Baldness: Put a Crown on It

Of all the details surrounding Prince William’s April wedding, few seem to have garnered as much attention as his rapidly receding hairline.

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  1. Oh for God's sake. Prince William's receding hairline probably reduced the number of women willing to marry him from 3,000,000,001 to only 3,000,000,000. Even in the modern world, any man who is next in line to be king of anything will be attractive to 99% of the young women in his age range and to lots of others not in his age range. His father never had any lack of women interested in him!
    What is most unfortunate is that an inherited trait can be perceived to be a negative to a guy with inherited royalty, not to mention fortune. Anyone who ever looked around will notice that money and status can make the smelliest bum into a valued prize. And Prince William is none of those.
    I think Prince William is lucky to have attracted a young woman who seems attractive and levelheaded -- though we don't know much about the latter. I also think he is brave to have gone through the necessary difficulties that must have existed, to his marrying a woman he loved who is a commoner.
    Whoever suggested that Prince William's hairline was a detraction is a dimwit!

  2. The later marrying age for men and women, in addition to women's higher earning capacity, undoubtedly has had an effect as well. In decades past, many women wouldn't know whether their beau would go bald until well after their wedding nuptials.

  3. I had to "get over it" quite early, as I started losing my hair in high school. It certainly has never been one of my big worries in life. In some ways, it's an advantage. It helps screen out the more shallow of prospective partners much sooner!

  4. Saw a news piece recently about how scientists are very close to being able to turn dormant or inactive hair follicles back on, so perhaps this won't be an issue much longer.

    I'm happy with my bald husband, who is otherwise nearly perfect and who has loads of self-confidence.

  5. William has no chance of keeping his hair. Men on both sides of his family are bald as coots. But it really hasn't adversley affected their self-esteem, ability to get dates, or job prospects.

  6. The shaved-headed look is clean and efficient. William being a military man himself can understand clean and efficient. He should just shave it all off. It would be really tacky if suddenly, mysteriously, his hair starts growing again.

  7. Whatever gender the most attractive aspect to me is pride of ownership. Heaviness is fine if they're active.
    Smoking is a deal-killer, as rudeness, insensitivity, and cruelty to the vulnerable. Toupees are pure comedy.
    If the comb-over isn't working just shave it, and continue to work out and eat sensibly. If they expect me to take an interest they must demonstrate their own.

  8. Bold man who shave completely actually look more macho and masculine to me.
    Just don't hold onto that last long hair and try to comb it over to show the world what is your main problem right now. It's pathetic. Get over hair - women or other man respect confidence. Again, completely (not partially!!!!) bold man are hot!

  9. What an obnoxious topic. I don't think we should see people who are balding, overweight or otherwise not perfect as tainted as this article suggests. How about we focus on our good features and stop tearing everyone down for something.

  10. He could have one tooth and still have the majority of women he had an interest in.

  11. Men with shaved heads are sexy. Many men with some hair look fabulous. Men with a lot of hair look great, too. It is not a big deal. Be cool, be nice, and the girls will love you.

  12. Prince William was so good-looking a few years ago. His baldness is not becoming.

  13. With or without hair, Prince William is a beautiful, manly man: lovely smile, handsome face, statuesque, regal...and the most important thing: he adores her.

  14. Who cares about his receding hairline. He's adorable.

  15. "Which poses a question: Is it possible that the 28-year-old prince felt an urge to lock up a commitment from Ms. Middleton because his heart-throb status might be beginning to disappear with the hair?"

    Any evidence that either Prince William or Ms. Middleton are so shallow as to entertain such a thought? Or was this a cheap way to get people to read this "article"?

  16. whether they have hair or not, the Royals are parasites preening themselves under a mountain of delusion as their 3rd world nation slides into, hair...

  17. It's all inner confidence. If you permit any feature to break down your self image, it will certainly affect how you interact with others.

    The opposite sex is attracted to a confident balding man.

  18. But it's a ROYAL recession. Therein lies the difference.

  19. He is super handsome and interesting, nonetheless. And the way he speaks... Ah, to marry a prince...

  20. Twenty-five years ago I married a very handsome man with a gorgeous head of raven black wavey hair. Today he remains the best-looking man in my sphere of influence. Has the hair receded? You bet. But my adoration has not. Hair today, gone tomorrow...but true love lasts!

  21. It's like there's some kind of glitch where the New York Times website redirects to Cosmo. Where's the list of "50 Surefire Sex Tricks" that balding men can use to compensate for their follicular inadequacies?

  22. I've got a truly pathological level of self confidence and self esteem and I've been a chrome dome for years. The article is bushwah.

  23. Notwithstanding
    - the fact that the man's a British royal, and I can't imagine there wouldn't be other women who would find that attractive even if Ms. Middleton didn't actually, you know, like her fiancé as a person, whom she's been with for many years, and
    - the fact that I find men like Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks incredibly attractive (though perhaps their Starfleet Captainships nullify the apparently requisite Desperation and Fear) and I strongly suspect I'm not the only lady who does,

    I'd be amused by such farcical dreck if it didn't perpetuate such nauseating stereotypes, male and female.
    "Sell-by date"?? Really, NYT, you were the Paper of Record as I grew up. What's happened?

