger, violence, hatred, and division...and we are not buying those lies anymore.

  26. The protestors in Libya have asked the media specifically not to use the term "rebels" in reference to them. They have asked media to call them what they are -- "protestors" or simply 'Libyan people". To call them "rebels" is to suggest that they are somehow like teenagers -- just rebelling for the sake of it. This is way more serious than that.

  27. #8 stated: ".....In 3 years, we will look back at Muammar el-Qaddafi and see him as a leader that bought relative stability to Libya and didn't cause the world a lot of trouble....."

    It's been reported by the BBC that: ".....Libya's former justice minister has told a Swedish newspaper that Colonel Gaddafi personally ordered the Lockerbie bombing......

    Lockerbie bombing: 270 people killed. #8, ".....didn't cause the world a lot of trouble....." Say what?

  28. Finding his legitimacy, otherwise doubtful, completely eroded, what else the Libyan strongman, Col.Maummar Gaddaffi could think of except of blaming the west, already over-blamed, and the Islamic fundamentalism to justify his unwelcome stay in office? Nonetheless, how long could he hide the fact that, his days are numbered, and any day he would be upstaged by the long suppressed Libyans, already have had enough.

  29. All these years US, UK & W Europe supported all these regimes and financed them while paying lip service to " democracy and people suffering ".

    Now they are for "the people of middle east", please give me a break.

    Come up with both " good and bad of the past ".

    Take credit for good things, apologize for bad things and move on with a fresh start treating middle easterners as human beings.

  30. This is all well and good, but let's get our own house in order. The US is currently harboring at least 3 war criminals: Shrub, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. We stand for NOTHING if we don't turn these villains in to the ICC.

  31. Behold the great Humanitarian, he is Uncle Sam. His Unbridled compassion for freedom is now creating Democracies in a world once filled with dictators. There is much work yet to be done, and the great humanitarian will not rest until people are free of their chains.

  32. I would like to see the same action taken by the security counsel against Libya,taken against Iran.

  33. (R) 2012 TIM PAWLENTY Presidential Foreign Policy and Affairs / NEW Libyan Dynasty: NOW is the final push to defeat Gaddafi, we like to REMIND and assist the NEW Libyan Dynasty, the Pro-Democracy rallies and military MUST understand: 1) Libya has 20% crude oil supplies to the world, BE SURE to put ALL the (so-far) oil fields which the NEW Libyan Dynasty have been captured from Gaddafi's; all assets to put TOGETHER in a TRUST FUND for Libyan people's assets to run a NEW Libyan Dynasty. 2) The NEW Libyan Dynasty will NOT honor or NOT necessary to continue any old contracts with any foreign countries which were contracted with the previous Muammar Gaddafi's dictatorship. The NEW Libyan Dynasty will NOT welcome any Anti-Democracy Freedom, Anti-Human Rights, Anti-Islam, foreign countries to return to NEW Libya to invest or try to colonize Libyan again. 3) The NEW Libyan Dynasty has just about 6 millions population, but less than a tiny Hong Kong's workforce; the NEW Libyan Dynasty will open low-labour opportunities to the needy Egyptian labour, Jordan, Palestinian labours as the "1st priority" other than Filipinos, Chinese, Indians or South Koreans. 4) Under the U.N. Sanction against the dictator Muammar Gaddafi government, the NEW Libyan Dynasty, all the people's assets included the 20% oil fields' output and revenue will be put in ONE new Libyan TRUST FUND managed by Singapore's or/and (Muslim) Malaysia's Securities Firms. Because China and Hong Kong are anti-Democracy Freedom and anti-Human Rights, under U.N. Security Council's sanction against Gaddafi's stolen assets will NOT let Hong Kong's or Shanghai's to involve any NEW Libyan Dynasty.

  34. The Great American George W got it right after all.

    Down with Qaddafi and the rest of the Middle East dictators and oppressors!

  35. Everyone should read George Bush's statement on the Mideast in 2003. The guy may be an idiot savant.

  36. If history is a precedent, this does not bode well for a resolution...
    Muammar el-Qaddafi is going out with guns blazing leaving a wake of destruction and death.
    It's going to take more than sanctions and speeches to oust this blood -sucker!

    May Providence protect those putting their lives on the line for liberty.

  37. Is this the new Hilary Clinton? The friend of the Mubarak Family.
    We need a new nonpolitical, but professional, Secretary of State.

