Beware: Verizon not distributing FALLSWITCH rebates as promised

I recently switched to Verizon, and was assured by the salesperson that I was eligible for the FALLSWITCH promotion. Less than a week after I completed the purchase, I filed for the rebate, and was given a date that I would receive it. A few days ago, however, I received an email saying that my rebate has been canceled because the purchase was not within the allotted timeframe, when in fact it was within the dates that that very email had listed. Buyer beware... Verizon seems to be blatantly scamming customers on this one!

Customers like this make me have sympathy for CS reps and why I would or could not ever be one. Verizon should stop giving out promos because people either try to scam the system to get them or don't understand how they work and just make a big mess. They should just say "Here are plans and prices and if you don't like them fuck off go elsewhere."
Right... you can just "scam the system" and get something you aren't legally entitled to, because that's how real life works.
I was assured that I would receive this rebate by a Verizon rep in store. Why are you apologizing for a company that you claim to not even work for?
These are the terms for FALLSWITCH:
Switch to Verizon and get $200
Purchase Dates: 10/15/2019 through 11/20/2019
Eligibility Requirements:
Select 4G/5G Smartphones (minimum retail price of $550) New Line Required Port In Required Unlimited Plan Required Consumer Accounts only
Receive a $200 Prepaid Mastercard® when you port-in your number from any wireless carrier and activate a new smartphone (minimum retail price of $550) on device payment to a postpaid Verizon consumer account and activate on an eligible Verizon unlimited postpaid plan between 10.15.19 and 11.20.19. Customer must submit for redemption within 30 days of activation, and device must remain activated for 45 consecutive days. May not be combined with other promotional offers. We reserve the right to charge back the amount of the Prepaid Mastercard if service is canceled within 6 months. Your $200 Prepaid Mastercard will be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service within 8 weeks after receipt of claim to the billing address on file with Verizon Wireless. This card is issued by SUNRISE BANKS N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Cards will not have cash access and can be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted.
Bro, just stop while you’re ahead. This guy is mentally challenged. He actually thinks the msrp of an electronic item half-a-decade old matters 🤣🤣🤣
Correct, which is why I'm receiving the rebate (My phone's MSRP is $650).
As I've stated already, I previously received an email stating that November 14th did not fall between those dates. After calling Verizon, they did clear it up and confirm I will be receiving the rebate.
For anyone reading this, do not be discouraged by the misinformation posted on this thread, call Verizon!!!
The screenshot you posted reads "when activating a new smartphone." What you posted only pertains to buying a new phone, which is NOT required for the FALLSWITCH promotion.
I have called Verizon and they have confirmed I will be receiving the rebate.
Stop misinforming your customers! Are you even allowed to waste time posting on reddit while at work at your Verizon store?
Dear OP you can not read.
Get a $200 Prepaid Mastercard when you switch to Verizon on Unlimited.
The iPhone 6s is not on there. The only place it shows up is
Trade in:
And get:
So are you saying that to get the FALLSWITCH rebate, you must purchase or trade in a phone? This is not how it is advertised.
If that is the case, why has Verizon confirmed that I will be receiving the rebate?
Why are you misinforming the public?
Is this a Bring your own device BYOD. Then your rebate code is BYOPHONE
Careful you'll be accused of being part of the grand Verizon conspiracy to not give people rebates.
That's for a different timeframe.
Just trying to help 🤷
It's a warzone in here! Watch out, a Verizon rep might call you "mentally challenged" or "autistic" if they disagree with you
You are exhausting.
If you could contribute something to help clear all the confusion, that'd be great!
This was a fun read!
Haha agreed... quite a shit show
Yes because Verizon needs to scam people out of rebates because they are almost bankrupt. Oh wait that's Sprint.
I don't get it... are you suggesting that what I'm reporting isn't accurate?
How long ago was recently? They give 30 days to fill those out.
I filled it out less than a week after purchase.
And threads like these are why I think this subreddit needs better moderators. Insults to OP, and misinformation given by OP. Should’ve been locked a long time ago. Just a few things though.
In fairness, the OP called people who were trying to help him/her trolls and Verizon shills and was adamant that everyone else was wrong. OP started the insults.
I'm sure your supervisor at Verizon would be interested to hear the derisive way in which you talk about autism.
edit: Immacu1ate conveniently deleted his post about how "autistic" I am
I agree with OP. I bought a brand new iPhone 11 from verizon and had the number ported over from a different carrier. This was on 10/27/2019 and I submitted the rebate the same day. The promotion eligibility period is for phone purchases between 10/15/2019 and 11/20/2019.
My rebate keeps coming back as invalid and the invalid reason is as follows: "The purchase / order date with your submission did not fall within the eligible promotion dates."
I went to the verizon store today and they printed me a comprehensive receipt and they were able to confirm that I met all of the eligibility requirements, and on the receipt itself, it says "(rebate eligible)" in multiple locations on the receipt.
Fast forward to now, I still have not received anything and the rebate has been re-submitted by the rebate center about 10 times. I contacted my sites attorney general and he advised me to report this to the FTC because what they are doing is fraud. I purchased the phone at a corporate verizon store and they said I would get a rebate and that's the only reason why I bought the phone. I probably will still receive the rebate after they collect their interest but I'm still reporting to the FTC because they have to fulfill these rebates within a certain time period.
UPDATE: I called Verizon customer service and they agreed that a first grade student could point out the discrepancy between my rebate submission and my receipt from verizon. They said "it must be a glitch in the system" they issued me a $200 bill credit and bypassed the rebate process entirely.
Same thing just happened to me, I filled out the rebate maybe two days after switching.
I figured this was a large-scale scam, which is why I posted this here. This could be grounds for a class-action lawsuit.