Pink best titan color

My pink scorch is the biggest threat on the battlefield
My pink Ion questions that statement.
Say hi to my Northstar Prime with a pink camo and flowers
Black scorch with the "Titan inspiration" decal on it is amazing. Makes me hard, even without the ladies in bathing suits
I named mine Kirby and he loves high fives.
charges rail gun from the shadows as I watch the two of them bicker,taking careful aim
I support this with my pink and purple scorch
Mine too 😎👉👉
What about the factory stock g100 Scorch?
My black legion might say otherwise
Raguhs in Supernova monarch
im glad to share the same colour with you sir
Bringing the pink heat as well I see
|day 24| of posting a meme every day until TF2 update or TF3 is released
Stay strong my friend stay strong
Doing God's work my friend. I very much enjoy these. Thank you lol
I did this but a dude who was new to the game started trash talking me :(
Did you annihilate him?
Trash talked you for having a pink titan? Yikes
Yesterday we played against a gen 100 pilot, we got shrekt
Not all gen 100 pilots are like that i for example like scorch and highfiveing people........AND THEN EATING THE BURNED SKIN OF YOUR DEAD CORPSE WHILE I LAUGH WITH MY GEN 100 BANNER IN ONE HAND AND MY EGP GEN 100 IN THE OTHER;)
Nah bro, untextured titan and pilot is best. (Black and purple square camo)
checkmate pink?
One day we'll figure out how to apply CS:Source to Titanfall 2 and then we'll finally see what that texture is supposed to look like.
The only reason I want to regen is to get all of the stoic skins. Those skins really look sick.
The most badass one is the black one
I'm in this picture and I dont like it
I'm in this picture and I love it
Hilarious and on-point, upvoting.
My Scorch is purple
Purple scorch, pink thermite launcher, Phoenix decal. I'm so pretty.
My deadly Northstar is bright yellow cos she’s my lil bumblebee.
Yellow everything!
Am I the only one to use the monarch ?
You most certainly are not
Nah. I use monarch in frontier defense
My fully construction worker orange load out would like to have a word
The last color to see before dead is pink
My strategy is use bright colors and run fast
Red is the fastest
Am purple.
Me and my Pink Archer: :)
Archer the best
Personally i prefer red
Help I'm stuck on the loading screen whenever I want to play multiplayer on ps4.. I've tried restarting application and reinstalling the game but nothing has worked
Are you connected to the internet?
Pink everything. Scorch, pilot, guns, you name it
The only way to go is it have a fully pink load out including my Scorch, that way the enemy team just sees this giant pink blob charge across the battlefield at the one poor soul I chose to use my inferno shield on
Mine are purple, does that count?
In like 85%
i actually belive that for ronin mains in this pic theres should be a Nazhgul
That color is perfect for my Scorch 👌
I have a pink prime ronin he coming for you
I made my pilot a girl because she is smaller than the guy pilot. Smaller = harder to shoot.
Wow. I actually thought i was the Only one that used pink titán and Black pilot
Gumball northstar is a great way to annoy pilots. You're supposed to be a killing machine and you're getting picked off by a pink gumball on legs
-slowly raises hand- pink is the ultimate insult to those you murder with any weapon in a game. Even my weapons in other shooters are pink if they can be.
I actually love pink Scorches and Legions. They look so cuddly.
Ay that was my scorch until I finally got it gen 10 and unlocked black
My northstar is either neon pink or monsters inc green. Depends on how I’m feeling that day
All my camo is pink. Not only do people get killed, but the get killed by a bright pink flamingo.
Don’t you have to be like gen 10 or something to get that, it WOULD make sense why they wreak havoc
Me with my red baron skin for ion
I have a white scorch prime with a purple launcher, and the ‘here kitty kitty’ paint.
I call it joker scorch and he’s a fucking beauty
The harbinger of death comes exclusively in pink
I feel called out.
None of my titans or pilot loud outs are pink or purple. Literally all of my guns are though.
I always preferred the crab on the legion
I also like the color that ronin turns when you use the clock ability. Invisible is a pretty OP color if you ask me.
I havent played in so long. I think i hot to like gen 6 before it stopped having the same charm. My life long goal for it tho, is to get that pink camo for my pilot and my ronin
My scorch is wayy too hott to stay pink. All shall perish in the glorious red blaze! ALL HAIL THE LORD OF LIGHT!
....and now my Ronin is pink.
It’s me!!! 🙈👛👩🏻‍🎤
Such a universal truth that it transcends franchise to apply to Destiny Titans as well. Pink Titan best Titan.
I know right you gotta rock that stoic dark on your pilot but then you have to assert dominance as a titan with stoic pink
My pink ion will crush you all lol
Everybody gansta till the pink northstar pull up
mines white so i would beon a weird inflatable swan thing
100% agreed, with my baby pink Scorch!
7/10 needs more pink
The only camo that exists is Stoic Pink fight me
Stoic Dark.
Whenever I see a bright colored Titan I pray to my God.
For death is about to cometh upon me
Not just for Titans, but for Pilots to!
My pilot is bright pink with a pink mastiff flying past ur sight line
prime pink hellfire laughter
my legion is a crab
I do this with Monarch, lol.
While I appreciate a pink titan, my Ion, Scorch, Ronin, Legion, Northstar, Tone and Monarch are all Stoic Black.
stoic pink to be exact
Supernova gang rise up
Supernova gang rise up
Source on image for ya, these dude do some real cool work in making people understand water safety.
Infabyss is that you?
For real
i got a pink legion called foreskin chan
I keep my scorch in all black so you know not even to bother with me. It's a death sentience