  38. Paul, #16: Afghanistan, yesterday.

    As for whether or not the US should be involved, we should lend the right side moral support, and only get involved if the floor falls out and you get Kurdistan- or Rwanda-like purges. And since Qaddafi is the one predicting that, I'm not convinced it's something to worry about at all.

    For the rest of you, why do you think it's extremists who are taking over Libya?

  39. US foreign policy is amazing. The president and secratary Clinton are pandering to populist, superficial calls for democracy in autocratic societies while Iran and Sunni Islamist are plotting the taking control of governments from Moracco to Pakistan/Indonesia.

    Not a word about the endangered Gulf.
    Not a word nor action to support regimes on which we have built a strategic presense in these key areas.

    Perhaps the president and secretary Clinton think that we can fuel the USA with steam produced by fervent, shallow, populist hot air stated with the authority of GREAT presedential debaters.

  40. Patience has never been a long suit for Americans - the attention span of the average American voter is some where around my hat size - witness the recent madness of the mid-terms and the resultant flooding of the House with scrubbed faced purist who remind me of the Hippies of the sixties who all went out to protest with MasterCard's in their pockets - they don't know yet because they ain't been there yet.

    For those of us who are old enough, like me, to remember the day you couldn't keep up with your oldest son - and instead of admitting it you suddenly remember that urgent phone call you had to make - well since that day 230 years ago when we told King George to stuff it we have been in a hurry and on a roll - but after making that urgent phone call it occurred to me that we should not try to solve every problem in the world particularly since we can't seem to solve our own - so let's be a little patience - the people of the Middle East have spoken loud and clear, assuredly since W snatched defeat out of the teeth of victory - we don't like invaders or occupiers - thank you very much we can do it on our own - oh! excuse me but my phone is ringing.

  41. What's with this pressure thing? The only way this is going to end is with him and his sons in body bags. We all know it.

  42. Then what? What's the alternative? Another armed leader who in time will become another dictator (or puppet)?

  43. With all respect to Clinton, she looks like a total fools fool. Let me make sure I get this correct. The United states is over 2 $Trillion dollars in the hole with China, and another half Trillion to the rest of the world. A third of the States in continental US are bankrupt, if it were possible the states would claim bankruptcy. Half the cities are unable to operate due to shortfalls in federal aid. California cannot in any realistic perspective survive without continued ecomonic war on it's citizens. The federal defecit and interest paid exceeds the value of the country. There is a $780 Billion military bill tax payers must eat.
    Now you understand why I said fools fool. She needs to go home and get her own house in order, before she goes around telling someone with money what to do

  44. I'm glad the U.S. and the international community are taking a stand in this. I hope that action is swift but also carefully considered so that it does not add to the bloodshed that will take place and does not accentuate discord in post-Qaddafi Libya. I hope that the Obama administration is seeking all possible outside knowledge and wisdom on the situation in Libya rather than relying excessively on beltway resources.

  45. if we back in to a third war obama will feel hillarys hot breath on him in 2012

  46. Ghaddafi will eventually collapse and depart But that better be UNASSISTED, directly or indirectly, by the USA.
    USA assistance in Ghaddafi's departure will work to his or his children's benefit denoting to some that he was an opponent, or unfriendly, to the USA.
    That readily transforms itself into political capital in some, not negligible, the case of Saddam proved.
    Now he, Saddam, is understandably mourned and missed in some, some say most,erstwhile Iraqi opposition circles: all they have to do is compare Iraqi conditions with and without Saddam and many will concurr !
    As much as a USA kiss of X is poisonous any form of USA opposition to X is political capital with many.
    The best thing the USA can do is stay put and do NOTHING.

  47. With a long and shameful record of supporting despots, dictators, tyrants and corrupt leaders from Batista, to the Shah to Mubarak to Karzai, why is it that American foreign policy now proclaims: Mrs. Clinton said the United States was reaching out to the rebels to 'offer any kind of assistance'.
    What is this opportunistic message? Why is it that this "free country" can pick and choose who it exalts and who it assassinates yet its own citizens cannot offer "any assistance" to those they believe are oppressed at the risk of life imprisonment?
    Hypocrisy and dissembling produce zero credibility.

