Mon 6/10/19 - Our (Not-So) Daily Update

We're rolling the Daily Topic and Question of the Day AND Housekeeping into one single topic for discussion. Or a topic in two parts:

My local library offers a fun service called “Tech Help From Teens”, so I stopped at the library on Saturday and the sweet high school kids who volunteer at the library every Saturday taught me how to upload photos to Imgur and Instagram, and link them in a Reddit post !!
Also, I have a brand-new Instagram account for keto purposes, and I invite all of you to follow me on Instagram if you want. I set it up as a private account, but if you request to follow me of course I’ll confirm your request !! If you have a keto Instagram account that you’d invite me or other
Fair warning, the only pics I’ve uploaded so far are the freezer and fridge clean out photos that I already shared the other day on the
Here are my photos:
Freezer Clean Out
Refrigerator Clean-Out
Refrigerator Door Clean-Out
I’m preparing some before-and-after photos of myself to upload soon, I finally feel emotionally ready to do that. The photos will be ready soon.
KCKO on social media !!
those kids are too sweet and I love you getting into social media!
Especially with those before and after pics, I am so happy to read that you feel emotionally ready to do that - it is such a big step :)
I'm thoroughly impressed Ang! That is an awesome thing your library does to help out the tech challenged like myself. And you took advantage of that and now look at you go!
That’s such a cool program! I think I followed you already :) looking forward to your posts!
What an awesome community service, and look at you go being a formatting wizard too :D When you are ready to share, we are ready to cheer you on :)
That is a cool program! And yay, we love pics!!!!!!!!!
What a wonderful program to have! I have always loved the library.
Our libraries are a precious resource! I'm glad you helped yourself to one of your libraries exceptional services. I hope you all support your local libraries, and resist any attempts to close them in your communities. And congrats on your insta account!
That's so awesome! Welcome to IG :) It's loads of fun!
Wow, what a great program!
I’ll be sure to look for you on IG!
I already responded on the weekend re: Keto [email protected] and Keto Queen.
I admire your interest in making the subreddit better, but truly, truly I think it's quite sublime as is.
You want the sub to support our personal keto journey. Well, for me, it has been supporting my keto journey in an excellent way already.
So, my main point MIGHT be "if it ain't broke, don't fix".
I'll tell you some of the things I like about it, and maybe that will help you know things that don't need to be changed.
I love love love that messages are not required to be strictly about keto. Because that was the reason you started this sub, I'm sure that will never change.
I do like that the Daily Update includes a question or topic for discussion, and it generates a lot of impressive writing and heart pouring that definitely enhances this sub. I would like to see that stay and hate to see that go. BUT if creating a daily question or topic becomes burdensome, you could easily stop that, as you'll notice on the "no topic" days we are as chatty as ever !!
The core beauty of this sub happened because true Internet friendships had developed over on the other subreddit and became transferred here. A moderator can't create friendships, they just happen. But I guess selectively inviting new gals to join will increase the fun. Maybe we could PM just a few people at a time who catch our eye on
I will support anything that you must do to simplify your task as a moderator. For example, even if that meant automating the Daily Update, I would still support that because I value you and want you to remain joyful about moderating the sub.
If I think of anything else, I'll edit.
Thank you so much for your feedback!
I love the idea of reaching out to folks we think would fit in here. Originally this community kicked off with most of us knowing each other and looking for something different, I am elated that the core feeling of our keto family has lasted as the group grows. We really are a great group of ladies and by all means please invite anyone to join in who might be looking for the same :)
Here, here, I second this!
Can I just say "ditto" to your whole post?
Ditto to your whole post!
I’d be fine with automating the Dailies, too. Maybe they could be automated and then edited to highlight a non-daily posts? (I think
There is definitely a core group of regular posters - that's not unusual for Reddit, many folks join a subreddit just to see what it's about, then never unsubscribe. I'm so glad you're one of the regulars, and I hope more of our lurkers join in!
Yes! 100% all of this :)
I'm still awake, but passing out shortly - New Found Glory was fucking amazing and I'm up in less than five hours for a workout. You ladies are awesome and I plan on answering the question... just gotta think about how to articulate it. Stay tuned for an edit :)
Edit! I survived my workout, though mostly in a stupor. I was basically on autopilot, but the instructor said that if I can do a good workout on autopilot, I'm lucky. So there's that. I'm tired, but feel good.
Daily Q/Housekeeping: So I realize that I'm keto for life. I do feel better. I enjoyed my watermelon and corn on the cob this weekend, but I know that the more sugar I eat, the more likely I am to binge on it. I am hopeful about starting therapy and working through my issues, and I hope I can let go of my food problems. It's going to take a lot of work, because honestly my root issues lie in needing something on which to pin my depression. This time around, I eat until I feel physically ill so that I don't have to think about my mental health. That's just so not healthy. Being keto helps with that, but it's not a cure for me. Since I do feel better physically when keto, however, I know I'm here for life. But! I would like to be able to enjoy a piece of cake at a birthday party, or an ear of grilled corn on the cob, or whatever, every now and then without feeling like a) an utter failure; and b) a hideously fat, disgusting beast. So that's what I want my journey to be.
How can you help? You already do. You listen. You empathize. You offer suggestions, advice, tough love, anything that you think I need. And honestly? I need it all. I understand that to some people I'm a whiny, annoying weirdo who needs to be put in her place. To others, they feel what I feel on such a deep level that the empathy is unreal. Some people don't get it, but want to be supportive and throw out their anecdotal suggestions. Fucking all of this is helpful for me. All of it. If things change here, that's fine - I'm sure you're all still going to be able to be the wonderful, kind, empathetic, sympathetic, beautiful souls you all are and help me in whatever way you can. You can't be what I need the most - a therapist - but you can be your kind of helpful and that means the absolute world to me.
