In Pitching’s New Era, Son Makes Father Smile

Chris Lincecum taught his son, Tim, the unusually awkward pitching mechanics that helped deliver a World Series title to San Francisco.

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  1. Chemical wonders of Barry Bonds? Bonds is the best player since Willie Mays, chemicals or no chemicals. And that awaits a day in court, where innocent until proven guilty is the law, not journalistic judgements written by sports writers.

  2. Who left an indelible impression in sports in 2010?

    Instead of listing American athletes, here are some names lesser known in the USA but certainly known everywhere else in the world that made their mark on the world in sports in 2010:

    Diego Forlán
    Andrés Iniesta
    Iker Casillas
    Paul the Octopus

  3. Interesting comment from Chris Lincecum that pitchers command more pitches now than they used to.

    This was a matter of survival for pitchers in the steroid era: To combat juiced-up batters, you either had to juice yourself, or just get better as a pitcher. Some pitchers did this by developing more pitches they could control.

    Now that more batters are off the juice, we have pitchers who made themselves better to deal with the steroid era, facing batters who no longer can play at the same level of skill. This advantage will remain with the pitchers for at least a decade, as batters will need to find a new, non-chemical way to cope with the current higher level of pitching.

  4. On behalf of Giant fans the world over: Thank you, Chris.

  5. A star pitcher's contract: Millions of Dollars
    World Series Tickets: Many hundreds of Dollars
    A Title clincher in 2.5 hrs: Priceless

  6. The most important relationship of all,parent and child.Congratulations Chris and Tim---GO GIANTS

  7. ENJOY watching him pitch but wonder how his sibling(s) felt about their father calling ONE of them his soulmate.......

  8. My vote goes to Rafael Nadal. He won the Grand Slam of tennis at the ripe old of age of 24 and in my view brought alot of new fans to the game. Can't wait to see him 2011!

  9. Barry Bonds a great player? To the contrary: No rings, no wings!

  10. Does every east coast article about the Giants have to include a snarky comment about Barry Bonds? Had the author watched Mr. Bonds the decade before he supposedly juiced up, he would have seen one of the greatest pure hitters in baseball history.

  11. Thanks Tyler. Despite not having his best stuff in Game 5 of the Series, Lincecum demonstrated the poise of a veteran and seemingly willed the Giants to victory. After Renteria's HR put the Giants up 3-0, you just knew Timmy was not going to surrender the lead.

    One gets the impression that in addition to learning mechanics from his dad, he has also learned to compose himself in the most demanding of circumstances.

  12. CONDITIONING. I'm glad Chris and Tim figured the leg thing out. Old Timers always talked stamina. Weight training is one thing but it can't replace good old fashioned running in the outfield or better yet bleacher stairs. You could even be out of shape but you have to carry the load. Baseball is a LONG haul.