Mon 12-9-19 - Our Daily Update

What's new in your Keto world today???

I GRADUATED! BA in Justice Studies, minor in child advocacy. 34 years old. Better late than never!
Weight has been yo-yoing between that same 355-362 point. Period still didn't come. 2 weeks late. Not pregnant. So I'm starting a 10 day round of progesterone again. I feel almost positive that once I get this mother effin period I will drop that weight.
I took a long, luxurious bath yesterday and I've decided I don't want to shower today... That's acceptable, yes?
Two guests coming in from the west coast tmw and staying for a week. We are picking up a new mattress for the guest room today. I have beeb redecorating the room for months, slowly, and I THINK it will be ready in time if I really crunch tonight. Wish me luck!
Congrats! I didn't start college until I was 40 and finished my BA at 45. Went right into my MA program and finished that at 50!
congrats on your BA!!
Congratulations on your Degree!!!! It's never too late! And you are a PUP!
Congrats! I didn’t get my BS until I was 42 so you are way ahead of me. 😂
Congrats on your graduation. I finished mine in my mind 30s too and it was well worth the time and effort.
Enjoy your guests.
Congrats on graduating!!! shoot, 34 is young from where I'm sitting!
I did not shower yesterday. Zero regrets.
Congratulations on graduation!!!! Good luck with your guest room :)
Super congratulations, Graduate !! You did awesome !!
Congrats on the graduation!!!!
Congrats on your BA!!
Oh, go you! Congratulations on your graduation! Any age is the right age to meet a goal and smash it!
YAAAASSSSS! Congrats on the degree!
Congratulations! My mom didn’t start her degree until my dad died and she was suddenly a single mom of four at 32. She couldn’t go full time, remarried and had another kid, but kept at it. She finally graduated the same year one of my sisters graduated from high school. Mom was 45 by then, and we were all so proud of her.
Good luck in getting the last touches done to be ready for your guests, and also for the progesterone to do its job.
YAYYYYYY!!! Congratulations!! That’s such an exciting accomplishment!!!
Enjoy the visit with your guest!
Congrats! Graduating is a huge achievement :)
Hey ladies!
Monday Blahhhs!!! But..I am down 5.8lbs of holiday weight since last week so there is that!
Saturday I found a butcher about 30 mins away that sells pork belly! I got myself 5lbs of it, split it up in 1 and 1/2 pound bags and stuck them in le old meat hole! I marinated about a 1/2 lb yesterday and seared them in my cast iron...sweet jeebus that was so good. Also bought a butternut squash, chopped it up, 3 tablespoons of butter, some sage, salt and pepper, roasted it...y'all it tasted like sweet potato, it was fucking amazing.
I have no idea what's for dinner tonight but lunch is eggs.
Time to down this coffee and get my ass out the door. Hope you all have a great day, KCKO <3
Hey Brig!!!! Big Congrats on both the 5.8 pounds (You dropped 5.8 lbs!!!!!!) AND the Pork Belly find!! 30 miles is worth the drive for Pork Belly!!!! Just stock the Meat Hole so you don't have to go as often! YAY!!!!
Congrats on the scale movement. That is awesome progress!
Hey my squash sista 🙌!!! CONGRATS ON THE 5.8🎉!!!!!
I must try the butternut squash!
Look at you, ya big loser! That's a compliment, BTW, not that you didn't know that but I had to say it anyway. Pork belly is one of the goodest things evar!
Woot for the SV!
NOMS, I love pork belly!
And YOU get to lose six pounds! 😂
Happy Monday my sparkly keto unicorns 🦄
freaking 6 hrs... every damn night! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyYYYYyyYYyyYYYyyy....
Yesterdays foods
Sunday was a busy day... and omg, my hips this morning are sore. 11k steps and I did not even go for a walk of a busy day. I decided to rake leaves in back yard onto tarp and bring to front yard for pick up..... I only did a small portion of my yard, maybe a quarter of it....thinking I def need a leave blower! Cut more bushes, more like small trees, and filled my large trash bin, cut some more, need to bundle those. Grocery store to pick up a couple items and mom's meds, and delivered her stuff, and took out her trash... it was a lovely day outside. Lilith played in her agility tube, my kitchen sink has a leak, neighbor said he would fix it today, got to organize under the sink (was not on list). Started organizing bedroom (WAS on my to do list) did not finish that. Organized from room closet... YEAH! Dusted.
Still in love with my new fitbit versa lite. DD asked for examples of BBQ, sent her pics, I was another small one, so I can put it away.
Weighed myself, no scale movement.
Love to you all 💜KCKO ... and may the macros be ever in your favor!
Acorn squash sounds SOOOO good right now.
You are a very busy Yard Bee!! That's a ton of steps for not going for an actual "Walk". I did not go for a hike either but still only got in 5500+ with the Goodwilling / Grocery Shopping etc. Well Done, my Sparkly Keto Unicorn!
I don't know why I never thought of using squash with cinnamon as a dessert type snack. Great idea. I'm on my third or fourth Fitbit and find it motivating. We are in challenges almost every week and I even win a few.
I have some edible squash that I’ve been using for decorations, but I noticed this weekend I need to either cook them or chuck them in the compost. You’ve given me inspiration!
Yard work is hard work! You probably burned TONS of calories.
Busy, busy caffeinated girl! Why does winter squash gotta be so carby? I love the stuff.
Good morning lovey keto bitches!! Haven’t posted in the daily for a bit. Didn’t even do my goals for December. For the record, just maintaining until January. Feels good to not count and just kinda go with it. I still weigh every morning. Gotta keep shit in check!
I did my yahoo interview Friday and it went really well. I talked about my mom some, which I don’t think I’ve really shared before. My family was living with her back in 2007, my husband had just had a major job change and we packed everything up and moved in with my parents. About 5 months later she died in her sleep of a massive heart attack with complications from diabetes. She was only 58. It really changed all of us. My youngest gained weight. A lot. My other son shut down. Even though we’ve worked through it, still hurts. Miss her every day. Her passing is part of what drives me. I want to be here for my family. My new granddaughter. For as long as possible.
