To Your Health! Here's an Update

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It seems that Jull had been cursed with helping opponents since his introduction, huh.
Finally some deserved tweaks to DK, CM, ES, Alch, Treant.
Buffs to Mages and Heartless are very welcome too.
I guess it's from too much drinking. Glad they sobered him up.
Bruh, hes drunk, give the walrus a break
Next patch notes:
"Jull: fixed Barrels of Fun reprogramming players' DVRs."
Can we ever forgive them??
Seems like balance is improving with every patch. Not a single change I don't like here.
I guess warriors might still be too weak, but since they recently got the buff waiting to see how these changes work out seems smart.
I really like using Warriors now. Kunka and Juggernaut are the main units for me in my builds, and I think it goes well together with Dragons or Savages.
The buff to warriors is welcome, but I wish they buffed it by making it a 2x3 alliance instead of a 3x2. It would be a strong buff, because one problem with warriors is you get an ok bonus for 3, and a great bonus for 6, but when getting from 3 to 6 you risk losing a lot. 6 warriors don't allow for many other alliances. 2x3 would make the transition much smoother.
Honestly the balance changes have been so subtle that I doubt it makes much of a difference. Changing something from 25 to 28 isn't going to be a game changer.
The spirit buff was against what I thought. Stacking 2 star storms was always good, now they scale early and do more dmg on the tri-spirit combo. Also ember being tier 3 means more reason to stack storms. I’d expect them to just buff the turd that is earth spirit
Lol @ tiny buff
Tiny buff for tiny
mega buffs for jull
he was already good, now he's a monster tank
His problem was getting bursted before getting his chug chug off. Had to be a center Frontline, now he can corner like an axe or pudge.
why not revert the changes to ember last patch if hes bumped up to 3 gold
Earth Spirit's 10 base armor also seem almost too strong for a tier 2 unit tbh
I'm kinda new and most of these changes I like a lot but Knights already seemed like top 5 synergies to me can someone with more than a week of experience tell me why they got buffed?
honestly not sure. warriors could have used the buff more. Knights were good and are still good. no real change
Knights are not that really strong right now. They don't have a good damage dealer.
Someone already said Knights are Not That Great, Actually (tm) which I agree with, but they also nerfed the health of some units to compensate. They're less splashable in return for getting an little better when you go all in on 4/6 knights now.
Kinda unrelated, but the less health/more damage reduction change means they get more mileage out of heals now! Knights/healers is a ~relatively higher commitment build too that doesn't always pay off super well, so I'm glad to see it get a lil' boost
So Cm is now a better Shadow shaman
2 gold vs 1 gold also SS gets free levels from being a druid
Please fix the brawny tooltip in knockout mode. P L E A S E. 🌶
I love these mini balance patches hope they keep it up.
No changes for sven tho :/ i still think one more dragon has to be added.
pours one out for our boy Puck
Yeah Dragons are kinda boring now with only 3 units but I still use them coz they're pretty strong.
Nice patch.
I'm kinda sad the update is titled not "The one where/with..." anymore...
It kinda reminds me of Friends.
They haven't done that exclusively.
Please bring back skipping fights in bot games :/
Bugs apart, what bothered me heavily with Jull was how flimsy he was.
I recall him having less HP than most T2 units so I simply couldn't frontline the guy but them what's the point?
And I'm disappointed of how bugged he was. I won't be surprised other underperforming mechanics like cleave being bugged too.
I don't understand how 3* tinker isn't nerfed. That shit is bullshit. sit on in the middle of your stack and just casts and casts and casts.
knights and storm didnt need a buff, everything else looks fine. they need to cycle some heroes back in, builds are getting way too stale.
Storm 3 got nerfed tho which is where he becomes quite broken. Its a change that standardizes him
I like every single change in this patch.
And finally Jull.
Big Jull buff. He’s been my favorite even with the apparent enemy and issues he’s had
I like the balance changes, gives me confidence that they're correctly analyzing the data on the game, I think there are a few other needed changes that didn't get addressed, but you don'ot know what they've got planned for the next decent content update, so they may not have been "missed" at all, rather just put off intentionally.
Good work.
Still waiting for CK's stun dmg and cooldown to increase to not cripple demons, but I can deal.
Can someone post the full patch notes here so I can read at work please?
Fixed an issue with assassin pathfinding that led to them standing still or ignoring forced targets.
Maximum Health changed from [1360, 1620, 1940, 2330, 2795, 3355] to [2100, 2550, 3000, 3450, 3900, 4350]
Acid Spray:
Crystal Maiden:
Dragon Knight:
Maximum Health changed from [1500, 3000, 6000] to [1400, 2800, 5600]
Earth Spirit:
Tier changed from 3 to 2
Ember Spirit:
Tier changed from 2 to 3
Maximum Health changed from [1205, 2415, 5795] to [1100, 2200, 5280]
Plasma Field:
Shadow Shaman:
Storm Spirit:
Ball Lightning:
Maximum Health changed from [975, 1950, 3900] to [1000, 2000, 4000]
Treant Protector:
Leech Seed:
Diffusal Blade:
Clarified tooltip to mention the damage it does per hit.
Horn of the Alpha:
Fixed an issue where a unit with Horn of the Alpha, if revived by Io, would summon another Thunderhide.
Mask of Madness:
Fixed an issue where Mask of Madness would not get credit for healing on the Healing unit meters tooltip.
Vladmir's Offering:
Damage percent increase changed from 10% to 8%
Armor debuff to enemies changed from [3, 8, 15] to [4, 9, 16]
Extra Shot Chance changed from [25, 35] to [30, 38]
Fixed a bug where spiderlings won't be summoned if Insects are boxed in and can't move at the start of the round.
Damage reduction changed from [15, 20, 25] to [15, 22, 28] base, or [30, 40, 50] to [30, 44, 56] total if standing next to another Knight and attacked from the front.
Extra Magic Damage changed from [25, 75] to [35, 75]
Damage per Spirit during Delta Slam changed from 200 to 225
Jull / Mages is back on the menu boys!
Morphling buff pretty sick, that reduced cooldown is gonna lead to at least one extra Waveform cast per round, I'd say.
He got nerfed though, it's a buff at 1 star and a nerf at 3 stars (from 4 seconds to 6) also less damage
I am really happy that they tweaked the Mages, as an alliance and individually. I also liked the way they have balanced spirits, putting one of their best pieces on t3 and the warrior on t2 (imo he was so expensive). Although along the changes I will keep and eye on Storm Spirit (he was already a good mage because of the mobility).
How is magical damage treated against knights? Is it always considered front damage or it depends on the position of the caster relative to the target knight?
Game probably checks if the damage dealer is in front or behind the knight at the exact moment the damage is done.
Stuff like storm spirit and morphling could easily deal magic damage from behind. Shadow fiend, razor, kotl... need the knights to turn their backs on them.
There should be an additional 3-dragon bonus that boosts the abilities in some way
Just lost a game after this patch due to their Medusa ignoring my Legion Commander Duel, it started but she backed off to safety anyway, did ult and I lost. >:( sends feedback
Great update! Not happy with Morphling nerfs though.
still scrappy dragon will be op zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Look at that, Jull’s barrels used to give enemies damage resistance rather than damage taken amplification
I’m seeing way too many bugs like this, every single patch. I really don’t feel like playing this game anymore but this certainly doesn’t help that picture.
Remember it's still in beta. Can't expect perfection.
Then dont, simple
So basically he was a 322 unit till now.