Game’s Holy Grail Is Far From Elusive

The hole in one has been accomplished by everyone from children to the elderly, from presidents and performers to average Joes.

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  1. The Yangster shines in sartorial glory as little Tiger coughs up a hairball !

  2. I've played thousands of rounds of golf. Never had an ace. I've missed a hole-in-one by less than an inch. I've had two two balls fly into the cup on re-tees on a par 3, a big fat "3" on the scorecard.

    I witnessed one ace. It was by a guy who tagged along with my regular partner. He played about once every two years with clubs that were better suited as garden stakes than for playing golf. No glove. No spikes. He hit a ground ball on a very dry and slightly downhill fairway that rolled onto the green and into the cup.

    What was more galling was when he teed up on the next hole with the same ball. He just had no clue.

  3. My Dad, who was always at least a 20 handicapper, had 3 holes in one in an 18-month period when he was in his 70s. What a thrill. We often called him old "triple-ace" Wild.

  4. Got mine in 1998--age 43; playing for 7 years, 161 yard hole with a 7 iron and a Pinnacle ball. Was a decent shot that got very lucky. Three witnesses whom I remind every year on August 15th. Thanks for the great article.

  5. Bob Bidwell and his wife both got holes-in-one on the same day at Venango Golf Course,PA. Has this ever been done?

  6. Last Friday, a long time golfing buddy from Florida and our wives were playing a round prior to our club's annual member-guest tournament at Maggie Valley Club, NC. I went to great lengths to explain the quirks of the 183-yard, downhill, par 3, 15th hole, which slopes miserably on the side of the mountain from right to left. There's not member of the club who wouldn't settle for a bogey four if he could just move on to the next hole without playing it. I told my friend the best shot would be to place the ball between a high mound on the right and the pin, and just hope as it rolls right to left it stops somewhere on the green. He said, "Show me." I fired my 5 hybrid at the designated target and executed it perfectly. We lost sight of the ball in the afternoon sun as it descended. After everyone hit, we approached the green. No balls on the green. I was sure mine did what it always does and rolled off to the left of the green down the hill. We found everyone's ball except mine. Someone said, "Check the hole." There it was, the Pinnacle Exception logo looking up at me as if to be winking from the bottom of the cup. Footnote: My friend, a long-time golfing partner has had one hole in one and I've had two. We were together for all three!

  7. Closest I ever got was having the ball roll right to the hole and hang over the edge, but not drop. I know I can never get any closer without getting one.

  8. Listen, you duffers who play at the game,
    To a tale of our hero, Bernie Green is his name.
    Come gather around, women and men,
    To a story we'll tell again, and again ...
    A story of glory, a story of fame.

    On a day that he would remember forever
    Our guy left the clubhouse, in indifferent weather.
    He recalled special chants his golf pro had said,
    "Pull with your left hand. Hold down your head."
    And he tried hard to put a good golf game together.

    Our hero played with his normal resign,
    Taking his divots, taking his time,
    Topping the ball, watching the pin,
    Hooking and slicing and circling in,
    Showing his mastery of the course's front nine.

    One in the sand, and two 'neath the tree,
    As pin after pin was replaced, eventually.
    And with the choice of his club carefully made
    He sent the ball in a graceful fade
    Out of his sight, away from the Tee.

    The ball left his vision somewhere between
    The left front bunker and, of all things, the green.
    "A good shot, perhaps, if it didn't roll by,"
    He thought as he walked to examine the lie.
    But the little white thing was not to be seen!

    There! In the hole! A tee shot that sinks!
    Tell all the others! Buy us some drinks!
    So off to the clubhouse, abandon all reckless,
    Visions of Palmer, Trevino, and Nicklaus,
    Secure in the glory of fame on the links!

  9. I have always wondered if my ace counts. It currently has a big Roger Maris-like asterisk. I was playing in a scramble, and our team only had three golfers. According to the rules of the day, we rotated and were allowed to hit twice every third shot. I came up to the 14th hole and promptly put my shot into the pond. It was my turn to hit twice, so I teed up another. This one went in. Does it count? I think not. That means I am still waiting...

  10. I've read the USGA guidelines on this and while I am not a rules official, it seems to me that this does not count as a hole in one. So your inclination appears correct. Tee shots in scrambles can count but it has to be the first one, at least as I read it. Sorry.

  11. I want to know who had a hole in one on a 500 yard hole?

  12. Michael Crean, 517-yard ninth hole at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in 2002.

  13. This summer,Walter Link,a 15 handicap,had consecutive holes in one(the 3d hole and the 7th hole at the beautiful University Golf Course in Vancouver.


  14. Had my first (only, thus far) last September, during an otherwise horrible round in Massachusetts. A 133-yard par 3, gap wedge, it hit the flag and dropped straight in. Didn't believe it until we walked up and found it there. It had dented the edge of the cup, so a fraction of an inch the other way and it would have been "close but no cigar." It was fun, but it seems to confirm something bad about Nixon that as late in life as 1961 he called his the biggest thrill of his life.