Obama Strains to Get Liberals Back Into Fold Ahead of Vote

Without offering regrets for policy choices that have angered liberals, President Obama is arguing that the Republicans are far worse.

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  1. Don't whine only now. I told you so!

  2. The Left was on the National Mall on October 2nd. President Obama was at Camp David...

  3. It is impossible for me to regard my civil rights, which have been grievously abrogated as a gay man who seeks to live in a monogamous marriage in the US with the same rights as everyone else as merely a 'bullet which was dodged' or a low-no priority issue.

    Everytime someone in the Democratic party tells me I'm immature for being angry that my civil rights are the first to be thrown under the bus it lowers my enthusiasm. Everytime I am told to shut up, go to the back of the bus - but keep those votes, dollars and volunteer contributions coming, it lowers my enthusiasm.

    Since when is fighting for my civil rights a 'liberal' position in a country founded on equal rights?

    Yes, I will always vote Democratic because the alternative is indisputably worse. That is, however, my only motivation for voting Democratic. We have an abusive relationship going here, this adminstration and I. I'm very much the battered wife who won't abandon her kids but has no desire to remain in this marriage to the Democratic party.

    If you want my enthusiasm (read: Dollars and volunteer work) at the level you had it in 2008, then you need to stop kicking me under the bus the day after elections, telling me to be thankful that it's 'you' beating me up and not the 'other guys' and start working hard to see my rights honored.

  4. Party makes no difference any more.

    See The Obama Deception on youtube which makes clear Obama's situation as a puppet. I am among those who voted for him.

    Most of the American public now is in total defensive mode at the cowering, scrambling level.

    This state of affairs has nothing to do with either party. It is entirely by design to weaken the country, weaken the independence of its people. At the same time, the proposal is to legalize 40 million illegal immigrants, to provide muscle and numbers to the military, and numbers to the tax rolls, in theory. But where will the jobs be outside of the military?

    The situation is entirely by design and the United States is being de-developed, as White House Science czar John P. Holdren is video taped saying twice in the last few weeks. This de-industrialization strategy is neither democrat nor republican and had been well underway before Obama was brought in. It weakens the people. That's the point.


  5. He can strain all he wants but until he forcefully represents his "base" he will continue to lose it all.

  6. The policies of our President and his horde of congressional liberals have kept our country in the jaws of financial and military chaos. How many of us would mortgage our grand children’s future to build homes and infrastructure for antiChristian neighbors that we are not particularly fond of or send our children into harm's way so that Afghan and Iraqi women can run for public office.

  7. this is what happens when the media does not properly vet a candidate - the soiled their pants worshiping the obama campaign and had to be led by the nose to even notice things like the reverend wright. this is what happens when the DNC puts its fat thumb on the scale of one candidate and then plays the race card rather than let the electorate decide. even the kenedy family annointd this guy as the next king of camelot (hoping caroline would get the NY seat without having to actually work for it). this is what happens when the republicans offer us so little to vote for - macain/palin - please, how can you offer that warmed over version of the demented leading the inept. this is what happens when the american public is offered tweedle dee and tweedly dum as the choice for president. we need a real choice. we need a real direction that does not come at the end of the fat finger of the rich corporations. we only deserve better if we demand it....think about that, what if they held an election and no one voted!

  8. I don't see how it might be logical for Democrats who hate Obama and want to punish him to not vote Democrat.

  9. If President Obama wanted a mobilized base this year and in 2012, he should have worked on real progressive change, rather than the watered-down "reform" we've seen for Wall Street and the health care system. His administration has been a crushing disappointment to the people who voted for him in 2008.

    Our political parties are two sides of the same coin. There can not be real change inside the two-party system, and disenchanted voters are beginning to realize this.

    Obama's comments, labeling progressives as ungrateful and "immature" because people aren't dancing in the streets over his phony reforms belie his administration's fundamental underestimation of the Peoples' intelligence. The People know that the man we voted for turned out to be another phantom politician who has shed any sign of the progressivism he campaigned on.

    Obama should never have listened to people like Rahm Emmanuel- the man who called progressives "retards." He should have kept the promises he made, and he should never have tried to pull the wool over our collective eyes.

    Calls to vote for independent candidates are right; but certainly not the only step that needs to be taken. Who on earth--Democrat, Republican, or independent--has the moral fortitude required to stand up against the deluge of lobbyist money pouring into Washington?

    In American politics, metaphors are taking over in the place of reality. The old adage that "money talks" has turned into "corporations are people" in the eyes of our corrupted Supreme Court. We are living through an era where the oligarchy is not even made up of living, breathing people anymore- but rather the cold hard stone of a Goldman Sachs building.

    In other words, the problems our country is facing are so huge, and so entrenched, that our current system of government simply can not face them and win. Systematic change was mandated. Obama vowed to make the needed changes. He has broken these promises, and the People see through it. If Mr. Obama is searching for a mobilized, engaged base- don't look to the progressives in this country. We're through with his lies. If it's "immature" to not trust a wolf in sheep's clothing, then so be it.

  10. actually Obama hasn't been too bad. He has stepped up enforcement of illegal immigration to record levels. We are deporting 400,000 per year and with stepped up work enforcement and business raids I have noticed the business owners and farmers are now afraid to hire illegal aliens. The policy of starving them back to mexico is working. Thanks Obama!

  11. When in 2008, while I was reading the book “The Limits of Power-The End of American Exceptionalism-” (written by Andrew J. Bachevich, a professor of history at Boston University), I wrote a note to myself that this was “an incredible book!” I also added that “unfortunately, if Mr. Bachewich were to be proven right, America, its people and perhaps the world at large, are in big trouble, for (according to Mr. Bachevich), "...Americans appear determined to affirm Reinhold Neibuhr’s axiom of willful self-destruction.”

    On page 82 Mr. Bachewich wrote: “To say that POWER ELITE directs the affairs of state is not to suggest the existence of some dark conspiracy. It is simply to acknowledge the way WASHINGTON actually works…(IT) has become oligarchic rather than democratic. The policy making process is not open but closed, with the voices of privileged insiders carrying unimaginably greater weight than those of the unwashed masses.”

    Despite this educational book, I voted for Mr. Obama. Needless to say, over the past 18 months, Obama went out of his way to prove Mr. Bachevich right: “Regardless of which PARTY is in POWER, the people in charge don’t know what they are doing…,” they simply do whatever it takes to keep their jobs!

    As a retired physician, during Mr. Obama’s prolonged work on the so called “reform” of our health care, I made my final decision never to vote again!

  12. #266 nailed it! Many others were good, but 266 said it BEST.

  13. This is a message and a plea to Mark Holmes San Diego, California and all the other liberal, progressive, moderate, independent and conservative Obama supporters out there who are dissapointed.

    I am a liberal who also supported Mr. Obama in his quest to become president. I too am disappointed and somewhat disillusioned but I understand that we can't let a poor first half of a presidential term determine the outcome of the whole term.

    It has afterall only been a little less than two years that Mr. Obama has been president. We would not be fair to ourselves if we give up now.

    Look at all that we have accomplished without the help of the Party of No and a number of wishy washy Democrats. Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln are just two that come to mind on the Senate side and there is a good number of Democrats on the House side that caved to the nonsensical Republican-Tea Party pressure.

