Obama Wins Crucial Senate Vote on F-22

The vote in the Senate to delete financing for new F-22s was a victory for President Obama in his efforts to reshape the military’s priorities.

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  1. YES! It's time to bring down this proliferation of this incredibly expensive war machine.

    We have people living in tents and starving here in the USA...it's time to get priorities straight!

  2. For each one of these Multi-Billion dollar planes, we can have far more functionality with <$500 UAV type robots.

    The fact is we are going towards nanotechnology, where wars will be fought by microscopic clouds of fog, otherwise known as "toner wars," as depicted in _the diamond age_ by Neal Stephenson.

    Building these antique artifacts of the cold war would be like building 1978 cray computers (which cost $50M each) and are less powerful than iphones.

    The military budget in general is full of waste like this. We have far better ways to save money, namely through innovation. Let's put the money there, were we can benefit the most.

  3. Wonderful.

  4. Wonderful. Now wrap it up for good in Iraq, leave Afghanistan within a year and cut about 40 percent more of Defense's bloated $660 billion budget.

    Cutting corporate welfare that kills hundreds of thousands of innocent people: That would be change I can believe in!

  5. President Obama,


    I am glad you finally proved your mettle and defeated one pork project. I hope this is just the first sign and we will see you take on Congress on Healthcare policy too.

  6. Thank you Mr. Obama, for putting the priorities of this great nation back on the right track.

  7. As long as we don't into conflict with Russia, China, EU, India or Japan, President O's decision make sense.

  8. We'll be needing them, you'll see, and also this was stimulus like it or not...

    If we can spend millions of Golf Carts why not F-22 Rators are we gonna advance against the world's largest Tank army in Golf Carts...?

    I'm just sayin...

    We're wasting $23.7 Trillion so what another few billion to keep people working..!

  9. Good!

  10. The pres is being foolish...our pilots deserve this mighty fine aircraft and our country will wish we had more in future conflicts...and goody lots more skilled jobs down the stinking drain...way to go O

  11. Funny how many who support continuing the construction of F-22s are also great supporters of traditional capitalism, an economic system that involves the natural overturn of markets that no longer serve consumer interests. What are we going to do with a bunch of useless warplanes? There's no market for these F-22s anymore, as per capitalism.

  12. Isn't it sad that Congress will pass a vote to arm the American people with more war planes while I understand it is a need but can not pass a bill to arm the American people with health care plan! Sad, the terrorists may be kept at arms length as long as it doesn't resort to germ warfare! Health care should be as important for all Americans as planes and D.O.D. especially with the on going threat of Swine Flu also known as N1H1 virus

  13. Well, if they don't find some way to wrap up the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and pray that the economy grow again, F35 will be cut too, if not totally at least substantially. What kind of war the Pentagon wants to fight or think it will fight is not the problem. The problem is there is no money when deficit breaches 2 trillion.

  14. Great news! Now if we could only close some of our 700+ military bases around the world and stop wasting money maintaining an empire.

  15. Billions for bailouts, misguided stimulus projects and ACORN. Squat for the armed forces which keep us safe. As with Clinton and his own gutting of the military, you will reap what you sow President Obama.

  16. Reason and progress wins out over self-interest and political posturing. How refreshing. Now on to healthcare?

  17. Not saving a project which could keep our nation safe because of budget demanded by President Obama while saving GM and Chrysler which are not needed by economy is certainly the Obama way of doing. Bowing to the threats of nations such as Iran, President Obama said he would veto a project which might protect America (sounds like Pelosi wrote his speech).

  18. We still spend a trillion a year on military. More than the rest of the world combined. We do well with guns; butter not so much. Unsustainable!

  19. It's about time. We should spend the money on healthcare.

    Now let's follow up this move with bringing home our troops from Germany and Japan after their 60-year vacation.

