Mods and users of LateStageCapitalism sticky a post saying, “McCain is dead! Let the celebration begin!

Looks like the edgy teenagers over at
That place is a cesspool and the mods are functionally illiterate.
"Ha," Thought the
Poor McCain both sides seem to be celebrating his death
Poor all the people he denied healthcare to? Is that what you mean?
Well.... he may have done a few things to deserve it? I mean I don’t like dancing on anyone’s grave, but he did some very bad things in his time in power.
He did spend the last few year just doing his best to piss everyone off.
Guy was an asshole. I just don't like these subreddits because
Extremist are celebrating his death.
Also, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went from socialist America's greatest hope to enemy of the people in like two months because she said some plelasantries about a politician that just died instead of tapdancing on his grave with a bunch of edgelord cancer jokes like a certified true leftist should.
I mean the criticism of him has been accurate but some people are really out to prove that you can be right and also a giant fucking asshole at the same time.
There are most definitely good criticisms about him out there. I agree with that. I don’t agree with people celebrating his death though. Ideologues like some of the people there continue the divide of America. Some people were saying theyd celebrate the death of any republican senator, and that’s sickening in my opinion.
We hate her because she's a Social Democrat calling herself a socialist.
Not to mention some users in there are calling everyone who served in vietnam monsters.
And the funny thing is the Vietnamese seem to be over it and really liked the guy -
Yeah, people should look up to Mr. President Donald J. Trump as an exemplary of proper conduct wrt Vietnam war draft.
fuck off moron, this isn't worstof and neither was yesterday's post
Celebrating a politicians death is most definitely worst of my dude. A lot of people were calling him a monster based on a fake article saying he purposely bombed children. Snopes debunked this. Then, people were saying he was responsible for deaths of tons of children calling him a warmonger. He is generally for intervention when he sees something wrong in the country. Like for example the taliban in afghanistan. Not to mention also he was huge for human rights. For example he is one of the ones who stopped torture in the US, as he was on the receiving end in Vietnam. People celebrating his death are purely idealogues. Both people on the far right and far left are celebrating his death, and it’s sickening.
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