    This is not an election that we can afford to lose. We can't just sit idly by and let the Republicans regain control of either house of Congress and expect to have any of what's left on our to do list to get done.

    We have to keep control and WE have to pressure OUR Senators and OUR Representaives to help the President to get the list finished. Because without their help the President won't be able to do it alone. As Mark Holmes of San Diego, California says "I understand that the Presidency is not all-powerful and that the President does not rule by decree,..."

    To use a football metaphor, We are at halftime and the Mid-Term elections are the first play of the second half. What we do on this the first drive of the second half will determine whether President Obama's first term in office is a sucess or not. And it will show whether we as a party are willing to stand for our convictions or fold up like an old tent.

    They on the right are depending on us to fold so that they can run us aground.

    It's time to show them that We are the Captains of this great Ship of State and that we will determine what course she takes. And we choose the direction of "For the People".

  14. The President has no legitimate argument in trying to insult Progressives into voting for him again because “republicans are worse”. He has betrayed his Progressive, Liberal and Independent base. My family has been FDR Progressives since 1932.

    He should have, as did FDR shamed congress by reeling off executive orders every day. Below are some of those things he should create executive orders or pressure congress to pass.

    If he wants me back, he would have to undo what he has done and do what he should have done and the number of things he failed to do and those he should have done a vast. For starters, he should have vetoed the renewal of the patriot Act. He should have endorsed my job plan; he should have, as did FDR shamed congress by reeling off executive orders every day. He should not have raided the homes and offices of anti-war activists. He should have given his Bailouts as A $25,000 gift to each family with net worth of under $1.25 Million dollars. They would have spent or invested the money in their homes or mortgages, thus rejuvenating the economy.

    He should have pulled out of both wars the day he got into office. He should stop threatening other nations. He should destroy the poppy-opium, fields in Afghanistan. He should endorse the one sane thing republicans have done (in Arizona) in 50 years by sealing up the Mexican border and declared war on the drug nations, Colombia and Mexico to begin with. He should go after Bush Cheney for War Crimes. He should make Lobbying of ANY kind a capital Crime

    He should Nationalize, all of these: the Oil industry, the entire Health Care Industry including all drug companies, all drinking water sources, banks, and more, more, more.

    Finally, he should endorse taxing corporations, which betray America and its worker/citizens by Outsourcing jobs over seas and off shore and to protectorates, which like the Marianna Islands, to which corporations Outsource jobs pretend to be American companies. Corporations have no nation to which they have ever been loyal. Their loyalty is to profits. They should be taxed Union Scale Plus 15% for every job they outsource, including those they outsource to independent contractors who pay slave wages to outsourced workers. CEO and other executives, CEO and other executives Compensation Packages should be capped at 25 times average employee Compensation Packages and that includes all their outsourced jobs. $2.5 million in compensation packages should be the cap. Any ore than that is raping investors/share holders.
    Do that Mr. Obama or you will never see a vote from my family again. As far as saying that the alternative to voting Democratic is worse, wrong. Voting for a turncoat who betrayed his voter base is worse, voting for a person who impersonated a Progressive is worse. Voting for a moral coward is worse. Do the above and you will have our family’s votes.

  15. The basic problem is Obama is not a bright man, contrary to what the press has made him out to be.

  16. When you ain't got nothin,you got nothing to lose. I don't like being taken for granted,and what is the point of replacing the far right with a bunch of Ronald Reagan disciples who call themselves democrats. I mean the Democrats have become the Reagan wing of the Republican party.

  17. As always, I pray (pray!!!) that President Obama takes all of the "progressive" posters here on their challenge to become, once again, their champion. Had he clearly articulated what he intended to do before he took office, and what his end game really is, he never would have been elected. Now that the mask is off, his fellow travelers in Congress are about to get their comeuppance, and he will get the same two years later. Face it, progressives, this country doesn't want what you're selling. You can try to convince yourselves that Obama has articulated the message, or taken a strong enough stand, etc., etc. The fact that your approach has been an historical failure is one that you will never be willing to face. So, please, keep it up.

  18. Very simple. Democracy American style is simply a sham. Vote as you will you'll always get a corporate militaristic shill. We need a revolution. Nothing else will improve matters for the people.

  19. For all you Obama apologists in the earlier comments:

    The standard line from adherents of the Democratic Leadership Council/"Progressive" Policy Institute wing of the Democratic Party is that "Obama has accomplished more in his first two years than any other president," and then they provide a laundry list of bills that no one has ever heard of or been affected by plus a shorter list of deceptively named large programs (the health insurance corporate welfare act) and outright lies (ending the war in Iraq? with all those troops and private contractors still in place?)

    Having observed real progressive politicians in action and even worked on the campaign of one, I knew that Obama was no real progressive, but I am deeply disappointed in just how much he is willing to kiss the Republicans' rear ends and compromise with the rapacious and callous. He's even worse than Bill Clinton in this regard.

    I've always had doubts about Obama's sincerity, but in the past few years, the disillusionment has been spreading, even among people who were star-struck two years ago.

    If Obama wants to retain the White House in 2012, he should either change his approach to a more genuine populism or step aside for a candidate who will take on the Republican and Blue Dog bullies.

  20. My response to this article and is to make another contribution to the Democratic National Committee.

  21. Democrats, Liberals and Independents wanted a Progressive Agenda, they did not care one whit about Bi-Partisanship, and they never voted for Republican "Light" in 2008, they Voted for CHANGE ! The watered down health care, the gays in the military, the wars that have not ended, and many other issues have alienated many who elected The President. Maybe a few years with the Republicans back in charge will improve the Left's Voter Turnout. Maybe a Cheney-Palin run in 2012, or even funnier, a Palin-Cheney run oughta do the job.

  22. Sorry Obama, but you've done your best to alienate your base and in the next two elections you'll be reaping what you've sown. True, you've had some bad breaks: a few days after you pandered to the right with increased off-shore drilling, we get the worst off-shore drilling disaster in history.

    But you also had to work pretty hard to alienate as effectively as you've done: caving into big pharma's demand of no bargaining for lower consumer prices; passing that (essentially Republican) health care bill you're so proud of; all the loopholes in your financial services 'reform' and your failure to break up the 'too big to fails' thereby assuring that we will be bailing out more of your new billionaire friends real soon.

    The list goes on but by far the most egregious thing you've done was getting the hopes of middle America up so high. These are people who have seen their standard of living steadily erode for decades, people who've seen their tax dollars siphoned off by billionaires from the S&L crisis of '89 to the grand reaming of '08-'09, all the while getting lectured on the need to expect less from the government. They've seen their jobs shipped abroad while the pretty news anchors cheer lead each evening for globalization.

    Obama, with your earnest demeanor and constant oratory of hope and change, you convinced many people that things were going to be different. You crushed all of that hope in less than two years and for that you should be impeached.

  23. Sure the Republicans are worse. If the Democrats actually kept their promises and rand the country for the benefit of the many instead of the few, the Republicans might feel a need to actually have viable policies and plans for the future. But since the Democrats are openly corrupt and bought, the Republicans simply have to be more corrupt and more open to being bought.

    The two party system ain't working. Nobody is actually representing the majority, both parties are in the pocket of big money and thanks to the Supreme Court, we don't even get to know who owns them anymore.