  20. If we cannot afford health care for all citizens of this advanced country; if we cannot afford to build new schools for the future and upgrade the ones we have; if we cannot afford to build new grids for new power sources, then how can we afford more weapons systems to fight wars that will never happen? Does anyone really believe that either Iran or China will start a war with the U.S. and waste their resources on such a fruitless and wasteful mission? To date, only America has done that, i.e. Iraq. The rest of the world is not as militaristic or aggressive as we became under Bush/Cheney. We are over in Iraq rebuilding what we destroyed; we are tied down in Afghanistan and Pakistan fighting an unseen enemy with unreliable local allies; and neither of these conflicts require supersonic high tech planes. If we need 25,000 jobs, start building new energy grids, repairing roads, bridges, dams and schools, and on and on. Thank you Senators Leavy and McCain.

  21. This is very similar to what Rumsfeld tried to do to bloated defense programs pre-9/11. DOD lifers never forgave him and eventually took him down.

  22. So what kind of plane's going to shoot down the supersonic Taliban fighter jets or the Al-Quaeda bombers or the North Korean attack planes?
    Oh, wait.....never mind.

  23. We are set to spend 652 billion dollars on defence in 2009. The next highest defence budget, China, is 70 billion dollars. Worldwide military spending is at it's highest per capita since WWII. Yet in spite of this, 40 senators still think we need to spend an additional 2 billion dollars on fighter jets?? That we already have 200 of?!?

  24. Common sense rules!

  25. A good first step. More cuts in cold war hardware.

  26. I applaud the administration and their allies in the Senate for their efforts in halting production of this cold war relic. It is proof positive that, when the president really wants to go to the mat on an issue, he can get what he wants. Let's hope that the vote on the F-22 is a favorable precursor to the coming votes on health care.

  27. Well, Obama wasn't going to carry Georgia in 2012, anway; and , the people in California are generally illiterate and will simply vote Democrat, as most uneducated people do. So , it is a win-win for Obama --- a smart move.

  28. Wow! 1.75 billion! Out of a budget of over 500 billion....

  29. This is a vote that improved the National Security by preventing the pillage from within. Thank you to John McCain. No thanks to any Democrat who is plied by the treasury looters.

  30. I, for one, am glad to hear this. While I love the design of the F/A-22, its profile, and history, I don't think it is the solution we need right now. But I am also concerned about the confidence in the F-35 program. I may be out of date with my sources, but if I recall correctly that project has cost us a lot of money with little operational gain.

    Multi-role aircraft are great ideas, but they will never be as good at their jobs as dedicated platforms. I doubt anyone would deny that our current air fleet is aging, even with its impressive record. Airframes don't last forever. My biggest concern here is that we (not just the USA, there are a lot of nations in the JSF program) are spending a lot of money on an aircraft with no proven operational record that may or may not prove as effective as our current fleet (and in the long run, might cost us more).

    Playing Devil's advocate here - Shall we ditch the stealth capability? If we are truly going for a counter-terrorist air fleet, well... I'm pretty sure they don't use RADAR. The Mark 1 Eyeball can see a "stealth" aircraft just fine if it knows what to look for.

  31. So 95,000 direct and indirect jobs are put in peril to save $1.75 billion. And we hear moans about losing our manufacturing base? These are advanced high-tech jobs and capabilities and, I would presume, "shovel ready". We bolster defense capabilities, keep a pool of talent and skills employed and we do it for a lot less than buying warehouses full of ham and cheese as the "stimulus" bill calls for. Talk about a country with its priorities seriously out of whack.

  32. This looks like a good decision if the F35 goes as planned. of course, based on past perfromances, I'm sure the F35 will be a disaster as well. Defense contarcting needs to be fixed and this is at least a start.

  33. Thank goodness. Even Secretary Gates says DOD does not want them, yet many legislators are willing to sacrifice even the military's well being for corporate interests by giving Lockheed Martin whatever they want. It is so hypocritical of them to wrap themselves in the flag and profess their support for the troops. Well here is yet another example of what they really are interested in, and that is the almighty corporate dollar.

  34. I think this policy is misguided. We have the chance to spend very little money on the best warplanes on Earth, and we can't muster the political will? But we'll prop up GM? We'll bail out the old boys network on Wall Street? What kind of defensive strategy is that?

  35. I'm sure Hussein Obama will "reach out" to our enemies who will then respond with loving kindness, lay down their arms, recognize Israel, adopt a democratic system, and live happily ever after.