Gosh, you articulated that last part so well. It's what I think, too, but uh, could not manage to put into words. :) So, thank you.
I also hardcore relate to the depression, that sort of need to fill the void somehow (food), and man, just being to fucking hard on myself when I do veer off track. I tried on some of my "skinny" clothes (from the 140-150lb days) and felt like such a heifer/failure over the weekend. Of course those items aren't going to look great carrying 20lbs more. I mean, duh. So yeah. Self-acceptance would be nice. Compassion for ourselves would be nice.
New found Glory? What a blast from the past, sounds awesome :)
Omg did you go to a NFG concert????
I used to love them as a teen.
glad you had such fun and even on autopilot you rocked at the workout - so important to prioritise this for you.
I feel the same on the sentiments of the last paragraph
Aren't we all whiny, annoying weirdos sometimes? I love that there are so many women here from different places and walks of life yet we share a common goal of keto'ing for our health. We may not all do it the same way but there's so much support and acceptance here.
Good morning everyone, I hope you all had fantastic weekends.
Finally had some warm weather and it was just such a beautiful time to be outside. Worked on lots of stuff, made time to get outdoors and enjoy it as much as I could. I decided that today being the last super nice day was reason to wear a dress to work. Its finally that time of year to wear cute dresses.
Thank you
Filled with lots of positivity and optimism today. Had a weekend with some emotional ups and downs but I am letting the good weather keep me moving forward. I have a very light work load today, so I do have some plans to take advantage of this freedom to give you all the attention you deserve.
I love you all, KCKO and keep being your awesome keto selves, because each and every one of you make up this community and we are pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself.
I'm so glad Kits!!! :)
it is the rainest day here in months and months, I need this to be true soon!!
yay to feeling better - happy for you :) give bento a hug from me!
I don’t expect for people to be mind readers so when I need support – I ask and in earnest, I follow the spirit of full disclosure around the issues. I still keep parts hidden but I will be ready when I am ready. I have a redditor who I have kept in contact with for a while now. So that is part of my journey too. My husband says I am the worst liar and I am. I always find a way to tell the truth. There is nothing more precious to me than trust. There can be no trust if they are lies. I also very rarely make promises. When I do, I mean it is a life/death oath. There is no going back. It is part of the inscription in my husband’s wedding ring ‘with this ring, I promise..’
I am deeply upset when my husband uses the word promise with careless abandon because of my values around it. He says my emotion and commitment I hold with ‘just a word’ is inane and impractical.
In other news I had a meeting with the Chief Director I am supporting for 2 months last week. We were discussing a meeting in late july,
Me: well sorry post that date, this will not be responsibility. Natalie will resume her role mid July.
Him: oh yes, er where are you going after?
Me: no idea as of yet
Him: no role within this organisation?
Me: don’t know… pause… my problem is I don’t want to do what I am doing anymore
Him: Oh the experience of working with me has completely put you off then continuing? *small laughing*
Me: Well, I don’t know if I would view my decision through the prism of narcissism or so egotistically but you can if you want *smile*
Him: *laugh*
Then he asked me what I wanted to do, I told him I want to go back/try some auditing and project management, he was like well…. I have this project. I said – would you like my cv? He said yes. So I need to crack on and rewrite my whole CV now and try remember half the stuff I have done! I am annoyed I didn’t make a note of all the stuff I did do so I can give facts and figures but I have some job descriptions copied out on a document to give me a reminder and how to phrase things. So I am typing this to tell myself to bloody do it already because its only 5 weeks till end of contract!
I wish I could put you in charge of my words for a day <3
You are fucking hilarious!!!!!! Also, I did not comment on your Daily post yesterday but was thinking about it several times throughout the day. Your opening sentence today hit the nail on the head. I wanted to gently remind you that your dear friend was probably not able to read your mind and that stating your needs would be okay!! But something was also telling me that you already knew this. Bingo. Also, I may be able to assist you with your CV, will message you.
Hey that’s cool he’s gonna work with you to find something else in the organization! That’s the mark of a good boss right there.
I'm honest to a fault. Too many years spent trying to be who I wasn't and to try to please others.
One of my current struggles with my job is honesty. I want to be completely transparent about the main point of my role, but there's such a delicate tightrope to be walked between the two's so frustrating because I just want everyone to know everything!
I would kill for your quick wit!! I always think of the awesome comebacks an hour after the event.
That's exciting that the Chief Director is considering you for another role!! I hope that project goes really well and you love the work
LMAO @ the conversation with your boss. At least he's willing to work with you to find the right role/project.
Honesty and kindness can travel together. Perhaps your boss gets this combo, and wants to keep you around.
OMG! You make me laugh so much :) I hope you're able to get a new contract or even full time employment doing what you want to do! Hugs :)
I am also a horrible liar, and keeper of promises, so I totally feel you.
Good morning!
This weekend went well, much better than I expected. We had a ton of fun, and lots of laughs and drinks were had. The only problem... they're still here. Lol. I am hoping they will have left when I get home from work and a doctor's appointment today, but who knows. This trip somehow morphed from the original ask of the 7th-9th, to a trip that was from the 6th-10th. They seem to talk things over and decide something together and then forget to ask or inform anyone else involved. But it's okay! I am sure they will have to go back to their house at some point haha. :D
Another weird thing this weekend is that my bank called me saying there was suspicious activity on my debit card and they cancelled it. Someone was apparently trying to use it at the Coca Cola factory and a Foot Locker in Georgia?? They must have skimmed it because I have my card in my posession. I'm sooo glad the bank caught it, but now I have to go into an actual branch location to have them print me a new card and I have no idea when I'll be able to do that. There isn't a branch of my bank near my work or our new house, and of course bank hours are like 9-4 when everyone in the world is working. So I am debit card-less until further notice.
I was down to 131 yesterday, but up to 134 this morning in weight. If I could just get back in the 120s that'd be great.