  48. America ". . . goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own." John Quincy Adams, 1821

    Let us heed Adams wise words, as we have not for the last 10 years. There is a revolt in Libya with Qhaddafi seemingly on the skids. But, it is far from clear who or what will follow him, that should be left to the Libyans. We must not get so involved or seek to be the next king maker. That's exactly where we've gone wrong in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Our direct support to oust Muhamar should be limited and restricted to serving that whole state and not any one individual or group within it. Keep our hands clean of any would be Chalabi's or Karazi's no matter who they know or promise within the US bureaucracy.

  49. Atta Girl, Hillary! What awesome freedom fighters! I mean, you and Obama. The Chinese massacred protesting students in Tienanman Square, and you gave them a State Dinner. Why is China different from Gaddafi? China funds Obama's spending, and Libya doesn't. But, I'm sure that Gaddafi would be happy to lend Obama a few bucks if you gave him a State Dinner. Incidentally, have you thought of inviting Ahmadinajad to a State Dinner? Iran beats, imprisons, and kills its student protestors, too. You could have both Gaddafi and Ahmadinajad at the same time, and all take turns criticizing Israel. A U.S. State Department dream!

  50. For 42 Years, Europe and rest of the world pampered Libya's Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, so it is time to do something real to get him out of total power he has over Libya's oil fields and military.

    Rest of the world should learn from this experience that total power of this nature is not in the best interest of the population and so what about remaining dictators?

  51. It must be so comforting to people yearning for freedom to catch a glimpse of our bloviating secretary of state and her utterly empty platitudes.

  52. Nice to see that (according to Gaddaffi Duck) Al Qaida and "The West" have buried their differences to gang up on him. Maybe there is hope for the world after all!

  53. As expected, the New York Times is downplaying the story of widespread protests in Iraq against the Green Zone government's corruption. Why is this? One possibility is that Iraq is supposed to be the "success story" - and if you have a corrupt government cutting deals with U.S. and British oil companies while neglecting the people's needs (as is the norm in autocratic Middle East states) - well, that certainly doesn't fit with the story.

    The other issue is that there are still thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq on those big military bases - and will they be called on to help the Green Zone government crush the protests if things get out of hand? Is the U.S. State Department in Iraq working with the Green Zone government to keep popular protests from spreading?

    Very uncomfortable questions, indeed - and trying to paint the pro-democracy, anti-corruption protests as "the work of Al Qaeda" - yes, that's what the Green Zone government is saying, just as Qaddafi said in Libya - well, that PR line is a worn-out one, isn't it?

    Best just to keep silent about it, I suppose. So much for journalistic integrity, huh? Did some editor pull the paragraphs on Iraq out, or was that the reporter's own self-censorship in action?

  54. We have no business telling others how to run their countries. If you do, then start with the pip-squeak government of Pakistan first. How come Mrs. Clinton does not say anything to the Singaporean government of the dictator Lee Kwan Yew who arrests his people for even saying anything negative about him? Hello>

  55. "When was the last time "Christina conservatives" ever killed any Muslims?" asks a poster somewhere above.

    Well some here believe it was, or rather the most recent was, some 6-7 years and is still ongoing in Iraq,Afghanistan and Palestine with the number killed in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS unless ,of course, President George W Bush was not a " Christian conservative"!

  56. sanctions against a psycho mean not a blasted thing. qaddafi does not care one iota about his "people" and what happens to them. he is an angry man, digging his heels in, and grinding lives under them.

    the ball is in his court and we can act as no more than commentators in this bloody death match, nor should we.

  57. Dear Mr. Kadafi:

    If you want to gain the respect you need for keeping your positon;

    1. Cut your hair shave.

    2. Quit wearing dark glasses and let your people see your eyes.

    3. Always wear a suit of clothing that is consistant and universally considered respectable.

    4. Have party members in the background that emit confidence, respect, and honorable strength.

  58. The European countries have a qualitatively different and much softer relationship with the Muslim countries in general and their former colonies like Libya in particular.America therefore cannot expect their stance vis-a vis Libya to match the stridency of Hillary Clinton's anti-Gadaffi rhetoric in Switzerland.

  59. We need to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. I'm tired of paying to be the world's policeman, and we do a terrible job at it to boot, often inciting more hatred against us for our heavy-handed involvement.

  60. .

    will we never learn ? ! ?

    why don't we just stay out of it altogether, except for emergency medical and or necessary humanitarian support ?

    once politicians, much like lawyers, get involved, it never goes well

    let's just let the people of these countries do their own thing - on their own by themselves - period


  61. No can do anything. Haven't you heard, in this paper and on Fox? We are broke they say! We have no money! We can't afford even to keep the government open!