  36. Shame on Sens. Dodd, Feinstein and Boxer for voting to retain this utterly unecessary military spending, unwanted by the President, the Defense Department and those Senators of both parties who are truly concerned about our nation's defense. It was pure and simple provincial self-interest on the part of all three.

  37. Thank goodness!!

  38. "Proponents say more of the planes are needed as insurance for possible wars with countries like China and Iran."

    Oh please, enough with the hyperbole. Read up on "Art of War", China could go to war (e.g. financial war) without even firing a single bullet. A good example of this is the current Rinto Tinto (Australian mining giant)/China State secrets scandal.

    The F-22/35's are really just to counter the Russian SU-35/37's, of which the Russians no doubt will sell plenty to China & maybe even do so in non-US dollars.

  39. This is a great loss for the American military. Those 7 F-22s would have kept the production line open, so that in the future, when we get a Defense Secretary who actually understands the importance of replacing an aging fleet of air superiority fighters and buying state-of-the-art fighters now (so we don't have to replace them in ten years), we could produce the F-22 in adequate numbers.

    As is, the fighter has now gone to waste, including all of the time and cost put into developing it. With a closed production line, it will be difficult even to build parts for the existing 187, ensuring that only a small percentage of them will ever fly at one time. It will stand as a symbol of Gates' intransigence, his unwillingness to listen to the military officials who requested it (always a sign of bad Defense Secretaries - look at Robert S McNamara), and the lie that he's somehow changing the system.

    As is, now we're stuck with the F-35, which is still in development. Considering that it's supposed to be an "all-in-one" fighter, you can almost guarantee the development costs will skyrocket, and the procured number will drop, until the US Air Force is a shadow of what it once was.

  40. We don't need a weapon like this when our potential enemies'fighter aircraft are badly out-classed even by the upgraded versions of the F-14, 15, 16 and 18 (Cold War relics that they are). The F-22 is nothing more than an expensive toy and an enormous waste of resources. Our forces would be better served had this money gone toward more helicopters and better armour for vehicles and personnel alike.

  41. Good, I am glad the F-22 is being curtailed. Sure, it is a magnificent "bird," but considering that the B-52's life has been extended by many decades, and that the F-15 has never been shot down, the F-22 is overkill. The JSF (F-35) can probably do the job almost as well, and *it* has vertical take-off capabilities, which the F-22 doesn't.

    The F-22 has been in development for 20 years. Enough is enough.

  42. How can 41% of the Senate be so stupid to vote for Billions for unwanted war planes when the country needs health care ? The obstructionist party (GOP) is voting to tilt the nation further into the hole rather than to help it get on its feet.
    Support Obama and remember the obstructionists when the 2010 vote takes place. Reject the Republicans that are pulling the country down with the idea that they will benefit from the chaos they helped generate.
    A Canadian Friend

  43. After watching Gates's presentation on CSPAN on the F-22, it's amazing that there were 40 Senate votes against the cut. It proves to the average citizen how our Congressional members have an agenda that's not in synch with America's best interest.

  44. Well, finally!

    Now, Mr. President, let's show the same spine on health care!

  45. Political PORK makes strange bedfellows!!!

    For planes the Secretary of Defense DIDN'T even want! And KUDOS to Gates for not wanting to spend money just for the sake of not losing it!

  46. That's wonderful news! Think of all the health care we can afford just by getting rid of this incredibly stupid warplane!

  47. Air Supremacy, not hot air supremacy. Peace in our time? Tell that to the Iraqui's and North Koreans, and by the way has anyone noticed that China is using the former Empire of Japan's plan for Southeast Asia domination?

  48. I think it's ok to cut out things we do not need, but is it a fact that we do not need planes. I'm afraid that like carter, this president, will cut the military so much that it will take years to put it back in place as it did in the Reagan years. We need to be prepared at all times for whatever might happen to our country and the only way to do that is to have the right equipment. With saying that, we should also forgo the cap and trade crap, the healthcare nightmare and no more stimulus that is doing nothing, no more bailouts. The only thing we should be working on right now is giving tax breaks to companies so that they can create new jobs and put people back to work, then our economy will grow again and we can overcome this. Then if the president is so set on passing healthcare, try it themselves first for 5 years and see how they like it, if it's successful then we can all try it but i don't want to be the guinea pig.