Tonight I'm going to make something indulgent, something like this
Okay, this thoroughly annoying update is at its end. I hope you all had a great weekend will have an even better week ahead!! Love you guys! <3
Cut to you, having to change your locks to get rid of them! LOL
That sucks about your debit card. That happened to me a few months ago. Someone in DC bought Amtrak tickets with mine. Thankfully, my bank caught it.
Yep, the debit card and credit card theft we hear about on the news is indeed so common that it's happened to many of us, unfortunately it's not unusual.
Yes, they get the numbers from all those "our company was hacked" news stories we hear, they don't need to have the physical card in possession.
Some of the hacks over the years have been huge companies such as Target and Chase Bank, and the most notorious was actually one of the credit bureaus, I think Equifax? So, millions of us are at risk.
The banks and credit card companies are doing a decent job of identifying the mis-use.
It's happened to me more than once on my credit cards. It hasn't happened yet on my debit card.
Even though your bank has a policy to make you come in for the replacement card, maybe you can convince them to mail to you the replacement card instead.
When my credit cards were compromised, they mailed me new ones.
We likely will all get our debit or credit cards skimmed at some point. I've had it happen twice now.
So glad the weekend went so well! I hope they leave though. LOL.
Sucks about your debit card! That just happened to me, too (twins)! Will they not mail you a new card?
And I just sent the pizza recipe to the hubs. It looks super yummy. Fingers crossed he'll make it.
Foot Locker is where my skimmed card was used, too! In Chicago, not Georgia though. At least banks are on top of it.
Oof, that sucks about your debit card! FH just recently had to get a new debit card because USAA had a breach and they cancelled his card (which they apparently notified him about by mail but they send 18,000 letters a month so we usually ignore them!). Unfortunately USAA has no branches so he couldn’t even go in and get a new card or withdraw cash. Luckily we share an account and my card wasn’t affected, but it was super frustrating since it happened right as we were moving.
Deep dish was always my favorite pizza variety- I may have to make some for myself! Fingers crossed you come home to an empty house!! We have friends like that too- I love them, but have to be careful about when to invite them over lol.
Morning ladies. 
I feel like I am sneaking in after breaking curfew, since I have been MIA for so long. Not that I ever really did that, since I could extend my curfew in high school with a simple phone call. But that's besides the point. Life just got hectic for a while, and add in a vacation, and not really having time at work for long monologues and here we are. I am going to try and do my update in the morning before I start my day/get out of bed. Hopefully it will last. 
I sometimes hate writing stuff on my phone, because one wrong swipe and whole paragraph disappears. Take 2 of my general update is.. not much is different. While away on vacation, and away visiting my best friends of college for a 2 year olds birthday party, I planned on being less strict with everything, partially so I could try new things/local specialties, and partially because I vacationed in eastern Europe, and don't speak any of the languages I encountered, so a little flexibility was good. And the trip went wonderfully, except for some food poisoning stomach bug I picked up on my last day. The friends weekend however, I worked with the same flexibility, but apparently watching kids run around, and running around oneself are different, no matter that you are as tired at the end of the day. I cam back from that weekend, feeling ok, but sleeping like shit for a week or two and I weaned myself off of the "just because" near-daily treats. I guess this means I really need to stick to my 90/10 plan, where 90% of the time what I do/eat is keto, and then I can roll with the other 10% just preferably not the years 10% in a row.
Hello again, glad to see you're back!
Welcome back, and it sounds like you did the best you could. Now that things are back to normal getting into a routine will help get back into the swing of things, you got this! KCKO and glad you had a nice vacation :)
They say you can't go home again, but here at
welcome back!
o! where was your favourite place?
Morning! My personal keto journey is keto4lyfe and there is nobody irl besides my husband who gets that. I dunno, I kind of just like having a place to share and vent with like minded people and maybe idly plan trips to Colombia. I do have some random ideas for posts, but when 95% of the posts in the main keto sub drove me so nuts I had to unfollow it I am okay with this sub not being that kind of active.
Today is cold and dreary and I am kind of looking forward to a chill day at home. My husband has the day off, I have the day off (only working two days a week this summer, woot), and my kid is home. Plus our giant, possibly actually a pig in dog’s clothing house guest Agnes the Bulldog is here. She took a little while to settle in last night, but then at bedtime discovered my son’s trundle bed and slept alternating between the trundle and his bed. It was cute and he is in heaven; we are still not getting a dog.
Food yesterday was great: crispy roasted broccoli/ham/cheese for breakfast, low carb lasagna for late lunch/early dinner, and chocolate mug cake with Breyer’s CarbSmart for dessert. More ham for breakfast this morning with eggs and probably broccoli. I made the lasagna in two tiny pans, so I have another pan to make for lunch. Dinner is muffin tin meatloaves. Mmm, food.
Have the least Mondayest Monday you can!
That's my Girl!! I tell you what, that would have been a fun Meat Up with all involved. I still have not told "Q" yet that the answer is No, because I still have angst over letting this go. I was working it out last night....but I was also Ginebriated and I get all kindsa wild ideas when that happens!
Happy that you have a place like this with "like minded" people as you say. Couldnt agree more, its nice to be able to talk about things like we do here.
Your food plans sound wonderful. Mmmm lasagna :D
yes! double yes!
Good Morning Ladies of Keto!
{deleted paragraphs about 'community' and 'sisterhood' and 'bad-ass bitches' and other vodka-induced blather no longer here. Aren't you glad???)
I missed it! I was "Apertivo de Ginebriated" as well but somehow refrained from Drunk Texting DBM or posting on here! Usually when I'm full of it, I will text Sydney M who is generally unphased by this (He told me I once fell asleep on the phone, errr passed out as evidenced by my breathing and not responding ) I did, however, resurrect my trip to Columbia and I am working out the very last angles of safety and security and communication tactics in order to make a final decision. It's most likely still going to be a No but I'm giving it the college try working out every last angle.