  24. What Obama and Democrat leaders need to get is this: when they don't live up to the expectations of those of us in their base, there are consequences.

    Republicans already know this. Candidates who are Democrat need to learn this.

    I'm a proud liberal. Generally, I'm disappointed in Obama's administration. I give them credit for making progress on healthcare, but he could have done so much more on this and other issues. At the beginning of the administration they said to never waste a good crisis. Well they squandered it. Instead of making a much needed course adjustment to the left, they patched the ship together and set us crawling forward on the old, failed course. This course leads us to a more, possibly worse crises. If voters on the left don't turn out, Obama needs to understand that the message they are sending is ANYTHING BUT THIS.

  25. obama is clueless, moron and shameless guy. I hated Bush but now he looks like a saint compared to obama. anyway, obama is Bush on steroids but pretends to work for liberal - thats why I call him shameless.

    another month to go to get rid of shams/shills.

  26. Mr.President, I am voting for the democrats next month because they are less evil of the two. If you do not take your core supporters during the next two years, please do not run for the second term. Let us elect a democrat who does more than talking.

  27. Yeah, I have to say that going back to Bush's policies isn't what the people want so this President is clueless.. We tired of the over spending and the taxation/inflation that this government keeps throwing our backs. We want smaller government and we want to keep what we work hard for. We're tired of being the Federal Reserves and this governments slaves. The people are coming for you Mr. President and your progressive/Marxist buddies.. You can take your democratic socialism and shove it..

  28. If the American people are stupid enough to allow the Republicans to take over Congress, the Vice-President Biden and President Obama should resign and let President Boehner lead this nation down a much harder more dangerous path. Good Luck.

  29. duh

  30. Its not too late for Obama to get me to vote. All he has to do, for starters, is fire Geithner.

    Geithner's 100% on the dollar payout to Goldman during the AIG fiasco was a firing offense if there ever was one.

    Fire Geithner, and I'll bet he get a million or more of us to vote that will otherwise sit it out.

  31. And there you have it. From "Change you can believe in!", and "Yes, We Can!", to "Stop complaining. Sure, I'm bad, but the other guy is even worse! Vote out of fear!", and "I know I betrayed you on every front, but just love me."

  32. Mr. Obama needs to stop cowtowing to the right-wing Republican minority in Congress and start following through on the promises he made to the electorate. The Republicans had said they would work to see the President fail and for the most part this has come true. The health care reform is not a bold reform. Big Pharma and the large health care companies have been given a blank check. Meanwhile, working people's health care rates have continued to skyrocket. Mr. President stop bashing your base and start listening to them and acting on their needs! The President can only blame himself if his base doesn't deliver for him on November 2nd.

  33. The Republicans have become a no-nothing Party that has capitalized on the fear based anger of many during these difficult economic times. Their's is an immediate and continued gratification of a status quo that ignores a reality that requires a longterm plan to address the structural problems within our Society in a changing World. President Obama is in fact introducing those programs that will correct the course of our Nation for the better. Education, Health, Energy, a level playing field in the Financial area comes to mind. He is challenging the vested players and they are protecting their special interests using their loyal representatives in Congress who attempt to thwart all constructive steps proposed. It is always the Peoples money....lower the taxes they yell but no where is the cry.....It is the Peoples Debt,should we not raise taxes on those who can afford it . The Tea Party is a manifestation of manipulated fear and anger. The smugness and silence of the wine and cognac crowd funding that manipulation is not to be seen and it is their aim to deny President Obama and this Nation "a fair society".

  34. He's trying to win back his base by calling them whiners and scorning their hopes for an America that is for ALL the people?

    How smart did you say he was?

  35. I sorry to say it is whining when it comes to Democrats bashing Obama, the rest from the Republicans is typical hysterical blather based on anything but the facts.

    I ask you Democrats and Independents other than saying what a disappointment what a loser etc., tell me what Obama should have done that he didn't do. He worked on and achieved much of what he said he would, healthcare reform, stimulus to stave off far greater unemployment, changes in mortgage practices, greater regulations credit card companies and Wall Street, more funding for alternative energy, progress on overhauling the abysmal 'No Child Left Behind' policy of the Bush Administration, a bill to help small businesses expand and hire by cutting their taxes and creating a $30 billion loan fund, sound management of TARP originally expected to cost the government (tax payers) $356 billion that now looks like it will may break even or make a profit, withdraw from Iraq (he made it clear during his campaign he would put more troops in Afghanistan. I could go on.

    Stop whining, face the facts that there is much work to be done and it takes time, and for the sake of the country and yourself vote for the largely sensible agenda of the Democrats not the smoke and mirrors of the Republicans.

  36. I am a huge Obama supporter, I contributed to his campaign, and think he's worked hard to turn things around after our horrible experience with Bush. I'm proud America got it together to elect him. It's a huge step forward. Regarding his performance, hey, there is a lot on his plate. When you think about "that" campaign and the previous presidency, everyone had huge pent up expectations. Nothing short of a miracle will fill the bill. Obama's "liberal" comment will only create more anger with his already disappointed voter base. I know some Democrats who refuse to vote they are so fed up. Even health care reform has been a bust so far, the only benefit I've seen is for my health insurance premiums to go up 30%. We blame the President, but Congress is one of our biggest problems. The Democrats do not pull together as a united force to get the job done. They have undermined our position from day one with infighting and lack of leadership. If anything is broken in our "liberal" government that's it. Lobbyists have taken over Congress with such influence that it's become a group led by conflict of interest and money, not Obama and our best interests. The influence is so strong that even Obama's efforts to curb it are noting more than milk toast. It's all terribly disappointing and certainly isn't promising for a bright American future.

  37. I am a lifelong progressive Democrat who is so disillusioned by Obama and the rest of the corporatist Democrats that I swore to myself that I would cast my votes for third party candidates for the rest of my life.

    However, as bad as the corrupt Democratic sellouts are for America's political and economic future, the End-Timers, Tea-Baggers and other lunatic candidates of the even more corrupt corporatist GOP pose an imminent threat to humanity's survival.

    This election raises the poet's question whether the world will burn quickly in Republican fire, or freeze slowly in Democratic ice.

    So, should I vote Green Party or conserve a little gas by sitting out this sham election?

  38. I voted for Obama and gave money. I am disappointed and disgusted with his gutless behavior. A friend, an Obama supporter, repeated the White House talking point in accusing me of whining that I "didn't get everything" I wanted from the White House. Not accurate. I didn't get ANYTHING I wanted--from staff appointments to true health care reform to control of the Wall Street/bank criminals to plugging the war profiteering gusher to energy course correction to middle class family support. Obama has neither taken action on any front that I wished for, nor explained in non-campaign language why he didn't. I wish someone would ask him this: why did you want to be president?

  39. As a retired military man, I almost always voted for Republican candidates. However, that changed when the Bush Administration and their neo-con friends decided to invade and occupy Afghanistan and Iraq.

    I supported the democrats in 2006 and again in 2008 with the hope that they would end these damn wars but it's quite obvious that they have not, and will not, do so. In fact, I've come to accept the fact that our great nation will continue to fight these two unnecessary wars for the rest of my life, my children's lives, and my grand-children's lives. Further, we appear to be hell bent on going to war in Pakistan and Iran.

