October 28 Daily Thread

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Bench press form check for shoulder health.
I recently got sore rotator cuffs. First time it ever happened to me. Not sure what caused it. Benching close to max causes a sharp pain.
Here's my new form that emphasizes on scapular depression on lower weights (to avoid putting the weight on my shoulders). Any feedbacks? I don't want to blow my rotators cuffs!
Just finished my squat day: I worked up to a top set of 310x4, which is the heaviest I've ever squatted with good form. 3 plates is just around the corner next week.
Starting off 3RM week with squat. Managed 485x3 with danger brace (making a decision between filtering my spine and shitting my pants was not off the table). Followed up with more danger brace back off squats 3x7x385, and my legs feel like absolute garbage now. Woo. Finished with body weight farmers for a handful of runs while dodging intramural athletes and their children. Cannot weight to leave the uni gym
Had to take most of last week off because I got sick/had a busy school week/preparing for some final round job interviews.
Yesterday I got back in the gym and it was deadlift 1+ day in week 3 of 531. Figured it might be not as good of a day since I had just been sick, but I decided to still go for it though.
Got 415x7 for a huge new PR! Couple months ago in the middle of my cut 435 was my best 1rm. Now 415x7 gives me an e1rm of 510-515lbs! Obviously high rep deadlifts are not the best indicator of 1rm, but my best deadlift set around then was 350x10. 2 weeks ago I got 390x9 and could've definitely have gotten the 10th.
I weighed myself after getting back from the gym and I actually lost a couple lbs when I was sick so I was down to 163, which is crazy cuz that was the weight I was at in early August when I got 435. Definitely think I'll be able to hit 500 by the end of the year!
how long should someone rest if he or she feels burnout from working out? feeling fatigued, brain fog, no desire to hit the gym, no desire to even walk, mentally exhausted, wanting to sleep and other issues?
i ask because i feel burn out and feel the other things too and more. i also feel burnout from doing the same lp program which is greyskull lp. what programs do you guys recommend?
also i feel like overtrained or atleast under recovered and read about adrenal fatigue, but idk if that truly exists?
almost everytime i hit the gym i feel worst during and after training.
take a deload week. cut volume or cut intensity (ie, cut sets a lot, or lift like 70% of what you would normally lift for he same sets reps) for a week. then get back to the grind.
when was the last time you had a deload week?
Program outline for upcoming lower body rehab. IE reintegration of front squat.
I've got an hour each workout, and only 10 working sets. So I'm thinking 15-20 min mobility warm up since I have the time.
A 5x5/3/1 (start empty bar) front squats, 5x10 RDL
B 5X5/3/1 Deadlift, 5x10 split squat
C 5x5 split squat, 5x10 RDL
D 5x5/3/1 Deadlift, 5x10 front squat (empty bar)
E 5x5/3/1 front squat, 5x10 RDL
F 5X5/3/1 Deadlift, 5x10 front squat
That will give me 3 more weeks to progress split squats and hip hinge mvmts. And slowly roll in front squats. Then see how things feels and go from there. Open to ideas.
As far as form checks... is it worth my time to submit one before I'm anywhere near my 5rm? Or should I just wait until I'm closing in on previous TM? What's the best angle for front squat form check?
Take care yall
365, 385, 410x2, 345x8 paused bench
Double log:
ZT's BG template, W3D3
Cool stuff, brother!
I can see how doing snatch balances in a cage can be weird... Ideally you would in a more open area.
Oh yeah that's true, but you're gonna use weird numbers if the plates are actually in pounds haha
And about using light weights... Don't worry with that on the main lifts for now. The goal should be to ingrain good movement patterns. If anything, squats, pulls and push/strict presses and other accessors are there for you to go heavy!
And I say that from experience! Only now most of my working weights for the C&J are being similar to my strict press PR lol
General Gainz Day 19
DUP Wave: moderate effort upper
I learned some new cues for bench that really helped my arch and leg drive, which lead to a huge volume PR for me. I came in hoping for 295x5-6 but I smashed 305x6 with at least 1 good, clean rep in the tank.
Really loving my DUP wave of GG so far. Generally Strong's format was working well for me, but I was getting too fatigued. I think I was getting too caught up in the ability to push &/or extend rep maxes that I overreached. The DUP is allowing me to still work within the GG framework (which I love) but forces myself to take a step back on certain days of the week.
