Northern Zone, South-of-the-Border Flavor

Inwood offers both a Manhattan home and a connection to the outdoors with the island’s only remaining natural forest and salt marsh.

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  1. Are these the most representative pictures one could take? Especially west of Broadway, the shots are mediocre at best. Many parts are a lot more inviting and green than these images show. Also, there's no mention of the year-round Saturday Farmers Market. Then again, perhaps the NY Times has done Inwood a favor by misrepresenting the place, preserving its best-kept-secret status.

  2. These photos are terrible; you must have hired somebody from New Jersey. I see better visuals on my daily exercise rounds. I have some really nice neighbourhood pictures at, but it's just as well. We don't need more invaders up here spoiling the area with expensive gentrification. So welcome to Upstate Manhatan! Now spend your money and go home.

  3. I once purchased a cliff-side "bachelor pad" for my fiance and me, it reminded us a lot of the Inwood architecture described here. But the deal fell through but Miss Sarah and I pulled through. We ended up moving to SanFran near Dinosaur World which is Nothing like any part of Manhattan, north or south! Great article!

  4. This article and the accompanying photos strike a remarkably negative portrait of what can at times be a truly beautiful area. Why focus so much on the few drawbacks to an area that has the Cloisters, the gorgeous flower gardens of Fort Tryon Park, and plenty of family friendly playgrounds? Not to mention that there are at least four better school options available by lottery... I can't help but think this article is seriously biased against what is a terrific and affordable area. And I live in Washington Heights, not Inwood.

  5. I'm happy to see our terrific neighborhood represented in the Times, but disappointed that so much of what makes our area great was left out. No mention of our other two public schools -- the Amistad Dual Language and Muscota? Or the fact we have three theater troupes, including one for kids? Or our year round greenmarket?

    It's one of the best places in the city to live -- this story just gives the tip of the iceberg.

  6. Although I think the article does a good job at representing a broader swath of the neighborhood (i.e. not just east of Broadway), I am disappointed to see so little coverage of the rest of the rest of what the area has to offer.

  7. I've heard great things about Inwood, and so was surprised to see such ugly photos. What kind of reporting is this?

  8. This article missed so many opportunities in describing the community. Let me describe one... I just spent a half hour walking my dog through Fort Tryon Park located right across the street from my Arden Street enclave (just off B'Way)... trekking through glorious snow drifts. It was magical. Later, my wife will take our two kids sledding at a perfect little hill only minutes away and they will have a joyous time. Upstate Manhattan at its finest! Other comments have mentioned the good schools, the farmer's market, the Cloisters, the community events... How about a sequel to this article with a little more attention paid?

  9. I live in Inwood and was very disappointed with this article. It was mediocre at best. I feel like the author didn't do any justice to what an incredible neighborhood we have. The parks, the other wonderful "A" ranked elementary schools, the farmer's market, the family atmosphere. What a letdown. I think you should write a follow up!!

  10. Hey, I just moved up here, and if nobody else wants to move here, that's just fine with me. Put up the ugliest pictures you can find, I say.
    To all the gentrifiers: you won't like it here. Stay down by Columbia and the LES, and leave us alone.

  11. I have lived here for 4 years and found the article and photos to be very accurate.