    Given this perpetual war scenario, I see no need to support either party in November. The democrats had their chance to end these wars but they failed to do so. On the other hand, the republicans are not in the least bit interested in ending the wars either.

    There are many important issues that require immediate attention. However, in my opinion, these immoral wars are at the top of the list. They have to be brought to an end in order for this country to regain it's moral standing in the international community. They have to be brought to an end as one of the first steps toward returning fiscal discipline to our nation. They have to be brought to an end because there is no military victory in these "mission impossible" wars of choice.

  40. Despite what he and his advisors say, the President missed a historic opportunity to change America's course and repair much of the damage caused by Republicans and conservative Democrats over the years. He could have proposed sweeping legislation, including things like a federal jobs program similar to the WPA, and the Republicans would have been too fearful to oppose it. This would all have been similar to what happened when Obama's hero, Ronald Reagan, came into office and implemented his right-wing program. Instead, the President chose to ally himself with Wall Street and Big Business, who took what he was offering and viciously opposed him without even a tip of the hat. Don't get me wrong. I will come out and vote and will vote Democratic. A vote for any Republican would be illogical, self-defeating and continue our country on its downward spiral. There is, however, good reason for a lack of enthusiasm for the Democrats among liberals this year. The President has let many people down in many ways and is now hectoring them to ignore all that and vote for the Democrats, anyway.

  41. Third Way is NOT a group of "centrist" Democrats. It is a group of CONSERVATIVE Democrats, people who even as little as a decade ago would have found the GOP to be their ideological brethren. As Maher said: "over the last 30 years, the Democrats have moved to the right, and the Republicans have moved into a mental hospital".

  42. it is not lack of interest. it is not that he wasn't Liberal enough. It is the fact that for 2 years with control of the house and senate and presidency, the Dems failed to do anything with the economy or jobs. Shouldn't they be spanked?

  43. I voted for Mr. Obama in 2008 ...something one does not say in polite company these days...

    The "Yes We Can" and "Change We Can Believe In" has morphed into the comments of an anguished leader reading from a teleprompter admonishing me and millions of others for our lack of enthusiasm ...ridiculous ...there is no enthusiasm gap, just a leadership gap, his ...he made several "rookie" mistakes...#1 was ceding the Stimulus Bill to the House...what we got was $700 billion of pork masquerading as stimulus...#2 The Health Care bill...it is a travesty...notice no one talks about "bending the cost curve" anymore ...plus there is a 2014 "time bomb" built into the health care bill that will hit the states in 2014 ...in my state, California it is another $8 to $10 billion in required funding ...like many states, we are technically bankrupt now...#3 Indecision on Iraq and especially Afghanistan ...read Bob Woodward's book, Obama's Wars ...Mr. Obama has mastered the art of indecision rather than protecting the interests of this country...he comes across as weak, professorial and attempting to develop an approach that will "protect" his political prospects for 2012...that consideration is more important than any consideration about the thousands of service men and women who will give up there lives for a corrupt weak government in Kabul...the Vietnam parallel is frightening ...more interested in winning the argument than in providing strong leadership ...there's that pesky word again!

    In summary, Gen McChrystal used the word "unprepared" when he described Mr. Obama ...the word and overall theme applies to this Presidency ...a well-meaning individual who is grossly unprepared ...it reminds one of an old Hillary Clinton phrase..."Fake It Until You Make It" ...and his Presidency reminds one of Mr. Carter's ...the parallels are disturbing to a life long registered Democrat...

  44. Base smase! Obama has ignored the majority of the country (70%) in his pursuit of an an unwinnable war in Afghanistan & has squandered billions desperately needed here at home as our economy continues to drag. He sabotaged the health care bill before it got out of the gate. He can't be bothered to get the party on message on anything. He appointed a bunch of political hacks to his cabinet & the rest of the government. Said hacks have ignored long time problems while they did we know not what. Most likely watching their portfolio grow. And now four weeks before the election he thinks he can come out to woo us after insulting us two weeks ago.

    There is something wrong with this man & his close advisors. Like I said Base Smase! We are not talking about a small minority of the Democratic party, the professional left as Mr. Gibberish put it. We are talking a large segment of the voting public who did not ask for Bush II. What is the deal with these right wing suck up to the right jerks?

  45. Time for Ron Paul to have a chance. He knows exactly what he believes, will explain it in plain detail, and won't speak out of both sides of his mouth playing political games that drive the cynicism we once again find ourselves groping with.

  46. Those who will not vote, or will vote for a third party candidate that has no chance, will be in for a world of great hurt when the repugs take over.

    Yes, I have noticed how "offended" you all have been by President Obama. How stupid.

  47. Republicans may be far worse but your constituency does not want you in Afghanistan and it is killing innocent Americans for no reason. You were voted in to get us out or wars and not to follow the Generals' advice. This while continuing the policy of no raised taxes while continuing a war is what is causing the debt. If you could get taxes raised and stop your useless wars you would get rid of the debt in 4 years like Clinton did. Or you can make Bin Laden's prediction of destroying the country by debt come true.
    Tax breaks do not help unemployment either. Tax breaks were already in effect during Bush's administration for 8 years and hiring of US people did not increase. There was only outsourcing.

    I tend to agree with the individual in 318. But would go further and tell everyone to simply vote them all out, including the Tea Party which is just a right wing faction of the Republican party. Vote for whoever is totally independent and not in any party and let's see what new ideas can create.

  48. Mr. President you lost me. All talk, no experience and have not shown a single ounce of business experience that would have been essential to carry our country out of this mess. Although I did not vote for you I began to support your agenda early on until you surrounded yourself with all of the same trash that got us into this mess to begin with. You now appear as shallow and fake as the rest, you talk a great show and future but did not address the single core issue going on here in America. WE DON'T PRODUCE ENOUGH OF ANYTHING THAT THE WORLD WANTS. As long as the American business base has no trust in you, we will continue to slide backwards, and that is the single core issue, our economic state of decline. We have lost all hope in the business sector and most of us will just batten down the hatches and invest nothing until you are gone and somebody who really understands the game comes back in.

  49. Yes I voted for President Obama and yes I'm disappointed he's been something of a lamb in the White House. After the 8 year fakery of George W. Bush it's hard to put trust in any politician. In many ways, for many people we're living in a new post-Watergate era where we don't know who to trust.

    But with the exception of one of my Democratic Senators who is totally controlled by the Fortune 500, who is a Corporatist, no longer a Democrat, I will vote a straight Democratic ticket this fall. I'll do this because the Republicans are to blame for all our problems, they have no solutions, and most are clearly corrupt and insane. As a former Republican I will gladly say I will never vote for another Foxpublican ever again.

    I expected so much more out of President Obama, but maybe I don't know how hard it is to turn the ship of state. It is unreasonable to expect Obama to fix in 20 months what Bush-Cheney had 8 full years to ruin. Replacing the slow moving Democrats with the political party that ruined everything in the first place is sheer madness.

    So I will unenthusiastically gather my whole family to vote Democrat this November. Obama will get our 4 votes across the board except for Blanche Lincoln, we're going Green in that race. Obama and Bill Clinton passed up the real Democrat in that primary race and stood behind Lincoln who rarely lends any support with her pro-business, pro-Republican voting record. If you think Oklahoma Senators are dumb, wait till you all meet our next Senator John Boozman (r-Rove) from Arkansas.