Anybody else doing the RP Diet? I had some extra cash burning a hole in my wallet, so I decided to give the app a go. While I’m pretty good at losing weight with just calorie counting, I need a little hand holding when it comes to macros. I tend to gravitate towards high fat (and consequently, low protein/carb) foods and that doesn’t seem like the best strategy for strength training.
I tried it briefly but I didn't like how restrictive it was. It was a lot of trying to cobble together meals from their protein, carb, and fat sources (which was mostly chicken, rice, and olive oil for me). If you're trying to set up a macro-friendly diet, the app will definitely steer you in the right direction, but I think you could break off on your own and use something like MyFitnessPal to plan meals once you have an idea of how to structure things.
That said, I did end up eating a lot of oatmeal while I was on it (it was the only breakfast carb that sounded good) and I kept oatmeal in my diet after I quit the app, so that's cool, I guess.
I thought a lot about it and I watch every RP video and podcast Mike’s been on. I think the big negative is how rigid their diet recommendations seem to be. How many days have you been doing it and have social obligations been in the way yet? I think Nickymammoth used the app
Is there an approximation of how long a novice LP (Starting Strength) can hold for? Currently I'm on my 3-4th week and I'm enjoying but I keep on going on sites like Symmetric Strength and am predicting where my strength will lead up to.
Somewhere in a stronger by science article it was said that the beginner lp period lasts 3 - 5 months. The Barbell Medicine people seem to agree with that based on thier Bridge program and other things. My own every single session adding weight to the bar lasted 5 months
It's not really doing a lot to BUILD raw strength in you so it'll depend on your existing athletic potential and how far you can peak it. A lifelong couch potato will hit a lower ceiling than a guy who has played sports and done manual labor. You're also gonna hit a ceiling on upper body sooner.
The /r/fitness faq entry on Starting Strength may be a good read for you.
Bah - I've apparently forgotten my headphones at home as they aren't in my gym bag. Am I going to have to talk to people like some sort of peasant? Fack.
Edit: suspicions confirmed. 4 people struck up conversations with me. Another interesting tidbit; I couldn't tell you a single song the gym played. Apparently I just fully zone out and don't pay attention to any of that shit.
I don’t mind the random quick conversations IF they are brief and in between sets, but I do wear headphones to drown out the sounds of this one douchebag who sounds like he’s jizzing his pants with ever rep of bicep curls.
You gotta look scarier
Just talk to yourself a bunch and then you won’t have to talk to anybody else.
W2D2 Deadlift and Pull Day
3 more days until I bail for a holiday and I can't freaking wait. Also my girlfriend exclaimed "oh woah your abs!" this morning so that's a pretty good Tuesday. My weight is holding pretty steady at ~99kg after the most recent low of 98.3kg and after my coach told me that an 800 cal deficit was stupid, which it was.
Do your hamstrings not die for days after that kind of volume? Especially the GM's.
Recently I was scared by how sometimes I just completely forget which day of the week we're in. Of course the aussies here would make my confusion even worse. hahaha
Happy birthday! 🎉
160x4 (kg) on the snatch grip deadlift. Clean reps, had 1 more in the tank as well. 4 plates soon.
AMRAP bench not the best today. Only hit 6 reps.
I hit 7 with a heavier weight last week.
Literally everything else I did today felt really good though.
Having said that, I did feel really sick after squats, almost feverish for some reason. Should have sat down for 10 15 mins instead of just five before hitting the bench.
I’m obviously unaware of what program you’re doing, but that could just be a sign of fatigue. Wouldn’t be too worried if I were you.
However, being sick will also impact that.
Deadlift day today! Much excite, very nice. Last week I made the mistake of going to 10 reps on my 5+ set, never again. Think I'm gonna cap my 'x'+ sets to 2-3 more over, and if I hit that I'll just do a joker set. I know Jim talked about going HAM on the final set in Beyond 5/3/1 instead of saving it for a joker, but 10 reps at ~75% of WM is too much lmao.
I say do it if you are even thinking about it. Between all of the people to meet, the swiping, the potential hi-jinks at bars and eateries, and the expansion of your business, you would have a great time.