  24. Two words for another bald man who married the loveliest woman and as shown, in the last weeks, that he is indeed a wonderful, devoted partner in good times and bad: MARK KELLY.

  25. This article is very silly. Yeah, losing your hair is a blow to the confidence -- and I know when my hair first started to thin out it was traumatic (first signs were around 18/19, though it wasn't obvious until 21/22) -- but the vast majority of us just get used to it, move on, and realize it isn't the end of the world. Keep the hair as short as possible, shaving it off if you have the courage (you'll feel better after), and you'll retain your 'youthful looks' just as long :p

    Losing hair is little different than starting to go gray -- it affects people at different ages, and generally causes people to panic when it first happens, but after a short while, people realize it isn't the end of the world.

    As for balding causing the "Prince" to marry sooner.... that's just *absurd*. He's been going out with the darn woman for years now. Furthermore, it's not as if William is without means to do something about his baldness if he wanted to -- he could have used propecia and rogaine starting years ago and wouldn't have lost all that hair, or he could get hair-transplant surgery. He's clearly accepted his hair loss and is moving on with things with few repercussions, like the vast majority of us do.

  26. The author of this piece MUST be young. The future king needed to get married because of his HAIR?? He is roytalty AND rich beyond belief and women will not flock to him because of his HAIR?? Tatiana needs to go out more.

  27. My confidence grew once I shaved off my remaining hair, and women liked me all the better. Not all women, only the cool ones.

  28. My father lost his hair as a young man. This did not stop my mother from seeing that he was attractive, charming, intelligent and would make a wonderful husband for 58 happy years. His baldness also led my sister and me to a conclusion not yet mentioned here - we grew up believing bald men were more intelligent!

  29. Is a man’s sense of self and worth contingent of what others think of him and surface expectations or what he himself has set for himself as appropriate standards as to how to judge himself? After all what man hasn’t seen another man cruising the strip with a beautiful woman with half his hair missing? Can we really argue it’s his wallet that is propping him up and thus making him attractive to women or perhaps more intuitively his sense of worth that a woman instinctually is drawn to whether he looks like Fabio the raven king or not? Perhaps by virtue of not bothering with cosmetic surgery Prince William is singling out that if anything rather than feel insecure by his appearances – he feels stalwartly proud of his being irrespective of whether he fits into stereo typical male expectations courtesy of the advertising world and some 26 year old steely eyed macho ad executive/fashion designer/magazine editor etc.

  30. If baldness was attractive women would be shaving their heads. Baldness isn't the end of the world, but it definitely makes someone less sexually attractive to most people - although of course there's a fetish for everything and I'm sure there are baldness fetishists too.

    But kudos to the authors of this article for mentioning the fact that female financial independence is the source of the gradual reduction of the double-standard of the past, where women had to be gorgeous but men could be ugly and it didn't matter as long as he had an income. Women no longer have to sell themselves into marriage to the highest bidder - we have the luxury of choosing our mates on the basis of desirability - the way men have always done.

    Men never feel the need to apologize for wanting a woman on the basis of her physical appearance - it's time for women to have the same prerogative.

  31. Dumbest article to ever grace the pages of the NYT. So, baldness=low confidence, and hair=confidence; thus, if we all had hair, we'd all have greater self-confidence(?). Call me crazy, and I'm no psychologist, but I'm thinking that the bald/low confidence factor is probably a symptom and that there's probably a deeper issue when it comes to confidence (lack of, etc.).

  32. I'm an attractive, stylish, young-looking woman in my forties with an intense crush on a man in his late 50s, who is very bald. He's gorgeous! He's fit, naturally masculine, has expressive eyes, and is highly accomplished. I respond to HIM, not his hair. Please, please, let's get over this obsessing with body parts. Bald men: do not buy into this false idea that you are less desirable. Be confident, and own yourself, as you are.

  33. Hair is seriously overrated. I know 2 "young" men - 20-something and 30-something, who have shaved their heads in response to balding - and their wives are just fine with it.

  34. Yeah? So? When are Americans going to get over their obsession with the British royals? Or with how people look as opposed to how they behave? Oh, wait, I forgot -- we have Snookie.

  35. This confirm the truth stated first in the movie:"Some like it hot".
    The truth is that nobody is perfect.
    Go tell my former girlfriends!

  36. Tacky, rather rude attention on Prince William.

  37. Ha! Try being a bald woman! I have a nicely-shaped head, and I wear it proudly. My hair thinned, and about 20 years ago I finally just shaved it shiny. It looks great, and I've incorporated it into my style, with bold glasses and a lot of black clothing. It helps me avoid being asked out by the wimpy and unimaginative, and it's helped me attract the more edgy intellectual types I prefer. Aside from the romance aspect, it's wonderfully freeing in so many ways. Spin straw into gold fellow baldies!

  38. What disgusting sentiment in this 'article', that receding hair and other 'flaws' actually are, in fact, flaws. I feel sickened that I fell for the desperate shock (shlock) journalism NYTimes is increasingly practicing.

  39. This is ridiculous. Narcissistic men worry that similarly narcisistic women care about their hair... Great. Most women I know care far more about eyes/smile/conversation/wallet. Hair doesn't really come into the equation.