Yesterday was a long hike in Sabino, where I came across a big snake on the trail. I named him Tuco Salamanca because he was chillin' like a villain and Tuco was my favorite character on Breaking Bad. And still feeling peppy, I knocked out 100 Squats and/or Deadlifts yesterday!! I was busy later in the kitchen prepping the vegetables that I bought in smaller quantities in support of my "no waste" goal for June. I also pulsed a head of Cauliflower in the food processor and created two bags of "rice" for the freezer for later Risotto makings. I remembered that I am leaving for San Francisco on Thursday and it was unlikely that I would be eating all of the veg so the cauli was a good idea to freeze.
I also cleaned the house because of the off chance I would get to see DBM. I did not get to see him but he texted me throughout the day. I am slightly dissapointed and annoyed to be honest but I'm keeping it in perspective. Getting laid would have been nice :/
A great big thank you to the Mods of this subreddit. I literally LOVE YOU for creating this environment for me to express myself and be accountable to myself. This sub means a whole lot to me and is part of my climb to better myself and if I didn't have this space, I don't know what I'd do. As for calling out a Keto Bitch who says something will we do this? I am not sure. Can we color highlight the phrase as we come across it somehow? I have already read a few funny things this morning (
KCKO Bitches!!!
I was moving the watering hose in the garden yesterday evening, and found one of those cute garden snakes. I petted it's "tail" before it took off (hey, lady, no touch the snek, k?) I'm glad you left Mr. Tuco to his sunshine.
Sometimes for me planning the trip is a solid portion of the fun of actually going somewhere. Sorry about DBM, but glad something positive came out of it.
and that is going into my lexicon!
holding out hope for Colombia - lol - already checked my bank balance - just in case...
I love the name you gave the big snake !
I think this sub is great, and it's working wonderfully. I appreciate the drive to make it even better, but don't stress too much over it! I love it as-is. :)
I just want to be consistent. I feel ashamed when I eat something off-plan, not planned, and I think of all you ladies chugging along consistently for months on end, some of you for years. I own my eating about 95% of the time, and i think for me, that is commendable, but goddammit. I just want to be consistent like 100% of the time.
My mood has been affecting my eating. I do not know what is going on with me. Talked to my sister for a while about it, and she's in the same boat. There's an answer, a solution, and I'm determined to find it. I do think vacation is going to help a LOT. It's like hitting the RESET button. 24 days till vacation, and 28 til we board a plane. God, I love seeing other places.
Finally settled on two races to run: One on 6/29, a 5K, and a little 2-miler on the 4th of July. That gives me a little more time to get some road runs in. I meant to this morning, but I woke up in the middle of the night, had trouble getting back to sleep, and reset the alarm for later. It was perfect weather this morning, too. It's all good. I'll just make sure to get out another morning this week. There's a week break in dance for the youngest, so I don't have to run at the gym on Thursday night.
Anyhwo. Happy Monday. :)
Truth be told, none of us is 100%. I think it's not realistic to expect that. But we each should do our best, and treat ourselves with kindness, because we aren't perfect.
Yep, what she said !!
I wish I was more consistent too. I was good yesterday so I got that going for me 😆
That is commendable!
Oooh, vacay. Where are you going?
Good morning.
I finally had a little down time this weekend and it was SO needed. Sunday evening felt like the first time in months that I'd had a little quiet time to myself to do nothing and decompress. I followed that with some of the best sleep I've had in forever and so my mental state is feeling a little better today.
I'm going to New York for work tomorrow and will be gone the rest of the week, so I may not post again till next week. Hope you all have a great week.
Yay for some down time and getting some much needed sleep!!!!
Hope you're able to have some fun in NYC, not just work.
YES!! I'm so glad you got some down time!! And good sleep too?? Amazing.
Have so much fun in New York! I know you're working, but still have fun, okay?? :D
Ohhh hooray! I'm so pleased you got some decompression time and sleep. Hope NYC treats you well this week; stay dry today!
I already feel very supported here. I think sometimes it's a bit harder for me since I tend to post late morning or afternoon, so I don't get many responses but I'm trying to post in the morning before I go back to sleep. Which is what I'm doing now.
I'm so excited. I have finally lost 25 lbs!! Scale was kind to me and was 134 this morning. I am hoping it continues its downward trend throughout the month. I'm already half a lb away from losing last months total!
I grilled last night. Brats, cheddar chicken sausages, pork chops, zucchini and marinated mushrooms. It was a delicious feast and now I don't have to cook this week. I'll make a cole slaw and a broccoli salad. I'm glad my ex taught me to grill. In fact, a lot of my knowledge in the kitchen is due to him. I'm trying to find a few things I'm grateful for in regards to that relationship. It gets easier with time. The hurt and anger lessens the more I do it. I had a conversation with my mom yesterday where she asked me if I was depressed because I've been unbelievably tired for the last couple months. I'm not. I appreciated her asking though. I'm still in mourning and that's it's own beast. I'm glad I can tell the difference.
Congratulations on 25 lbs lost Scale Victory !!
You worked hard for that !!
25 SV alert! Yay! Yippee! See my post about late posters...
Hurray 25 lbs! 🎊🎉 Sometimes I wish there was an afternoon post too.
Congratulations on the SV! I hear you on the posting thing. I'm on the West Coast so it happens to me too. Plus, I don't always have time to respond to everyone, so I have to take that into account too.
then you are making massive progress and wooo to 25lbs!
Woot for your 25 pounds!!!
Busy, busy day today. Meditation group was really helpful yesterday and I’m glad I went. Our instructor liked my foldable meditation stool, and our reading was a very timely topic- about how we intellectually accept that everything is changing but have a hard time accepting it emotionally. We love to think that we are the outlier, the exception to the inevitable. I wish I’d gotten the name of the book because I’d love to keep reading it! Maybe I’ll do some searching on my lunch break.
