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La atleta que eligió una fecha para morir
Saber que tenía el derecho legal a morir le ayudó a Marieke Vervoort a vivir su vida. La impulsó a obtener medallas en los Juegos Paraolímpicos. Pero jamás pudo alejarse del dolor.
Photos of the U.K. in the Shadow of Brexit
Britain feels anxious, with traditional loyalties cracking. A fifth election in five years has cleaved the country into Leave and Remain, and raised questions about whether the United Kingdom can remain united.
How the Yankees Wooed Gerrit Cole
Gift boxes, visits from team legends and a record-breaking pile of money lured Cole, the top free-agent pitcher on the market, to the Bronx after a pursuit that began 11 years ago.
JR’s Street Gallery Comes Indoors
At the Brooklyn Museum, his pictures skim the surface of social problems. It can be a frustratingly reductive vision of world peace. “I think being naïve is what has helped me the most,” he says.