And then some more news!!!! Michelle Abrams from Woman’s World Magazine sent me a message about doing A phone interview about keto! Interview set for today! Why not? My family keeps teasing me about becoming famous lmao. Don’t want fame but they can throw some money at me !!!! I know, wishful thinking. I’ll keep buying lottery tickets 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏻
Have a great day ladies! KCKO
Wow, are we going to see you on the cover of Woman's World in the check out lane???? That would be amazing!!!! I'm going to grab the issue and tell everyone in line that I KNOW YOU :) Thank you for sharing about your Mom, I'm so sorry this happened to you and that you are taking control of your health.
Woohoo! We can say we knew her before she was famous! :)
I hear you on the mom front; mine was 59 and it is 100% what propels me to strive for better health. I want to be here for my kids as long as I possibly can.
So much this, for me too. Both parents died of diabetes complications, although they were older. I think you are on the way to becoming a "rank and file" keto celebrity! You aren't trying to sell anything, you are just a woman who made it work. This is what so many keto haters need to see and hear. Thank you for representing us!
Congrats on the interviews! Make sure you remember us little people when you make it big. ;)
I used to read my Mom's WW cover to cover! You'll have to let us know when yours comes out!
Congrats in the interview.
Thank you for sharing about your mom. That had to be so difficult for your whole family.
You're gonna be famous!
So sorry to hear about what happened with your mom and how that has impacted your family.
Today’s foods will be simple and filling. Not sure what they will be beyond the Quest cookie I just heated up in the toaster oven. Maybe pot pie filling for dinner? We got the inlaws an air fryer for Christmas, one night this week we need to go show them how to use it.
I would say have the least Mondayest Monday you can, but it is raining and gross and feels super Monday to me already.
I was wondering where / how you've been. Missing a few Keto Bitches around here! I vote Chicken Pot Pie Filling!!!! XO
I have never thought of heating up a quest cookie. Damn you! Now I need to go buy one.
Thanks for the gift exchange thread. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s treats🎁
It is rainy and gross!!! May the food be ketolishous from this day forward
See? Now you just reminded me I have a box of Quest cookies in the pantry. I was in blissful forgettery... Oh well. You did a super fine job on the Baconette thing,
Morning. Sipping some peppermint paddy coffee while sorting through my email Inbox. It's a disaster after having 4 days off. I need to survive the next 3 days so I can have another 4 day weekend and go see Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Then, after that, I'll only work 5 more days until the end of the year.
I'm at 158.6, so I'm still hanging onto that 4lbs that I brought back from Nashville. I didn't mind at first because I was sore from all the walking and stairs and thought it would start coming off after a couple of days. No such luck. The bad part is I gained and didn't even cheat, carb wise. Calories were probably all over the place but not 4 lbs worth of extra since I followed my usual IF pattern. 😾
I brought leftover ribeye for lunch today but have no clue what dinner will be. Probably go out for Mexican or something. But first, coffee....☕️
I missed an opportunity to go the Biltmore Estate several years ago, so you need to go for the both of us!
I hung onto 2-3lbs after my last 5K for about 3-4 days. Lots of muscle soreness, then POOF! It was gone. Maybe give it a day or two, yet.
I really want to go see the Biltmore after you talked about it. It sounds gorgeous!!
Ugh, I hate that you jumped a little in weight during your trip. I still think it will come off, when I get a spike in weight like that it lasts up to a week sometimes. My body is like desperate to hang onto every pound it can
The 4 will go away <3 glad you had a lovely time!!!
I hear ya, girl, I'm up 4 1/2 now and I'm not liking that at all. I tried to blame it on poop but I don't think that's it. Anyway, KCKO...
I’d love to see the Biltmore Estate. Especially at Christmas. Bet it’s beautiful! Enjoy
Sorry about that 4 lbs. It really isn’t fair when you were good about the carbs.
Hope those 4 pounds get lost soon!
I just googled the Biltmore Estate. So beautiful! Are you guys going to stay there too?
I almost didn't submit a post today, but then I remembered that y'all are so kind to everyone who apologizes for posting a "Debbie Downer" post, reassuring us that it's not required to be happy and upbeat every day.
I try to follow the advice of my therapist, as well as the psychiatrist who prescribes my meds. I focus on positive thinking and being good to myself, it works well sometimes but doesn't work other times.
I've felt much worse in the past, so I think my baby steps toward peace of mind are working somewhat.
I'm not supposed to isolate myself, and I think posting here is one way to not isolate.
Read my own update, please. It contains the stuff I've NOT been talking about much in here lately - and it's important for my own well-being to stop hiding the crap and just Be Real about it already (even if it makes me look like a total loser to some.)
Hiding it gives it power and/or keeps it festering, I believe.
It's a process. And there are good days and bad days. Accept the days when it's about survival. Embrace the days that lead towards thriving. Contact with others is a positive step towards helping get out of the "meh" headspace that is usually easy to be in. Keep reaching out.
Thank you for sharing :) never feel like you can't be honest and say you're struggling. Anyone is free to scroll past if it's something they don't feel like reading, but I think everyone cares.
One little thing I like to remind myself: We sort of need the bad days, to know and appreciate when we're experiencing the good.
One day at a time, that's all we can do. You know we're always going to send you our positive vibes.
Your therapist is wise, as are you for following their advice. Baby steps are still forward steps, so go you!
Thank you for being open with us and sharing your struggles. I'm sending you some love vibes right now!! Like others have said, sometimes we need the bad to show us the goodness in life. Love you!! <3
Always glad to see you here, Angelica!
I'm so glad you posted this! It means you are really committed to taking the best possible care of yourself. You won't always feel good, even when you're doing everything right, but talking about it, reaching for community, that's how you move forward. And forward is good.
Morning, Ladies! It's going to be a good Monday if it fuckin kills me and my first full fasting day in... probably 2 years? I've been feeling that 'fasting muscle' coming back with the copious extra tallow in my diet, had a couple of unintentionally high calorie days after the fat fast experiment, and I woke up with a really cruddy allergy headache. Ah, cedar, my old nemesis, you won't win this day. I woke up 6 minutes before my alarm went off, so I even had time to run for half an hour before work.
Sunday Dinner with my friend ended up being really great, and I'm so pleased that we were able to catch up. He's been travelling around visiting family, his future wife, and her family, so we had many stories of parental aggravation to trade, but I also think this mysterious woman may be just what he needed. He wasn't half as drainingly effervescent as I'm used to, but instead seemed much more grounded, and politely departed half an hour before I needed to go to sleep. I'm really looking forward to meeting this lady when she visits in the spring, and may covertly thank her for whatever she did.