  49. The money wasted on just CIT a few months ago was over 2 Billion, and it went down the rat hole, could have more than paid for the continued F-22 raptor line, but Obama says we have no money,

    Billions for the Bankers but not one cent for Defense.

  50. The military gets far too much money. We don't need 10% of this to defend ourselves adequately.

    We are out of our minds, letting education and health care suffer because of this.

  51. It's about time the politicians stood up to the military-industrial complex and its junk marketers.

  52. The F-22 is still supposed to relieve the aging fleet of F-15s, the average age of which is 26 years. The ENTIRE F-15 fleet had to be grounded in 2007, following the aforementioned incident where an aircraft disintegrated in flight. Some estimates indicate that the F-22 Raptor’s manufacturing cost, however, has risen to $122-$181 million apiece, excluding R&D costs. Industry experts state, however, that the variations in cost are mostly due to different cost calculations, such as Program Acquisition Unit Cost (PAUC), Average Unit Flyaway Cost (AUFC), or Unit Recurring Flyaway Cost (URFC), which generally apply different ways of distributing non-recurring development costs on units. Industry sources mention an average unit recurring flyaway cost of $140 million for the F-22.

    Further cost escalation seems likely, as US combat aircraft have a long and painful history of costly post-IOC design fixes and mission changes to deal with initial design and production programs. As mentioned earlier, however, additional requirements and delays could be a major driver in such cost increases. Industry officials also claim that the recurring cost for the F-22 unit hs come down 35 percent since Lot 1.29 The Air Force’s procurement plan of 20 aircraft per year will not allow the 441 F-15C/Ds to retire by the middle of the next decade. The Air Force plans to maintain a fleet of 177 F-15Es through 2025. By that time, some of the fighter jets will be 40-45 years old. F-15E air-to-ground aircraft will eventually be replaced by F-35s.

  53. No chance our enemies around the world will mistake that for a sign of weakness.

    You know what enemies are, don't you liberals?

    It's usually bad to show them you are scared and unwilling to stand up for yourselves.

    But hey, it's not like it's ever turned out bad before in history, right?

  54. Stupidity takes a firmer hold in Washington. ALL of the research and engineering will now be lost, which means when we need new warplanes, AND WE WILL, they will cost much more than this current program. Its funny...all my friends that were so proud to vote for President Obama are now silent on the subject. Moderates and independents are now beginning to realize we elected a far left senator with no desire at all for bi-partisan legislation on the many issues facing America today. This is a disaterous decision akin to the Carter era...the worst president in modern times.

  55. China is mentioned at least twice as a potential foe in this article. Do politicians and Pentagon types know something we don't? Is the finance situation likely to deteriorate that far, or is it just the traditional disagreement over economic & political systems? Either way, scary stuff.

  56. 250 MILLION for one plane? to serve what purpose..... that in itself if pure insanity......

  57. Well done, President Obama. This plane requires 30 hours of maintenance for every hour of flying.
    It may be stealthy, but not when it is sitting on the ground where it can be blown to smithereens, and it does way, way too much of that.

  58. Mr. Undersecretary for Strategic Weapons Procurement, I'll expect your resignation on my desk within the hour. It was your responsibility to secure a full fleet of F-22's and a 600-ship Navy, after all. And quit staring at those homeless outside the Pentagon when I'm talking to you.

  59. There goes the health care!! With thousands more out of work, there will not be enough money to insure them! What you all do not realize is that the company needs manufacturing jobs. The reason BO does not want these jobs is that they are not unionized. Pure and Simple! These are jobs for expert engineers and machinists as opposed to the lowly auto workers. These men do not need unions! The enemy from within has spoken and it is not us.

  60. Somewhere, China leaders are smiling.

  61. A good start, Obama-san....just a few more trillion in budget cuts needed to get out of this fiscal hellhole.

  62. I would suggest that savings from not spending on budget items such as these planes that are made in nearly all 50 stages be directed to education. An educated citizenry IS our national defense, and with so many folks not having a true understanding of science, history, the world we live in, we risk too much. Education, too, takes place in all 50 states, so the legislators should be happy to get the infusion of funds these fighter jet savings represent. Let's create more engineers and teachers.