The weekend went too quickly, but I got a lot done! I’m almost caught up on laundry, I got
Also shark week is two days early. So that’s fun. This update has taken an hour because I’m in the middle of allocation hell- we have five offices combining into two suites and I am losing my ever-loving mind trying to figure out what is going on. KCKO y’all and have a fantastic day and I’ll try to do the same! ❤️
I freaking love that water bottle! Love the new hair too.
That water bottle is too cute. I'm glad mediation is going so well for you.
100% on point with hair, clothes and water bottle!
love the hair! gorgeous! and that water bottle is lovely!
Morning y’all. Back from Boston. Had a horrible trip home with delayed flights and late trains etc etc. Basically it only took <4 hours of travel to get to Boston on Friday and 9+ hours to get home yesterday. But I had a great time in the city (it’s amazing!) and our event, while it had some issues mostly out of our control, went great. I would love to come back on personal time to be able to explore more.
Feeling frustrated with myself and depressed this morning. It’s rainy outside and I’m exhausted and don’t want to go to work after working all weekend. I want to call out, but I’ll lose some of the overtime hours I earned this weekend which is definitely not worth it. I really want my boot camp class to get cancelled today, even though I know I absolutely need to go. I feel so completely “blegh” today, it’s such a bummer. At least it should be a pretty quiet day at work because we have a lot of staff traveling home from their events today and my boss just started his 2 week vacation.
As far as this sub is concerned, I think it’s a great place to express yourself, celebrate your wins, illicit questions about nearly everything, get encouragement, etc... and I love being here. But I do think there are some things we can do a little better. Just not sure what. I love the keto [email protected] suggestion because I often find myself thinking of some of the things I read y’all post throughout the day, especially the SVs and NSVs. Have we thought of using the live chat feature and making like an event out of it (ie; every Thursday at 8pm EST or something)?
oh I would be down for this (dont arrange on my timezone though!)
that journey back sounds enough to put me in e bluegh mood for days
Ooh, I like the idea of a Scheduled Chat Event.
<3 <3 <3
Hugs to you for the rough trip home and the weather. It’s rainy and gross here too...are you in the DC area?
Oh I missed this, didn't know you were going to Boston :D I live a few hours away and go a few times a year, absolutely love Boston.
I like the live chat idea!
I didn't know you were in my neck of the woods!! I hope you got to see some stuff!
I know many folks like chats, but I'm not one of them. I always feel like I'm missing something, or the topics shift around and I lose the thread.
So far, I'm treading water. I'm not making significant progress this month. I do feel like changes are happening in my body and looking forward to more.
Oh, and I got in the
It was a fairly rainy weekend so we did lots of laundry and cleared out our pantry. The oldest thing expired in 2014!
Lots of work to do. Have a great week!
Your donuts looked amazing! I never would have guessed they were keto :)
What cute donuts :D Also did you love John Wick 3? I went opening night, absolutely love John Wick and 3 was awesome :)
Those donuts looked great! I'm not gonna click on any of the other links this morning when I haven't had breakfast. ;)
Love your food porn! Your theater offers those kinds of snacks?!
The amount of work, thought, and love that goes into making this space for us is so appreciated. My only suggestion is a tip jar for BRC, ketokate-o, and KetoKitsune, so that we can buy you a coffee or a gin snack from time to time as a token of thanks.
Short update from me today. Spent the weekend with friends. Did not track. Drank half and half in my coffees and ate some delicious noodleless pho. Had some victories:
Today is my HUGE JOB INTERVIEW, so I'm going to have another nervous bathroom visit and then get myself together. Whatever happens today, there's carnitas and basketball tonight. Happy Monday, everyone! <3
Good luck with the interview!
Take a deep breath, let it out, do that two more times then nail that interview Caligari!!!! You got this Woman!!! Carnitas!!!!
Good luck with the interview !! Slay it !!
Congratulations on scale movement !!
Congratulations on getting noticed !!
Congratulations on skipping cake !!
Will work for coffee! Joking haha. It takes the entire community to make this place what it is :)
Good luck with your job interview!! You got this! :D
Congrats on all the weekend victories! Good luck with the job interview.
Good luck with the interview!!
Rock that interview gurl! Good job on the weekend rewards!
Good luck!!!
Good luck!
Good luck with the interview!
YAY for all of your victories over the weekend!
Good luck with your interview!
yes to buying a gin snack to our dear moderators!
Morning Ladies :)
My car quest continues. My Honda is still over heating. I just think the guys that I let fix it the first time ruined it and unless I get a new motor it will just keep doing this. I'm over it. Saturday we spent the day looking for cars, I can honestly say I hate car shopping. I did find a Chevy Cruze from a dealer closer to work that we will check out this afternoon. Decent price, under 80k miles. I need a car and this one is the best in my price range.
I started an egg fast last Thursday to help me lose some water weight and get back on track. Wednesday was a bad day. I'm down to 239 this morning but I know it won't stick which I'm OK with but I will try to transition right so I don't gain too much back and stick to less veggies and more meat. I know what works and don't...I just had a bad day lol.
I love this group and I don't feel anything is missing. You guys help me more than you know <3
Keto on ladies!
Car shopping is the worst, sending you the good vibes to make it quick and painless and you find the perfect reliable car for you :)
I used to work at a car dealership. It was a low point in my life. I have automatic hostility to salespeople as a result.
Good luck car shopping, it is awful. It took me like two months of solid searching to find my van.
After reading today’s prompt... I really don’t have any feedback, hah. Just continue to be here for me as I struggle and sometimes thrive in this journey, and give me a way to help others as I do so.