    If this is all true, and we're going to lay off teachers, then I don't want to spend 1 red cent flying over Libya.

  62. Where are the women in these protests? They were present in Egypt and Tunisia but not seen in any of the other countries that are protesting their governments/

  63. Gaddafi is doing almost the same Bush's job. I read the holy book, I combat terrorists, the good will win, deaths are worth it, etc but the sad thing is that Bush is still free after being an Iraqi warlord.

  64. Qaddafi will never give up..unless he is killed and I bet The United States would love to be part in the assassination of Qaddafi..Obama is a weak president like Carter was..and hopefully suffer the same fate by losing to a Republican in 2012

  65. look at the autocrats falling- and not one US soldier or US dollar spent. so much for Bush et al and their bankrupting of the country to enable the "winds of democracy". it appears as if the consent of the goverened is more affective than billions spent on armies of occupation.

  66. From #26 - "Critics from the right are humming the same old NeoCon tune and dancing to the Wall St.-IMF beat. " Just how did you come to that conclusion? Please define Wall St.-IMF beat. The only criticisms I've heard are about Obama's slow response, so please enlighten us. And as for the commentator who somehow think Bush and Cheney are war criminals, I assume you're now going to include your boy Barry since he's following the same policies.

  67. Clearly, the only person with the requisite megalomania to succeed Muammar el-Quaddafi is:

    Charlie Sheen.

  68. Let's start with the notion that human life is precious. If people were being mowed down with machine guns in Los Angeles, or Tulsa or your neighborhood there would be a cry of moral outrage and collectively we would do whatever it would take to save the life of each and every man and woman and child in danger.

    The killing in Libya is plain and simply in a different neighborhood, and the folks calling for 'restraint' are sounding a familiar refrain that in the past has left thousands even millions of people dead, and the world saying "oh well".

    Bill Clinton finally acted in Bosnia and put an end to killing there. He's said one of his biggest regrets as president is that he didn't act sooner. He could have saved hundreds of thousands of additional lives.

    Goldhagen's book "Worse Than War" lays out the mechanics of a Qaddafi-type character's murderous rampage. There's no time to dally. People are being killed by the second and by the minute. Lives are being ruined forever. Qaddafi is no different from Milosevic at this point. A man who is committing a crime against humanity. We have to stop mass slaughter of humans. It enables the next mass murder and the next to kill as the world watches and talks about it.

    In Bosnia a few days of bombing is all it took. Qadaffi's forces are limited to a very small geographic area. It is ludicrous to compare the current situation to an Iraq or an Afghanistan. The equation is even simpler than Bosnia. For the people who say we should learn from history, please read the details of these kinds of killings and you'll discover that not all countries and all situations are alike. We can save people's lives now. How would you like a member of your family to be killed in cold blood? If that sounds good to you, then keep talking.

  69. The US did not have to invade Iraq. A total waste. The same exact thing would have happened to Saddam.

    The first priority for the US government in this crisis was the security of it's citizens in Libya. Not needless saber rattling that would have put those Americans at risk.

  70. Americans have treated the Middle East with a bigoted, paternalistic view for decades. We basically see it as a gas station and as long as the oil is flowing and Israel is safe, we don't care what happens there. All that is gone now and thankfully so! The people of the Middle East have a right to chart their own destiny. We have meddled there enough! AIPAC has determined our foreign policy there to our detriment. Let the people of the region decide their own fate.
    The Americans always question, "why do they hate us?". Its our hypocrisy, stupid! We claim to be for freedom yet have supported tyranny for decades. WE invade countries on lies, kill thousands, destroy their institutions, and then say, we did it to free you? What a joke. Let the people of the Middle East find their own way.

  71. The NYSE has weathered the oil crisis and has adjusted very well after a few days of losses. Let the Libyans figure this out for themselves--they'll hold more dear their own sacrifices to achieve freedom than they would those of western nation's losses in an intervention. That is the problem in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraqis and Afghanis didn't fight for their freedoms Americans did to the tune of 5K Americans KIA so far. They don't appreciate or hold dear as we do the lives of our children. Let the Libyans fight this out--sure there will be blood--Libyan blood and Ghaddafi and his dictatorship will crumble and the Libyans will know they did it themselves without our help. Let them stand or fail on their own and their new found freedom won by themselves will be cherished forever and that will sustain them in the future.