  63. This shows how tough it is to pull anything out of the defense budget. Here we had the secretary of defense, the president and common sense all behind the cancellation of this wasteful plane; yet it took a veto threat to finally kill it. At least I hope this killed it. Bravo President Obama and Secretary Gates. Booo to Senators Kennedy, Byrd and all others who put their own selfish "jobs" arguments ahead of the nation as a whole.

  64. i am an animal rights, peace loving souvenir of the 60's. it seems to me, and i am very sad to say this, that our security abroad and especially here, is based upon our ability to intimidate, bluster and if necessary, follow through. without weapons, we become a roaring toothless tiger facing a barage of angry armed villagers. these weapons have prevented large scale slaughters like those we saw in the WW1 and 2. will the only actions left to us be wagging a finger and saying "we dont like what you're doing? war is horrible, no debate, but he who flexes muscles is less likely to be attacked!!!!

  65. The country that can afford $670 billion for a year of war power (or $7 trillion over the next decade) can't afford healthcare for 47 million people at $1 trillion over the next 10 years.

  66. Yes, we may have enough F-22s - at least the Air Force itself seems to agree. Yes, that extra spending would probably be wasteful.

    At the same time, this does not excuse the hypocrisy of the administration. The $1.75b is a drop in the bucket when compared to the overall defense budget of $679b for the year, and that pales in comparison to the cost of the energy and health care bills floating around Congress.
    It is time to see some meaningful cuts in the size of government programs across the board.

  67. Kenton McCarthy: You are aware that these employees would be just as productive, and would be making exactly the same contribution to society, if we paid them to dig holes in the ground, and then fill them in again?

    We can take this money and hire far more people at far more reasonable rates to perform jobs that are far more productive to our society.

  68. The argument that we should build more F22s because it keeps people in jobs is ridiculous. If you want to spend money for jobs then lets get something for our money. The F22 is a tremendous waste of money designed to fight a threat that doesn't exist. The plane is a symbol of the graft and corruption inherent in the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

    People that think cutting the budget for these planes hurts the military need to think about the opportunity cost of building them. Every dollar wasted on useless hardware like the F22 is a dollar not spent on the things that can actually keep us safe.

  69. Way to go!!!

  70. Why on Earth do we even ponder fighting friends like India or China?

    We behave as if it is beyond our power to prevent war.

    If this is the case, there is no hope for the continuation of our species.

  71. If you assume the role of a victim, the path will be paved for you. Hate crime laws are AGAINST EVERYONE!

  72. The F-22 is dead. Long live the F-35!

  73. In this regard I had the opportunity to view much of Secretary Gates' Chicago presentation last week...

    And while I would be the last one to characterize myself as a hawk, I believe that we are most fortunate to have such a clear rationale voice leading our Department of Defense...

  74. Well, since we don't have to worry about conventional warfare, Air Force One can be escorted by those f-14's we want to retire instead, save some more cash. What do you say O?

  75. Anyone watch the end of that great Kubrick movie, "Dr. Strangelove"? It's a must see, especially for all the pentagon hawks.

  76. Forty Senators love their PORK more than America.

  77. A rare victory for common sense. Bravo. Next, Congress should try applying the same kind of sense to healthcare. Eventually, we may actually get the country out of the ditch.

  78. Investing in advanced weaponry is like buying a life insurance. We never know who we're going to fight against in the future but when we do we have to be sure we are ahead.

  79. Yes, Obama is such the Dove. Hail to the Chief. Hail to our weakening defense under this president and hail our enemies at our doorsteps. After all, Obama needs his trillions to bring on socialized medicine and his socialized domestic agenda. After all we need to be like all the other left leaning and socialized nations on earth. Let us give up our bows and arrows next. We won't need them because Iran and North Korea are such friendly and passionate people. let us not forget our world trading partner China as it surrounds the straits of Taiwan and S. East Asian waters with its quickly escalating flotilla of weapons on the move.

    Oh Don't forget Chavez in South America Venezuala. He is no threat to the United States. Of course not.