Speaking of which... full accountability time. Totally fell apart this weekend. I realized that whenever I put external goals on myself tied to a specific number — be under 180 for the doctor’s office (today, not happening), be under X before a trip, etc etc — I fall apart. And I think I know why: it’s rebellion. So often when I was a teenager, my mother would put all sorts of incentives and timelines on me: lose weight and I’ll buy you a new wardrobe, need to lose weight before school starts, etc. Even as a broke young adult she’d reward me with shopping when she visited if I’d lost weight. It was like the most praiseworthy thing I could do in her eyes was lose weight, and the most important part of me was my weight. And so even if I put weight related incentives on myself, I rebel against myself because I hate them so much.
I think part of the reason I’ve been able to be more (though not perfectly) consistent and lose 20-25 lb the last few months is that my goals have nothing to do with the numbers. My big goal is to be able to do bars again, which requires a stomach that doesn’t hang over the bar. (Otherwise it pinches and it huuuuuuuurts.) Even fitting into the dress for my friend’s wedding wasn’t a number per se.
Anyway, I’ve been stressing about my physical for months, and putting that number on myself just wasn’t healthy for me. I was roughly this weight last year, and even if I give my full explanation of the prednisone weight gain and subsequent OMADing and “no processed foods diet” (code word for keto) all that I’m afraid I will still get a lecture because let’s face it, I’m still obese. I love my doctor but I know she is basically obligated to remind me to “eat right and exercise” and “get that weight down.” Ugh. Maybe I should switch to Dr Berg of YouTube since he’s local... no, I just need to stop putting pressure on myself.
What motivates me are the things that bring me joy and I need to remember that, no create scale pressure for myself that I hate in the first place.
Side note: “The Last Watch” Game of Thrones season 8 documentary is fantastic and if you’re a GoT fan you should watch it. We watched it last night and just loved it. So many funny scenes of people dressed as White Walkers looking at phones and eating — so funny!
It's good that you learned that self-identified incentives and deadlines don't work for you. So, no more of that for you !!
OMG for me, the year after year of showing up at my doctor's office at the same weight as the year before !!
I totally feel you on that one.
Ditto the obligatory "lose weight" advice !!
Because I finally did lose some weight recently (which my doctor did praise), my obligatory advice has become "get exercise" !! LOL
Just nod and smile !!
You know that you'll be working on keto over the next year, so just remind yourself that next year's physical will be different than this year's physical.
I love having goals that are not tied to the scale, thanks for the reminder how important that can be :)
I still havent watched The Last Watch, I probably should before my HBO Runs out!
Wow, good job on understanding your own motivations! Now you can work around them, or maybe even see if you can work on this response directly.
I don't do so well with that either. I posted in the May goals and pretty much didn't meet most of them. There is a part of me that very much believes in setting goals and writing them down but I still kinda just do things on my own time :P
yep. understand you there very well.
and the' I will make you like me despite everything you stand for.'
It will be part of the Doctors standard script for duty of care to say that to you, so I wouldnt take it personally. Just think of it - her having to tick a box :) good luck
Morning. I don't really know how to answer today's DT because I'm struggling with figuring out maintenance right now. Just being here to listen to me bitch about it and throw out suggestions is all the support I could possibly ask from this group. {{{hugs}}} to each and every one of ya!
Some of the bloat is gone, I was at 154.6 this morning, which is much better than the 156+ that I saw this weekend. I'm hoping that, once I finish out this week of the progesterone cream, the puffiness might settle down so I can end the month actually at or near my GW.
I reverse seared
Hey, Jenn, I'm hoping to be on weight maintenance "some day" LOL !!
So I started lurking and posting over on the the two subreddits that you and I discussed over the weekend:
Two people posted there yesterday and/or responded to my posts there. My posts were upvoted on both subs, so SOMEBODY is over there reading or lurking. I'm gonna wake 'em up !!
I'm going to try to be more active on both those subs.
Also, if I see any interesting girls there, I'll invite them to join us here, so we'll have more weight maintenance members to help each other.
The one person who replied to my post is a guy.
Keto food is seriously some of the best food out there! I hope your puffiness settles down soon <3
I concur in spades.
I haven't found any of the new HG Hughes sauces yet. Sounds good though!
I use a bacon
That steak dinner 😍! I'm gonna have to give reverse sear another try one of these days. Glad your bloat is dissipating!
Yum! I thought of you last night when I inhaled a giant ribeye while SO watched in his usual confusion “HOW?!” I can’t wait to hear your review of the new G Hughes sauce.
Morning, ladies.
It's very rainy here, I expect my period to arrive in the next few days, ankle is still swollen, and our firm internet was down for about two hours today. All of which is to say, I am feeling like a salted slug, and getting through today will be a wallow through molasses.
I forgot my ketoade fixings at home, so the plan is to guzzle down tea and eat a pickle or two.
on the bright side:
Hilarious, real brisket rewards !!
Ditto that current sub is lovely and helpful
If one of you bitches found a way to send me real brisket, I'd divorce my DH and marry y'all!! LOL
one day - I hope this comes true
good luck with the 50km with your period!!
I'm really liking how things have been going down around here; All three of you Major Modern Moderators have been doing a great job. I love how the outpouring of support moves through this community, whenever one of us needs it. That can't be moderated - it's a function of the group gestalt or whatever.
However, sometimes a good topic gets buried in an individual post on the daily, and could use better exposure, especially when the post is relatively late in the day (Hello, West Coast US&Canada, Hawai'i and Pacific Islands!) I'd like to find a way to get these topics to the moderators for inclusion in the next day's Daily, or perhaps even elevated to a stand-alone post.
I am so glad I felt like shit yesterday. Sounds weird, but honestly, it's the best thing to reinforce how awful the consumption of sugar is for me. My grouchitude was immense, I struggled to get anything done, the headache was relentless. I think I got that sugar craving out of my system for a long, long time.