  72. The USA is telling Qaddafi to quit. Is he listening? Where's he going to go? Do those besieging the capital know or care? Frankly, I don't think the Libyans give a damn and that includes the deluded guy in his bunker.

  73. Good. Finally some leadership. I'm tired of watching millions of regular people in the Middle East demonstrate the courage to take a stand for freedom and justice while our politicians struggle to find their tongues.

    While we are at it, can we finally do right by the Palestinians?

  74. Hillary Clinton is a pawn for the financial oligarchy that funded and empowered evil dictators. The State Department (Hillary) has been fully aware of these dictators suppressing and denying their people human and civil rights. These dictators and Hillary have sold their people out for money and power. The rich take care of the rich. Our political system in its coldness to human rights cannot be respected. These middle east governments violated their responsibility to its people. These movements to abolish these governments have made the people in charge tremble at the prospect of class warfare. Hillary looks a little green around the gills.

  75. "In Geneva on Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the United States was offering assistance to the Libyan rebels"
    I find it interesting the politicos like Lieberman and McCain want a no-fly zone over Libya, and now Ms. Clinton is joining the chorus offering any assistance required.
    It seems like for these individuals American tax payer money and blood is never an issue when it comes to spreading "Democracy." But, money and Democracy for American workers at home is never a priority.
    Is there any place in the world left where these individuals don't want us to plant the American footprint?
    I suspect not, because for the above mentioned, and our president as well, these are just WORDS.

  76. Finally President Obama has developed some resolve and has moved to remove this tyrant from power. I could understand the hesitation when it came to a long time ally like Hosni Mubarak, but Qhaddafi is a different story. He has the blood of Americans on his hands and needs to be brought to justice. America should provide assistance to the rebels and ask them to help us locate and capture that terrorist that was released by the foolish Scotish authorities.

  77. #71: "the U.S, did not need to invade Iraq" as the same thing would have happened to Saddam. Love all of the Monday morning quarter backs about the Middle East events! And of course, there would be no worry about Saddam using gas or any other suicidal response to these events?? He had some "bad" habits and tendencies... a bit like Gaddafi in that regard. These types are a tad unhinged. Am only hoping he doesn't cause some major havoc on his way out...

  78. If the Libyan rebels, people are smart they will politely decline all assistance from the United States. If they accept, it will simply become another new autocracy from a distance under the guise of western democratic ideas.

    Mrs. Clinton's comments point to a possible sweet deal between the US and the rebels we know in the past the US has backed groups in exchange for the sales of arms economic interests and strategic military bases.

    In view of the current destabilization in this region we can easily imagine that the US would like to have a new footing in this region without the assistance of Israel.

    There are many an educated Libyan people who are ready and able to run this country and return stability expeditiously without the aid of the US They should look to Germany or Iran sans it's Mullahs as a model.

    I urge all the Libyan people not to become the marionettes of US foreign policy with its hegemonic tendencies.

    Libya remember the kurds!

  79. According to the CBC (Canada), US naval forces are now headed for the Libyan coast. Get ready to be all you can be, join the few, the proud, aim high and...whatever the Navy's new slogan is.

  80. What's gonna happen to the guy in Libya who was freed by the Empire and who was supposed to die in 6 months? Remember the Lockabee thing. Haven't heard a word from Ms Clinton nor O'Bama. What gives, huh? For that matter where's the Speaker of the House or his puppet in the Senate about such matters? Oh, I forgot they're still on abortion.

  81. So here we go again, the police force of the United Business as usual country has overstepped it's boundaries again, willing to sacrifice the sons and daughters of this land to fight for a cause that is most worthy to the big business donors, that being the black gold that lies under the desert in a land few would care to visit. What a farce.

  82. Thank God for Obama and Hillary. Good decisions are hard to come by
    and we have an Administration that is not afraid to make them.

  83. Just leave the Arabs alone. Let them do something for themselves. And I am sure all our sanctimonious bleating and caring is purely from the depths of our hearts? Please. I'll throw up. Too much. There is no reason to invade Libya.