I moved from a rural New England town in the woods of 5000 people to Los Angeles last month and I love it here - it’s gonna depend on the city though. Like I’d hate to live in NYC or Chicago type “concrete jungles”, and the sprawl and weather of LA makes it all worth it since I don’t feel trapped and I’m surrounded by nature still
The tinder game is also on a level that would make me concerned for you - like I’m not sure you’d have the energy for the gym
Think of the tinder options in Toronto
Swapping trees for skyscrapers. Whats the big deal?
I moved from living in the outskirts of a village of ~5000 to a city of ~300000 when I went to uni and its not that bad. I have issues with the fact cities are loud and fast and shit but I'm pretty much used to it at this point. After uni I'd like to move back somewhere rural and quiet again, but I don't really care too much as i'm happy in this size of city. Though for the first 2 years or so I did have issues relating to the size of the city and I don't think I could live somewhere much bigger without serious issues.
Like Toronto is much bigger than where I live, and I'm assuming you live somewhere even more rural. Though I dont think you can know the answer till you try.
I moved to a city (Dallas) last year and I fucking regret the hell out of it. It's not Dallas specifically, it's just the whole "city" thing. There's goddamn people everywhere, I can't just drive to the canyons or the grasslands for hiking anymore, I'm multiple hours away from any place that could be described as really rural or empty, I'm seeing far less wildlife for the same effort, it fucking sucks.
Lol, I was asking myself the same question (Toronto included) a couple of weeks ago.
omg are we gonna be bffs
bring an arm wrestling table
Recovery this weekend was awful; lots of digging, bad diet, and lots of running around. and I managed to hurt ankle when I ran into buried rebar during it--bent the two last tines on my spading fork too, I'm pissed about that.
It popped like a bastard during squat warmups and felt better so I went ahead and squatted. It still aches a little but it's not painful to walk or anything.
Upper body stuff I managed more reps than last week, squats stayed the same while feeling worse, and RDL's had a fairly large weight jump while going back down to 3x6 in reps.
The gym also got a tire for flipping! I did that instead of sled because it was a new shiny toy. And holy shit that was evil. They're closing the babysitting section and a couple of us are asking them to make into an area for sled work, loaded carries, and tire stuff. IDK if we'll get our wish but...maybe?
Did running intervals after tires and OMG that sucks. So much. walk 4 minutes, run 45 seconds (at a terrible pace but it's what I can do).
With the tire being an option I may revise the conditioning stuff a little; a medley of tire flips back and forth + heavy farmer's walks sounds suitably awful for a friday. Tire+sled Mondays, sled+suitcase wednesday, tire+ farmers Friday maybe?
Midday shitpost, because I need it to get through this first day back. Wife and daughter are doing fine, but apparently my dog is protesting me not being home anymore.
Abs and calves pump are disgusting. Existing sucks right now, I can only imagine how the soreness will be tomorrow.
Those are the kinds of sore that I will secretly flex at work the next day to feel.
Day 34 of my cut, on nSuns 5-day
In the strongman program I set up I have myself benching one day after deadlifting (mostly because i am unwilling to throw it away entirely after hitting some recent PRs). Since I doubt it would make sense to ever test what is essentially an accessory, I figured using RPE for that day would make sense to allow progression and autoregulation.
If I say the first set is something like 5 reps at RPE 8, how would you set up the rest of the sets? I was thinking of just trying to do 4 more sets at that weight to keep it simple but there may be a better way.
I'd just do 5x5 @8, if it's an accessory. To add a bit more spice you could do a top double at RPE8, [email protected] and a final AMRAP with a weight you'd get 8-10 reps.
5/3/1 Boring but Beefcake w3
Have a great day, y'all!
No gym tonight cos of well a lack of organisation and lack of hardiness to the cold delaying the second portion of yesterdays journey to today and cos turns out I'd forgotten to finish a bit of coursework so I've gotta do that so I'm free. Anyway update on PhD, its slightly less unlikely to happen. Which is nice and I should be starting to apply at the mid/end of November which is exciting. Plus if I know what I'm doing by around then hopefully I can get housing sorted early and not live in suburbia as it just doesn't suit me.
Also its jerk week this week, gonna aim for 110kg by the end of the week as my unreasonable goal considering that'll technically be a 20kg pr. But I reckon its borderline doable.
Yo I just started my PhD program! I missed the previous threads - what is the current obstacle for you?
