Burris Now Says He Was Asked to Donate

Senator Roland W. Burris of Illinois said he was asked for donations by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s brother.

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  1. Something smells fishy here. I don't begrudge Mr. Burris his appointment, but I've wondered from early on why Gov. Blago pushed Burris so hard and urgently. I suspect this is the tip of a very corrupt iceberg.

  2. Let me see if I get this right.

    Mr. Burris, a former comptroller, and former attorney general was asked whether he talked to anyone closely related to [then] Gov. Blagojevich and failed to mention the more closely related person, the brother? The person that shares the same difficult to pronounce, difficult to forget last name?

    According to his affidavit of Feb. 5, it was during the third and last conversation with the ex-governor's brother that Mr. Burris mentioned that he could not contribute to the ex-Governor's fund raising "...because it could be viewed as an attempt to curry favor..." What were Mr. Burris' responses to the first two requests from Mr. Rob Blagojevich?

    The recommendation that Mr. Burris gave on behalf of his nephew also deserves examination.

  3. Maybe Burris did not actually "donate", but this further exposes him as a man who wanted so badly to be a U.S. senator that he would use any means possible to get it, such as taking the appointment from a a corrupt public official, and then lying about having contact with his surrogates. Is the type of person who pursues power so blindly really fit to be a person whose job it is to have the interests of his constituents at heart?

  4. How convenient! Now that he is seated in the Senate after so much drama about any of his (now) colleagues trying to oppose his justification for being there, Mr. Burris now remembers (under pressure--i.e. oath) that he was asked to donate.

    Better keep a close eye on this one.

  5. A lie never dies and the Truth in this matter will ome out slowly.

    The question is whether Burris would be sitting in the US Senate if he had told the Illinois Impeachment Committee in January what he said in the letter dated February 4th? If there is a finding of perjury, Burris will have great diffiulty staying in office. If by mid-week, this story becomes the lead story on all newspapers, Mr. Burris will have a great to explain when his plane lands next week.

    One question out there is whether Mr. Burris's voice will appear on any of the tapes reorded by the Mr. Fitzgerald. My predction is that this is going to play out very slowly over many weeks with more and more details. This is not a good thing for Illinois or the country.

    Juan Ombez

  6. As I recall he has earlier said that he had no conversations regarding donations etc. This guys credibility has been severely compromised.

  7. do you think the times can actually report a story that is critical of the democrats? Why are you asking whether or not he should be investigated for perjury? He lied under oath. If he didn't lie under oath, he has alzheimers and shouldn't be serving the country in a leadership role.

    This circus would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. The Times is a big part of the circus.

  8. One more argument for special elections to fill Senate seats...

  9. My prediction is that the Times and other MSM will once again fail to live up to the expectation that they report on critical issues.

  10. Are you expecting an honest politician? What's wrong with you people? Are you out of your mind? By the time they are elected to their first office, they are already fully trained on the tricks of the trade. Some jobs attract some special kind of people...

  11. Burris is compromised. He has to go, immediately!

  12. Will he do the right thing and resign?

  13. Obviously this man is unethical and willing to lie under oath, by his own admission. So if the average citizen admits to a crime in front of the judge (in this case the public) isn't he normally convicted and sentenced?

    If Obama let's this pass and does not take a stand he is playing politics as normal and giving support to lying under oath, ie; criminal activity. This will cost the Democrats in the next election. They need to ask Burris to resign and remove the taint of an appointment by the ex-govenor of Illinois.

    Illinois seems like a den of snakes which is what scares me about Obama, he may just be the slipperiest one of the all!

  14. He should resign immediately or be recalled by the State Senate and removed from office. While there is no such thing as an honest politician, lies under oath are a felony.

  15. Roland should be indicted for perjury. I suspect that others around Roland and Blago are also involved in the cover-up.

  16. If it was not OK for republicans to lie under oath, why is it OK for a democrat to lie under oath? Are there two different types of oaths and two different constitutional/legal solutions when members from two parties lie under oath? Is this a banana republic?

  17. If Burris was a truly ethical and upstanding individual, he would have immediately put aside his own ambition and gotten as far away from Blaggo's nomination as he could. EVERYTHING about Burris's nomination, from his enthusiastic acceptance,to Blaggo's insistence that the public should "not let this good man be tainted by anything Ive been accused of... " speech smacked of corruption. His absurd theatrics at the capitol when he knew he would not be admitted seemed so desperate. And I don't absolve the democrats for going through the requisite motions by listening to some quick testimony and then admitting him. It appears clear now that Burris LIED (aka misspoke, forgot, omitted, and all the other euphemisms we like to use.) under oath. Investigate the man for perjury, already. If it walks and quacks like a duck.....

  18. Nothing surprises me and I mean NOTHING.

    This exgovernor needs to be put into prison TODAY and that is a fact.

  19. Looks like the Democrats and the State of Illinois can't get it right.

    We are a State with "no" honest leadership.

  20. It seems that there is no end regarding stories about corrupted and lying politicians! Mr.Burris should be investigated for perjury. What a bad actor he was from the start of his "campaign" ! And yes, not only him is guilty, but all who voted for him like he was up for a caddy job on golf course in Alaska !

  21. Gotta give Burris credit - his lies held long enough to get him confirmed. He must have been so relieved upon taking the oath that this didn't come out until he was entrenched in office. Now, he can claim partisanship and racism are involved in any effort to oust him, and should have no problems running out the clock until at least the end of his current term.

    Congratulations, Senator! Your gambit worked and you're in.

  22. Can I have the time back that I spent listening to this blabbermouth talk about how brimming with integrity he was? This would be on MSNBC, naturally...

  23. Corruption breeds corruption, it seems to be and endless chain going back to Enron.

  24. It all boils down to this:

    Burris withheld the truth to get what he wanted (confirmation).

    What's also interesting is that the Chicago Tribune reported that his constituents have discovered he's been unreachable in his new position.

    Burris should not bet on re-election, that's for certain.

  25. The stench of corruption hangs low over the Obama transition as Richardson and Clinton and Emmanuel and Geithner and Daschle and Holder and Blago and Rangel and Dodd are pulled into the vortex. Soon trillions of federal dollars will be splooged into the nimble old hands of these appointed kleptocrats.

  26. uhhh, so let's get this straight: ! "I didn't do anything wrong, I just lied about what happened."

  27. Lord have mercy. What is Sen. Burris going to carve on his mausoleum if the truth comes out?

  28. As a life-long Democrat I'm getting awfully tired of stupid and corrupt Democrats. I look to President Obama for moral leadership in housecleaning where ever it is needed.

  29. Burris needs to go, asap. How can any intelligent person believe anything Mr. Burris says now? Help Illinois rid themselves of this toxic type of politician by sending Mr. Burris packing. He was calculating this thing and with a cheshire grin on his face the whole time! It's a shame he lied and lied and lied over and over on TV to get a job he did not deserve. Those who say this debacle has anything to do with the Obama administration are crazy. This is clearly a problem created by a seriously corrupt governor in Illinois Mr.Blago period. Blaming Obama is just a cheap shot. Obama called for Burris to not be admitted from the beginning so his instincts were correct from the start.

  30. gee this is something new, a democrat from Chicago having a difficult time with the truth, by the look of whats coming out of Congress he should feel at home in Washington.

    change we can believe in

  31. Senator Burris lied under oath. He lied to the people of the United States, compromised his integrity and destroyed any credibility he could conceivably have in the senate. Now he blames those who questioned him for not asking the right questions. This sorry excuse for a man must be sent back to that political cesspool that spawned him and prosecuted.