  84. We need to stop trying to influence other countries in their choice of governance. How on earth is a rebel's actions in Libya any business of the US? I think this older generation of American interventionists is peaking and will be greatly diminished after the baby boomer generation starts dying off or leaving the world state. The younger generation of Libya, Egypt and Bahrain want reform and a different government... The younger generation of the US wants nothing to do with decisions. Good for them for taking action in their own hands we wish them the best... Just don't ask for our help. Peace.

  85. Get out Gadhafi and let your people live !

  86. Please get out of Middle East and Africa politics and save our tax dollars and put it to use for our own domestic issues.

  87. next year at this time, the benefits extended for the jobless will be over... most states will be in or near default as will the US as regards even teh interest on its debt, doubled under bush and still soaring under obama; heading rapidly towards insolvency at all levels of govt... as tax base is 19% jobless... the food riots which have ignited the global rebellions will start here in america. we will then see deaths of far, far more than qadaffi's killed... a good question is just how many cops and soldiers will fire upon their own people... but clearly, in the next couple years, america is going to go through the mill... i doubt if it will still be this america in 2013... will split apart like the soviet union...

  88. When will Hillary say the same thing to Saudi Arabia?

  89. Obama, Clinton and Co. where have you been all these Years?

    I forgot, sorry, vacationing in democratic Afghanistan and Iraq!

    The new government and the people will not forget that the USA never allowed them to become free and have their democracy, because it suited the USA to get their cheap oil.

  90. I am very upset and angry as to why they blame Muslim Radicals for the Libya's uprising. We Muslims strive for peace and try to spread Islam to those who are to willing to listen. We do not go for violence and domination and those who are Muslims and do, well i say may Allah help them because that is not the way of Islam. and the West too? Ridiculous. People are just atrocious. When you mess up, you take up your actions and admit your mistakes and faults. And you LEARN from them!

  91. Anyone wanting to understand the "mind" and foreign policy of the government of the US, should read Noam Chomsky's "We Own the World".


  92. Lots of back and forth about whether our incursions into Iraq and Afghanistan were in any way a catalyst to the uprisings in Libya and across the region.

    They were, but not for the reasons the hawks would espouse or could even imagine: the people of the MENA region got to see firsthand what happens when democracy is externally foisted on a people. It never works. When all is said and done, even the loss of life in Libya will pale compared to that of Iraq. No more "waiting for Superman" (aka US, EU, UN, ...)

  93. Why should he step down knowing his going straight to jail without passing GO? Be a lot easier to get of tyrants by establishing an Elba for them.

  94. So Qaddaffi's theory is that Western powers are now working hand-in-hand with Islamic radicals to take him down? When people complain about US presidents and I say "It could be worse," this is the sort of guy I'm talking about. A TRUE dictator. A TRUE war criminal.

  95. Let them fight it out..If they want to be free they have to do it on their own..
    USA dosen't need to hold their hands. Unless we want something out it. That would be the oil fields and nothing else.
    It always has been about oil or if we can change them to make them like us which is wrong too...

  96. Just a few days past, the US vetoed a security council resolution condemning Israel over illegal settlements. But regarding Libya all barriers to action fall! Mirabile dictu.

  97. Hilary,Cameron and EU politicians.
    What you'll doing with worst regime in the world.
    No human rights, no Democracy and World Creator of Terorism-
    "Royal Family" in Saudi Arabia.
    Those guys should going in jail,long time ago.

  98. The international community will need to act quickly to stop the violence in Libya. It has made some important moves thus far though. I applaud the sanctions and call for an investigation of war crimes. Those two steps will put more pressure on Gaddafi and make it harder for him to pay his forces. However, I think nations-including the U.S.- should do more.

    They should start a no-fly zone in Tripoli and surrounding cities ASAP. Gaddafi doesn't control a very large portion of Libya- 80% of the country is in the hands of anti-Gaddafi forces. Thus, I think a no-fly zone can be enforced. It will prevent Gaddafi from using planes to bomb people. In addition, NATO should offer safe havens to defectors and jam Libyan military communication. That will help reduce his forces and make it harder for his men to communicate and coordinate their assault.

    I acknowledge that these ideas aren't without risk. Gaddfai could try to shoot down any jets that enforce a no-fly zone. However, he cannot be allowed to slaughter people. It would be a mistake to allow him to kill large numbers of people (which is what he will do as he clings on and tries to stop anyone who stands up to him) and do nothing. That mistake has already been made in Rwanda and other nations. Besides, as comment #70 argues, turning one's head away and doing nothing is a huge mistake.