Instant Pot Roast came out well, and while it's a little drier than I usually like my meats, it's going to act perfectly as a tallow sponge, just like the brisket flat. I cooked it on high pressure for 75 minutes, but forgot to time the steam release while we chatted, so it got another hour in the pot, but it's still nice. Apparently I just add like 1/4 cup of beef fat to everything I eat now, but it's always delicious, and stops me from eating an unfortunate amount of jerky and pork rinds for desert... There was a stretch of time when I was dipping pork rinds in lard or bacon fat after dinner every day, and I wasn't really grasping what that craving was.
Alright, that's all the positivity I've got. This headache better eff off soon. Let's get this Monday done and out of the way already. KCKO! <3
So glad you had a positively less draining and enjoyable evening with Energy Vampire! Way to go!
I'm so glad to hear that the "fat up" experiment is going so well for you.
Friend visits that aren't draining are magical. I'm so glad!! <3
It's a pollen fest in central FL too! Even with my double antihistamines and a sinus medication! I have post-nasal drip with sore throat and a productive cough.
Good Morning Ladies of Keto! Still in the 180's!! I think December may be the month that this new decade sticks!!
Yesterday, I annihilated the Goodwill on La Canada Road, this would be
So back to Goodwilling....I'm going to preface this by saying that an NPR Article popped up into my feed last night after I got home.....
Other Scores included Eileen Fisher and Bryn Walker Tops for $4.99 and $3.50 respectively. I'm thinking to actually gear up and sell some stuff on ebay (Ugh!!! I do not know where 22 finds the patience for this!) So these will go there and hopefully make a quick $20 each off those. I also got a pair of NWT Abound (Sold at Nordstroms) Leather Slides and a few Lucy Athlesure Wear items as well (To sell on ebay.) I really need to follow through with getting this stuff sold. Otherwise, I'm just amassing stuff I won't wear. I am going to purchase the new
After the shopping, it was about 11:30 and I had not yet eaten so went next door to Jerry Bobs Diner and was served a delicious Keto Meal of The Rancher Burger!!! Two hamburger patties, bacon, ham, cheese, grilled onions, grilled jalapeno and a fried egg on top! No Bun! A side salad with Ranch instead of fries! VERY DELICIOUS and filling! As I was sitting there eating, I was thinking it would have been fun to have a Meat Up with livkhaleesi's Grandma and then have lunch at Jerry Bobs! Kind of like an xxketo4U2 Meat Up, Once Removed! Is that Weird????
With a full belly, I decided it was safe to go on over to Fry's Foods. I just opened up lots of Space in the Meat Hole by taking a suitcase full of frozen meat to California on this last trip but I can also clearly "see" everything now that I have good space again. I noticed a large tray pack of fresh Tilapia for just $6.52, that was just $2.49 a pound and there were 6 pieces in there! I was looking at the Tilapia behind the Butcher Counter when the Meats Manager came out to restock some things and he saw me holding the tray pack and looking at the same fish behind the glass, so he told me "It's the same fish!" So when I asked him why the tray pack was just $2.49 a pound and the stuff behind the counter was $5.99 a pound he said that he had just done inventory and made a decision to move some of this fish out but it was all fresh, and all the same fish. And if I wanted two more tray packs of it, he had them in the back as he'd just wrapped them up. I decided to just take the one pack, unlike the THREE Dash Mini's, heh. I had visions of making a grilled fish Sandwich with the Panini shaped Dash later that night for dinner (And it was DELICIOUS!!!) I have not had fresh fish in a while and I really enjoyed it. I pan sauteed it with my new "Uncontrolled Chain Reaction" Dry Rub that I got at Dickman's Meats the day before. And I put Old Bay in the Chaffle Batter. YUM.
I had plenty of good text conversations with DBM over the weekend. I am still fondly recalling our fun Friday night / Saturday morning. I also (under the influence of Gin Snacks) boldy texted HF6 with a "Can I take you to dinner this week?" as I am just not quite ready to throw in the towel on his boring, yet fantastically pretty ass yet. He responded that he was leaving on a trip for Arkansas this week and a "Sad Face" emoji. I told him that I had wondered about the Arkansas License Plates on his garage wall, but he did not elaborate. Instead, he sent me a video of the Christmas Lights on his house changing colors. I said let's keep in touch and he responded with 'Yes, Please!" So there is that. :/
I just finished watching the Netflix Mini Series "Dirty John" and it certainly is alarming to see what kind of weirdos are out there. I did think it was epic that the daughter who was attacked relied on her TWD knowledge to take him out!!! Well I won't spoil it all for you....
Well, this is two days in a row that I have been a very Wordy Keto Bitch. Everyone KCKO!!!!!!!
Ok...I read the article :) It reminds me of my Aunt Karen while back home. She has been slowly going through and getting rid of her possessions. Within the past year, she lost both her Mother-in-Law and her daughter. She had to go through all their possessions and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. She said it caused her to rethink what she has because she doesn't want anyone else to have to go through what she's gone through. It definitely makes me think about my own personal consumption. I have a lot of "Stuff", sentimental things, but also some not so sentimental that I really should just get rid of. I would hope that it wouldn't be destined for a landfill versus finding a home somewhere else, but you never know :)
Congrats on your scores all around :) Three dash mini waffle makers makes me jealous :)
Wow, you scored at grandmas goodwill !! Go you!
I was just thinking that you, the supreme thrift store sleuth, need a "fulfillment" partner, the one who does the re-sales. Of course, another body cuts down the profit, so GET TO WORK! I love cool meat score stories...although tilapia isn't a fave of mine, it's like the white bread of the fish world.
Your burger sounds delish and SCORE at the GW!!!🙌🏼
You need to keep all 3 and make 3 chaffles at once!
Food at the Diner sounds great!
I feel this deeply! I have things I've been meaning to list for aaaaages. I really could use the money and need to prioritize it.
I think you will be fine reading that article. I didn’t read in depth, but what I did get from it was that mostly he was saying don’t buy so much new stuff. Much of the things dumped at thrift stores never make it to the sales floor. Since you buy from thrift stores, you actually are part of the solution.
