Holly knows everything

Hopefully no one kills me for translating this one hehe...
Today I translated for three subs, that was difficult.
(I feel like this belongs here but it doesn't at the same time lol)
Give the artist love
Edit: I'm surprised
You did such a good job!!! I love how cute this is thanks for translating it :)
I wanna go on the subreddit to see some wholesome things but I don’t want it to be nsfw. Can someone tell me if it is nsfw?
What’s up I’m here
You're always posting wholesome content for so many subs, I appreciate it
I'm always glad that people like what I post, people like you made my day, thank you!
Hmmm what are you trying to reference to.
I don't remember this episode
Happened in an alternate reality where kakyoin wasn't turned into a donut
Excuse me, what the egg?
you are a saucy boi
Where egg
Exactly what I do when I get the feels. Face+Pillow
Face+pillow sounds scary actually
I miss Kak so much 🥺
Thank you for the translation! Ah, my heart..
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Holly is oshino meme?
You mean Gaen Izuko?
what happened.
We will never know
What I got from this is that Holly and Kakyoin fucked
delicous, the donut got on some milk
I thought Jotaro took Kakyoin on a date
I don't know if it was first date or.. They fucked idk
I believe the point is that Jotaro and Kakyoin fucked, Jotaro's acting not flustered, Kakyoin's like "ah shit dude. Man oh man that was awesome aw im embarassed"
Nine months later, Jotaro's half-brother is born with Kakyoin's cherry red hair
Jotaro: visible anger, ready to ORA ORA Kakyoin
Joseph: "Like father like daughter, I guess."
No, otherwise Jotaro wouldn't be in a notably good mood.
Why do I suddenly kinda ship this?
wait what happended
They becale best friends
Aaaaaaaaaaah adorable!
There’s nothing she doesn’t know.
Now we wait for the egg
Kakyoin was Jotaro's first ever friend. That is why he got pissed off at Dio.
I ship it so fucking hard
I'm scared and warm hearted at the same time
They totally fucked
Conne...cted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?
Kakyoin is a mood
The ONLY real ship on this series
Idk... Josuke and Okuyasu have a big ol' bromance in Part 4
What about Jonathan and Erina?
What about Mista and Giorno?
Joseph x Caesar?
What happened, please someone explain
They connected
Im kakyoin
Why does holly look so cute
You always have the best posts, and this is so cute!
Haha thank you! ^ _^
Oof, I got big Kakyoin energy right now
to shio charatces is verb wholesoem😍😍💯
I'd like to know if this is sarcasm
You seem to be in a good humor
Is there a mistake in that sentence?
Is there a mistake in that sentence?
I don't get it. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND.
That holly is going to be the death of me
You commented the same thing 5 times more lol.
Also kakyoin has the power now!
Fun factoid for you epic gamers out there. Jotaro is not homosexual. Ok, back to gaming. Epic style.
Get yuor fcKucing SOCIETY out of my GANGWEED Chad! If yuo rally knew about how the world worked and shaned us GANgWeED crew youd know that gangweed king jotareo koojoe (he smoaks weed thats why it CENSORED im japanese SOCIETY) LOVES his friends and even if hes not gay (even tho hes totally not cucked by all he NON GAMER STACYS so he knows what he wants of love because he GAMERED the system of life so hed probsbley date someone he shsres a deep bongd with like kakyoin bc bith of them are set apart from socIETY by being gangweed (kalyoin wears grean like marihuana leaves lol)) he supports his bufdy and that's a good foundation for romance unlike ANTI-GAMER SOCIETY standards relationship.
jotaro is gangweed and kakyoin is also a gamer so jokak is way better to date than ANTIGANGWEED kakyoin x HOLY KUJ-RONICA.
Respect GANGWEED and stop being crushed by SOCIETY let kakyoin lay EGGS