I made a comment that made him mad and he made like 12 comments on different posts from me, where he insults me lol

Hey :) sorry I'm late I was busy with your mother what did I miss
Why did that guy repeatedly say “ackack”? Is that like a subreddit specific thing or something?
Nah definitely not a troll nigga I'm serious about Reddit it means a lot to me
Bruh u have 750 notifications
bruh 🙌🔥🔥🙌🙌
I read the second to last comment in Pewdiepie's voice.
Ok boomer
Jfc what’s wrong with people on reddit
Literary opened the picture and was so happy because I had so many notifications in my reddit inbox. But, you know.. those were yours lol
on my other account some guy responded to every comment i had asking why i disliked my username.
i’m so very sorry but
Let’s not forget he thinks being gay is a mental illness
Ok wait he’s subbed to drug related subreddits at 13? 🤔
The nwordcount bot has been called 121944 times and counted 5799382 n-words.
Some more stats
Unique users investigated: 82376
Banned users: 1204
N-words said by banned users: 1803281
N-words counted from banned users: 5528891
Mean n-words said by banned users: 1497.74
Median n-words said by banned users: 168.0
Normal users: 81172
N-words said by normal users: 129111
N-words counted from normal users: 441995
Mean n-words said by normal users: 1.72
Median n-words said by normal users: 0.0
Kids think its cool to swear
You have over 700 notification and I have exactly 0
This post history is to be expected by some edgy 13 year old who thinks he’s hard behind that computer screen
At first I thought this was a troll account, but the normal posts mixed in with the toxic posts make it seem as if this is not a troll account
Yeah, I thought the same thing
He’s just a troll account. Pay no mind
I thought the same thing, but if we look at his post history it looks pretty normal, just a bit toxic.
I’ll go do it to him for you
Why was this done a 3am?
I was looking through his comments and he actually said "imagine getting mad on reddit" in reference to you. Children have no self awareness lol. He's probably just some loser internet troll who just does it for the lulz.
Yeah, that was actually on my posts and I replied with: “You call me mad, yet you are the one who’s making 11 toxic comments on different posts from me”. Then I just deleted his and my comment and then blocked him cuz I didn’t feel like dealing with that nonsense.
also a candidate for
Thank you for the request, comrade.
I have looked through shadypillow's posting history and found 219 N-words, of which 177 were hard-Rs. shadypillow has said the N-word 20 times since last investigated.
this was as of now
I had that too, people can be so annoying sometimes...
,,This has no potential. It's not funny" on a post from
With “this had potential” I meant that the meme would’ve been a good meme without the”nobody”. with “this has no potential, it’s unfunny” he probably wants to say that the meme is unfunny, even without the nobody. He probably Doesn’t even care if the meme is funny or not, he just says the opposite of what I’ve said, to “piss me off”
You niggas ain't shit. 12.5k followers on this subreddit? Pathetic. Get a real sub ya fuckers
Why do you say the n word so much?
w“Ow You A“re very mean and BI(gote)d..,,
ogreboy and shadypillow need to stop