I just read that article too! And ngl, I thought of you. But I felt like the takeaway was definitely pro thrift shopping. And also, if you are going to buy new, prioritize quality. That way it can be someone's exciting thrift shop find, instead of going straight into a dumpster.
I'm so happy you had such a good time with DBM, too bad the timing with HF6 didn't work out on this ask, but he may just be one of those guys that needs you to take the initiative. And he didn't seem put off by it at all, so yay?
That Rancher burger sounds incredible! I wish I was as tall as you so I could have a higher calorie allotment.
HF6... UGH. I wanna slap him upside his head. At least DBM appreciates you!
Morning. Monday. Blegh. TBF, today is kind of a fake Monday for me because I have an all day off site training. The food is provided, so let’s hope there’s something I can eat. They usually accommodate GF and vegan diets, so the intersection of those two can sometimes result in keto. We’ll see. Purse jerky is coming with me.
I’ve only really got two real work days this week. There’s an off site all day all staff meeting on Thursday, and Friday is our holiday party. Our mini department party is at 2:30, so everyone’s basically callin it quits after that is over. So I’ve got to cram a lot of work into 2.5 days, but I think I can do it.
Dinner tonight is IP carnitas. Y u m! I’ve got after work plans for every single day this week besides tonight, so managing my eating will not be easy. But I’m up for the challenge. Hope everyone has a good day!
IP Carnitas sounds PERFECT!! Enjoy your Fake Monday!! :)
Purse Jerky FTW! I gotta try carnitas in the IP with a finish in the oven for the crispy bits...
Good luck with the lunch choices! May they have safe options. :)
Oooo IP carnitas sound awesome!! Good luck getting all of your work done before the festivities!
Another week and a new-to-me o-dawn-thirty commute. And I'm taking a page from
This time, I have coffee & comfy seat to do my update. This week we're pretending we're vacationers staying at uber-cool hotel that used to be county poor house back in the day - complete with soaking pool, pool hall & onsite events/free music. All this on the mid-week 'family' rate thanks to Mr BRC's sister!
Got two soaks in the soaking pool yesterday which definitely helped my aching muscles and my mood. Plus I got to explore the property - mini golf course, winery, brewery, etc. (The brothers brew own beer, distill own spirits, ferment own wine - hell, they have their own coffee line now as well!) While in the hotel proper? I'm walking around in my slippers, while it's not unusual to see people in robes provided by the hotel as they walk to the soaking pool, which was super crowded last night.
It also means Mr BRC has to ferry me to light rail to start my commute since we're 'in the country' this week. And since it's a restorative place, there are no TVs or phones, either (although we can cheat & watch via WiFi and my tablet in the room.) Otoh? There are plenty of folks walking around with wine glasses, pints of beer or mixed drinks - even in the soaking pool area if the container is plastic.
Yep, we're doing stuff behind the scenes to get out of our current living situation - but at least we're able to recover in style on the cheap momentarily - right?
As evidenced by my dinner last night - a burger 'salad' made by Mr at work earlier - romaine, tomato, cucumber & sauteed mushrooms topped with a burger & blue cheese dressing on the side. Yep, I'm still doing keto while home-surfing, thanks to portable plug-in cooler, among other things.
And every day I stay keto in this environment is a victory that helps keep me moving forward - so no "poor me' comments expected/required. It is what it is.
Oh gosh! I love that place, we've been several times. I do hope you got one of the rooms with a bathroom in it. Hahaha. I love their house red wine, the Black Rabbit. The bloody mary's in the little side bar are fabu, with huge slices of bacon. A little tip, they will let you order off the lunch menu at dinner if they have item available (meaning not run out). I usually get the lunch steak frites at dinner :)
We haven't been back in a few years but it's certainly on my radar again for the year. Ya know, it might be fun to do a weekend keto meet-up there and just have fun! But yes, it's very difficult to stay keto there with all the amazing food and drinks. Kudos to you!
I know where you are, and I am so happy that you are there! I love the glass blowing studio, I could watch that for hours. It's a fair piece to work though, and yet worth it. I will imagine you, every day this week, soaking next to your lovely glass of wine...
Your current place to lay your head sounds wonderful! And wtg on staying keto through it all!
Gosh, it sure sounds like a place I'd love to visit. I hope it brings you some peace and relaxation.
Wow, those guys sound like renaissance men! What a neat sounding place.
WTG on staying keto while you've been dealing with all the craptastic stress lately!
Hope the living situation gets resolved soon! <3
Happy Monday ladies! After last weeks fat fast, I’m down 4.5 lbs. and I’m at 174 lbs. Hoping to lose another 5 before we enter the New Year but we shall see how that goes.
Food today will be a quick low carb tortilla pizza for lunch, bbq chicken & a salad for dinner. And if my macros allow for it, a basque burnt cheesecake cupcake for dessert. I made a batch last night. It was so hard to just eat one.
I have a lot of work drama going on and I’m determined not to eat emotionally this week. Long story short I’ve been trying to get my insurance benefits set up for about 15 weeks and the lady in charge is ignoring me. I’ve told my manager who basically said wait to hear back, she will get to you. The longer this goes on, it makes me really uncomfortable. I’m supposed to cover someone else’s role while she’s gone for the holidays but I’ve decided to personally stop training for that because if I don’t get this sorted by this week — I won’t be taking on any extra roles. Who ghosts someone in the workplace? She leaves my emails and messages on read.. doesn’t return my calls. I’m not sure what my next move is. I’ve escalated it as high as I can already and they’ve been dismissive and unapologetic about it. Maybe small claims court? I don’t know.
I just need to stay the course with my food this week no matter what curveballs these people throw my way.
What an odd, odd, odd situation you have at your work. It must be stressfull to not have your insurance set up and it is this person's job to make sure it happens? Does she have an office to approach her in person and get the scoop on the delay?
15 weeks, and all they have to say is "wait"? That's just unacceptable! What if you had a medical emergency? You might want to try that angle with your supervisor, with some emphasis on the legal ramifications for the company due to their sheer disregard.
Wow, what a mess with your insurance, all the more reason I think it is way past time that we get rid of employer linked insurance and have universal healthcare.
Good Morning.
The neighbors on the other side of me (as opposed to the usual suspect) had a screaming match at 3:11 am this morning. Yay.
