Truly a close call here, folks.

That is hilarious!!!
Something about a bird chasing a human IS hilarious, mostly because (other than ostrich or cassowary) they can't harm us.
at least it wasn't a goose.
Talk about fast food, poor kid and “ that’s where the fear of birds come doc”
When I was 4 a cow tried to eat me. Well, it was trying to eat the mustard stain off my shirt. Either way I'm 28 now and cows still make me extremely uncomfortable.
That kid will never be vegan again!!
And little Billy never celebrated Thanksgiving again.
I can't stop watching this! So funny, lol i can feel the child's terror.
I wonder how many times he looked back and hoped to see the turkey had stopped chasing him only to find it was still running after him at full tilt.
Nah dude that chickens actually his friend, they are are running home after school to play Nintendo but that bitch in the car fucked it up.
Peace was never an option.
If there’s ever a Wild Turkey war, it’ll basically be the US version of the Emu War.
Turkeys will fuck you up son
Can confirm...turkeys are assholes
The only thing turkeys and geese are good for is eating. You can't change my mind.
Canada geese aren't even good for eating
Hilarious videos of them running down little kids
You ate my brother last week you little fuck!
"Hello, my name is Turkey Montoya, you ate my brother, prepare to die."
Saved from a murder most fowl
This really deserves more upvotes.
This is Grade A childhood trauma. Kid's gonna have turkey nightmares for years...
Probably be therapeutic to cruise the meat aisle around Thanksgiving.
Yooo the turkey was ready to square up lmaooooo
Drive ass turkey
Ass turkey
How dangerous are turkeys and geese and the like? Like can they really hurt you or is it like an automatic response to being chased?
I know at least turkeys could probably claw a smile child to death
They're stronger and pointier than you might expect. And can be really destructive in groups. Friends of mine got their car totalled and had to replace their roof when a bunch of turkeys decided it was their place.
Clever girl
Damn, these Turkey Rexes be out here freakin out lil kids.
That’s a California stop.
Source: I live in LA.
Not all heros wear capes!
If you watch the full video, the driver was in fact wearing speedos and a cape.
I wish we could see the kids face ...
Looks more like a race to me and the kid was winning until that selfish driver intervened...I demand a rematch!!
We get lots of wild turkeys in the roadways in Omaha, Nebraska. I don’t think that is where this was, but Turkeys are really common.
We have them in Pennsylvania
Could he have actually died?
Nah, I was just having a wee laugh by crossposting this, was partially expecting to be told off for doing so hahaha
Y’all have no idea the damage a turkey can do
There is a turkey in my neighborhood that has a feather sticking out on its chest just like that. Is this a common thing?
Tom (male) turkeys have that; it's called a beard.
Well, it wouldn’t have KILLED him.
Have you ever heard of the venomous turkey bite? It can kill , apparently, definitely.
How hard is it to beat the shit out of large birds? I always see people running from turkeys, roosters, or geese on the internet and can't help but think I could manhandle one. Am I wrong?
Yep, you could. But not without getting significantly tore up.
Those things are like velociraptors
They are stronger than they look and are not afraid off you. A turkey or goose would beat the crap out of you if they had the chance to. But yes, you could beat the hell out of one if you wanted to.
Just do like this guy:
Little did you know know the car was aiming for the ki-
Dinosaur chase
Kiddo is bringing home a Turkey dinner.
Poor kid but man this is hilarious!
I Know What You Did on Thanksgiving
What a hero
when you're being chased by a wild pokemon in sword & shield
Thanksgiving 2: The Turkey Fights Back
pee pee
Lol bird was running at like 20% speed, Could’ve had him. Let him live
That Turkey was just having fun. If he wanted to he could have caught that kid.
They are the real M.V.P!
“Run boy run! This world is not made for you Run boy run! They're trying to catch you”
The guy was clearly going for the kid but went for the bird when he saw their were cars behind him
There’s always a bigger fish.
Meanwhile, the paparazzi filming this is more than happy to watch this child get murdered by this turkey.
Soccermom to the rescue!
This is terribly cute and hilarious.
I would jest turn around, and chase that turkey instead
Meanwhile the person filming this is just laughing at the kids pain
Love the birds reaction "what the frick?"
What do we say to the god of birds? Not today.
Why u eat my homeboy kid, I’m gonna eat u!
Poor turkey was almost run over! It needs to go back safely to the wild— where it can be hunted for food.
How did this happen? Lol, I can almost feel that kids terror.
Not all heroes where capes, some drive a chevy.
Man, that guy in the car saved the child's life.
Somethings off about this years turkey trot
This video seems to seamlessly resurface every year
Happens all the time in North Jersey lol.
We're still doing this? Really?
Why are people afraid if birds, the fuck they gonna do? Peck you? Just grab the fucker by the neck and throw them into the distance!
We got a badass over here. Let's see how he fares with a swan.
Might have something to do with with this person being a small child.
Fucking whoosh mate
I'm so pissed the car stopped the turkey. Like way to ruin something funny, party pooper