Dana make it happen.
Conor vs. Diaz 3
Masvidal vs. Usman
How about Dustin or Justin vs Conor? Nate hasn’t been ranked in years.
Diaz looked washed up against Masvidal...Either just a really bad night, OR he has started to fade...Im NOT that hyped about that fight anymore tbh!
On the same card. That would be perfect. Imagine all the shit talking during the press conference
No one wants to see Conor Diaz 3 other than Diaz fanboys. This new version of Conor will hurt Nate badly.
Lmfao Diaz has been washed up for fights now and he needs to retire. Conor would take away his ability to formulate any garbled words.
E: hey Reddit pussies no amount of upvotes will ever make you correct
i like the fake little gun blop sound
That was so damn cringey. Masvidal is so gangster right?
It’s crazy how the guy with some of the most dominant wrestling and cage pressure in the UFC can get moved across the room with a gentle nudge from an arena staff member.
Lol and Masvidal's "I don't want to hurt you cuz your in a cast" is any better? Didn't he claim he wanted to fuck Usman up?
Let's be real here both of these guys were posturing.
Why does Usman act like this? This is how guys in college used at behave when they wanted everyone to think they’re tough, but really didn’t want to fight.
Usman looked aggressive but was doing the college bro “hold me back” shit foh with the basketball fighting. Masvidal has ice in his veins..
Masvidal was also getting rattled too. "I'm not going to hit you because of your cast"
Wtf is that?
Wow a champion and potential number one contender randomly getting into a heated exchange. This is totally real right guys? This can't possibly be to build up hype towards their fight? Man I love how so obviously and unquestionably real this is!
Jorge with the gunshot was ice cold. Usman looked like he was ready to throw down too.
Replaying it, yeah kamaru has a cast and Jorge acknowledged it.
Even more cringe than when Jorge wore the identical bathrobe Conor wore to a UFC event lol
I’d rather watch Dustin or Justin vs Conor
Usman needs to develop a personality, need to say more than do sum a bunch of times
All of these fake Jorge fans are hilarious. Where were yall when he was losing close decisions over and over again.
Jorge is going to get mauled by Usman and all that hype is going bye bye.
Usman ain’t scared of no one. This dude is a real problem for anyone trying to get that title shot.
Rooting for Jorge but usman turns into an animal in that cage. I could see usman scooping Jorge off his feet and slamming him on his head followed by another mat return
Inject into my veins
Is there a version that shows what led to this? I've seen like 3 videos that all start at the "Do something" but none that actually give any context as to why it started.
someone pull up the clip of JRE when Masvidal talks about how trash talk is corny and how he doesn’t trash talk
Jorge is actually cringier than Usman here. Kinda ready for him to lose again so he’ll shut the fuck up for a second.
I am so excited for Masvidal's next fight. So sick of his low-class ass shit talking everywhere. He will get absolutely wrecked by either Conor or Usman.
Nah Usman was definitely more cringe lmao. “Do something” as he walks away.
I hate that “do something” talk. Shut up Usman, no one is going to start a street fight when there is that many people there to stop it and there is that much money on the line. Why don’t you shut the fuck up and you do something if you want a fight so bad. smh he is a punk. Not that Jorge is a class act but he handled it better for sure
You sound heated
Totally agree, fake badass-ery from usman, wasted his chance for a golden quote, masvidal will definetly DO SOMETHING to him when time is right
Masvidal kinda got punked
I wonder if there's a version of this that doesn't start with 'do something". 3 versions I've seen so far start at the altercation and don't show anything before.
I really want to know what started this
I liked the "little bitch" comment. This is going to be such a good fight.
Usman is such a fucking cornball. “Do something!”... you’re a professional fighter retard. Why would he do something at some radio thing. Get in the cage. Don’t sit out another 5 years and hold up the division again.
So he fought Woodley and then had surgery. And he just fought last month? The fuck are you talking about?
Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike him anymore.
I officially want them to fight and Usman to beat the shit out of Masvidal. As obnoxious as Usman is, Masvidal lost all his appeal when he dropped the persona he had for decades when he got a couple of good wins. I know he is trying to sell fights but he turned from a funny cool silent guy that turned it up in the cage to another Conor stan. He always talked about being real and hating fake beef but apparently it was an issue of price not an issue of actually being real.
If two years ago someone said Masvidal would be back and be blowing kisses at people and starting fake beef I would not believe you.
Masvidal has always blown kisses. Have you never watched him fight before 2019?
When was he the silent guy? He's got a lot more media exposure lately, but he's not anymore vocal than he used to be. You just hear him talking a lot more because he does a lot of interviews and his youtube channel is a lot more active.
Damn Jorge really got into Usmans head
Not really... Masvidal confronted Usman first.
He seemed to have got in his head a bit on Joe Rogan but he handled Colby easy enough so who knows.
Usman has been hanging with that Rat Ali too long, he's becoming a drama seeker.
Yeah looks how scared usman looks...
Dumb question but why do people assume Usman will dominate Jorge with his wrestling? Who has Jorge fought in the past that gave people that conclusion?
I like jorge. Isn't impossible he'd win... I don't feel like it's likely.
Ben Henderson, Maia, Toby Imada
Would rather see mcgregor vs masvidal but now im definitely gettin hyped 🔥🔥🔥
Casuals love the Conor vs Masvidal fight.
Just when you thought the welterweight division couldn't get any Cornier
Funny how Usman is the champ but if you knew nothing about either of these guys you would assume hes calling out the champ
i dont understand jorge? just recently ive seen video on his yt channel talking about how he is scared to fight usman and then now hes here acting all tough? like what? why no one pointed out?