    I am also aware of the many good things President Obama has pushed through in the last 20 months and for those things I'm thankful, not excited, but thankful. My advice to Obama Inc., be as mean as the Republicans over the next few weeks, scorch the earth and take no prisoners!

  50. The Republicans are far far worse. It's time to stop acting out and get back in line, folks.

  51. If voting for Obama is a vote against Republicans, then count me in. The Repub thieves have done nothing but obstruct any possibility of helping the middle class or the needy, and have used any means possible to do so. The rabid rats in the media have distorted everything Obama has tried to do, lied, manipulated, and cried Vicks tears because he was trying to turn around 30 years of Republican abuse to the system. I know politicians are beholden to corporate money, but at least the Dems begin with the premise that government is there to help people, not to suppress all progress in all social and economic arenas.

    I'm gladly voting for Democrats.

  52. I'm a Canadian and I'd like to offer my two cents worth. First, I think you Americans are awesome! You've made more sacrifices as a nation for the world than any other country. Though we Canadians may not always agree with everything your government does-we haggle with our own government just the same-we still think very highly of you, the American people.

    In 2004, many Americans called for blue state secession in response to the seemingly questionable outcome of the presidential election that year. We too questioned the final vote tally and couldn't blame you a bit for wanting out. Now your country is faced with a recession, which certain "experts" claim ended over a year ago. You Americans know better than anyone else that is not the case. For more than a century the Democrats and Republicans have enjoyed a two-party monopoly on power in the United States, a political hegemony has been largely unchallenged. It will probably stay that way for some time, but you the voters could change that as early as November if you're willing. Since the Democrats and Republicans would rather chase each other's tails than do anything constructive, I don't think voting third party should be out of the question. Since there are several third parties, your votes will be too divided to give any third party candidate a chance of winning. But just think about the message it will send to the major parties. the first thing they'll do after the final tally is look at how many votes went to the third parties and try to determine the outcome if those votes went to them or their opponents. The more votes that get diverted, the scarier it gets for politicians within the Democrat-Republican regime. There really aren't many Democrats or Republicans worth voting for and the few that are are so few that they couldn't possibly make a difference.

    Until you the voters break this monopoly, very little will change. The change is YOU. No career politician will do his/her job with the interests of the people at heart for as long as they have little competition to face on Election Day. It's time to expand the playing field. If the Republicans sweep the midterms in November, the recession will undoubtedly get worse. If the Democrats hang on to their seats in Congress, nothing will change. Either way, you lose. That's why the time for real change is now and you are the catalyst.

  53. How are the republicans really worse? Neither party cares about the middle class. Both parties are only concerned about staying in power. Maybe if the republicans take the house and senate Obama will grow a spine and do something real.

  54. I would agree that the Republicans are worse, but the Democrats are not much better.They failed to close ranks and let the blue dogs (fake Democrats) control the agenda. If there was a legitimate third party not controlled by the wealthy and corporations, it would get my vote.

  55. fake conservatives like corporate-communist welfare-for-the-wealthy bush&co. phony liberals like obamabush who back endless wars, torture, the end of the rule of law, spying and destruction of rights and back bush corporatism.

    on the eve of his inauguration obama told us all emphatically on 60 Minutes that "WE DON'T STAND FOR TORTURE!" then on february 1, 2009, with those lying words still fresh on his lips; obama re-authorized the bush CIA rendition progrm of globaly outsourced psy-ops torture chambers. meanwhile such hypocrites as hillary clinton stands on the steps of the palaace of the vicious fahd monarchs of saudi arabia, our 'good allies' who still cattle-prod women for wearing short skirts and execute gays... that america is the great arbiter of human rights... while we have kids as young as 11 disappeared and tortured for years with no lawyers...

    this is government by garbage... and as my grandpa told me long ago... if it smellls like rottten fish, might be a safe bite left but you'd better not risk it... THROW IT ALL OUT AND START FRESH! it is called revolution. 'in the course of human events...'

  56. Third party. Labor Party. For working class interests. Universal health care. Jobs. End to the wars, torture, rendition. Prosecute the war criminals. Close Guantanamo. End the Bush tax cuts to the rich.

    Anyone here who is not a worker, please shut up and go away.

    Anyone here who still wants to "give Obama a chance," please shut up and go away.

    Anyone here who forgives Obama for his war crimes, please shut up and go away.

    Anyone here who thinks Obama has fought for ordinary Americans, please shut up and go away.

    Anyone here who is afraid of the word "socialist," please, please just shut up and go back to your rich friends.

    We're the working class. And we're angry. Better shut up and get out of our way.

  57. Obama is perfectly in character lecturing people about voting. Everything is someone else's fault, everyone else is stupid (e.g. Cambridge PD). But, he is not an good executive for some very simple reasons. He cannot choose a priority correctly. GITMO was not important compared to our economy and jobs for Americans, yet this was his focus. Kowtowing overseas to despots as a foreign policy was absurd. Obama let Pelosi and Reid handle his legislation on a ridiculous health care bill that no one read before passing it. To reasonable people, regardless of their political leaning, Obama is not an effective leader, he is a consummate talking suit. He acts always like a petulant teenager when problems arise. He sicced the Justice Dept. onto BP when the focus should have been to stop the leak, and he sued Arizona when the focus should be on stopping illegals coming into the USA. I know many Democrats, and they are not anti-American, not pro-illegal alien, not anti-saving and investment. Everything Obama does scares them.

  58. As an orthodox Liberal, I will simply watch this second "Contract with America"/"Pledge" nonsense taking over Congress.

    To say Obama is a disappointment is putting it mildly. I have unsubscribed my White House email junk mail.

    I have stopped donating to women congressional races across the country.

    I will simply watch Obama and the spineless Democrats battle against Wall Street and their friends in Congress, the GOP.

    I won't lose any thing by watching Tea Partyers taking over the GOP and the GOP taking over Congress (both Senate and House) and the White House.

    I am tired of Obama, of the Tea Partyers who prefer the 1700s over 2010, and the GOP. Believe it or not, they all are the exact same hypocritical people. The only exception is, the GOP/Cons/Tea Paryers aren't ashamed to carry their bibles around, stand proudly in street corners, and scream day and night about total gibberish nonsense.

    Democrats have nothing to galvanize themselves, much less pull us Liberals into the fold.

  59. "But the fact that Mr. Obama needs to make such a concerted effort highlights the depth of disaffection among liberals over what they see as his failure to aggressively push for the change he promised."
    This is a great example of media talking points used to further a media agenda, rather than actually go out and cover the news. Little is written about the promises kept by Obama (over 80% by one measure), the benefits his policies have had on the previously uninsured (30 million), the middle class (numerous tax cuts), or the other progressive laws passed in less than two years in office. Instead, the media has focused on what the President has not done, or how long it took him to do the things he accomplished. To lend "legitimacy" to pursing this agenda they interview disgruntled progressives and escalate these complaints to front page news status. The President is not "scolding" progressive or liberals, he is just reminding them that life in the real world is sometimes about compromise and steady progress, not instant change and immediate results. Those of us in the liberal wing of the party have to smart enough not be used as pawns of the press or whipping boys for the right. We need to support this administration, support Democrats on the ballot and remain in power, because that is how REAL CHANGE can continue. The alternative is a Republican return to power followed by a compliant media, resulting in the further marginalization of the middle class and the assent of the social conservatives that place women's rights, gay rights, and programs for the poor at risk. We have been there and done that ----- do liberals all suffer from a political ADHD, and only live in the moment?