TSA 2.0 W2D1
With updated maxes this was basically a repeat of last weeks numbers with the exception on bench which I kept the same. Still felt like shit today but way more manageable than last week. I’m out of preworkout so that might be a contributing factor. Might head to the drug store and grab some ephedrine at some point to get more through these workouts lol. Also new belt hype! Got a slick all black pioneer cut. First 13 mm belt and I already have some bruising lol. Super solid belt though I am very happy with it.
Squat: 425x3 low bar and 365x3x8 high bar. Honestly I think high bar feels better than low bar right now but it’s been a while since I did low bar and wanted to try it out.
Bench: 220x3x8 and close grip 210x3x6. Felt alright today. Definitely not super high intensity but my triceps were most definitely getting pretty fatigued by the last close grip sets. A little bit of arm pain but again pretty manageable. If it only really hurts on days 1 and 4 then I’m alright with that. As long as the accumulated fatigue doesn’t mess it up too much I think I’ll be fine to keep benching.
Did some band pull aparts, chest supported rows, and band hammer curls. Was gonna do some monastery tricep extensions and face pulls but I was already pretty wiped out so just called it a day. Deadlifts tomorrow!
Happy lifting y’all.
RIP natty status. I bet you're using the Creatine too, aren't you?
Glad its getting more manageable with a repeat week. Just thinking about lifting without caffeine makes me want to run and hide. I'm about 2 hours out from my workout for the day and I could fall over and take a nap right here and now. Can't wait to bust some pre out and not feel like death.
Legs are tired after today.
Overhead Squat 75kgx4, 60kgx8 and 60kg 3x4
Front Squats 105kgx8, 90kgx8 and 90kg 3x5
Sumo Deadlift beltless 150kgx6, 140kgx8, 140kg 3x5
Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift 90kg 4x8 full ROM
Barbell Bulgarian Split Squats 40kg 5x8
I feel like overhead squats are a good warm up exercise - I can go relatively heavy on them without tiring out too much.
Let's say you're not trying to increase your snatch or get better at the OH Squat specifically.
Curious to hear opinions on the unique benefit to training the OH Squat heavy in this case.
Previous Bench PR I set 9 days ago - 175lbs x 2 reps - e1RM of 180lbs
Bench PR I set today - AMRAP at 150lbs - got 150lbs x 12 reps - e1RM of 210lbs
So close to my 225lb goal by New Years
Blacked out during my post workout poop, so I can check that off my bucket list.
I expected this to be 1morepl8 writing this comment before reading your username
I prefer the term... tactical nap.
RPE 10 bowel evac?
I assume the pizza thing is already happening
I assume you're a physical therapist? I'm extra glad right now that I can workout and shower directly before physio. :D
Very lost with programming at the moment. My lifts keep experiencing sharp drops after 3-4 weeks for no apparent reason. After that, I will need 2-3 weeks to get back on track and the cycle repeats. Autoregulating with RPE programs will only drag it out for 6 weeks at most. Ive done Sheiko, and it only lasted 4 weeks. Same thing with Average to Savage. At the same time, no food or sleep issues. Ive even done high volume low intensity stuff (55-65%) but its the same thing.
Im beginning to think that my recovery capabilities just aren't that good. Any ideas? Maybe I need more Light Days and Light squats or something? Skip deadlifting and put more focus on squats? Or alternate Heavy weeks with deload weeks?
Why don't you just deload before that happens?
Run juggernaut 2.0 as written.
So 4 days a week, no more.
Follow as written, no junk volume.
Be conservative on the first 10s cycle TMs. The TMs do auto adjust to your amraps so they will catch up.
And deload every 4th week, like it’s written.
I’ll see you in 16 weeks.
Have you played about with frequency much? I had similar problems until I increased frequency in order to drop per session volume and then I started seeing progress again.
As basic as could be.
If you wanted to make one very useful upgrade, here's the same thing with the "Pioneer cut."
I'll always shill for
Best 50 dollar deadlift belt you can buy. Brian shaw wears the 3-ply version of this...
I bought
I used a $50 one off Amazon for years and it did its job. That said, if I could go back in time I'd spend a little extra and get a good one from the start.
Well Braces went on today and eating is a pain in the fucking ass
Time to put the chicken breast in the blender? :D
Started doing BBB for Squats this weekend. I started with the version for "Advanced Intermediates" that he mentioned in 5/3/1 Forever. The only difference between this and the regular version is that percentages for the BBB work are a bit lower.