Even so, I did some stuff in both gardens yesterday - replanted the corn that didn't come up or was destroyed by deer walking on it, trellising, watering, general futzing. I brought home a halibut filet from Costco yesterday, and DH did a great job grilling it. He tried grilling some cauli, too, but I think it needs more basting and a longer time to cook. It was dry and crunchy, not my fave.
I'm working a lot this week at the Co-op, and my chosen brand of protein powder is on sale there, so with my 25% discount, I'm going to buy a lot of it! I have to make several phone calls today about various things, which will be rather a challenge to my phone phobia, but I'm sucking down caffeinated courage and I will get it done! A little heat wave is coming our way, so I gotta get out and water more. Ta!
Did he parboil the cauliflower? I have found that works the best when I am grilling something quickly and want veggies with some char on them without the time to really roast them.
I am glad I am not alone for not exactly hating negative effects of eating something I know I shouldn’t. I feel it would make the threat of carb creep even more real. “Oh, I can eat this every once in a while and be fine.” Instead my body likes to dole out instant heartburn and remind me I am not fine.
That is the exact reason that I have not cheated on keto because I remember the horrible feeling the one time I had sneaky carbs and felt like shit for a couple of days. Good motivation to stick with it. ;)
👋 West Coaster here! I'm a night owl and a late riser so I'm either very early or super late to the party. I would be nice to see some things that are posted later in the day get some more exposure.
Costco's been carrying a lot of good looking seafood lately, and at incredible prices. I just wish I didn't have to buy several pounds of anything because it's just DH and I.
I dread phones but it’s so nice to get it over with. Good luck!
Good Morning (Afternoon, Evening) Beautiful Bombshells!
DT: I've really been enjoying the process of not tracking every single bite while also keeping an eye on carbs. Apparently my body likes it too because I've been hanging out around my flair weight. I think my body has re comped a bit too because my waist feels smaller and I'm back in a US size 12 again. So, my own personal keto journey is working out really well. I think that this group already does a great job in supporting all of us, so I wouldn't change a thing :)
The Lobster Boil was a huge hit with our friends, and us too. We had a really fantastic time and ate lots of delicious food. I have a ton of Lobster bodies and shells in the freezer now for a future Lobster Bisque! It wasn't as hot in the grove, with the bubbling brooks babbling and the slight breeze cooling, as I thought it would be. Instagram only allows you to upload 10 pictures at a time; however I made two posts.
It's going to be 100 degrees F (feels like 104) so we'll be keeping it cool and hanging inside while working today with all the blinds closed. I hope everyone has an awesome start to the week and KCKO! XOXOXO
Lobstah!!!! It looked divine!
Woohoo for body recomp!
lovely photos! that looks divine! totally would be something I would make drunken posts about lol!
you look gorgeous as always and love the camo get up - WOOO size 12! yay!!!! waist getting smaller has been one of my fav NSVs
That lobster boil looks awesome and so do you! YUM, I was just talking about eating some lobsters last night with DH and our friends. I saw live ones at the Asian grocery for $7 a pound!
Morning! The new cat is out and Catgome is not happy about it. Turns out cats snort when they're angry. It's a cute angry noise. Poor HawkEye likes cheese which is Catgome's treat so now she has to share which isn't helping the transition.
No keto plans for the week. We have a team lunch at a Colombian restaurant. I'll need to extra study the menu. I'm sick of my bad choices attitude when dining choices have gotten tough. Maybe I'll carve out some time today to meal plan. Eh. KCKO
Why am I so sore today? I ache just about everywhere from my shoulders to my knees. Taking my dog for his first walk this morning was a very slow affair.
Yesterday I did have a booth at the Everett Farmers Market, and I'm happy with what I made for the day. The market is right at the Port of Everett, and I'm starting to understand why they are so adamant about everyone having at least 24 lb weights on each corner of their canopies. For the second week in a row, in the early afternoon the wind steadily rose until it was absolutely windy by the time the closing bell sounds at 4 PM. Such fun to take down a canopy in those conditions.
After the Market I met up with my niece and BIL for dinner. I was a little leery of the restaurant he chose, and it turned out with good reason. It was a Pho restaurant. 90% of the menu were noodle or rice dishes. I chose a beef salad, but wondered about sauces. I didn't bother asking, I have been doing well enough lately, that I can handle a few extra carbs. Sure enough, the sauce on the beef tasted really sugary. It was a nice flavor over all, and I didn't eat any extra sauce, leaving the lettuce that was completely drowned in it on the plate. I would have been better off ordering Pho and just not eating the noodles. I don't know exactly how many carbs I consumed, but I don't think it could be more than 25 or 30. Live and learn the Keto Life in the Real World.
Setting up my booth and taking it down is old hat, so that shouldn't account for my achiness. I am sleeping on a fairly hard mattress in my sister's spare room, but I've been doing that for almost a week now. So either the market was more stressful on my body than I realized, or was it the sugar in the sauce on that meat last night? I hear about people feeling horrible from too much carbage after adapting to fat. Is that what I feel?
I am meeting up with my step sister and her daughter in Seattle this afternoon. I love them both, but they can be, let us say, a challenge, to spend much time with, both are fairly narcissistic (and my step-BIL rounds out the bill, they are a matched threesome). But I know that if I'm down in the Seattle area for a week and don't meet up with them, their feelings would be very hurt. Plus I want to show off how much weight I have lost! We will see if they notice (OK, I can have my narcissistic moments, too). As long as I don't have to do Christmas or extended visits with them, they are quite enjoyable.
Short & sweet today - let's see if I can hit the high points only!
KCKO and KCMO (Keep Calm and Moderate On) !! LOL
Glad your sinus infection is finally going away!
I think the mod team is doing a fan-fucking-tastic job. I really appreciate having a place to go to everyday for accountability and support, and I love hearing about how everyone's doing, on keto and otherwise.