This morning, treadmill, the breakfast was a whey-ketologie smoothie. Lunch is two eggs with two crab Rangoon fat bombs, and 1/4 cup mirepoix. I have garlic Parmesan protein puffs on the side. Snack is a portion of dark chocolate. Dinner is Murgh Makhani (Indian butter chicken) with cauliflower rice medley. Two liters of water and a diet Dr Pepper.
Today is our school's 1xmonth extended day, so I will get to garden with the club members. Then tonight, more treadmill and maybe some knitting on baby bootie 2.
KCKO and drink your water!
Okay.....what are these? I'm familiar with Crab Rangoons but can you share your Fat Bomb Recipe? I just made a batch of these for DBM where I take a Crab Leg (Surimi) stick and wrap them in Lumpia Wrappers that I've placed a healthy schmear of Cream Cheese laced with Old Bay and green onion. They brown up nicely before they get too oozy from melty cream cheese but obviously, I don't eat those. He LOVES them.
You just reminded me I have butter chicken in my freezer! Trader Joe's makes a decent frozen version and I make my own cauli rice.
Now I want a Diet Dr. Pepper .... curses on you! 😂
UGH... I don't miss that. May you find restful slumber tonight <3
Good morning everyone,
I hope you all had nice weekends! I woke up feeling like I am a bit in a funk. Not the greatest of emotional states today for no good reason. But, Im trying to stay positive and pull myself out of whatever this is.
Saturday at the geek craft fair went OK. I made money but not as much as previous years. It was fun though and I liked the new space. Im glad I did not stress out as much about having a ton of stock for it. I have just one craft fair left on the 22nd and then I am done until who knows how long. I took on too many fairs, and can't wait to be free of them and just have some downtime and focus on my Etsy sales only.
I went out to eat yesterday for the BFs birthday. Had a fancy charcuterie board and a bacon caesar salad. Delicious. His parents joined us and while it was fun it was a bit exhausting to answer over and over questions to "Can you eat this?". I can eat anything I want. I am choosing not to each bread. "Can you eat the cheese?" Yes. Obviously. lol. Also started watching the Mandalorian.
I really need to get out of this feel today. I do not like.
Love you all <3
It's funny how my Mom, after me being Keto for 18+ months, recently asked me if I could eat cheese! :)
I went to Urban Craft Uprising here in Seattle this weekend and there were so many cute things for puppers. I was a bit disappointed actually at what they had. It's a bit of a hipster handmade "craft" fair but it was strangely done this year. I thought about buying my Bulldog a kerchief but they were all Christmas themed or very masculine. Everyone already calls her a boy, I don't need to add to it. :0
A quick comment today, I made egg salad yesterday and will have that with spinach and garlic LC tortillas (found them at Target!) and I’m looking forward to it, I haven’t had egg salad in some time. Of course, it’s hacked egg salad because I didn’t plan to have it so it’s basically just deviled egg salad. Mayo, yellow mustard, grainy mustard, dill, and S&P. It tastes good.
Today I’ll be downloading all the macro trackers from my thread that I don’t have and starting to test them.
I had a good weekend overall. It was nice to get out of the house yesterday and spend time with a new friend. She’s a bit crazed right now and I get why but she’s also just a bit crazed naturally. Hah. I don’t think we will become super close friends but I enjoyed our time. I find friendship as a 40-something very different than any years prior. It’s easy to see people for what they are bringing to the table and being OK with that and not necessarily trying to get more. I’ve got a lot of people I consider friends and yet not one of them is a “best” friend, I get little bits from each. If I put them all together I might have one best friend but that’s not happening.😂
what is "hacked' about your egg salad, it sounds absolutely like real egg salad and fucking delicious to boot! LOL
That's even more true for me as a 50-something, but that's an apt description.
🤣🤣 I feel ya. I have different friends that I gravitate toward for different things.
They sound great!
That's how I make my deviled egg salad too. Yum!
Oof. I totally derailed yesterday. It was a conscious decision, but a dumb one nonetheless.
Back at it today, because feeling like garbage just isn't worth it. And my fingers are swollen like little vienna sausages. Let that be a lesson to me! (Also, I think there's a teeny part of me that is actively trying to self-sabotage or something. For reasons.)
And that's what I know. Didn't sleep great last night, and now I feel sore. :(
Okay...what is going on with you? Don't get de-railed, get back on the wagon. LIttle vienna sausages are for Trash Panda days not for bloating! :) XO
It happens, onward!
My sausage fingers and eyelid puffiness are my bloat indicators. I hope you lose it promptly!
I get the “teeny part of me that is actively trying to self-sabotage or something”. I’ve been dealing with this, too. I’m still avoiding carbs like the poison they are for my body, but know I’ve been higher in calories than I should be. So no carb hangovers, but also no new lows on the scale. For me, I think it is sun related. I hate it being dark when I should get up, and dark before five pm. All I want to do is hibernate, so instead I eat.
Ooof, hope that swelling has dissipated. Onward!
By the time I hopped onto the computer last night, I figured I would just wait for today’s post. I hope you all are doing well. Well, yesterday I convinced FH to assist with prepping the meat to smoke – have I mentioned he doesn’t cook AT ALL. Like, he joked afterward that he would teach me how to make a frozen pizza! So, after we got that on the smoker, I was rummaging through my closet and came across my bridesmaid’s dress from my sister’s wedding 9 years ago. Since I’m within 3 pounds of what I weighed then, I decided “what the heck? I’ll try it on…” and it fit. What a great mood-booster to start the day.
Saturday was a bit of a rough day as FH and I continue to navigate our relationship. Neither of us has been in a serious relationship before and we’re each used to functioning pretty independently. And, while I know that I’ve lost weight, he doesn’t know that I’m trying, but I just wanted to be courted a little bit, to feel wanted, and it wasn’t until the end of the day that I was able to articulate it. He also has had some pretty rough work things going on, and so we were both off last week. I don’t think either of us slept very well after my sharing this, but Sunday was phenomenal. I feel like we really re-connected again and the ways in which I was feeling taken advantage of changed as he assisted in a number of different ways.