First workout was working up to a top set of 405x5 before dropping down to 225 lbs for 5x10.
Even trying to keep rest times low (1-2 minutes) AND taking into account that I've been recovering from injury and haven't been doing a lot of volume, the BBB work was still a bit too light. Gonna bump things up and do the regular percentages next workout.
60-65% TM was usually my sweet spot for BBB.
Taking an involuntary deload after straining a rhomboid last week. It was more of a nagging ache until I decided it wasn't bad enough to keep me from attempting to hit 2pl8 on my 1+ bench set on Friday. Since then it's been much worse but it was worth it to hit 225 (x2) for the first time. Gonna do a bunch of bro-work for the arms, some legs and low-stress cardio this week along with some icing and hope things are good to go by next week.
If anyone has any tips feel free to drop them here. Happy lifting!
Will my Sumo deadlift get stronger if I pull conventional for a month because of knee pain? My conventional max is 195kgx2 and Sumo is 240kg
Generally I use conventional or close stance sumo to build my wide stance sumo and not vice versa, and squat to build my deadlift in general
That’s what Cailer Woolam does. He pretty much exclusively trains conventional and then switches to sumo as he gets closer to competition to work on form. I wish I could do the same but fuck conventional deadlifts lol
Possibly, but no way of knowing for sure.
A2S2 W16D1.
I'm hitting a wall. I was in good shape mentally, but physically I'm getting beat up. I'm not sure how to manage this fatigue - I could run out my program and take some TM resets, I could take a deload week next week and see how the last three week block goes, or I could cut the program short for a longer taper/deload at the end. I should probably let the program regulate itself.
In retrospect, cutting out the deload weeks and trying to mange fatigue by skipping accessory work wasn't as effective as I'd hoped, especially going into a peaking block. Oh well.
When the study showing that longer rest periods are better came out, I seem to remember someone (Schoenfeld maybe?) implying that the benefits go away if you do more sets with shorter rest periods. Was that ever shown in a study?
I believe in the context of the study the author specifically said "we will be publishing something soon showing the benefits are generally outweighed by the higher volume you're able to do" but that piece of the study was not available yet. I have not heard about it since then so I assume it has not been published
Not a study,
A person doing shorter rest periods is going to get more work done in the same amount of time as a person taking longer rests. This person is also forcing themselves to adapt to recovering quicker.
Most people only have a given time window to train so they should aim to maximize what they accomplish in that window.
W2D1 of Smolov Squat Jr - 250x6x6. Everything felt pretty smooth. Saturday morning I was able to do 285x3x10 fairly easily as well.
U/zbgbs please don’t update my 500 til after I do it at the meet lol I know I broke it this last week but it doesn’t count
What physical activities outside of work/gym do you guys like to do? I just spent the last few days in the desert climbing up boulders and it was fun as hell and challenged little parts of me that don’t get worked in the gym
I mostly do Bjj and judo, and go hiking when nature isn't trying to kill me. Recently started jogging but even my 20lb lapdog is much better at that than I am.
I used to do
Partner Dancing. I guess it isn't super physical, but it's superb balance, coordination and proprioception training. Incidentally there seems to be a decent number of
soccer/skiing are my main 2. no amount of gym will ever give me the same quad burn that powder skiing can
Golf, cricket and field hockey.
Hiking is awesome, didn’t get out much this year but I love being out in nature.
I’ll play pretty much any pick up sport that’s available when I get the chance.
Any kind of sport, basketball, rugby, football, etc. anything that gets and keeps me moving.
I know this is dumb, but is there an "ideal" or "good" ratio of dead bench to flat bench? I'm using dead bench as part of my shoulder rehab and hit
Shoulder is healing but still not great. Trying to DB OHP with an 8lb DB still caused pain any time my elbow was below shoulder height, reaching cross-body or behind myself still causes pre-pain tension, and it's still somewhat sore at the end of the day if I've had a busy day. Still, the fact that dead bench was way better than last week is a good sign I think.
Moved on from bench to light squats and hit 4*10 at 315. Thought about going for 5*10 but time was running out. Giant set squats with tricep pushdowns and band pullaparts.