Yesterday was a fairly quiet Sunday. I felt like I just could not get enough sleep. I woke up late and still napped in the afternoon. Maybe my body was trying to fight off DH's 1.5 week long cold that hasn't caught up with me. Or maybe my body was recovering from the shock of pilates because I was freaking sore (still am)! In the evening, we met some friends for AYCE Korean BBQ for dinner. One of my favorite places to go! YUM, meat galore! We love seeing this couple. One of the women is my long time friend from high school, and her partner is awesome. Two of the most generous people we know, we're always fighting over the bill because they try to pay every time!
Not much to otherwise report. Weight has been the same. I can't complain because I lost 1.8 pounds so far this month and we're 10 days in.
Happy Monday, ladies!
I've never been to a Korean BBQ (we don't have one locally) so have some for me!
Woohoo for progress this month!
What she said !!
Enjoy! Korean BBQ is so tasty and such a great experience.
Monday, Ladies! Part of my 17 point plan to survive the day is writing my Daily from home, since trying to squeeze it in between a stack of 11 holding calls... just doesn't happen. Monday can suck it, but I'm armed with cold brew and Applegate organic hot dogs.
Last night was actually really nice, because I was under the impression Brisket Man was coming over. I cleaned some, I smoked some, did yoga and popped my broken foot in a fantastically relieving way, and I made an AMAZING beef-fat-crumble omelet for dinner. I was in a great mood until I woke up at 1 am, still alone. That dude could have anything he wanted from me, and I'm not even worth a phone call? I waited so many years just to be waiting more. At least my bathroom is sparkling.
Eating strict carnivore continues to be the best- my most recent experiment is using half the stevia in my coffee and tea, which has been surprisingly easy. I don't think it has any negative effects for me, but I'm curious if eliminating so much sweetness will help with cravings. Apart from a burger and the beef crumble omelet, a lot of my food yesterday was Stryve biltong, and I feel excellent for having eaten so much convenience food. Dinner tonight will be ground yak and Mulay's breakfast sausage mixed with the rest of my ground beef for some weird chimera patties, and the steak I was too lazy to treat properly last night.
Time for a bike ride and work. Everyone keep your eyes on the horizon and KCKO <3
Today will mark day 14 of carnivore for me. and not day 3 thank fuck cause of the cake thing on friday.
we can be carnivorous, eating this way IS important to us. Carpe Carne 22!
Boo to Brisket Man. I recall a post of yours, months ago, where TOWGA did the same thing to you.
Cutting the stevia will probably help with cravings. Gin Stephens is all about “clean fasting” to cut cravings (plain water, coffee, tea only). Even if you aren’t fasting, it’ll help.
You are worth so much more. His loss. It sounds like you channeled that all well though and got a ton done, that is something to be proud of, regardless if you got the outcome you had hoped for, you were super productive :)
Ground Yak? What is that a Texan thing? D:
Its almost comical to me that I also did some scrubbing of the house and washing of sheets in anticipation of a potential DBM visit (Which did not happen and that's okay too). Why do we do this to ourselves, lol. I'm sorry the two of you couldn't connect just one on one, face to face to have some chattage. I am always insanely impressed with your carnivore offerings. I also bought some new fancy pork rinds at World Market yesterday and thought of you.
The lonely wake ups suck. It’s like you wake up and realize “shit, nothing changed.” Hang in there, it’s hard but you have all of us so you’re never alone even if we aren’t a complete substitute for what you truly want.
I definitely need to clean today! I can’t keep moving the chores down the to do list.
I don’t use many sweeteners but I started to have some stevia and low carb ketchup creep and felt it definitely upped my cravings. I cut back and haven’t missed it at all and the cravings definitely improved.
How’s your toe feeling?
I restarted strict keto on May 19th and right now am I seeing some results!! Like one of my comfy pairs of underwear falling down my butt when I'm walking around the house. I'm holding strong at 179!!! Slowly slowly going down.
I've been getting braver at the bouldering gym. I'm slowly going higher and higher on that wall with less anxiety. I am determined to go over the top of the wall sometime this month, at least twice. Which is one of my goals! I think I can do it. I watch my boyfriend climb over them and I'm really proud of him.
I feel stronger now too. The first day of restarting strict keto was the first day I climbed and I really liked that association. I have definitely felt stronger in my arms since starting and things are getting easier. I'm continuing with my at least once a week hip butt video, and I did it last night. It kicked my butt and I know it is helping. I felt my thigh muscles during it (while doing a chair pose with one leg and slowly flapping a bent leg to the side) and damn are they harder.
Redirecting my cravings towards keto food is working. Yesterday I was craving not-home food and we ended up getting some Jimmy John unwiches. They're so good, but damn are they SO MUCH sodium. My BF was craving some pizza and we ended up trying the gnom gnom keto deep dish pizza. It hit the spot I think. I have some leftovers for lunch, and I'm excited to try it cold.
One more thing I found that is FANTASTIC to satisfy my ice cream /sweet craving. The So Delicious Coconut no sugar added ice cream. I'm lactose intolerant and anytime I can avoid dairy is wonderful. And I find that ice cream SO TASTY. I'm am infinitely happy I found it and I'm going to make some lemon bars this week to go with the vanilla bean flavor.
What do you want your own personal Keto journey to look like, and How can this group best support you along your path?
My own personal keto goals are the following: FEEL BETTER mentally and physically. Period.
Eating better helps me keep on track with working out. Climbing is a huge motivator in continuing to workout and wanting to get stronger. Having my boyfriend do this with me helps so so much.
This group helps by just existing, honestly. Having a place to post everyday about my life and my keto journey helps keep me accountable and it's motivating to read everyone's updates as well. Even when I went off the rails from keto for a while it was nice to know this place is here to come back to once I got my shit together again.
Just had the deep dish for dinner. It's very filling and yummy. Way to work towards your climbing goals!