I’m hoping the week ahead goes well and that everyone here can have a wonderful keto week. I feel like I’m past my cravings and the exhaustion level has decreased. The fridge is stocked with broccoli cheddar soup, eggs, smoked pork butt, and stuffed mushrooms. Along with some salad for when I need something green and crunchy to go with the pork and to not feel like everything is smothered in cheese. Cheese is my go-to favorite, AND I always find the transition to keto makes me feel like my mouth is greasy all the time. Looking forward to your updates.
Relationships are a constantly evolving "thing" and one thing I've learned in my time with my husband is to always be open to talking. It may be hard or uncomfortable, but there's nothing gained by holding things in. In my case, mine is a problem solver and so when I say what is going on, he wants to solve it and starts in on solving it. I have learned to say, "I just want to vent, I don't need solutions" and that helps me to say what I need and get what I need out of the conversation and allows him to just listen and not try to fix it You learn these things by being open to talking.
Sometimes my husband doesn't really say much and it feels like we "never talk" but the reality is that we talk all the time. It's just not always heavy, big deal things. It's the thing in life. We also strive to never go to bed angry. If we have a spat, get it out and be on an even field before going to bed. It's hard because seriously, a good sulking sleep can feel so satisfying (if you are right) but it's not really. It's going to cause more harm than good :)
I can report that after being with the same partner for near 40 years, there's still plenty of work to do to keep a relationship healthy. Good on you for finding how to articulate your needs.
Good morning!
Just a quick update, I don't even want to look at my email inbox right now and I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist for a minute.
B and I drove to Ohio for a friend's Christmas party which we have seriously been trying to go to since we first started dating. We finally made it, almost 3 years into our marriage!! Haha. It was awesome. I've met all of his college friends, but these were high school / hometown friends and it was great to put faces to all of the stories I've heard. One funny tidbit, I got along with one girl particularly well and we talked a lot about our cats and music, of which we have the same taste (Taylor Swift and Jenny Lewis, basically). Then after the party I found out that WAS B'S EX. He only has dated like two people before me so I'd heard all about her; How they dated long distance, she strung him along, and eventually broke up with him saying she never wanted children. The irony being B never wanted kids anyway, and she's married now with a child. But of course I would get along best with her LOL. I mean, he must have a type. 😄😄😄
As usual, it was easy to stay keto and I am constantly surprised how simple it is when you're out. There was an epic cheese board of which I ate probably way too many calories, there were veggies with ranch, and unsauced meatballs. We brought the "big" bottle of Cavit Merlot and drank the entire thing. It was perfect! We got together the next morning and had brunch before heading back home. We had roasted brussels with a mustard cream sauce and a BLT omelet. It was delicious. I LOVE FOOD.
I hope you guys all had a great weekend!! Love you so much <3
LOL! Glad you had a good weekend!
OMG that's so funny that you got along with his ex so well! Glad you had a good weekend!
One of my closest friends is my husband's ex-girlfriend from 7th grade. :D
That is hilarious about the ex 🤣🤣
Great Christmas party, especially about the ex and your similarities!
FH’s ex and I have THE SAME NAME (luckily I go by a nickname while she goes by the whole name). I’ve been assured by many people that I’m nothing like her in a good way, though!
Hello lovelies, Hubby put my good egg pan in the sink so scrambled eggs this morning. Turned out they seriously lack flavor and suck. I got some HWC yesterday though so my coffee is tasting bomb and 8g less carbs.
I also managed to freak out over work mid breakfast so I hurried out the door. I remembered in the car that I had done what I needed to do friday (no freakout needed) and then also remembered I forgot to put makeup on 😭
Should be another day in the neighborhood for me. No weightloss but that just means the water weight is done dropping off. Also my clothes felt a bit loose this morning!
Ha. I can relate to the freak-outs. At least they were for nothing!
Good morning! I write to you from my comfortable office, where I await someone to disentangle my website after gremlins tangled it and we can't log in!
I bought
We ate brie, ham, berries, and French toast, then had hummus and crispbread, then made spaghetti squash with garlic butter (freshly churned butter even), leeks, chicken thighs and Asiago parmesan dip. It was so good! We have another spaghetti squash to cook.
Dinner tonight will be leftover greens and grilled proteins and I will pull out the pork loin and a pack of steaks from the mini Meat HoleTM for the rest of the week. Will see if we have room to thaw the turkey for smoking this week or next. All the leftover carbs from Thanksgiving will be pitched tonight.
I started using the foam roller on the back of my thighs and think I need to do it while warm, so tonight I will use a heating pad and stretch first. I hope it helps and think it will help the real problem, my back and hips.
Have a productive week and I wish you no gremlins!
Curse you for showing me something else to buy at Costco! lol.
Love that sweater, it's a great tunic length! Try a hot bath with epsom salts before roller use, your muscles will be as loose as they can be.
Sweater is super cute!
That sweater looks cozy lol
I was tempted by the tunic when I saw it at Costco the other day. So soft!
Hello Beautiful Bombshells!
We arrived home at 9:00 am yesterday, cutting our 3-4 hour drive down to 2 hours due to no traffic! Woo hoo :) It pays to drive early on the weekend :) I got all unpacked, including my carry-on and book bag. Woo hoo! I was downstairs deleting a bunch of duplicates on the DVR and knitting away happily on the baby blanket when hubby announced he was starving. We went to our normal Sunday hangout. I was inspired by
Hubby made dinner last night too. We had a 14 oz ribeye in the freezer and he took it out to thaw right when we got home. It wasn't fully thawed by the time it was time for dinner, so he looked up instructions for cooking while still frozen. He overcooked it slightly, but it was still
BTW, the coffee is way stronger here at home and I'm a happy camper sipping on it and snuggling my pup. My plans for the day are to figure out what's left in the freezer (can I still call it a meat hole if it's just my freezer?) and then decide on dinner. I know I do need to get HWC...although hubby does have an unopened container of half and half in the fridge that will make do. Other than that, I really need to get a lot done on the baby blanket. Book club is next Sunday and I'm currently at 25 inches long. I want it to be 36 inches and we'll see if I can get it there! Wish me luck :) And I'll be catching up on some of my trash tv too!
I hope ya'll have a wonderful start to your week and KCKO! XOXOXO
Hell yes, you can! Glad you're home and settling in.
Morning. My weekend was ok, but it went by way too fast.