    Must we forget that the weapon of today is not the bow and arrow or the javelin, it is not the tank or a rifle or machine gun against out technologically sophisticated enemies. It is not a PT boat up and down the Mekong Delta. Nor our Black Hawk helicopters that can travel short distances. It is these jet fighters that extend our protection for thousands of miles in a matter of hours. it is the weapon of today, 2009. It is our advanced warning system when everything else fails and it makes our enemies quiver.

    Alas, I am merely speaking with a forked tongue. Let us after all shove those doves into the sky and let them protect us, Mr. Obama your Congressional lynchmen.

  80. Glad that there were enough senators that saw through this white elephant to kill it. Also glad that Sen. Kerry came around and ended up supporting the Levin amendment, even though he was one of the original detractors. If they want to fund the F-35, a more versatile fighter, then alright (though I say so a little hesitantly), but not the boondoggle-turned-pork that the F-22 presents us with.

  81. When these 'votes' are announced it would be very useful to have a link to a site that show which congressman voted for and against the issue.

  82. I fear we will pay for this benighted decision in the future in blood and treasure.

  83. "Beware of the Military Industrial Complex"
    President Eisenhower

    We are making weapons to make jobs.
    It just doesn't make sense.

    Eisenhower predicted correctly.

  84. Yes! It's time to tighten the belt during these difficult economic times!

  85. So we are cheering that 7 planes, derided by military analysts and our own Secretary of Defense as having limited use, are cut from the budget - but we're still building 187? At $250MM per plane? This is a legislative victory?

    The sad part of this debate is conservatives will attack Obama for "not keeping America safe", because he's demanded the program be cut from 194 fighters to ... 187. Which is coming from the recommendation of our Secretary of Defense who was appointed by... George W Bush.

  86. YES, YES, YES-- a resounding YES !!-- we must focus on our priorities at home-- HEALTH, EDUCATION, WELFARE-- the country is falling apart and the last thing we need are more fighter planes at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars-- which should be fed into our coffers to take care of rebuilding America.

    (I agree thoroughly with comment # 20-- well said Chrism in Chico!)

  87. This is a mistake and sends the wrong message to our enemies abroad, both present and future... that the US is not committed to maintaining air dominance and superiority. I hope this vote is overturned in the future.

  88. The F35 and Joint Strike Fighter is a much more realistic platform for the next generation. That said, we will also have a nice stash of these planes, which are so bleeding edge and software dependent, that in combat conditions they are estimated to have only a 60% uptime.

    That is not good.

    The end is near for manned combat air craft, and as other posters have said, drones and even robotic controlled air superiority jets will be the future.

    Anyway, now is the time to be tightening the belt, so good for Gates for putting the brakes on this high ticket toy.

  89. Military equipment should be:
    1. Expendable
    2. Cheap
    3. Easy to maintain
    4. Easy to build

  90. Billions for ACORN, not one cent for F-22s.

  91. The F-22 is a plane without a mission. The Pentagon doesn't want it, but we already have more than 150 of them.

    Sad to see so many posts from people who think this is a blow to national security. That's how these boondoggles go on so long: stupidity.

  92. Too bad. That is one sweet plane.

  93. I agree with this move.....now lets get rid of NASA...another big boy dream project and spend the money right here at home on bringing healthcare to American citizens!

  94. A good decision, at least for now. The time will probably come when we will need to reactivate production of the F-22, but we have more pressing concerns at the moment.

  95. I am concerned at Obama's policies to form this country into a
    Socialistic republic. With his military and home security policies so far, it seems his purpose is to weaken our defenses. He wants to reduce our nuclear with Russia, while rogue states are not in the deal, and we know Russia's nuclear program has been in disarray for a long time. Obama has already warned of scrapping one of the most necessary, planes used in the Viet Nam war, here at the Idaho National Guard. Obama has stopped our missile defense, except for one he has set up to protect Hawaii. He uses the threat of cutting off state funding to certain lawmakers if they do not pass the legalization he wants. Already several states have passed leglisation to confirm their right to govern stste policy without Government intervention,

    Are Obama's motives to stop the funding of this plane, and to use the money for more ground warfare, an attempt to put our boys in more danger? Our air force is our strength, in supporting and protecting our troops. From Obama's abortion policies he has no respect for human life, especially if they are American's. I do not trust this president for all his policies seem to come from Putnam’s mouth through him. America is at the weakest point, economically, military, our freedom’s, ethically, spiritually, and morally then ever in our history. News papers, Americans from every party, and our state's, better wake up before we wake up with no country. Why doesn't the news papers see this
    and wake people up? It is their country also and half truths play into the socialists’ hands to bring us to our knees within.