  60. What a useless article. Can you actually quote or follow up with an non-partisan political scientist or expert, that actually can verify what your quotes are saying? They all had vested interest in quotes they give, especially the Third Way guy. Is that correct what he said about the polls? Who knows? Who cares you didn't follow up! Ugh.

  61. Gee, I thought the Dumbocrats were surging in the polls. That's what the liberal media wants us to believe. Obama is the media created president...now they are creating a Congress.

  62. I have voted Democratic - not just once every ten years or so - but in every election since 1968. The fact that I am not voting Democratic this year is, to use a distinction made by John Lukacs, not important but significant.

  63. I didnt vote for this President because I didnt like the CHANGE he was talking about. And I know most of you on the left are obsessed with the color of his skin but this is a very fair country to those of us black or white who work hard and try to make something of ourselves. I come from a poor back round and didnt get much out of high school or for that matter much out of my 20's/30's but at some point I had to make a dicision, do I want to whine about how the "man" was keeping me down or did I want to do something about it, that was the CHANGE I needed, not sympathy or a hand out from a political party who kept telling us we could'nt make it without them. You know as well as I that America is not perfect and Presidents make mistakes but I love this country and will fight to keep this Government from telling me they know better then I. This is my life and my family, hands off. Change? you want change? do it for yourself.

  64. Frankly, I'm amazed (maybe dismayed is a better word), that the Democrats have not run on their legislative accomplishments over the past 20 months and focused more attention on the economy and jobs.

    Since January 2009, the Congress has a record of legislative achievement that rivals LBJ's "Great Society." The Democratic-controlled House and Senate pushed through a stimulus package that, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, created or saved 3.3 million jobs. Without doing so, unemployment and the overall economy would have been much worse.

    Should the stimulus have been more and perhaps better focused? Sure, but 3 mistakes were made in the early days of the new Obama administration. First, it relied on budgetary projections that were markedly off due to underestimating the seriousness of the economic situation. Second, it should never have claimed that with the stimulus, unemployment would not exceed 8% - they simply should have said it's going to take a long-time to turn this around, and things will get a lot worse before getting better. By his statement, the president was simply trying to reassure the American people and give them some confidence and hope, but he should never have made such a prediction when too many variables existed outside of his control. Third, the administration assumed that if the initial stimulus was not enough, they would simply ask for a second stimulus, not realizing that the Republicans were opposed to doing anything and would rather let the economy fail than help just to score political points.

    In additon, the Congress passed health care reform, a significant achievement. Health care coverage was provided for 32 million Americans, offering coverage for 95% of US residents. Rather than running away from their vote, Democrats should be trumpeting its many benefits. The flip-side is that most of the key benefits are long-term that will not be seen or felt for several years.

    Furthermore, new laws rescued our nation's financial industry from the worst collpase since the Great Depression as well as thousands of property owners from foreclosure. Consumers for the first time have federal protection from opaque and/or abusive lending practices that caused the real estate crash, leading to the financial crisis and economic downturn.

    Moreover, Congress passed laws to overhaul student loans and help ensure pay equity (Lily Ledbetter Act), enabling women to pursue lawsuits claiming they were underpaid, and permitted the Food and Drug Administration to regulate the tobacco industry, resulting in restrictions on cigarette marketing. Also, Congress expanded state programs for children's health insurance, offering coverage for an additional 3.5 million children.

    The scope of the laws enacted is breathtaking, comparable to congressional action in the 1960s that created Medicare, Medicaid and produced landmark civil rights legislation. Yet Democrats did it with smaller majorities than when Congress enacted FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society programs. And Democrats did it in the face of almost unanimous opposition from the Republicans, who simply said "No," "Can't" and ranted and obstructed at every step along the way.

    When have Republicans ever cared about women, children, minorities, and the health and well-being of ordinary Americans as opposed to caring about Wall Street, the wealthy, and special interests?

    Except perhaps for FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society, no Congress comes close to having so many accomplishments.

  65. #66 You want a "shut up and sit down...You didn't elect me and I don't represent your interests" Left government???!!! That's readily available in Cuba, China or anywhere else repressive and left wing. In the US the president, regardless of party affiliation is supposed to work with the duly elected Congress, not trod over the sensibilities of half the country. Please study political science and learn the difference between a dictator and an elected president of a republic.

    I remember when Bush was president Whoopie Goldberg loudly claimed "He's not MY president." That was false and anti-Democratic. The President of the US should be respected as the president of all of us, and if he is ethical he will strive to do his best for all of us, not just his base. As a Republican I would never claim that Obama is not our president, and am alarmed that the Left has such a hard time accepting democracy.

    It is comments like yours that make the Tea Party sooooo appealing.

  66. In 2008, I voted for Kucinich. I did not waste my vote.

  67. It's not the liberal votes that Obama and this Democratic Congress needs--it's independent voters like me. And when this adminsitration decided to govern from the far left, they lost independents.

    MoveOn.org liberals gave Obama the Democratic nomination; independents (and moderate Republicans) gave Obama the White House. This was NOT a rubber stamp to pursue a liberal agenda (the notable exception, of course, was Obama declaring that teh eastern seaboard would be open to offshore drilling just three weeks before the worst off-shore drilling accident in American history.

    When you crunch the numbers, there simply are not enough liberals to save this election, even if EVERY liberal in the United States voted in November. Republicans will pick up a minimum of 50 seats in the House. Democrats will likely hold 52 seats in the Senate.

    Here's a very important lesson: don't take moderates for granted. We swing elections. I live in a swing district. I voted for the incumbent Democrat, but I will be voting Republican this year. The Republican challenger is up by 11 points right now.

    Beware the radical moderates.

  68. Mr. President, I have voted for 32 years, since I turned 18. I did not just get 'excited' that you were running, I actually believed you were a man of your word. Silly me. You and Biden's condescending attitude at those of us who are disappointed is disgusting. Blaming congress is not going to get you off the hook. You could put a stop to DADT with the stroke of a pen, your loss.

    I will be voting democrat in November, but I will also continue to hold your feet to the fire. You do not get a free pass because the GOP is worse, I have voted for the lesser of two evils too often, I just never thought you would wind up being one of them. As for voting for you again, that is not a guarantee. So you can just 'buck it up' and hope you are not joint the unemployed in two years.

  69. 176 says the country wasn't ready for Obama as if that's a bad thing. Obama will get another term....if he can lower the voting age to 15.

  70. #353, Phil Shaw, Obama ran on a center left platform and got a clear majority of electoral and popular votes. The notion that the US is center right is a statistic promulgated by those with an interest in framing our debate.

    When it comes down to concrete policies, Americans are not free market libertarians, are more center-left in accordance with Obama's platform. They like their Medicare, like their Social Security, do not want to see their jobs offshored, do not want to see cheap skilled labor onshored.

    Capital is on strike in the US except for financing media propaganda and efforts to purchase the government. These billionaires are not satisfied with 98%, they want 101%.

  71. Does this mean we can look forward to more stealing-candy-from-babies speeches? Probably so, given the success of the Madison speech: Feingold has actually lost ground to Johnson in the week since the speech was given.