I felt more positive about everything on Saturday than I have in a while. I'm not really sure why, but I just woke up feeling better than I have been. It didn't quite last to Sunday though, and definitely seems to be missing today, but I guess I'll just keep on keepin' on.
Thinking about doing a few weeks of carnivore at the beginning of the year. I just need to feel like I'm doing something that might work, since what I have been doing doesn't seem to be helping. I'm hoping this thyroid medicine will kick in any day and I'll start to feel more normal...
Not much else to say. I hope you all had a great weekend.
I wonder if the good feelings you had Saturday are a sign the medicine is beginning to work. I hope so!! <3 love you twin
I'd be willing to give carnivore a try with you should you need a partner. Just sayin...
A lot of folks report improvement in their mood with carnivore. My only issue with it is that I'm a foodie and it's boring. But it does seem to help me stay level.
Been slacking on IF in recent weeks. My appetite went out of control at times (I did stay Keto but it was a caloric mess) and the scale went in the wrong direction. Two days of IF and I’m now at my lowest weight (196.0) with a normalized appetite.
Hmm. This means something.
I’ve emptied out my dresser again and am ready to haul another load of too-big clothes to Goodwill. I’m going to order a few new pairs of boy shorts from Amazon this week, size 8, since my size 9s are starting to feel loose. Wow, that’s going to feel like a big milestone! Jeans sizes are one thing, but panties? It takes a long while to transition between sizes on the higher end of the size scale. Some of my shoes are starting to feel too loose as well. Do I really need to start adding my beloved Allbirds to the donation pile? They’ve got a retail store by the UW campus so maybe I’ll pop down this weekend to try the next size down.
In non-keto news, our VP is going to lead an all-hands web meeting later this week where presumably she will summarize all the piecemeal changes that have been made over the last six weeks in our division. I’ve been meeting with my new team and new boss, and had a last 1:1 with my soon-to-be former boss (sniff). I’m super excited about the new role but super sad to leave my old team.
34 days to my next cruise, can’t wait...
Change is always challenging. You'll do awesome!
And I had no idea Allbirds had a store over there, I may need to make a trip over at some point. ;)
Awesome NSVs you're experiencing!
Thought about y’all last night when I realized I desperately need to clean out my meat hole. Then I realized I’m gonna be calling it meat-hole in my head forever thanks to you. :)
Our work here is done. Heh.
OMG I slept in so late! We saw a performance by a bluegrass legend and his band last night (Mark O'Connor Band), in a lovingly restored theater with great acoustics, had a glass of wine, and when we got home, I passed out and here I am, so very late in the morning, nearly unable to move. Ugh. I'm just so not fun anymore.
I'm still trying to catch up on all of the things I've blown off during the last week of whirlwind baby life. It's the second week of December, and I haven't bought any prezzies for the family yet. I think I'm going rather minimalist, but still. My decorations consist of one string of lights outside. I need to get our Christmas photo cards ordered still! First world problems, right? Every one of our family is healthy, everyone is safe, everyone has a place to live and food to eat and I'm so grateful.
I'm making beef short ribs today - first the IP, then a quick hot roast to give them a little bit of crisp. I have a pile of small beef steaks of various sorts out and defrosting for this week's Gilly food, and some ground beef to fry up in the fridge. I finished canning all of the chicken bone broth yesterday with DH's help, and kept some out to make chicken noodle soup for the kids.
May your Monday's shine with possibility, my dear keto friends!
Sometimes you just need to sleep in late. That way I can be jelly of your retired-ness.
Then what else is there to complain about, Baba? You helped support getting a new life into your orbit besides, so cut yourself some slack for sleeping a little later one day, ok?
So glad the concert was worth it as well..
Really puts the holidays in perspective when you think of it like this!
Congrats on the extra sleep!
Good morning!
Got to work early, finished all my pending items. Now it's coffee time. Have a great week!
That's kinda short and sweet. Are you still wore out from carting all three kids around this weekend ? Hope you have recuperated!!!!!
The app ate my update so I'm switching to the desktop today. Luckily I hadn't gotten too far into it, just sharing all the details of what may be my new favorite thing in the world:
Heat the water, let the tea bags steep for 5 minutes. Add sweetener of choice. Meanwhile heat almond milk, cream, and tea masala (I use a milk frother with the frothy part removed). Pour milk into tea. Pour tea into travel mug because it's a Monday morning and you are late.
I made the gnom-gnom carrot cake cupcakes yesterday and they were good, although I think they were better before when I didn't add the psyllium husk. Cream cheese frosting is the shit though, I use
Also as planned yesterday I made the
I've already written a novel, so it's probably time to get to work! KCKO y'all. ❤
That tea sounds bomb but like a whole lot of work :) Thanks for the review on the cream cheese recipe! I'm trying to decide what I want to make for a sweet, but also thinking I might just go get some cheeses and do some cheese desserts instead :)
Bummer on the lamb shanks! I'm also not a huge fan of lamb. I WANT to be but I'm not. I can handle it mixed 50/50 in a ground meat mix for things like Shepherd's/Cottage pie but that's about it. It's the smell for me. I feed it to our dog and I struggle. Hahah.
I'm drinking Yogi Vanilla Spice Tea as my chai substitute this morning -- it's misty and foggy and gross here in the midwest, with a temperature drop coming, so I'm trying to engage with some warm beverages to get the day going (although I've already had one meeting to start the day.
So sorry the lamb wasn't good for you. Lots of folks have trouble with the taste, if they didn't grow up eating it.
Happy Monday Keto Babes!
This weekend was a good mix of activity and relaxation, and I am here for it. BF and I went to cut down a Christmas tree and it was so cute! Very wintery and we managed to evade the rain, which was a modern miracle, as its been pouring all week!
Hoping this week is productive and festive, I'm trying to not be such a grinch. I sent out my baconette's gift, I hope she likes it! <3
KCKO you lovely ladies!
Your tree is so cute! I saw it on IG. Woohoo for missing the rain.
Hi keto cuties!
Today was supposed to be my day 1 but I ate too much pad thai and cookies for that to be true. I'm making dinner as keto as possible and starting tomorrow officially. I'm not sure how much weight I've gained. I've been in a pretty solid eat garbage / binge cycle since coming home from Florida mid October. I'm sure I've gained at least 10 lbs. I'm scared to get on the scale. I will tomorrow morning. Gotta face the music. And all the emotional reasons I've been doing this to myself.