  99. Qaddafi is obviously severely mentally ill, without even a tenuous grasp on reality. Although, I generally don't favor intervention, it's unwise and unethical to allow a madman to slaughter his people. We should do what we can to help the Libyan people.

  100. Send in the marines and get the NAvy offshore and bomb Qaddafi and supporters. Overnight the arab world will love the USA> End this sorry story of a man and end it right now. Oil prices will fall sharply if the USA takes over LIbya. After LIbya we head for iran.

  101. given the history of this region, there is absolutely no guarantee that democracy will break out, more than likely a new government in both Egypt and Libya will just like the one they throw out

  102. I think Secretary Clinton would get some results if she met in person with Quaddafi.

  103. USA wouldn't be rattling it's saber so loudly if it was:
    1. Saudi Arabia
    2. Israel

    USA gets very self righteous when it is a country that we dominate with respect to 10:1 odds or from which there is no possible financial liability.

  104. Is it I or does not Ms. Clinton look and sound more presidential in addressing the Libyan issue than Mr.Obama?

  105. Where's Hugo Chavez when you need him?

  106. Stay away from Libya. Let it play out by their own design. We don't have inside knowledge for most of the world and we certainly have no idea what is going on in that dictator controlled country. Mrs. Clinton's demand only re-enforces the Arab world's opinion about us. The Bully! The world will respect us only when can solve our own domestic problems. They will despise us if we continue to pretend that we are the ONE that rules the world.

  107. We are all suddenly Middle East/North Africa experts, look how the world has changed in this past month! So here take a minute to listen to a real expert, former National Security advisor Richard Clarke

  108. If you only care for and about what is directly around you, then you are a small minded person. There are things going on around the world, in other countries that are significant, and deserve attention and deserve aide from other countries if the situation is calls for it. If all you can worry about are oil prices, taxes and whatever things that only concern you, then I feel sorry for you.

  109. I fear more bloodshed before the mad-man gives up. We know it's civil war: lot of high level defections, a good part of the country under the control of protesters, mass exodus into neighboring countries for the fear of violence, UN condemnation (and restrictions like diplomatic immunity withdrawal; assets frozen, etc).

    Can the protesters organize themselves and form an alternate government, with Benghazi as the capital ? Can the West recognize and support that as the legitimate alternative, discarding Gaddafi's murderous buffoonery?

    I wouldn't want the the US to be directly involved there, but our support of the alternative would give a big boost to the protesters. After all, it's the Libyan rebellion against the 42-year old autocracy/dictatorship.

  110. The Saudi's have increased their oil production to offset any Libyan declines.

  111. #91 Dude, the whole "for the Oil" cliche is getting old.

    Libya is not even in the top 15 exporters of oil to the US. Libya exports most of its oil to Europe. So oil is not even in the ballpark of reasons that guide our policy with regard to Libya.

    So stop your "for the oil" whining.

  112. The Obama administration to reluctantly get a grip on the turmoil in the Middle east, will eventualy lead to the occupation and control of Saudi Arabia by the radicals.

  113. If the US is not willing to take concrete action against Khaddafy - enforcing a no-fly zone would be a minimum - than Obama/Clinton administration ought to keep its mouth shut.

    Giving a dictator orders to step down with no muscle to back it up just makes us look stupid.

    I think the US set up a passive image vis a vis Libya already when we accepted Khaddafy's terrorist act at Lockerbie with impunity.

    What is the point of suddenly barking like an agitated chihuahua at this late stage?

  114. History is just continuing to repeat itself. Does the U.S. ever get it right, does we ever stop and try to learn when it comes to the Middle Eastern countries. In every case the U.S. came with their checkbook asking what can we do help you. In every case those countries turned to autocratic, dictorial style governments. Maybe if we stopped selling weapons to those countries, and let them internally figure out what they want the world could finally look at that part of the world as finally a stable place governed by those that live there, not those of the western world. Look what happened in the Balkans..with Yugoslavia gone and today we still have U.N. troops "keeping the peace."

  115. Sounds like a civil war to me or armed insurrection. It appears we are enthusiastically calling it a peaceful demonstration like the suspicious facebook uprisings of the westernized elites throughout the region. The uprising in eastern europe brought decades of repression, the Shah of Iran era gave way to a lack of respect for cia bulging Embassies, not too surprisingly! And the Iraq versus Iran turned into demonization and a set-up of Saddam to go into Kuwait. Afghanistan used against the soviets with Enron millionairess promoted stingers passed all around for freedom of religion? and on to 30 years of pure pain for their country. As for civilians in Libya, there is the small little matter of Gaddaffi's daughter.