Tomorrow is heavy conventional block pulls, whee! Gonna try to hit 5*15 monastery tricep extensions at 150 for kicks after that, giant set with a sicc bicep pump and some band pullaparts.
Happy lifting y'all!
Those singles were mint. The bar moves, whether it wants to or not. A thing of beauty.
Hat throws weren't too bad either, the no look laying down overhand spinner was something special!
First day back in the office after paternity leave. This sucks. That is all.
Despite the struggle to sleep, self care. First paternity leave was the best vacation ever. Just locked up house and me and my wife and baby. Great times.
Hope everyone is healthy and well.
I had dad guilt hardcore my first week or so back at work after my first. Having my wife send baby pics/videos helped alleviate it a bit. It gets better.
28 Free Programs C2W2D1
Oh shit. Did we hype you up too much, to the point where she thought you were out of her league?
Does anybody else alternate grip multiple times within the same deadlift set?
Also, should I lower my weight transitioning from SLDL to conventional?
Your SLDL should be weaker than your conventional, so you're probably fine using at least the same weight.
Not necessarily if you can maintain proper form throughout your sets.
If I want to maximise overall back development, and I train full body 4x a week, would it be better to:
Do barbell rows every workout (alternating 5x5 and 5x10 for a total of 20 sets weekly) or do barbell rows 2x a week and weighted pull-ups 2x a week (alternating rep ranges the same way) ? Either way I would be doing 20 sets of direct back work a week, which I can recover well from.
I do exactly the second thing you described. I train full body 4* a week and do pull ups 2* and barbell rows 2* a week. They both seem to assist each other in turn so I would recommend both.
What program are you on?
I prefer doing 2x vertical and horizontal.
The latter imo, you want both vertical and horizontal pulling
Coming up on a deload week and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried deloading in between days?
What I mean by that is if I run a 6 day program. I would deload by still running the 6 days but I'd take a rest day in between. So my 6 day a week program would be an every other day program for the deload.
Went shopping this weekend and had to go up to a size 4 in jeans. First thing I'm doing after this meet is losing some weight. But, i am a true 148 now, i guess.
I hit a 280 squat this weekend, a pr, so we're looking real good for the upcoming meet. If all my second attempts go as planned, I'll have 30lbs over my previous meet total (from May), so I'm just gonna send it for those third attempts, don't even care! I'm getting so excited and feeling so good right now! Training is about done, just a few days left and it's taper time!
You're not immune from bulk to 242 either. The
Passed out on OHP one day, hit a Deadlift PR the next, and havent been to the gym outside of one 30 min school session since that PR, about 9 days ago. And i cant go tonight. Only 6 sessions left till i finish BBS Challenge too. Consistency is key, once i miss a few days i lose my urge to go. Im lazy af when im not in that weightroom
Thoughts for the day:
Happy Monday!
Shrug with snatch grip. Was a game changer
For me shrugs don't really smack so much as delicately stroke the shaft. And really that's only if I'm doing them snatch grip- I have long arms so really, most of the contact is with just the tip.
You could also try adding dumbbell shrugs, those usually feel better for me than trap bar. Or behind the back shrugs with the barbell, provided you don't have a ghetto booty that gets in the way (this is an issue I have)
i just use a trap bar for shrugs after the one time i sacked myself pretty bad with a BB shrug
I thought I was the only knockin my balls around on barbell shrugs. I, however, chalk it up to big pp.
I still think you have a huge pp.
Any experience here with something like Exer Genie? Would something like this work well as a substitute for pushing a sled? I don’t have a great way to store a prowler/sled otherwise I think I would prefer that. Looking more for conditioning work and cardio rather than power/speed training.
Might wanna go ask over in the
Going My Own Way B1W1D1: Main squat “strength day” + sumo positioning
Comp squat: 295x6 @5.5, 275x3x6. Warmups felt weird so I undershot today a bit, which is fine since I’m not yet in a surplus and this gives me room to grow.
Beltless 3/0/“3” tempo sumo: 275x5x3. Double overhand was slipping from sweat so I ended up using straps for the last two.
SS: Beltless snatch-grip RDL: 205x3x10 and ab-wheel 3x12
SS: Bulgarian split squat 40x3x10 and stir the pot ab thing 3x30sec.
First time programming for myself in earnest, so we’ll see how this goes. Today’s focus was just lower body and core/torso rigidity since those are two big priorities for me and today should be my most rested day going forward.