  96. This defense contract was sold as, "One size fits all". It reminds me of both parties (democrats and republicans) and there is no difference to either party there more of, "One size fits all". I suspect the independant party will sweep all thirty-six (36) Govenors races in the next election.
    The message will be apparent, "The american people have moved on to greener pastures".

  97. Great news! Don't worry all you nervous, scared people. The U.S. will continue to build weapons. Let's hope not just so many. Now, can we work on reducing the number of nuclear attack submarines, other expensive aircraft, large naval ships, the number of people sitting at desks at the Pentagon, the budget of the NSA, the CIA, lower the number of U.S. bases in Europe (The Cold War is over), the bases in Japan and Korea, and the other bases in many countries throughout the world. We will still have many weapons left over, and we may have billions and billions of dollars for other things.

  98. I agree with David in Chicago. Is it attainable to have reason and progress win out over self interest and politics in health care and our financial system? It better be or we ain't see nothing yet! The worst could be yet to come, but I am hoping like never before in my life that Pres. Obama can deliver on his promise of change and progress. Got a long ways to go yet on the economy.

  99. 7 F-22's is a great victory for Obama? Give me break. Isn't anyone paying attention? 7 planes is going to loss 100,000 jobs. Get real.

  100. don't need pilots anymore as there's tons of video addicts ready to become TOP GUN.

  101. This weapons system has never been and will likely never be used to defend the USA. It is way time that it was terminated. I applaud Secretary Gates for proposing the termination and President Obama for supporting him. Republicans will always support anything that benefits their rich and powerful friends. But they will never support anything as mundane as health care reform that benefits the masses. Texas has more Americans than any other state with no access to health care except sitting in a hospital emergency room for up to 36 hours. Yet none of the Texas Republican elected representatives will support the President’s healthcare reform proposal or advance aq proposal of their own. The Republican Party remains the party of “NO” and projects power with guns and money. The Democrat Party remains the party of informed progressives who seek to improve the lives of all Americans. Republicans will spend billions on an outdated and unneeded weapon system but not one dime to ease the suffering or improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

  102. I see comments about cutting funding for a plane that will keep us safe. If a plane cannot fly in the rain - how will it keep us safe exactly?

    Instead of spending billions of dollars on expensive, badly engineered planes, shouldn't we try the less expensive option of diplomacy first? Our military should not be the first option we try. Instead of responding with fear, how about we respond with common sense?

  103. Talk about fighting the last war! Let's hope that China and Russia don't come calling.

  104. Again Thank God.. we got it right this time !!

  105. Never thought I'd see the day!

    But, still too much on Defense. We need to be strong, but not warlike.

  106. I love how so many posters know more what the military needs than the military, who does NOT want them.

  107. Post # 14, Scottsdale Jack,
    holy smoke! Are there really 700+ US military bases around the world? If so, Why?


  108. I am puzzled why the hawks on this board keep stating that this is a "liberal" act that will make us weaker ! The defense budget has not been cut. The money is merely being re-allocated to areas where we have pressing needs. If anything, this makes us stronger.
    The jobs argument is ridiculous. As someone pointed out above, we can employ people to build products no one wants (car companies anyone?). How is this any different ?
    And I hate to say it, but even GW tried to end this wasteful program several times. The only difference is that now Obama actually succeeded.

  109. Anyone with any knowledge of the current international knows that China does not represent a military threat to the United States.

    Wake up people: the age of large-scale conventional warfare is over. Globalization and economic interdependance has snuffed out any incentive for such wasteful allocations of resources.

  110. Excellent idea. To the people who build the planes that we no longer need, put them to work building something we do need. Manufacturing war planes that we have no use for just to keep people working is a huge waste of resources.

  111. Finally some sense here. Will the Cold War relic F-22 ever be used in combat? Most likely not.

    Air Force doesn't want or need them. Make-work factories want them.