  72. Obama's White House and his Democratic controlled congress have spent the last two years thumbing their noses at the progressives. They have gone out of their way to deride and dishonor their progressive supporters. Now they want to ask for progressive support and votes after using the last two years talking down their base. How stupid do they think people are? If the Democrats are going to play that kind of cynical game they can do without that part of their base since they don't have any intention of making good on promises to their base.

  73. President Obama has been a disappointment. Regardless of his accomplishments, this is a president who forced an unpopular health care plan on the populace, while leaving several campaign promises on the table. DADT, ENDA, Guantanamo Bay, the escalation of the wars and the increases in military funding, the complete lack of focus on jobs and the economy.

    The people who got him elected believed in these promises, and as a prior commenter stated, support is a two way street.

    I will be voting Libertarian this election.

  74. "But we all knew this until the followers of Aynd Rand and some crazy economists of the so-called Austrian School decided to destroy all economic and social institutions.

    Now, they have a television platform -Fox News-, millions and millions of dollars, a political party -the Tea Party- and have been finally able to infiltrate the GOP."

    That's a good one!

    The reason the corrupt Democratic/Repuplican establishment has run this country into the ground, is precisely the mix of an unelected Federal Reserve supporting Keynsian-based debt bubbles, that are exploited by the well connected on Wall Street/Washington crowd; A situation that is precisely NOT a following of an Austrian Economic Model that abhores currency manipulation and centralized corruption of the market.

    Its really a very easy situation to understand, if you try.

    Just because Republicans throw around a few Libertarian buzzwords now and then to pick up some voters shouldn't fool you into thinking we have had ANYTHING like a truly free, uncorrupted economy reflecting unbiased decisions of all the individual citizens. The Democrat/Republican/Fed Banker model only serves to produce centrally planned, MALINVESTMENT bubbles, that take all the rest of us (except the corrupted/connected) down through loss of jobs, property and through the undemocratic inflation tax.

    Libertarians/Austrians want NO favoring of anyone in the market. Your precious Democrats and Republicans have been building a massive government framework that rigs the system for their special interest string-pullers. That you should now be bamboozled into blaming an economic model (Austrian type) which has never been in plays, just demonstrates that along with Washington, the minds of the populace have been thoroughly corrupted.

    Just read The Road to Serfdom already, hold your nose already and read it to understand there are other ways of thinking than our corrupt 2-party status quo! Just try and keep your mind a tiny bit open, and see the bigger picture of what is happening around here.




  75. I too, am holding my nose this November and voting the straight Democratic ticket. I will give these bozos one more chance to get it right. I hope this mid-term election gets rid of some of the DINOs, because I think they are a much bigger problem than Obama's wussiness.
    We could have had much better health care reform and financial reform if we didn't have so many Democrats in Congress acting just like Republicans, and right-wing ones at that.
    Sometime in the next 2 years I hope we have campaign finance reform, as I think the country is headed downhill without it. I will push for this with my Senators and Representatives. Everyone who really cares about this country should do the same. We should bombard our representatives with demands for campaign finance reform endlessly. We should be pests and damn nuisances until they do something. Or else, with the blessing of the Supreme Court, the big multinational corporations will be able to buy our country outright-lock, stock and barrel.

  76. Murry Rothbard, Libertarian/Austrian, making a case against banks.


    Similarly, making a case against Milton Friedman


    Can we agree we should stop lumping in Libertarians and Austrian-style proponents with the Repulican, Neoconservative Party? And once we do that, put the ideas out there to be debated against the current Republican/Democrat status quo?

  77. All he has to do is sign the STOP-LOSS On DADT.

  78. The discouragement and disaffection is palpable. Afghanistan is a disaster. Get out ASAP. Fire Blackwater. Start a WPA and save the country from the war machine. Tax the rich. Stop the privatization of our school system and national parks. STOP TORTURE.

  79. All who care about human dignity , human values and human rights - protected by all faiths and beliefs - pray for the continued success of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in protecting them for all Americans and for all in the world , and pray for their success in the 2010 and 2012 U.S. elections.
    As President Obama argues : the alternative is far worse. ,
    All pray now that President Barack Obama will very soon –before this November U.S. elections - publicly disclose to all Americans and to the world ,the names of the criminals -in the USA and in the world - who are ultimately responsible for the evil crimes of 9/11 ,their real objectives in this war on Islam using Muslim criminals ,
    the two wars that followed in Iraq and Afghanistan - both citing 9/11 as the reason,
    the devastation that these wars have caused in these two countries ,
    the hundreds or thousands of Americans, Canadians and other NATO heroes killed or wounded ,
    the thousands or millions of Muslims and others who were killed, wounded ,displaced……in the world
    , the present daily killing of tens or hundreds of innocents in Iraq or Afghanistan to keep the US and NATO fully engaged , to claim that President Obama policies of disengagement are not working ,
    the resulting prejudice towards the Islamic faith of some in the USA ,Canada and in the world including that demonstrated by the deliberate killing in Iraq and Afghanistan of civilians who are not even involved in a legitimate opposition , by the American forces ,
    and the very serious ,still existing , economic problems that followed these wars in the USA and in the world.
    Those criminals of 9/11 are very likely also responsible for the present rig explosion disaster in the USA and for the human, ecological , environmental and economic devastation it caused.

  80. Unfortunately, he's correct...

  81. It's easy to overstate liberal disillusionment with Obama. According to Gallup, in September his approval rating among self-described liberals was 75%. Among Democrats, Pollster has his aggregate approval rating as 80%. Of course, dig deeper and you'll find that many Democrats and liberals who profess to "approve" of Obama actually have many disagreements. And that perhaps come closer to the reality. The boring truth is that Obama, like every past Democratic president and like every left-of-center democratic leader in the world, has a mixed record: some real accomplishments, some disappointments, some reversals and broken or delayed promises.

    It's notable that every Democratic president of the past century, yes - even FDR - faced widespread liberal disillusionment and anger over real and perceived policy failures. And although this point is often raised to dismiss liberal concerns, it's worth grappling with the fact that these disappointments were often very real. FDR really did put the Japanese in internment camps, bargained away civil rights and accepted a grossly-watered down Social Security. Truman really did renege on most of his domestic policy promises and really did appoint reactionary hacks to the Supreme Court. Kennedy really did dither on civil rights, increase U.S. involvement in Vietnam (whatever his ultimate intentions), and blunder of the Bay of Pigs. The failures of LBJ, Carter and Clinton are so well-known that they don't bear repeating.

    Nor is liberal disillusionment unique to the United States. It's striking that in virtually every democratic nation, the left is more fractious and divided than the right, and left-of-center political leaders are invariably derided as sellouts or ineffectual.

    I say this not to dismiss liberal criticism. Rather, liberals need to stop believing that there is some leader out there who will decisively fix all of our biggest national problems. Liberals should continue to criticize and disagree. But the only thing worse than slow change is no change. Accept that even the "glorious" policy wins of the past were grueling, drawn-out, and anticlimactic. Being involved in politics means playing a long game and not cutting off of your nose to spite your face. Be unhappy with the pace of change if you wish, but unless you honestly believe the Republicans would be better or at least no worse than the Democrats, you need to vote Democratic.