Having my monthly "I suck at deadlift and I'll never be good at it" panic.
I've been spinning wheels and have managed to put like 20lb on it in the 3 years I've been lifting seriously. Working with a coach now, so hopeful it will change, but also most women end up surpassing me (by a lot) within a year of their lifting careers and I feel like I've been at it too long to add any appreciable weight at this point. (Dumb, I know)
Finally feeling better. Starting the Deathbench-GZCL-Mag/ort thing today. Whats everyone's preferred replacement for the slingshot bench?
Whatever your weakness is. I had weaker pecs compared to triceps, so i did a wide grip pause bench.
The flu kicked much more fuck out of me than I expected and I've not trained properly in like three and a half weeks. I tried a session after two weeks and promptly realised I couldn't handle it at all. I tried a couple of lighter reload sessions last week and things are feeling better, although I feel as weak as a kitten. Anyway, today I'm hoping to go back to proper program lifting. I'm kinda of excited, but also the recent shitty performance has me at a motivational low.
Road to recovery
Snatch high pulls from below the knee. Worked up to 70kg x 3 before my back said no so I backed down to 5x5 at 60kg.
For squats I did 5x5 ramping up to 75kg plus 2 back off sets of 5 at 50kg. Same for RDLs.
Barbell rollouts 5x10 at 60kg.
Dumbbell lunges 3x10 at 12.5kg.
My back hurts no matter what. Might as well train.
Tried mixing my preworkout in some white Gatorade but didn’t taste as good as I wanted it to. I’m guessing it’s my pre-workout itself. Any good flavored preworkout you guys recommend?
I don't hate the taste of
Friday night to last night I ate like it was my job, getting treated to lots of home made food and eating out. Brownies, ice cream, toblerone cheesecake, French toast casserole, giant burrito, all kinds of fish, Italian, wings, etc. I just woke up 6lb heavier than I did Friday. Back on the quest to 180 I guess.
Also went up a rep on bench last night, so that was cool.
Oh man guys, I'm so fucking excited to get back to training. Coach Jackie sent my programming for the week. Were basically going full conjugate, which is super neat. Ive always wanted to try conjugate out. Also all new warm up. Man. I'm stoked.
for various reasons i haven't lifted in 2.5-3 months. sat/sun i did 2 leg days and my quads are in so much pain. walking to work this morning it prob looked like i had a stick up my ass haha
Just use chalk and a pumice stone. If your gym doesn’t allow chalk try being sneaky with liquid chalk.
My understanding is that they make gripping harder. Like you said, it's making the bar thicker and more slippery. Which could potentially hinder strength development elsewhere, hence why many would suggest no gloves is preferable.
Arguably the difficulty of gloves could improve grip strength, but I reckon if that's the goal then you could find more efficient ways of improving grip strength. Have you tried straps to protect against calluses instead of gloves?
If it doesn't make your grip weaker, it doesn't make yours weaker regardless of what anyone else tells you. People have different experiences with different gloves.
Armstrong Advanced W2D1 + Pseudo Murph done. Capped out at 50 pull ups for the murph and no amount of cheating and trickery allowed me to get more. Seems like I'm a bit out of shape ... everything else went fine.
Re-attempting on Friday.
On one hand the weekly "What's your max" from the personal trainers at my gym, followed by them telling me theirs without me asking is a bit annoying - and then me slowly realising they mean on the trap bar, or smith machine...
But on the other hand it's bloody good fuel to get stronger.
PT's in my gym are mirin if you squat 3 plates haha.
Also, Trap bar is life mate.
My favourite is when you're practising cleans/snatches so you're using 50/60% your max, and you have a PT come up, brag about his maxes. Offer you help on form and then let it slip that hes squatting 50+ kg more than you. No thanks I don't wanna catch your inefficiencies.
Man, I’m really in a funk. The last week+ has been a slow, shitty slog. I’ve had zero appetite, zero desire to lift. I thought the deload and extra days off due to traveling for my brother in laws wedding would help but it’s been the complete opposite. Last week was the first week of my anchor for this boring but big beefcake block. Made it through the week but man, it was not pretty. Only got 1 or 2 extra reps on the 5+ PR Sets on squat and press, then fucking slept right through my alarm on my deadlift day, and had to combine the main work of bench and deadlift on the same day, again only getting 2 extra reps on the 5+. I don’t know if I just need a mental break from cramming food in my face (once again I’m trying to gain 1lb a week a feeling miserable, it looks like third time ISNT the charm and I’ll just stick with a slower .5lb increase), or I just need to try a different program than 5/3/1.