    Why not convert the factories into making LED lights, solar panels, low-water use toilets, etc.? Plenty of need there.

  112. Just as well, he'll need all this money and a lot more for the health care reform program plus he pleased the lefties all in 1 fell snoop.

  113. They don't understand the immense security and avoidance of war altogether that comes with unquestioned technical and military supremacy. Forget that China and Russia are dreaming of someday building their own 5th generation fighter.

    The F22 is extraordinary in its achievement -- it'll provide dominance for decades -- difficulties always arise when pushing the envelope -- no need to be so short sighted -- do we plan to be only fighting Al-Qaeda and asymmetrical warfare in caves and elsewhere forever? No, great power geopolitics will never go away -- China and Russia love this self-loathing and self-destruction.

    These accomplishments, as with all scientific and technical achievements should be applauded, not criticized.

    Get over your "health care" first.

    The US spends over $2 trillion of its $3 trillion + budget on health care and human development.

    US Defense costs 4% of GDP, not bad considering it provides and ensures international security and prosperity.

  114. F-22s are cool as heck. Amazing technology, fearsome firepower, etc. But their primary mission is air-to-air combat which NEVER HAPPENS anymore because of the sophistication of various missile systems etc. And even aside from that, the JSF is much cheaper and has almost all the Raptor's capabilities. Sad to see the Raptors go, because they really are a beautiful piece of technology, but we don't need them and they are too expensive.

  115. I guarantee the F-22 will never see combat. Next wars will be fought with F-18s and F-35s. The scary part- the F-35 is still under development!

  116. I can't believe it, Congress actually realized we don't need these additional warplanes. Everyone played out their parts, we don't need to built these planes to maintain peace. It is time for our military budgets to be cut 50% as the priority is no longer present to maintain these expensive weapons. Isn't the cold war past? How much longer will the U.S. realize we no longer are the keepers of world peace; we are not wanted by many nations of the world to play this part. The defeat of this bill for building of more planes is a great victory without a doubt.

  117. This guy is an idiot. Socilaized health benefits, destruction of the American dream, protection for his corrupt support based and draining our pockets of cash. Nothing he has said or done has helped this country. Bush was a disaster, this guy is our worst dream. Let's let all the people who out him there pay the bills. I'm not paying one more dime in taxes and the lazy people need to learn how to support themselves. can't wait until 2010 and 2012, the very liberal dems and Obama will be, bye, bye......

  118. I loved the F-22, but this was the right move. The defense contractors designed this thing to be "cancellation proof," and they needed a slap upside the head on this one. Particularly since it CAN'T FLY IN THE RAIN. And for those of you worrying about jobs, stop. Production simply switches over to the F-35.

  119. Finally. At last the trade off question "War or Healthcare?" has been answered humanly.

  120. As a Navy wife, I say HURRAY! It is high time to cut the fat. Next stop - defense contractors.

  121. thats actually to bad cause we r gonna look weaker n weaker to the rest of the world and they (N. Korea and Iran) will soon surpass us in aeronautical technologies and they might just wanna mess with us, in turn costing the US even more money in the end

  122. Historically Democrats have been for dismantling our defenses hoping that our enemies would swwon at our defensless posture and love us, wars would end and we would all enjoy the advantages of pixie dust.
    There are evil people and regimes in this world and today, Democrats made it certain that more Americans, civilian and military, will die in future conflicts thrust upon us.
    Sadly the Obama economic stimulus is not working and he now by Democrat actions on the F-22 they have thrown thousands of workers out of their jobs in 44 states adding to the burgeoning unemployment across America.

  123. This is great news. The only concern I have is that, from what I have seen of post-World War Two American history, if you mess around with the Military-Industrial Complex crowd, and deny them one of their costly whims, they will take you down ....

  124. We need to take this money for these planes and use it to educate our children, whose education system is falling apart. As will our National Security in the years ahead if we don't look to our childrens education now. Do you want badly educated children to be the future of our National Security?

  125. This is a small victory. Seven planes rejected but 187 approved. Why do we need 187 of these dinosaurs? Think of how many nurses, teachers, and other essential workers could be paid with the money saved.