  82. This entire blog is nothing but a transparent Karl Rove platform of Republicans posing as Democrats or Independents, and one comment in particular states that more and more people are beginning to see that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, except for Ron Paul.

    Except ofr Ron Paul?

    Is that the same Paul who wants to raise the SS age limit, to what he never says? Perhaps eighty ,80, years of age so that 1%of the population ever draws SS, or whatever passes for that under the his Party?

    You people come out in all kinds of guises to fool the brain-dead masses, of which neither you or them or 99% of the people who blog here have any knowledge of, or capacity to, think critically.

    The only comments that made any sense of the over 520 so far submitted are one smart person who has given up on the United States and moved to Switzerland, and one other who now beleives that a Revolution might not be a bad thing.

    The last is from a person who regularly contributes here in measured, intelligent responses and who is now beginning to see the light.

    The United States is dying, and those of you who refuse to see that fact will die with that dying Nation.


    What ails president Regan Clinton Bush Obama? I tend to think that there is such a guy in the American White House receiving the votes every time and doing little to the satisfaction of the electorate.
    After voting in president Obama with a lot of expectations most of which did not materialize to match expectations, I think its the high time that America should rethink its democracy. I tend to feel that the American presidency is a captive of some institutionalized inner forces that go against the mainstream thinking of the average American who has been pushed to the corner.

    There is likely to be a nosedive of voter turnout unlike when president Obama came to the White House - when the electorate that there was a turning point. Even the droolings woke up to be counted. The main reason if that happened can only be explained by the fact that they are jilted by the performance of this administration with regard to its promises during the past elections. It will not matter so much who wins but I think if that happens, these non participants should worry the winner or loser - the entire Republic. It means that whatever government that may come in such a scenario should consider itself a government of minority.
    Is there a cure for this for America? Yes there is and the only thing that is remaining for America to be an active democracy and a awakened performer would to rethink its two party democracy by bringing up their minority parties in order to have a third voice instead on relying on these 2 tired steeds for speed. That is the card that got Britain partially out of the morass that was Labour Conservative axis stranglehold on power.
    Does America have such a capacity?
    Yes - the so called independents, the swings and so on could produce something akin to a negotiated democracy that is needed to revitalize the state of politics in America which are now anything coercive and an incessant continuous revitalizing the house with same old-rusty-2-nails that continue to bend and wasted energy on the hummer.
    Why am I saying all this?
    Recent history tends to indicate that no matter what you choose; Democrats or Republicans, there will be no real change and the any president will be as bad as the last 4 because - its much easier to muzzle two strong protagonists instead of a 3,4 and 5 healthy parties that are more inclusive. Too much democracy in the hands of a few parties like the two we have may mean that the president has no power which is in the hands of the reach few with a capital agenda. In such a scenario, it is safe to say that America does not have statesmen - it has only political investors with a minority shareholding. The voter interests have little or no value.

  84. For how long are democrats going to make the argument, "We're better than the alternative"?

    That's hardly a strong endorsement. Quite frankly, a few years ago things were a lot better than they are now. At least people were working.

  85. This is why I voted for Hillary. The Clintons stood up to the extremists and blowhards on the right. The Obama team has no guts.

  86. President Obama has accomplished a lot during his first 20 months in office:

    He got health care reform passed.
    He pulled us out of the worst of the recession.
    He reformed Wall Street.
    He reformed Credit card practices.
    He got big banks out of the college loan business
    He signed legislation to give equal pay for equal work to women
    He increased access to health care benefits for veterans
    He made funds available to help small businesses

    All of this without bipartisan support, in fact with the most partisan congress I have ever seen .

    Sure a lot of people are angry, because many special interests out to grab bucks to the ruin of our country have had a bit of their candy taken away.

    Please, Mr Obama, campaign for Democrats on your and their record. You have a lot to be proud of.

  87. There sure are a lot of people proclaiming how they, always, blindly vote Democrat, no matter how liberal (or not-liberal) their candidate might be. I sure hope these aren't the same commenters getting wildly upset at people doing the same for their chosen party.

  88. Well, Obama has capitulated to Geithner, Summers and their cronies at GS and AIG. He has been timid, cautious and afraid of hurting anyone's feelings. Mollycoddled the Chinese.

    what did he expect? he needs to buckle up and show the people whether he believes in anything.

  89. How ironic that Obama, who entered the presidency with an 80% approval rating is out begging Democrats to vote because his party is the lesser evil! Obama has essentially given the middle finger to all of the constituencies that did the hard work to get him elected - progressives, African-Americans, gays, environmentalists and unions. From the start, with the appointment of Geitner and Summers, he betrayed us. It is tragic to consider what his presidency has become as compared to what it could have been. Obama could have made a real difference, instead he turned out to be same old, same old.

  90. So Obama is basically taking the liberal demographic for granted and settling for presenting himself as the lesser of the available evils and telling us that will have to be good enough? What happened to the guy we elected? I've come to believe that guy never really existed, and Obama has been just the little man behind the curtain all along. Pah. To other progressives feeling used and betrayed, I'd say PLEASE take a long look at the Coffee Party with an eye toward building it into a viable third party...

  91. I too, am disappointed in many ways. But, I am disappointed in myself.The President is right to remind progressives that they need to work too. Last year, during the screeching town halls, where were we progressives? The "Tea Partyers" were able to say they spoke for America because they were the only ones speaking.

    I had hoped with such positive election results we could do more. But, without positive, vocal support from Democrats much of what we wanted became politically impossible. To those who are in difficult positions (and yes, many professionals are now in tough times), decades of policies favoring business and the rich (of which I am considered one) have resulted in huge concentrations of power and wealth. There is no "trickle down" - power is used to amass even greater wealth.

    The Dems are not socialists, but they are trying to put in place fair policies which will begin to level the playing field. Businesses have not stopped hiring because of Obama's policies. They are not hiring because they don't have customers. Even those of us who are better off need middle class and working class people to earn living wages so they can purchase our products and services. The Dems could do a lot more, but all options for the government to help stimulate job growth add to the deficit - and we know where the teaparty crowd stands on the deficit.

    I don't agree with all the Dems are doing, but they are taking steps in the right direction and things are improving. But these are deep-rooted problems that will take a long time to reverse. And yes, we need to stand up, buck up and speak up to keep us moving forward.

  92. If you want to move the country forward and protect Social Security and Medicare support Democrats.

    Paul Ryan (the “GOP Idea Man”) has proposed a budget with tax cuts for the wealthy of historic proportions (including eliminating capital gains, corporate, and estate taxes), increasing middle class taxes, and adding a regressive consumption tax. The plan is so draconian that many in the GOP are afraid to openly endorse it. As a result of tax cuts for the wealthy, the debt would continue to "grow" until at least 2050!

    So far on the chopping block – cut and privatize Social Security and Medicare, terminate CHIP, end most of Medicaid, and eliminate the tax exclusion for employer-sponsored health insurance. A voucher system would replace these health programs resulting in rationed care by failing to cover the high cost of private insurance.

    The Ryan Budget’s Radical Priorities (analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities): http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=3114
    “All in all, the Ryan Roadmap charts a radical course that, if they understood it, few Americans likely would want to follow.”

    Ryan is set to become chairman of the Budget Committee if his party wins back control of the House. Vote wisely.