I don’t know where I’m going with this. Gonna look through some of the programs I’ve saved up over time and see if anything grabs me.
Anyone care to pitch in with their program of choice? Something they always fall back on? Is it possible to do conjugate style training without bands/chains, in ~1hr?
Lift on bros and ladybros!
Taking a deload “week” (6 days) and eating at maintenance for 5 days. Just holding too much overall fatigue. For Log day I hit a heavy-ish submax single for Clean and Press (180) and Incline Press (230), and then went for an e1rm test w 180lbs. I got 13, so that puts me at 258lbs. That’s a 7.9% drop from my actual max and a 12% drop from my best e1rm. Given my weight is down about 12%, it’s not really surprising.
I have squat and another pressing workout before Friday’s Mag-Ort week 3 workout. I’m just going for an e1rm rep out on a main lift, maybe some small stuff, and then go do some activity at my gym that isn’t lifting. Swimming, basketball, cardio - whatever.
Also, my 15 year old Tanita scale broke and my other one is 2-3lbs higher. Feeling weaker and fatigued is fine - the scale thing bothers me so much more.
Can a lack of ankle mobility cause knee pain when squatting?
Loss of ankle dorsiflexion is a common finding in people with a variety of aches and pains up and down the chain--anterior knee pain being one of them. This describes how to assess yourself:
Ankle stretches are one of the ways to fix patellofemoral pain syndrom, which is where your patella isn't in the right track of your patellar groove. So, in some cases it can cause knee pain. You can try to stretch and see if it alleviates your knee pain, if it doesn't, it's likely something else.
Yes, since you're more likely to experience form breakdown.
I am so ready to be done with night shift. It’s taking such a toll on my body and mental state. I can’t wait for the opportunity to sleep at night consistently.
I’m not training today. Coach changed up my schedule for the week. Which is fine by me. I might go see my chiropractor today if there’s an open slot.
I've worked nights for like 6 years so I guess I'm just use to it - if it's a temporary thing I imagine it would he hell though
That's really nice, giant Tyrion Lannister.
I'm gonna get my beard trimmed in such a way that if we kiss, our beards wont touch.
It's insane how accurate you got it. I am giggling like a nutter in the canteen before I start work; I am glad to have been an inspirationally inspiring trendsetter - this will certainly make my imgur sponsors open there eyes.
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This has improved a terrible monday.
Holy fuck squatting anything more than 8 reps is hell, even if it’s just 135.
Deep Water would like a word with you.
50+ rep set hindu squats baby. Helps get you used to the squat volume imo
Let me put you in your platz
My back injury adds 50% to lower body gravity. Still I squatted 15kg more than Saturday.
I did the math, and I had a 1.1xNormal gravity day unfortunately.
Hit 82x3 on thr log fairly easily yesterday, so im happy about that. Had to bring out
I kept overextending my right elbow when catching the log on my thighs before setting it down, and thats definitely an injury waiting to happen. A bit sore in the elbow today but hopefully its no big deal. My gym really nees some tires or something to drop the log on..
This damn head cold is still lingering, and I'm god damned tired of doing my sleeping in 30min blocks. Keep waking up to turn to the side all the time becaus of clogged sinuses.
Student to Graduate y3s6
Tax Law can go eat a bag of dicks, but I think hope I did enough to eke out at least a pass.
No training today due to the obvious (exam), but should be able to do W/T/F this week
Today felt amazing, nowhere near as fried as I was week 1. Hope tomorrow is same cause it killed me last week.
Push Press and ohp are moving pretty good. Think I might have a good chance at cracking 100kg by end of year
I started my lifting career on a 500 kcal deficit, and built up just fine. I started lifting specifically to lean up without become a complete skeleton, so there's that. More importantly, I was doing what I wanted for my goals and it helped me buy in, and now I'm still lifting two years later. Building the initial habit is more important than worrying about initial gains IMO.
Am I as strong as I could be had I started with a bulk? No, probably not. But that's okay.