  116. I can't believe it, as a republican, I wish to congratulate Hillary Clinton. It's great to see your representatives show some spine and be assertive. Better than the rest of the world that wishes to invoke sanctions that only hurt the one's that need the help. Moammar Gadhafi and his cronies have access to anything they want. Hillary, give the people everything they need to "Get Ur Done!"
    Ronald Regan missed Moammar with a missle; hopefully, this time we get him. !USA!USA!USA! U go girl! Do it for the Gipper!

  117. See the Dow is up!~ Wall Street and by extension Mr. Obama approve.

    Carter in 1012 -- no more pretend democrats.

  118. The Vuvuzela Hugo 5 Nogo 1 [H5N1] bird brain pandemic virus is being allowed to run its course.

  119. where was the world uproar over darfur? oh i forgot, no oil.

  120. To sit idly by while Ghadafi murders unarmed protesters with automatic weapons and bombs dropped by planes is not an example of America's finest hour. We have a President who does not believe in American exceptionalism but instead believes in the United Nations, the same United Nations that Bill Clinton went to for helping ending the genocide in Kosovo, which was refused, and then the U.S., Britain, and France unilaterally bombed Serbia until it stopped its mass murder.

    Obama puts his faith in the U.N., the same U.N. that did nothing about the famine in Somalia, and it only ended with the first President Bush sent our forces in to end the starvation. Obama believes in the U.N.. the same U.N. who stood by while 800,000 people were massacred in Rwanda and did nothing, and the same U.N. that has done nothing about the genocide in Darfur. We need a President to say "enough!" and send aid to the rebels as well as a stealth bomber to take Ghadafi out. America is supposed to stand for something and it appears we have a leader who would rather pass the baton of leadership to other countries, none of whom have ever shown interest in ending war, destruction, oppression, and subjugation of another people. Who will lead if not the U.S.? The Russians and Chinese who subjugate their own people and murder and imprison dissidents and who are more interested in selling arms to these countries and getting their oil ? The French who cozied up to the leaders of Tunesia and Libya? The Brits who are disarming as fast as they can? Either America takes a strong stand or else the world will become a far darker place. Period.

  121. Why do I get the sense that another of Obama's futile wars is on the way.

  122. The US Govt has supported Gadhaffi for years.

    We're supplying the guns to his "supporters."

    It's over when WE say it's over.

  123. To preserve one's honor, hypocrisy should be practised sparingly. In the present stage of relations with Muammar, its dishonest to act as if we've just discovered that he's a monster and are silent on the fact that we helped enriched him by buying his oil for decades. By the way, we,re way ahead of him in number of civilians killed in the Middle East over the past decade…..

  124. I thought the comment by the official gov.t spokesman, Mr. Ibrahim, was a real doozy. In response to why journalists didn't see Islamists among the rebels when they visited Zawiya: "They knew you were coming. They were hiding those with an obvious Al-Qaeda look." That really made me chuckle. What other ridiculous excuses can they come up with? As far as any proof regarding Libya bombing its own people as Seif al-Islam Gaddafi challenged, it would be interesting to hear what the 2 Libyan pilots who defected to Malta have to say about that.

  125. The Middle East democracy revolt likely to continue spreading -- and several news stories say the United States is moving warships and battle groups into the region, especially offshore Libya.
    Scary, especially since "widespread youth unemployment is one of the underlying causes of the unrest in the Middle East, according to the BBC on Feb. 18, 2011.
    "The region has the highest number of unemployed young people in the world. At the same time, there are more educated young Arabs than ever before. It's created a revolution of rising expectations in Saudi Arabia, among other countries.
    "I really wanted to work on something that I'm interested in," says Jihad Abdullah Al Ammar, 27, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. "It's also you have more of a chance, actually, to change the world."
    And that’s despite 1.5 million foreign workers with jobs in Saudi Arabia,, said last year – many of them doing menial jobs Saudi people generally prefer others to perform. Other oil rich nations also have huge numbers of foreign workers.
    Will these often underpaid foreign workers eventually rise up to demand better pay and working conditions?