I already struggle with big feelings of guilt and shame, and me eating like a trash panda does not help. I want to feel proud of myself again. I'm definitely very aware that I got super close to my goal weight, like 5-6 lbs away and then promptly sabotaged myself. I definitely have some thinking to do for what has caused me to spiral like this. It's not just that it's anniversary season of my breakup. It's the aftermath of it all. It's the emotional abuse landmines that I've been stepping on since my birthday in late September. Instead of putting out the fire, I've been fanning the flames. Junk food is motor oil on a fire for me. Even my mom can tell my emotional state by how I'm looking. I've used and abused food since I was a teenager. It's a deep rooted cycle. She and I are similar in that way. We have talked about being a support for each other and checking in daily for a while.
Speaking of checking in daily, no more hiding from you all!
Rip off the band aid and get on the scale. Every day is a new day to be better. We're here for you!
I've traveled that same path, friend.
Hop on the scale, don't be hard on yourself for what you see. The important thing is: You're here. You know what you need to do to feel better, and we'll be here cheering you on!
Nope, no more hiding. Let the air and the light in instead. If I can be a bit more open about my situation, then you can be about yours and NOT LET IT FESTER ALREADY.
Morning. The last of the sausage biscuits and gravy for lunch today then sausage and onions for dinner. All the yum.
So I let my studio sweat run out bc I wasn't using it and while the on sale price for the year is $99 that's still money wasted. But then there was a deal for $8 for the month and I decided you know what it's just a month let's give it one more try. So my December goal is to use the crap out of it to start good habits and then justify a year membership.
Today will be the 12 min spin! It's not much but way more than zero.
That will be my mantra for the rest of the year (and beyond, one hopes.)
I’m working at the gallery today and had too much to do before leaving the house, so just managing check in now that I’m in the gallery. I hope for a lot of Christmas shoppers today, but am prepared for plenty of down time, since it will mostly only be locals at this point.
As I took out sandwich board out to the side of the road, I got thinking of how much has changed in the past year. A year ago I looked at that fairly simple task with dread. Just that little amount of exertion would leave me breathless. Now it is back to being no big deal. Saturday will be my first Ketoversary. I have so much to be thankful for, so I am starting a “gratitude journal” on my phone. I know many of you have been keeping gratitude journals for a long time now. I’m keeping it on my phone so I can add to it anytime a new thought occurs to me. And it is also handy to refer back to when brain weasels want to f*** with me.
First on my list is carrying out that sign. 😎
Happy early Ketoversary and good on you for keeping a gratitude journal!
Hope you're planning an awesome keto meal to celebrate.
I'm super duper late so I'll be brief.
Completed day 9 of barre today. Yesterday's class was the best one. It was a restorative class, 30 minutes of regular workout followed by 30 minutes of slow stretching and yoga poses. After surviving the week, it was the perfect way to recover and reset. I wish they had that class more than just one a week.
We had friends over last night for dinner and The Mandalorian. I made keto chili and cornbread, and a tossed salad. The guys had chili dogs while I just enjoyed a bowl of chili. It was better this time around because I added smoked paprika. The cornbread was a surprising hit. I tried a new recipe and it was pretty legit. I need to try a corn extract, I think that would really put it over the top. My girlfriend found a local keto bakery and brought me some chocolate cheesecake and fat bombs. So nice of her!
Weight still holding steady around 127-128. DH has been complimenting me on my weight loss and noting how my body has changed :-)
Smoked paprika is The Bomb.
I'm about to be so chatty y'all. Fair warning. Much griping about dudes ahead. This weekend was definitely a mixed bag. Friday night was the gym party and it was super fun. Since I've been single, one of my close friends at the gym has been not so subtly trying to make sure that I hang around her son. He's a year older than me, single, standard white guy looks (ie average). He came to the party and he was really flirty with me, but kept picking my bestie as his partner in the games. Not sure if that was a tactic or not. Later we went out for drinks and he paid for all us girls. I haven't had a drink bought for me since I was 20, that was nice.
Next day, I got to go to breakfast with crush guy but we were part of a group, so I still haven't had an opportunity to address the drunken proposition and tit cupping. I tried to wrangle an invitation over to his house, but he'd been drinking heavily the night before and wanted to nap. The cough was getting a little worse and I felt too punky for axe throwing so I went over to besties to avoid my ex. Ex lets me know he's spending the night at a friends so I go home to feed the cats, wind up having a very, very long text convo with CG. The next day, CG finally makes good on his promise to take me to the movies, planned it, picked me up, offered to buy me movie snacks or drinks, the whole nine, but when we go to sit down the first thing he does is put the armrest between us down. BOO! He's definitely keeping a physical distance, which is something he's always done with me except when he's drunk, and then he's a goddamn cuddlebug. But he's cuddly sober with other people, even women. So what's the deal? Well, I sit weird anyways, he's even commented on it so he knows, so it wasn't too difficult to wrangle myself into a position where I could rest my head on his shoulder, but I kinda wish I'd been upfront and said I wanted to cuddle. Also, he turned me down for me coming over after the movie. I really think this conversation will go better in a private place and hopefully if both of us are mildly inebriated, but he seems to be intentionally avoiding that situation. He's just so hard to read!
Threw myself back into the dating apps this weekend and had a fun flirty conversation that came to a screeching halt when asked me what my best qualities are as a partner? IDK, man, that is seriously weighty for a flirty conversation featuring dick jokes. I didn't respond and that was on Saturday. I might respond with something like "sorry that was too much question for weekend brain" but I think my lack of response may have ended that. Too bad, he was very cute, but far.
Accountability wise, I did not eat enough food this weekend AT ALL. The cough kept ramping up and I don't like to eat when I'm sick. I finally had to use my mom's nebulizer last night, and I went to the doctor today. No antibiotics and no chest xray, thank god, but she gave me better cough medicine and my own nebulizer which I'm very excited about. I lost 5.4 pounds this weekend, which is not sustainable and not good. I will try and eat a little more today, I know I will recover faster.
If you read allllll of this... thank you and sorry?
Ooooof - feel better soonish, please & eat more food while you're at it!
Honestly? This is where I come down on the blunt end & suggest moving on from crush guy. Either that or put your cards on the table, knowing you'll have to live with his response.